Christmas Decorations ideas »Advent calendar ideas and suggestions, sweet seduction

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December time- beautiful advent season! The children in the Christian families are waiting for this moment every year when theirs Advent calendar as a gift and count the days before Christmas with chocolate chocolates and other sweets and wait and see. But it is time not only for the children, but also a sweet seduction for the adults and plenty Advent calendar ideas bake yourself as a home-made decoration to make your own or chocolates.

Advent calendar ideas and suggestions

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The well-known chocolate manufacturers like Milka and Lindt are in the Christmas time a nice and delicious surprise for children and adults. Advent calendar ideas are with famous scenes of the Nativity or with Santa and his reindeer. Christmas ball, Christmas trees, snowflakes, packed Gifts are traditionally presented in sometimes unusual ways.

Paper bags for the advent calendar

advent calendar ideas paper doors fireplace sims deco candles succulents

For dark chocolate and dark chocolate, milk chocolate or chocolates in the most beautiful Advent calendar versions for adults. In this article you will get some original as well as traditional ideas for an advent calendar.

Advent Calendar Ideas- DIY Artworks

advent calendar ideas christmas tree wood toy idea tree ornaments

The above advent calendar is convenient, as the wooden toy, which is located behind each door, can be attached to the Christmas tree right away. They are not only for playing, but can also be used as Christmas tree decorations.
Even with empty cans, you can implement great Advent calendar ideas. All you need is a pretty paint job and the numbers from 1 to 24. Then fill them with candy or toys, depending on who the calendar is for.

Idea for a calendar of cans

advent calendar ideas can paint red idea rustic

Advent calendar ideas as DIY projects will mostly surprise family and friends, visitors. On a wall of wood or solid cardboard with the shape of a Christmas tree, you can attach light, small metal buckets, such as those for flowers. Paint them all in white, write down the 24 days, fill them with sweets, small gifts, prosecco or champagne, a bottle of good wine and Voilá!

Advent calendar from buckets

Wall made of wood or cardboard with cup-and-advent gifts

Another idea would be to fill the muffin plate with chocolates, small candies or other sweets and to close them with cut paper lids. It’s simple and offers more variety of sweet things than the usual advent calendars. Made of fabric, you can sew a gingerbread male and provided with small 24 pockets. Vintage Christmas Calendar is also made of red rope and on which are printed black and white printed and cut out retro paper figures. In three four rows, for example one Singer Slicer, porcelain teapot or royal crown hung.

Mini bucket in red and white

advent calendar ideas wooden ladder-string lights-mini-bucket-red-white

Muffin baking dish

adventskalender-ideas-muffin-back form-scrapbook-paper

Pyramid of mini buckets


Sew pockets from old shirts


Small house – trailer


Santa Claus idea made of fleece

Santa Claus Head-to-Advent days

Made of felt fabric to tinker an advent calendar

Vintage Adventskaender Paper Topics

Retro vintage advent calendar

Snowman Advent calendar with-pockets

Cotton or wool fabric with small pockets

Retro-leaf book with Advent-candy

Scandinavian Advent Calendar

black-chocolate-gray with winter landscape

Christmas advent calendar from fabric

Truffle homemade Chocolate heart

Milka Advent Calendar for Friends

to-first Advent Advent

Chocolate Praline in advent calendar

Chocolate Seduction

Castle Advent calendar with farm-and-handle

Nutcracker tradition-than-Advent

Gingerbread Männchenmit-pockets

Plastic stones Advent calendar book

small boost box Advent Calendar

small Christmas Tree with wooden shelves-advent

House Advent Calendar with thrust box

Owl Advent-an-der-Pinntafel

DIY Advent calendar with gifts

Edelbitter advent calendar-of-Lindt

beautiful advent calendar Chocolate rectangular

DIY Advent in muffin form

Advent of-Leggo

Advent shaft elk-to-wood panel

Beutelchen Advent days Candies Ideas

Advent calendar with-shelves-from-wood

Advent calendar with gouged-job-by-the-candy

3D Chocolate Advent Calendar Reindeer

Gardening »The Lunar Calendar for Garden 2014 – helpful tips for better harvests

Lunar calendar for garden moon tree plant

Of the Lunar calendar for garden points out how the right gardening should take place during the year.

The lunar calendar for the garden – many people believe in the power of the moon

Lunar calendar for garden buy work easier tips

Although there is no evidence of the positive effects of the Lunar calendar for garden There are more and more gardeners showing great interest. The position of the moon in the sky determines its influence on the sky plants , It also differentiates ascent and descent phase. It depends on these phases of the moon whether you should harvest fruits or root crops such as potatoes and carrots. People believe that the moonshine affects plant saps and plant growth. The Gardening according to the lunar calendar will handle any work in the garden. Mow the lawn or remove weeds – everything should be coordinated with the calendar. Sow, plant, cut or harvest the types of plants and vegetables you are looking for!

The lunar calendar for the garden – note the moon’s position in the sky

Lunar calendar for garden appropriate time cutting month

Planting and transplanting after the Lunar calendar for garden

When the moon rises, you should engage in sowing. Transplanting is recommended when the moon passes through the constellation Virgo. So give the plants the chance to become beautiful and healthy. When the moon descends and especially when it is in the constellation Cancer, then you know it’s time for planting the foliage.

The fertilizer

It is recommended that you do this gardening at full moon. It would be even better for your plant landscape when the moon is in the following constellations – Cancer, Scorpio and Fish. If you have problems with the flowering of some plant species, then you should wait until the moon comes in constellations Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Fertilizing with rising moon is forbidden, otherwise it can damage the plants.


Water the garden when the moon is in the constellations Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces! In the ascension phase, it is assumed that the earth exhales and the plant juices move upwards. Therefore, this is an inconvenient time for cutting. The wounds will take longer to heal.

The descent phase is linked to the inhalation of the earth. The plant juices are directed down this time, which is important for the roots. That’s why they should not be treated at this time. However, this is a good time to cut longer shrubs.

The lunar calendar for garden 2014 – important notes depending on the month

Lunar calendar for garden. Woman working properly. Ideas

Early March is a good time for harvest. On certain days you should refrain from fertilizer. Do not neglect the regular watering! Beginning of April – at this time it is advisable not to water the plants to protect them from the pests. In May, many days are referred to as an unfavorable time for harvest and irrigation. In June you can sow and plant different kinds of fruits and vegetables. After this Lunar calendar for garden In June, effective weed removal is quite possible. Mow the lawn as well. Inquire about all the tips and tricks that the Moon gives us every single month of the year and find out what works best for your needs garden is.

Gardening according to the lunar calendar

Lunar calendar for garden beautiful design tips follow

There are different phases of ascent and descent

Lunar calendar for garden beautiful fashion care flowers

Each work should be coordinated with the calendar

Lunar calendar for garden mother daughter transplanting together The whole family can participate in gardening

Lunar calendar for garden grandmother grandchild girl flowers Important tips for proper garden maintenance

Lunar calendar for garden. Gray man have fun Do not forget to water the garden regularly

Lunar calendar for garden watering fertilize weed removal The right garden accessories are an advantage

accessories beautiful plants create green fresh soothing The lunar calendar promises us better crops

Garden help flowers plants seed fertilizer cut

Lunar calendar proper care moon position important tips tricks

Garden earth tips follow better crops fruits vegetables flowers herbs shrubs many kinds Home popular gardener butterfly flowers plant juices influenced moon Lunar calendar popular gardeners believe in power moon night

Christmas Decorations Ideas »The Advent Calendar – History and Meaning

The advent calendar wood-house-christmas motives

The advent calendar is not an ordinary calendar. They have a charming history, meaning and a fascinating purpose – to count down the time between the first days of December to Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, the advent calendar can also be a wonderful decoration for a modern interior and Christmas decoration.

What is the advent calendar?

The advent calendar paper candy-schnut-holz-waescheklammer

The advent calendar is a special calendar with a special function. Its primary function is to count the days until Christmas. Its additional function is to create a festive mood in the home environment even before Christmas arrives. Normally the advent calendars start from the 1st of December, but there are alternatives for earlier beginnings – from the 27th of November – or later – from the 3rd of December. Each day is decorated with a different image, poem, story (for example, a passage of the birth of Jesus). Or with a special gift for the youngest family members at home who are most excited for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

The Advent Calendar – History and Meaning

the advent calendar paper bags-small-gifts-gas chimney

Advent bags with small gifts

the advent calendar-stofftueten-label

The advent calendars are invented from the society of the German Lutherans. Christmas Eve was accepted as a very important day in the religious calendar of Christians, thus beginning the advent calendar of the 19th century. In the beginning, the advent calendar was nothing more than a planner on the front door, where people counted the days until Christmas Eve. Later, some people started to light a candle every day until Christmas. Thus, the advent calendars have developed and updated over the centuries. Now we have a lot of great ideas for modern advent calendars.

Wooden advent calendar like a little house

the advent calendar-wood-tueren-stars

The traditional, modern advent calendar consists of at least two pieces of cardboard on top of each other. Each day has its own door, which is opened on the specific day. The latest advent calendars are made so that when you open the calendar, a mini Christmas gift is given to you – a candy, a sock with a small gift, or a text from a traditional Christmas carol.

festive christmas calendar for christmas mood

festive Christmas-calendar-Christmas spirit

In addition, some of the commercial advent calendars from these days are also so beautiful, creative and original that they are mainly accepted as the main decor in a room, rather than an ordinary calendar. Colorful, bright advent calendars adorn classic living rooms, minimalist bedrooms, and even vintage kitchens. Most contemporary advent calendars are special additions to the beautiful Christmas decoration at home.

The famous Nordic Julekalender

christmas calendar-small-socks

Julekalender is actually a foreign word (from several Scandinavian mother tongues) for an advent calendar. The famous Nordic Julekalender is a special advent calendar from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland or Finland. He is no ordinary comic or cardboard advent calendar. It’s a television or radio show that starts in early December and ends on Christmas Eve.

Christmas calendar – small gift every day

christmas calendar-small-gift-every-day

During each episode of Nordic Julekalender’s popular TV or radio show, there are themes for both children and adults. Of course, all episodes are strictly dedicated to Christmas Eve. Religious movies about Jesus, recipes, decoration and gift ideas, and many other great things that bring us Christmas spirit.


Christmas Calendar Make your own idea

christmas calendar-idea-self-tinkering

creative christmas calendar for kids

Make Christmas decorations yourself – tips and ideas for the house

creative-Christmas calendar-children

christmas calendar-ideas-weihnachtsdekoration

Ideas for beautiful advent calendars

christmas calendar-festive-living idea

christmas calendar-different-motive-date

christmas calendar-decoration-idea

christmas calendar Idea

beautiful advent calendar

christmas tree Merry-advent

nice ideas

christmas calendar Decorations

Christmas calendar Christmas Tree

advent tree-box gifts

christmas calendar-day-count down

advent box-small-gifts

wood-advent calendar Christmas Tree

20 simple ideas for advent calendars for DIY

Make Advent wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Festive ideas for beautiful advent calendars

25 creative ideas for advent calendars for crafting

The Advent Calendar – History and Meaning

Ideas for beautiful advent calendars

christmas calendar-parcel Candies

More beautiful advent calendars and ideas

Christmas wreath for your door – Festive ideas for a warm heart

Make Advent wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Gorgeous ideas for fireplace Christmas decorations

50 craft ideas for Christmas table decoration

Gift wrapping – beautiful and original ideas

Window decoration for Christmas and some craft ideas

Make a calendar yourself – 12 useful craft ideas for wall and table

Make your own calendar ideas-craft-ideas-spring-colors

As the new year approaches, it’s time to think about a new calendar for the year. If you do not want to buy a simple one this time, you can also make an individual calendar yourself. This does not necessarily require special materials. Even with household items, you can create original designs and be proud of yourself and your work every time you look at the calendar. We have to Create your own calendar Ideas that you can consider. Make your own calendar or use it as gift ,

Make your own calendar – craft ideas for everyday life

make your own calendar chalk wood figures

So, how can I design a calendar myself? Would you like a calendar yourself Tinker , you can use as I said a variety of materials. Such numbers can be made of thin plywood. If this is too complicated for you, cork or cardboard is also a variant. The numbers get holes and are attached to a blackboard with hooks. Write the month on the board with chalk.

Make your own calendar for the new year

Create your own calendar wood plaque paint diy idea

Another variation to make the calendar itself, for which a blackboard is used, is this. A wooden board of any size is painted at will. On it a small piece of blackboard is glued. At the upper edge again come two terminals. You can either design the numbers yourself on cardboard or print them out. After that you can change the date every day. Write the month on the blackboard.

Calendar for printing

calendar design your own stand-metal-month-print

The easiest way, of course, is to print a calendar. You can create any tables for this purpose. It is best to print the months again on cardboard, which you can then design as desired. Draw patterns or create a photo calendar. The cards are then placed in a suitable stand. Decorative plates are often sold with such stands.

Create your own calendar in a ring binder

Create your own ring-drawing-table-simple

It is just as easy to use a ring binder for the self-design calendar. Every month, you draw a new page in the form of a table. The advantage is that this way you get large squares that can accommodate different notes. So you can note important dates or birthdays. If you want to create this calendar yourself, you only need a stapler, a ruler and any colors.

Design desk calendar yourself

calendar-even-make-desk calendar-carton-paint-hook

Work a lot at the desk, a desk calendar is a useful thing. You can design office calendars yourself in the above way. Use a finished box, as well as solid paper or cardboard and three hooks. The numbers and abbreviations for the months you can design in any color. Making this model is easier than you might think.

Make calendars yourself with simple instructions


The box can of course be redesigned in any way. Since this already had a beautiful white color, only her bottom was laid out with scrapbooking paper. When you are done with the design, the hooks can be attached. Choose one of the two longer sides. Alternatively, simple nails or pins can be inserted into the back wall if you design this calendar yourself.

Design numbers and months


Finally, you still need the digits for the dates and maps with the months. How you design the cards, you decide yourself. If you design the calendar yourself, you can shape the boxes as you like, use a variety of colors and decorative elements. When you’re done, just hang the cards on the hooks.

Make calendars yourself – ideas for copying


You can also use a finished box to make such a calendar. For the month, day of the week and date, the cards should each have a different height and are then simply placed in the box. At the very back are the highest cards with the name of the month, before that the days of the week and the front of the date. A very simple but original way to create a calendar yourself.

Create a calendar yourself from a blackboard

calendar-even-make-tinker-magnet-panel epoxy-manual

You can use this calendar every month and every year again, because thanks to magnets you can remodel it at any time. You need glue, 31 magnets, vinyl strips that imitate wood, glue and buttons the size of magnets or larger. You either write the numbers yourself on the buttons, if you design the calendar yourself or you use stickers.

Crafting instructions for everyday accessories

calendar-even-make-easy-craft idea-magnetic board-wall

If you use stickers, if you design the calendar yourself, you should first fix them on the buttons. Then glue the magnets firmly. Let the glue dry while preparing the board in the meantime. Decorate the edge of the board with vinyl strips and divide the top into seven sectors for the days of the week. You can design the individual areas for the days with a ruler and a colored edding. Depending on the month, you now distribute the days under the respective weekdays.

Calendar with template

calendar-Else-pressure-template-cardboard box-tinker-manual

Make such a stand for the different monthly passes by following this guide. A template for printing can be found at the end of this article. There are also templates for the months available, but they are tailored to the year 2015. It’s best to make your own cards and place them on the finished stand. Create a quick idea for the calendar yourself!

Calendar with vintage flair


A bit more elaborate is this idea, with which you can design a calendar yourself. However, the effort is worth it! It is again a perpetual calendar that can be used every year. Dress a foam or cork panel with any fabric. Stick this to the back. On the buttons you stick paper circles with the numbers from 1 to 31.

Crafting with buttons


On the back of the buttons you stick to the calendar itself design thumbtacks, so you can put the numbers later in the background. Spread the buttons on the board to get an approximate idea of ​​the required distance and then draw a grid with a bright, water-soluble marker. The places where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect mark with dots. There you put the buttons later. You can then remove the lines with water.

Finish the calendar


Only the month names are missing and you can complete your own design with the calendar. Print them on cardboard or label them freehand. These tables are then sewn on felt, but can also be simply glued. On the back and on the upper edge of the board they glue Velcro, with which you can fix the month names. On the back of the board you can glue an envelope to stow the individual elements.

Personalize your birthday calendar


Also very practical is a birthday calendar to remind you of the birthdays of all family members and friends. The practical thing is that this calendar can also be used every year. If you want to design this calendar yourself, you do not need many materials. On a board you hang tiles or labels of wood, cork or cardboard with the twelve months and underneath the date and the name of the birthday child. The calendar can be extended at any time by new tiles.

Create unusual calendars yourself


We also find this idea especially original for a calendar consisting of three rings. The eariest ring shows the days, the middle the months and the inside the weekdays. If you would like to design such a calendar yourself, you will need magnets. In this way, the rings are attached to each other depending on the date. A magnetic stripe is well suited for this.

Working creatively here ,

Design »Gift Ideas: Calendar and stationery for Christmas give away

Gifts Christmas Calendar Stylish Nature Photos Online Shop

Photo: Martin Schneider

Christmas is approaching and slowly it is also for all who buy their gifts at the last minute, uncomfortable. What should you do just give away ? Usually one has the claim that the gift should be beautiful.

But if it is only beautiful and otherwise has no function, no one is helped and there is only one more “Staubfänger”. If the gift is only useful, the recipient may find it uncreative. Which mother already likes to have cake pans for Christmas? So anyone who not only presents their loved ones out of a sense of duty, has no choice but to think about a beautiful and at the same time usable gift.

Give calendars – useful and aesthetic

Calendar for Christmas give away original ideas practically planner

Photo: Rainer Sturm

For example, you can include them with calendars You usually get this balancing act pretty well. If you buy a wall calendar, it can go into the decoration of the room. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the style of the calendar matches the design of the room. If vintage style dominates furniture selection, black and white photography or Polaroid motifs are a good idea. For a more rustic setting, a wild nature calendar can be the right choice.

Equally beautiful are calendar books. These are available in different versions. So the cover can be artfully decorated or the interior of the calendar can be enhanced with pictures. Calendar books are particularly suitable for all friends and family members who are often on the road and have to coordinate many appointments. If the humor of the friends allows it, you can even give away the organizer with a wink and the wink that next year will take more time for joint ventures.

Notebooks in Times of Tablets and Co.

Christmas calendar stationery family friends give away gift ideas

Photo: Martin Schneider

Notebooks can also be given away by the same principle. Here, thoughts can be fixed, to-do lists written, sketches made and poetic texts written down. If the book has a beautiful appearance, it will certainly be an indispensable companion for the recipient.

Notebooks and appointment planners are particularly beautiful because they become personal with the handwritten entries that the owner makes in them. This is a huge difference to the general tendency to save all important data only in the smartphone, tablet PC or email program.

Losing weight »Moon diet calendar 2014 – How to lose weight after the moon phases?

moon diet principle moon phases slimming calendar 2014

The lunar diet is a diet that follows the movement of the moon around the earth and the moon phases. The moon affects tides, plant growth, animal breeding and has a major impact on the emotional and physical condition of humans. Not surprisingly, when the moon is full, most of us feel weird: some are very active on a full moon, others become depressed, others become overcrowded with ideas and creativity. Why can not the moon have a positive effect on weight loss? How to lose weight after the moon phases? We give you some information about it.

After the moon phases decrease

moon diaet moon phases slimming full moon liquids

Which are the phases of the moon?
The moon goes through four stages every month: new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter. If you look for the Remove moon phases If you want, you have to meet different requirements for each phase. At new moon the body should be detoxified by giving up bad habits like smoking and drinking. With increasing moon one should hold back with the food. Full moon is fasting day. As the moon wanes, the body is in top shape and uses a lot of energy.

When should you start your diet?
The diet starts at the moment when the moon enters one of the phases and ends after 24 hours.

What is the principle of the moon diet?
During the moon diet, the diet must also be adapted to the phases of the moon. On full moon day are only vegetable juices and fruit teas, clear vegetable broths, mineral water. Sweets and alcohol are not allowed. During the other phases of the moon, fruits, vegetables, dairy and whole grains are recommended. Eggs, meat and fish only once or twice a week.

moon diet moon phases slimming principle calendar 2014

What would be the result?
Liquids cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system. The body weight can be reduced by 1-3 kg per month.

Decrease after the moon phases – Calendar 2014


January 1, 2014 – 12:14:16 – new moon
January 8, 2014 – 04:39:29 – First quarter
January 16, 2014 – 05:52:26 – Full moon
January 24, 2014 – 06: 19: 11- Last quarter
January 30, 2014 – 22:38:37 – New moon


February 6, 2014 – 20: 22: 11- First quarter
February 15th, 2014 – 00:53:20 – Full moon
February 22, 2014 – 18:15:25 – Last quarter


March 1, 2014 – 08:59:44 – new moon
March 8, 2014 – 14:26:56 – First quarter
March 16, 2014 – 18:08:37 – Full moon
March 24, 2014 – 02:46:14 – Last quarter
March 30, 2014 – 19:44:45 – new moon


April 7, 2014 – 09:30:52 – First quarter
April 15, 2014 – 08:42:29 – Full moon
April 22, 2014 – 08:51:44 – Last quarter
April 29, 2014 – 07:14:23 – new moon


May 7, 2014 – 04:15:01 – First quarter
May 14, 2014 – 20:15:59 – Full moon
May 21, 2014 – 13:59:10 – Last quarter
May 28, 2014 – 19:40:18 – new moon


June 5th, 2014 – 21:38:56 – First quarter
June 13, 2014 – 05:11:31 – Full moon
June 19, 2014 – 19:38:47 – Last quarter
June 27, 2014 – 09:08:38 – new moon


July 5, 2014 – 12:59:01 – First Quarter
July 12, 2014 – 12:24:55 – Full moon
July 19, 2014 – 03:08:24 – Last quarter
July 27, 2014 – 23:41:56 – new moon


4th August 2014 – 01:49:50 – First quarter
August 10, 2014 – 19:09:21 – Full moon
August 17, 2014 – 13:25:49 – Last quarter
August 25, 2014 – 15:12:56 – new moon


September 2, 2014 – 12:11:19 – First Quarter
September 9, 2014 – 02:38:13 – Full moon
September 16, 2014 – 03:04:59 – Last quarter
September 24, 2014 – 07:13:57 – new moon


October 1, 2014 – 20:32:42 – First quarter
October 8, 2014 – 11:50:39 – Full moon
October 15, 2014 – 20:12:08 – Last quarter
October 24, 2014 – 22:56:45 – new moon
October 31, 2014 – 03:48:23 – First quarter


November 7, 2014 – 23:22:51 – Full moon
November 14, 2014 – 16:15:42 – Last quarter
November 22, 2014 – 13:32:19 – new moon
November 29, 2014 – 11:06:23 – First quarter


December 6, 2014 – 13:26:49 – Full moon
December 14, 2014 – 13:51:13 – Last quarter
December 22, 2014 – 02:35:56 – new moon
December 28, 2014 – 19:31:29 – First quarter