Shades of brown and gray characterize a modern apartment in Bratislava

modern apartment open living area wooden furniture gray corner sofa

We all know that the subtle neutral colors can affect our mood. After a hectic day in the office, we seek peace and relaxation at home – in a comfortable environment where we can keep the stress away. This modern apartment in Bratislava is distinguished by the subtle nuances of Brown and dark gray marked, which means a lasting relaxation for the senses.

A modern apartment with stylish furnishings

flat beef interior decoration gray beige wood furniture

The interior designers of BEEF from Slovakia have designed this stunning apartment called Riverpark. The concept for the whole interior is simple. They have replaced the superfluous shine with stylish matt surfaces, creating the feeling of a relaxed natural environment.

A modern apartment with a relaxed atmosphere

flat interior design wood floor wood furniture open kitchen

The modern apartment shows a certain elegance, but also a touch of roughness, as a result of the abundant use of wood. If you take a closer look at the entire interior design, you would find that the warm “café au lait” accents and wooden furniture create a bright, serene atmosphere. All textures, colors and materials are combined in an absolute harmony. The kitchen, dining area and living room are united in an open spacious space. This enhances the feeling of lightheartedness, openness and relaxation.

open kitchen with white fronts

townhouse open kitchen white fronts wood bar counter

The kitchen cabinets are minimalist and chosen in a white finish, with no upper cabinets. The cooking island has an additional wooden plate that can be used as a counter. An attractive wooden floor with concrete-look walls will be combined to give the modern interior the finishing touch.

beige wall panels for the kitchen back wall

townhouse kitchen wall panels beige white countertop

large dining table in solid wood

modern dinning dining table solid wood black chairs

Details in the kitchen

Apartment furniture wood floor beige white cabinets

open kitchen, dining area and living room

beef architects bratislava open living area living room kitchen

black bar stools and chairs as color accents

modern townhouse shades of brown black accent chairs

Bedroom Designs

modern apartment bratislava small bedroom furnishing eclectic

riverpark beef interior architect-bratislava floating tv cabinet

Modern flat bedroom design dark gray colors

abundant use of wood in the bathroom

Modern apartment bathroom design wood floor wooden shelves

bathroom design beige wall tiles wood floor cabinet

Panoramic view on Danube river

modern apartment - bratislava outlook danube

modern apartment bratislava terrace view danube river

Apartment Bratislava outlook river bedroom

apartment beef architects bratislava floor plan

Neutral colors characterize an apartment in Moscow

Minimalist interior design in Bucharest

Glamorous interior ideas

New York apartment with chic decor and decoration

Eclectic office furniture – concrete and wood characterize the interior

Office design furniture table

An iconic software company in San Francisco desperately needed a new modern look for their office that will delight customers and where employees will feel comfortable. The Office furnishings , which was created after the renovation work, has far exceeded their expectations. It is a modern, daring project where Concrete and wood play the lead roles.

Eclectic office establishment in the heart of San Francisco

Room divider laser cut office split

The software company Giant Pixel in San Francisco commissioned the design studio O Plus with the task, a modern one office Facility to design for their office in the center of San Francisco. The neighborhood is known for its vintage architecture. With neighbors like one of the best restaurants in the city and one of the most famous cafes, the interior had to look impressive. The challenge for the architects was to make meaningful use of the available space while underlining the company’s work. The choice of materials – concrete and wood – is the connecting element in the interior. The rough beauty of the concrete walls contrasts with the rustic wooden beams. The combination of concrete and wood characterizes the interior and is the perfect “scene” for the furnishings made of high-gloss materials.

Office furnishings thrilled with a combination of rustic and industrial style

Wooden beams ceilings design office furnishings

The Office furnishings Excited with a stylish combination from different living styles. A laser-cut metal room divider defines the two areas – the reception room and the office space. The reception is a special production and was cast in concrete. A cozy bar with leather furniture offers the opportunity to chat with customers in an informal atmosphere. The office space is divided into two -a conference room with fireplace and an open area where staff can exchange experiences.

The conference room with glass walls

Office interior design idea

Special furniture for the customer reception room

Glossy furniture reception desk office decor

Working in a relaxed atmosphere

Sitting area Leisure room Laptop work

Leather furniture in the cafeteria

LED floor light chains sitting corners leather furniture

The wooden beams characterize the interior

Kafeteria wood furniture lighting floor

Excitement and adventure characterize the year 2014 of the wood horse

the year 2014 of the wooden horse china horoscope adventure

According to the Chinese calendar, 2014 is the Year 2014 of the Wood Horse , It will start on 4 February 2014. Horse is the seventh character in the Chinese horoscope, which consists of 12 zodiac signs. Chinese have honored horses for centuries as a symbol. There are many reasons for their sympathy for the figure of the horse. It is not only a symbol of travel, but also of quick success. Symbol of freedom and aspiration. That’s why this year will be full of suggestions. In Chinese Horosko p there are five elements. The horse is associated with fire, red color and warmth. It is a social animal, and according to Chinese tradition, red color is the color of love and romance.

The year 2014 of the wood horse according to the Chinese horoscope

year 2014 horses loud chinese horoscope

For the singles or those who want to have a baby, 2014 will bring a lot of positive emotions in that direction. The year is also beneficial for those who want to create a new home or travel a lot. The green wooden horse is an element of spring and symbolizes growth. In the cycle of the five elements, the tree stands before the fire, so this is considered a positive relationship.

The year 2014 of the Holz-Pferd promises suggestions and romance

year 2014 wood horses heather jansch sculptures driftwood
Those born in the Year of the Horse (born after the Chinese calendar in 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014) are smart, good speakers and seek individuality and freedom.

the year 2014 of the wood horse adventure fortune excitement
The Year 2014 of the Wood Horse promises a lot of new ideas, suggestions and romance for those who are looking for them. 2014 will be accompanied by luck, success and career advancement, so do not forget to buy a figurine from a wooden horse. These can be carried or left at home. According to tradition, the new year should be greeted with suitable clothing, for example green, gray, blue or brown and elements of wood and leather.

year 2014 wooden horses chinese horoscope

Dreamhouses »Warm wood tones characterize the rooms of a modern house

living room light gray warm wood tones coffee table sideboard

Some of the most imaginative and outstanding architect houses we have presented to you are located in Australia , They are all characterized by a tasteful interior design that focuses on a variety of surfaces and materials. Natural elements and loving details made of wood promote the connection with nature. Warm wood tones shape the atmosphere in the Brindabella house as well. It is located in Wandi, a suburb of Perth, Australia and was built by Webb & Brown Neaves built. The decor combines brilliant modern and rustic elements and has its own style. The house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, a large private back yard with outdoor dining area and is currently for sale for the price of $ 541,300.

Bright colors and warm wood tones define the atmosphere

living room-light gray-coffee table-solid wood-floor tiles

The house is located in a rural area, so the typical rustic style of furnishing very good for the interiors. But the architects of the house wanted to redefine it and to integrate the rustic materials and textures seamlessly into a contemporary decor. In the living area a solid wood coffee table, which looks like an old chest, immediately catches the eye. The 3D wall panels made of wood, which frame the double-sided stove, create a sense of dynamism and appear modern and rustic at the same time. Through this glass stove you can look into a small living room behind it. Bright colors and soft fabrics beautifully complement the rustic details and create a harmonious overall picture.

Living and dining area

living room-dining area-open-cream-brown

The backyard can accommodate a variety of activities – have a pleasant al fresco dining on the covered patio or just sit on the bench and watch the night sky. An outdoor fireplace (covered with the same 3D wood panels) provides warmth and cozy atmosphere.

Decorative 3D wall panels made of wood

dining area-3d-wall-plates-deco-gas-fireplace-warm wood tones

the room behind the double-sided fireplace

Living-room-less-gas chimney Partition

Wooden floor and wooden coffee table

living room-brown corner sofa-hallway floor-wood-coffee table carpet

white kitchen with island and breakfast bar

kitchen-cooking island-wood-eating bar-access-terrace

Bedroom with work area


Fur blanket on the bed

bedroom bed-fur blanket-carpet

Tiles in wood look in the bathroom

bathroom-floor-wall-tiles-wood Optic-white bathroom furniture

covered terrace and modern dining furniture

innnehof-design-adjacent-roofed-terrace-dining area


backyard-design-hallway floor-pflanzgefaesse-baume



Brindabella-house-floor plan-plan

Dreamhouses »Concrete and glass characterize a design holiday home in Norway

Concrete and glass cottage-roof-stairs-glass-wall-wood doors

This small holiday home by the sea is a project of the Norwegian studio Lund Hagem and has a stepped concrete roof, which also serves as a viewing platform. It was called summerhouse Designed for Svein Lund – one of the founding partners of the Oslo-based studio – on a rocky cliff in Sandefjord, on the southeast coast of Norway. The 30 square meter design cottage Knapphull is nestled between weathered boulders and protected in this way from extreme weather conditions. Concrete and glass play an important role – although the glazed walls are appealing and airy, they are protected under a massive concrete roof.

Ample use of concrete and glass


The aim of the project was to use the area protected by the large rocks and dense vegetation. The building has a unique self-supporting roof without columns. It extends to the ground and forms a ramp up to the upper cliff. Climbing up the concrete staircase leads to the viewing platform at the top, from where you can watch the sea.

Concrete and glass work well with wood

Concrete and glass cottage-bench-concrete-leather-chairs-wood-stove-roof-panels

Thanks to the characteristic shape of the roof, you can enjoy a panoramic view over the cliffs and the trees overlooking the sea. A similar terrace downstairs offers a sheltered outdoor area with an open corten steel fireplace. This area is accessible from the north via a narrow path that runs through a wooded area. A concrete bench stretches along the patio and through a glass wall into the small cottage with concrete floors.

woven wooden panels on the ceiling


The ceiling is woven with narrow oak wood slats and visually warms the room. The suspended from the ceiling wooden platform floats over the small living space and optimally uses the limited space in the design cottage.

Concrete bench in the house

Concrete and glass cottage-bench-concrete-garden

Look through the glass walls

Concrete and glass holiday home-glass-wall-wood-ceiling-panels-leather-chairs-concrete-bench

The cottage nestles on the rocks

Concrete and glass holiday home-in-wood-burning-wood-ceiling-panels

Light streams into the living area

Concrete and glass cottage-concrete-floor-ceiling-panels-open-doors

Sleeping area above with a great view

Concrete and glass cottage interior view sea wood ceiling tiles

Hall and door to the bathroom

Concrete and glass cottage-interior-view-rock-ceiling-wood-slats

Clear glass for exterior walls, satined glass for interior doors

concrete-glass-cottage-corridor-frosted-glass-wood-wall-ceiling panels

rectangular concrete step plates

concrete-glass-cottage-rock-walkway-occurs plate-look-sea

Summer house seamlessly embedded in the rocks

concrete-glass-cottage-rock-glass front-shrubs-face protection

dense vegetation around the house


Stair steps on the roof

concrete-glass-cottage-roof-stairs-baume-face protection

Corten steel hearth

concrete-glass-cottage-terrace-corten steel-hearth-rock

nice lighting inside and out

concrete-glass-cottage-input-wooden doors-lighting-concrete floor

massive boulders in the background

concrete-glass-apartments-night lighting-rock-windschutz

Shrubs also serve as privacy screens


concrete-glass-cottage-architecture plan-environment

concrete-glass-cottage-floor plan-cross-section-plan

Design and design of Lund Hagem Arkitekter

Dream houses »Order and simplicity characterize a modern holiday home in the forest

Cottage in the forest concrete glass window wooden floor pool

Fresno House is located in Cariló, Argentina, and was designed by Felix Raspall and Federico Papandrea. The house is surrounded by a lush forest of overgrown trees. The modern one Cottage in the woods has many interesting features but order and simplicity are at the top of the list.

Cottage in the forest of concrete

Holiday house Wald beton plastered masonry

The Fresno House is a beautiful summer house in a forest near the South Atlantic. The slope and the existing trees are the main determinants of geometric architecture and construction plans for the project. The house is located on a small deforested area of ​​the forest and is located across the slope to gain transversal transparency.

Cottage in the forest with concrete facade

Holiday house forest concrete white plastered architecture

Living room, dining room, kitchen and studio are located on the ground floor. The living areas open to the terrace by the swimming pool through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The outdoor space has a double height and is perfect for a barbecue in the summer. The upper floor houses three bedrooms with access to a large terrace. The main materials used for construction are concrete, glass and white-plastered masonry faced.

Summer house in Argentina

Fresno cottage forest hillside overgrown trees

overgrown trees

Cottage in the forest. Argentina. Overgrown trees

Cottage forest terrace wooden floor patio furniture

minimalist decor

modern cottage forest relax chair floor-to-ceiling windows

floor to ceiling windows to the terrace

Fresno cottage in the forest of argentina living room dining room

Glass coffee table with wood base

Cottage forest living room glass coffee table

Wooden stairs design to the second floor

Cottage forest wood stairs glass sofa black

Cottage forest stairwell fireplace high ceilings

Cottage forest minimalism staircase wood

Bedroom design on the second floor

Cottage forest argentina sleeps second floor

Terrace from the bedroom

Cottage forest terrace second floor floor to ceiling windows

magic night lighting

Cottage forest pool lighting glass windows

Cottage forest recessed grill outdoor sink

Felix Raspall architecture lighting terrace

Construction plans and sketches

Fresno house forest argentina hillside

Fresno cottage forest Felix Raspall Federico Papandrea sketch

Dreamhouses »Stone and steel characterize a modern solid house in the desert of Arizona

modern solid house concrete desert ibarra rosano design architects

Garcia Residence is one modern massive house from I barra rosano design architects completed. The house is situated on a steep north-facing slope in the foothills of the Tucson Mountains with stunning views of the city and the surrounding mountains. The challenge for the architects was to design an estate that would rise above the rocky desert slope without dominating the landscape.

a modern solid stone house

modern solid house stone block entrance facade glass

The axis of the house was set parallel to the contours of the surrounding area, creating three narrow coves to build up the hill and keeping the excavation to a minimum. The terraced platforms contain the three living areas of the house. The middle bay invites the visitor into the living area with dining room and kitchen on the lowest level which leads to the bedrooms on the upper level.

Modern solid house Garcia – view from afar

ibarra rosano design architects garcia solid house arizona desert

The superb view of the city has caused the architects to break the axis of the house and turn the windows to a fantastic view of the lights of the city of Tucson and the Catalina Mountains in the northeast. The sun from the south was left in the living rooms by separating the bedrooms, creating a small courtyard overlooking the ridge. The choice of materials – sandblasted stone, steel, birch wood and concrete – is simple, robust and withstands the desert climate. The architects believe that an exceptional space with good design and materials can be created.

Environment and hillside

ibarra rosano design architects garcia concrete house arizona

Luis Ibarra and Teresa Rosano are graduates and lecturers at Arizona University’s School of Architecture and Landscape Design. In 1999, they founded the architectural office Ibarra Rosano Design Architects and since then they have earned national recognition as one of Arizona’s top companies for modern desert architecture. Her work is internationally known and has won over fifty regional and national design awards.

Interior design with industriel inspired design solid house interior design glass railing piping

visible pipelines

solid house interior design glass railing industriel

Floor to ceiling windows for unrestricted views

modern solid house view mountains city

sandblasted stone material

modern solid house facade glass columns

ibarra rosano design architects modern solid house pink yellow contrast

modern solid house pool glass facade terraces

massive house desert floor to ceiling window cube

Modern solid house stone steel entrance lighting

modern solid house desert arizona hillside rocks

modern solid house garcia arizona floor plan ground floor

Modern solid house entrance sketch Arizona

modern solid house hillside rough sketch

ibarra rosano design architects garcia solid house tocson

Neutral colors characterize a modern apartment in Moscow

Apartment moscow alexandra fedorova neutral colors

These modern apartment was designed by Alexandra Fedorova designed and located in Moscow, Russia. The apartment is decorated in a modern style, with a color palette of predominantly neutral and dark accents, with a small exception of two rooms. The bedroom is dominated by dark colors and colors nursery The colorful colors often associated with playing time. Alexandra Fedorova is known for its unique and distinctive style in design – very harmonious, modern and elegant. Natural materials such as wood, stone, glass dominate in the interior. Almost all furniture was custom designed for the project.

Modern apartment in Moscow by Alexandra Fedorova

Apartment alexadra fedorova white black ecru

The striking interior is completely designed with neutral colors. As a result, the accents are placed on the textures, such as the different finishes of wood grain, the patterns of white tiles and the walls of dark natural stone. The bathroom is a bit different, though it still has beige tiles. A lot of natural light floods the apartment, so it looks so fresh and airy. And there are certainly different times of the day, when the neutral shades and warm materials are nicely emphasized.

Modern apartment with elegant furnishings

modern apartment Moscow alexandra fedorova tv wall natural stone

open living area – living room and kitchen in one

Apartment Moscow alexandra fedorova ecru sofa living area

Sofa bed in ecru

interior design apartment ecru corner sofa kitchen natural stone

white dining table and black chairs

Apartment interior design living area

bright laminate

modern apartment interior Russia bright laminate floor dining area

white kitchen unit and black kitchen back wall

modern kitchen ecru natural stone kitchen back wall

minimalist design

modern flat white kitchen line contrast tile mirror black

Bedroom in white, black and beige

modern apartment bedroom black matte fireplace beige bed

floating bed

modern wall design bedroom texture white

Nursery design

modern apartment Moscow nursery playground carpet

modern beige bathroom tile wall mirror without frame

modern apartment Moscow bathroom beige recessed lights

modern apartment bathroom wood vanity wc

Apartment Moscow alexandra fedorova beige color scheme room

Modern apartment in New York with chic decor and decoration

Dreamhouses »Warm shades characterize the design of a private luxury villa

Luxury Villa-landscape Pond vertical-graten Palm input

This private luxury villa is located in Nova Lima – 22 kilometers from Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, Brazil away. It is a project of the architectural office Saraiva + Associados and was completed in 2011. The private house can be described in two words – Pure luxury and exuberance , Warm shades and exotic materials characterize the design of the indoor and outdoor areas.

Warm shades thanks to the special kind of stone Canga de Minérios

private-luxury villa-landscape-book baume-wood-blinds

The project was by Saraiva + Associados under the direction of the architect Marcelo Montoro and in collaboration with piantina Architecture, responsible for interior design, created. The house is in four different Divided by a special, coated with reflective glass steel material connected to each other. you are about a big one Garden with pool arranged.

Warm shades inside and out

terrace-wooden floor-pool-area-sunbeds

Block 1 comprises eight suites, a studio and a toilet. In block 2, the social area consists of a home theater and a heated swimming pool. Block 3 is made up of a kitchen, a spa and a games room. Block 4 is for the employees Reserved who take care of the house. Outside there is a swimming pool, a tennis court and a children’s playground. The outer walls are decorated with a native stone (Canga de Minérios) handmade , This stone has an intense red color that looks even more beautiful under sunlight.

the house at sunset


Wood and shades emphasized with effective lighting

luxury villa-stone wall-floor light-wood-bench

Warm shades for the living room

warm shades living room indirect lighting wall decoration

interesting three-dimensional wall design with decorative wall panels

luxury villa-device-stairs-wanddeko-mosaic 3d look

Room for relaxation

warm shades-candlelight-relax chair-stool Orchids

Lounge area by the pool

terrace lounge area-pool lighting

pool night lighting lounge area-roofed-terrace

pool-area-luxury villa-lighting glass facade

Photos by Rafael Carrieri

Ferienhaus & Hotel Design »Wood and white characterize the design of a beach hotel in Miami

Wood and white design-beach-hotel-terrace-pool-sunbed-white-parasols

1 Hotel South Beach is one breathtaking hotel in South Beach, Miami, Florida. The interior and exterior design was designed by Meyer Davis Studio in 2015. Wood and white shape the Interior design and create a wonderful feeling of lightness. With this neutral color palette, the blue ocean water is brought to bear properly.

The hotel is just 180 yards from the pristine beach and offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, Biscayne Bay and Miami’s Downtown. The closeness of nature is felt in each of the 426 rooms of the hotel – from the pleasant sounds of the sea to the different types of wood that have been used for furniture, room dividers and wall coverings.

Blue sea, wood and white

wood-and-white-design beach Hotel terrace lounge area Palm canopy

– An app called “Field Guide” on a Nexus device controls everything in the room – from TV to phone and room temperature.
– Hotel restaurant, lobby lounge bar and poolside restaurant follow the style of the suites and showcase wonderful lighting effects.
– 4 unique outdoor pools, including a rooftop pool

Wood and white indoors and outdoors

wood-and-white-design-beach hotel-terrace-glass-gelaender-umbrellas
– A 1,672-square-meter Wellness & Spa Center offers a unique spa experience.
– The interior designers of Meyer Davis Studio (hotel, restaurant and fitness center), landscape designers Nikola Gradinski (roof) and Debora Aguiar (wellness center) have brought nature into hotel suites without sacrificing style, comfort and luxury.

round wooden sign

wood-and-white-design-beach hotel-decorative-wall plaster

wonderful lighting effects in the hotel lounge

Wood and white design-beach-hotel-restaurant-indirect-lighting

indirect lighting behind the sofa

Wood and white design-beach-hotel-indirect-lighting-behind-sofa

View of the Atlantic Ocean

wood-and-white-design-beach hotel suite-view-sea

LED strips on the sofa frame

wood-and-white-design-beach hotel-ekcsofa-indirect-lighting-gray-carpet

wood-and-white-design-beach hotel suite-platform-bedroom sofa-indirect-lighting

Wood and White design-beach-hotel-bedroom-wood-wallcovering-glass-pendant lights

wood-and-white-design-beach hotel-gray-wood color-carpet-indirect-lighting

wood-and-white-design-beach hotel-double bed-wood-wall tiling-gray-carpet

wood-and-white-design-beach hotel-desk-tv-wall

wood-and-white-design-beach hotel-bathroom-marble-tiles-glass wande

hanger wood-wardrobe-hotel

wood-and-white-design-beach hotel-beige-chair-wood planks-partition

wood-and-white-design-beach hotel-bar-restaurant-

wood-and-white-design-restaurant-wall shelf-led lesiten

wood-and-white-design-shelf-room dividers and white vases-lighting

wood-and-white-design-terrace-bar at night


vertical-garden-greening luminous number 1

More stunning hotel design projects can be found on the page of Meyer Davis Studio