A living room- 3 cheap decor ideas in different colors

Living room interior ideas blue beige purple

We show you how a living room through 3 different Set up ideas can be completely transformed. By clever choice of different home accessories and decoration, the experts succeed in a spatial transformation without renovation and new furniture.

Furnish ideas – the living room in beige and pink

Color white beige peach Photo wall decorative cushion

Living room deco ideas original lamp beige linen

Peach color white border Living room before after pictures

Living room renovation ideas rug pink peach pattern

The first of these three living rooms Set up ideas shows a living area with beige and pink decoration accents. The interior designers have decided on curtains with pink and white stripes. Investments were mainly in home accessories – decorative cushions refresh the white couch, stylish pictures with floral motifs on the wall make the interior look comfortable. The rug plays an important role in the design – it is particularly important in a small room. The peach colors and the original patterns visually combine the individual elements of the interior.

Furnishing ideas for small living room in gentle purple color

Living room redecorate purple blue rug white sofa

Glass bottles of purple curtains. Living room after pictures

purple pattern rug glass table design idea white upholstered furniture

cool table lamp green beige purple colors

purple pictures wall deco accents living room

The next one Set up ideas is a living room in soft pastel colors – Purple was chosen as the main color, and light blue decoration as accents. Purple carpet, decorative cushions and a creative exhibition of the stamp collection are among the highlights in the design. The curtains are decorated with cool floral patterns. Slightly transparent so that enough sunlight enters the room. Glass bottles on the side table compliment the interior.

Decorating ideas for eclectic living room in yellow and blue

cobalt blue yellow living room before after eclectic

blue table lamp yellow clock decorative cushion

yellow leather stool blue white carpet pattern

Wall decor Living room pictures blue colors

blue curtains yellow vase home accessories design

Even small living rooms can benefit from strong colors – as this experiment proves. Cobalt blue color from the carpet and the deep yellow stools create a happy atmosphere with a maritime look. The yellow vase and the yellow clock create a visual link between the different areas in the living room. The curtains – this time monochrome remain in the background. This is our favorite design!

The living room before the transformation

Living room interior photos classic white upholstered furniture

The direct comparison between the before-and-after pictures definitely proves that with a bit of imagination and colors even small rooms can be refreshed. It does not take much to change the interior! Our tip – if you have a small living room, set it up with furniture in neutral colors and classic shapes. In this way, you can later change the interior quickly and easily.

Furnishing ideas in country style – combining furniture and lighting

Set up ideas of Big Bang Theory colors, furniture and home accessories

Balcony »Balcony Screen with Vertical Garden – Cheap & Effective

balcony privacy vertical garden idea exotic bench chairs

A vertical garden looks chic in every room! Especially green walls are more effective Balcony privacy screen can be used to neighbors. From a small garden with herbs, over vertical green wall with vegetables, to magnificent botanical compositions – the variety of planting possibilities is fascinatingly large.

Balcony Screening – ideas with plants

balcony privacy hedge idea modern rattan sofa feuestelle stuehle

Vertical gardens and green walls are an expression of a new urban living culture and sustainable life philosophy. Balcony plants provide the necessary shade and have a calming effect on people. In addition to the recreational effect, green walls improve the urban microclimate. The green one Balcony privacy screen also fulfills a safety and wind protection function.

Balcony privacy provides an intimate environment on the terrace and balcony

balcony privacy bamboo idea planter wood floor

Green walls are suitable for balcony, as well as for terraces or garden as delimitation. Of the Balcony privacy screen should of course also correspond to the taste of the owner and last but not least ideally suited to the style of living. One would rather like a haven of peace with flowering plants, another would like more climbing plants. On a small footprint, which is the case with the balcony, the space should be used as efficiently as possible. By vertical garden cultivation, the space can be optimized.

Use plant bags for privacy

balcony sight protection plant bags flowers yellow bloeten

A green wall is the perfect one Balcony privacy screen and windbreak. The aromatic scents provide a familiar relaxed feel-good atmosphere in the fresh air. These provide good protection against drafts and wind.

Modern balcony with tropical plants as privacy

balcony visual protection artificial grass floor glassware plant flower box

Balcony privacy protection idea

Vertical gardens windbreak terrace balcony design

Climbers and hedge as a screen

Wooden patio furniture plants for balcony wind screen

Green wall for a nature experience on the balcony

Vertical Garden Privacy Screen Terrace Windscreen

Protect yourself with plants on the balcony from view

Green wall. Idea wind. Privacy. Patio

A green wall that looks slightly exotic, embellished garden and balcony

Gardening roof balcony roof terrace green wall

Blinds Ideas – Feeling Closer To Nature

Balcony Screening Ideas Vertical Greening

The natural fence has excellent visual quality

Balcony railing glass greening visual protection

Vertical living wall – enjoy light and shadow changes

Climbing roses plants balcony Idea screens

Green walls improve the air quality

Vertical garden on balcony privacy fence. Balcony garden

Urban gardens – a green lung in the city

Greening roof balcony screen IDen

Lively green screen as a balcony Screen

Terrace planting ideas windbreak demarcation

Green wall is ideal for the intimate design of the balconies and terraces

Balcony Blind Windbreak Ideas Vertical Garden

Green wall as a balcony privacy screen

Roof Terrace Covering Flowerpots Wood Decking Screening Idea

Ideas for balcony light protection – vertical gardens and green walls

Balcony Terrace Screen Protector Green Wall

Screening for the balcony – balcony railing fence

Balcony screened garden terrace

Balcony railing screen fence

Balcony railing Green wall privacy balcony

Sunscreen and Build privacy screen yourself

Climbers garden on the balcony terrace

Urban gardens – green wall

Privacy screen green wall balcony and terrace

Garden Design – 100 pictures, beautiful garden ideas and styles

34 ideas for privacy in the garden with decorative bamboo fence

21 ideas for balcony screen protection Various screen protection options

10 useful tips on how to make the garden cheap

garden-guenstig-make-flower-flower garden-colorful-colorful-spring-blumenfeld

Take a look at these ten useful and practical tips on how to use yours Make garden cheap can. The fair ones Landscaping and care are not always cheap and can be associated with many expenses. Follow these advices and create a landscaped garden that not only looks beautiful, but does not cost much.

Making the garden cheap – research is of great importance

garden-guenstig make-Path-rush-pergola-bushes-baeume-maintained gardens

So that yours Make garden cheap and maintain, you should collect, edit and carefully compare each piece of information. You can use numerous sources and be interested in exactly how to go about gardening. Read the Internet, buy Magazines and even get an expert opinion.

Make the garden cheap – trust your instincts

garden-guenstig-make-plant-transplant-maintained gardens-tools-flowers-gloves-straw-planting table

To the Make garden cheap and to nurture, you should sometimes trust your own instincts. Nowadays the marketing measures are not always in favor of the customer. Therefore, if you are an expert in the business, but somehow not sure about it, you can rely on your instincts and not necessarily agree with everything.

Always compare before buying

garden-guenstig Styler gewuerzgarten-spices-pflanzentoepfe-lavender-thyme-basil-parsley

Do not always buy the first garden product that pops up in the first shop. Let’s think twice and compare all the options before making a decision. As with all other products, the garden tools will certainly have different prices in different stores. Therefore, if you have the Make garden cheap want, the product and price comparison is always the right approach.

Avoid spontaneous purchases

garden-guenstig Styler garden maintenance-gardening-planting-rush-wheelbarrow

In relation to the previous point, it is always good to avoid impulsive decisions and to avoid spontaneous purchases. In this way, you will not buy unnecessary products and shop much cheaper. Make sure you have found the right place for each plant before you buy them. This way of thinking is especially important if you have the Make garden cheap want.

Buy together with neighbors and friends and split the costs

ideas for cheap gardening koi carp pond

Buy utility tools if possible

ideas for cheap gardening garden tools

Do not plant too many plants

Ideas for garden favorably shape support wall stone

Do not stop collecting inspirations

ideas for garden cheap fashion dry garden

Always check the earth

ideas for cheap gardening stone stairs

Always pay attention to the pH value

Ideas for garden favorably shape pond Steinrand

cultivate ideas for cheap garden landscaping

ideas for cheap garden design garden path stone

ideas for cheap gardening garden decoration

Ideas for cheap gardening flowers yellow

design ideas for favorable garden design situbereich

Landscaping »30 ideas for cheap garden design and decoration

landscaping garden-ideas-decorative-gravel-flooring-sunbeds

For all passionate gardeners who either have little time or not enough money for Landscaping we have prepared some tips on how to make your garden cheap and priced modern design can. All you need is an outdoor area and a lot of imagination. Before you begin, you should be aware that an artfully landscaped garden requires a lot of care and time. Adjust the choice of plant species and quantities of your free time to provide the necessary care.

Creative and affordable garden design – 10 tips

gardening cheap-ideas-outdoor-kitchen-kitchen-countersinks

Plan all elements of garden design to save time and money

1. If you know exactly what you want, you can really choose the cheapest option for you Landscaping Find. You should think carefully about how you want to use your garden and how much time you are willing to invest in its care. First, plan how the garden should look like, then buy the necessary plants, decorations and furniture. For those who want to do everything themselves – that is without question one of the cheap ideas, but also costs a lot of time.

Gardening and furniture design

Garden furniture business your idea-bole-side table-terrace

2. Would you like a design garden with original elements, decorations and a unique design? For those who are willing to spend more, it might be better to hire a professional designer for them Landscaping to commission. He will also help you plan, respond to your needs, but also suggest better design, because he has some experience.

Advice from the professional

landscaping business your idea-advance-plan-sketch

3. A consultation with the garden expert could always be useful to you – with your rough ideas and his know-how you would certainly be a surprising result in the Landscaping come. The garden maintenance of a professional can be limited to the seasonal work. He also knows the needs of different plant species and can therefore tell you exactly which species are easy to care for and fit your free time.

Outdoor garden ideas

gartengestaltung-guenstig-Idee natural stone slabs Flooring bodendecker-intermediate

4. Do not buy everything at once. Make a list of all elements and decorations that are to buy and calculate the average weekly expenses that you could make. Everything you do not need urgently, you can get later. During this time you also have the opportunity to share your ideas for the Landscaping to reconsider. Maybe you’ll come up with something better in retrospect.

diy-garden furniture-sitzbanl shuttering stones-wood boards

5. Cheap does not necessarily mean cheap. Choose the better, not necessarily the cheaper. Consider different products before you access them. So the investment in teak furniture is recommended inasmuch as they last a lifetime, while a cheaper wood is much more in need of care and may only last a few years. The same is true of other elements such as flooring, where stone is a better choice than wood, for example. Plan your expenses well in advance to enjoy the long-term enjoyment of your garden design.

Demanding or easy-care plants?

Gartendeko business your idea-planter shuttering stones-build

6. The Landscaping is a small challenge. Use natural materials – wood, metal and stone are particularly appropriate for both the patio furniture and the decorations. An old tree trunk can become a small side table. A romantic stone path of river stones and sand can lead to the patio. For example, if you want a pond, creative ways of implementation must be found.

7. If you would like to have any demanding plant species that are exotic, for example, the soil must meet certain requirements. And, of course, that also has an impact on the time you spend on care. Choose the appropriate plant species for the shady, partially shaded and sunny areas in your garden.

Schalsteine ​​ideas from Schalsteinen

landscaping business your idea-room dividers-stair shuttering stones

8. A wise long-term investment is the evergreen plant species, for example, as most are durable and easy to maintain. On request, many of the evergreen plant species can also be transformed into original bonsai trees with a shaped cut. And this cut is usually at most twice a year, so you do not have to spend too much time.

Ideas for cheap flooring and walkway in the garden

landscaping business your idea-flooring-gravel-concrete slabs

9. Trend is the Landscaping after the example of foreign cultures. Asian gardens are for the most part more caring than other well-known garden species. If you want to redesign a Feng-Shui garden or Japanese Zen garden, you should expect their special features. The bonsai trees just mentioned are a great variation. In need of care, lawns can be replaced by gravel and stone beds.

small pond and rock garden

landscaping business your idea-pond-stones-groundcover-ferns

10. At your own Landscaping Of course, you could also combine only individual elements of the different garden types and create an interesting mix of styles. In your garden, you can always do what you think best. There are no limits. Combine modern elements with rustic, Asian with Mediterranean or as you imagine it.

Evergreen plants are always well suited

gardening auspicious-easy-care-idea-evergreen-plants

Evergreen plants are not only beautiful to look at. They create an interesting texture in every bed due to their numerous species with different leaf structures, heights and malleable green. What’s more, you can enjoy its beautiful green color even in gray winter. Since the garden looks much friendlier.

Bench made of shuttering stones and wood

Garden furniture Jungle for diy shuttering stones-planks-bench

Equip your garden or terrace with a self-made bench. You do not need any special construction skills for this. Use concrete blocks that you simply stack on top of each other. You can design the seat with the help of wooden beams and you can also add a backrest. Only a few seat cushions are missing and you have a cozy and modern seating.

Mini pond in bucket

Gartendeko business your idea Kübel pond-water plants

A pond does not always have to be big to have an interesting effect. Even in tubs, bowls or vats, you can design a small version and thus enjoy the water in the small outdoor area as an element. Combine it with ground covers, paints, pebbles and boulders. In this way, the garden pond is more natural and therefore more attractive.

Gartendeko business your idea-water garden-ceramic-schuessel-terrace

You can also inquire about suitable aquatic plants that feel most comfortable in a small and shallow container. It is also important that the mini-pond is not in the direct sun, because there the water would heat up too quickly and the plants would be absorbed. Otherwise, you can even enjoy the beautiful water lilies. With a larger vessel you may even have the opportunity to breed small goldfish. You can also find out about this from a specialist retailer.

landscaping business your idea-beetumrandung-stones-tulips

By the way, you can not only use concrete blocks for a garden bench. Even small dividing walls, which you can even plant with pretty flowers and to the division of certain areas and stairs can be easily and easily build with them. See above such ideas. The stones are easy to handle and therefore delight any hobby gardener when it comes to landscaping the outdoors.

landscaping business your idea-flooring-concrete slabs-decorative gravel

Gartendeko business your idea-wood ladder-pflanzenstaender

Garden furniture-own-build shuttering stones-wood boards-plant

landscaping business your stepping stones-groundcover-flowerbed

modern-favorable-gartengestaltung-face protection hedges-shrubs

Masterpieces in modern garden design

20 ideas for the garden that promise beautiful moments outdoors

Furnishing tips – make cheap kitchens look more luxurious!

Cheap Kitchen remodel Decorate

Cheap kitchens can also look classy and luxurious – here we tell you how you can make your kitchen more luxurious and without much effort and expense! The renovation can be too expensive, time and nerves, which can save you in the end. We have collected and summarized some setup tips for you.

Cheap kitchens – save at the kitchen counter

White Flooring open-Küchensregale-storage space

Usually the kitchen counter is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the room. Granite, marble or quartz counters cost thousands of euros, and the installation is extra. Nevertheless, this counter is very popular and popular for its durability and beautiful appearance. Cheap kitchens have a great advantage – they usually come in simple colors and models, and you can then change and decorate them in different ways. But you can achieve the same effect with much less money – buy a decorative foil – granite and marble – and stick it on the kitchen counter. Or you can buy granite tiles that cost less than entire granite counter.

Cheap kitchens – save on flooring

modern-kitchen-dark laminate white furniture

Cheap kitchens have a simple design and can be combined with different floor coverings. Instead of using natural stone or wood flooring, you can opt for laminates. It is important to select the right color. Combination of white kitchen cabinets and dark flooring always looks classically elegant. If you’re not sure about colors, you can not go wrong with the absolute classic – black and white color scheme. Choose laminates that are dark and whose individual parts are bigger and longer. The same applies to floor tiles – monochrome, large and in a neutral color scheme.

Cheap kitchens – kitchen accessories

elegant white-kitchen-island cheap kitchen

Cheap kitchens can look luxurious and classy, ​​and to compliment the overall look, you can combine them with expensive crockery. If you want to save money on accessories, you can buy display units at a lower price. Organize the kitchen cabinets so that all accessories are hidden. Puristic shapes are totally in vogue. So keep the design as simple as possible, let the room look neat, for the first time skip decoration and choose a two-tone color scheme.

Cheap kitchens with pure luxury appearance

Modern-affordable-kitchen-blind design idea

We’ve come up with some great ideas for you, such as cheap kitchens Pure luxury can radiate – and that’s because of the lighting. The designers set accents by choosing a colored or elegant lighting. If you have large windows, you can decorate them with a Venetian blind – in this case, opt for a monochrome variant with a large figure in the middle instead of smaller flower patterns, for example. Save money on designers by remodeling your own kitchen – not just an inexpensive alternative, but a way to design your dream kitchen!

Simple kitchen with red chandelier

simple-kitchen-red chandelier accent

Gray color scheme for elegant kitchen

gray color scheme and elegant-budget Kitchen set

Elegant color scheme-brown-white color

elegant color scheme-brown and white color

Open kitchen shelf-great storage ideas

open-kitchen shelf-great-storage ideas

Decorative foil granite kitchen counter

Decorative film Granite kitchen counter

Marble decoration foil

Marble decorative foil kitchen table

Cupboard with a lot of storage space

black-white-storage ideas kitchen

Patio area »Garden Lighting – cheap and effective ideas

Garden lighting walkway bollard ball

We take a look at popular and affordable ideas for garden lighting – and give you 18 inspirations for modern garden design!

Solar garden lights – cheap and environmentally friendly

garden-lighting-solar bollard lights Walkway

The Garden lighting with solar panels is one of the cheapest alternatives that not only saves energy, but is also environmentally friendly. The solar lights can be hung on trees, and are offered in different colors as floor lights.

Vintage garden lighting with a romantic touch

Garden lighting sconces bulbs cabinet

The vintage Garden lighting brings a romantic touch from the past. These are mainly lanterns or lamps that serve as floor lights Garden Path can illuminate. Traditional or classic garden designs are made by the Garden lighting benefit.

Garden lighting ideas – lanterns

garden-lighting-wind lights-modern-terrace

Old bottles can be transformed into beautiful wind lights. You have two options – you can use either candles, or light bulb as lighting. Wind lights are also popular table decoration for summer parties and weddings. They leave many room of creativity and can be decorated with flowers or colorful paper.

Garden lighting – floor lights

Floor light-led-plant garden-lighting-under

Modern or traditional floor lights are offered in numerous designs on the market. But you can connect to colorful paper lanterns chic little lamps and make beautiful lighting itself. They are practical, look good and can be used anywhere. From garden torches, to garden lights, to table lamps – the choice is virtually limitless. Metal lantern can also be used as a decoration in the garden. We have put together a collection of different designs for you – enjoy the suggestions and maybe you come up with a new idea.

Illuminate the garden path

Garden lighting ideas pathway lighting

LED light chain

Garden path illuminate design ideas

Chic LED lighting next to the pool

LED lighting fairy lights garden

Paper lantern with LED light bulbs

beautiful colorful garden lights design

Homemade wind lights

Hurricanes garden lighting ideas

Solar lights in the garden

original solar lighting ideas

Metal lights for the garden

Candles glow floor ideas wooden fence

Modern garden torch show the way to the house

Garden torch design ideas lighting

Paper lantern in the garden

Garden party lantern paper yellow table decoration

Metal lamp

Creative lanterns design ideas

Floor lights with solar panels

Garden lights design ideas solar panels

Metal lantern in the garden

Garden lantern iron glass pendant lights

Garden decor and lighting in one

Garden Decor Ideas Figurines Porcelain LED Lighting

Garden party lighting ideas lantern creative figures

Garden lantern itself make light chain

Floor lights garden blue yellow garden path

original homemade garden windlights

creative solar lighting ideas pattern

Table Do it yourself – 110 cheap and stylish ideas


Prepare a wonderful Table decoration for special occasions or just as a surprise for the family and friends! We will give you 110 craft ideas how to arrange floral arrangements, match the table runner and tablecloth with the decoration, provide romantic lighting and create a pleasant atmosphere!

Table decoration ideas – make floral arrangements yourself

tischdeko-yourself-making floral arrangements vases-tins-gold-stylish

The Flowers on the table are a cheerful decoration that decorates the dining area. You can prepare floral arrangements of seasonal flowers. Choose an accent and match the color of the flowers with the tablecloth / or table runner /. Colorful tablecloths should be combined with monochrome floral arrangements. Often a combination of tulips is completely sufficient. Try combining lemons and flowers – the end effect will surely fascinate you! For special inlets you often need special flowers – white roses, or orchid flowers on the napkins are the Table decoration give a noble look.

Make a creative table decoration yourself – paint the side table with a geometric pattern

tischdeko-yourself-make-geometric-pattern-side table-wood-round-color

Article Overreaching:

1st table decoration with flowers

2.Feast table decoration – children’s birthday, family celebration, engagement and wedding

3. Table Arrangements – Fold napkins, combine placemats, choose table runner

4. Decoration for the garden table

5. Lighting-romantic candles

Garden table decorated with seasonal flowers

Table orange pink flowers lemons

Tablecloth with bird patterns

Idea flowers glass spring decoration orange blue

Lilies of the valley and rose at the table

Tablecloth stripes Rose lily of the valley

Table with green accents

Moss celebrating green lanterns birthday

Colorful glasses and dishes with floral patterns

Arrange table floral pattern of green table runner

Sunflowers in jam jars

Decorating yourself Decorating jam jars

Lemon as a place card

Lemon table cool deco idea spring

Fresh flowers and plants refresh even monochrome decoration

evergreen plants rose vintage design

Flower arrangement and origami at the table

Table decorate moss vases of fresh flowers

Sunny colors – orange and yellow

Spanish pattern original idea design

Pumpkin Vase

Deco idea autumn garden pumpkin vase

Colorful garden table

celebrate garden table decoration flowers glasses

Shabby Chic deco idea

Wedding organize table decorating flowers

Cool vases from wine bottles

Vases table flower arrangements to make your own ideas

Festive arrangement

Birthday Party Deco Jubileum festive table decoration

Country style decoration

rustic deco green bushes country style design

Wedding decoration with fresh flowers and tea lights

Deco yourself making white flowers Windlichter Platzkarte

Vintage table decoration

Table decoration cutlery flower arrangement tulips

Romantic table decoration idea with several small floral arrangements

Wine bottle egg holder wine bottle table chrysanthemum

Green and purple color scheme

Spring Table Decoration Purple Grass Placemats DIY ideas

Lilac as a decoration on the garden table

Lilac table decoration summer garden party

Pink and blue

festive table deco idea stripes pink blue

Effective and elegant

Make napkins ring yourself, arrange paper flowers

Roses at the table

Floral arrangements table design idea

Green vases and table runner

Idea green vases flowers grass plucking

Romantic engagement decoration

Table top 100 craft ideas cheap flowers

Country-style decoration

Country style table straw napkin ring bamboo placemat

Decoration in vintage style

Flowers table roses asalia white

Paper butterflies

Butterflies cool decoration idea table set

Table in minimalist style

modern table decoration minimalist white onion


Decoration yourself tinkering fish net ideas carp dish

Surprise your guests with cool Table decoration original placemats – make these out of music paper. Paint your old placemats with blackboard paint and write loving messages on them. Or just buy plain wrapping paper and write the menu on it by hand. Collect boulders and stick them together – and you’ve already made original placemats.


Table deco idea child birthday

Kids Birthday Party – for girls

Children's birthday craft ideas original

Organize kid’s birthday party for boys

beautiful fish plate kids birthday decoration idea

Sweet table deco do it yourself

Children's table decorate maritime decoration birthday party

Craft idea for the children’s birthday

Kids birthday design decorating ideas

Cool placemat

Party idea placemat painter palette

Craft ideas for the children’s table

funny decoration idea bone fork

Colorful table decoration

Kids Birthday Boys Ninja Decoration

Sweet idea for little girls

Kids birthday table decoration motive

Table decorating paper floral pattern origami

Maritime theme

Children's birthday beautiful maritime decoration outside

Effective table decoration

Table decoration idea orange pink color beautiful design


romantic wedding celebration table flowers

Romantic engagement party

Vintage decoration engagement celebration garden

Glamorous purple decoration

Wedding table deco ideas pure glamor

Stylish wedding

Wedding Restauraunt Deko devise your own

Beautiful colorful floral arrangements

Floral arrangements table summer wedding plan

White wedding

fresh tulips table decorating design idea

Classic wedding decoration

festive wedding decoration table lighting

Sunflowers, chrysanthemum and fruits

Bouquet table arrange sunflower chrysanthemum

Summer flowers as an accent at the table

Family celebration Jubileum wedding table arrange flowers

Roses at the table

Engagement family celebration table top ideas flowers

Vintage decoration with birdcage

Engagement celebration table decorate craft ideas

For children’s birthday – choose pastel colors and decorate the table with carton-made figures. Put wrapping paper on the table and give the children something to paint – and they will take care of the decoration themselves. The Table decoration for an engagement party can benefit from flowers and tealights. Put the candles on the table and create a romantic atmosphere. Finished!


Table top Japanese style river stone plate fork porcelain mug

Some useful tips – below you will find a quick guide to napkins folding and a sketch that shows how the cutlery needs to be arranged. We wish you a nice time with family and friends at the table!

Cover the table properly

stock up cutlery plate sketch correctly

Napkins folding instructions

Napkins fold technique fly fast easy idea

Placemat in a rustic look

rustic table top straw blue tablecloth cherries

black and white

original table decoration placemats ornaments black white

Table decoration in a classic style

Lantern table runner engraved wood fresh flowers

Classical style and placemat made from music paper

Classical table runner music paper decoration

Placemat with nice message

Table Runner Thank you message embroidery craft ideas

Original idea to make your own

golden table runner make ideas

Japanese style at the table

River stones at the table dining area decorate japanese

Place card with photo

Denim placemat place card photo original idea

Table decoration with flowers

Flowers beautiful plates surprise birthday

Linen table runner

Table runners sew original idea roses white red

Linen runner at the table

Table runner sewing bag tree leaf

Decoration for the children’s table

Table Runner Kids Birthday Craft Idea colorful

Ivy as a decoration on the table

Place card menu grass green beautiful elegant

Rustic idea with shrub

Table decorate rustic placemat shrub

Place card with name

Decorate table tree leaf design idea

Color boulders and use them as table runners

Placemat Flusssteine ​​table decoration yourself making idea

Lace ensures a romantic atmosphere

Lace romantic table decoration idea

Photos as a table runner

Make family photos decoration romantically yourself

Place card, lanterns and apple as decoration

Apple original wedding arrangements country style

Flowers at the garden table

Family celebration garland decoration ideas


maritime decoration garden table lanterns lantern starfish

Roses at the table

Summer party table deco ideas yellow orange

Pink flowers at the table

Table top idea parasol chairs design

Table decoration with tree bushes

Table Decoration Engagement Garden Tree Bushes Design

Shell as decoration

maritime decoration garden table bench sea sunset

Green table decoration with lily of the valley

Table top garden table daisies cool idea

Decorate shabby chic table

celebrate table decorate plate cutlery arrange

Lemons as decoration on the table

Garden decoration ideas fresh flowers sky

White flowers

Garden gazebo celebration summer sun rustic

Cover romantic garden table

Garden table design romantic Picknik garden

Garden table deco

Floral arrangements garden tree trunk rustic

Candles and flowers

white flowers table top candle holder silver

Wine bottle decorated with lace

Wine bottles vases garden table lace decorating

Wine bottle as a vase at the table

Wine bottles stripes blue white green white flowers

Table decoration in vintage style

Summer deco brown table table runner white flowers

Modern table decoration

modern table design flowers stripes

Romantic lighting for the wedding

Lighting table candles lanterns silver

Wind lights for a cheerful atmosphere

Vases beautiful table decoration wedding

Pure glamor

Decorate black lace candle holder yourself

Create a romantic atmosphere with candles

Jam jar table decoration idea nice

Napkins fold for special and festive occasions – 42 ideas

100 table top ideas

Deco green candles lanterns noble design luxury

Sommet table deco ideas blue yellow cheerful

Rose lemons themselves make a nice idea

table deco napkin-ring-dots-branch-green

table-deco-blue-white tableware-name tag-roses


table-deco-green-branches Idea Candlestick gold


100 living ideas for living rooms – furnishing styles, colors and trends
100 ideas for Home Office – promote creativity through the ambience

Renovate small apartment – cheap tricks for decor

decorate vintage deco ideas flea market old furniture new upholstery

We offer you an idea how your small apartment renovate without much effort and money and optimally set up.

Set up a small apartment – the old furniture gets a new look

set up blue armchair gray sofa neutral wall paint suitcase side table

The young apartment owner Megan is in her first own recently small apartment moved. She had limited finances and was looking for creative ideas for the facility. Instead of buying new furniture, she decided to put the old furniture of her grandparents in the scene. They have been reupholstered and painted. The white dresser her mother bought from the flea market was refreshed by a mirror and now serves as a room divider in the living area. An old suitcase serves as a side table in the living room. Also in the kitchen, Megan has had the counter made of cheap MDF boards. She has repainted small barstools made of plastic with silver paint, creating a cozy dining area.

Small apartment with vintage decoration from the flea market

vintage deco birds books new envelope flowers vase

Also at the flea market, the young businesswoman has found several deco treasures – a ceramic bird figurine for the living room , small crystal chandelier for the bedroom. Exciting patterns with flowers and tree leaves refresh the gray sofa. Family photos and favorite pictures were hung on the wall. The favorite books were placed in the suitcase / side table. In the bedroom, Megan has built the bedside headboard from recycled wood. Purpose was waived curtains in the living room – the large windows let the small apartment open and bright.

Photo wall in the living room – Family photos ensure cosiness

Tricks photo wall living room wall design vintage armchair new upholstery dark blue

Old suitcase from the flea market serves as a side table in the living room

vintage deco pillow suitcase ideas living room

The white color makes the kitchen appear larger

make a bar counter repaint bar stools furnish one-room apartment

The bedroom – with bed headboard wooden pallets

Small bedroom low set up creative self build wood

Old chest of drawers with mirror and jewelery stand serves as room distribution

small flat deco mirror jewelry stand

Wardrobe and vintage chandelier in the bedroom

Wardrobe chandelier original deco ideas

The apartment owner

set up tricks cheap ideas owner Megan

Small apartment in São Paulo with practical and stylish furnishings

Home & Garden »Dustbin box build yourself – Cheap ideas for a nicer garden

Muelltonnenbox itself build 4-hinged doors - privacy fence gravel beets

You probably know the problem that your garden looks nice and well maintained, because you have invested so much time and effort in it, but then you notice the ugly garbage cans that disturb the harmony in the garden. Should you neither in the garage, nor in the shed Garbage can storage space, you can also just come up with another way to hide the garbage cans. A great variant are garbage bin boxes. Although you are ready to buy, we will show you today how to do it Build garbage bin yourself and can save a lot of money in this way.

Dustbin box build itself from wood

Muelltonnenbox itself build a foundation-semicircle-gravel-plates-view-protection fence-trellis

The Mülltonnenbox build yourself is cheap. If you would like to build a garbage can box yourself, wood is probably the best material. However, it must be remembered that the wood must be maintained in order to be able to hold long. But no matter what material you use, in any case, the end product will be cheaper than a similar one you buy ready.

Build a garbage bin yourself – ideas for copying

garbage bin box build yourself open-design-wood-simple-diy-project

The best thing to do during construction is to leave some open areas so that the air can circulate inside the trash can box and reduce unpleasant odors. If you want to build an open garbage bin yourself, you can do it in many different ways. For example, you can design such doors that do not reach the roof of the garbage can house when you build the garbage bin yourself.

Let the air circulate

Mülltonnenbox-own-build-wood lamella-slanted-roof-rain-protection

Alternatively, such a variant is also suitable if you want to build an open garbage bin yourself, in which the entire box was made of wooden boards, each having a distance from each other. This creates small gaps and the air can circulate wonderfully again. In addition, this model also has a higher and sloping roof, which additionally supports the open design.

Ground level box

Mülltonnenbox-own-build-bin-garbage-house canopy-Flowerpot-boxwood

In order to be able to easily pull the barrels out of the box and push them back in, it is recommended that you build a wheelchair bin that is as close to the floor as possible. On the other hand, a raised design is also recommended, because it allows moisture to run better and does not accumulate under the box to damage the wood.

Raise the box a little or build a ramp

Mülltonnenbox-own-build-blue-Scandinavian-style outhouse-make-terrace

So if you prefer to build raised trash can boxes yourself, should choose either the lowest possible variant. In the example above, simple wooden strips are used to lift the box. But you can also attach a small ramp made of concrete or wood, which makes the removal and storage of the bin easier with the help of the wheels and makes lifting unnecessary.

Build garbage bin box from wood yourself

Muelltonnenbox itself build simple-idea-framework-framework-diy

For simple and simple models like this, you do not even need a garbage bin construction manual. Even beginners will not have any problems implementing such a model. All you need is some wooden slats and boards that you build together as shown. After you build the wooden frame yourself, add a door with hinges and a lid.

Garbage bin housing made of wood

Muelltonnenbox itself build wall covering-natural stone facade house garden

The thicker the wood, the more stable the box becomes. You also do not have to add a floor if you build a garbage bin yourself. A wooden strip in the rear area and, if necessary, in front are enough for a small model to protect the box from curvatures. A wooden board door can be built quickly and easily as follows:

Build the lid and door yourself

Muelltonnenbox itself build small-model-craftsman-hobby-gardener

Lay the boards on the ground and measure the desired distance between the boards. The door reaches from the bottom to the top of your wooden frame. Now screw one strip to the left and right and one diagonal to fasten the boards together. Make sure that nothing slips when you build the door for the garbage bin itself.

Build 3-bin garbage box yourself

Muelltonnenbox itself build 3-ton construction manual-easy

In this way, you can then build a garbage can box for 3 tons from several of the boxes. Since a household usually has at least a ton for paper, one for the residual waste, as well as yellow sacks for plastics, larger boxes may be required. If necessary, you also collect glass in a bin and thus need a fourth. You should consider and plan this before you build the garbage bin yourself.

The lid for the box

garbage bin box build yourself lid-chain-comfort-outdoor-bin

Not only the door is necessary if you build the garbage bin yourself. Also, a lid is very useful, because it facilitates the disposal of garbage. You do not have to drive the whole barrel out of the box every time. You should also attach the lid of the bin with a chain to the lid of the box so that both lids can be opened at the same time.

Garbage box itself build with folding doors

Muelltonnenbox itself build small-ton-modern-Falttüren-gray-wood

If you want to build an original garbage can yourself, you can also design such sympathetic folding doors instead of simple doors. This is especially useful if the box is a bit longer and accommodates more than two tons. Sliding doors are also very suitable, especially for larger refuse bins. However, the choice depends on how much you want to invest.

Dustbin box build itself from metal

Muelltonnenbox yourself build metal-steel-minimalist-wood-slat-door

In addition to wood, other materials are also suitable for building a garbage bin box. So you can, for example, build a garbage bin yourself made of stainless steel. Especially nice is the metal box, if you combine it with wooden doors, as in the picture above. So you can build yourself a minimalist garbage bin box made of metal, which is an eye-catcher in the outdoor area.

PVC garbage bin box build yourself

Muelltonnenbox itself build pvc-plastic-favorable-garden design

PVC is also a good option if you want to buy a finished trash can box. The material is weather resistant and will last for many years without special care. In addition, plastic can also be easily cleaned. Above you can see another great idea for a ramp that makes it easier to push the bins into the box. If you would like to build a plastic trash can box yourself, look around the DIY store for suitable elements.

Make garbage bin itself for two tons


This large refuse house has quite large doors, which can be quite disturbing for some, even if they are not actually open for long. Alternatively, as previously mentioned, you can design folding doors instead, or have each door equipped with two left and right doors if you build the garbage bin yourself to save space. Also worth mentioning is the rounded lid.

Create a sloping lid


If the trash can box is not under a canopy without another shelter, but directly in the rain, we recommend a roof, or, lid, which is inclined, if you build the garbage bin itself. In this way, the water can drain easily and does not absorb moisture, which over time would ruin the material.

Bitumen shingle for the roof

Mülltonnenbox-own-build-hinges-garbage-house ideas - gartengestaltung

Also, consider investing in some bitumen shingle to protect the lid from sun and moisture. This material was also chosen for this refuse house. The roof is also designed further than the outline of the house and thus protects the side walls. The garbage box has no lid. But it was built higher to allow enough space to open the garbage bin lid in the box itself.

Boxing for five tons

Mülltonnenbox-own-build-wall-African-DIY-idea-cover-wood boards

Quite unobtrusive, these boxes were designed. They are also close to the road, which is the end of the property, which makes the journey easier. You can make such a niche with the wall into which you then put the tons after you build a garbage bin yourself. Conveniently, the lids are fitted with gas springs like cars, allowing them to stand upright.

Box for garbage cans with a plant roof

Mülltonnenbox-own-build-wood-laminate-planting roof-easy

The box can be adjusted even better to your garden by greening the roof. To do this, make a box that you fill with soil and then shape with any plants. If this roof is not too high, you will also get a practical raised bed in which you can work very comfortably. A nice idea that is worth considering if you want to build a garbage bin yourself.

Build 4-bin garbage box yourself

Mülltonnenbox-own-build recycling plastic-paper-roof-greening-creeper

Green is also this model. There are several ways to design a planted box. You can also build a garbage can box with a planter yourself. If you only own a big bucket and collect the remaining waste in smaller containers, this original model is suitable for building a garbage bin yourself, with one half for the bin and one shelf for the other half.

Build with lid or locked roof?


This garbage bin canopy is undoubtedly particularly appealing due to the rounded design. However, this is also a roof that can not be opened like a lid. To what extent this is suitable for you, you have to decide for yourself. Think about what would be the most practical variation for your garden and your number of tons.

Build garbage house yourself


Design the trash can box to suit your taste and even embellish the garden. This is particularly advantageous in such land, where the garden is located on the street, to provide aesthetics. If you build the garbage bin yourself or build a bigger garbage bin yourself, you can choose a design that adapts to the house.

Dustbin box and shed in one


How about you kill two birds with one stone with the garbage can house? Sounds interesting, right? And so you can build the garbage bin itself so that you can also use it as a shed at the same time. Just design one half for the barrel and equip the other with shelves and hooks to stow tools.

Build garbage bin yourself and use niches

Mülltonnenbox-own-build-foundation-concrete-wood-pallet-scale Roof

Any kind of niche in the house or in other buildings in the garden are suitable for installing a garbage bin in it, thus making use of the free and rather unpractical space. So if you have a particular area in the garden that you do not know what to do with, it may be the perfect area to build your garbage bin yourself.

Build garbage bin yourself – instructions for an open design


It’s even faster and easier if you build a garbage bin cover yourself, which is open on one side. You can also use this building instruction to build a garbage bin yourself in order to build an entire box. Simply replace the long wall with doors, also close the panel on the third side and add a roof if necessary.

Practical ideas


Proof that the garbage can box can be perfectly integrated into the garden is also the example in the first photo above. The box is located in the front yard, has a modern design and the house number was attached to her right away. The example below shows a model with lid and the next a variant without lid. All models you can consider if you want to build a garbage bin yourself.

Flower box on the box

Mülltonnenbox-own-build-raised bed-combine-flowers-plant-roof

Here’s another example of how you can use the garbage bin to green the garden. If your model does not have a lid, but only a cover, put any boxes with flowers on it or build a matching box with the appropriate dimensions. If you design the sidewalls with a grid of wooden strips, you can also grow low climbing plants on them.

Dustbin box build yourself with open design

Mülltonnenbox-own-build-open canopy-canopy-pallets-floor-permeable

If the design of doors is too time-consuming or simply does not feel like you need them, you can also create an open design like this. It has a roof and a floor made of pallets, so that the tons are not directly on the ground. Here, in addition to tons, you can store any other garden tools and objects. So think in advance how much and what you need space before you build the garbage bin itself.

Home & Garden »10 really nice and cheap ideas for garden decoration at a glance

Ideas for garden decor rattan lounge furniture colorful pillows

The decoration of the garden or backyard does not have to cost a lot of money. There are many pretty decorations that you can get for just a little money. Here you will find 10 interesting and pretty Ideas for garden decoration where you really do not have to dig deep into your pocket.

Nice and cheap ideas for garden decoration

1. A pretty doormat

ideas-Gartendeko-purple-foot mat-dragonfly-motif

Put a doormat labeled “Welcome” or another interesting inscription outside the door. Such mats not only look great, but also prevent dirt from being carried into your home.

2. Ideas for garden decoration – Cushions for the outdoor area

ideas-Gartendeko-brick-bench-colorful pillows

For the garden furniture on the terrace or in the garden you can use pretty pillows as decoration. On the one hand, the furniture becomes more comfortable and, on the other hand, an accent. There are pillows in different sizes, colors and patterns, so you will certainly find the right one.

3. The lighting for the garden

dragonflies of ideas Gartendeko-led garden lighting-

There are also lamps for little money. For example, use a fairy lights for a festive atmosphere or plain white lamps for a more elegant style. Some lights look like little lanterns or have interesting shapes like butterflies or chili peppers.

4. Hanging flower baskets

ideas-Gartendeko Pendant-flower-traffic light coconut fibers

Usually there are always beautiful, finished flower baskets in the garden center for hanging and that for little money. But you can save even more by simply creating a flowerpot to hang with your own flowers.

Ideas for garden decoration help you with the right garden design

5. Flower pots and potted plants

ideas for garden decoration flowerpot flowerpot different flowers

Depending on how large the area you want to decorate, you can get flower pots and boxes of various sizes and plant plants or flowers, which you then distribute. So the terrace or the garden gets an additional, decorative touch. Not only do they look good, they are also useful for planting vegetables or spices.

6. Ideas for garden decoration – wind chimes

ideas for garden decoration wind chimes nice merry sound

Gorgeous and soothing wind Chimes are also a great decoration. But you should definitely try them out in the store before you buy them, so you can be sure that you like the sound.

7. A nectar dispenser for hummingbirds

garden decoration nektarspender small birds nice atmosphere giving

A nectar dispenser for hummingbirds is not only well suited as a decoration for the garden or backyard, but thanks to it you will also be able to observe many birds. You can get both more elaborate, as well as simple plastic. Also in terms of the price, there are many options, including cheap ones.

Interesting and useful ideas for garden decoration

8. A birdhouse

Gartendeko birdhouses buy wood or build yourself

For a more traditional form of bird feeding, you can also choose an ordinary birdhouse that will look pretty in the garden at the same time. So you can observe different birds both in summer and in winter.

9. Plant a colorful flower surface

colorful flower field plants fresh beautiful many colors joy

Colorful flowers you can get especially favorable end of spring, when clearance sale is. Mostly they bloom at least one season long. It is best to choose perennial flowers so that you enjoy each year.

10. Ideas for garden decoration – A funny pink flamingo

ideas garden decoration funny pink flamingo decorative figures

For a bit more fun you can put a pink flamingo in your garden. This classic plastic decoration is not expensive either. But if you can not bring yourself to put a flamingo in the garden or yard, you can choose between a large variety of other figures that are more in keeping with your taste.

ideas for garden decoration decorative pillows appearance coziness bright wood

garden deco inviting doormat welcome conformation matching color

Ideas for garden decor accents set details important lantern side table

Ideas for garden decoration lighting tips follow mild

ideas hanging flower baskets interesting tips garden design