Camping »Camping tents – choose the right equipment for your camping holiday

Family tent design camping ideas tips

For a camping holiday, a trekking tour or adventure trip many things are needed. Of course you have to think of a suitable accommodation first. Only which tent should you take? Here you will find some useful information about Camping tents Find.

About camping tents in general

Camping at the lake camping tents modern

In the past, humanity used the tents as shelter, shelter or dwelling. Today tents are mainly used for camping. The selection of tents designs is actually very big. Camping tents comes in a variety of shapes and forms – family tents, winter tents, caravan awnings, car tents, tent trailer , Steep wall tents u.a.

Camping tents – materials and tent types

Expedition tent Outdoor tent Orange-Camping

The most popular Camping for camping include dungeon, tunnel tent, dome tent, geodesic. Thanks to technological progress, a sturdy camping tent can be packed in a small tent bag and weigh up to 5-6 kg. The material that makes up the outer tents is usually cotton or nylon. A nylon tent has a higher load capacity compared to tents with cotton fabric. Also, the care of cotton tents is not very easy. That’s why most of them are contemporary Camping tents made of polyester fabric. These have a single disadvantage – the indoor climate heats up on hot days. The traditional cotton tents (or from modern Technical Cotton) create a much more pleasant climate with outside heat. Tents for more demanding conditions are produced from mixed cotton and polyester.

Modern outer tents – accessories and care

Modern tents model kathmandu design

modern Camping tents can also be coated with silicone and thus provide better weather protection. They have flexible polystyrene poles, large windows, sleeping cabins with a variable sleeping space, etc., and are lightly constructed, easily dismantled and transported. Next comes the question of the tent care , Camping tents must be properly maintained, so they do not mold or break.

Throwing tents Tunnel tents Car tents Camping

Outdoor Camping Tent Polyester PVC

Camping tents Katmandu camping accessories

Igloo tent dome tent Camping holiday accessories

Nylon tent camping on the beach blue design

Geodet Camping holiday tents

Group tent design Camping place

Awning caravan campsite coleman

Camping trekking tour camping tent for family

Throwing tent Camping holiday trekking tour company

Nylon Camping tent stool camping accessories

Camping tents made of cotton material MIschstoff

Camping Tents Camping tents polyester fabric

Lighting in the living room for a perfect ambience choose

living room modern furnishing light lamps effect interior

The Lighting in the living room It is very important, because it determines the mood that radiates the room and this should be just right there chosen. Finally, you spend in the living room most of the day, people gather there with family and friends. The lighting in the living room can choose in different ways. And that’s exactly what this article is about.

Lighting in the living room with pendant lights in red and orange

lighting romantic lamps yellow red atmosphere outlook

For one thing, you have the option of one indirect Lighting in the living room. For this purpose, the light sources behind a wall, furniture such as cabinets or shelves or attach to the ceiling and thus achieve interesting light and shadow effects. The latter is also possible by the use of interesting structured luminous bodies. The filaments can also be great, sculpture-like accents represent and notice not only by their light but also by their shape in the room. How wonderful the lighting lighting in the living room can be, you can now look at it.

Lighting in the living room – Indirect light on the ceiling

living room lighting indirect light ceiling living room carpet colorful chandelier

Lighting with effects on the ceiling

lighting in living room lamps ceiling indirect idea

Indirect lighting on ceiling and wall combine

lighting white ceiling living room design furnishing chair red

Living room lighting in blue for the ceiling

lighting blue yellow ceiling seating area couch mirror

Indirect lighting on a ceiling with a wave

lighting interior ceiling waves tiles white cow motif modern

Lighting on ceiling, wall and through a ceiling light

lighting chandelier living room elegant gray sofa ceiling indirect

Indirect lighting in the living room on the wall

lighting in the living room blue wall furniture abstract

Indirect lighting above and below the wall with fireplace

lighting fire wall stool white white parquet

Lightning wall niche in the living room

lighting wall lamps yellow sofa carpet parquet

Lighting in living room ceiling wall effect tile white

lighting shelf idea indirect seating area living room idea

Lighting in the living room with original lighting fixtures

Lighting in living room floor lamps form original design paper

living room lighting sculpture wall floor lamp brick coffee table

living room seating area lighting balls stone wall carpet sofa white

living lowboard lamp balls design modern parquet black

lighting modern design floor lamp romantic atmosphere

Living room lighting effect shade ball lamp couch carpet

living room ceiling light glass light idea modern design

living room light lamps ceiling living wall yellow white couch

living room floor lamp lowboard ceiling lamp brown furnishing

living room vintage lighting chandelier candles fireplace light blue

lighting in living room wall panel indirectly light showcase television

Lighting in living room floor lamp couch ceiling light tiles

Choose the best bathroom color – 50 examples

best color for bathroom -black-white-sideboard-mirror-image-klo-holzboden

The color is an important point on the way to Dream apartment, because the human perceives the spaces through it. Choosing the right color should be a balance between personal taste and architectural features. The best color for bathroom This is the one that brings in freshness and pep and at the same time harmonizes with the rest of the apartment.

The best color for bathroom – white, black, gray

best color for bathroom -white-marble-window-chandelier-crystal-freestanding-bathtub

The neutral colors of white, black and gray and the combination in between, are considered timeless and modern and can be the suitable solution for large and medium small bathrooms be. Contrasts set accents and make the room look more luxurious. Combinations with natural stones such as granite or marble are particularly popular for spacious areas. White stands for cleanliness and innocence. It is a beautiful neutral base for more decorations with colors and accents. A sleek white bathroom, well-appointed and well-appointed, is an excellent example of minimalist interior design.

The best color for bathroom – blue, turquoise, green

best color for bathroom - wood-floor-dog-white-closets-cupboard-double vanity

The cool tones of blue, turquoise and green are fresh and give a calm, relaxed mood. After white, it is the second most popular color for the bathroom design. The blue-green nuances are unconsciously associated with water and sky and contribute to a Mediterranean ambience. In combination with white, the areas are particularly fresh and invigorating.

The best color for bathrooms – earth tones and sand colors

best color for bathroom-brown-natural-vanity-mirror-stylish-shower-tub

Brown and sand colors can be the best color for bathrooms if you like the warmth of natural materials. They are reminiscent of earth and nature and look particularly appealing when the tiles resemble limestone or wood. Modern and simple wooden undertables fit wonderfully in a brown or beige bathroom.

The best color for bathrooms – Colorful or with colorful accents

best color for bathroom-color-accent-washstand-double-sink-red-mirror-wall-lighting

Colored accents and colorful accessories liven up a more restrained room. If you’re not planning a great renovation, then grab a wall paint in rich color or a decoration with textiles or plants. The best details are shown on a white background. Most important is that you coordinate the design of each room with the overall picture of the apartment.

Represent geometric shapes through two-tone tiles


Wall and ceiling paneling made of wood – Natural colors in the bathroom

Best-color-bathroom-brown wall tiling-ceiling-wood-mozambique-floor-mirror-double sinks

Natural stone look with a modern look

Best-color-bathroom-brown rock-Optic-shower-shower tray-flat-rain shower

Bathroom with walls and ceiling in wood clad

Best-color-bathroom-brown-wood-wall tiling-light-Suspension lamp-white

Natural stone look and reflective surfaces

Best-color-bathroom-brown-gold-washbasin-sink-geometric-designer double sinks

Bath in dark brown and as an accent a modern picture

Best-color-bathroom-brown-dark brown-picture-photo-bathtub-built-double sink-mirror

Indirect lighting in the bathroom


Modern bathroom with colored cabinets

Best-color-bathroom-color-accents-yellow-white-bathtub-wall unit-deco

White bathroom with high gloss colored cabinets


Monochrome bathroom with freestanding bath

Best color for bathroom -black-white-hexagonal-tile-freestanding-bathtub-shower-curtain-dots

Antique details match classic color combinations

best color for bathroom -black-white-rustic-bathtub-freestanding-door-antique-gray

Experiment with contrasting colors and surfaces

Best-color-bathroom-black-white-luxury-chandelier-crystal-baroque style

Patterns and colors should not conflict

best color for bathroom -black-white-gray-tile-patterned-washing machine

Playful tiles need subtle furniture

best color for bathroom -black-white-antique-carpet-tile-pattern-vanity-mirror-wall

Shapes and accents should communicate with each other

best color for bathroom-gray-white-hexagonal-tile-modern-armature-bathtub-freestanding

Set accents with the arrangement of the tiles

best color for bathroom-gray-black-white-chess-pattern-armature-gilded-window-plant

best color for bathroom -silk-floor-vanity-wood-double-sink-bathtub-window

Blue, turquoise and green

Best-color-bathroom-turquoise-white-loo shower enclosure-double-basin

Best-color-bathroom-turquoise-wash under table-mirror-square-glass door

Best-color-bathroom-turquoise-wood-cabinet under-sink-bathtub-mirror

Best-color-bathroom-mirror-round-sink-console-tiles-square shower enclosure


Best-color-bathroom-sink-mozaiksteine-console-white-mirror-glass wall-window

Best-color-bathroom-green-white-sink-mirror-loo-wipes armature

Best-color-bathroom-green-white-flooring-wooden floor-wall color-bathtub-tiles

Best-color-bathroom-detached-tub-washbasin-window Tiles


Best-color-bathroom-baby blue and white towels-armature

Brown, beige, sand colors


Best-color-bathroom-sink-brown brick wall-loo-indirect-lighting-mirror-

Best-color-bathroom-brown-wallpaper-bath-detached-baroque style gold-luxury-antique

Best-color-bathroom-brown-natural stone-wood-windows-bathtub-white-flower-vase

Best-color-bathroom-brown-natural stone-bathtub-built-glass shower enclosure

Colorful and colorful ideas



Best-color-bathroom-color-accents-white-red-mirror-pattern - sink

Best-color-bathroom-color-accents-wash under cabinet-pink-sink-mirror-orange runner

Best-color-bathroom-color-accents-wash under cabinet-koralfarbe-mirror-wallpaper-pattern


Best-color-bathroom-color-accents-photo wallpaper-bath-detached Candlestick chandelier

Best-color-bathroom-color-accents-shower curtain-flower pattern-antique-bath-detached-wood floor

Best-color-bathroom-color-akzenete-orange-white-wooden floor shower enclosure

Best-color-bathroom-fabre-accents-and-white wallpaper-pattern-voegel-loo

Best-color-bathroom-bathtub-red-white-green-palm-pattern-mint green-wall color

Fashion »Festive Dresses- 22 charming looks to choose from

divodress-com-long-red dress-Shoulder


Festive dresses which makes you look more charming than ever in no time, we have for you to choose from in today’s article. Beautiful lace with floral figures, sensual chiffon or magical silk in different cuts, there is something for every taste. Get inspired and choose your matching dress while shopping online.

Browse festive dresses, find, buy

Dress apricot-of-kleiderr-com

Dress apricot via

If you are looking for your favorite dress or just need something suitable for a special occasion, we have taken over this time-consuming task for you today. We have 22 festive dresses selected from a few online portals. Pay attention to the brand and the exact name of the fashion designer and so you will be easier on the way to your heart dress be. Take a look!

Festive dresses for festive occasions

Maxi Dress by Otto Anna Scholz Shoulder

Maxi dress with prints via

Oh, you beautiful online world, what would we be without you? Festive dresses from famous fashion designers, as well as from famous German manufacturers from selected German online shops will conquer your senses. Long evening dresses, cocktail Dresses with pleated cut or cowl neckline, halter dresses in beautiful silk and chiffon are all available online. When we come to the color choice ice blue, red, yellow and of course black are always on the run. Modern and chic, but also metallic and shiny fabrics are decorated with glittering elements, especially if the evening is to be given more shine and glamor. Certainly, a dress will also be a matter of the heart for you when you dive into great materials and flowing fabrics.


V-Neck 3D Flower Chiffon Dress sissi dresses buy-com

Blue chiffon dress with V-neckline


sexy-trumpet-mermaid-Strapless-ruffles sleeveless-floor-length chiffon prom dresses-evening-dresses

Dress floor-length mermaid nude look, gathered

Evening Dress-of-merle dress-com

Chiffon and satin dress at

via: www


Needle and Thread floral lace gown

Diane von Furstenberg-black evening dress net-a-porter

Floor length, black evening dress from Diane Fürstenberg

Donna Karan embellished silk-chiffon-silk-organza-neck evening dress net-a-porter

Embellished silk chiffon silks organza via net-a-porter

Herve Leger Ellen metallic bandage-gown Beige

Herve Leger Ellen metallic bandage gown via net-a-porter


Fancy Dress Satin Purple-Otto

Satin dress, purple with leg cutout


Silk Dress von Basel-fashion-de

Festive silk dress




festive dresses evening dresses-from-top



knee-length-and-neck-chiffon-with-application-evening dress-for-sissi dresses buy-com

Knee length scoop neckline, chiffon with appliqué


Dress Cowl-kleiderr-com

Dress with cowl neck

Dress blue elegant Peacock Feather kleiderr-com

Dress blue, elegant with peacock feather


Fancy Dress sequined twenga-de

Long dress with leg cutout


Clothing-net evening dress long blue

Long blue dress


Evening dress-Layla Ice blue Divodress-com

Wedding »Choose hair accessories for wedding – tips and ideas

Hair accessories for wedding ideas-different-variations

The choice of wedding jewelry can be overwhelming even for the well-organized bride. Not only Earrings , Necklaces and bracelets, but also hair accessories such as tiaras, hairpins, hair combs, veils and Co. are of great importance. Of the Hair accessories for wedding should suit the dress and wedding theme. What else is important and which variants are available, you will learn in the following article.

Hair accessories for wedding – tiara, hair band or tiara

Hair accessories for wedding half-open hair diadem

Hairbands are very versatile, as they can be worn with open, half-open or high-set hair. Look for a hair band that will pick up details of the wedding dress, such as a particular pattern, material or appliqué. If the wedding dress is embroidered with pearls, the hair ornaments could be like that. Also note the color of the metal. Gold is good for champagne colored Wedding Dresses while silver is popular for white and ivory wedding dresses.

Hair accessories for wedding – hair combs


Hair combs vary in size and shape and are perfect for updos and buns. If you are going to wear a veil, use two combs – one with a practical and one with a decorative function.

Hair accessories for wedding – hairpins


Hairpins are very discreet and can nicely complete doughs and braiding hairstyles. You can also choose between rhinestones, pearls and flowers.

Headband with rhinestones

haarschmuck-wedding-headband-glittering stones-hair-hair great-pearl necklaces

An opulent hair ornament is simply the perfect complement to the simple, but also the extravagant bridal gown, but do not overdo it. Other pieces of jewelry, such as earrings and necklace are completely unnecessary here. Certainly it looks stylish when there is a connection between the decorating accents on the wedding dress and the elements in the hair. A breastfeeding line should connect all the pieces and, of course, be coordinated with the entire wedding design.

filigree hairband with rhinestones

haarschmuck-wedding-filigree-hair band glittering stones

A plentiful head and hair jewelry undoubtedly attracts the attention of the beholder on the pretty face, especially on the eye party. Therefore it is worthwhile to emphasize this area through the make-up. The earrings should not distract the view from the main accessory. They should be discreet and not expensive. Stud earrings are best suited here. Whether with pearls or crystals, they should be selected according to the hair jewelry and simply complement it, by no means dominate.

Hairpins with yellow flowers


Hairpins with flowers and flowers are perfect for a romantic bride. Of course, hairpins will find a use only in updos or in those where the hair is sometimes high. This fixes the hairstyle, but also sets an accent. If the wedding dress is decorated with embroidery, pearls and flowers, the hair ornaments should be accordingly. Color, shape and size of the flowers should be chosen with great attention to detail, so they harmonize with the other details.

Interestingly pampered hairstyle with opulent headband


However, the headband is an alternative to the diadem. He is an uncomplicated solution, but very festive. Depending on the hairband can be stuck in the hairstyle or is cleverly incorporated into it. Woven in a peasant’s braid and tied at the front, as a kind of hair band. This romantic hairstyle will go well with an emirpy dress or any vintage style.

haarschmuck-wedding-hair band white tulle

Frequently, hair bands are decorated with feathers and rhinestones. They look very good on an elegant, simple wedding dress and they look especially chic when it comes to a noble costume. Models with elaborate elements give the hairstyle a special twist and are a nice complement to the short veil. Eye-catching designs are often worn as a decorative element on the ice side. A headband can be the perfect solution for both short and long hair. As far as the hairstyle is concerned, the carrying possibilities here are almost too unlimited. For a topknot or an updo hairband looks very chic au. Simple models can also be worn later, on other occasions.


A high-quality processed hair comb looks especially elegant when inserted into the bridal hairstyle. Decorated with beautiful, sparkling stones and pearls, it is a classic headdress. In the past, daughters get precious jewelry from their mothers as inherited. However, a hair comb is the perfect solution if the bride does without a veil. He can be incorporated into the hairstyle according to his own wishes. He is mostly worn in the back of the hair bun. With open hairstyles with curls one can take the hair off the face from the side. Especially with long hairstyles it looks adorable. But the half-length hair can be beautifully decorated with a hair comb. Especially for the walk to the registry office one is the perfect option.

Curlies set accents in the simple long hairstyle

haarschmuck-wedding-half open-hair-plait-bluemchen

Curlies is available in numerous great designs. Whether flowers, pearls, rhinestones or a combination of different decorative elements, they find a use for every bridal hairstyle and for every hair structure. Curlies are actually bran hairsprings that can be easily screwed into the hair. They provide wonderful accents and last very well the whole wedding day long. They slip during the extensive wedding party, like other Haarklemen and others. Small applications ensure a secure hold. In most cases, the same designs, for example of pearls and crystals, but in different sizes are available. As a result, several variants are possible for the design.

haarschmuck-wedding-open-hair-floral decorations

Wedding hair accessories have a long tradition but also extravagance. For special occasions, especially for the wedding of course, a glamorous and very special appearance of the ladies is always desired. A rich, especially beautiful, noble hair adornment fulfills all claims and is as popular as before. If you want to feel like a real princess from the fairy tale, do not miss out on a sparkling design. It draws the attention of all those present and therefore the simple elegance is recommended in the choice of the hairstyle. Of course it is advisable to try out different variants where the hair ornaments are best anchored. In any case, it would be a shame if the hair comb or diadem slips or pushes unpleasantly in the course of the celebration. From the practical point of view, it can be attached to the forehead or in the front area.

haarschmuck-wedding-pigtails-dutt-comb bluemchen



haarschmuck-wedding-updo-hair band glittering stones haarschmuck-wedding-hairband-glittering stones Flowers

haarschmuck-wedding-hair band glittering stones-hair-great hairstyle

haarschmuck-wedding-hair band glittering stones

haarschmuck-wedding-end chain-pearl farm wreath

haarschmuck-wedding-bun-hair-pearl hairpins

haarschmuck-wedding-boho-hairstyle-undone look-comb

pearl hair jewelry-wedding-bird-cage-veil-

haarschmuck-wedding-fabric flowers-glittering stones

Home & Garden »Which balcony plants to choose for sunny balcony

Balcony plants for sunny balcony-flowers-green-breeding-planting-care-tips

Outside, the summer is in full swing. The fruit trees get the first fruits, the grass grows lush and all plants in the garden impress in rich green or with beautiful flowers. Almost everyone would like to have these flowers in the house, provide a little color and scent that refresh the boring atmosphere. And what could fulfill this wish better than a pretty flower. Especially the balcony is a perfect place to start planting. So far so good. But now the question is, in which direction does the balcony show and in relation to which plants feel good, if you are illuminated by the sun all day long and which prefer the shady areas, where the sun is less common. Learn in this article what types of Balcony plants for sunny balcony are suitable.

Balcony plants for sunny balcony – the children of the heat

Balcony plants for sunny balcony-rose-fragrance-ros-schoen-wares-weather

The southern ones balconies are usually the most problematic for the plants. This is especially true if they are additionally glazed. It is illuminated by the sun all day long, and the flowerpots dry up quickly, the plants shrink and burn in the truest sense of the word in the heat. And it is not easy to control these conditions. But there are also kinds of Flowers for the sunny balcony who do not mind the direct sunlight and even with ease to resist. Of course you have to help them by pouring them regularly.

Balcony plants for sunny balcony – The Petunias

Balcony plants for sunny balcony -pink-violet-outdoor-care-tips-petunias

One of the most popular and also beautiful one year old Balcony plants for sunny balcony is the petunia. Its beautiful flowers already appear in April and bloom until October. There are many varieties in a variety of colors, including dark purple, yellow, red and white and even two-tone. The petunia must be regularly poured, at least every two days. On the hot days in the summer You should even be watered every day. You will thank them with beautiful flowers in great colors.

Balcony plants for sunny balcony – The Calibrachoa

Balcony plants for sunny balcony-yellow flower-shy-garden-outdoor-Calibrachoa

The calibrachoa is by no means less pretty. The trumpet-shaped flowers are much smaller than those of the petunia. The colors of the flowers are incredibly strong and exist in all warm nuances and go with pale blue and purple easily into the cold colors. These too Balcony plants for sunny balcony love the water. But be careful, because the Calibrachoa must not be overhydrated, as their roots rot quickly.

Hanging geraniums

Balcony plants for sunny balcony - hanging geranium-flower-pink-pink-red-fresh-beautiful

Also the hanging geraniums are a good choice for Balcony plants for sunny balcony , There are many different varieties with different colored leaves and more or less full inflorescences. The geraniums can be hung in different heights and decorate several levels of your balcony area. Hanging flowers are also very useful, if there is no more room for standing variants and the balcony railing is already occupied.


And so your balcony can look like a mix of many geraniums in the summer. Simply gorgeous, right? As you can see, designing in one color is just as attractive as using multiple colors. Particularly lush and beautiful is the balcony design, as already mentioned, when several levels are used. So hang some boxes on the railing while others are placed on the ground.


The special thing about geraniums is not just the great variety of colors. The shape, size and type of flowers is very different. There are variants with few flower petals as well as those with a large number, which form lush flowers. The flowers can sometimes be bigger and smaller. Take some time in the trade to look at all types of geranium to find the best for your taste.

Balcony plants for sunny balcony – peacock broccoli

plant portulaca-grandiflora-mixed-balcony-sun-

The porcupines are a good choice if you want to create very colorful and cheerful flower boxes without having to water them every day. They are easily planted by seeds and bloom throughout the summer in various colors such as pink, purple, pink, yellow, white and various orange tones. On small areas, the flowers grow lush and create a beautiful floral arrangement. In the large flower box, these flowers can also be combined with other species.

Portulaca grandiflora-sunny-flower-summer-gmischte-colored

Purslane Roses are usually offered as a seed mix. This means that you have no influence on the flower color, but a colorful mix is ​​inevitable. However, you can change this next year. Once the flowers wither, they form new seeds, which you can collect in separate containers depending on the color. Then next year you have the opportunity to design the flower pots depending on the color, if you prefer monochrome arrangements.

The ordinary liver balm

lobelia-blue round-pot-corner-balcony

The common liver balm is just as appropriate Balcony plants for sunny balcony and feels comfortable in the sun in a flower pot. There are varieties in different shades of blue color and sometimes in pink and white. The plant is characterized by its tiny flowers that grow very lush and form a bush. The bright colors immediately catch the eye and are perfect for the color design of the outdoor area.

Balcony plants for sunny balcony – The lobelia and the Elfensporn


The lobelia, as well as the Elfensporn look like colorful clouds with their small blue, white, pink or purple flowers. They bloom continuously until August. They are annual plants, which is why they can not naturally reproduce for the next year. However, the effort of the annual replanting is worth a lot, do not you think?

The marigold


The marigold is usually planted in the garden, but is just as well suited as Balcony plants for sunny balcony , She feels well in flower boxes or larger pots and is extremely resistant to the summer heat. The strong, bright, orange, yellow and red colors stand out from afar and ensure a good mood. The plant forms seeds that you can collect and plant next year. So you enjoy them every year.

Balcony plants for sunny balcony – The trillium flower


You can also put the triple flower outdoors in the summer so that you can recover from the lack of light in winter. She will quickly get many new leaves and start to bloom. Offer her a support for the long stems and fertilize her with a solution for flowering plants. Fertilizing should also be done on all other flowering plants, especially the annual ones. It is best to fertilize them a little at each watering to ensure a larger and more lasting flowering.

Houseplants on the sunny balcony


You can also put some indoor plants on the balcony, but only when the weather is permanently warm. You will feel a lot better there in the summer than in the stuffy room. Especially cactus and palm trees love the sun and their presence as appropriate Balcony plants for sunny balcony enjoy. You may even want to combine the houseplant with some annual balcony plants. Simply plant it in the bucket of the houseplant. When the season is over, remove it again.

Creativity and sunshine for a nice balcony


It is not difficult Balcony plants for sunny balcony to find and also to turn him into a thriving paradise. You only need to know which plants to choose and how best to take care of them. Although many of them are only annuals, they will still delight you with colorful colors throughout the season.


If you have decided on a particular type of flower, it is also advisable to combine several colors of this kind with each other. You can use one color in each flowerpot or alternate two or more colors in a planter. Very nice also looks a Duch of colors, as he was designed in the picture above. Petunias look especially attractive on the outside of the balcony railing, where you can hang out. Also in hanging pots they are doing very well.

Petunia two-Fraben-idea-sunny-balcony

A beautiful mix is ​​created when you plant different types of flowers together in a container, be it a pot, a box or a bucket. In this way, you can put together the desired colors at will. For example, if you want to arrange an Ombre effect from different shades of a color, but you do not find enough colors for a flower, just use other types of colors.

Plant diascia


The full sun also loves diascia, which is also called elven spur. Water needs it in the summer sufficient, because the soil must not dry out. That does not tolerate the plant at all. At the same time, however, waterlogging should be avoided. Blooming flowers are best cut immediately so that new flowers can form. After the first flowering period, you can also create a second one by making a radical cut. This may seem too bad for you at first, but trust us, you will not regret it! If you stow the plants in the house in winter, you will still enjoy them in the following years.







Calibrachoa pomegranate-sort-red floor-balcony

Ageratum Aloha - dwarf-white-sunny-balcony-flower

Terraces »Choose windscreen for terrace and balcony – 20 ideas and tips

Windbreak for terrace glass railing-pergola-wood-excellent-view

The open terrace or the balcony is a popular place for many people to spend the warm days. There you can enjoy the fresh air and the time together with the family. But if the weather gets worse, you have to get into the house quickly. In order for your time outside to be influenced by the weather, there are some practical garden elements that you can use to help. The right decision is one Windbreak for terrace or balcony. In this article you will find ideas for materials and models, as well as some helpful tips.

Windbreak for glass terrace – enjoy the beautiful view

Windbreak for patio glass sliding-door-colorful-furnishings-flowers

For wind protection, different materials can be used. The suitable one should be chosen depending on your own terrace. For example, a transparent windscreen made of glass or vinyl is suitable for terraces with a beautiful view, which should not be disturbed. For opaque side awnings, however, you can decide if you want to combine the windscreen for patio with a privacy screen. Take a look at all variants shown to make the best decision.

Extendible windscreen for terrace – a colored side awning

Windbreak for terrace orange-awning-garden-umbrella-furniture-plants

The retractable side awning is practical and is a good idea for protection from the wind at the side and prying eyes. It is easy to put on and take off at any time and is available in many different colors. The disadvantage of this windbreak is that it does not offer rain protection itself. In particularly strong wind and this windshield is not sufficient and should also be avoided because it could break.

Planted wind and privacy screen for wooden terrace

Windbreak for terrace wood-plant-raised-bed-view-protection

The windbreak for wooden terrace has a nice look. The combination with plants for additional privacy converts your terrace into a green garden and provides fresh air. So you can also have in the city a small garden with raised beds. It is important not to completely close the wooden walls, otherwise the wind comes from the top to the seating area and creates strong turbulence on the other side of the terrace. Therefore, the walls should contain small openings that let through the air, but significantly reduce the speed. The outdoor area remains airy and fresh, but at the same time protects against disturbing wind.

Conservatory shape with a glass windshield

Windbreak for terrace trasparent-wintergarden-snow-garden-sofa-wood-wallcovering

You can create a windbreak for the terrace with a complete terrace glazing. If you get a heating plus, you can make a conservatory on the terrace and watch the snow on a comfortable sofa through the window. Even on rainy days, glazing proves to be very useful. You will get a sun and privacy protection if you also add blinds, blinds or curtains.

Extendable side awning suitable for patio and garden

windshield-terrace-side awning-extendable-exteriors-dining table

The side awnings simultaneously protect against sun, wind and the eyes of neighbors. They are usually made of polyester, textile or plastic fabric. The material should be tight enough to shield the wind. The pull-out mechanism guarantees you privacy when eating outdoors and maintains a constant air temperature, even in the cool spring and fall. Attach such an awning, for example, between the house facade and a pillar on the terrace and choose a color that matches your patio design and style.

3D visualization – lateral windscreen for glass terrace

windshield-terrace-plexiglass-wooden floor-visualization

This windbreak for patio glass is similar to the side awning, but is transparent and can not move. That’s why it is a good choice for terraces at the back of the house, where you can find your own garden. So you can take care of the children while drinking the afternoon coffee, without being disturbed by the unpleasant wind. The protection is half high. In this way, he makes the desire to circulate better even on hot days and the seating does not heat up too much.

Terrace glass window with motif

windshield-terrace-face protection-sun are gray-plant-motive

If you do not want ordinary glass windows for the terrace, you can decorate them with an adhesive foil. Floral motifs, plants or butterflies are very popular, as well as inscriptions with short sayings are often used. So you not only beautify the windows of the terrace, but you also get an effective privacy, you can make up to any height. The light influence is not disturbed, so that your seating area is not suddenly in the dark, but at all times receives sufficient daylight.

Patio awning for patio – privacy, sun and wind protection

windshield-terrace-open side awning-gray-face protection-plants

It is always unpleasant when the newspaper, napkins or other light objects fly from the patio table. With good wind protection, this problem will soon be gone – your terrace will be completely protected against the wind. Depending on how stable you want the protection, you also choose the material. For where wood, PVC, glass and metal are still safe, fabric models are no longer enough.

Windbreak for terrace – roll-up foil hangings


Roll-up foil hangers are an often used weather and wind protection for the terrace. The mechanism has a manual or electrical operation, according to the customer’s request. Most of the hangings are PVC films made to measure. The disadvantage of this windbreak is its not so nice appearance. If you want a more elegant terrace, this option may not be the best for you.

Protect the dining area on the terrace from the wind

windshield-terrace-extendable awning-white-side awning-face protection

A patio canopy with awning blends well with a side awning for more effective protection. Most awnings are made of a water-repellent fabric that protects the furniture and flooring on the terrace when it rains. In addition, the fabric dries quickly, which is another good feature.

Windbreak for balcony combine with sunscreen


The balcony usually offers even wind protection thanks to the railing. If you live in a windy place, you can protect the balcony with glass windows from the wind for better results. A combination with sun protection roller blinds keeps out the strong sunshine in the afternoon and the balcony is not only protected in the lower area, but can be completely closed on request. Also, install several smaller blinds instead of a few and very large ones. This allows you to lock various areas as you like, while leaving others open.

Time to relax on the terrace with Plexiglas windscreen

windshield-terrace-pull-plexiglass doors-relax

The Plexiglas is also used as a windbreak. It has a stable construction and is very easy to maintain. In a storm, the Plexiglas remains stable, which is a great advantage over glass, and causes no noise. So you can relax on the terrace regardless of the weather. On the one hand you will be outside in the garden and on the other hand you will be protected against stormy four walls.

Windbreak made of wood for the small terrace

windscreen-terrace wood sofa cushion plant-small-table

With no nice view from the balcony, you can choose a larger wooden windscreen. With a few sofa cushions, the wooden structure can be converted into a seat where you can read or work undisturbed books. Wood is a stable material that can also be used on high balconies where the wind can get even stronger. However, it is also associated with greater care. For the wood to retain its beautiful appearance, it must be painted regularly.

Terrace glazing with sliding system – stay on the terrace regardless of the weather

windshield-terrace-glass-sliding window-folding elements-green-lawn

If you have opted for patio glazing, we recommend using glass sliding windows. Depending on the weather, they can only be partially opened or closed, and that quite comfortably. This is how a winter garden quickly turns into an open terrace and vice versa. Also this windbreak can be provided with an additional sunscreen. There is also glass, which is provided with a special coating and so reject the heating sun rays. This is a great option if the weather is too cold to open the windows, but the sun would heat the seating too much.

Glazing from balcony – a transparent windbreak

windshield-balcony-glass-transparent metal-braid-wood-balcony furniture

With a windscreen made of glass you can drink coffee on the balcony without feeling the unpleasant wind on your face. In addition, if the glass paneling is completely closed, you have the option of even heating the balcony or terrace. This allows you to use your seating area during the evenings or during the cooler seasons. You can then choose a floor covering for the balcony, which is not intended for outdoor use. Because in rain and bad weather, you close the windows easily and nothing can get wet.

Weather and wind protection for terrace with blinds

windshield-terrace-dark-shades-white-house front-swimming pool

A terrace can be protected from heavy storms by roll-up roller blinds. No damage to your garden furniture, the floor stays dry and the wind does not come in. If the weather is very stormy, these roller blinds should be pulled up, because they could be damaged. The different color options allow you to adapt the shade to your patio furnishings.

Covered terrace with glass windscreen

windshield-terrace canopy-glass-weather protection-dog

Patio roofs made of glass look nice and can be adapted to the house and the environment. Thanks to their weather resistance they create an additional living space with a beautiful view. Opt for fixed glazing or those that can be opened completely. You also like to combine several variants with each other, as was done in this example. While the seating area has been glazed, the spa area also has a wooden shelter. So it can be used open from spring to autumn and closed in the winter with glass.

Windbreak with shutters for the covered wooden terrace in the garden


You own a wooden terrace in the middle of the garden and want to protect it from rain and leaves? Then you can have roll-up shutters installed to keep the wooden deck always clean and dry. The practical thing about blinds and blinds is that you can lower them as low as you like. This way, you can also protect yourself from the sun when it is a bit lower and do not close your eyes to the garden at the same time.

Weather and wind protection glass for a veranda

windshield-terrace-roofed-wooden floor-glass window-dining area

Finally, we present this glazing for the porch, for those who do not have a large terrace. It adds another room to your house, which can serve as a dining or living space. We hope we have helped you to choose a suitable windscreen for your patio, veranda or balcony. Consider what extra features the patio windscreen should have and how much you want to invest in it.

Africa decoration to choose the decor of the apartment

africa decoration idea-side-table-lamp-trumpet-gazelle-stool-basket-design

Integrate the exotic atmosphere of Africa into your home. Whether you have traveled to Africa and been seduced by its beauty, or you just admire the Africa decoration, there are endless possibilities. African style is exciting and fits everywhere, no matter if your taste is modern, traditional, minimalist or eclectic is. There are so many colors and textures in African fabrics, carvings and artworks that it is easy to integrate Africa decoration into your current design. African décor is inspired by nature, wild animals, colorful fabrics and wood carvings.

Colors in the Africa decoration

africa decoration interior-idea-modern-carpet-hoerner

Use earth colors in your room design. Deep red, green, orange, gold, brown and black are associated with African themes. Think of the use of colors that you see in impressive sunsets, or in the wide range of colors green and brown colors of the deep jungle. Golden splashes of color on your walls create a warm and inviting look.

Decorative fabrics and materials at the Afrika Deko

africa decoration living room-original-gray-monochrome-zebra-pattern-leopard

The decorative fabrics lend depth to any interior design style. Textiles, animal patterns, baskets and natural fiber can help create the atmosphere in the room. Hand-painted cotton or fabrics with traditional African geometric patterns, symbols and bold colors can be used on cushions or as tablecloths. Faux fur as rugs or as a blanket over a sofa or armchair are often used. Natural materials such as rattan and bamboo are used to set baskets, flooring and accents.

Art and home accessories in African style


Africa Decoration and artworks become focal points in a room decorated in African design. Statues of tribal leaders in full regalia, animal figures or warriors can be placed on shelves or tabletops. Dramatic paintings or photographs prominently placed on walls and surrounded by tribal masks and weapons. Colorful candles in wrought iron holders and bowls of colorful wood and copper beads can be placed on the coffee table in the living room. Keep your accessories simple and tidy to make the biggest impact.

Mural idea

africa-deco-mural elephant-fuenfteilig-canape-leather-sofa-modern

Exotic decoration

Exotic Africa decoration in the living room

Africa theme in the baby room

with Africa Deco set-babyroom

Africa motifs

African-style-living room

Figures as matching decoration

with Africa Deco set-in-living room

Hang up photos from Africa

African-photo focal point-artwork-living room

with Africa Deco set-living room

with Africa Deco set-dining room

with Africa Deco set African-masks

with Africa Deco set-floor pillow-zebra pattern

elephant photo African-deco

lounge chair African style


African-deco-dining room

cheetah-royal-armchair safari-device



zebra skin-bottom-set with Africa Deco

set living room-with-Africa Deco


animal pattern-chair African-deco

set neutral-color scheme-with-Africa Deco

Setting zebra pattern-with-Africa Deco

with Africa Deco set-elephant


animal pattern-wanddeko African style

African-style device

60 ideas for baby room design – choose furniture and decoration

Baby room design -girls-pink-white-orange

During pregnancy, women have enough time to prepare for the baby’s arrival. An important point is the Baby room design. Depending on the sex of the child, you can select the colors, furniture and decorations before birth. Here are 55 beautiful ones Baby room pictures put together to inspire you at the baby room facility.

Baby room design – choose the furniture

Baby room design-girl-wallpaper-pattern dots-pink-white

The selection of furniture for the baby room is very important. They should be practical, safe and possibly visually appealing. Warm wood tones, cream or neutral white are very popular here. Many parents also opt for one cot , which can also grow with the child and adapt to the new needs of the child. Also note that the Wickelkommode to provide plenty of storage space for diapers, creams, wipes and everything else. An important piece of furniture is still the comfortable armchair with stool, where women can cuddle or breastfeed with their baby.

Nursery design – The colors

Baby room design-young-wallpaper-wood optics world map-wanddeko

The colors that you will use in the baby room design can affect the baby’s development. Pastel shades have a calming effect, while bold colors can make the baby nervous. The clichés pink for girls and blue for boys remain classic, but new, fresh combinations such as orange-green, mint green-violet and light gray-yellow are becoming increasingly popular.

The decorations in the baby room

Baby room design-girl-pink-wallpaper-white-cot-mint green-accents

There are many ways to beautify the baby room. The best thing is that there are no limits to creativity. You can use wall stickers, stencils, borders, pattern wallpapers to bring beautiful motifs to the wall. Choose motifs such as animals, cartoon characters, butterflies, flowers or others that will create a feel-good atmosphere. You can also decorate the entire room according to a specific theme such as underwater life, jungle or fairy forest. However, this requires more effort and can not be changed so easily and quickly in a few years, when the child will find a different topic more exciting. In this case, you can choose ready-made wall stickers, because they are very easy to install and easy to replace.

Baby room design-wall decorations Template-color-brown

Pink and light gray

nursery nursery pink accents gray walls carpet

Baby bed with canopy

nursery baby bed gray canopy writing white student

striped walls and subdued colors

ideas baby room design deco striped walls white furniture theme animals

Pink and gold for little princesses

ideas baby room design deco girl pink bright yellow

beautiful patterns and fabrics

ideas baby room design deco gray wall paint fabric pattern floral motifs

Drawing floral motifs with wall template

baby room girl purple wall decor floral motifs wooden baby furniture

Changing table with plenty of storage space

baby room boy wood wiping table storage shelves blue accent wall

nursery purple mint green wall decor tree stickers window blinds curtains

baby room boy orange green colors theme animals

children's room furnishings carpet baby cot white

ideas baby room design creative hanging sofa carpet world map baby cot behind curtains

baby room gray green boy carpet yellow accents

baby room unisex ecru cream giraffe wall pattern

baby room design idea boy cream blue combination wall decoration elephant theme

modern baby room carpet blue gray wood baby cot

luxury nursery girl pink gold wallpaper baroque pattern

small nursery girl pink white ideas decor wall wallpaper accent wall

little baby girl girl pink green window seat

little baby room ideas girl pink beige colors

small baby room, sloping skylights, wood furniture

nursery girl dolls play area cot round

children's room furnishings animals theme wooden floor carpet

ideas baby room design boy dark brown furniture light blue wall paint

ideas baby room design deco unisex wood baby cot taupe wall paint

ideas baby room design deco girl furniture pink curtains wall-blue

ideas baby room design deco girl purple curtains pink carpet floor

ideas baby room design deco sibling boy girl cream color

baby room vintage design boy maritime blue light gray

baby room furnishing furniture vintage style wood bright color

vintage baby room furniture white girl deco

babyroom furniture modern wood veneer white red accents

baby room furniture wood shelf system purple wall paint

baby room furniture wood light blue boy rocking horse

baby room girl wall decor trees white furniture

baby room girl vintage baby bed beige wall paint wall stickers purple orchids

baby room girl pink white wall wallpaper baroque pattern luxury

baby room girl pink stripes wall decor solid wood furniture

baby room girl pink black vintage deco floor clock silhouette

baby room furniture girl pink gray metal baby cot

baby room design girl pink beige carpet wood furniture

baby room girl lilac color romantic flair ceiling design

baby room classic royal golden furniture mint green wall paint

baby room boy white blue wood floor wall deco dog wall sticker

baby room boy black white blue window curtains

baby room boy laminate floor bright olive green furniture cobalt blue cot

baby room design boy idea light blue wood floor

baby room design boy gray blue carpet window window blinds

nursery design idea girl light pink cream wall decor butterfly mirror

baby room furnishing pink green girl corner storage bin

babyroom furnishing wooden floor white furniture light blue walls

baby room three baby beds gray wall color curtains

baby room deco purple wall paint mint green curtains

baby room decor gray orange wall decor saying picture frame

ideas baby room design deco red white carpet plush toys

baby room boy vintage flair cream mint color combination

How to choose the right kitchen appliances for your interior

modern kitchen appliances interior design

The kitchen appliances at home have two functions – on the one hand to make our lives easier, on the other hand, they are part of the ‘furniture’ in the kitchen and should be selected as such the interior suitable. In our stressful everyday life we ​​need a comfortable and comfortable environment, where we can cook something quickly and effectively after work and where everything is within reach, even if our kitchen is large.

The kitchen appliances are also part of the interior

Blue Fridge modern brown kitchen

Before You kitchen appliances go shopping, leave little time for planning – it is important not only how big the refrigerator is, but also in what color it is offered. Need shiny surfaces or frosted? Would you prefer that the devices are installed, or should you stand in contrast to the furniture?

Modern kitchen appliances – select model and colors

Kitchen accessories Modern Kitchen Ideas

modern-red cabinet-small-kitchen

The kitchen appliances are usually big and attract attention, so it’s better to have them in the same color. An exception can be made in the black and white kitchen. Why not buy everything in white, and only the fridge in black? The basic rule applies to small kitchens – keeping all the furniture simple and bright. If you can not decide on a color, choose metal kitchen appliances. Lately, the glossy surfaces are totally in – but require twice as much brushing as the frosted.

No kitchen is complete without the matching kitchen appliances

black-modern-kitchen-steel kitchen counter

Stainless steel kitchen cabinet modern design

The kitchen appliances undisputedly play an important role in every kitchen. They can be a beautiful addition to the interior, but at the same time they have to be practically furnished. It is important for every chef to have everything within reach, even when the kitchen is spacious. Try hiding the small devices in the cabinets to make the room look neat.


Red modern kitchen island

round kitchen island and white kitchen

Great modern yellow kitchen

modern-yellow kitchen's stainless steel kitchen counter

Modern kitchen appliances for small kitchen

Small Kitchen equipment oven kitchen cabinet

Space-saving futuristic small orange kitchen