Christmas Decorations ideas »Advent calendar ideas and suggestions, sweet seduction

advent calendar ideas wood reindeer idea red push toys

December time- beautiful advent season! The children in the Christian families are waiting for this moment every year when theirs Advent calendar as a gift and count the days before Christmas with chocolate chocolates and other sweets and wait and see. But it is time not only for the children, but also a sweet seduction for the adults and plenty Advent calendar ideas bake yourself as a home-made decoration to make your own or chocolates.

Advent calendar ideas and suggestions

advent calendar ideas round boxes metal purple nuances kitchen fir-tree

The well-known chocolate manufacturers like Milka and Lindt are in the Christmas time a nice and delicious surprise for children and adults. Advent calendar ideas are with famous scenes of the Nativity or with Santa and his reindeer. Christmas ball, Christmas trees, snowflakes, packed Gifts are traditionally presented in sometimes unusual ways.

Paper bags for the advent calendar

advent calendar ideas paper doors fireplace sims deco candles succulents

For dark chocolate and dark chocolate, milk chocolate or chocolates in the most beautiful Advent calendar versions for adults. In this article you will get some original as well as traditional ideas for an advent calendar.

Advent Calendar Ideas- DIY Artworks

advent calendar ideas christmas tree wood toy idea tree ornaments

The above advent calendar is convenient, as the wooden toy, which is located behind each door, can be attached to the Christmas tree right away. They are not only for playing, but can also be used as Christmas tree decorations.
Even with empty cans, you can implement great Advent calendar ideas. All you need is a pretty paint job and the numbers from 1 to 24. Then fill them with candy or toys, depending on who the calendar is for.

Idea for a calendar of cans

advent calendar ideas can paint red idea rustic

Advent calendar ideas as DIY projects will mostly surprise family and friends, visitors. On a wall of wood or solid cardboard with the shape of a Christmas tree, you can attach light, small metal buckets, such as those for flowers. Paint them all in white, write down the 24 days, fill them with sweets, small gifts, prosecco or champagne, a bottle of good wine and Voilá!

Advent calendar from buckets

Wall made of wood or cardboard with cup-and-advent gifts

Another idea would be to fill the muffin plate with chocolates, small candies or other sweets and to close them with cut paper lids. It’s simple and offers more variety of sweet things than the usual advent calendars. Made of fabric, you can sew a gingerbread male and provided with small 24 pockets. Vintage Christmas Calendar is also made of red rope and on which are printed black and white printed and cut out retro paper figures. In three four rows, for example one Singer Slicer, porcelain teapot or royal crown hung.

Mini bucket in red and white

advent calendar ideas wooden ladder-string lights-mini-bucket-red-white

Muffin baking dish

adventskalender-ideas-muffin-back form-scrapbook-paper

Pyramid of mini buckets


Sew pockets from old shirts


Small house – trailer


Santa Claus idea made of fleece

Santa Claus Head-to-Advent days

Made of felt fabric to tinker an advent calendar

Vintage Adventskaender Paper Topics

Retro vintage advent calendar

Snowman Advent calendar with-pockets

Cotton or wool fabric with small pockets

Retro-leaf book with Advent-candy

Scandinavian Advent Calendar

black-chocolate-gray with winter landscape

Christmas advent calendar from fabric

Truffle homemade Chocolate heart

Milka Advent Calendar for Friends

to-first Advent Advent

Chocolate Praline in advent calendar

Chocolate Seduction

Castle Advent calendar with farm-and-handle

Nutcracker tradition-than-Advent

Gingerbread Männchenmit-pockets

Plastic stones Advent calendar book

small boost box Advent Calendar

small Christmas Tree with wooden shelves-advent

House Advent Calendar with thrust box

Owl Advent-an-der-Pinntafel

DIY Advent calendar with gifts

Edelbitter advent calendar-of-Lindt

beautiful advent calendar Chocolate rectangular

DIY Advent in muffin form

Advent of-Leggo

Advent shaft elk-to-wood panel

Beutelchen Advent days Candies Ideas

Advent calendar with-shelves-from-wood

Advent calendar with gouged-job-by-the-candy

3D Chocolate Advent Calendar Reindeer

Christmas Decorations ideas »Ideas for festive arrangements with Christmas cookies and gingerbread

Christmas cookies and gingerbread glaze green red white traditional

Let’s start at the Christmas bakery! Tasty cookies are a must during Advent and Christmas. But the Durf of aromatic ingredients filled the kitchen with Christmas anticipation. Christmas cookies and gingerbread are wonderfully served and staged in a colorful plate with Christmas motifs. They are still suitable as a gift in cellophane for your loved one or as a delightful Christmas tree ornaments. If you want to enjoy the beauty of decorated sweets for longer, you have to be inspired by the following ideas!

Christmas tree decorations with Christmas cookies and gingerbread

Christmas cookies and gingerbread Christmas bouquet star pendant idea

Christmas cookies and gingerbread baking is great fun. When kneading dough, cook out cookies, decorate and bake children also like to. The popular classics come in shapes associated with Christmas – snowflakes, Pine trees, Santa Claus, stars. With clear cut-out shapes, you can easily achieve beautiful results.

Christmas cookies and gingerbread decorate

Christmas cookies and gingerbread red white button decoration idea

During the Advent season There are cookies in a wide variety. But baked at home Christmas cookies and gingerbread convey a nostalgia after childhood. After baking, they must cool well and only then be decorated with colorful figures, ribbon, nuts, candied fruit or decorative stones to your heart’s content. With icing or food coloring, they can be dyed beautifully and quickly.

Pretty gingerbread house

Christmas cookies and gingerbread house hatch window curtains garden fence

gingerbread House with colorful roof

Christmas cookies and gingerbread house idea roof colorful frosting

Making gingerbread Christmas tree

Christmas tree tinker ornament decoration ideas baking gingerbread baking arrangement

Christmas cookies and gingerbread – a special treat for Christmas

Sweet Cookie Baking at will-decorate-Christmas crafts-time Advent Decor

Cute decorating cookies

Christmas Ornament Bakery Cookie Gingerbread Stole Baking Recipes Crafting

Delicious cookies as Christmas tree decorations

Decorate delicious cookie-fir-tree with children

You can give Christmas cookies as a gift

Christmas ideas decoration bells gift cellophane wrap cookies

Christmas cookies instead of Christmas baubles

Christmas ornament ornaments Christmas tree cookies bake ornaments

Cover cookies with melted chocolate

Christmas biscuit cookies gingerbread decoration baking with kids ideas

Bake cookies and decorate as desired

Christmas bauble decoration idea cookie mold baking motive santa snowman

Sweet cookies as a Christmas decoration for the table

Cookies Ornamental Beads Looping Sprinkles Coloring Chocolate White Foods

The most popular classics in their most beautiful form

Gingerbread arrangement table decoration ideas ribbon tie red

Refined cookies in the shape of snowflakes decorated with pearls

Christmas ornament table biscuit star cookies ornate snowflake beads sprinkles

Decorating ideas for Christmas cookies

Christmas Decorations Christmas Tree Ornaments Figurines DIY Decorate Cookies Baking Dish

Have fun with color and shape – bake and decorate cookies

Christmas Decorating Ideas With chocolate-cover glove cookie cutter shape

Festive pastries tied with ribbon

Christmas pastry ornament color bead With ribbon-laced star fir-tree cookie

Christmas decoration ideas: Cookies and gingerbread in a nutshell

Cookies to prepare Christmas Decorating table decoration bird figurines

Baking cookies for Christmas with children

Christmas Tree Garland Jewelry Crafting Cookie Cutters Simple gingerbread heart

Gingerbread hearts tree decorations

Cookies Decorate-nutty chocolaty Decorate for Advent Christmas

To raise an elaborate ornament

Edible decoration Christmas arrangement Crafting biscuits Motive festive decorating

Trace deco pattern

Deko Crafts-Baking Christmas Ideas Deko Wafer Macaroons Cookie-Florentiner

Baking fun for the whole family

Snowman Christmas color pastry gingerbread with food colors

Handicraft and design ideas with Christmas cookies

Decoration For Hanging-up Craft Christmas Tree Gingerbread Cookies Ornate

Decorate Christmas cookies

Gingerbread male edible ornaments-Christmas tree decorate

Traditional Christmas cookies as a decoration for hanging

Christmas decoration ideas cute cookies hanging on Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree with glaze of powdered sugar

Christmas tree crafts with gingerbread ideas Glitter particles balls Table decoration frosting

Pastry Cookies Christmas-Christmas-tree ornament balls iridescent vanilla crescent

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Christmas wreath hanging tinker – 1 instructions and 25 ideas

Christmas wreath hanging tinker fir-red-ribbon-glass-balls-red-gold

Wreaths, especially from evergreen branches , have been used for centuries as a symbol of life in the long winter months. The wreath combines many different traditions. The Advent wreath, for example, has four candles. Every Sunday before Christmas, the family gathers and sets off a candle. An Advent wreath can simply be placed on the dining or coffee table or suspended from the ceiling. We show you today a simple guide how to get one Christmas wreath hanging can tinker on four ribbons.

Christmas wreath hanging – materials

Advent wreath hanging tinkering required materials

You need:

– evergreen branches
– Wreath blank made of willow or metal
– Tape
– Cord for hanging best in gold
– Needle nose pliers, flower wire, scissors
– pine cones and Christmas tree decorations
– four bar candles and candle holders (small bells were used as candlesticks here).
– Hot glue

Make advent wreath hanging – step by step

Advent wreath hanging tinker willow-wreath-baender

First, wrap the green ribbon around the willow tree criss-cross. The fir branches are then put in the gaps. Then cut a piece of red velvet ribbon, make a loop in the middle and tie to the wreath. The four red loops must be at the same distance from each other so that the wreath hangs horizontally.

Bell as a candle holder

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-bell-metal pincer-opened

Then take the four metal bells and open them with pliers. Glue or tie the bells with flower wire between the loops.

Wrap ribbons around the wicker wreath

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-grazing tendril-brute-green-red-baender

Now you can beautifully bind the about 12 centimeter long pine branches on the wicker wreath. You should point down so that you can see its green side and not the back when looking up. For a decorative effect also 4 spruce cones on the top are fixed with flower wire.

Fix spruce cones to the wreath

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-grazing wreath-keel

First, find out how long the four suspension cords should be by measuring the distance to the ceiling with a tape measure.

Connect cord and loop


Since the golden cord is heavy, it was tied with copper wire to the red velvet ribbon. The knot was then hidden under a decorative 7-inch-wide band.

Hide knot with decorative ribbon

Advent wreath hanging tinker -dekorband-tannebaum-motiv

After all four strings have been fastened, the four candles are added. Try to make the candlesticks as stable as possible.

four white bar candles

Christmas wreath hanging tinker-fir-twig-white-bar-candle-grind

Now the Advent wreath is hung on a ceiling hook. Now you have easy access to the bottom of the wreath. Insert the other fir branches until the willow wreath is completely covered. You can add a few berry and mistletoe branches and Christmas tree decorations for fun.

Hang Christmas tree decorations


* A project of Willodel

The ideas for decorating the Advent wreath are endless. Cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, cranberries, pearl garlands, apples are just some of them. You can even omit the candles. Take a look at the examples below and get inspired for your own project!

four red pillar candles

adventskranz-hangend-ideas-grazing wreath-red-white-checkered-baender

Red and white checkered ribbon, red berries and wooden discs

adventskranz-hangend-ideas-grazing wreath-red-stump candles

hang a few apples under the Christmas wreath

adventskranz-hangend-ideas-grazing wreath-checkered-baender-aepfel

Decorate with cinnamon sticks and Christmas tree decorations


Advent wreath and calendar in one


red pearl garland

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-tannenzweige-weihnachtsbaumschmuck-candy-beaded garland

Hang Advent wreath over dining table

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-about-dining table-green branches

white decorations tied to wicker wreath


Olive branches instead of fir branches

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-olive branches and white-stump candles-anhaenger

nice strong red color

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-pine branches-beer branches red-glass balls

interesting idea for tealight holders


adventskranz-hangend-tinker-floral wire-kerzenteller-glass balls

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-metal ring-evergreen-branches-journal

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-metal ring-journal-berries-ceiling hook

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-evergreen-branches-transparent-plastic balls


adventskranz-hangend-ideas-kitchen-dining table-living room


adventskranz-hang up-tannenzweige-silver-weihnachtsbaumanhaenger

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-blue-Satin Ribbons-glass ornaments

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-green-two-Pendant-Christmas tree ornaments

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-evergreen-branches-chandelier-beer-branches tischdeko-red-gold


Christmas Decorating Ideas »Moody decoration for the Christmas tree to tinker with children

decoration for the christmas tree glittering stones wire snowflake diy

The Advent Season is perhaps the most popular craft time for children and adults. In addition to classic Christmas tree balls and garlands you can use very simple and inexpensive materials a glamorous Decoration for the Christmas tree tinker with the children together. Here are some easy ideas that do not require much free time or effort to be implemented.

Deco for the Christmas tree – Brilliant gifts

deco for the christmas tree gift led light red blue green

Such a decoration for the Christmas tree can perfectly light string replace. Make small presents out of tracing paper and add a colorful LED light bulb inside. Another option is simply to put the presents over the existing fairy lights. Make sure that there is no risk of fire in your fairy lights.

Decoration for the Christmas tree – pine tree from rolls

decoration for the christmas tree roll wrapping paper fir tree colorful

If you have a few small rolls, wrap them with colored wrapping paper to make such a fir tree. Cinnamon sticks are also very suitable for this. Glue them together, add a hanging loop and the deco is ready for the Christmas tree.

Make cardboard decorations

decoration for the christmas tree cardboard dot pattern wood

Decorate the Christmas tree with such pendants that you can make from a wooden ball and cardboard. It’s best to do several in different colors.

Christmas tree ball in cupcake form

decoration for the christmas tree ball silver cupcake shape glitter colorful

Decoration for the Christmas tree with natural materials

Pine cone loop patterned-iridescent Deco pieces Christmas tree

Natural decorative utensils like fruits and cones make the Christmas tree look livelier. Decorating them with ribbons, lace or bows with color-matching patterns creates a unique and effective design Decoration for the Christmas tree , Artificial snow contributes to the desired frost effect.

Decoration for the Christmas tree with floral patterns

Christmas tree balls bright blue fir tree-blue white-snow frost-optics

Knitted cover for Christmas tree balls with Zopfmustern

Knit wrap decoration-tinker Advent season Poinsettia ribbon

For the foam Christmas tree balls you can knit a cuddly sweater and decorate it with red velvet ribbon. The knit scarf can be continued through a loop, tied like one Christmas star or artificial flower arrangements.

Decoration for the Christmas tree made of salty dough

Baking dough Christmas Advent Crafts Decoration snowflake jewelry Hanging

These pieces of snowflake-shaped jewelry are made of dough, baked and cooled, then drawn with red felt-tip pen and decorated with little hearts.

Greetings from Santa Claus

Christmas holiday season sayings decoration balls red Santa Claus ho ho ho

Dye the balls with strong red acrylic paint and let them dry. Then stick stickers with letters and snowflakes on them and let the festive atmosphere flood your home!

Red and green for Christmas baubles – the contemporary interpretation of berries and holly

Green-Red Deco Christmas Tree Baubles Glass Advent Crafts Christmas Ideas

Sleigh bells wrapped in ribbon bring the music not only in the ear, but also in the eye

Sleigh Bells Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Jewelery Ideas Balls Bows Green

Frost effects for a modern look and texture of the fir tree

Christmas tree ornament iridescent-metallic sheen texture-lend snowflakes

Maritime decoration with shells – aquamarine colored balls with sand sprinkle

Chrtistbaum balls blue-Deko handicraft-shell bowl-sand maritime optics

Decorative ornaments made of patterned paper

Patterned Paper Deco Craft-to-Christmas Christmas tree white-red

Decoration for the Christmas tree – give a personal touch with family pictures in picture frames

Family picture frame-self-made advent gift paper pattern

Let your imagination run wild – simple decorations made of colored paper, fabric and handmade ornaments

Tinker Christmas baubles with fabric garlands green white ornaments stripes polka dots

Deco with vintage stamp with nutcracker motifs

VIntage stamps decoration ornaments Christmas-tree green

Decorate iridescent green Christmas tree balls with brocade and decorative stones

matt green balls Christmas tree ornaments garlands decoration traditional

Make evergreen decoration out of cardboard or wrapping paper

Decoration for hanging Christmas tree baubles with paper

Glass imitation – Christmas tree decoration

Adhesive Advent stick red ball for the Christmas tree decoration stones

Jewelery with glitter particles and brocade

Christmas tree decoration Christmas tree balls red blue-purple pattern brocade felt pin

Golden Ball Frosted Surface Christmas Tree Frosted Pearl Stones Decor

Recipes »Bake Fast Christmas Cookies – 3 Easy Recipes

Fast Christmas cookies baking idea recipes

Christmas scents like cinnamon, anise or gingerbread make us happy and meet us almost everywhere in the world Advent Season , Create a Christmas atmosphere in your home by choosing fast Christmas cookies bake yourself. Today we’ll show you some simple recipes to impress guests, friends and family.

Fast Christmas cookies with caramel cream and cashews

Fast Christmas Cookie Recipes-cashews-dulce-de-leche-caramel

Chopped cashew nuts, cinnamon and dulce de leche give the simple Christmas cookies a sweet kick.

1 cup of soft unsalted butter
1 cup and 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
3 cups of all-purpose flour
a pinch of salt
1 egg whites, beaten
340 grams of salted cashew nuts
a pinch of cinnamon
400 grams of Dulce de Leche caramel cream (available in REWE)
Cling film

Fast Christmas Cookies Recipes Dough-between-Baked Paper Rolling Out

1. In a food processor stir butter and sugar until creamy.
2. Add egg and vanilla extract. Continue stirring at low speed.
3. Mix flour and salt in a medium bowl. Add to the butter-egg mixture. Stir at low speed until dough forms.

Quick Christmas Cookie Recipes Dough Rolling Out

4. If your dough does not come together and is crumbly, you can add 1 tablespoon of ice-cold water each, until the dough gets nicely smooth.
5. Lay out the baking tray with baking paper. Roll out dough between two layers of baking paper.

Quick Christmas Cookie Recipes dough-square shape


6. Without removing the top baking paper, allow to cool for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
7. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
8. Remove the top sheet of baking paper and roll out the dough slightly thinner. It should not be sticky.
9. The dough should be 0.5 – 1 centimeter thick. Cut out Christmas cookies.


10. Squares lightly brushed with egg whites.
11. Distribute salted cashews on the cookies.

fast-weihnachtsplatzchen-recipes-cashews-butter pastry

12. Sprinkle each square with a pinch of cinnamon.
13. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes or until golden at the edges and fragrant. Allow to cool completely.


14. Heat Dulce de Leche in the microwave until soft. Allow to cool slightly and pour into a piping bag.
15. Make zig-zag lines with Dulce de leche over each cookie.
16. Approx. Leave for 20 minutes.

fast-weihnachtsplatzchen-recipes-dulche de leche caramel-creamy cashews

Quick Christmas cookies – chocolate biscuits with orange zest

fast-weihnachtsplatzchen-recipes-cocoa-biscuits-orange peel-sugar

1 cup unsalted butter, soft
1 cup plus 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
2 cups of all-purpose flour
1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
a pinch of salt
1 egg whites, beaten
200 grams of orange zest


1. In a food processor stir butter and sugar until creamy.
2. Add egg and vanilla extract. Stir again at low speed.
3. Mix cocoa powder and salt in a medium bowl. Add to the butter-egg mixture. Stir again at low speed.



As with the first recipe, roll out the dough between two layers of baking paper, allow to cool for one hour and cut out.

fast-weihnachtsplatzchen-recipes-cocoa-dough-orange peel

10. Spread egg whites and spread orange-orange evenly over all the cookies.
11. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes. Then allow to cool well.

fast-weihnachtsplatzchen-recipes-baelchen-powdered sugar-chocolate chips

A new version of an old favorite recipe! Add chocolate pieces to the traditional Russian balls!

1 cup unsalted butter, soft
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla
2 1/4 cups of flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup of mini chocolate pieces
Additional icing sugar for sprinkling

1. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees. Lay out two baking trays with baking paper.

2. Beat butter, 1/2 cup powdered sugar and vanilla with an electric blender until frothy. Add the flour and salt and stir until the dough is formed. Add the chocolate chips. If the dough is soft, allow to cool in the fridge.

3. Make a tablespoon of dough with the dough and arrange on the prepared baking sheet.

4. Bake for 7-10 minutes until the bottom has only turned slightly brown. Remove from the oven and let it cool for just a minute until you can touch it. Fill a small bowl with powdered sugar and roll each ball in the sugar. Cool completely on a grid.

Christmas Decorating Ideas »Make modern Advent wreath yourself – 48 inspirations

Modern Advent wreath-make-over-minimalist-white-candles-moss-numbered

Christmas is a festive time that elicits certain ideas for decoration. Mostly it means shiny Christmas balls in different colors, artificial or real pine branches, golden bows and bells – lots of kitsch. The typical decorative elements can sometimes be arranged differently and designed according to taste. Make one yourself modern Advent wreath suitable for your rather purist living ambience.

Modern Advent wreath make yourself – imaginative suggestions and inspirations

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-minimalistic-white-moss-candles-number

The Advent wreath stands for the remaining days from the beginning of December until Christmas Eve. Originally the Advent wreath made a wooden wreath from an old cartwheel, decorated with fir branches and marked with a candle every day in December. For each Sunday of the month stood a larger candle. Today the Christmas wreath has become reduced and the number of candles is limited to four – for each week of December. The shape has not necessarily remained round – not necessarily that of a wreath.

Modern Adventskranz make yourself – decorate differently

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-the-day-decorated-candles-moss-tart-bakeware

Traditionally, the Advent wreath of four candles and that’s all that was left of that time. Modern interpretations are available in numerous variants. Basically everyone serves candle holder or holder for exactly four candles as Advent wreath. Alternatively, offer flat, elongated plates especially for decorating. Instead of fir green you can take moss or small plants, also succulents, and decorate the candles. Small bowls and even jam jars are wonderful as a creative modern Advent wreath. Forget the numbers for each Advent week – from one to four. You can simply print them out with copiers and stick them on them or put them on as little labels. Make what little cones and sticks of driftwood and make yourself a beautiful modern Advent wreath yourself.

Make modern Advent wreath itself – instructions

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-white-red-plate-decorate-candles

With very little effort, you can create a modern Advent wreath yourself. Take four block candles in the desired color – all four can be the same color or two times two. Find a flat plate, round or rectangular to taste, plain, plain. Obtain small items for decoration – individual pieces of Christmas decorations, decorative stones, stars and others.

Simple modern Christmas wreath – easy to design yourself

Modern Advent wreath - make-yourself-candles-white-red-plate-decorate

Cut out a circle of cardboard in matching color – white cardboard to white plate, out. Put on the candles. This piece of cardboard protects the plate from the candle wax. Arrange for pleasure and unfold your creativity.

Make modern Advent wreath – tools and materials

Modern Advent wreath-make-over-dish-deco-ball-white-red

If you take candles of the same size, number them. Decorate with numbers and numbers from one to four made of sheet metal, felt, wooden paper or simply labeled with a black marker. Shells and plates made of metal give a piece of individual touch to the homemade Advent wreath. Old baking tins for mini tartlets or cake tins can find new use and be used instead of plate for the candles.

Modern Advent Wreath – White, Red and Glitter


Advent wreath in a natural look

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-moss-yapfen-rod natural materials-plate-keryen

Make your own modern Advent wreath yourself – 18 ideas and inspirations

Modern Advent wreath – simple and reduced

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-simple-simple-branches-of course-grind

Decorate Christmas wreath in a different way

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-pieces of wood-tap-candles-white

Advent wreath decorated with natural materials


Decorate advent wreath according to taste


Advent wreath of homemade candle holders

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-pieces of wood-bowl-tap-deco-white

Advent wreath interpreted in a modern way – fir branches with moss

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-moss-tap-back form-metal-candles-white

Reduced variant for Advent wreath

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making center-table-plate-weihnachtskugeln-tannenyweige

Advent wreath in minimalist style – black and white


Modern Advent wreath – extremely reduced by decoration

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making minimalist candlestick-black-white-candle-oblong

Christmas wreath minimalist in white frame

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-minimalist-white-candlestick-rectangular design

Rectangular candlestick for four candles as a modern alternative to the Advent wreath


Arrange Advent wreath with a difference

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making gingerbread-oblong-decorated candles-and-white-number

Decorate a simple Christmas wreath with gingerbread

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candles-gingerbread-white-numbered-biscuit form

Elongated Advent wreath make yourself

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making gingerbread-minimalist biscuit mold-white-Scandinavian

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-number-metal


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorated, white and keryen-moss-plate

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorated-candles-tannenzweige-plate


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-candle-moss-style

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-numbered - tannenyweige-plate

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-candles-moss-wired-number

adventskranz-modern-making oblong-decorate-candles-bottles-water-plant itself

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candles-sheen-water plant-idea-deco

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making keryen-white-jam sheen-numbered-full of white-powder

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-wine bottles and black-matt-numbered

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-black wine bottle-number-tag

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-wine bottles-matt black candlestick-number

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-keryen-plate-weihnachtskugeln

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-wreath-silver-blue winlichter-nussschalenglaenzend

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making keryen-keryenhalter-antique-numbered-flame


adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-plate-concrete-round-candles-and-white numbered





adventskranz-modern-yourself-making tin cans-branches-star-knit-back form-pie floor

adventskranz-modern-yourself-do-shell-metal keryen-and-white four-simple


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making Scandinavian-style wood-slices-white-number-black-diz

Modern Advent wreath-white-pillar-metal-container-sweets-red-ribbon

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-cord-wire candles-tray

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-jute-digit

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-red-paper-hearts-tray-tannenzweige

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-digits nuts-FILLED-tray




adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-green-candles-Golden Globe-butterfly


Christmas Decorating Ideas »5 interesting window decoration ideas for Christmas

Fensterdeko Christmas garlands

Sweet and magical, with lots of light and colors – that’s what a great Christmas decoration looks like. We present you 5 Window decoration ideas for Christmas, which you can easily make and hang on the window.

Window decoration ideas for Christmas – white paper stars

Window Deco Christmas paper star tinker

If you have already thought about Christmas tree, Advent wreath or candles, you have laid the foundations of winter decoration. But have you thought about how you do that Decorate window become? Our Window decoration ideas On the one hand, they will last a long time, on the other hand they will be funny and interesting, on the other hand they will be well lit and will leave an impression on your guests. The first idea is actually very simple – cut little white snowflakes out of paper and tie them with a gap to a ribbon. Alternatively, you can combine snowflakes with bright pink colored LED lights – so that they are well lit even in the evening / inform yourself at the store in advance if there is a risk of fire.

Window decoration ideas for christmas – red christmas tree tinker

Window Deco Christmas Christmas tree paper craft

You need – a red tape, red and white hearts, stars and paper birds to cut out. Stick the tape to the window so that a Christmas tree is formed and hang the hearts, stars and birds inside of the tree / as shown on photo /. It is one of the simplest but most impressive Window decoration ideas ,

Window decoration ideas for christmas with candles and christmas lights

Lights Candle Fensterdeko

There are many Window decoration ideas for Christmas with candles and Christmas fairy lights, one of the most interesting is to place candles of different heights on the windowsill. Decorate the upper part of the window with hanging fairy lights. On the windowsill, you can still lay simple and elegant Christmas statues – porcelain deer or min-Christmas trees. Another great idea is to buy LED lights like candles and then put them on the windowsill.

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Window decoration ideas for Christmas – stars

interesting window Deco Christmas Ideas

Cut red and white stars out of adhesive foil. Prepare the main structure of the Christmas tree from red adhesive foil and stick the stars on it, so that they serve as decoration. Buy only adhesive films that are suitable for glass, and leave no marks!

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Christmas Decorations Ideas »25 Dreamlike Ideas for Christmas Tree Decoration

Paper Bird Christmas Tree Decoration

The Christmas tree decoration creates mood and is an absolute must for those who want to decorate festive home. We have found and summarized 25 exciting designs for you. Anyway, before you go to the store, you can see what you already have at home. Surely you can create a happy mood with the available Christmas decorations and a bit of creativity.

Christmas tree decoration with homemade jewelry

Christmas decoration idea flowers

The Christmas tree decoration is a matter of taste – trendy in 2012 are definitely the decorations with red flowers, red balls and red garlands. The natural combination of red and green looks good everywhere. You can also use home-made paper birds, big white stars and pine cones for decoration. Silver ball and crystal ball match an interior design with Winter Wonderland theme.

Christmas tree decoration in white

white-pink-self-improvised Christmas decorations

White is a super elegant color, at least for the Christmas tree decoration can be interpreted funny. Silver ball, white flowers give the room a timeless elegance, while white snowflakes and snowmen create a fun atmosphere for the kids. Pink and blue can be combined well with the white color – create small ‘gifts’ with different designs and place them under the Christmas tree or simply hang them on the tree.

Christmas tree decoration with christmas candles and lights

purple jewelry Christmas Tree flowers

Alternatively, you can use golden LED Christmas candles or lights to decorate the tree. Or why not put two equal sized Christmas trees on the two sides of the window. For shorter trees, you can put them on a chair so they look bigger. The decoration in the room should be in line with the Christmas tree decoration stand. Therefore, you can put a part of the Christmas decorations in the room, so that creates a visual connection. If you use candles as decoration, you will be very careful because there is always a risk of fire.

Festively decorate the living room

Christmas pedestal Christmas Tree Living

LED – Christmas candles – window decoration

Christmas Living Room Christmas

Golden star as decoration

Christmas golden star

Christmas tree with paper stars

White Paper-star self-tinkering

Golden decoration for the living room

Pine cones and gold bells Christmas Tree Decorating

White-blue christmas tree

white and blue Christmas Tree Artificial snow

Romantic Christmas tree

romantic Christmas Tree White Flower Decoration

Silver deco idea for christmas

Silver Decoration Ideas Christmas Tree

Classic Christmas tree

Classic Christmas Tree Decoration

White flowers and Christmas tree

Idea Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas decoration in the garden

Christmas decoration Garden Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decorated with colorful paper stars

Christmas tree decorations Paper Ideas

Christmas tree with snowman as decoration

great idea Christmas Tree Christmas decorations Star Santa

Red candles and ball

Red Candle Christmas decorations Christmas tree

Red accents – Christmas tree

Red Flower Christmas decoration

Santa and snowman as decoration

Paper Stars Snowman Christmas decorations Christmas tree

Idea with red hearts and gifts

Gift wrap Christmas Tree Idea

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Christmas decoration idea with green balls

Green Ball Christmas decorations idea

Golden ball as a decoration

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Golden ball at the Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Decoration Golden Ball

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Modern christmas tree with hearts

modern Artificial Christmas Tree itself-tinker

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DIY lighting for Christmas – 30 ideas with fairy lights

diy lighting christmas modern scandinavian birch aeste fairy lights retro colorful

What would the beloved Christmas tree be without a romantic fairy lights? And where it used to carry a fire risk and high electricity costs, offer modern LED lights just the opposite, so that you can now enjoy the Christmas decoration and mood in peace. As you can even carefree burn the lights when you leave the house. As you know, with the fairy lights you can not only decorate the Christmas tree. There are great craft and design ideas with one DIY lighting for Christmas that you can try this year.

DIY lighting for Christmas for the railing

diy lighting christmas romantic fairy lights textile deco gelaender fir green

Besides home-made lanterns made of mason jars, which are filled with fairy lights, you also have the opportunity to make great arrangements for the DIY lighting for Christmas, whether for the table, the wall or the front door in the form of a wreath. Also one Christmas tree You can improvise with a string of lights to replace the traditional tree and do something good for nature. Gladly you can put for the DIY lighting for Christmas interesting, hollow figures on the usual string of lights and so make a brand new, individual such. Here are some interesting ideas for DIY lighting for Christmas, where you can look forward to an inspirational picture gallery. Have fun crafting!

DIY lighting for Christmas with retro fairy lights

diy lighting to christmas imitation door wreath frame vintage white colorful lights

DIY table decoration with evergreen, fairy lights and Christmas bells

DIY lighting at Christmas table decoration idea green garland lights balls

Fir green and fairy lights

DIY lighting Christmas basket design fireplace wood light string fir branches

Christmas arrangement in different containers

DIY lighting Christmas arrangement Christmas baubles bronze gold fairy lights basket

Fairy lights in the form of pine cones as lighting

diy lighting christmas mantel arrangement pinecone fairy lights decoration

Modern lighting ideas

DIY Lighting Christmas Ideas Glass Bell Mirror Peacock Feather Fairy Lights

Decoration in the dessert stand

DIY Lighting Christmas Dessert Bars Decorate Fir Green Star Fairy Lights

To light up Christmas romantically

diy lighting to decorate christmas stars figurines fairy lights

DIY Lighting to Christmas Christmas Tree Fairy Lights Design Door Decoration

DIY lighting to Christmas baubles gold fairy lights idea

diy lighting christmas wall decoration homemade joy fairy lights reindeer modern

DIY Lighting Christmas Rustic Deco Idea Branches Fairy Lights

DIY Lighting Christmas Panel Shaping Fairy Lights Lettering

diy lighting christmas outdoor lantern bow fir green fairy lights artfully

diy lighting christmas modern wall decoration idea peace photos light string

DIY lighting Christmas minimalist lanterns white paper honeycomb pattern

DIY Lighting Christmas Led Table Tennis Baelle Crafting Idea Colorful Lights

diy lighting christmas lanterns outdoor branches wall christmas tree

DIY Lighting Christmas Landscape Craft Idea Fir Tree String Lights Cotton Snow

DIY Lighting Christmas Ball Lights Table Decoration Modern Mini Firs

diy lighting christmas wreath idea fabric romantic fairy lights design easy tinker

DIY Lighting Christmas wreath tinker fairy lights ribbon pine cones

DIY Lighting Christmas Dresser Decoration Idea Wreath Balls Original Make Yourself

Christmas Decorating Ideas »18 Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas decoration ideas-decorate-decorate-tastefully-creative-nice-cozy

It’s always nice to spend some time for Christmas decoration ideas to make yourself Finds instead of buying impersonal decoration from the nearest store. To create something completely individual is fun and would certainly remind you after years of convivial moments. Lots trinket Can be designed without complicated instructions and relatively inexpensive. Let yourself be inspired by our great examples!

Creative Christmas decoration DIY ideas – Wooden figures Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph as Christmas decorations

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-jesus-maria-josef-star

Make jewelry for the Christmas tree and give it to your friends. We show you how easy small, sweet dolls made of wood and fabric arise. In this tutorial will be shown how a creative variant of the Jesus family as jewelry for the Christmas tree is tinkered. In the same way you can create other characters and set other accents. Try it out!

Christmas decoration DIY ideas – instructions for Jesus family wooden figures

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-crib-natural-materials-color-wood-figures

For this creative Christmas decoration the following materials are needed – small wooden figures and balls for crafting, colors, linen or cotton fabric, cotton wool, sandpaper, jute cord and something to apply the paint. First color in skin color the heads of the wooden figures and the balls later used for face of the little Jesus baby. Tie a piece of fabric as a diaper and fill with cotton wool the interior, fix your head and you have already made a baby doll. The body of the wooden figures are dyed in blue, green or other color. Glue all figures together and tie with a jute string. Recently, you can also decorate with a beautiful star.

Paint small wooden ball in skin color – the head for the Jesus baby

Christmas decoration ideas-making-up-christmas-crib-wood-arts-colors-koepfe-tinker

You can also create amazing Christmas and paper polystyrene balls using the simple instructions at the bottom of the photo gallery, and collect more inspiring Christmas decoration ideas to make your own!

Fabric and cotton for the body of the Jesus baby

Christmas decoration ideas homemade christmas crib crafting cotton fabric

Tie the diaper for the little baby doll

Christmas decoration ideas-made-up-christmas-crib-fabric-baby-tinker

Christmas decoration Ideas to make your own – little dolls and wooden figures as Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-tinker-baby-material

Christmas decoration ideas and small gifts to make yourself – little dolls as Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-baby-raft-tinker-creative

Christmas decoration DIY ideas – wooden figures for Josef and Maria

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-heads-paint

Paint wooden figures – the head in skin color, the body in blue and green

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-paint-maennchen-heads

The paint a bit grind for authentic look

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-tinker-sandpaper-paint

Christmas decoration DIY ideas – Jesus family of wooden figures or little dolls

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-painting-handicrafts

The Maria and Josef wooden figures beautifully color and decorate

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-paint-raft-decorate-tinker

Stick on a headscarf on the head of the Maria figure

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-painting-decorating-creative

Headscarf for the Maria wooden figure made of cotton or linen fabric

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-cloth decorate-scissors-tinker-

Christmas decoration Ideas to make yourself – wooden figure Maria with white headscarf

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-tinker-maria-decorate-creative

Christmas decoration Ideas to make yourself – wooden figures Maria and Josef

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-paint-tinker-maria-josef

Cord for hanging

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-cord-jute-natural-materials

Fix the cord behind with hot glue

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-maennchen-cord-wood-crafts

Decorate with a beautiful star

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-tinker-Maenchen-star-scnur

Christmas decoration DIY ideas – make beautiful little dolls for the Jesus family as Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-tinker-paint-jesus-maria-josef

* a DIY project from Crafts Unleashed

Christmas decoration ideas to make yourself – creative Christmas ball

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations Balls-dekopüapier-decorate-creative

Make Christmas ball out of styrofoam – instructions

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-ball-tinker-styrofoam ball-and-white

Stick polystyrene balls on chopsticks for more comfortable craftsmanship

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-tinker-polystyrene-balls-materials

Christmas decoration ideas with paper to make yourself

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations tinker-decorative paper-shred-papierstuecke-materials-

Stick a piece of decorative paper on the styrofoam balls

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-styrofoam-balls-paper-pieces-adhesive-tinker

Let the finished balls dry in the air

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-balls-paper-pieces-colorful-deodorant-paper

Hang the colorful Christmas ball with string

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-christmas-tree-balls-paper-hang-drying

Beautiful creative christmas balls with paper decorate

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-christmas-balls-paper-pieces-stick-decorate

* a DIY project from Thrift my house

Yet another creative Christmas decoration ideas to make your own

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-christmas-balls-bough-gold-modern

Simple stylish Christmas decoration with a modern touch

Christmas decoration ideas -painting-christmas-decorations-christmas-balls-bough-gold-simple-simple

Christmas decoration ideas -painting-christmas-decorations-christmas-balls-silver-gold-glass-fillings

Christmas decoration ideas-cutlery-gold-tableware-decorations

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations, white and gold Christmas Ball-fimo

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-white-tannenbaeume-fimo

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations lightbulbs-santa claus

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-gluehbirne-penguin-funny-creative

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-gluehbirne-snowflakes-glittering-blue

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-herzchen-knoepfe-red-white

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-kres-knoepfe-beige-white-tart

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations Tree Cup-birch-knoepfe-vintage

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-angel-material-creative-natural-materials

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-shell-gold-glitter-maritime

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-angel-pearl-lace-cute

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations origami-tannenbaeume-Christmas trees-paper

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-star-wired-stiff-checkered-white-blue

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-star-cloth-wired-stueckchen