Design collection of wallpapers with patterns by Marcel Wanders

alice collection designer wallpaper pattern ideas trendy effective

The wallpapers are an effective design tool for the walls, but you can also use them as decorative elements. Dutch designer Marcel Wanders presented his latest collection of eight Wallpapers with patterns for the renowned brand Graham & Brown. The designs carry female or male names: Suzanne, Alice, Grace, Kelly, Audrey, Isabella, Stella and Henry.

Effective ideas for wall design – Design wallpapers with patterns

stella kelly grace combination trendy collection danish wallpaper pattern

The Wallpapers with patterns present a diverse color palette of nuances: from vibrant orange and vibrant red to rich gold and chocolate tones. The whole collection is dynamic and inspiring. The first model of the collection – Grace is characterized by a fine design of Marcel Wanders with neutral color scheme. The matted background contrasts with the gloss of the metallic accents. She can be combined very well with Kelly. Alice is an opulent one floral wallpaper with a similar pattern to Grace, which was designed with great attention to detail. The metallic shine of Susanne impresses with its luxurious and extravagant look.

The modern wallpaper with patterns by Marcel Wanders

stella grace stencils wallpaper pattern design effective modern contrast

Stella is inspired by ancient art, while Isabella has Celtic motifs in combination introducing trendy shapes. Audrey has patterns similar to those of Isabella. Henry is the only design with male names in the collection , It stands out on a matte background with clear and fine accent shapes. The Wallpapers with patterns are simply charming and look gorgeous in every living room as an extra decoration.

Wall design with Suzanne

suzanne wallpaper pattern stencils design modern interior wall design

Fine design of modern wallpaper by Marcel Wanders

suzanne wallpaper pattern templates design collection modern danish

Stella expresses elegance and aesthetics

stella collection trendy design danish wall design wallpaper pattern

Alice in chocolate tones

alice wallpaper pattern stencils wall design trendy design danish

Designer cabinets made of wood and ceramic – the “Keramos” collection

designer cabinets in wood and ceramic atmospherically

This beautiful Designer cabinets are part of the “Keramos collection” and create a happy mood with colorful colors and interesting designs. These great cabinet designs were made by Adriano Design designed in collaboration with La Castellamonte , The “Ceramics” collection is the first result of the collaboration between Adriano and Casellamonte. The cabinets were predominantly made of wood and ceramics – an unusual but good-looking combination.

The “Keramos” designer cabinets – the result of a successful collaboration

cabinet design made of wood and ceramic colorful colors

The Designer cabinets were made using an innovative technology where ceramic parts are assembled and connected by wooden elements. The design of the modular cabinets was designed by Adriano, while Castellamonte especially with his products made of ceramic is known. The combination of two different manufacturers and two different materials has resulted in a wonderful collection of interesting designer furniture.

Designer cabinets with colorful colors and interesting shapes

designer cabinets in wood and ceramic white gray

The Designer cabinets have an interesting design with arched shapes in rectangular shape. The ceramic surface has a pleasant shine, which contrasts with the wood elements. The fabulous pieces of furniture will suit any interior and will certainly make you happy with the colorful colors Mood in your apartment. Let this interesting collection inspire you for more bold color combinations for your interior design.

Cabinet design in wood and ceramic gray closed

cabinet design in wood and ceramic back

designer cabinets in wood and ceramic red front

designer cabinets in wood and ceramic red backside

cabinet design made of wood and ceramic wooden feet

cabinet design made of wood and ceramic wood elements

cabinet design in wood and ceramic gloss finish

Cabinet design made of wood and ceramic detail construction

cabinet design made of wood and ceramic break pattern

designer cabinets made of wood and ceramic assortment items cabinet design made of wood and ceramic production process

cabinet design made of wood and ceramic production in detail

cabinet design in wood and ceramic not colored

cabinet design in wood and ceramic interior cabinet design made of wood and ceramics

Cars »Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight Collection – the finest luxury automobile

Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight-collection-blue-evening-couple-luxury-city-evening-occasion

The Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight Collection is limited to 25 vehicles. This pronounced luxurious car is dedicated to a particular society that is constantly in the public domain and wants to retire for a few moments between all the stressful occasions. The name of the collection Limelight means, translated from the English, limelight and is known as the term for the theater illumination from the 1820s. Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight becomes a retreat on the way to the next event for personalities whose lives are always present and constantly under surveillance.

Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight Collection – Interior

Rolls-Royce-phantom-limelight-interior-deposit room-door-jewelry watches Outfit

For the collection the beautiful, exclusive exterior color Gala Blue was chosen. The shell-colored interior line is designed for pure luxury and has a very high quality finish. The interior offers everything necessary to prepare for the important occasion. In fact, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars designers have managed to create an ideal work environment so that customers can make their important decisions with ease. An additional shelf in the right back door and a new, even more comfortable seating position ensure optimal seating Comfort ,

Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight Collection – Pure luxury with optimum comfort

Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight front-right-rim-features

“A beautiful automobile in which people whose appearance is eagerly awaited can prepare themselves in the finest luxury, relax and finally arrive in style.” Torsten Müller-Ötvös (CEO of Rolls Royce Motor Cars).

Rolls Royce – a symbol of prosperity

Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight-blue-luxury-car-celebrity-beautiful-front

Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight -side-the-blue-luxury-rim-tires

Exclusive Exterior color – Gala Blue

Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight exterior color galablue car paint mother of pearl

The interior lighting was inspired by the name of the car’s “limelight”

Rolls-Royce-phantom-limelight-interior-luxury limousine-comfort

The leather is adorned with diamond embroidery in some areas next to the door handles and on the seats

Rolls-Royce-phantom-limelight-interior-shell color leather-luxury-functions-door

Door compartments and ample storage space in hidden areas provide space and order options for jewelery and accessories

Rolls-Royce-phantom-limelight-interior-tray space-glasses-drawer-door-practical

Head and footrests ensure an optimal and perfect body position while sitting

Rolls-Royce-phantom-limelight-interior-equipment-sitting-comfort-comfort-leather shell color black

Rolls-Royce phantom-limelight-inside-equipment-car seats headrest-leather-muschelfarbe-

The collection of classic luxury watches for men at Hackett

black dial Rolex Submarine luxury gifts

Hackett London is releasing a selection of classic luxury watches for the first time in 35 years. This selection can be found in the flagship store in “Regent Street”. Hackett, favorite of the English princes Harry and William, used the so-called “watch guru” Tim Bolt as partner for the production of this collection. Prices vary between $ 3,000 and $ 65,000. The handpicked selection Luxury watches for men Hackett, which includes equally modern Hackett-style watches, will be constantly changing.

The luxury watches for men – a collection of exclusive brands

noble luxury watches classy brands shop England

First, the collection of Luxury watches for men from a 1940’s Rolex Precision, to a Heuer Dato Compax, to the first Rolex Comex 5514 diver’s watch with original tritium dial, highly esteemed by collectors. Bolt guarantees personal for every single watch. He is a specialist when it comes to classic watches and has also designed watches for Dunhill. If you prefer a watch that is not in the range, Bolt and Hackett will gladly get it for you. With its leather armchairs, sports antiques and a gin bar, the 779 sqm shop is supposed to resemble a modern gentleman’s club.

The luxury watches for men – here a design by Paul Picot

retro style Paul Picot noble brands men

Vintage luxury watches for men – Rolex Precision

Precision luxury watches 1940 year manufacturing golden

The exclusive collection is available from Hackett London

Watches luxury collection retro style brand

Shoes »Tamaris boots in the new winter collection

Tamaris Boots Boots

Tamaris boots Also in the new season the customers delight with great designs, valuable leather and fur feeding. We have browsed through a few internet sites and online portals in this article and offer you the most chosen online shops where you can get your favorite Tamaris boots. Dear ladies, dear girls, the beautiful world of Tamaris boots opens its doors. Come in and be inspired!

Tamaris boots on Tamaris main shop

Mocha-black boots-with-thick-paragraph

Tamaris boots in the largest arcade shopping centers, on the shopping route every German city and small town but also on the favorite boots are available for you. If you want to save time and effort trying it out, take a look at the Internet and order with a mouse click what you like the most. In a few days or hours, your feet will be over the great boots or Boots delight. But there are also other online stores where you can get Tamaris boots. We also mentioned some of them below.

Tamaris boots – the models

gray-blue-suede-leather boots-Tamaris

Chic and at the same time timeless models will also be considered a trend in this fall / winter. Thicker heels and soles and wonderful leather upper or trendy snow boots, warm lined and with laces; Tamaris boots are some of the most popular shoe brands in Europe. Chic city look with suede or patent leather, everyday ankle boots with decorative straps or lace-up boots with felted shaft end in brown, gray or red-brownish variations, you will be elegant with such a pair of shoes in any case.


black Boot patent leather-in-burgundy-to-elastic band

Great and chic boots by Tamaris

brown or black-boots-with-belt

Suede and leather matt with decorative straps

Boots with Feeding Obermateril Leather with shoelaces-

Warm lace-up boots from Tamaris

Mocha-brown-gray ankle boots-with-decorative belt

Ankle boots in gray and mocca brown with or without decorative straps

Women with Boot-elastic band or zipper

Timeless boots in light beige on


brown boots-at-of Tamaris-neckermann-

Tamaris boots with zipper


Suede Leather Tamaris Boots tobacco-over-marktshop24-com

Nice boots with a thin heel

Tamaris Boots red combo-over-marktshop24-com

Ready for the winter time?


Tamaris Boots Chestnut-brown-on-Hill Hinrichs-shoe fashion-de


small High Heel Boots von Tamaris-over-Otoo-de

brown boots-of-Tamaris-over-otto-de

Leather boots-of-Tamaris


with-Füterrung-leather boots-brown-ebay-com

Ombre Furniture Collection – Italian design by Marchetti Maison

ombre furniture collection doors design floral motifs brown sideboard

Marchatti Maison has a new one collection released. It is the breathtaking Ombre furniture collection , which consists of romantic motifs, effective wood patterns and impressive colors. Attention is paid to the design of the cabinet doors and give each piece of furniture a unique look. Different designs are available for the doors: Cespitosa, Marmette, Strati, Testi and Trama. Who does not want motives, can also the simpler variant from the Ombre furniture collection Select “Neutral”.

Ombre furniture collection “Cespitosa”

sideboard white gray marchatti maison flowers hallway

This beautiful commode comes from the category “Cespitosa” of the Ombre furniture collection. These are the variants that consist of floral motifs. This variant of the designs for the cabinet doors is also available in other colors. Here you can see an elegant and romantic combination of white and beige.

Ombre furniture collection Cespitosa in effective red

ombre furniture collection cabinet dresser red effective floral flowers

The dreamlike design “Cespitosa” in a vibrant red. This variant is a real eye-catcher and quickly becomes the focal point in your interior, no matter in which room you place the cupboard. The cupboard doors and designs can be combined in different ways. If you like setting accents with furniture, the variants from the Ombre furniture collection in red are exactly the right choice.

Marmette version of the Ombre furniture collection

dresser bedroom ombre collection marmette italian design

Here is an example from the design variant “Marmette” of the Ombre furniture collection. The cupboard doors have an interesting, hexagonal pattern that gives the furniture a modern and interesting look. Create a sophisticated atmosphere with a light chest of drawers like this one or decorate the room in a rustic style by choosing a dark wood model.

Furniture design Ombre with lettering

furniture living room hall ombre sideboard dresser font

Equally modern is this example from the Ombre furniture collection. It has effective lettering on the cabinet doors, giving the piece of furniture an interesting look. The cabinet doors designed in this way are emphasized and displayed by the combination with neutral doors, which at the same time transfers to the entire chest of drawers.

Ombre furniture in neutral style and dark wood

sideboard modern brown cupboard doors ombre collection

Here you can see a model for a sideboard from the Ombre furniture collection in a neutral design. However, as you can see, this does not mean that the sideboard looks boring. Due to the partially protruding cabinet doors with rectangular shapes, the sideboard receives an interesting checkerboard pattern. In addition, the individual elements are visually separated by the different orientation of the wood pattern, which is horizontally and vertically alternating.

Ombre furniture in Italian design – Elegant coffee table

coffee table cespitosa colletion flowers pattern white beige

In the Ombre furniture collection, there is also an effective coffee table, which impresses not only by pretty patterns and colors. Also, the design in terms of shapes is extremely appealing and is perfect for a modern home decor. Another advantage compared to most other sofas is the practical storage space provided by the two drawers. It is available in two designs.

Living room furniture “Ombre” with Cespitosa design

ombre coffee table white peel flowers italian

Ombre coffee table with interesting design and Cespitosa motifs

table couch ombre collection white floral motifs design

Furniture Collection “Ombre” – The coffee table with drawers

side table ombre collection cespitosa floral drawers

Living room furniture from the collection Ombre – Dark sideboard “Neutral”

Italian furniture collection sideboard dark brown wood living room

Chest of the Ombre Collection by Marchatti Maison

ombre cabinet dresser dark brown italian maison

ombre furniture collection white gray beige cabinet strip

sideboard ombre white hanging cabinet flowers pattern living room

ombre cespitosa design furniture floral motifs wood

wardrobe door marmette hexagon motif beige wood ombre maison

ombre furniture collection cabinet door floral flowers brown

ombre furniture collection italian motif floral black white

A collection by Marchetti Maison.

The new designer furniture collection from the French brand La Chance

Anemnone carpet furniture design collection by la chance

The new Designer furniture Collection from the French brand La Chance was recently presented at a designer fair in Milan. The furniture impresses with vibrant and bright colors and unusual design. The design is modern and quirky, but at the same time it is very comfortable and functional. The company has worked with various designers to create a truly unique and original furniture collection.

Unique designer furniture for a modern interior

float coffee table furniture design collection by la chance

The Designer furniture Collection of La Chance is both modern and practical. The furniture is quite well suited in a modern interior with futuristic features. Round shapes and vibrant colors are quite characteristic of this collection. The designers created pieces of furniture for the interior as well as for the outside.

Designer furniture for everyday use with an unusual design

borghese sofa furniture design collection of la chance

The Designer furniture Collection of Brand La Chance contains various pieces of furniture for everyday use. Some are basic models such as sofa, table and rugs. However, the designers have designed very practical pieces such as clothes hangers and candlesticks. In the collection are still different lamps models, mirrors and shelves to see. Take a look at these unique designs and be inspired to furnish your modern home.

The Iconic Mirror Design

iconic mirror furniture design collection of la chance

The futuristic Rocky shelf in blue

rocky shelf designer furniture collection by la chance

Vulcain table lamps in white and gold

vulcain table lamp designer furniture collection by la chance

The Apollo floor lamp for the floor

apollo floor lamp furniture design collection of la chance

Bolt stool with a unique design

bolt stool furniture design collection of la chance

The Magnum wooden dining table

magnum wooden table designer furniture collection by la chance

The Tip Top table lamp with a modern design

tiptop table lamp designer furniture collection by la chance

Practical Jeeves clothes hanger

wall pendant designer furniture collection by la chance

jeeves pendant furniture design collection by la chance

Borghese sofa and table

borghese table furniture design collection by la chance

Borghese sofa in green

borghese green furniture design collection of la chance

Climb wall shelf

climb wall shelf furniture design collection of la chance

Podium candle holder

podium candlestick designer furniture collection by la chance

Furniture from the collection with red accents

bench red designer furniture collection by la chance

modern chandelier designer furniture collection by la chance

More ideas for designer furniture can be found here: minimalist designer furniture – the bookshelf by Renier de Jong

The Pitt-Pollaro collection features designer furniture by Brad Pitt

Homemade winding machine produces unique designer furniture

Cool seating design from the Cloud collection with woven pattern

cloud collection woven designer seating by humberto damata

This beautiful Seating furniture designs by the Brazilian designer Humberto Damata is a real refreshment for the interior. The cool Cloud collection consists of four different designer seating furniture – chair, bench and two different upholstered stool models. The designs are available in several colors and can serve as a fresh color accent in the interior.

Seating Design by Humberto Damata with an unusual pattern

chair designs woven seating design by humberto damata

This cool Seating furniture design by the Brazilian designer impresses not only with fresh colors, but also with an interesting pattern. The seat of the designer furniture mimics woven rattan furniture, but was also made of striped fabric. The colorful color combinations are a real refreshment for the modern interior and can serve as beautiful color accents.

Seating furniture design in fresh colors from the Cloud collection

different colors woven seating design by humberto damata

The woven Seating furniture design by Humberto Damata became the Cloud Collection. The series includes four seating designs – chair with backrest, bench, small stool with round shape and a round stool with larger seating area. Each design is available in several colors. The seating furniture collection presents a colorful collection of comfortable pieces of furniture with an interesting design.

Upholstered stool with round shape in different colors

stool round woven designer seating by humberto damata

Benches with a soft surface from the Cloud collection

bench models woven designer seating furniture by humberto damata

Chair with woven pattern in blue nuances

chair blue woven seating design by humberto damata

Bench with striped pattern in orange

bench orange woven designer sofa by humberto damata

Upholstered stool designs with round shape

stool green woven designer seating by humberto damata blue red woven designer sofa by humberto damata

The kitchen collection from Arthesi – Modern design and high quality


Arthesi is an Italian company headquartered in Vincenza that specializes in the manufacture of high quality custom kitchens. The whole Kitchen collection is realized in close cooperation with international partners, architects, interior designers and construction companies.

Hydra kitchen collection


hidra wood kitchen arthesi italy sliding door

Kitchen Collection Arthesi hidra wood kitchen island storage cabinet

Kitchen collection Arthesi hidra design sink stainless steel wood cabinets

hidra arthesi kitchen design white kitchen fronts

“Hidra” is a customizable fitted kitchen that is available in all finishes, lacquered finishes and wood types. With new ones cook Islands and storage cabinets, improved in height and depth to increase storage capacity.

The high quality kitchen collection from Arthesi


“Hidra” has a modular design and is equipped with everything necessary for cooking and storage. Upon request, the base of the kitchen island can be raised up to 20 cm, which facilitates the ergonomics, cleaning and maintenance of the island.

Emotion V – Porphyry cooking island

Kitchen collection Arthesi emotion v white porphyry

emotion v kitchen white wood cooking porphyry

emotion v arthesi white kitchen island porphyry

emotion v kitchen design arthesi porphyry material

Emotion V is an exclusive project of Arthesi, which has been developed by some specific requirements of an architect and his client. An excellent example of the balance between necessity and minimalism. This design has a special surface that has been veneered and brushed by hand. The kitchen island is a true work of art, which creates a nice contrast to the white kitchen, because it is made of porphyry.

Cinquecento kitchen furniture

cake-collection-arthesi-design-show details-wood-black-marble

cinquecento cooking island arthesi countertop black marble

Kitchens of Arthesi cinquecento wood beautiful grain

cinquecento kitchen storage cabinet arthesi order system

The kitchen collection ” Cinquecento “Is a unique project that has resulted from the collaboration between Arthesi and Raffaello Galiotto. This kitchen design with majestic elegance celebrates 500 years of the birth of Andrea Palladio from Vinzenca, a leading authority figure in Renaissance architecture.

“Elegant” series

Kitchen collection Arthesi Elegant fitted kitchen wood marble materials

elegant kitchen design arthesi marble brown countertop

elegant kitchen stainless steel sink arthesi italy

Queen kitchen

queen kitchen design arthesi italy yellow

Kitchen Queen Arthesi dark wood yellow fronts chandelier

VEGA kitchen

Kitchen collection Arthesi vega design white wood floor

vega kitchen pure white cooking island matt

vega kitchen design arthesi cooking island white

Queen kitchen in white

queen kitchen white glossy fronts gray countertop

fitted kitchen white high gloss with cooktop hood

Sustainable wood wall and floor tiles by Mafi – Fresco collection

Hard-wood planks Modern flooring-Mafi Fresco series ecological

We present you the Fresco collection from the Austrian manufacturer Mafi. This sustainable and exclusive Wall and floor coverings combine high quality and sustainability in a modern first-class design. Wood is one of the most popular materials because of its unique properties. In the Fresco collection, wood is artistically staged in a new way. Its perfect beauty is combined with a functional design.

Sustainable wall and floor coverings – a unique experience for the feet

Design floor-high quality wood wallcovering ideas-Fresco made in Austria

The innovative production technology, developed by Mafi especially for Wall and floor coverings, combines the advantages of a special feel with the functionality and design freedom of contemporary floor systems. It is achieved to develop and preserve the positive properties of the wood.

Modern wall and floor coverings with 3d structure

Floor wall covering Vulcano wood Thermally-treated interior design

The hardwood gives just the modern interior the right dose Country house charm , The beech has many manifestations. Its characterful surface exudes balance and warmth. Hardwoods and Vulcano woods are mainly used in Mafi rubbers. The Vulcano woods are thermally treated in a high drying process. So they get a darker and warm color without chemical additives and provide a sustainable alternative to tropical timber The oils used for surface finishing are based entirely on natural raw materials.

High quality wood flooring – suitable for use outdoors

Outdoor floor ideas decking wood environmentally friendly sustainable mafi design

The Austrian company mafi specializes in woodworking and strives for the integration of wood in the living space of man. Mafo produces traditional and innovative natural wood floors with decades of know-how and a fine sense of design. A trademark for the company meanwhile are the extremely large dimensions of the wooden floorboards – up to 5 meters long and 30cm wide.

Naturally oiled surface

Wall covering modern wood design sustainable fresco Duna-treated with oil

Mafi offers private solutions for the highest demands with ecological responsibility

Wood flooring floor warm tone traditional-modern wavy white-simple sofa

Completely paint-free floors

Surface oil treated mafi fresco rombo natural flooring ideas

Artistic wavy floor coverings with vials and single dot branches

Wooden floor covering ideas textures 3d structure coverings wooden floorboards surface-treated

Surface treatment with specially developed oils

Home Furnishings Wall Flooring wood maximum quality ecological responsibility mafi

Striking 3d structure of the rubbers

Floor wall coverings ecologically perfect-lacquer-free floors living room furniture

Subtle wood nuances

Wooden floor covering wavy pattern Hell-Mafi sustainable ecological solution

Ecological wall and floor coverings

Wooden floor covering modern surface finishing oils specially

Dark coloring in warm shades of brown

Wood shades rich in wood tones through complex thermo-treatment-dark floor

Wood coloring texture design dark thermal treatment

Wood and wall covering sustainably curled stairs wooden staircase metal railing

Solution floor ideas modern paneling-wooden planks-lasting fresco

home gym set up floor decking ideas mafi wood flooring wavy pattern

Sustainable wall and floor coverings Wood Mafi Fresco Series Modern Solution

Artistic Wavy Modern Flooring With Flad Single Spot Boxes

Sustainable living room ideas curled wall and floor wood

Floor Covering Beech Curled Texture Ideas Mafi Fresco-Vulcano Series Paneling