Modern sofa design Nuvola in bold colors by Paola Navone

poster furniture design sofa paola navone blue strong Italian

A comfortable Sofa design with classic shapes, the well-being of the whole family is guaranteed. The latest collection of upholstered furniture by Paola Navone fascinates with bold colors. The name of the sofas is inspired by the Italian. In Italian, Nuvola means “cloud”. Sitting in one of these sofas makes you feel like you’re floating on a fluffy cloud.

The matching sofa design – fresh ideas for decor

collection design sofa upholstered furniture pieces italian modern stylish

The collection includes an armchair and two sofas. Different dimensions of the furniture are possible. The pieces of furniture are characterized by soft, fluffy contours. The Sofa design from Paola Navone Characterized by simple shapes and clear lines. The Nuvola poster furniture fits every living room and occupies little living space – thus offering the greatest comfort and flexible room design. The upholstery is easy to remove. You can easily clean it and change the cushion pads as desired. The modern pieces of furniture are classic patterns. The upholstered sofas are available in bold colors. With rich blue, metal and ash gray you can be the perfect accent living room put.

Elegant Upholstered Furniture – Sofa Design by Paola Navone

collection sofa design upholstered furniture blue strong comfortable italian

Nuvola is made of high quality materials. The delicate cotton gives the sofa more comfort and confirms the importance of its name. The Sofa design Nuvola fits any interior and can be combined with throw pillows. The upholstered furniture is by Paola Navone for the Italian company Gervasoni designed. It has a wide range of sofas characterized by bold colors and classic shapes. They bring an atmospheric atmosphere into the apartment and make the living room look effective.

Matching sofa design in the living room

living room furniture upholstery sofa design trendy Italian

Ash gray sofa enriches the interior

trendy collection italian upholstered furniture design sofa color scheme

Strong blue underlines the fine design

blue strong sofa design trendy simple comfortable furnishings

Nuvola in ash gray gives elegance to the living room

modern collection sofa design upholstered furniture italian gervasoni

Light gray sofa – model from the Italian collection

sofa design poster furniture trendy gray bright monochrome

Upholstered armchair by Paola Navone

living room furnishing gray sofa design italian modern paola navone nuvola

Wall design with dark colors – 15 effective interior design ideas

modern bedroom ash gray orange wall stickers floor coverings contrasts accent chair pictures hanging lamp

Many designers advise against using dark wall paints in the interior, but there are a few simple tricks on how to use them in your interior. We present 15 effective interior design ideas for you Wall design with dark colors which can give you a unique sense of coziness.

The wall design with dark colors – the perfect background for any decoration

Bedroom interior design trendy ash gray shelf integrated wall covering flooring deco monochrome

The dark colors are neutral and can be combined with different accent colors. The dove gray with a slight blue-violet stitch, for example, can be used as a background for a picture gallery. Colors such as orange or green make the gray tones look comfortable. The gray shades are very well suited for each room. The Wall design with dark colors in the living room can harmoniously combine with the color concept in the furniture.

How to use dark wall colors with contrast accents

bedrooms modern interiors; miscellaneous wall paintings rich purple deco-zebra pattern cabinets sconces white

The living colors soften the luminosity of the contrasting tones. A beautiful example of this can be living room be in the exotic style. Contrast color like azure in combination with colorful flowers for decoration fits fantastically to the interior. These concepts can be used in the room with the use of slate and light gray. The Wall design with dark colors can also be made with brown tones. As decoration elements you can use hanging lamps or throw pillows in bright colors. The bright furniture fits perfectly to the whole view.

Colorful interior design ideas and games with the color palette

Dining room multicolored gray dark orange decor natural flowers shelves flooring chairs white image

The wall shines in rich violet, and the eggplant creates a lot of mood in the bedroom. Vibrante colors like the dark purple can be used effectively. The bedroom in this color scheme calms the senses. The Wall design with dark colors proves to be very good in a petrol blue bedroom. The bathroom in turquoise blue is a modern idea for every home. Here you could combine with a rustic chair in light wood. The yellow, orange and green tones are very attractive if you want to refresh the rooms at home. The trendy ideas with the dark colors create a classic and stylish design.

Stylish interior design ideas with rustic elements

living room trendy table wood rustic deco hanging lamp interior wall design dove gray carpet bright

Wall design with dark colors can be used in warmer tones

Living room interior design possibilities wall design dark multicolored sofa cream white furnishing wood

Shades of gray in combination with contrasting accents

Bedroom modern brown wall decor ideas contrast accents color palette decorative carpet design ideas

Petrol blue – perfect solution for wall design in the living room

trendy living room furnishing ideas interior design lighting furnishing wood coffee table light laminate

Dove gray gives the room a metallic look

living room gray modern contrast colors sofas stool green stripes wall stickers home furnishings floor coverings glossy dark

Dreamlike well-being in an exotic living room with blue shades

Interior design living room possibilities trendy azure turquoise wall decoration furnishing sofas curtains lighting exotic

Modern bedroom with interesting decoration and color concept

bedroom modern wall paint purple white contrasting accents carpet white possibilities flooring lighting decoupages

Fresh interior design ideas and sunny mood with the combination of dark walls and bright furniture

trendy living room gray dark lamp upholstered sofa stool white floor covering design color palette laminate

The white color as contrast accent and part of the dark interior

Bedroom modern wall design brown dark gray bright decor interior design ideas pillows contrast accents white

Proper lighting and wall covering in brown – guarantee of comfort and style

bathroom trendy washbasin vanity unit integrated wall lamp wallcovering mirror dark brown ceramic tile

75 cool ideas for designer sofas with unique shapes and colors

deadgood capsule cool ideas for modern sofa design

These cool ideas for modern Designer sofas are the perfect device for an innovative and unusual interior , Look at these original designs with unusual combinations of shapes and colors and be inspired to furnish your modern living room.

The modern designer sofas from B & B Italia

bandb moon system cool ideas for modern sofa design

The cool one Designer sofas from the Italian furniture manufacturer B & B Italia are the perfect example of a modern and innovative living room interior. The aerodynamic shapes look simple and original at the same time and are available in different bright colors. Particularly striking are the Moon System series by Zaha Hadid, the yellow Serie Up Sofa and the Love Papilio Armchair.

The yellow Serie Up Sofa by BB Italia

bbitalia serieup cool ideas for modern sofa design

The chic Love Papilia designer armchair

bb italia love papilia cool ideas for modern sofa design

Original designer sofas by Felicerossi refresh the interior

felicerossi krysalis cool ideas for modern sofa design

The modern Designer sofas from the Italian furniture manufacturer Felice Rossi are another highlight in innovative furniture design. The wave lines and simple lines are typical of these elegant sofa designs. The black Krysalis design by Karim Rashid is suitable not only for the living room but also for the modern office. The Mumble Couch with its spacious seat brings comfort and elegance and the Panorama Sofa impresses with its tectonic motifs.

The modular Mumble Sofa by Felicerossi

felicerossi mumble cool ideas for modern sofa design

The panoramic sofa with tectonic pattern

felicerossi panorama cool ideas for modern sofa design

The modular sofascape design by Yamermalta

yamermalta sofascape cool ideas for designer sofas

Black sofa with wave shape by Walter Knoll

walter knoll circle cool ideas for designer sofas

Interesting couch design by Vivero

vivero hanabi cool ideas for designer sofas

The black honeycomb leather sofa by Versace

versace honeycomb cool ideas for designer sofas

Red sofa design by Vanden

vanden rustlust cool ideas for designer sofas

The Misterb design by Swan

swan misterb cool ideas for designer sofas

Modular sofa system from Steininger

steininger wohnhaus cool ideas for designer sofas

Beige leather sofa by Steiner

steiner rivol cool ideas for designer sofas

Corner sofa in green nuances by Steiner

steiner chromatique cool ideas for designer sofas

The colorful Hip Hop design by Caliaitalia

caliaitalia hiphop cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Offseat Sofa by Sphaus

sphaus offseat cool ideas for designer sofas

Pierce in blue and white from Softline

softline pierce cool ideas for designer sofas

The Whale Collection by Silverplana

silverplana whale cool ideas for modern sofa design

The landscape couch of Saporiti

saporiti landscape cool ideas for modern sofa design

Round swing design by Rulic

rulic swing cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Ora Ito design by Roche Bobois

Roche bobois ora ito cool ideas for modern sofa design

Geometric shapes of Quinze Milan

quinze milan sofa02 cool ideas for modern sofa design

Printed sofa by Purcell Living

purcell living cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Purple Satellite Design by PSM

psm satellite cool ideas for modern sofa design

The cool 002 sofa by Prooff

prooff 002 cool ideas for modern sofa design

Transparent design by Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau Ghostfield cool ideas for modern sofa design

The orange Evo sofa by Nolen Niu

nolen niu evo cool ideas for modern sofa design

The modular design of Moroso

moroso misfits cool ideas for modern sofa design

moroso dolorez cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Skin Design by Moltenic

moltenic skin cool ideas for modern sofa design

Sofa Designs by MMInterier

mminterier sss cool ideas for modern sofa design

miminterier amadeo cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Nuvolone series from Mimo

mimo nuvolone couch cool ideas for modern sofa design

mimo nuvolone cool ideas for modern sofa design

The luminous sofa by Meritalia

meriatalia via lattea cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Audrey design by Lucia Peixoto

lucia peixoto audrey cool ideas for modern sofa design

The rattan collection by Kenneth Cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue Rapunzel Cool Ideas for Modern Sofa Design

The Easy One Sofas by Ici Et La

ici et la easy one two cool ideas for modern sofa design

icietla easy one cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Summertime bench model

gufram summertime cool ideas for modern sofa design

Modular sofa design by Fredericia

fredericia seracs cool ideas for modern sofa design

Green Formoza sofa design

filippo ghezzani formoza cool ideas for modern sofa design

The unusual sofas by Feek

Feek sliced ​​cool ideas for modern sofa design

feek layer cool ideas for modern sofa design

Black sofa by Established and Sons

establishedandsons quilt cool ideas for modern sofa design

Red couch designs by Edra

edra tatlin cool ideas for modern sofa design

edra flap cool ideas for modern sofa design

Colorful Edra plush sofa

edra cipria cool ideas for modern sofa design

minimalist design by Driade

driade grandp pile cool ideas for modern sofa design

Futuristic sofa in metal look by Draenert

draenert europe cool ideas for modern sofa design

Modern sofas from Domodinamica

domodinamica scuba cool ideas for modern sofa design

domodinamica hotdog cool ideas for modern sofa design

Red leather sofa by Desfomia

desfomia amphora cool ideas for modern sofa design

Minimalist design in pink by Derin

Derin cut cool ideas for modern sofa design

The yellow hug sofa from De La Espada

dela espada hug cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Disfatto Design by D3CO

d3co disfatto cool ideas for modern sofa design

The brown peel sofa by Council Design

council design peel cool ideas for modern sofa design

Purple sofa of Colombo styles

colombo styles purple cool ideas for modern sofa design

The blue Odin sofa by Classicon

classicon odin cool ideas for modern sofa design

Origami couch in beige by Cattelan

cattelan origami cool ideas for modern sofa design

Interesting sofa by Cassina

cassina gaetano pesce cool ideas for modern sofa design

Modern interior by Capellini

capellini basket cool ideas for modern sofa design

The funky sofa of Calia

calia funky cool ideas for modern sofa design

Green sofa from Brühl

brühl mosspink cool ideas for modern sofa design

Geometric design in pink and white from Bruehl

brühl bridge cool ideas for modern sofa design

Couch by Bliard Creations

bliard creations couch cool ideas for modern sofa design

Elegant sofa design by Bizzotto

bizzotto 694 cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Carrera Sofa by BBB Emebonancina

bbb emebonancina carrera cool ideas for modern sofa design

The elegant private sofa collection

asnaghi private cool ideas for modern sofa design

Square sofa by Arflex

arflex square cool ideas for modern sofa design

Tukama Sofa by Antidiva

antidiva tukama cool ideas for modern sofa design

Sofa in dark purple by Alias

aka flexus cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Charming Design by Adele C

Adele C Charming cool ideas for designer sofas


A living room- 3 cheap decor ideas in different colors

Living room interior ideas blue beige purple

We show you how a living room through 3 different Set up ideas can be completely transformed. By clever choice of different home accessories and decoration, the experts succeed in a spatial transformation without renovation and new furniture.

Furnish ideas – the living room in beige and pink

Color white beige peach Photo wall decorative cushion

Living room deco ideas original lamp beige linen

Peach color white border Living room before after pictures

Living room renovation ideas rug pink peach pattern

The first of these three living rooms Set up ideas shows a living area with beige and pink decoration accents. The interior designers have decided on curtains with pink and white stripes. Investments were mainly in home accessories – decorative cushions refresh the white couch, stylish pictures with floral motifs on the wall make the interior look comfortable. The rug plays an important role in the design – it is particularly important in a small room. The peach colors and the original patterns visually combine the individual elements of the interior.

Furnishing ideas for small living room in gentle purple color

Living room redecorate purple blue rug white sofa

Glass bottles of purple curtains. Living room after pictures

purple pattern rug glass table design idea white upholstered furniture

cool table lamp green beige purple colors

purple pictures wall deco accents living room

The next one Set up ideas is a living room in soft pastel colors – Purple was chosen as the main color, and light blue decoration as accents. Purple carpet, decorative cushions and a creative exhibition of the stamp collection are among the highlights in the design. The curtains are decorated with cool floral patterns. Slightly transparent so that enough sunlight enters the room. Glass bottles on the side table compliment the interior.

Decorating ideas for eclectic living room in yellow and blue

cobalt blue yellow living room before after eclectic

blue table lamp yellow clock decorative cushion

yellow leather stool blue white carpet pattern

Wall decor Living room pictures blue colors

blue curtains yellow vase home accessories design

Even small living rooms can benefit from strong colors – as this experiment proves. Cobalt blue color from the carpet and the deep yellow stools create a happy atmosphere with a maritime look. The yellow vase and the yellow clock create a visual link between the different areas in the living room. The curtains – this time monochrome remain in the background. This is our favorite design!

The living room before the transformation

Living room interior photos classic white upholstered furniture

The direct comparison between the before-and-after pictures definitely proves that with a bit of imagination and colors even small rooms can be refreshed. It does not take much to change the interior! Our tip – if you have a small living room, set it up with furniture in neutral colors and classic shapes. In this way, you can later change the interior quickly and easily.

Furnishing ideas in country style – combining furniture and lighting

Set up ideas of Big Bang Theory colors, furniture and home accessories

Creative wall design in the bedroom – Trendy colors and decoration ideas

wall design in bedroom wallpaper beige cream pattern idea french window

We help you with the Wall design in the bedroom – and how you can combine furniture and home accessories tastefully.

Wall design in the bedroom – color combinations

wall design in the bedroom blue white maritime salmon high bed

Unlike the other rooms should the Wall decoration in the bedroom set subtle accents and, above all, calm down. You can achieve this effect with the choice of wall colors and wall decoration. Dark hues swallow the light and make the room look smaller. Bright colors can make the bedroom look sterile. Our tip – tasteful color combinations can make the room look homely. But which colors are basically suitable for this private sector? brown is a color that has a calming effect. Since the color is dark, you can only paint one wall in brown, and decorate with pictures. The remaining walls can be painted in beige. Blue, whether light or dark, can calm down. People who suffer from insomnia or migraine can do it room in dark blue and white paint. orange can look cheerful, and is well suited for energetic natures. White can the room visually enlarge but also be sterile. To avoid this, you can set up the bedroom with dark wood furniture. Yellow and green have an invigorating effect – you can easily paint the whole room in one of these colors.

Wall design in the bedroom – decorating ideas and tricks with colors

wall design in the bedroom laminate idea warm atmosphere modern

If you are the Wall design in the bedroom If you want to refresh, wallpaper will come to your aid. Paint three walls and cover the fourth with wallpaper. Wallpapers may be decorated with patterns – in any case, you prefer to choose small patterns with flowers, plants or other forms from nature. Paintings are the most beautiful Decoration on the walls – Find inspiration at the flea market, or experiment with modern art. Several paintings can set accents and are the only decoration that needs the bedroom. We have selected for you different color combinations and rooms, which can act as inspiration!

Modern wall design with honeycomb pattern

wall design in bedroom geometric design black gold honeycomb

Bedroom wall with plaster in shabby style

wall design in the bedroom plaster design modern rustic shabby brown headboard

Wallpaper as an accent in the bedroom

Bedroom ideas white wallpaper roof pitch

100 ideas for bedroom designs in various furnishing styles

Bedroom with azure walls

azure bed turquoise color bedroom strip four poster bed

Pastel colors – beige and light blue

Pastel colors bedroom two-tone wall design ideas

Brown is especially popular for bedrooms

Colors bedroom brown color chocolate nuance

Mediterräner look in the bedroom

light beige wall bedroom four-poster bed Blue decoration

Stripes on the wall – another brown bedroom

Strip brown white bedroom bed headboard azure bedside table

Green symbolizes nature and is well suited for Feng Shui facilities

Feng Shui bedroom wall green golden accent screen

Two-tone combinations in the bedroom set accents

two colors bedroom beige purple wall paintings

Rosa is a tender, feminine color

pink bedroom wall color bright ceiling painting

Orange is an invigorating color

orange color bedroom wall decoration brown furniture

Neutral white color visually enlarges the bedroom

Bed cabinet white walls modern decor folding bed

light blue bedroom natural stone wall white color picture

purple bedroom decorate ideas with pictures

Bedroom pitched roof blue wall canopy bed golden duvet

Set up ideas of Big Bang Theory colors, furniture and home accessories

Big Bang Theory Furnishing Ideas Furnishing fabrics Home accessories TV series

We show you some Set up ideas from the Tv series Big Bang Theory and take you on a virtual journey through the film decors. From color combinations, to cozy furniture, to funny home accessories – the television show has many interesting ideas to offer!

Set up ideas from the television series Big Bang Theory

Students Woohnzimmer furnishing ideas Junggessellenwohnung

The first of the Facility ideas is the living room of Sheldon and Lenard – the decor is practical and comfortable. The neutral brown scheme, the interesting wooden chair and the cozy sofa provide a seating area with friends. The wooden corner of the kitchen is in harmony with the rest of the furniture. Space-saving idea for a one-room apartment – including home office. The laminate visually connects the different areas in the living room. Numerous posters, small characters of comedic heroes and even a Star Wars theme toaster are just some of the creative decoration ideas.

Decorating ideas with sweet decorations – the room of Penny

Penny bedroom deco ideas color scheme lantern bedspread

In the Penny Room, the connector is definitely the beige color. Large parts of the room are decided in the neutral color, giving room for colorful decoration leaves. Green is used as an accent color throughout the room – from the carpet, over the chairs, to the numerous home accessories. The turquoise color compliments and underlines the design – in the living room of Penny Apartment, the sofa is upholstered in turquoise, and in the bedroom, the bedding is in turquoise color. The orange color adds warmth and vitality to the interior, and subtle purple color remains in the background, successfully replacing the classic black color. These Set up ideas can be easily used in any youth room and the color combination is just perfect for open and sunny girls. Check out the rest of the TV series too!

The bedroom of Penny – decorated with colorful curtains and lanterns

Girl room lantern wall decoration ideas

Penny apartment living room in bright and cheerful colors

Penny apartment colors living room chairs cooking island

Howard’s bedroom

Howard Bedroom Decor Youth Room Boys Bed Poster

The laboratory – leather furniture and home office area

Laboratory TV broadcast Big Bang Theory

The Komikladen – deco idea with posters

Komikladen furnishing ideas film series

The luxurious restaurant – romantic atmosphere with subtle lighting

Luxurious restaurant dining room decor ideas modern wall design

The Indian restaurant decoration with elephant figurines

exotic decor orange purple big bang theory

Furniture from the bachelor apartment of Sheldon and Lenard

Leather sofa chairs exotic carpet interior design ideas

Decoration ideas for youth rooms for boys from the film series

Decoration ideas Nursery boy posters Dart game

Wall tattoo with the cat song from the series

Wall Decal Warm Kitty Big bang Theory song

Star Wars inspired toaster in the home of Sheldon and Lenard

Toster Dart Vader bread bake theme cool cake accessory

Color scheme in the bedroom – 32 ideas for colors

Color scheme in the bedroom orange-coral-wall-color-wood-furniture

The bedroom is the space where you want peace, relaxation and good night sleep, so should the Color scheme in the bedroom calm, relaxed and peaceful. That is why the most popular Colors for bedrooms are light and airy. These colors will transform your bedroom into your personal retreat. Look at the pictures below and choose your favorites!

Color scheme in the bedroom – neutral colors

Color scheme in the bedroom -neutral-cream-beige-white-bed

In the color theory are the neutral colors Gray, white and black. In interior design, neutral colors are gray, beige and all colors mixed with gray. The neutral colors are cool, restrained and form a beautiful backdrop for all types of bedroom furniture. These colors add a touch of elegance and warmth to the room, making them the most popular bedroom colors.

Color scheme in the bedroom – soothing pastel colors

color design-bedroom-purple-white curtains-wood-bed-bedside tables

Pastel colors are warm or cold colors that are lightened with white. The bedroom’s popular pastel colors include lilac, lavender, light yellow, sea green, pink and pale blue. These colors give the bedroom a feminine touch and look great, combined with floral decorations, other light pastel colors and white furniture. These colors have a nice clean look that can work wonders in small bedrooms without much natural light.

Warm wood and earth tones

color design-bedroom-earthy-brown-hangesessel and natural stone floor

Earth tones such as sand yellow, beige and sage green create a feeling of warmth and intimacy in the bedroom. These colors look good with natural wood and brown tones. Just like the neutral colors, these colors are subtle and soothing, but earth tones tend to be associated with a particular hue and furniture should be adapted to that color.

color design-bedroom-stone gray wall-color-wood bed

Below are a few examples of successful color combinations in the bedroom. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create in the room, there are many soothing or intense shades to choose from. Let yourself be inspired!

Black furniture, grape purple accent wall and beige, patterned wallpaper

bedroom-ideas-design-color-purple-black-wallpaper-accent wall beige

The color violet has a strong meditative effect and is often used as a wall paint in the bedroom. It is supposed to promote the mental balance and stands for introspection. It is also claimed that the color has analgesic properties and can promote healthy sleep. In this bedroom, the violet-colored accent wall serves as a splash of color. The black furniture and the light wooden floor emphasize their effect. The striking pattern of the wallpaper on the wall behind the bed brings some variety in the decoration.

Beige – chocolate brown color duo with purple highlights

bedroom-ideas-design-colors-beige-brown-wallpaper-floral-pattern-purple pillows

In contrast to the previous example, this bedroom is more airy. Instead of black is set here on chocolate brown, taupe and beige. The shades of brown can be combined equally well with purple and fuchsia. The wallpaper pattern is also more subtle.

small bedroom in neutral colors

small-bedroom-design-color-white-light gray-holzmoebel-laminate flooring

In this bedroom, gray, white and wood combine to form a harmonious unit, so that the overall picture is particularly relaxing. Reduced design language, natural materials and the sparing use of complicated patterns underline the beautiful ambience.

neutral shades for a relaxed atmosphere

color design-bedroom-ideas-neutral taupe-brown-pattern wallpaper and white-curtains

If you opt for neutral colors and a reserved decoration in the bedroom, you can emphasize these with textiles. A bed with soft, cozy upholstery, a Shaggy carpet, a wallpaper with a satin finish flatters all the senses.

Classic in black and white

color scheme in bedroom-ideas-modern-black-white-wood floor

Black and white is a classic color duo that never goes out of style. Contrasting is hardly possible. Who wants to bring some variety into the game, like to experiment with light and structure. To a black and white decor fits a medium dark wooden floor ideal.

natural wood tones in the bedroom


Light wood tones and warm brown colors immerse the bedroom in a soothing atmosphere. Warm light with a yellowish hue makes the room look especially comfortable.

Nordic flair

color design-bedroom-ideas-beige-blue-wood wardrobe

In this modern small bedroom a deep dark blue and light wood dominate the Nordic atmosphere. The tree motifs on the wall show the connection of the style with nature.

successful color combination – creamy white and red

bedroom-ideas-color-pattern wallpaper Red Flowers cream

Dark wood furniture, soft fabrics and flowery red and purple decorations dominate the decor of this small bedroom. Cremé brings the red flowers to advantage, without the wall design is too colorful.

Fuchsia and brown

bedroom-color combination-idea-brown-fuchsia-vibrant

Pink and brown make a particularly harmonious color combination. An accent wall in Fuchsia, for example, goes well with brown furniture. But you should be sparing with the pink tones, so that the bedroom does not look too girly.

The blue coverlet of shades of brown accentuated

bedrooms-design-modern Color brown-blue wall bedspread

Blue also goes great with brown. Of course, it depends on what color of blue and brown it is, but actually it is this color combination always. However, muted colors are better for the bedroom as screaming signal colors.

light gray for small bedrooms

bedrooms-color-neutral light gray and white small-space

A small bedroom benefits from bright colors and appears more spacious. To make white walls not too sterile and cold, you can put on metal gloss, mirror surfaces and a few splashes of color in muted colors. Home accessories made of silver, stainless steel and glass go well with the minimalist style of living.

bedroom neutral-color-feng-shui-Seeming

If you have decided to use decent colors, you can get some color using flowering houseplants. As an attractive splash of color in the bedroom, orchids and green plants are suitable. Use the shapes and colors of the plants to bring your home to life. By the way, they also improve the air quality and your well-being.


color scheme in the bedroom ideas pink wall paint white bed roof tile

bedroom-ideas-design-modern-beige-brown-indirect-lighting-wall panel

bedroom-color-ideas-brown-accent wall-white-red-moebel-accents

bedroom-colors-brown-navy blue-and-white floral pattern wallpaper

small-bedroom-colors-light-gray-pattern wallpaper-wood bed frame

small-bedroom-colored cream-white-laminate flooring

color scheme in bedroom-ideas-wallpaper-darkgray-gloss-modern-accent-wall

color design-bedroom-ideas-purple-nuanced wallpaper-parkettboden

bedroom-design-brick wall and white-plastered-colorful-bettwaesche

color design-bedroom-ideas-yellow-green-accent wall-black-floor tiles

color scheme in bedroom-ideas-cream-wall-color-solid-wood-bed

color design-bedroom-ideas-brown-black-ecru-combine

bedroom-wall-color light gray parquet floor-degree fish pattern

bedroom-modern-loft-gray-wall color-holztuerrahmen

Set up 62 ideas for the living room in neutral colors

living room-set-corner-black-coffee table-modern-glass fronts-curtain-hearth

The modern interior design style is the right choice for you if you want to furnish your living room simply and stylishly. At the Living room set up But you have to pay attention not only to the style, but also the color palette. Neutral colors can provide a unified backdrop for modern furniture and decorations, and look great in combination with them natural materials like stone and wood. Warm earthy tones, bright colors and subtle patterns are particularly effective in this way. Neutral does not just mean cream and white. The neutral color palette includes a variety of colors – from pale yellow to chocolate brown.

Living room set up – neutral colors for a relaxed atmosphere

living room-set-black-marble-coffee table-stehlampe-carpet-black curtains

Beige colors are commonly referred to as neutral shades and can range from light brown to taupe. Depending on the amount of color pigments and base colors, these colors may have either a cool or warm shade. Beige with a yellow undertone tends to be more warm and creates a welcoming atmosphere, while taupe with a blue undertone looks cool. If Beige, brown , Taupe or khaki, these subtle shades can affect the room ambience differently.

Living room setup – subtle tones

living room-set-beige-black wallpaper chair-couch-cushion

Black, white and gray can also as neutral colors be designated. Although these colors look cool and uninviting, they offer a variety of possibilities when it comes to Living room set up goes. Black is not as popular as wall paint, but is particularly effective in furniture, artwork, upholstery and even flooring. Black is very noticeable even when this color is paired with cream and brown. White is a universal neutral color. White gives the room a clean, clean look. All other colors go well with white. Gray is a soothing, neutral color and is currently hot in modern living spaces. Shades of gray convey a sense of relaxation and tranquility and are the perfect backdrop for vibrant accessories such as pillows and colorful shaggy rugs.

Set up the living room and apply neutral shades

living room-set-beige-white-moebel carpet-soft-sliding door lampshade

Particularly advantageous are the neutral colors when setting up and designing a small apartment. A light wall color, such as light powder colors and white make the room appear much larger and direct the view into the distance. For this reason, it is also advisable to use bright colors in the ceiling design, as dark tones can have a depressing effect. Neutral and bright colors, such as sand, beige or light gray also provide the ideal background for extravagant and eye-catching furniture and decorations. The neutral colors immediately make the living area more homely and radiate relaxation and serenity in contrast to bright colors. Sand tones, cream color and beige are a perfect alternative to the classic white because they are subtle and yet different from pure white.

Room design in gray and ceiling painted in brown

living room-set-brown-gray-fireplace-wooden floor-sideboard-candlestick-pillow

The white color with its innumerable facets is the perfect, neutral basis for a modern and extraordinary living room. Each of the countless types of white has a different and distinct aura that affects the entire atmosphere. Ivory white and creamy white go well with rustic or shabby chic decor. Both colors have a slight touch of yellow and provide warmth and coziness. Old white, for example, makes the room seem brighter and is therefore suitable for living rooms with little natural light.

Set up the living room in neutral colors and set colorful accents

Idea living room set up neutral-neutral-white-gray-wallpaper-floral-pattern

Whether as a wall paint, furniture or various accessories, white belongs to many furnishing styles. If you want to furnish your living room in neutral colors, you are on the right track with the true all-rounder. In addition to pastel shades, white is part of the Scandinavian style of living. The effect of patterned textiles and graphic patterns blends perfectly with the brightness that the white color radiates. If you want to give a room a vintage flair, you need a neutral background for the great furniture and accessories that are in the spotlight in this style. The neutral colors are restrained here and make all shapes, colors and materials stand out. In maritime living style, white plays the main role alongside blue. The white lacquered or stained wood furniture gives White a great atmosphere.

Set up the living room and decorate it in pastel colors


Neutral colors can also be combined well with each other. Neutralfaben look in the combination with white very subtle and radiate serenity and peace in your living room. Very modern is also the interplay of white and gray or black. This creates a modern and elegant contrast. The combination of white, cream, brown and black also looks very elegant. You are welcome to pair the neutral color white with dark caramel tones. The fine color nuances make the living room furniture look classy and simple.

ideas-living-facility-living room-kitchen-dining area-beige-white

If the combinations of neutral colors are too simple for you, you can create tension in the room even with small color details. Colored accessories or pieces of furniture in dark colors bring that certain something with them. If you like bright colors, you’re welcome to choose white as a combination partner, because white tames the intensity of the colors. If you want a cheerful and lively living room, make green, red or yellow next to white a good figure.

Open interior design

ideas-living room-dining area-brown-white-combination-modern

Good color and material combinations can give your living room and any other room a unique look. Neutral colors combined with wood are a good example of this. The pleasant wood tones such as light pine, oak or the dark cherry can be wonderfully combined with white. Wooden furniture or a wooden floor are lightened by the neutral color. For example, combine your wooden furniture with walls in neutral colors. Curtains in a shade of white to your taste are undoubtedly an excellent choice. If you have opted for the neutral fern palette, you can use natural materials such as a natural fiber rug. A timeless style of living is achieved by combining brown leather furniture with natural linen in various white and neutral tones. Even textiles such as cashmere and raw silk in beige or white tones exude elegance and style.

The classic duo – light wood and white

ideas-living room-modern light-wood furniture coffee table-shelves

Beige and light wood

ideas-living room-modern-holzmoebel-taupe sofas

Fascinating indirect lighting

ideas-living room-white-wood-indirect-lighting-ceiling

Light green accents

living room set neutral-color-gas-fireplace-sculptural-hanging-lamp

Creamy white and beige in the living room

Ideas Living room set up white-cream-white-modern

Slate gray, black and warm wood tones

ideas-living room-dining area-kitchen-dark gray-white-wood

Bright wood wall plates

idee-living room-design-gray-sofas-wooden-wall plates

Small living room with vintage flair


beige chair-stool-standard lamp-side table-reading corner

beige corner sofa-living room-wooden floor-houseplant

kitchen-living room-open holztoene-gray-brown

modern living room set-brown-sofa-sliding-door-dining area




modern-living-natural color-black-and-white wood

modern-living room-relax chair-tv-holder-rod


relax-corner-dachschraege-leather chaise longue-wood-wall tiling

living area-beige-brown-white-parquet-floor


Living room set-beige-white-gas fireplace wall shelves

living room-set-neutral-colored-wood-side table-shaggy carpet

living room-set-neutral-colored wall-fireplace-einbaukuechenzeile

living room-device-beige corner sofa-pastel purple wall color

living room-device-Grautoene-wood-coffee table

living room-device-light gray-blue-maritime-flair

living room-device-light gray-pastel-wickerwork

living room-dining area, white and light gray wooden floor

living room-color-ideas-neutral-brown-beige-light gray

living room-design-mix modern-neoklassich-black-white

living room-design-neutral-color-sitting area

living room-design-neutral-colored-wall niche TV-shelves-wooden floor

living room-make-sandtoene-beige-white

living room-design-beige-brown-classic

living room-design-gray tones-light-dark

living room-drab-shaggy carpet-deco-foil-tree branches

living room-Grautoene-modern-shelves-behind sofa

living room-small-device-neutral-colored-light-wood floor

living room-minimalist parquet floor-degree fish-pattern-bio-ethanol-fireplace-black

living room minimalist-white-beige-kaminofen-indirect-lighting

living room-modern set-neutral-colors-ivory-brown-gray

living room-neutral-colors-beige-gray-rustic-flair

living room-neutral-colors-brown-sofa-white-wall color-shelves

living room-neutral-colored corner sofa-gray-beige-wall chimney

living room-neutral-color gray-beige-gable roof

living room-neutral-colored-light gray-brown

living room-neutral-colored-light gray-corten steel-wall

living room-neutral-color-ideas-beige-gray-modern

living room-neutral-color-rattan-real wood-coffee table

living room-skylights-flooded with light-wood floor

living-room high-window-moebel-gray-black-wooden floor

living room rustic-flair-visible-holzbalken

living room-gable roof-fireplace-brauntoene-device

living room-slate-fireplace coverings-Grautoene-moebel

living room-sight-wood slats-cover design

living room-sight-well plate-ceiling-bralue-accents

living room-gray-Polstermoebel-wood cladding-reading corner

Sand wall paint combine and set up in natural colors

Wall paint sand-bang-color-combinations-living-room-open-kitchen-beatles-poster

Wall color sand is a neutral and very restrained color nuance. It is a kind of “broken” White and a milder version that does not seem minimalist and brings coziness to the room. The bright earth tones are equally suitable for any room and area and create a beautiful base for many other design combinations.

Sand wall paint as the basis for many design options

Wall Paint Sand Dining Room Chandelier Pattern Motive Chairs Wood Floor Curtains Pictures

There is no other wall paint that flatters the walls like the sand color. It creates a soft, delicate surface that resembles soft fabric. It makes something cool looks like natural stone, high gloss or glass calm and appealing. The sandy shades match any interior design style, whether modern or classic with Baroque flair. Beige is simply universal and is suitable for the bedroom or living room, as well as for the Baby room or bath. It is a good solution if you want to keep the pleasant natural light in your home and at the same time want to add some color to the interior. Sand wall paint looks as plain as white, but less cool and sterile.

Sand Wall Paint – Combine a neutral color correctly

Wall paint Sand-dog-large-hairy-fireplace-decorative-carpet-image-floor-lamp-coffee table

The sand color provides an excellent basis for several design options. You can combine them with more intense colors beautifully. These include red and orange or turquoise and mint green for a fresher look. Of course, the hue would also match wonderfully with other neutral nuances such as white or black. Be inspired by our 25 beautiful pictures. There you will certainly find many new design ideas that you can implement in every area.

Accents in red

wall color-sand-red couch-indirect-lighting wallpaper wall-glass-coffee table

Modern kitchen in beige with generous corner couch in blue

wall color sand-couch-corner sofa-blue-open kitchen

Bathroom with vanity unit and dark brown accents

wall color sand-bad-black-white-modern-washbasin-sink-armature-mirror-candlestick

Combine sand with light blue

wall color sand-living room-workplace-computer-couch-green-carpet-accents

Beautiful in combination with natural materials

wall color sand-living room-SITZMOEBEL-Soft furniture-coffee table-natural stone-flooring

Framing living room in delicate baby colors

wall color sand-delicate baby blue and baby pink-yellow-white-soft-velvet couch-teppuch

Youth room with sand color and orange home textiles

wall color sand-orange-nursery-three-bette-shelves-drawers

Spacious living room with real wood floor and leather chair

wall color sand-house-living room-wooden floor-leather couch leather armchair-fireplace-natural stone

Study with neutral wall paint and furniture with black frame

wall color sand-arbeitszimmer-desk-chair upholstered black-frame-moebel

Wall Paint-sand-babyroom-Cot-juteteppich-mobile-ceiling furniture accessories

Wall Paint-sand-wooden floor-babyroom-stripe-white-blue-mobile baby cot-

wall color sand-wooden floor-chandelier-bedroom-cream white-baby blue

wall color sand-nursery-red-brown dachschraege-chandelier

wall color sand-Polstermoebel-couch-chair-window-mirror-cushion-dark blue curtains

wall color sand-bedroom-white-chandelier-classic carpet-blue-tender

wall color sand-SITZMOEBEL-antique-fireplace-deco-mirror-chandelier-rustic

wall color sand-sofa-living room pillows-white-carpet coffee table

wall color sand-carpet-armchair-light gray-pad-wall-next table wallpaper schif

wall color-sand-turquoise curtains Strip-corner-cushion-pattern-coffee table-pad

wall color-sand-white-green-fireplace curtains-chair-cushion

wall color sand-living room-dachschraege-corner-pad-gray-light blue

wall color sand-bedroom-green bed-upholstered chairs-solid wood-carpet-hotel room

wall color sand-regal-wooden floor-couch-carpet-wooden floor-image

Modern decor in neutral colors – Penthouse in London

Modern decor-leather couch-tv-tv-console-minimalist-poster-colorful-workplace

The functional and modern decor in neutral colors may describe an impersonal apartment. Effective objects and unique objects in such an interior quickly change this concept. The non-color White Black and gray, combined with the natural look of real wood or leather, create a harmonious and unified environment with a cozy, exotic flair. This is a calm and relaxed, stylish basis for the modern interior in combination with precious works of art.

Modern decor with artwork in the living area

Modern furnishings -couchtisch-metal-frame-books-plastic-ceramics

A design office from Brazil has designed a penthouse in London for art collectors, a family with children. All the modern and artistic objects from the couple’s sumptuous collection should find space there. Neutral colors such as white and gray harmonize with all others and bring them to better advantage. The light gray base as a floor covering or the white wall paint brings restless and dominant elements and details from the interior back into balance. The white walls in all rooms stand for elegance and are a classic solution when it comes to large areas. As a result, no light is lost, which is also the highlight in a penthouse. The floor is homogeneous gray and is only replaced in the bedrooms by real wooden floor.

Modern decor for a relaxed atmosphere with contemporary design

Modern furnishings -grauer-floor-white-windows-roof-windows-penthouse-carpet-stool-fluffy

The project was certainly a big challenge for the designers as they had to choose carefully materials, textiles and colors to create a harmonious ambiance and sense of well-being. The exotic flair of the artistic collection in the living space is supported by designer luxury furniture. The original room layout was redesigned as a generous open space. The areas are separated by mobile wooden walls or transparent glass walls. The materials of the artistic objects communicate with the surfaces in the apartment and are repeated throughout the interior design. For example, a plastic made of matt glass or plastic is placed next to the glass wall, and another piece of art made of wood is placed in close proximity to the wooden door.

Harmonious atmosphere with artistic objects

Modern interior -couch-white-picture-sculpture-plastic-transparent-side-table-carpet-gray

Combine home textiles and their colors with the Kuntswerke and vote

Modern furnishings -couchtisch-plastic-glass-transparent-couch-pillow-open-large

Surfaces made of real wood bring comfort

Modern furnishing -wood floor-carpet-gray-bed-partition-neutral-color-design

Combine glass walls with wooden wall cladding

Modern decor -glass wall-corridor-stairs-dining-room-wood-wall-design

Separate dining area through wooden doors and glass wall

modern-device-dining chairs-white-glass wall-window-floor-gray

Dining area designed entirely in white and solid wood wall

modern-device-dining room-dinette-table chairs vases-flowers-holzwand-white-gray

Sleeping area with integrated bath behind frosted glass

modern-device-to-install cabinet-wood-fronttueren-wood floor bed-bedroom-dresser schmink

Marble bathroom with shower cabin and freestanding bath

modern-device-white-marble-bathroom-bathtub-detached-deoppelt-sink shower enclosure

Modern elegant staircase with contemporary design

modern-device-stair-contemporary, modern, black - plaster-holzwand-door-lighting-artwork