Great kitchen designs and furniture combinations from Russia

round-Kronleuhcter-simple-beige-kitchen designs

Amazing kitchen designs and furniture combinations are waiting for you. A rich and fascinating portfolio and numerous collections are at home in a furniture store. Russian professionals in the field of design and furniture production have come together to come up with a new concept for the modern kitchen. Kitchen furniture, decorations and ideas are presented on your website and in your showrooms in Moscow. The team of Kitchen Interiors from Russia will accompany you step by step in choosing your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Designs – a new furniture store in Russia – mission and main activity

white-minimalist-kitchen island

The Russian team behind the relatively new company in the big world of design and interior focuses on the customers. The company tries all the great ones kitchen designs from Europe and to present a wide range of concepts, ideas and products. Among the world-famous brands they are presenting are Mobalpa, Light, Ewe, Varenna / Polyform, Zeyko, Sachsenkuchen, Intuop / Ewe, Rimadesio, Einholtz, Kff, Duvivier and many others.

Kitchen designs from world famous brands

dark gray-brown walls-wood kitchen

The above furniture manufacturers offer high quality, elegant and innovative kitchen designs at. In cooperation with some furniture manufacturers special portfolios are being developed with great ideas and suggestions. How will present you some interesting suggestions for kitchen furniture. For example, a company specializes in retro-style French kitchen furniture. But they attach great importance to modern and innovative production techniques

Modern or eccentric – kitchen designs for every taste

strong color-kitchen-red

Other kitchen designs Attract attention through eccentric concepts and avant-garde style. Exceptional color combinations and models contrast with elegant chandeliers and gray flooring. For all fans of the traditional wooden kitchen, many models of kitchen furniture are also available for classic interior design.

Elegant kitchens – models and designs

elegant glass chimney Kitchen

Of course, if you are more into something special and inviting, you can opt for an Italian brand, for example. They offer interesting design solutions such as glass furniture – from tables to eccentric decorations. Your German colleagues, on the other hand, value a consistent kitchen and perfect production. From the minimalist kitchen designs and high-tech concepts, from classic and traditional designs to gothic kitchens – in these showrooms of Kitchen Interiors you can find everything.

From Abigail

Modern Stiz bank in the kitchen

Modern Leather Stizbank kitchen glass shelves

Modern large white kitchen with granite floor

Modern-large-white-kitchen-granite floor

Beige brown kitchen bar

beige-brown-kitchen bar

Dark blue elegant classic kitchen

strong color-kitchen-blue

Swipe patterns on the wall – shapes and colors combinations

wall-paint-turquoise-gold-dining room-dining table chairs-nouveau

We show you simple instructions and tips on how to get original geometric Pattern on the wall and which colors are suitable for the designs. Be inspired by the creative ideas and follow suit. Preparation is of great importance if you have geometric patterns at the wall to brush want. Plan the patterns in details. These can be horizontal or vertical stripes, or other shapes / rectangles, triangles etc /.

Painting geometric patterns on the wall – materials and instructions

wall-emphasize sliding-deco-idea-design-upholstered chair and white

The designs are particularly impressive in two contrasting colors. To achieve this you need – tape, scissors, spray or paint, gloves and mask. You must first prepare a detailed sketch of how the wall will be painted. Measure the wall and use pencils to mark the points where the patterns should be painted. For patterns that repeat, you can make a stencil and then stick it to the wall. First, paint the wall in the light color and let it dry out. Then stick the tape over the wall and repaint the wall in the dark color. Finished! That’s how easy interesting designs can be. Which color combinations Find out below.

Painting patterns on the wall – what colors?


Of course, the color combination of black, white and gray looks perfect in a minimalist decor, but it pays to set the tone with exceptional color combinations. Green, orange or yellow are the perfect colors for Scandinavian institutions. Vintage or eclectic interiors demand strong, dark colors.

First determine a color scheme and then paint the wall

wall-stress-child room circles geometric forms dog-bed fensterbank

Paint the wall in two colors and stripes

wall-paint-kinde room-white-purple-striped-high bed-small

Paint interesting staggered elements on the wall

yellow wall color bedroom interior

Set wall design in neutral colors and accents

Wall color roof tiles living room combinations

Cool ideas how to paint your wall

Natural stone wall paint ideas pattern painting dining room

Wall pattern with 3D effect and shading

3D wall painting ideas on sketch

Contrast colors for the ceiling and the wall

Wall color blue green dining room set up

Orange yellow and green – color combinations for living room

Wall pattern paint rectangle three colors

Orange stripes on the wall

Stripes pattern wall painting ideas orange color

Green-gray nursery with geometric shapes on the wall

Nursery Ideas Wall Painting Tips

Nursery design – creative wall colors selection

gray green nursery wall deco ideas

Set up nursery – funny mural after a sketch

funny nursery wall paint ideas

Original hallway design with horizontal stripes

Hallway wall color stripes beige white classic style

Beige, brown and white color for the dining room

Wall color living room ideas beige brown

Original wall design in the bathroom

Wall color bathroom geometric motifs

Fast and easy wall color for bedrooms

original wall painting purple bedroom design idea

Eclectic perfect – pink and blue

pink blue wall color pattern living room eclectic style of living

Eclectic decor, yellow wall paint – the patterns are created by adhesive tape

Pattern wall mount yellow white design ideas

Azure blue wall with overflowing colors

Azure blue paint wall hallway

Creative blanket design

creative blankets stripes green blue black optical illusion

Paint wall pattern yourself

Fashion »Autumn Outfits with Skirt – 19 great combinations with sweaters

Autumn outfits with skirt sweater idea fur items

Have you already said goodbye to your beloved summer skirts and banished them to the back drawer? Then get them out again, because you can still carry them for a while. This season is the combination of a thick, warm sweater and a skirt is very popular. Fitting to the Autumn outfits with skirt You can wear a pair of pretty boots, ankle boots or boots. And for the cooler days, you will certainly find a matching tights or knee socks with pretty patterns. And it does not matter if the Skirt knee length or is it a long maxi skirt.

Autumn outfits with skirt and sweaters

autumn outfits-rock-sweater-ideas-turtleneck

Play with the different colors and fabrics and create interesting and modern styling, where you can let your imagination run wild. Do you need some inspiration? Then just have a look at the following gallery Autumn outfits with skirt and you will definitely fall in love with this look!

Autumn outfits with skirt and sweatshirt

autumn outfits with skirt sweatshirt ankle boots

Which style you choose in the pullover skirt outfit does not matter. The sweater can be both elegant and sporty. A sweatshirt is also an alternative. To have warm and dry feet, choose shoe fashion that is typical for this season. Whether ankle boots, knee-length boots or those that go up over your knees, does not matter.

Jessica Alba makes it perfect in the following example: A sporty sweatshirt with a colored lion motif skillfully combines it with a long leather skirt and ankle boots. Matching this, she wears an elegant green leather handbag that completes the outfit. Not to forget is also the tights, which keeps the legs warm even in cooler weather.

jessica alba kenzo-tiger-sweatshirt-leather rock outfit

Idea with sweatshirt – example Jessica Alba

Karolina Kurkova-rock-shirt-sweater-combination

Karolina Kurkowa with blouse and pullover

autumn outfits-rock-sweater-ideas-VERA WANG

Vera Wang

autumn outfits-white with-rock-sweater-ideas-black

In black and white

autumn outfits-rock-sweater-ideas-orange-blue-fur vest

autumn outfits-rock-sweater-ideas-inspirations

autumn outfits-rock-sweater-ideas-beige-black

harpersbazaar ANJA RUBRIK autumn-rock-pullover-combination

combination autumn outfits-rock-sweater-

autumn outfits-rock-sweater-Theyskens-theory-catwalk

Burberry runway-show-Kate-boswort-rock-jumper

vogue-ISABEL MARANT-rock-sweater outfit

Kenzo sweater autumn outfit-rock-jumper


Decoration and interior ideas in beige with various color combinations

beige lilac deco idea living room cushion vase

We offer 20 deco and Set up ideas in beige. This natural color can not only be the perfect background, but can also be used as an accent in the interior.

Furnishing ideas in beige – combining colors and materials

Bedroom decor color blue beige sloping roof

Beige, similar to white, is a universal matching color. A beige room looks natural and comfortable. Many types of wood are colored in light brown or beige. Natural stone, sand and many other materials are beige. Anyone who decides to use this color as the background will always have a sunny and homely ambience. beige Set up ideas make the room look more spacious. But be careful – the beige color, like the white ones, can be sterile. Combine them with orange accents in the kitchen, or azure blue for the bedroom, with soft purple for the living room and dark brown for the bathroom. Traditionalists who do not like experimenting with colors can set accents with a clever combination of different materials and textures.

Decorative ideas in beige – natural stone wall, stripes and tile patterns

purple beige living room decorate curtains color scheme

Decorate the walls in your living room – a natural stone wall will certainly attract everyone’s attention. Combine beige and brown tiles in the bathroom, and paint beige and white stripes on the wall. The fans of the classic Set up ideas can divide the rooms with a linen screen. Exotic ceramic vessels will decorate the living room.

dining room Facility in beige, brown and green

Dining room interior ideas beige brown bamboo wood furniture

nursery with stripes on the wall

beige white stripes wall decoration youth room girl

Set up baby rooms in beige and purple

Baby room set up purple beige wall paint

Living room in beige and coral color

Beige decor ideas living room fireplace coral wall decor

Beige makes the living room cozy and bright

beige living room set up wood neutral color

Room with sloping roof – wall colors beige and white

Attic wall color beige roof window balcony

Living room with natural stone wall

Natural stone wall living room ceilings design

Green and beige as a color combination in the living room

beige living room sloping roof design design

Set up a nursery

Nursery deco beige Indian tent design idea

Youth room for girls in bright colors

Teenage room frame beige color wall

kitchen in two colors

Kitchen design coral beige colors design ideas

Light wood and stainless steel in the kitchen

beige kitchen stainless steel fridge design idea

Exotic home accessories – ideas in beige

asian decoration furniture pieces decor ideas beige color

Stone tiles for the bathroom

brown wall bathroom shape ideas stone mosaic

Names for twins – valuable tips for finding great combinations

names for twins babies-siblings-girls-boys-bodys-cap-tie-birthday-party

Looking for first name For your offspring, expectant parents are suddenly faced with a great challenge. And certainly, if you are with twins is blessed. Below we will give you food for thought, as well as examples of beautiful Names for twins give you the name for your twin children.

Find names for twins – big challenge for expectant parents

names for twins couple-man-wife-pregnant-sofa-living-room-laptop-throws

Have you already experienced on your own body how to discuss names with your partner for weeks? In the case of the names for a pair of twins, the question also asks whether both first names match well, because after all, your offspring should feel comfortable with their chosen names throughout their lives.

Names for twins with the same initial letter

names for twins girl-boy-babies-bank-summer-flower-trousers-short-tshirt-pink-blue-writing

There is a whole range of options for choosing pairs of names. If you want the togetherness of your twins to be reflected in your name, you can choose from names with the same initial letter as, for example, Mark & ​​Maximilian, Lena & Lisa or Kian & Klara.

Avoid harmony in the baby names

names for twins guys monkey babies hem jeans shoes rope cowboy hat

If you choose such names, you should make sure that they do not ring too similar to avoid unnecessary confusion. At some point children also find it annoying when they are called and their names are often confused. For this reason, avoid names like Jana & Jahn. It must also be kept in mind when naming names that everyday names can often be shortened and the same initials possibly lead to misunderstandings.

First names that harmonize with the surname

names for twins boy-girl-mother-dress-white-pillow-sleeping-babies

With the same name, such as Luis and Luise, it is inevitable that your children will be called with their full names and may even have to renounce affectionate nicknames. Opt for completely different names, for example, the harmonious ring with the family name.

Recognize and acknowledge the different personalities

Name twins-jung-toddlers-stair-denim blouses-identical-eineiig-salzstangen-nibble

This also contributes to giving each individual a certain individuality. Adele & Alberta, Anton & Athena, Samuel & Sophia and Titus & Thorsten sound different and are more difficult to confuse.

Choose equal or short first names for your twin children

name-twins-identical twins-girly-baby-clothing-identical pink-purple-initial

Since your twin children will often be addressed simultaneously in the future, it may make sense to give them short or long first names. Names with a similar or equal number of syllables go well over the lips and sound more uniform than, for example, pairs of names like Anna-Josephine & Mia. Beautiful names with the same number of syllables are Leonie & Johann or David & Hannes.

Baby first names with same end letters

name-twins-girl-boy-infant-sibling-knitted brown-pink-blue

Names for twins, which also sound very pleasant, may have the same ending. Emma & Johanna, as well as Niklas & Lukas are a good combination. You can also choose names with the same vowels as Margot and Roland, or even with identical letters, such as Milena and Amelie.

Great first names with identical letters

name-twins-family-mother-father-barefoot-boy-baby shoes-pink-blue

Names or words that can be formed from the individual letters or syllables of another name are called anagrams. If you leave enough time for it, you can find many modern and traditional German names, whose letters can be changed and give great baby names for twins.

Turn name over and find creative twin names


Another way to give your offspring interesting names, which is also associated with a lot of search, are names, such as Aidan and Nadia. One name has the wrong order of the other’s letters and is read in reverse. Other such names are Aron & Nora, Noel & Leon, Arielle & Elleira, and Siana & Anais.

Avoid names that are often in duplicate names


Double names are charged with a special character, but are not as well-suited as orienteers in choosing names for twins. Anna & Lena, Kai & Uwe are often used as double names, which can lead to misunderstandings.

Fancy first names for twins

name-twins-school child-girl-siblings-eineiig-blond-blue-eyed-jeans

If you choose a fancy name for your child, the first name of the twin brother or sister should sound reasonably equal and preferably not be the most popular ten first name. It is becoming more and more modern to forgive the children’s first names. Of course, if you like such names, there is nothing wrong with choosing them.

Pay attention to pronunciation and spelling


It is important that you do not ring silly, be well spoken and your spelling is not too complicated. Unusual names can cause unnecessary and annoying questions even when spelling.

Baby names of common origin

girl names-twins-pregnant-belly-baby-mama little notes-names-guys-

Also interesting are names for twins who have common ancestry, such as Italian or Nordic names, biblical names or two old German names. Biblical names of great importance include Diana & Tabea, Damaris & Rebekka, and Samuel & David.

Biblical names for twins

name-twins-babies-sibling-presser foot-hands-parent-mother

Among the ten best known Old Testament couples are Lea & Rachel, Kain & Abel, Samson & Delila. The Scandinavian first names are also becoming more popular. Great names from the north of Europe are, for example, Greta & Annik and Mattis & Finn.

Twin names with the same or opposite meaning


If you value the meaning of the names, twin names that carry the same or similar or opposite meaning are also an interesting idea. Both names Bernhard & Brian (a) mean “strong as a bear” or “bold as a bear”. Bernhard is an Old High Dean name and Brian has its origin in Celtic. Linda and Bella, for example, have the meaning “the beautiful”, while Helena symbolizes “the luminous” and Melanie the “dark” opposites.

Recognize gender easily

name-twins-wood cube-letter-name baby-naming-bunt

Increasingly, names from other cultures are favored, which of course provides variety and a touch of exoticism. With such first names, it makes sense to opt for those in which the assignment male or female is easy.

Names inspired by famous people


Celebrities have also given their twin children nice names that allow them to share their fame – twins Tom and Bill from the Tokio Hotel group, Beegees twins Robin and Maurice, and the daughters of US President George W.Bush Jenna and Barbara.

Avoid certain pairs of names for the twin siblings

name-twins-sibling-baby-male-weblich-bodys and white name tags

Names like Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliet, as well as Max and Moritz may be beautiful names for your children, but they hide the danger that they will sometimes cause amusement. Your loved ones will not feel well when they are laughed at with their first name pair.

Choose sonorous and positive names for twins

name-twins-mother-wife-pregnant-jeans-top baby socks-orange-yellow

If your friends and relatives are trying to help you find the right name, causing you to wobble in your decision, do not disclose the names until your children are born. Finding the golden mean also applies to finding a name. With sonorous names with a positive meaning, you definitely will not go wrong, and besides, parents always make the right decisions when they listen to your gut feeling.

Wall paint ideas and color combinations for the living room

wall color-ideas-color combinations-living room-light-modern-light-blue-fresh

The living room presents a special challenge – the multifunctional living room accommodates a kitchen, dining area, cozy seating area. Hence the complicated shape of this room, which often overburdens the residents. Finding a fitting color palette for the heart of the home is not always easy. We give you 25 Wall paint ideas for the living room, which could serve as inspiration for a future renovation.

Wall Paint Ideas for the Living Room – Color Palette Green / Blue / Yellow

wall color-ideas-color combinations-living room-white-turquoise-padding-bottom

The color palette green / blue / yellow brings a fresh touch to the interior – often the wall is painted in blue or green and the ceiling in beige / yellow / gold nuances. This makes the living room more spacious and brighter.

Wall Paint Ideas for the Living Room – Orange, Pink, Red

wall color-ideas-color combinations-living room-intense-color-coral-red-pink

Orange, pink / incl. Strawberry nuances / and red are indeed not as demanding as long as you do not overdo it. They look very good when they are accented. Completely red rooms can only work if they are decorated with light furniture.

Wall Paint Ideas for the Living Room – Purple, Brown and Gray

wall color-ideas-color combinations-living room-brown-vintage-white-shabby-chic

Purple, brown and gray can be perfectly combined – mostly the wall is divided into two, the first half is then painted in a darker shade, the second – in a lighter shade. These color palette neutral and at the same time warm and inviting, this is the perfect backdrop for modern facilities. In the photo gallery you will find more excellent examples of successful color combinations / the wall color in the photos is from Benjamin Moore /.

Wall paint – combination green / blue / yellow
wall color-ideas-color combinations-living room-white-blue-turquoise-cloth-upholstered

Modern and stylish

Wall color ideas neutral furniture bright ceiling

Yellow and green Wall paint for the living room in classic style

green paint wall stripe paint ideas

Sky blue dining room looks open and bright

set up wall design color sky blue

Eclectic living room – the blue wall paint is a connecting element

eclectic living room ideas pink armchair sofa black white upholstery

Green wall paint for the living room and the window frames

Ideas corner sofa white decorative cushion metal table

Another eclectic interior – this time in red

red living room eclectic furniture upholstered furniture

Modern living room set up – the red wall is the perfect background for the guitar collection

Living room eclectically furnished kilim exotic

Chic and cozy – living room in strawberry tones, with white furniture and golden details

Strawberries nuances paint beautiful living room

Neutral color palette – beautiful wall paint -Aprikosa

classic furniture design ideas upholstery

Living room Choose wall color grass green sofa

Living room yellow light blue walls modern decor

Mustard yellow cool ideas design mediterranean style

Strawberries white door laminate floor chairs

Living room Petrol blue White wall two sharing modern decor

Pastel saturated tones picture over dresser

Color combinations brown / purple / gray

paint brown wall paint ideas

Wall modern living room set up ideas

Living room walls ceiling paint ideas cool design

Dining room gray yellow paint two split wall ideas wooden furniture

Living room gray yellow wall paint choosing combine ideas

Living room set up to decorate purple chocolate brown wall paint

brown gray wall paint living room living ideas paint modern furniture

Living room living ideas two split wall design gray beige

Living room couch with other seating combinations – 10 ideas

living room couch armchair brown lamp idea wall paneling

No living room comes without sofa out. But sometimes it can be an advantage to combine it with other seating options such as armchairs, ottomans or chairs to create more seats for guests and an even more comfortable interior. In which way you the Living room couch can combine with other seating and upholstered furniture, you will learn in this article. We have put together some cozy and pretty examples of how to place the living room sofa and how to put it into your living room.

Living room couch ideas with poufs

living room couch poufs-leather-seating-light blue-carpet-fireplace

If you are looking for a space-saving option to create additional seating in addition to the living room couch, the right choice is made with poufs. They give the small room an extra comfort, but are also suitable for a large living room. They can also be stowed practically under the coffee table. The poufs are not only a great option for guests.

Living room couch for the small sitting area

living room couch knit-pouf-blue-design-m; furniture-deco-stair-wood

Also for laying down the legs, as a side table or even as a substitute for the Cochtisch make the Poufs in combination with the living room couch very well. And not to be underestimated is its decorative feature. This knit pouf, for example, adapts wonderfully to the living room sofa and the carpet and does not take up much space next to the sideboard.

Combine couch and ottoman

living room couch ottoman-upholstered furniture-idea-bright-interior

A similar variation is to combine the sofa with ottoman. Although this takes up more space, but in the end is just as practical as the pouf. Another advantage is that it can be quickly moved to the desired position. So it can stand alone, as well as be used as an extension for the living room couch.

Color matching or in contrasting colors

living room couch corner sofa-colorful-leather-stool-yellow-green

If you are still looking for a living room couch, you can also immediately look for one with ottoman, which is equipped with matching sofa cover. If you already have the couch for the living room, you can also use contrasting colors or other nuances to create interesting color accents. Low ottomans can also conveniently be stowed under tall coffee tables.

A sofa and lounge chairs

living room couch original-wall-mounted-glass-coffee-table

Cozy are lounge chairs, which can also be changed and converted as desired and do not occupy much space. Set them at right angles to the living room couch and side by side or choose the areas diagonally across from the sofa. That comes back to the open space. Even a single chair can be a great addition.

Combine several furniture

living room couch sitting-flat-furnishing-inspiration

The sofa corner can also be composed of different upholstered furniture and other seating. Here, for example, a corner sofa was combined with a lounge chair and a pouf. The pouf serves as a color accent, while the chair adapts to the color of the sofa and carpet. It creates a harmonious interior with living room couch.

Stool and couch for small living room

living room-couch-potato-black cover bar-leather-comfortable-chair-

If you have a lounge chair with a matching stool, you can use this piece of furniture to complement the living room couch. Separate chair and footstool for this purpose. If necessary, you can easily put the stool to the chair and put your legs up. Otherwise, simply put your legs up when you lie on the sofa.

White stools matching the couch

living room-couch-potato-white-leather-modern parquet

The stools can be placed opposite the living room couch or on both sides. Just think about how the traffic in the room is least disturbed. The whole thing is also an aesthetic thing, so you can just try out where you like the stools the most. Fortunately, they are not difficult and easy to change.

Two sofas combine

living room-couch-red canapé-stripe pattern-side table

If the seats with the above-mentioned variants are not enough for you, you can also combine two identical sofas by placing them at right angles. As an alternative, you can also use a sofa and a canapé. If it is a small living room, place the sofas against the wall with your back in order to save space.

Idea for large living room

living room-couch-chic-stylish, wall-residential wall-plain-colored

In a spacious living room you can set up the two sofas with a greater distance from each other but also centrally. Living room sofa in the middle of the room look very stylish and modern and make very spacious rooms look more comfortable, since the free space is well filled. This white living room couch is decorated with a blue and red carpet.

Select corner sofa

living room-couch-warm colors stand-lamps-liege-red-carpet-fireplace

If you do not want to buy two sofas, just choose a corner sofa that does the same thing as the two sofas at right angles. Depending on the living room couch model, it may be that you will have fewer seats available. Place this or the combination just mentioned on two walls, free in the room or place only one side against the wall and the other freely in the room.

Armchair as a combination

living room-couch-armchair-sofa-corner design-monochrome-wall-design

The good old armchair is another piece of furniture that many may not want to miss. Depending on how much space you have, you can set up one or two armchairs. More would seem rather unaesthetic. Do not place the individual armchair at a right angle but at an angle. Above, you can see how a corner sofa can be combined with a chair that even has a different color. Such patchwork ideas are modern and look great.

Small sofa and two armchairs

living room-couch-house-modern-gray-chair-parquet

If you have decided on two armchairs that you would like to combine with the living room couch, you can set them diagonally opposite one another and create a triangular shape for the seating area. The sitting area looks very harmonious when it is open towards the door. This is a good tip especially for the variant with an armchair.

Living room sofa, armchairs and poufs

living room-couch-saving space-poufs-chair-chair-modern-design

Here again you see a combination of several variants. Armchair and living room couch have an original shape and are diagonally opposite. The poufs serve as a coffee and side table, but can be quickly used for sitting when needed. Very multifunctional furniture with a high coziness factor!

Set up sofas opposite each other

living room-couch-two black and sitting area carpet-fensterfront

Not only at right angles but also opposite each other two sofas can be set up. The sofas do not necessarily have to have the same design as this one for this purpose. You are also welcome to put together a great patchwork design with the living room couch. You can also close the seating group with a chair, an ottoman, an armchair or a pouf.

Idea for every style

living room-couch-over-shabby-elegant interior design

This idea for combining the living room couch is suitable for any furnishing style. Create a harmonious interplay of the decor with similar colors or turn the sofa into a contrasting area. Even without additional seating, the example above is very inviting. Make sure that the paths remain clear.

Recamiere instead of couch in the living room

living room-couch-recamiere-are-idea-upholstery-device

A more original idea is to replace the living room couch with two. This makes the television particularly enjoyable for two people, because both are in the right direction. The upholstery can also be put together wonderfully and then quickly turn into a cozy day bed.

Comfort in the living room

living room-couch-black-furniture-are-design-ideas-red desk

If you have enough space, you do not have to give up the beloved living room couch even with chatting. For example, design a sitting area in front of the TV and another lounge in front of the fireplace for which you will use the chaise longues. Stretch your legs, enjoy the fire, read a book together, or have a relaxing conversation.

55 Radiator cladding ideas & combinations with furniture

ideas radiator cladding modern style white wooden slats picture frame deco

Often they are radiator unattractive and not really fit into the decor. Nevertheless, you can not do without them. In this case, one can look for attractive solutions to make the radiators look more attractive. For this purpose, various Radiator panel ideas offered mostly made of wood or metal and have a pretty design. The practical thing about them is that they have a storage space at the top and can therefore serve as a side table at the same time.

Radiator Cover Ideas – Modern design of wood panels

ideas radiator panel wood panels brown modern design wall design

Another negative side of the radiator is that it occupies a larger area of ​​the wall, which can no longer be used practically. You lose usable space, which can be a disadvantage especially in small rooms, where this is quite valuable. But even for this there are really original radiator cladding ideas. Thus, panels are produced, which is combined with a piece of furniture and arise around the radiator cabinets or shelves, or even sitting areas and desks. Also the living room wall does not have to disturb the radiator, provided you plan the radiators with matching radiator cladding ideas.

Radiator panel ideas with curved shape

ideas heating panel wood round roofing idea window plant

We have put together in this article just such radiator cladding ideas that you can use as an inspiration if you want to hide your radiator. Shape In this way, you will find an attractive and cozy interior, without getting in the way of the pleasant heat and protecting the radiator contamination ,

Modern design ideas

ideas radiator wood furniture sofa bench original living room

Fairing in white and gray

ideas radiator panel minimalist style white gray panels

Mosaic optics

radiator cladding ideas mosaic design english flag modern

Metal radiator cover

ideas radiator cover metal chrome look loecher design white

Idea of ​​metal

ideas radiator panel paint english flag design red white blue

Radiator cladding as a storage area for decorations

ideas radiator grille render modern pattern side table imitation

Wide cladding with storage space

radiator cladding ideas modern furniture wood afford

A radiator cover of Radiator Cabinets

ideas radiator stripe pattern diagonal gray brick wall design

Floral motifs

ideas radiator floral pattern flowers curved shape fireplace

ideas radiator circles mandala design cream color bedroom

ideas radiator cladding wall cladding modern wood laminate floor

ideas radiator paneling modern pattern perforated parquet fischgraetenmuster

ideas radiator horizontal pattern stripes white modern

ideas radiator cover oval pattern white metal high gloss wardrobe

Ideas of metal with lace design

ideas radiator pattern pattern lace metal design window sill

radiator cladding ideas white metal lace design klinkerstein wall

Ideas made of wood and laminate

radiator cladding ideas orange design wood painting concrete stone wall

ideas radiator cladding effect laminate material pattern modern

ideas radiator cladding laminate material pattern modern shape

ideas radiator laminate design vintage motifs print

radiator cladding ideas simple style beige brick wall white

ideas radiator render wood simple design gray wall paint

Radiator cladding ideas, combined with furniture

radiator cladding ideas bedroom furnishing cabinets window curtains

radiator cladding ideas bench bench shelf flowers seat cushion green

ideas radiator cover children's room design seating corner window

radiator cladding ideas sideboard white shelves furniture design

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Further radiator cladding ideas:

radiator cladding ideas white brown parking space decorations laminate floor

radiator cladding ideas sideboard parquet bright mirror frame metal

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Ideas radiator panel bath furniture towel rack tile

Wall paint petrol, their effect and ideas for color combinations

wall paint petrol green-living room-yellow-pastel-blue-accents

Nothing makes a home as vibrant as colors. If you are looking for the right color tones for your home, then we have an interesting suggestion for you. The Wall paint petrol works especially intensive and strong, but with the right company, it can unfold its effect without the room looking crushed.

Wall color petrol in the bedroom

wall paint petrol green-bedroom-white-accessories

The rich petrol tone has a cozy and soothing effect and is therefore perfect for bedroom , Often only a wall, for example, this behind the bed, painted in petrol, so that the room does not seem too dark. Whether petrol green or Petrol Blue , this intense trend color blends perfectly with gray, yellow, white and green.

Combine wall paint petrol with yellow

wall paint petrol green-bedroom-combine-yellow-white

The dark petrol scar can be very dominant on a wall and therefore needs a light accompaniment. Think of radiant accessories like bedspreads, a few throw pillows, a fluffy rug, linens, paintings in yellow or the Color of the year Goldocker , Gray is another totally trendy color, which has a subtle and unobtrusive effect and complements the cool effect of the petrol color.

Wall paint petrol and home accessories in green and white

wall color-petrol-green-white combination-accents-

Petrol blue and gray in combination have a cool effect

wall color-petrol-blue-combination-soothing-effective

Bed linen in fresh colors – mint green, petrol and gray

wall color-petrol-green-bedroom-bettwaesche-white-mint green

Petrol with taupe combined in the living room

wall color-petrol-green-living-brown-and-white Polstermoebel Decorations

Petrolgrün need a bright companion

wall color-petrol-green-living room-white-akzente holzmoebel

Petrol green only as an accent on the wall

wall color-petrol-green-white-combination-neon-yellow-akryl-chair

House plants emphasize the nature look

wall color-petrol-green-white-chest-wood-fuesse

wall color-petrol-green-bedroom-solid wood-poster bed

wall color-petrol-backdrop-vintage-photo frame

wall color-petrol-green Round-wall fireplace-orange shaggy carpet-

wall color-petrol-blue-dining room-wood-dining table-white-pendant lights

wall color-petrol-green-bathroom-living room-white-combine

wall color-petrol-blue-bedroom-wood floor-gray-bedspread

wall color-petrol-blue-bedroom-black-headboard-chair-sconce

wall color-petrol-blue-bedroom-wood-headboard

wall color-petrol-blue-mysteriously-effective

wall color-petrol-blue-moebel-dark-wood

wall color-petrol-blue-and-white corridor-moebel

wall paint petrol dark dining room metal table decor

wall paint petrol green sideboard decor murals

wall paint petrol orange accent wall roof beam roof rail

wall paint petrol accent wall carpet colorful sofa blue

wall paint petrol blue nuance dining table white wood

Color combinations and contrasts in a modern apartment in Moscow

modern apartment moscow alexey nikolashina

The successful collaboration between designers Alexei Nikolashina , Alexandra Fedorova and Irina Shumaeva led to the creation of this stunning modern apartment , The luxurious one Apartment Located in the famous 57-storey Triumph Moscow Palace building, it has a practical layout and modern decor. The focus is on the imaginative use of colors and textures, whose composition creates a glamorous atmosphere.

Highlights from the modern apartment

modern apartment moscow Triumph Palace interior design

The chromatic harmony in this modern apartment is achieved by white walls and floors, which are contrasted with wooden accents and a dark yellow TV wall system. These vibrant colors are caught between the white walls. The living area is minimalist and communicates with the open plan kitchen. The two are separated only by an elegant wooden bar, which hovers more than a meter above the ground. Ornate appliances are available for those who want to cook here, though modern apartment Take away food or fine wines instead of chaos and heavy cooking odors. A stylish glass table for six contradicts this idea.

yellow wall unit and bookshelf in the modern apartment

modern interior decoration yellow wallcovering bookshelf dark wood

A glass wall separates the work area and a lounge zone, which are furnished with interesting designer furniture. A playful contrast appears in the bedroom, where dark wood furniture stands out starkly on the white background. The overall appearance conveys a sense of untouched glamor. The feeling of luxury and white elegance can be felt in every corner of this modern apartment in Moscow.

Apartment with open plan

open plan living white kitchen minimalism

adjoining kitchen and living room

living dining area open kitchen open plan apartment

white kitchen with glass and wood elements

white kitchen wood cabinet glass dining table

white lights with Otigami optics

white kitchen designer lights origami glass table

strong contrasts with dark brown

Triumph Palace apartment moscow bedroom dark elements white walls

round bed

round bed white bedroom Triumph Palace

Youth room in purple purple bedroom glass door laminate floor

small desk in the youth room

youth room purple white wardrobe sliding doors


laundry room modern apartment moscow

colored LED lighting in the bathroom

flat moscow bathroom led lighting