Furnishing ideas in country style – combining furniture and lighting

Apartment country style wall panels leather sofa

We present you Set up ideas in the Country-style – and take you on a virtual journey through a beautiful house with a rustic look in Italy.

Furnishing ideas in country style – furniture

Dining room wall panels wood vase table decoration

If you want a cozy and comfortable interior, they will be yours Set up ideas certainly liked in the country house style. The interior designer Gianpaolo Zandegiacomo has made on customer request an interior made entirely of recycled wood. Wood was first used as a wall covering. The wooden panels are a connecting element in the whole apartment – theirs warm color is emphasized by matching paint. So that the one-room apartment looks optically larger, the architect has opted for white ceilings. Wooden bookcases – this time in black color provide ample storage space for books in the living room and cooking utensils in the kitchen. They also serve as room dividers and visually separate the living area into several functional rooms. Black sofa in the living room sets accents. The apartment has been decorated with old vases and statues. Golden accents add glamor to the interior. The acrylic chairs in the dining room make the decor look eclectic.

Furnishing ideas in country style – lighting

Bathroom shower cabin LED lighting blue color

The lighting plays a big role in the interior in the country house style. In the living area, sunlight comes through the windows, which protect with white curtains from the curious eyes of neighbors. Luminaires are mounted on the walls and create a combination with the fireplace romantic mood in the evening. The bathroom is integrated with LED lighting that sets accents. The blue light chain in the shower cubicle creates an oasis in the bathroom and contributes to relaxation and recovery of the senses.

Studio tastefully decorated – wood floor

Dining room kitchen country style decor ideas

Kitchen island with a rustic style

rustic kitchen interior furniture design

Acrylic chairs in the dining room

Wooden table cottage interior ideas

Shelves in the kitchen

multifunctional cooking island shelf vases metal

Small apartment with rustic interior

Country style furnishings recycled wood table

Bedroom with bed of recycled wood

House forest bedroom rustic bed design

Country-style bedroom

Bedroom country style ceiling lamps design ideas

Creative wall decoration – with old weapons

Wall deco idea country style design idea

Bathroom design ideas

Original chair rabbit ears wool upholstery

Bathroom design idea – white sink

Bathroom country style white washbasin design

Wooden panels in the toilet

Toilet bidet country style heating

20 ideas for dining furniture – combining table and chairs

dining room-design-rectangular-table-light-wood-black-upholstered chairs

Our 20 furnishing ideas for Dining furniture will give you some important tips on how to combine table, chairs, lighting and decoration according to the space available.

Choose the perfect dining room furniture – the table

dining room-design-rectangular-dining table-marble top-black-frame-wooden-bench

If you want to create a cozy atmosphere for your guests, you definitely need the right one Dining furniture , You can opt for custom-made furniture according to your dimensions, or for cheaper alternatives that look practical and look great. The first step on the way to your perfect dining room is to measure the available space – for a rectangular table, every seated person needs at least 61cm of space. If you expect many guests, or have a large family, you can count on an area of ​​54cm per person. If you a round table You can calculate an area of ​​64cm for each person. The table and chairs should have such a design, leaving enough space for the legs in the end.

Dining room furniture – the design of the chairs

dining room-design-rectangular-dining table-black plate-metal chair-ball-pendant lights

You can opt for different models of chairs. Chairs with a compact shape without armrests are suitable for small dining rooms or a limited dining area. Practical are cantilever chairs and chairs in the Scandinavian style. When the guests are seated, the back of the chair should be 40cm away from the table. In order to leave enough room for movement in the room, there should be a distance between the rooms chairs and the walls are at least 90cm long. If you want to organize a comfortable seat on the kitchen island, you can do so through bar stools. So the kitchen island should be 100cm high, and the bar stools in this case should be 65cm high.

Dining room furniture – materials and color schemes

dining room-design-white-chairs-rectangular-wood-dining table-white-pendant lights

trendy Dining furniture are the white chairs – they can be upholstered, made of leather or plastic. A large table with glass counter fits in perfectly with the modern interior. As a decoration you can choose interesting pendant lamps, chandeliers or paper lamps. Interesting modern artworks can catch the eye in the dining room. Be inspired by our suggestions and choose the best possible Dining furniture for your modern interior design!

dining room-design-white-rectangular-dining table and black chairs

Wooden furniture and round dining table

Flat-furnishing ideas wood furniture design rustic

Interesting wall design in the dining room

White Round pendant lights dining room design

minimalist dining room design

modern dining room design minimalist interior design

Cantilever chairs in the dining room

black-cantilever-chairs-dining room-yellow-wall decoration

Small dining area – furnishing idea

modern-Essyimmer-padded leather chairs

Black rattan furniture in the dining room

modern dining room design ideas Black Furniture

Plants as a decoration in the dining room

large glass table bar stool Dining Room plants

Plastic chairs with wooden legs

Modern-black-white-chairs-dining room-design idea

Dining table in retro look

modern-yellow chairs and dining room

Orange decoration in the dining room

Dining retro design wall design

Wooden furniture and decoration

Dining-wood furniture pendant lamp

Modern chairs in the white dining room

Dining room design dining-Scandinavian-set

Interesting black chandelier

Lighting-dining-room chandelier

Yellow accents in the wall

Dining Ikea-style set-yellow-blue

Dining Room Furniture design white chairs

elegant wooden chairs and white-dining-design

Pop Art dining bar stool signal colors

modern dining room design white chairs

The modern wine rack as decoration in the dining room

50 ideas for dining room design

Spotlight on modern dining room – interior ideas and tips

Trendy dining room decoration ideas

Combining gray parquet correctly – 20 ideas for living and inspirations

Gray parquet modern-living-room-combination-dark blue-dark gray-white

Parquet floors create a cozy atmosphere at home and suit every living style. Furthermore, they insulate well and are therefore also suitable for underfloor heating. Gray parquet is trendy and fits well with the home furnishings to adjust. Keep reading to find great ideas and helpful tips for choosing the right combination of gray parquet furniture.

The different variants for a gray parquet

Gray parquet oak-modern-private-library-apartment-elegant-chairs-floor-lamp

The type of wood that is best suited for a parquet in gray is definitely the oak. It naturally adds a gray to grayish yellow color. But if you want a strong and rich gray for your parquet floors, then it can be colored by treatment. Dark or light gray parquet is achieved by oiling, staining or liming the wood surface. In this case you have a large selection of wood species that can be dyed.

Gray parquet – the specific characteristics of the color

Gray parquet living room fireplace-candlesticks-ceiling lighting-recessed spots

Gray is a combination of black and white, which is very rare in nature. Nevertheless, it is a special color, which is suitable for different optical effects. Gray surfaces speak for calm and stability, especially in combination with neutral colors. The gray parquet is an appropriate choice for modern interiors with elegant furnishings.

Combine parquet in dark gray with light furniture

Gray parquet dark-gray-living-room-white-sofas-walls-modern-chandelier

For a perfect contrast between the furnishings and the parquet floor, choose the two in completely different tones. On a parquet in dark gray, for example, you can only put white furniture and use the white as well as wall paint. In this way, the attention is directed to the parquet and it becomes the accent in the room.

Parquet in gray in different shades

Gray parquet oak-oiled-herringbone-laying-type-light gray-dark gray

A gray parquet should not necessarily be monochrome. Two different gray tones can be alternated to create interesting effects on the ground. You can choose between laying patterns such as herringbone, cube, dressing and more and find the perfect one for your interior.

Gray parquet for kitchen and dining room

parquet-gray-light-dining room-kitchen-carpet-red-mural-color accent

The parquet in gray is suitable for every room in the house, even for open kitchens. However, if the floor covering in the kitchen and dining room is the same, we recommend covering the kitchen floor with a carpet, especially when it comes to light parquet. This protects the surface from falling objects and stains when cooking.

Gray parquet in the kitchen?

parquet-gray-kitchen-combination-black-under cabinets-white-countertops

Since the kitchen is the room in the house, where you constantly walk around, the decision for a real wood floor should be well thought out. On the one hand, this creates a beautiful look, on the other hand, the parquet has an uneven wear and is not completely moisture resistant.

Get gray parquet by coloring

parquet-gray extravagant apartment-neutral-color-dining-chandelier

If you already have a wooden floor at home that you do not want to confuse, but still prefer a different color, then you can opt for coloring the parquet. A good and subsequent coloring is achieved by color oils. Almost every type of wood can be dyed, but in the best case ask a specialist for further tips.

Parquet and decor in dark gray with purple color accents

parquet-gray-dark gray-dining room-dark-furniture-purple-colored accents

If a dramatic décor is achieved in dark tones, the combination of dark parquet in gray or gray brown is a suitable variant. We recommend the addition of a color accent to make the interior more elegant. Lavender lilac deco will certainly refresh the room, while retaining the effect of the dark colors.

Minimalist kitchen in gray

parquet-gray-minimalist-kitchen Engineered board-cooking island-dining room

The gray is perfect for minimalist style apartments, as this color is modern and suitable for all finishes. The kitchen is furnished with tables, chairs, countertops and even kitchen appliances in gray.

Combine gray parquet with brown

parquet-gray herringbone-pattern carpet laid-brick wall-dining-device-brown

Parquet in gray can be combined with other wooden furniture. The result is an exceptional yet beautiful interior that lends itself to a stylish interior. For even more elegant look, we recommend alternating gray parquet with brown in an interesting laying pattern.

Bright bedroom with parquet in gray

parquet-gray-light gray-bedroom-white-inspiration-device

Light gray parquet can be combined with light tones if you place a high value on the light in the apartment. Large windows, cabinets and doors with fine metal handles and glazed surfaces and decorations are well suited for rooms with such furniture.

The popular combination gray with old rose

parquet-gray-oak-bedroom-combination-old rose-bedroom bedspread beige carpet

Especially for girlish bedrooms is a combination of gray and old rose perfect. The gray parquet can be combined with a pink wall paint, bed linen, blanket or pieces of furniture.

Parquet in gray for the bathroom

parquet-black-bathroom-bathtub-wall mirror-beam ceiling-roof sloping

Subtle gray makes for more cosiness and a special impression in the living room and bedroom, in the kitchen and even in the bathroom. Yes, exactly to lay a gray parquet in the bathroom is also possible. It is important to clarify first whether the corresponding flooring is waterproof. If this is not the case, you can buy a shower cubicle or bath with shower enclosure for the bathroom.

Gray parquet for the private library at home

parquet-gray-oak-private library sofa-fireplace-large-windows-daylight

With gray finished parquet, you can also get the desired effect for comfort and well-being at home.

Idea for home furnishing – living room with parquet in gray

parquet-gray-flooring-living room-fireplace-chandelier-wandspiegel

A beautiful combination for the interior of the living room is achieved with dark furniture and light parquet. It is by no means meant only black and white, but for example a light gray parquet and dark gray or black seating. Nevertheless, you should be careful in the selection, so that it does not come to an uncomfortable and too dark establishment in the end.

Lay wooden floor in dark gray in the living room

parquet-gray-dark-black-white-device-beam ceiling-living room

The parquet is often used for the living room as it provides the opportunity for underfloor heating. So your whole family can walk around the house barefoot even in the cold winter days, without feeling the cold.

Colorful piece of furniture – a good complement to the parquet in gray

parquet-gray-oak-dark-green-sofa-color accent-living room-wandspiegel

If you want to furnish your living room with bright decor, then you can mitigate the too radiant effect with the help of the parquet in gray. With such a floor covering, you can without worries a colored piece of furniture in the living room.

Small living room in gray tones

parquet-gray-dark gray-small-living room-white-sofa-carpet

A good recommendation for decorating the living room with parquet in gray would be to choose different shades of gray for it. Our tip: buy the largest piece of furniture (usually the sofa) in a contrasting color to the parquet and the other furniture such as armchair and table in similar colors as the flooring. As a result, the colors overflow and create a nice atmosphere in the room.

Gray parquet – suitable for rustic decor

parquet-gray-living-classic safe-country style Victorian-chairs-beam ceiling

The parquet in gray can be laid in apartments in all kinds of living styles. As an example, we have presented this living room in country style, which also features elements of the classic style.


healthy diet »Diet by food combining – benefits & what to consider

diet food by-products animal products vegetables fruit cereals

Separating or combining foods properly is one of the most important elements of a healthy diet. It enables proper digestion in the body and supports the favorable course of metabolic processes. To get the maximum benefit from the food and one Diet by food combining you have to know the processes of digestion.

Nutrition by food combining for a well-being in the stomach

stomach well being health food digestion healthy heart hands

Nutrition through Food Combining – The breakdown of food begins in the mouth, where the alkaline digestion of carbohydrates, fats and sugar happens. The stomach processes the proteins and further degrades all carbohydrates, the absorption of proteins and fats then continues in the small intestine. The only acidic area in the body is the stomach. Saliva, intestines, blood and lymph are simply alkaline.

Nutrition by food combining – properly combine salads

preparation salad breakfast tomato slicing lettuce

Diet by food combining – The body needs simple structures for its normal functioning. Proteins are degraded to amino acids, fats to fatty acids and carbohydrates to simple sugars, which in turn are used for new recovery. Many diseases are caused by a wrong combination of foods. The food can not be well received, causing a process of fermentation and putrefaction in the organism. This in turn can lead to poisoning of the body, as well as to many toxins and harmful waste in the body. For example, if you feel gases in your stomach, then you can assume that they have formed in the body as a result of the poor combination of foods.

Diet by food combining – separate foods

food healthy isolated baguette leek paprika cheese chicken

To make your digestion easier, we therefore recommend that you eat only one type of food at a time. This way of diet by food combining is called mono-diet. However, it is difficult to follow this diet. Therefore, it is advisable to find the right combinations of foods that support your good digestion.

Animal products in diet by food combining

nutrition by entree meat animal products cheese wooden board

Animal products such as cheese, eggs, fish, meat should be eaten separately or for easier digestion in combination with green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, dill, parsley, iceberg lettuce, spinach, cucumber and others. For a diet by food combining, eat only one type of animal product with a meal. For example, green salad with cheese or green salad with cottage cheese. All other combinations such as animal product with animal product, animal product with cereals, legumes, seeds or nuts are inappropriate. It would be best to consume animal products in the evening, at least 3 hours before going to bed. To give the body enough time to break down and absorb the whole foods.

Diet by food combining – seeds and nuts

nuts diet almonds walnut sunflower seed pistachios

Seeds and nuts can also be combined well with green leafy vegetables, sometimes in combination with tomatoes, for diet by food combining. They are high protein foods and you should not consume more than 50 grams per day. Preliminary processing like soaking makes it easier to digest. These foods provide all our protein, fat and carbohydrate needs. For a diet by food combining it is recommended to consume only one kind of nuts or seeds daily.

Cereals and legumes in the diet

cereal food rice quinoa foodstuff

Cereals and legumes can be combined with each other and are therefore suitable as a combination in the diet by food combining. These combinations provide a complete protein that completely replaces the meat. The combination of grains and legumes is very suitable for people who want to go vegetarian. The easiest cereals for the body to process are gluten-free – millet, rice, buckwheat, quinoa , Amaranth, corn. For various chronic diseases it is advisable to consume only gluten-free food. Cereals and legumes are best combined with root vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, cabbage, sweet potatoes, beets and others for a diet by food combining.

Separated food diet with vegetables

fresh vegetables diet carrots eggplant tomatoes garlic

Vegetables can be consumed in the form of juices and used together in any combination. Green leafy vegetables blend well with proteins (animal foods, seeds, nuts). Root vegetables can be combined well with carbohydrate-rich foods (cereals). Also acceptable in the diet by food combining are some green leafy vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers semi-acid and sour fruits. They can be combined with each other.

Diet by food combining – fruits and fruits

fruit basket diet banana pineapple mango grapes

Fruits are a divine food and contribute a lot to our good health, especially if you eat a fruit variety in the morning or drink fruit juice (alone and in combination). Healthy fruit combinations for a diet by food combining can be: sweet fruits combine with just such and sweet with semi-acidic fruits.

Prepare juices for the food combining

juice fruit fruit orange orange kiwi blood orange

But if you really want to improve your health and get the most out of your diet and nutrition, then you must first and foremost Detoxify the body and clean, then put together the right combinations of food.

detoxify body detoxify diet by eating juice vegetable

At the DeaVita Team, we encourage you to eat only when you are really hungry. Only then is your digestive tract ready to process and absorb the food properly.

cereals legumes nutrition by slice potatoes bread rice

salad eat nutrition salad leaves tomato healthy

diet by food court dish idea shrimp healthy seafood

nutrition by separate health well-being gastro intestinal digestion

Cozy living – combining light wood and white

cozy living bright-wood-white-shelf-wall-living-room-kitchen

“Alfred Street Residence” is a single storey Victorian home in Prahran, Victoria, Australia, recently renamed Studio Four was rebuilt. A nice example, what live modern and comfortable is. The project started with the modification the ground floor and the construction of a new floor. The realized design offers more flexibility and allows each room to adapt to the dynamics of family life.

Modern and cozy living

Victorian-house-rebuilding-inside-decorative-vaulted stucco

With strategic redesign, each room on the ground floor was clearly demarcated by function by inserting new structures both horizontally and vertically. With small changes in ceilings and floor levels and the introduction of new expansion elements and planned openings, each room is clearly defined.

Cozy living – white and light wood

kitchen-open living-room high-bookshelf

Through a series of big ones Sliding glass doors Interiors have been connected to the outside area, maximizing the amount of natural light and fresh air in the house. While the kitchen has access to one Terrace with outdoor dining area another courtyard offers a green backdrop to the living room.

Living room furniture made of light wood

cozy living room-fireplace-wood-access-terrace

Upon arrival at the house, it is difficult to gain a view of the surrounding city street scene. This design strategy allows the ground floor spaces to interact with the landscape while maintaining privacy from adjacent homes. Inside the house there is a restrained range of materials that combines white and light wood. This provides a neutral background for the colorful collection of art, books and family items.

white kitchen and open shelves kitchenette and white-fronts-open-shelves-dining table chairs Light-wood

white kitchen unit and light wood furniture

kitchen-dining area-light-wood-white-combine

White and light wood

kitchen-white-kitchenette-dining area-moebel-light-wood

View from the kitchen to the living room

kitchen-light-wood-white-open living room

Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a green backdrop in the bathroom

bathroom-mirror-to-ceiling glass-fronts-view-garden

white painted tree trunk side tables in the bedroom

bedrooms and white wall-color and blue-coverlet

Floor plan ground floor

Alfred Street Residence Victorian-house-rebuilding-ground floor

first floor floor plan

Alfred Street Residence Victorian-house-floor plan

sketch Alfred Street Residence Victorian-house-rebuilding-sketch

Photos from: Shannon McGrath

Dreamhouses »Combining dark wood and gray in the house – an example from Mexico

Dark wood facade-home-backyard-pool-covered-terrace

This beautiful house in Guadalajara, Mexico shows how to dark wood and gray cleverly combined. It was designed according to the concept of the atrium and also bears this name. The central element is the large interior of double height in the middle of the house, from which the surrounding rooms are accessible. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls and well-thought-out lighting make the interior not dark, but particularly impressive.

Dark wood and white selected for facade


The house has two floors and a cellar. Upstairs are the private areas – three en-suite bedrooms, dressing room and a large TV room for entertaining. The ground floor comprises an office, living room with dining area and kitchen and covered terrace. In the basement are the Laundry room , Laundry room, engine room and parking for 5 cars. A room is also reserved there for the driver. Two elements in the house stand out particularly strong – the small courtyard with greenery in the middle of the main room and a wine cellar with glass ceiling, through which you can look into the house.

Dark wood goes well with gray

Dark wood facade-covered-terrace-flooring-natural stone slab-gray

Customer requirements were seamless transitions between rooms and optimal use of existing space. Thus, the living area is connected to the terrace and the garden through large sliding glass doors and the office can be used as a fourth bedroom – with access to the guest toilet and a private cloakroom.

Waterfall plant for the garden pond

Dark-wood-terrace-flooring-sun beds-pool-waterfall

Facade design and landscaping are also important aspects of building a house. Two large projections give form to the front and rear facades, while materials such as wood, stone and steel create beautiful contrasts.

Also take a look at the other beautiful features of this house!

white marble with gray fibers

Dark wood living room wallcovering-marble-shelf-corridor

Tree in a big planter in the middle of the house

Dark wood wall covering-marble-bio-ethanol-fireplace-tree-planter

the dense vegetation protects the privacy

Dark-wood-coffee table-light gray-sofas-window wall

Home accessories in black and silver complete the interior

Dark-wood coffee table-asymmetrical light gray sofas carpet-

Kitchen with white glossy fronts

Dark-wood-panels cover-indirect-lighting-white-kitchen-granite-countertops

Wall covering and dining table in the same wood tone

Dark-wood-wall tiling-dining table-light gray-marble-flooring

3D ceiling design in wood look

Dark-wood-bar stools-cover design-cuckoo-granite-gray

Wine cellar with transparent glass ceiling

Dark-wood-shelves-cellar-natural stone-wall tiling

on a transparent glass floor standing armchair

cellar-glass bottom-chair-side table-light gray wall color

Contrast between natural stone and wood

Dark-wood-living room interior door-stone facade outside-

dark wood and gray in the bedroom


2 seater sofa between bed and flat screen TV

Dark-wood-shelves-bedroom-2's sofa

floor to ceiling glass wall in the bathroom

Dark-wood-fronts-bad-basin cabinet under-glass wall

Natural stone and wood in the bathroom

Dark-wood-basin-cabinet front-granite-countertop-bathtub-glass wall

nice walk-in closet


Guest bathroom

Dark-wood-bathroom-under-cabinet-granite basin-plate

Underground parking for 5 cars

tiefgarage-epoxy-floor-black-floor lights

floating steps over pond

input-house Pond gehplatten-natural stone-asymmetrically

3 pine in the front yard

Dark-wood-facade-natural stone-gray-white-vorgarten

Designed and built by RAMA Construcción y Arquitectura

Wall paint for children’s rooms – combining green and beige

wall paint for kids room neutral nightstand green murals

Choose a cute one Wall paint for children’s room – green. Combine mint color with beige and decorate a sweet baby or nursery , These pastel colors have a calming effect and can be perfectly combined with each other. They are also very practical as they are suitable for both boys and girls. Over time, they can only change a few accents without having to re-sting the walls. In addition, the combination is currently very popular.

Wall paint for children’s rooms – mint and beige

wall paint for kids room beige mint green furniture idea vintage curtains

The first thing you should do is select the basic color – the perfect variant is a shell of beige and white brown , White cabinets refresh the design and a wall sticker in mint color, a carpet or a beanbag in light green can make all the difference. Sweet see also nursery with blanket in mint color or other accents. The overall look is complemented by suitable lighting. White, semi-mottled curtains with mint patterns make the room look bright and spacious. The right Wall paint for children’s room selecting a mint-colored wall is always a daunting task, but it’s too noticeable and cold. In comparison, the beige color gives a certain warmth to the interior and ensures that the child feels well. Our tip – change the decor a little bit every year – for example, a girl can get a pink wardrobe or a rug – and it fits the design anyway.

Wall paint for children’s room for two

wall color for kids room playful design green furniture bed linen beige carpet

If two siblings need to be accommodated in the same room, you can use the neutral color scheme. Let each child have their own corner where they can decorate in peace. So children can learn from an early age to express their personality creatively. Plush toys in mint color will have a calming effect. The Wall paint for children’s room must be chosen so that it is easy to clean and refresh. Here is the biggest advantage of the beige compared to light pink, purple or yellow. Be inspired by these designs and decorations. We wish you a lot of fun with the furnishing of the nursery!

Modern nursery

wall paint for kids rooms modern furnishings beige high pile carpet green wardrobe

Wall color in beige

wall paint for kids room idea toy boxes bin green accent

Sweet pillows

Pillow sweet nursery decor

Sweet paper lamps in the girls room

sweet girl room siblings

Modern desk

Set up the nursery Schreibitsch

Wall decoration in the nursery – wallpaper

interesting wall design play corner

Baby room in green

Baby room set up - green stripes

Green decorative cushions and beige wall paint

beige white nursery design

Carpet in mint color

sweet girl's room-green mint beige

Nursery in green and beige

pink green beige color girl's room

Classic baby room

Baby room classic decor plusche

Set up a children's room for two children

Loft bed wall stickers kids room

two desks children's room

Scandinavian furniture – combining furniture skillfully

Apartment set up ideas living room furniture combine

The Scandinavian institution has been very hot lately. We guess the basic principles of interior design and give you some inspiring ideas on how to skillfully combine furniture and accessories.

Scandinavian decor – simple furniture in neutral colors

Sofas Decorative cushion faux fur bedspread

The Scandinavian institution may look puristic and even boring at first glance, but the first impression is misleading – this apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden is an excellent example of this. Furnished with great attention to the details, the interior looks inviting and charming. Located in a noble neighborhood, in an old building, the apartment has been completely renovated. To give your home a similar look, these tips will help you:

Scandinavian furnishings – effectively stage the furniture

comfortably set up ideas to combine colors

– First paint the walls and ceiling white and lay laminate / or floor / floor in all rooms / light woods such as oak, ash and larch are perfect for this. The neutral color scheme is the perfect backdrop for the modern decor.

– Buy one or two poster sofas in chocolate shade for the living room. The simple pieces of furniture can be spruced up with cuddly knitted bedspreads and many throw pillows with stripe patterns. Together with two small side tables / which can be used as optional coffee tables / they will form a comfortable seating area. A fake fur shaggy rug will provide warmth and coziness. Open wall shelving systems in the industrial style complete the interior and provide storage space for the book collection.

– The kitchen is traditionally completely decorated in white. The kitchen cabinets with stainless steel handles and clear lines make the room look well structured.

– The bedrooms are also decorated in black and white. The only exception – the oak wardrobe. The warm wood color creates cozy atmosphere.

set up ideas cozy furniture metal coffee tables

Scandinavian decor – the living room in neutral colors

set up faux fur armchair three legs

Upholstered armchair with faux fur – bedspread

Sweden modern decor ideas Scandinavian

The large kitchen with white fronts

Scandinavian cuisine ideas design white

The white color makes it appear optically larger

Apartment Scandinavian live kitchen wood

Wallpaper on the wall – floral pattern for homely ambience

Kitchen decorating ideas stylish attractive ideas

Worktop made of wood

Flat kitchen white wallpaper wall

Scandinavian furnishings – the puristic kitchen furniture is in vogue

modern apartment set up ideas beanbag leather

Modern bedroom with a minimalist decor

Ideas modern simple bedroom

Scandinavian furniture – furniture for the bedrooms

Scandinavian furniture stripes wallpaper

Wallpaper with stripes behind the bed headboard

Oak wood wardrobe mirrored door modern decor

Glass white tiles modern decor

Scandinavian living style furnished ideas Vanity wood oak Scandinavian bathroom furniture

Design ideas larch wood plank floor

Scandinavian furniture furniture balcony select

Balcony Scandinavian apartment set up ideas

Ideas Living Room Bedroom Baths Blueprint