38 Ideas for curtains and drapes that conjure comfort at home

Ideas-curtain curtains Strip Floral Design Shaggy

Curtains and curtains can serve different purposes. In winter, they provide more comfort and help to preserve the heat in the premises, in the summer they serve as effective sun protection and protection. Curtains may be translucent or opaque, patterned or plain, short or long, depending on taste and need. The classic fabric sunscreen beautifies the night windows and sets elegant and colorful accents. In addition, curtains visually enhance a living space. So do you need new elements for your living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen? Get suggestions from ours Ideas for curtains and curtains that create more comfort. Create one pleasant atmosphere in-house with the design suitable for your living concept.

Ideas for curtains and curtains that provide comfort at home

Ideas-curtain curtains flower motifs-vintage-livingroom

In recent years, the curtain was considered old-fashioned. Today, the decorative experience sun protection made of cloth his comeback. It is characterized by a delicate surface, easy installation and operability. The curtain is ideal as a window decoration. Choose from countless fabrics, colors, textures and designs, something suitable to your furnishing style. The Ideas for curtains and curtains are limitless. Curtains made of cotton, linen, polyester in conventional and unusual designs become optical highlights. They protect against prying eyes from passers-by and neighbors.

Room design with color – ideas for curtains and curtains

Ideas-curtain curtains flower pattern pink bedroom

Classic, playful or simple, transparent or darkening, draped or smooth – what fits your interior design style best? The traditional window clothing in addition to its decorative effect allows natural light to flood the room while providing privacy.

Modern and elegant – curtains with striped patterns

Ideas-curtain curtains Parlor pastel stripes

Set up vintage living rooms – curtains with floral patterns make for a happy mood

Curtain curtains living room-set romantic floral design

The curtains pictured above can be found at Designer Guild

Elegant and simple – window dressing

furniture ideas for the living room curtain curtains subtly translucent

Opaque curtains and curtains are popular in the bedroom

Bedroom Undergarment Pattern Overlay Curtain Window Decoration

In summer, curtains prevent glaring solar radiation

Curtains Curtains Blinds Workroom chair extravagant

Effectively draped curtains in turquoise blue

bedroom drapes-drapes turquoise-blue color scheme modern

Moody curtains in yellow for a good mood

chandelier metal yellow curtains living room ideas homeliness

Privacy protection made of fabric in summer colors

modern opaque curtain fabric design-color scheme-yellow-burgundy

Monochrome striped curtain

ideas sunscreen curtain-striped black and white yellow sofa

W A flowing woven curtain

Soft flowing woven curtain Filigree privacy screen

Curtains with different effect yarns

Curtain nursery colors design translucent

Mini-curtain for the kitchen solid

Curtain rod Mini sliding curtain Blinds ideas Window decoration

Patterned draped curtains matched to the wallpaper

Decorate with wallpapers - decorative curtains pattern

Panel curtain

classic window clothing curtain pattern translucent

Curtain decoration element for the home

Artfully set up living room Ideas curtains curtains effect yarns

Curtains made of opaque fabrics

Sunscreen Thick Curtain Ideas Window Clothing

Window curtains

traditional window decoration privacy sun protection curtain

Door curtain

Door curtain luxury furniture chair upholstery fabrics wall decoration ideas

Patterned curtains

home modern turquoise privacy classic plain curtains translucent

Privacy screen for bedroom in Bordeaux

Curtain opaque fabric furnishings bedroom privacy screens ideas

Traditional window clothing

transparently draped curtain lighting effects set up living room

Translucent curtain with floral patterns

Curtain Vintage Puff Interior Design Solutions Retro Curtain

Classic white simple curtain

Setting up living room ideas Curtains translucent lace

Sun protection in the nursery

Red curtain-opaque children's room design Komode night table yellow

Vintage window decoration

Vintage curtain flowers pattern traditional window dressing home decor

Curtain with soft pleats

Baby room ideas design privacy curtains drapes-texture carpet

Draped fabric curtains

modern curtain plissees sunscreen fabric living room

Classic black and white combination

Horizontal strip Curtain fabric Sliding curtain Curtain rod

Shabby Chic bathroom curtain

Shabby chic bathroom fashion vintage curtains-red white-ideas privacy

Thick window curtains in red

window covering ideas red curtains cozy home textiles

Hidden curtain rod above the window

Textile Surface Curtains Mounting Curtain Wallpaper Vintage Pattern

Strong colors for a cozy atmosphere

Oval room fabric curtain-look eye-pink

Living room pitched curtains curtains privacy screens ideas fabric

Curtains drapes draped gray blue coziness ideas

Curtain yellow decorative element to create home-comfort

Curtains drapes draped gray blue coziness ideas

Curtain yellow decorative element to create home-comfort

Cuddly baby furniture – seating and lying comfort for the little ones

Fluffy Baby Stuffed Animals Seating Modern Design

When setting up the baby room you should pay attention not only to safety but also to child-friendly design. The baby room must look cheerful and colorful from day one and be functionally furnished. Thanks to the optimal coordination between design and function, leading designers today achieve the attractive appearance and at the same time the desired high level of comfort with ergonomics tailored to the needs of children. The highest priority is the safety of Baby furniture granted.

Exclusive baby furniture radiate heat

Baby bean bag furniture-for baby room ideas furnishing

Children and Baby furniture are found in a variety of models and designs, which makes the nursery equipment for parents a breeze. But some models are distinguished by their special qualities, creative design or innovative choice of materials. Baby Beanbags and poufs offer high seating and lying comfort in an attractive and functional design. Your advantage: these furniture can be used for many years and you save money.

Comfortable baby furniture in a trendy look

Beanbag for Kids Pink Patterned Design furniture

The interior design world offers many ideas for small people – from stools, cushions, to bean bags. Plushy stuffed animals are modern quality toys. With them you can create a child-friendly environment in your home.

Tenderness and love for the children

Cuddly toy Baby furniture ideas Beanbags Floor cushions

The baby room is not only a place to sleep, but also additional space that turns into an adventurous world during the day and into a cozy corner in the evening. Playing helps with the development of the child. Every day your baby rediscovers the world. It is important to give the child the opportunity to use one’s senses. Cuddly toys are perfect for that. The selection is very big, as individual as your little darling.

Cuddly toy poufs arouse your baby’s interest and can help you fall asleep

Cuddly toy nursery design idea beanbag

Baby equipment – cute and unobtrusive

Nursery furniture Poufs Cuddly-soft

Plush toys for baby room

Child furniture pouf-for floor baby-furnishing ideas

Colorful kids bean bags with funny designs

Beanbag comfort for baby-children dog frog

Cuddly toys and poufs

Baby furniture Petite octopus beanbags

Children’s recliner in bold colors

Baby seat design ideas colorful armchair

Kids Furniture Design Toys Nursery Accessories Cushion

Baby furniture design pouf-dragon cuddly

Home & Garden »The metal garden bench by La Chance for more comfort while chatting

Alluminium red color original design

We present you an elegant Garden bench made of metal in extravagant red color and original design. Made of aluminum, the bench offers comfortable seating for 5 people.

Extravagant garden bench made of metal – the concept

Pieces garden bench comfortable seating five people

With this aluminum bench by La Chance, you no longer need to constantly turn aside when chatting. It was designed by designer Luca Nichetto. His inspiration came from Amelia Earhart, who lost the flight of a red Lockheed Vega 5B. The two backrests represent the wings of their aircraft. Their elegant and slim shape is due to the aluminum honeycomb panels. This extravagant garden bench made of metal is light and weatherproof.

Garden bench made of metal – how to make a comfortable seating area

fresh color innovative design just talk

As you know, aluminum does not rust. This bench can accommodate up to 5 people. It is an improved version of the Tete a tete seat, which was also designed for entertaining (Tete a Tete is French and means head to head). The shiny cherry red makes the extravagant garden bench made of metal an eye-catcher in your outdoor area. Put them on the porch, in the garden or in the yard. No matter where she “lands”, she will be astonishing. Just like Amelia Earhart.

Modern and comfortable garden bench in strong color

orange color french designer backrest

Red garden bench with space-saving design

Seat red color modern design ideas metal

Exclusive designer seating for the ultimate in comfort and style

poltrone-leather chair-Exclusive designer seating flexform

The “Mood” collection by Flexiform from Milan, Italy

The luxurious one “Mood” collection from Flexform introduces exclusive designer seating that offers discerning customers elegance and supreme comfort. The stylish sofa collection is the result of the collaboration of three up-and-coming designers, John Hutton, Carlo Columbo and Roberto Lazzeroni.

Creative collaboration produces exclusive designer seating

Astrid armchair-alberto-Lazzeroni-design

As you would expect from an Italian company, exquisite style is high on the list of this creative team. They are not overly interested in minimalism and instead strive to produce warm and inviting furniture that can follow the style of a traditional line. They believe that the furniture should actively improve the mood at home and make life more enjoyable. Flexiform’s “Mood” collection is a versatile collection that creates a special appeal through selective craftsmanship rather than mass production. This collection contains many unusual and exciting styles and variations, so there is ample choice for the customer. What all these designs share is a wonderfully relaxed look, showing a perfect synthesis of shapes and materials.

Exclusive designer seating inspired by classicism

Exclusive designer seating flexform-collection

Although the concept of minimalism in the design and manufacture of these pieces is rejected, these exclusive designer seating is not overly decorated. The casual and sophisticated look is the result of the combination of simple shapes and clean lines with soft voluminous shapes. Decorative elements are unobtrusive as in the classical tradition.

“Good design is the expression of instantly recognizable values, it is the joy of the senses that caresses the soul.”
Reference from the Flexform website

Exclusive designer seating flexform-bench-leather respect

Following in the tradition of the great artists of the Italian Renaissance, Flexform’s design embodies this age in pure culture, where rationality and harmony of form and function are inspired by humanistic and multicultural influences.

leather armchairs

Exclusive designer seating flexform-leather armchairs black

As these beautiful pictures show, there is a wide range of fabulous designs to choose from. There are sofas and chairs to suit all furnishing styles. Everyone is discreet and tasteful, whether really modernist in shape, or more traditional. The good news is that due to Flexiform’s extensive international marketing activities wherever you live in the world, there is probably a Flexiform agent nearby to get you these exclusive designer seating.

from Jaz

Oscar sofa

Oscar-sofa-Exclusive designer seating-Flexform-

Poltrona armchair

Poltrona-chair-Exclusive designer seating-Flexform-

Poltrona cream armchair

poltrona-cream-chair-Exclusive designer seating-Flexform-

Designer Ottoman

Exclusive designer seating flexform-ottoman

Sofa bed

lounge sofa-Flexform-

lounge-bedded-Exclusive designer seating-Flexform-

Chaise Lounge

chiaselongue-Exclusive designer seating-Flexform-

Dragonfly sofas


ALfred Sofa



Home & Garden »The modern bungalow for comfortable living and comfort

modern bungalow roof-garden-minimalist lawn

The detached single-storey residential buildings, known as Bungalows , undisputedly belong to the most popular house types in the European area afterwards in Germany. If you want to enjoy barrier-free living throughout the house, then that is modern bungalow exactly the right type of construction for you.

What is a bungalow?

modern bungalow wood original lighting garden

The word “bungalow” means “country house” and comes from the Hindi (bangalā). The term is commonly used for single-family homes, even if it only has one living floor. Although Bungalows Often built with a flat roof, these offer great architectural design freedom. There is no definition of the roof shape. Of the modern bungalow w is also associated with a holiday and weekend house. However, this house type symbolizes the unpretentious comfort.

The classic modern bungalow architecture

modern bungalow minimalist-bauhaus-gray-facade

Both the classic and the modern bungalow often has wide spaces. The main living room and sanitary facilities are located on the main living area. Children’s rooms, offices or guest rooms do not necessarily have to be on the same living level with the living area. The certain separation is even beneficial.

Various modern bungalow types

modern bungalow-dining room-design-idea-glazed walls

Of course, it brings with it a plus in living comfort to have all important living spaces on one level. Also inside is the modern bungalow often designed to be particularly open: to the unity of living room, dining area and kitchen are still the small stairs, continuous glass facades, floor-to-ceiling windows, which not only allow the view, but also the exit to the outside.

Bungalows built on the hillside

modern bungalow-kennel-copenagle-idee-creeper-terrace

For land that is located on a slope, a can Bungalow with a hillside be built below the main floor. The side rooms embedded in the slope or above ground can be designed as an independent residential unit.

Modern detached house with flat roof

Detached house with flat roof bungalow construction glazing Niagara Vineyard

Villa Niagara Vineyard, Andrew Snow Photography

Another variant is the detached houses with a staggered storey, which covers only a portion of the ground floor.

Living comfort on one level

bungalow architecture with pent roof white facade Eisner Design LLC

House of Eisner Design LLC

Of the modern bungalow is equipped with the latest technology and offers freedom for innovative architectural ideas.

A furnished porch is usually available

Bungalow with wooden deck-floor-to-ceiling sliding-door outdoor seating

Jill’s Modern Berkeley Bungalow Jill Interior decorating

Bungalow in beach style

Beach Bungalow open space design sliding glass

Beach Bungalow by Robert Young Architects

The bungalow stands for unpretentious comfort

Modern bungalow architecture wood facade front yard river house-McClellan Architects

River house by McClellan Architects

Flat roof bungalow architecture made of concrete potted plants integrated in the front yard

Melody Lane from coop 15 architecture

Modern family house bungalow architecture Wooden facade Ross residence

Ross residence by Griffin enright architects

Accessibility throughout the house

Modern Detached House Architecture Design Outdoor Living Access Jills Modern Berkeley Bungalow

Jills Modern Berkeley Bungalow Visual Jill Interior decorating

Terraces floor tiles-wood bungalow-modern residence

Villa Niagara Vineyard, Andrew Snow Photography

Beach house Bungalow detached house with flat-roof-continuous glass panes

Stinson Beach House by WA Design

Detached house with flat roof Bungalow-Typical Features-Villa Vicin O Mare

Bungalow Vicin O’Mare by Allen Associates

Wood verande furniture chairs Mission Hills Modern bungalow architecture

Mission Hills Bungalow by SK residental design & drafting

Modern Bungalow Types Porch Canopy lights glass panes

Modern Bungalow of Kaufman Homes Inc

flat roof bungalow construction modern with garage on the hillside

Home of Sean Key Design Architecture

King bed in the master bedroom – double bed for more comfort?

Wood frame modern stylish two wood color

If you occasionally flick through an interior magazine, it’s yours Term king size bed certainly known. But what is actually behind it, and what is the difference to the German double bed and the American Queen bed? As the names suggest, the three differ in size.

What is a king size bed?

Bed frame neutral wall color laminate floor white

The double beds are divided into three categories depending on the dimensions:

As the smallest double bed applies the so-called queen size bed – with dimensions of 130cm – 145cm X 200 cm. This bed is suitable for small bedrooms and offers comfort for one person. Couples planning a holiday in the UK or the US can book a Queen Room. However, two people should not sleep on the bed permanently – the sleeping position with a narrow bed could lead to back problems.

Under French bed is a double bed with dimensions between 150-180cm understood. The model is usually available in Germany in the width of 160cm and is supplied with a slatted base. This offers a decisive advantage – namely, that a suitable mattress can be found. So couples are comfortable on the double bed.

The King-size bed is the third variant – with a width of 180cm up to 200cm it offers more than enough lying surface. But as often the owners of such a bed can convince themselves, larger lying surface is not equal to high comfort. Two mattresses fit in the bed frame – creating a gap in the middle of the bed. High-quality designer beds are offered with a mattress of appropriate size – of course, cost more, but the investment is worth in any case.

King size bed in the master bedroom – the double bed ensures optimum comfort

Oak wood bed frame shaggy rug pictures modern

Kingsize bed white frame pendant lights carpet

modern bedroom with a wide double bed and mattress – special production

Kingsize generous lounger wide natural stone wall bedroom

These beds are from the collection of Gomodern

dark beech wood shaggy rug picture back

The double bed is divided into three categories depending on the width

Wall color modern double bed design ideas

King size bed is between 180-200 inches wide

Double bed french comfortable comfortably design ideas

French bed has a width between 140-160cm

Minimalist Beds Kingsize Fireplace Bedroom

Queen bed is mostly up to 140cm wide

Kingsize bed white color wood frame low bedside table

Bedroom design ideas white bed frame

Design white upholstery fabric throw pillows

Bed headboard shaggy rug black white picture

Natural stone slabs wall covering bedroom

Bed oak color light brown neutral

Frame metal legs concrete wall bedside table round

Headboard carpet cherry blue carpet

Fabric bed headboard parquets oak wood

Bedroom upholstery carpeted wall shelf

Bedroom mattress width select ideas high quality

Upholstery yellow gray wall paint vertical stripes

Kingsize bed box wood designer furniture

Large Bed Headboard Ideas Width King Size

Bedroom set up ideas black upholstered bed

minimalist bedroom design ideas king size bed

Corner Sofa Designs – Elegance and comfort in the living room

corner sofa-designs-living room-furnitures-white-black-Scandinavian

The corner sofa is very trendy – space saving and comfortable, with storage box and reclining function, the piece of furniture is not without reason among the bestsellers of furniture stores. But how is the sofa in the living room stylishly set in the scene? We have 30 stylish suggestions for you as inspiration Corner sofa designs collected by prestigious Italian brands. Let yourself be inspired!

Corner sofa designs in spotlight – Wohntrends 2014

Leather sofa folding backrest wood armchair

The Corner sofa designs will also be in the spotlight of the furniture collections in 2014. But this year, the bold colors return and instead are replaced with subtle neutral tones. Purple, dark blue and green create a cheerful atmosphere in the living room, while the absolute classics black and white create a modern ambience. Clean lines characterize the designs and add the modern living concept. The corner sofa is of course perfect for the corner, but it can also be placed in the middle of the room – and set as an accent in the room.

Corner sofa designs create a stylish look in the living room

Strawberries stool glass table wall shelves modern stylish

The Corner sofa designs are often decorated with colorful pillows. Around the corner sofa, wall shelves, side tables or a glass table can be arranged. For a cozy reading space, you simply need a cotton blanket and a floor lamp. Put a rug in front of the sofa – This increases the heat factor in the room.

Stylish leather furniture for the living room – Collection of BB Italia

Leather sofa black golden lamp Italy

Even the little one living room can be set up with a corner sofa

small living room space saving design ideas

Corner sofa designs in cherry red as an accent in the interior

Cherry Red Sofa Design Ideas Wall Design Original

Modular Corner Sofa Designs – Set in Chocolate Brown

Corner sofa dark brown color beige rug design

Modern collection of seating furniture by Minotti

Wall shelves books collection modern stylish decorating ideas

The upholstered sofa with reclining function – nice addition to the interior

purple day bed wall unit wood corner sofa beige

Neutral color scheme makes the living room bright and comfortable

modern stylish original designs beige color

Living room with wooden shelves and a functional sofa set – Italian elegance

Chocolate brown color wall shelf wood

Modern decor -the blue side table and the wall shelves set accents

Wall shelves white blue side table corner sofa accent wall dark

The gray upholstered sofa is an absolute furniture classic and can be perfectly integrated into the modern home

Stripe orange color modern stylish wall decor wallpaper

Corner sofa with reclining function and storage box – the individual modules can be quickly reconfigured

Ideas white upholstery cushion modern living room set up

Storage lighting round rug beige shaggy

puristic set up black sofa folding back reclining function

Living room set up original ideas modern stylish

set up white color enough blue pillows

Living room design corner sofa design ideas functional practical

Corner sofa design ideas living room furniture upholstery fabric

Design Ideas Living Room Stylish Design White Color

Decorative pillow blanket cotton neutral color living room

Upholstered Sofa Stainless Steel Legs Pictures Wall Deco

Design reclining storage space decoration ideas

Living room set up stylish upholstered furniture Italian

Stainless steel black accent wall white upholstered sofa

Living room reclining function modern stylish shaggy rug

Ideas living room Italian designer furniture white side table

Corner sofa designs -Design ideas upholstered sofa plush beanbag purple red

Inflatable furniture offers comfort in the midst of nature

Inflatable furniture design yellow inflatable sofa design

Who likes to spend his holiday camping in the middle of nature, and still would not want to give up the conveniences of his own home, can now look forward – inflatable furniture with stylish design can provide the comfort of your own home.

Inflatable furniture for the holidays in the open air

Inflatable furniture design design

The mark Blofield Air Design offers inflatable furniture that stands out for its durability and high capacity utilization. The pieces of furniture are made of plastic. The collection includes several pieces of furniture – a round armchair with built-in table provides seating for all friends. The design is especially useful for camping – it is easy to carry, takes up little space and can be cleaned quickly. The material is UV protected, waterproof and extremely resistant. Glamping fans will also enjoy the furniture collection. Two-seater sofas and an inflatable armchair are sure to be highlights in the glamping tent.

Inflatable furniture for the home

Room furnishing sofa table original

If you do not have much room in your own home or just need original interior design ideas, you can inflatable Furniture to use as accents. The sofas are very practical for parties – they offer more seating space, and then can be stored in the closet. Also as office furniture they are well suited – especially for relaxing during the lunch break or as a sitting area during the coffee break, they can come in use. Outdoor public events can use the sofas. They can even be placed by the pool or on the balcony. The pieces of furniture are supplied with an electric pump, which makes inflation much easier. The collection is available in several color options – raspberry red, azure blue, black, green, yellow.

Inflatable furniture design as office Facility ? Why not!

original cheap office furniture sofa inflatable

Cozy two-seater in white

Design sofa inflatable white color two people

Black color

black sofa two-seater garden furniture

Raspberry red color as an accent in the interior

Sofa design backside inflatable

Armchair for the garden

Rubber white color backside

Bench and table

Furniture green table camping equipment

Stylish and practical

Table chair inflatable virtually space saving

Small armchair – also suitable for the nursery

raspberry red chair inflatable raspberry red

Bench in yellow color

Stool inflatable camping ideas

Glamping with inflatable furniture

inflatable camping equipment ideas

Holidays in the open air

Armchair white plastic inflatable living room

Garden table and furniture for the pool area

Furniture inflatable summer pool

Indirect lighting on the ceiling ensures comfort

indirect lighting hat shape bright furnishing walls white gray carpet

The LED indirect lighting is a nice addition to the modern interior. The lighting system is particularly easy to hang on Cover mount and is thus an energy-saving practical alternative to the usual light sources.

Indirect lighting on the ceiling – fairy lights create beautiful effects

indirect lighting ceiling round sofa living room dining area wood furniture

The suspended ceiling is a time-saving variant for renovation , Mostly it is assembled from several panels. The individual parts are manufactured / cut to customer dimensions and then assembled on site. The assembly itself is extremely fast – within one day. Then the ceiling can be painted. Proper lighting is also crucial to the successful renovation – so holes are usually drilled in the ceiling in advance and wall sconces are mounted. The cables are hidden in the free space between the suspended panels and the old ceiling. Optionally, the so-called LED strips or LED lights install – they emphasize the beautiful architectural shape of the ceiling.

Indirect lighting for which room in the house?

indirect lighting blue kitchen idea strip tiles white drawers

The light in indirect form has a more decorative function. It protects the eyes and is therefore particularly well suited for use in the bedroom or bathroom. Even in larger living areas, the installation of indirect lighting makes sense – thus creating a seamless transition between the dining room, living room and kitchen. In addition, this makes the large room brighter and more comfortable.

And if you like experimenting, you can spice up your neutral interior with colored lights – red or blue light effects will surely fascinate your guests.

Living room lighting

indirect lighting living room furniture leather black yellow light

Indirect light in the youth room

indirect lighting youth room idea white light design wardrobe

Suspended ceiling with lighting effects

suspended ceiling LED light string gold color accent lighting

The ceiling is accentuated by light accents

LED fairy lights modrne design neutral colors

Modern and practical for the large living area

fashion suspended ceiling LED lighting Shaggy carpet

Living room in neutral colors lighting idea

fashion wood bench suspended ceiling laminate floor

minimalist decor completely in white and purple

LED indirect lighting mount sofa set

The lighting protects the eyes

Living room suspended ceiling modern seating fireplace LED lighting

Living room with LED lighting – the soft lighting ensures cosiness

Lighting ceiling living room ideas original creative

Ceiling design as an accent in the interior

Lighting Wall Panel Ceiling Design Ideas

The suspended ceiling is a practical alternative for renovation

Living room Wohnideen Holz Dielenboden cooking island

Suspended ceiling above the dining area

suspended-ceiling carpet kitchen LED cabinet

Also for the bedroom, the type of light is perfect

Kilim color accents LED lighting TV

Lighting living room ideas stylish orange color

Indirect-lighting playroom basement aquarium billiard

LED fairy lights kitchen style ceiling dining area

Living room blue LED string lights accents

Ceiling indirect lighting natural stone wall decoration

Ceiling design ideas modern stylish blue light

Ceiling kitchen back wall indirect-lighting glass panels behind

Lighting purple color ceilings design ideas

indirect-lighting circles corridor design

Fairy Lights Gold Color Sofa Set Leather Home Theater

Ceiling panels modern stylish creative design idea

Fashion »Basic fashion for more comfort and style in everyday life – 10 must-haves

Basic fashion-shopping-style-fashion-conscious-tastefully

The time around the season change is a great opportunity to think about what you want to do better with your wardrobe in the future. Usually in winter, summer clothes are stored in the attic and vice versa. Tops and basic T-shirts are great for parties or under a blazer, and you can use cardigans instead of jackets in the summer. On the other hand, you never have enough space in the closet to have all your clothes ready. Basic fashion parts combine perfectly with every occasion and every season.

Basic fashion and basic clothes

Basic fashion-wardrobe-clothes-dilemma-dressing-trend

Monochrome garments with a classic cut belong in every wardrobe. They fit almost every occasion and save us a lot of time in the morning in front of the wardrobe. Fashionable basics such as tops, T-shirts and blouses are all-rounders, which are usually worn in spring and summer, but can still wear them at low temperatures using the onion principle. Therefore, they never have to leave our wardrobe and the annoying back and forth storage is spared us. The universal basic fashion gives you more style without having to invest much time in putting together the outfit. Once the right clothes purchased, you never get involved in one Clothes dilemma ,

Basic Fashion – 10 Must-Have Pieces

Basic fashion style blouse must-have

The Basic Mode convinces above all by its feel-good character. Comfortable fabrics and high-quality workmanship guarantee the high wearing comfort and the durability of the clothing. In addition, the classic cuts are always up to date and you can build a stylish outfit anytime and on any occasion. The simple pieces combine flexibility and versatility, so we recommend high quality, sustainable clothing invest, which serves as a good basis for your tasteful wardrobe. These 10 fashionable basics must not be missing in any wardrobe:

  • classic jeans in not too noticeable wash
  • a high-quality, classic T-shirt, there is a wide selection Textilwaren24.de
  • a silk or crepe blouse in classic cut and classic color like black, white, gray or powder
  • a denim shirt
  • a well-fitting black blazer
  • a ring puppet
  • a classic monochrome dress with no eye-catching details and not necessarily black – e.g. Sheath
  • comfortable, classic, black pumps
  • a pair of white sneakers
  • a small eye-catcher bag or clutch

Basic Mode and Color Blocking

Basic fashion-color-glaring-color-blocking-trend

Basic fashion does not mean colorless and impersonal. Especially in summer, when you’re in the mood for more color, Color Blocking is a popular trend. The look revolves around the color combination, which is achieved either through striking color contrasts or similar color surfaces. It is important to create defined color fields and not to find a colorful garment. For example, you can mix pink and yellow or orange, mainly the individual shades harmonize with each other. Now many people think: What a tastelessness! These colors do not match at all! Yes, but it depends on exactly matching the nuances and not exaggerating. So choose two colored pieces and combine a neutral counterpart, such as something black or white, optional jeans.

Basic Mode – All in one color, but not boring

Basic fashion color neutral red wardrobe tips

Clear colors and great color gradations are good in itself, then unusual cuts are a bit too much. Monochrome or still referred to as a tone-on-tone look is a trend that is characterized within the outfit by its color design and less by eye-catching details. Much more emphasis is placed on an interesting combination of different fabrics, such as figure-hugging and coarse knit or transparent and opaque. A complete look in curry seems extremely charming and really successful, and the matching top in a similar color is definitely somewhere in your closet.