Compact kitchen by Snaidero – sink, cooking and dining area on the board

Compact kitchen Snaidero wood kitchen living room shelves built-in oven

The design solutions for small apartments are becoming ever more innovative and provide us with clever ideas on how to optimally design our limited space. You can have a modern kitchen without sacrificing functionality and pleasing aesthetics. The Italian kitchen manufacturer Snaidero presents one compact kitchen , which combines everything necessary on a bar. The board kitchen not only offers excellent aesthetic and functional solutions, but is perfectly adapted to the small footprint.

Compact kitchen with counter by Snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero board design wood

Developed in collaboration with the architect Pietro Arosio, the kitchen design has a protruding board that unites a sink, a hob and a dining area. The user enjoys a comfortable freedom of movement during the Preparation of meals, while he has all areas at hand.

Compact kitchen by Snaidero suitable for small apartments

Compact kitchen Snaidero cabinet unit shelves wood board

The compact counter is available in two different sizes – 90 cm and 120 cm – and is fully equipped. The small version of the kitchenette is an ideal solution for studios or student apartments, while the larger design is perfect for open-plan kitchens with living rooms. The Snaidero board kitchen presents a functional, compact and modern design that would give you the comfort you want.

Sink, hob and breakfast bar in one

modern eat-in kitchen wood compact small counter hob

high-quality materials

Kitchen Snaidero board countertop wood veneer closet fronts

open kitchen with modern design

Compact kitchen Snaidero board red glossy wood dining counter white

the fascinating combination of red and wood

Compact kitchen Snaidero design protruding board

Built-in oven, shelves and refrigerator

compact kitchen line refrigerated rack shelves built-in oven red wood

make the most of the space

Compact kitchen board Snaidero white wood red studio apartment

Compact kitchen modern design materials wood Snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero board small apartment dining bar green high gloss

Compact kitchen design Snaidero sink dining area hob one

small kitchenette Snaidero small kitchen shelves counter

Compact kitchen Snaidero sink hob electric bar counter green

white kitchen snaidero board design built-in appliances handleless

Compact kitchenette Snaidero white corner shaped bar counter

small kitchen line modern design hob snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero white open hob cook bar

Luxurious, stylish and compact little kitchen by Binova

Design by Binova Technological Kitchens

Modular small-kitchen-design Binova

The small kitchen by Binova is a new concept for interior design that creates a dynamic space designed for more than cooking and cleaning. Binova’s kitchens offer plenty of storage space for elegant kitchen counters in a compact form where comfort and functionality are central.

The small kitchen of Binova – practical, compact, multifunctional

practical storage space kitchen island cabinets

Binova was founded 50 years ago and at the beginning the young creative team was very small. Nowadays the furniture company is a big company specializing in kitchen units and the compact one small kitchen at a new level. The technological kitchen manufacturer has transformed the ordinary kitchen design into an original design. Even if the kitchen is a special space for you, celebrating family life and where you can spend nice hours with the whole family, then you are right at Binova.

The small kitchen – new designs with futuristic extras

white-kitchen counter-narrow kitchen

The Italian furniture manufacturer Binova offers a rich portfolio, where futuristic luxury kitchens and high-tech kitchen blocks are no exception, but the rule. The main idea behind the use of technology is that the design meets the modern lifestyle and a contemporary interior for trendy home. Ultramodern drawer systems, elegant fronts of noble materials harmonize with the overall design. Built-in lighting ensures that everything you need when cooking is faster to find. Bar stools and kitchen counter offer seating. Cookbooks and works of art are the only decoration.

Small, practical, modern, Binova modern kitchen island stainless steel Bonova

Practical storage space and fantastic solid surfaces are a guarantee that you can get over these small kitchen can be happy for a long time. Particularly suitable is the color scheme – beige, white. Shiny surfaces reflect the light and make the room look bigger. The only decoration that needs this modern design is a vase of fresh flowers.

Modern small kitchen


All fans of the traditional kitchen blocks will surely know about the Regula AD small kitchen The design has prefabricated modules that form a unitary installation system and are in line with the floor covering and the walls. As a refreshment from the gray design and fronts serve colorful pictures on the walls. The modular kitchen called Modus CS is the perfect basis for a kitchen where the decoration is missing and instead a simple minimalist interior defines the space. This is also the main idea of ​​the design – the most space for free movement remains.

From Abigail

Beige kitchen cabinets visually enlarge the room

beige-cupboards-hood kitchen

Binova kitchen stauram cabinets

Binova Kitchen cabinets Stauram

Practical drawer system – Dishes

Practical drawer system tableware

Practical minimalist kitchen island

practical minimalist kitchen island

Binova Modular kitchens island CS

Binova modular kitchens Island CS

Space-saving kitchen island with elegant fronts

space-saving kitchen island elegant fronts

Convertible furniture “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens – compact, comfortable and cool

Modifiable furniture -Transformer-furniture-switch from sas-adriaenssens

Convertible furniture “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens is here to charm you with its originality and functionality. The transforming furniture is compact, comfortable and cool enough to grab your attention and search the web for them right away. How do you like them?

Convertible furniture “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens – Simply flip or tilt

Convertible furniture -Buzziswitch transformer furniture

The Transformer furniture If you choose to beautify the interiors with some truly unusual and minimalist pieces of furniture, they could perfectly fit in your home. We present the Switch furniture collection. These amazing masterpieces are designed by Sas Adriaenssens for BuzziSpace. Their multifunctionality shows the magic of compact and comfortable Transformer furniture. The basic idea behind this furniture collection is to put the modularity and comfort of the furniture on the pedestal.

Convertible furniture “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens – the contemporary idea for ingenious Transformer furniture

Modifiable furniture -Switch-sas-Adriaenssens-multifunctional-furniture

The idea behind “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens came back in the 1930s. This decade of the last century is famous for its first steps in the design of modern and comfortable furniture – a concept that combines beauty and functionality. However, the switch from Sas Adriaenssens now comes to present the audience with an interesting idea for home furniture. They save space and make it possible to preserve the functionality of every piece of furniture, every modular masterpiece.

Convertible Furniture Switch series from BuzziSpace

Convertible furniture modular-furniture-switch-series-BuzziSpace
The series “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens is not just a desk that could turn into a series of stools and a great wooden cabinet. This is a modern model of a house, designed and built in the simplest and smallest patterns. The materials that are used are absolutely environmentally friendly and the damask – soft, beautiful, and attractive with its simple decoration. PET bottles and wood waste are the main materials of Switch collection. It was definitely not a waste of time to produce this beautiful minimalist furniture collection.

Convertible furniture – partition and stool


“Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens offers you three interesting sets for the three rooms – the office at home, in the living room and in the bedroom. The Living Room series features a compact Modular Transformer Stool that can become a set of multiple stools. The bedroom idea is, bed comes with a bunch of some nice stools. The office idea in the Switch collection offers a modular desk – as it could become a wardrobe and a seat.

Convertible furniture “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens – adaptable and sweet

space-saving furniture-pieces

Exceptional and sweet is the collection “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens. These Transformer furniture is made from all-recycled and eco-friendly materials that would suit your simple or original interior. The wooden structures and the cotton damask are classic options for a furniture design.

Modular convertible furniture for small spaces

Modular-furniture pieces-switch-sas-Adriaenssens
The key color nuances in Switch’s furniture collection are light brown (the wood surfaces), red and white. You can combine them with the same colors on the walls and the floor or with black and white wallpaper and neutral parquet. Whatever you choose, there is “Switch” by Sas Adriaenssens Give you the opportunity to design your home with a refined taste and style. With care for practicability and compactness.

Convertible furniture with practical use


Convertible furniture – compact, adjustable, foldable


Convertible furniture – couch with functional design

multifunctional bed-switch-collection-Buzzispace

* a product of Buzzi Space

Architecture »minimalist compact office furniture for effective work

modern office building architecture Minimalism

Mori x hako is a minimalist compact office furniture Made almost entirely from natural materials, it contributes to an elegant, comfortable and beautiful working environment. If you are interested in minimalism and are looking for an interesting and practical idea then you will surely like this design.

Compact office furniture made of natural materials – idea from Japan

modern office equipment-Japan

Usually, the Japanese place more emphasis on the practical interior, rather than the aesthetics. Here is an exciting combination of both presented – not only is the entire building interesting – one wall is completely planted, while on the other hand windows in different sizes give a modern look. Inside, every room is different. The commonality lies in the open spacious areas and the use of wood. The compact office furniture characterized by elegant winding form of furnishing.

Compact office furniture with many green vegetation

minimalist-compact-wood office furniture

Conference room-modern-wood furniture

Many plants are the only decoration that needs the space. Bamboo, oak and teak furniture create a homely ambience. The practical compact office furniture is more effective thanks to the sunlight coming in through the windows. Gentle natural shades contribute to a better environment, round large chandeliers provide additional lighting.

Elegant lighting contributes to a cozy atmosphere

modern-round office table practical wood furniture

The minimalist design of UID Architects is simple, yet elegant. In the conference room, for example, different models of chairs made of the same material are placed side by side. Small pictures at the entrance are the only decoration that actually needs this office. Some white furniture even makes the room look bigger. The interior is also practically designed – all workstations are close together and many interesting cabinets and built-in shelving hide the documentation, so the office looks well-organized.

From Abigail

Minimalism compact-office equipment

Modern planted facade from the office building

modern office building facade planted

minimalist facade office building in Japan

modern architecture Minimalism facade

Elegant entrance with many plants

minimalist-compact-office equipment

Sumptuous, compact and practical kitchen design

modern luxury kitchen design interior

All fans of the modern interior in Australia have been inspired by this sumptuous, compact and practical Kitchen design fascinated. Bushland Retreat Designer Kitchen deserves a compliments. This incredible kitchen décor comes from Australia and was designed by designer Kim Duffin, the director of Sublime Architectural Interiors. And he knows for sure what the perfect kitchen needs.

Kitchen design idea from Australia

Luxury white kitchen-black accents Wall Tattoo

The minimalist Kitchen design thrilled with interesting color scheme and brilliant execution of the concept. Black, white and purple are combined in an exciting way, creating a dynamic design. The Vanguard decoration and the wall tatoo are the main reason why this project was crowned with the prize for the best kitchen in 2011 by KBDI. Stainless steel kitchen counter and high-gloss white surfaces define the space. Black accents create an exciting atmosphere in the interior.

Modern kitchen design – black dining table and chairs

Luxury white-corner kitchen LED lighting

Modern Kitchen design interiors

Different styles in the interior will be in this Kitchen design from Sublime Architectural Interiors united and the interesting white corner kitchen is not only modern, but also practical. The combination of round and angular shapes creates a cozy atmosphere and gives the room a modern look. It is a kitchen where you will always cook with pleasure.



Modern white kitchen counter with elegant design

white-kitchen counter-interesting design

Modern kitchen facility from Australia building plan

modern kitchen Kim Duffin blueprint

Award-winning kitchen project – blueprint

award-winning project kitchens design Bauskizze

Modern kitchen – dining area sketch


Architecture »A compact country cottage in Washington

modern hut - small courtyard house - in front

Tye River Cabin is one hut in Skykomish, Washington, surrounded by forest with Tye River flowing through the place. It is rustic and cozy building with eco-house design by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects. The architecture firm was founded by architect Jim Olson in the late 1960s. Olson believed that an inspirational environment has a positive effect on people’s lives, and he began his work with the idea that the building can serve as a bridge between nature, culture and people.

Modern, eco-friendly country cottage in Washington

modern cottage - small courtyard house garden

So it is not surprising that the preservation of the river’s fragile ecosystem, in this rural area with many trees and wild animals, was one of the main themes during the execution of the project. That’s why this friendly and cute little house is inspired by nature and built in harmony with its surroundings.
This little one hut , which covers only 600 square meters, can easily accommodate between 6-8 people. It has many large windows and glass doors and an outdoor entertainment area. It houses a kitchen, a living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. Organic finishes complement the country-chic look, a Douglas fir and a rustic cast concrete chimney make the interior more comfortable.

Cozy interior in a small house – design idea from Washington

modern hut - small courtyard house- living room
There are many exciting activities in the region. Stevens Pass Ski Resort is just 13 miles from the lodge, while Skykomish River, a popular fishing and rafting spot, runs along. Other outdoor activities include skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking and summer riding.

modern hut - small courtyard house interior design

Interior design - small courtyard house - fireplace

modern hut - small courtyard house - kitchen

modern cottage - small courtyard house bedroom

modern hut - small courtyard house - front - night

Casa Fazenda Exotic House in Brazil offers nature retreat

Architecture »House in Nagoya -a modern, compact house

From Suppose Design Office

modern architecture - facade

Designed by the Suppose design office, this compact modern House in Nagoya , Japan combines living and working spaces. The architects sought to unify the different environments rather than separate them. That’s why a florist, an art gallery and a living room were brought under one roof in an exciting modern way. The house thus provides everything its owners need.

Modern small house in Nagoya

interesting interior design idea - a modern house in Japan

The modern one House in Nagoya has three levels. The first includes the flower shop and the gallery. In this room, the flowers look like part of the art gallery and this unusual mix gives the area a unique atmosphere. It is a pleasant working area and at the same time a welcoming space for the customers.

modern interior design – a house in Japan

interesting interior - living room in the house in Nagoya

On the second floor are a large terrace and a living area that combines a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. And the last floor consists of the most private area in modern House in Nagoya – the bedroom and the bathroom with an additional terrace. The three floors are connected by a winding staircase. Both living areas are furnished in a minimalist style. The simple furnishing should provide a well-guarded room for the residents.

an exceptional modern house in Japan – with gallery

House in Nagoya interesting modern architecture

The exterior of the modern house was designed contemporary. Its rectangular shape is reminiscent of an accordion. The walls are painted white, the northeast side of the house consists of a glass facade, which allows enough light in the living areas. The first floor of the south façade also consists of deep floor windows, which makes the space look more open and provides more lighting in the florist and in the gallery. The flowers and pictures are visible from the outside and invite the customers to enter the store. The staircase is also visible and stands like a work of art in the gallery.

By K.H.Hristova

3 modern and compact desk designs for small rooms

Desk small rooms

We have 3 modern and compact for you Desks designs found, the perfect space-saving alternative for small rooms. They are stylish, practical and innovative.

Desks Designs – Minimalist Wall Table

Wall table design idea-compact desk

minimalist desk designs

modern small desk cabinet

Color schemes from the desk

Small desk-height adjustable

This practical and compact wall table from Böwer offers maximum comfort in a limited space – there is enough space for the computer, business cards or calendars. It can be adjusted at different heights. It is offered in different colors, so that everyone can find the right one for themselves. Its simple design allows it to define a cozy corner in the living room or bedroom that is designed for work. Space-saving alternative – and compact desks designs especially for one-room apartments and small teenagers rooms, where the available space is limited.

Belgian desk designs

Overdose desk design

Innovative desk design

Desk shelves drawers office furniture

The next Desks designs for small spaces come from the Belgian designer Studio Bulo. Known for its innovative projects, the company offers a variety of space-saving designs, both small and limited office space are suitable. This desk is called Overdose and impresses with an exceptional design – several drawers in different sizes provide ample storage space for folders, books, catalogs, projects and all sorts of things you might need in your office life. In addition, the design looks very interesting and draws the attention to itself.

Modern desks designs for kids room

Schreibitsch Ligne Roset

Space-saving desk in the nursery

Desk nursery design

Modern desk with privacy screen

modern desk nursery design

Ligne Roset have developed a desk design that was created not only modern but also with much understanding for the children. The desk is perfect for children’s rooms that need to share several children and offers a private area for each child. The privacy screen that is installed covers only half of the desk – so that the sun can illuminate the writing surface.

The furniture design has developed strongly in recent years. Nowadays it is enough to put a piece of furniture of interesting construction in the room. Our tip – do without additional decoration. A small bonsai tree in the office, or creative wall decals in the nursery save space and are the perfect addition to these innovative pieces of furniture.

minimalist table for computers

modern desk wall

BabyBjorn cradle with a compact and lightweight design

cradle babybjorn design-harmony-easy-move

The Baby Bjorn cot has a very light design. This way, it can be easily converted, whether you need it in the living room or in the bedroom. It also has a spring system that in the BabyBjorn baby cradle sleeping baby gently rocks. The fact that the cradle is so compact and also foldable, it is also ideal for small apartments, since it occupies little space, but the infant still offers enough space. Suitable for cradle There is a mattress to keep the baby as comfortable as possible, and a veil that not only helps the cradle look even better, but also protects your child from annoying flies and mosquitoes. So your baby’s sweet dreams are guaranteed.

BabyBjorn Cradle Harmony

baby-to-sleep-bring BabyBjorn cradle

Guarantees sweet dreams for your baby

baby cradle babybjorn harmony-lightweight-compact

also with a veil against flies and mosquitoes

baby cradle-baby bjorn-design-harmony-collapsible easy

Collapsible BabyBjorn cradle

baby cradle-baby bjorn-design-harmony-soft mattress

Compact design perfect for small apartments

baby cradle-baby bjorn-design-harmony-bedroom-parents

placed in the master bedroom next to the bed

baby cradle-baby bjorn-design-harmony-with-veil

A modern Wiebe with a stable construction

baby cradle-baby bjorn-design-harmony-with-canopy

Compact single kitchen with functional, open design

compact single kitchen wood adjustable height dirk biotto

If you look more closely at a conventional kitchen, you will see how problematic, unwieldy and even dangerous it could be for the elderly and physically disabled. Most people would find it difficult to cook for themselves. This complexity is a potential source of problems. The industrial designer Dirk Biotto from Berlin has his compact single kitchen designed to help these people.

Compact single kitchen made of alder wood

miniküche alder wood utensils visible tangible open design dirk biotto

The multifunctional ChopChop kitchen system convinces with its attractive, open design, where all utensils are visible and within easy reach and are not hidden in drawers or cupboards. The most used kitchen utensils hang on one perforated plate on the kitchen back wall and the kitchen counter is height adjustable. Rinsing heavy pots and pans is made easier thanks to a kitchen mixer with pull-out hand shower and a slightly sloped sink. In this way you can also fill a pot with water and pull it directly onto the worktop.

Compact single kitchen that convinces with the use of high quality materials

compact single kitchen utensils visible tangible dirk biotto

A milled slot in the countertop serves as a convenient place to cut bread, while a horizontally recessed grater makes the carrots rub easier. The grated vegetables are collected in a small compartment underneath. Inspired by the workbenches has these compact single kitchen via a bench hook for holding and clamping bottles, glasses, cans and another knife for cutting harder vegetables. Everything in this well thought out construction achieves to facilitate any activity in the kitchen. The worktop is made of alder wood – a type of wood known for its natural tannin. It inhibits the growth of germs and bacteria. The design is not only modern and visually appealing, but also safe and functional.

horizontally recessed grater with tray

single kitchen design alderwood worktop reiber dirk biotto

Bread cut made easy

small kitchen modern design alder wood utensils visible dirk biotto

Kitchen mixer with retractable hose shower

kitchen system sink hose shower designer dirk biotto

compact dish rack

mini kitchen design modern multifunctional wood worktop sink dirk biotto