38 Ideas for curtains and drapes that conjure comfort at home

Ideas-curtain curtains Strip Floral Design Shaggy

Curtains and curtains can serve different purposes. In winter, they provide more comfort and help to preserve the heat in the premises, in the summer they serve as effective sun protection and protection. Curtains may be translucent or opaque, patterned or plain, short or long, depending on taste and need. The classic fabric sunscreen beautifies the night windows and sets elegant and colorful accents. In addition, curtains visually enhance a living space. So do you need new elements for your living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen? Get suggestions from ours Ideas for curtains and curtains that create more comfort. Create one pleasant atmosphere in-house with the design suitable for your living concept.

Ideas for curtains and curtains that provide comfort at home

Ideas-curtain curtains flower motifs-vintage-livingroom

In recent years, the curtain was considered old-fashioned. Today, the decorative experience sun protection made of cloth his comeback. It is characterized by a delicate surface, easy installation and operability. The curtain is ideal as a window decoration. Choose from countless fabrics, colors, textures and designs, something suitable to your furnishing style. The Ideas for curtains and curtains are limitless. Curtains made of cotton, linen, polyester in conventional and unusual designs become optical highlights. They protect against prying eyes from passers-by and neighbors.

Room design with color – ideas for curtains and curtains

Ideas-curtain curtains flower pattern pink bedroom

Classic, playful or simple, transparent or darkening, draped or smooth – what fits your interior design style best? The traditional window clothing in addition to its decorative effect allows natural light to flood the room while providing privacy.

Modern and elegant – curtains with striped patterns

Ideas-curtain curtains Parlor pastel stripes

Set up vintage living rooms – curtains with floral patterns make for a happy mood

Curtain curtains living room-set romantic floral design

The curtains pictured above can be found at Designer Guild

Elegant and simple – window dressing

furniture ideas for the living room curtain curtains subtly translucent

Opaque curtains and curtains are popular in the bedroom

Bedroom Undergarment Pattern Overlay Curtain Window Decoration

In summer, curtains prevent glaring solar radiation

Curtains Curtains Blinds Workroom chair extravagant

Effectively draped curtains in turquoise blue

bedroom drapes-drapes turquoise-blue color scheme modern

Moody curtains in yellow for a good mood

chandelier metal yellow curtains living room ideas homeliness

Privacy protection made of fabric in summer colors

modern opaque curtain fabric design-color scheme-yellow-burgundy

Monochrome striped curtain

ideas sunscreen curtain-striped black and white yellow sofa

W A flowing woven curtain

Soft flowing woven curtain Filigree privacy screen

Curtains with different effect yarns

Curtain nursery colors design translucent

Mini-curtain for the kitchen solid

Curtain rod Mini sliding curtain Blinds ideas Window decoration

Patterned draped curtains matched to the wallpaper

Decorate with wallpapers - decorative curtains pattern

Panel curtain

classic window clothing curtain pattern translucent

Curtain decoration element for the home

Artfully set up living room Ideas curtains curtains effect yarns

Curtains made of opaque fabrics

Sunscreen Thick Curtain Ideas Window Clothing

Window curtains

traditional window decoration privacy sun protection curtain

Door curtain

Door curtain luxury furniture chair upholstery fabrics wall decoration ideas

Patterned curtains

home modern turquoise privacy classic plain curtains translucent

Privacy screen for bedroom in Bordeaux

Curtain opaque fabric furnishings bedroom privacy screens ideas

Traditional window clothing

transparently draped curtain lighting effects set up living room

Translucent curtain with floral patterns

Curtain Vintage Puff Interior Design Solutions Retro Curtain

Classic white simple curtain

Setting up living room ideas Curtains translucent lace

Sun protection in the nursery

Red curtain-opaque children's room design Komode night table yellow

Vintage window decoration

Vintage curtain flowers pattern traditional window dressing home decor

Curtain with soft pleats

Baby room ideas design privacy curtains drapes-texture carpet

Draped fabric curtains

modern curtain plissees sunscreen fabric living room

Classic black and white combination

Horizontal strip Curtain fabric Sliding curtain Curtain rod

Shabby Chic bathroom curtain

Shabby chic bathroom fashion vintage curtains-red white-ideas privacy

Thick window curtains in red

window covering ideas red curtains cozy home textiles

Hidden curtain rod above the window

Textile Surface Curtains Mounting Curtain Wallpaper Vintage Pattern

Strong colors for a cozy atmosphere

Oval room fabric curtain-look eye-pink

Living room pitched curtains curtains privacy screens ideas fabric

Curtains drapes draped gray blue coziness ideas

Curtain yellow decorative element to create home-comfort

Curtains drapes draped gray blue coziness ideas

Curtain yellow decorative element to create home-comfort

Easter & Spring »27 Easter decoration ideas for home and table – What can you conjure up fast?

easter decoration ideas dresser-decorating-wreath-picture frame-vintage-easter-bunny

Easter is just around the corner. Apart from the more serious religious considerations, we especially like to celebrate this Spring Festival, as we look forward to the new life in nature. So here are some nice ones Easter decoration ideas like you Spring into the home and get on the table.

Easter decoration ideas with Easter eggs

easter decoration ideas door wreaths-easter-eggs-diy-project

It is not necessary to buy only finished decorative items to decorate the apartment nicely. Especially at Easter, nature gives us many things to decorate – flowering branches, moss, beautiful fragrant spring flowers and much more. Without much effort, you can quickly make a nice arrangement of painted eggs, tulips and hyacinths.

Easter decoration ideas for the Easter brunch

osterdeko ideas table decoration-dessert-brass-bell-nest-blue-egg

If you want to decorate the table for Easter, then use grasses, flowers and moss. They cost almost nothing, but look very nice and remind of spring. For the other decorations, you can also use a flat bowl, a tray or a beautiful etagere. Place the painted eggs in a bed of moss, grass, shrub or a small Easter basket.

Be creative with the eggs

easter decoration ideas easterbunch-cherry-branches-easter-eggs-table-figurines-white

If you have a large floor vase at home, you can use it to make a beautiful Easter bouquet. Pussy-willow, forsythia and cherry blossoms are particularly well suited for this. Make light trailers by blowing and painting eggs. You can also hang small figures like birds, mushrooms or rabbits on the branches. Everything related to spring is suitable.

Colorful Easter wreath

garnishment-ideas-colorful-eggs-plastic loop-easter wreath

A colorful Easter wreath is our next example of Easter decoration ideas. Use green branches and colorful easter eggs, both of which can be artificial. Add some spring flower embroidery and a bow to add some finishing touches.

Creative decoration with garden accessories

garnishment-ideas-home-zinc watering-green-deco-paper

If you want to create a fancy Easter decoration for your home, then you can reuse the old garden accessories and make a creative decoration yourself. The old watering can, for example, can be transformed into a beautiful Easter arrangement by decorating it with pretty flowers, green branches and cute Easter decorations.

Easter decoration ideas for the table

garnishment-ideas-tischdeko-easter brunch-space map-osternest Flowers

For a successful table decoration for Easter, it is best to rely on fresh colors and natural materials. For example, you can use small easter-eggs made of moss and grass as decoration as well as creative place cards for Easter brunch. Let your creativity run wild!

Dessert in clay pots

easter decoration ideas home table small teapot carrots cream

Easter brunch in the garden

table decoration easter garden green tablecloth red eggs

Moss, tendrils and flowers

easter decoration ideas home table moss eggshell vase tendrils

Tinker Easter wreath

easter decoration ideas home wreath eggs carrots paper

Lighthouses located on moss

spring garden deco glass candle holder moss bed

folding napkins

easter decoration table napkins bunny folding snleitung

interesting egg cup to buy for Easter

table decoration easter wooden egg cup plate

easter decoration basket willow brooks stiefmuetterchen eggs nest

easter decoration candle egg shell cinnamon idea

decorating easter table deco flowers cans

easter table grass painted eggs ribbon

easter tinker wood spoon ribbon decorate

easter eggs home decoration glass vase eggs schwraz white

easter decoration ideas table blue pink napkins little easter candy

easter decoration ideas table two eggs soup bowl flowers

easter tree glass vase art grass colorful eggs pendant

Easter decoration ideas. East European garden. Spring

easter decoration ideas home table chocolate bunny peonies dishes

decoupage home decoration decoupage sticker blackboard

easter decoration ideas home table tulips hyacinths eggs glass vase

Carnival »Fasching costumes quickly conjure up – Simple party ideas

carnival costumes fast mime stripes shirt suspenders gloves hat

The carnival season is coming soon! But you did not have time to prepare your costume? Then you definitely need some inspiration and fast Ideas to do it yourself , If you Magic carnival costumes quickly you want to see what your closet has to offer. These ideas are easy to implement with things you may already have in the house.

Make carnival costumes fast yourself

carnival costumes quick pineapple make idea headdress yellow dress

If you have been invited to a carnival party, but you have no idea what you would wear, then look at these ideas. You can do something simple by combining different elements in a costume. They need eyewear, bow ties, ties, hair accessories … everything that can complete the costume perfectly. Do not forget, even the right one makeup apply.

Quickly conjure up creative carnival costumes

carnival costumes fast minnie mouse idea ears red skirt

If you have already selected the desired look, then look carefully at what it has. For example, the Superman logo, the big glasses of a Nurd, the hairstyle of a Iroquois, etc. Look for inspirations in people, movies or celebrities. And remember that the details have a big impact. Use that right.

Greek goddess for a fast costume

carnival costumes fast greek goettin laurel wreath white dress without seams

The perfect carnival costume should not necessarily be expensive or take too much time. When time is short, simple things from everyday life come to the rescue. With sheets you can quickly conjure a costume as a Greek goddess for women or God for men. A few accessories, such as a hairband and a bangle and the quick look for carnival is ready.

Carnival Makeup – Sugar Skull

carnival costumes fast sugar skull face makeup roses hair

In the style of the 20s

Carnival costumes quickly conjure 20s feather boa hat elbow gloves

Belle of the Beauty and the Beast of Disney

faschingskostuem-fast magic-belle-blue-dress-white-schuerze-hairstyle-books

Arielle, the mermaid of Disney

carnival costumes-fast-disney-princess-arielle-mermaid

Make carnival costumes fast yourself

carnival costumes-fast cruella-de-vil-wig-black-white-gloves

Simple carnival costume – bat

carnival costumes-quick bat-woman costume-black-dress

Cowgirl costume for carnival

carnival costumes-fast-cowgirl-kerchief-hats-shirt-check pattern


faschingskostuem-fast magic-pirate-woman-blouse-vest-guertel-hats-red-bandanna

Little Red Riding Hood

faschingskostuem-fast magic-rotkaeppchen-hooded-coat

snow white

faschingskostuem-fast magic-schneewittchen-yellow-rock-blue-shirt

Dress up as a geisha

carnival costumes fast women's ideas geisha disguise screen

Medusa as a costume

carnival costumes fast ideas woman hairstyle medusa hair jewelry

Chemist costume

carnival costumes child simple ideas crazy professor

Nerd fairing

easy to assemble carnival costumes nerd disguise

Fashion from the 20s

carnival costumes fast suit men's clothing tie

beautiful Iroquois

costumes quick ideas make yourself punk look hair plaid shirt

Pop singer with microphone

Costumes fast homemade dress ideas singer


leopard costume women make-up accessories fast

Audrey Hapburn

costume women themselves make idea audrey hapburn

Sandy of Grease movie

sandy grease movie costume inspiration easily women

Katniss Everdeen

costume idea easy katniss everdeen movie inspiration

Effie Trinket from Hunger Games

carnival costumes fast ideas hunger games movie inspiration

effie trinket hunger games movie costume inspiration carnival

Morticia Addams

carnival costume women simple ideas Morticia Addams

Clark Kent and Lois Lane

carnival costume ideas couple Clark Kent Lois Lane

carnival costume fast idea bath sponge tutu dress

carnival costumes quickly make yourself ideas tutu books pages carnival costumes fast magic umbrella jellyfish homemade

carnival food fast idea garbage bag dress itself

Recipes »6 Thermomix Recipes – Quickly conjure healthy food for the kids

thermomix recipes soup curry haehnchen rapunzel dish midday

We have already clarified what the multifunctional food processor Thermomix actually does. You can prepare soups, breads, noodles, spreads, finger food, cocktails and much more so quickly and easily. We have 6 easy for you Thermomix recipes from MRS. D from Sidney that would delight your kids.

Thermomix recipes – ham noodles

thermomix recipes children noodles cream kaese ham

200g pasta
200g of water
220g of milk
100g cheese
100g diced ham or bacon
70g chopped fresh tomatoes or mushrooms (optional)

Add water, milk and pasta to the Thermomix and set at 90 degrees / 10 for 10 minutes. Then add cheese and ham and cook for another 4-5 minutes / 90 degrees / 1. That’s it! Serve with a little tomato sauce. This recipe is more than enough for three kids.

Thermomix Recipes – Bolognese sauce with vegetables

thermomix recipes sauces children bolognese spaghetti make

This is the most versatile sauce and always so healthy. You can use different vegetables and the kids would never know. The recipe is enough to feed a family of 6 people. You could use it for pasta or spaghetti, as sauce for the pizza or as a side dish for mashed potatoes.

1 onion
1-2 cloves of garlic
500g vegetables of your choice (carrots, celery, sweet potatoes , Zucchini, corn, mushrooms)
400 – 500g minced meat
1 tbsp oil
1 tbsp vegetable broth (homemade, if possible)
120g of water
Pinch of nutmeg
150g tomato paste
200g of chopped tomatoes

Chop the onion and garlic for 5 seconds / level 7. Cook the oil and vegetable stock for 3 minutes / 100 degrees / level 1. Add all vegetables and chop for 5 seconds / step 7. Add the minced meat and cook for 10 minutes at Varoma temperature. Add all remaining ingredients and cook for another 20 minutes at 100 degrees plus reverse. If you adjust the recipe for adults, replace half of the water with red wine.

Garlic and herb bread

thermomix recipes bread garlic herbs bake

Start by preparing the garlic and herb butter. Add 500 – 600g fresh, chilled cream to the Thermomix bowl and mix with the butterfly shape for 1-3 minutes / step 4. Once the butter is separated, drain the buttermilk. Strain the milk again with ice-cold water. Add chopped garlic and herbs of your choice and mix with butter for 30 seconds / step 4.

Ingredients for bread:

450g lukewarm water
4 tsp of yeast
1 tsp salt
750g of flour
5 tbsp oil

Preheat the oven at 180 degrees. Add water, yeast, salt, flour and oil to the bowl and mix in Thermomix for 5 sec / step 7. Then knead for 2 minutes. Take out the dough and wrap it either in some plastic cling wrap or in the thermo mat and let it cool for about half an hour until the volume doubles.

Roll the dough onto the thermo mat (about 50 -60cm long). If you rub some olive oil on your hands, it will not stick. Lubricate your garlic-herb butter over the dough. You can use a butter knife or spatula for it. Cut strips of dough and make small rolls. Sprinkle a little rock salt and a few herbs on it and in the oven for 40 to 45 minutes.

Bread in traffic light colors

thermomix recipes bread vegetable colors children

1 carrot
1 zucchini / zucchini
1/2 can of corn
2 tablespoons green pesto sauce
1/2 red pepper

The recipe for the dough is the same, only the fillings are different. For the traffic light colors you need vegetables in red, yellow and green, but actually you could mix everything you want!

Mini star cookies

thermomix recipes cookies kids baking stars shape

120g sugar
240g butter
1 tbsp vanilla essence
360g wholegrain flour (or simply flour)
40g chocolate greens or others
Preheat oven to 170 degrees. Add the raw sugar to the Thermomix and speed for 10 seconds to Speed ​​10.09. Stir butter, vanilla and cream for 30 seconds on Speed ​​06.05. Mix flour and 10 sec. / Level 6. Add the chocolate drops and knead for 30 seconds.

Cookies with Nutela

thermomix recipes cookies children nutella fast for free

125g butter
200g brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 egg
1 teaspoon Baking powder
400g of flour
1 . Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
2. Mix butter, sugar and vanilla in the Thermomix and cream for 15 seconds / Speed ​​08.07.
3. Add the egg and mix Speed ​​4/5 for 15 seconds.
4. Mix the flour and baking powder for 30 seconds / step 6.
5. Cover the tin with baking paper and roll the dough into small balls. Press with your finger in the middle to make a hole.
6. Add a small drop of Nutella in each hole
7. Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown.

thermomix recipes soups fast easily for free

thermomix recipes gluten free bread dark healthy nutrition

thermomix recipes pizza idea garlic haehnchen meeresfruechte spices

thermomix recipes salmon smoked idea fish diaet

thermomix recipes apple cake powdered sugar baking dessert

Nail art design »Make New Year’s Eve nail design yourself – conjure a firework with glitter

New Year's Eve nail design itself make firework glitter

Not just your outfit and makeup should be at the New Year’s Party shine, but also your fingernails. We show you today 3 simple instructions and ideas on how to make a glamorous one New Year’s nails design can do it yourself. The big, sparkling explosions in the night of 31.12 take only a few minutes, but you can capture their beauty on your fingernails.

New Year’s Eve nail design fireworks

new year's Brand design-yourself-make-fireworks-gold-pink

The sparkling firework motifs occur on one black background perfectly clear. In addition, the black color best represents the night sky. You still need a few different nail polish colors that are matched to each other, and a thin brush.

New Year make nail design yourself – instructions

new year's Brand design-yourself-making instructions fireworks

1. Paint your nails with the black nail polish. Then draw a star with golden nail polish and a thin brush. Work from the center outwards.

2. Repeat this process with orange nail polish between the gold lines.

3. At the edge of the asterisks set accents with a pink glitter nail polish. Fish a few particles from a glitter nail polish and place them in the space between the asterisks. Apply a layer of transparent topcoat.

Magic colorful fireworks

new year's Brand design-yourself-making firework-different-colored

These instructions show exactly the individual steps. In order for beautiful fireworks to shine on your nails, you need to apply at least three colors. Here are the white, dark blue and light blue.

Nail art design instructions

new year's Brand design-yourself-making instructions fireworks-brush

Set accents

new year's Brand design-yourself-making fireworks in pink-rhinestone

To give your fireworks nail design the last ship, you can stick a small rhinestone in the middle. Whether on all nails or just on the ring finger nails, you decide.

A simple alternative

new year's Brand design-yourself-making sparkling powder-accents

Who does not handle the thin brush so clever, can try this interesting alternative with glitter powder.

new year's Brand design-yourself-make-black-nail polish Apply

Coat all nails with a black or dark blue nail polish. Let dry. It’s best to apply two layers. The darker the ground, the brighter the fireworks.

Sprinkle glitter powder

new year's Brand design-yourself-making firework-glittery powder-black-nail polish

Get some glitter powder in different colors. Here red, blue and pink were used. Just before you sprinkle the glitter powder on the first nail, apply a coat of topcoat. Work in steps while the overcoat is still wet. Otherwise, the glitter powder will not adhere well.

Remove excess powder

new year's Brand design-yourself-making firework-glittery powder-removing

Sprinkle something of every color on your fingernails. There is no order or rule how to position it. It would be better if you limit the fireworks to an area of ​​the nail surface. Remove the excess glitter powder with a make-up brush.

Apply top coat

new year's Brand design-yourself-making sparkling powder-paint over

Apply a coat of Top Coat to keep your New Year’s nails art design beautiful for a longer time.

If you do not like it so colorful …

new year's Brand design-yourself-make-black-white-gold-glitter

Fireworks are colorful and shiny, everyone knows that. But you can personalize your nail design to your taste and use only three colors – white, black and gold.

new year's Brand design-yourself-make-silver-glittering fireworks

Give your fingernails a glamor look and try out these chic nail designs for Silverster itself.

Winterdeko Ideas to imitate- Beautiful wintery atmosphere conjure up

winter decoration outdoors magical candles tree snow

One of the most beautiful seasons is winter. Because everything is covered with snow and looks like a charming snowy fairy tale. Each snowflake has a unique shape and they all sparkle magically in the sun. It’s time for some of our favorite sports like skiing or snowboarding. When temperatures drop outside, it’s time to bring some heat into your home. Take advantage of this creative Winter decoration ideas to conjure an imaginative wintery atmosphere at home.

Winter decoration Ideas for a pleasant atmosphere in the house

winter decoration ideas imitation corridor branch moss wind lanterns hanging

The winter theme is characterized by pure white decorations and the warm candlelight. If you want to create a winter magic at home, choose elements with snowflakes, artificial snow and knitted covers for vases, pillows and cups. For the table, choose a tablecloth with glittering particles. Then the highlight on the table could be a big bouquet of white flowers like Christmas roses, white roses or even real cotton with twigs. Use pine cones sprayed with artificial snow and a silver napkin ring. Blue and purple decorations can be perfectly combined with silver and white. Delicious cupcakes and coconut-covered cakes would look like snowy pebbles.

Winter decoration ideas for outdoors

winter decoration ideas make veranda stairs cozy suitcase coffee

wintry table decoration

table decoration winter tablecloth branches bouquet

real cotton on the table

winter table decoration ideas cotton ostrich blue tablecloth

dark blue tablecloth

table decoration winter blue tablecloth snow branches

Fur blanket on the chair

winter table decoration ideas imitation green glasses fur chair

knitted cover for the vases

winter decoration make vase dress branch

winter decoration ideas imitation knitted shells shell candle pillow lamp

white and glittering

winter decoration ideas imitate vintage table decoration candlestick vase

winter decoration ideas imitate table decoration white flower arrangements

winter decoration ideas imitation pure white winter magic table

winter decoration ideas pinecone tray glass vase

winter decoration make house fireplace pure white branches tree balls

winter decoration ideas house living room candlestick vase white fur pillow

winter decorations wallpaper snow landscape christmas tree white carpet

winter decoration ideas imitation cozy home star candles pillows

Autumn »conjure autumn decorations – 20 decorative highlights for the house

herbstdeko conjure mini gourds nuts onions pods

Let nature inspire your decorative autumnal highlights. Use pumpkins, autumn flowers, leaves, nuts and many other natural materials to make you beautiful Conjure up autumn decorations and create a warm autumnal atmosphere in the house. Even a bowl full of mini pumpkins, onions, nuts and pears would be the perfect eye-catcher on the coffee table. Take a look at the others inspirations and suggestions and get some ideas.

Conjure autumn decorations – Red autumn leaves in blue vases

autumn decorations conjure blue vases red maple leaves contrast

Create stunning contrasts like this fire-and-ice fall decorating with hot red leaves and cool blue vases. The more the vases, the greater the effect of the arrangement.

Conjure autumn decorations – Use a cabbage as a vase

autumn decorations highlight red cabbage floral arrangement tealights

Replace the traditional glass vase with a dramatic red cabbage. Cave the cabbage with a metal spoon or a fruit pitter. Then put a wet sponge or a small glass of water inside. Arrange flowers – peonies, roses, dahlias, and more. Then surround the flowers with artichokes and frisé salad. For the candlesticks you need a leaf of Chinese cabbage, purple string and floating candles.

Autumn decoration under glass bell

autumn decoration idea glass bell terakotta peel pumpkin

Put the treasures of nature under a glass bell. It’s so easy to conjure up autumn decorations. For the base, use a flat terracotta shell, make a bed of moss and add two mini pumpkins and a maple twig.

Fill candlestick with corn

autumn decorations conjure glass candlestick corn scented candle

Cattails and nuts in green vases

autumn decorations conjure vases green glass of coppers nuts

old copper vase – optically warm

autumn decorations ostrich highlights table copper cane autumn flowers

Glass bonbonniere filled with nuts and loops

bonbonnieren glass herbstdeko nuts velvet sweep

Magnolia leaves in the bucket

vintage bucket magnolia leaves green brown autumnal house

copper doorknob vase use autumn decoration idea

ceramic milk churns berries mulch moss

autumn table decoration ideas ornamental grass dish pears copper tube tie

autumn decorations conjure vases branches golden leaves

autumn decorations conjure wood candlestick orange roses berries

autumn decorations conjure highlights table branch linen bag roses

autumn decorations conjure glass vase candle wine corks

autumn decorations table ginobiloba green yellow tea

autumn decorations ideas flowers tying vases together

autumn decorations flowers tray putting together idea

autumn decoration idea nature inspired golden leaves branches vase