Architecture »Wooden house with modern design conveys sustainable thinking

house wood with modern design facade street view

This modern one House made of wood is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and was built by the architectural studio Altius Architectire designed. The house has been built and furnished in a minimalist style and the wood is the main material for indoor and outdoor use. The property is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Toronto and has peaceful and pleasant surroundings. The project has a modern home with sustainable design aiming to ensure comfort and quiet atmosphere.

The wooden house was built efficiently and sustainably to save costs

house wood with modern design roof window dining room

The House made of wood was built entirely environmentally friendly and sustainable. Spatial planning and interior design have been deliberately designed to optimally use the position of the sun during all seasons. The window setting allows natural ventilation and cooling during the summer and the Sunbeams secure more light and warmth in winter. In this way, the heating costs are significantly reduced. Efficient LED lighting helps to keep electricity costs low.

Wooden house with minimalist decor and welcoming atmosphere

house wood with modern design dining table marble look

The foundation of the house was built of bricks, so that the building to the general appearance fits in the district. The rest of the facade was covered with wood. In the interior, the wood was also quite abundantly used and mainly the cedar wood. Although that House made of wood This material gives the interior a feeling of warmth and coziness. It creates an inviting atmosphere that is in perfect harmony with the quiet surroundings in the neighborhood.

Cozy dining room with a simple design

wooden house with modern design wall covering wood

Roof window secures natural light

house wood with modern design window ceiling

Kitchen counter in marble look

wooden house with modern design kitchen worktop

Cedar wood is the main material in the kitchen

house wood with modern design interior decoration wood

minimalist decor in the living room

wooden house with modern design minimalist interior

Wooden stairs

wooden house with modern design staircase wood

Massive railing made of cedar wood

house wood with modern design railing wood

Simple bathroom in white

house wood with modern design bathroom in white

Architectural plan of the house

house wood modern design gundstücksplan

Ground plan of the ground floor

house wood with modern design ground floor

Plan from the upper floor

wooden house with modern design upstairs

Floor plan front

house wood with modern design floor plan

Floor plan backside

House wood with modern design facade

minimalist wooden house on Lake Zurich with a simple interior

Modern bedroom colors – Brown conveys luxury and comfort

Bedroom colors brown-upholstered-bed-wood-wall-panels

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in an apartment – it is a place of rest and relaxation. To make it a favorite place, you should choose the right colors, accessories and furniture. Many studies find that the darker the Bedroom colors The better you can sleep.

Bedroom Colors for a feel-good ambience – Brown is trendy

Bedroom Colors brown-wall-color-white-fitted-wardrobe-skygarden-ceiling-light

Browns are particularly good as Bedroom colors , They have a large selection of different nuances: light, dark, chocolate, reddish brown, orange brown or beige. Your imagination has no limits in the design of the bedroom. It depends only on your taste.

Bedroom colors – beige tones are just right

Bedroom Colors brown-led-ceiling-recessed-upholstered bed-indirect-lighting

The Bedroom colors play a crucial role in interior design. With the help of the colors you can bring peace to a room. It does not necessarily have to be gentle tones. For the bedroom, dark brown nuances are great, as long as you bring it into harmony with white, green or blue. Brown helps to reduce stress and sleep disorders.

Harmonious color combinations create a pleasant overall picture

Bedroom colors brown-white-upholstered-bed-led-lighting-niche

Bedroom colors can be combined individually, according to your own preferences. To make the room look bigger, you can combine bright colors with subtle shades of brown. To do this, just paint one to two walls in the eye-catching color and the rest in beige or light brown. The color combination white-brown is trendy. To relax the strict look, you can experiment with light blue tones.

Optimum effects are achieved by the colors combined with the matching decorations

Bedroom colors wood-wall-panels-upholstered-bed-led-lighting-led

It is important that the Bedroom colors have a calming effect. Brown radiates peace and security, so you feel right at home in your bedroom immediately.

Room design with color

Bedroom Design Coloring Red Carpet Bedding Brown

To promote a healthy sleep, a bedroom should not be too bright and too colorful painted. Use accents, ornaments and patterns sparingly! Large-scale paintings, on the other hand, are very topical, as they calm the eye.

Luxury furniture executed in brown

Round bed futuristic bedroom pedestal design ideas lighting floor

Here furniture and accessories are coordinated and look like a uniform design

Luxury bedroom furniture combination White carpet suspended ceiling

In the case of white wallpaper, the use of brown to dark furniture is therefore recommended in the living room as an antipode.

Brown is great and very up to date

Wall Paint Curtain Bedroom Design Ideas - Brown Wall

Matching bedroom accessories make your bedroom a place of relaxation

Interior Design Sleeping area Ideas Wall Decoration Design-Brown yellow

You can not do without a carpet

Hotel room design sunscreen slats wood

Friendly accents liven up the room and give the room an open atmosphere

Laminate floor paneling wall lighting shades of brown

Clear color contrasts create tension and animation

Black and white wall murals pattern solid wood bed

When dominant white is broken, the bedroom looks much more inviting

White Dark Brown Bedroom Furniture Furnishing Luxury

Wood wall panels beige wood wall Led lighting discreet

Bedroom design wall brick wall wall look

Leather bed headboard bedroom furniture wall decoration modern

Dark Brown Glue Green Edge accents set up interior design ideas

Modern Bedroom Floor Idea Cube Pattern Ceiling Light

Brown exclusive-color hanging lamp cushion

Bedroom Wall Decoration Relief Surface Brown Furniture Chandelier Crystal

Bed linen brown-shapes with color decoration bedroom ideas

Bedroom Colors Design Tan Brown Carpet Cowhide Pattern

Blue Brown Bedroom Decorations Coloring

Round bed design brown-wall color bedroom curtain

Pastel bedroom colors – 20 ideas for color design

The best colors for bedrooms

Lilac bedroom design – 20 ideas for interior in lilac color

Patio area »Modern urban garden landscape conveys a touch of exoticism

Landscape garden design patio set furniture outdoor wall natural stone

Karrinyup Landscapes is a modern project by CultivArt Landscape Design. The beautiful exotic Garden landscape is located in Karrinyup, a suburb of Perth, Australia. The lush plant life offers generous opportunities to escape from everyday life. Let us inspire you together with us!

Harmony radiating garden landscape

Tropical garden landscape design garden umbrella Karrinyup Courtyard

In the urban garden, one can enjoy the mild breeze and encounter nature in all its variety. The lovingly designed Garden landscape is characterized by friendliness and harmony. Hilarity even radiate the outdoor furniture. The design team shows a preference for Asian rockeries, lighting and atmospheric lighting effects. The mysterious exotic ambience invites you to discover.

Garden landscape to enjoy

Outdoor garden design-Holzweg garden light smooth stones-Asian style

The modern garden design combines playful lightness of the materials used – wood, stones, natural stone – with straightforward Architectural accents and adapted subtropical plant life. Wooden paths made of dark wood and natural stone walls form the background. The generously designed private courtyard guarantees peace and relaxation.

A personal haven in Australia

Urban Landscaping Karrinyup Australia garden light

In the subtropical Gartenoase There are comfortable seating areas under generous, shady trees. The flowing transition from indoor to outdoor was the focus of Karrinyup Landscapes’ planning. In the evening it becomes even more interesting in the garden. The Garden landscape turns into a sparkling backdrop of light effects.

Cozy garden paradise with lush vegetation

Lush Plantings Urban Urban Landscapes Australia Perth

CultivArt Landscape Design transforms urban gardens into oases of life. The landscape designers find the exact look that expresses personal preferences of customers. The individual solutions often pose great creative challenges, but then convince with contemporary concepts and modern living comfort.

Subtropical garden is an oasis

Karrinyup Courtyards Subtropical Urban Garden Australia Palm Garden

Wellness garden designed with natural materials

Landscape design Modern indoor garden urban Australia create wooden paths

Outdoor Lounge Group – Bench and chairs with metal frame

Wooden bench in garden metal chairs Outdoor design Karrinyup-Courtyards Design

Colorful decorative cushions radiate joy and freshness

Urban garden seating sets up colorful pillows

Cozy sitting area cuddles between the high walls

Accent lighting in the garden furniture outdoor metal frame throw pillow yellow

Photos from: Peta North

Dreamhouses »The furnishings in the country house style conveys coziness

set up ideas modern fashion tips

The architects of UZU have designed and recently completed this family home. Located in Kyoto, Japan, the house fascinates with Country style furniture that conveys comfort and warmth. The building is located in a small green suburb. The beautiful surroundings / the forest and the two mountains / inspired the architects to your project. The builders set the standard for an open architecture, which at the same time fits perfectly into the rural landscape. That’s why they decided against a modern minimalist city villa and a cozy forest cabin.

Country-style furniture – modern and comfortable

Country style decorating ideas modern

The two-storey building with pitched roof and readable wooden beams in the interior provides the perfect background for a Country style furniture , Accordingly, the walls were painted in white.

On the ground floor is the small one living area The terrain is quite limited in Japan, so the architects would have to save as much living space as possible. For this reason, it was decided to design a kitchen-cum-living room, which is seamlessly connected to the adjoining terrace by sliding glass doors. The kitchen is made entirely of wood to customer specifications, also special production is the massive rustic dining table. Several driftwood planks were laid on the concrete floor – these provide a cozy atmosphere. The high ceiling and the additionally integrated skylights let plenty of sunlight into the living room.

The living area is located on ground floor and then goes into the sleeping area of ​​the parents. This is shielded by concrete walls from prying eyes. On the second floor is the spacious nursery located. The wooden staircase leads to the boys room and a cozy sitting area with TV. Again, the decor can be described as modern and at the same time comfortable and homely.

Country-style décor – the spacious living area looks out to the mountains

Living room country style set up ideas

Country style ideas modern charming

The living area is cozy and practical

Solid wood kitchen set up ideas

The large terrace is connected by sliding glass doors seamlessly to the living area

Country style modern stylish hallway concrete wall

House made of concrete – interesting corridor design

Land saddle roof skylight wooden hut

Wooden house in the middle of nature – the courtyard

Country house style ideas ideas wood terrace outdoor area

The V-shaped town villa opens to the beautiful countryside and mountains

set up ideas wood terrace lighting

Detached house V form floor plan blueprint

Floor plan blueprint Ideas V shape

Floor plan room distribution ideas two floors

Saddle roof modern building stylish construction plan side view

two stories saddleback ideas