Compact kitchen by Snaidero – sink, cooking and dining area on the board

Compact kitchen Snaidero wood kitchen living room shelves built-in oven

The design solutions for small apartments are becoming ever more innovative and provide us with clever ideas on how to optimally design our limited space. You can have a modern kitchen without sacrificing functionality and pleasing aesthetics. The Italian kitchen manufacturer Snaidero presents one compact kitchen , which combines everything necessary on a bar. The board kitchen not only offers excellent aesthetic and functional solutions, but is perfectly adapted to the small footprint.

Compact kitchen with counter by Snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero board design wood

Developed in collaboration with the architect Pietro Arosio, the kitchen design has a protruding board that unites a sink, a hob and a dining area. The user enjoys a comfortable freedom of movement during the Preparation of meals, while he has all areas at hand.

Compact kitchen by Snaidero suitable for small apartments

Compact kitchen Snaidero cabinet unit shelves wood board

The compact counter is available in two different sizes – 90 cm and 120 cm – and is fully equipped. The small version of the kitchenette is an ideal solution for studios or student apartments, while the larger design is perfect for open-plan kitchens with living rooms. The Snaidero board kitchen presents a functional, compact and modern design that would give you the comfort you want.

Sink, hob and breakfast bar in one

modern eat-in kitchen wood compact small counter hob

high-quality materials

Kitchen Snaidero board countertop wood veneer closet fronts

open kitchen with modern design

Compact kitchen Snaidero board red glossy wood dining counter white

the fascinating combination of red and wood

Compact kitchen Snaidero design protruding board

Built-in oven, shelves and refrigerator

compact kitchen line refrigerated rack shelves built-in oven red wood

make the most of the space

Compact kitchen board Snaidero white wood red studio apartment

Compact kitchen modern design materials wood Snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero board small apartment dining bar green high gloss

Compact kitchen design Snaidero sink dining area hob one

small kitchenette Snaidero small kitchen shelves counter

Compact kitchen Snaidero sink hob electric bar counter green

white kitchen snaidero board design built-in appliances handleless

Compact kitchenette Snaidero white corner shaped bar counter

small kitchen line modern design hob snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero white open hob cook bar

Create herbal garden – Indoor Garden Tips for cooking herbs

With fresh herbs, every meal tastes much better! Spice herbs are not only a cooking but also an effective remedy. Many species can be grown in the garden or in the pot on the windowsill. Who does not want to enjoy their flowers and scents in their own home! By the way you have dill, coriander, parsley, rosemary and thyme always at hand! If you want your own Create herb garden , but you have to stick to some rules!

Create kitchen herb garden

aromatic kitchen herbs spices planting watering-flowerpots plastic

Herbs are very decorative as a houseplant and give the kitchen a Mediterranean touch. Most are not very demanding in terms of care. However, they have to stand in a sunny place and be watered regularly. Mediterranean Herbs such as thyme, oregano or rosemary also thrive on less water than lemon balm, chives or tarragon. Some species are very sensitive to too much water. Spice herbs must also be harvested according to certain rules so that the plants can regrow.

Create herbal garden – which are the suitable herb combinations?

Spice herbs potting mixture balcony garden create tips ideas
Like others houseplants For example, herbs are particularly susceptible to certain soil-borne diseases. Suitable potting soil can be purchased at any store. The mix must be light-weighted and then drain well. In order for spices to thrive, you have to be in front of the Create herb garden give advice on the right soil mix better. Pot herbs must be fertilized relatively sparingly, so that the taste is not affected by it – once a month is enough. Southern herbs are used to barren soil.

Pots for kitchen herbs

Peat pots cultivation tips kitchen herbs plant hobby gardener

Terracotta and clay pots are the classics for kitchen herbs and are usually offered with water drainage holes. Peat pots with drainage holes are enjoying increasing popularity and are therefore another variant that you can use if you want to create your own herb garden. Even small flower boxes are suitable.

Some herb plants thrive in your garden very well, so you can look for a place there. Whether they survive the winter or at least have to be covered with a protection, depends entirely on the plant species. Dying of annual plants is usually prevented by the plant is cut before flowering. But that, too, depends on the species.

Grow basil

Basil cultivation care properties pot potting herb herbs

Basil is relatively easy to clean and therefore a good choice if you want to plant a herb garden, but the plant needs a lot of light and a high room temperature. Waterlogging should be avoided, because this does not get the plant and leads to withered leaves and mold growth. In summer, it is advisable to put the plant outside, with a partial shade should be selected, since the direct sun can lead to a bitter taste of the leaves.

Basil is poured abundantly (about every 2 to 3 days) and best from the bottom. If the plant is thirsty, it leaves the leaves hanging. At least then you should provide them with water. Harvest the lower leaves or cut the stems over the first leaf axis. Then the plant can continue to grow in peace. It is important that you prevent the flowering by the regular harvesting, because this ensures that the plant stops its growth and dies after a while.

Tips for chive cultivation

Chives herbs garden care tips kitchens herbs

The herbs are indispensable in the kitchen, as they provide ripe leaves almost year-round. You should definitely consider chives if you want to plant a herb garden. It can easily be planted both in the garden and in the pot. To flourish the plant, a moist, loose soil is necessary. The selected location must be sunny or partially shaded. The plant provides leeks almost all year round, which should be cut at regular intervals. You can also harvest and freeze more.

Dill cultivation

Spice herb garden dill grow healing nutrients kitchen garden tips

Most hobby gardeners grow the plant to use as a spice in the kitchen. But the spice herb is well known for its medicinal properties and nutrients. Its fruits contain essential oils. Dill does not grow after harvesting and has to be sown every year. If necessary, simply cut off the necessary amount of twigs and use them for your dish.

Grow and nurture lemon balm

Spice Plant Care Lemon Balm Garden Tips Balcony Garden

Lemon balm is used as a spice and medicine and has a calming effect. Even if their leaves are dried, the remedies are preserved. The plant requires a relatively low care effort. The lemon balm can be up to a meter high with good care and be harvested several times a year. You have to be careful that the spice herb does not spread too much.

Irrigation is regular, but waterlogging should be avoided. Short dry periods are no problem. However, a constant humidity is recommended. Harvest as often as you want. The plant can grow up to four times a year, provided the cut is made before flowering.

Aromatic oregano

Oregano Growing spice herb garden care tips

The spice has a much higher and more intense antioxidant effect than apples, potatoes and even blueberries. To be able to thrive well, warmth and plenty of sun should be guaranteed, as these also ensure that the leaves receive a particularly strong aroma. The soil may be dry or at least should not form any waterlogging. Cast as soon as the top layer has dried.

In principle, you can cut oregano at any time. Especially from the second year after the winter break, it begins to grow vigorously and can be radically cut back to 10 cm. But later in the season, a pruning can be done. The best way to dry the large amount of leaves you receive is to spice it up. If you are looking for a nutrient-rich spice, you should create a herb garden with organo.

Herb garden with rosemary

Rosemary Cultivate Common Kitchen Herbs Cultivation Flower Pots Terracotta

The Mediterranean herb rosemary is versatile in the kitchen. The plant thrives in sunny, hot places. Rosemary is best planted in good container potting soil. Since rosemary is one of the Mediterranean plants, the sun is the perfect location for him, which is combined with dry soil. So much moisture is not only unnecessary, but also rather harmful. If the plate has been filled with water when pouring, this should be poured away immediately.

An annual pruning in winter or after flowering is recommended. Then the plant is stimulated to expel. It creates new plantlets, which also maintain their pleasant aroma. You can also dry or freeze the cut leaves if they are too much to be consumed immediately.


Thyme herb garden create perennial spice plant healing effect cultivation

The thyme is an important and enduring medicinal plant and is suitable for kitchen, balcony and terrace. The spice becomes particularly aromatic when it is placed in a sunny place or planted. Furthermore, the soil should be low in nutrients and especially water permeable. For this reason, you can use the useful spice plant yourself to design your garden and especially for the rock garden. It is important to know that thyme must not be mixed with marjoram, since both plants are completely incompatible.

Cut the spice regularly all year round. The removal of the shoot tips has namely a rejuvenating effect. So you not only provide yourself with the delicious spice regularly, but also cultivate the plant in this way. The branches become bushy afterwards. Best harvest on a warm and sunny day. If you want to dry the spice, the period just before flowering is recommended.

Recipes »Cooking asparagus – quick and easy recipe

Sauce asparagus cook properly fast recipe

If you just do not know how to Cook asparagus properly we can come to the rescue – and give you a quick and easy recipe. Because asparagus is a popular set It can be served with both chicken and fish.

Cook asparagus properly – with olive oil and garlic sauce

Eating fast vegetarians prepare recipes

You need the following ingredients:

– green asparagus – serving for 4 people – 1.6 kg / about 400 grams per person /

– 2-4 tablespoons olive oil

– 1-2 cloves of garlic cut in small pieces

– 1 tbsp kosher salt

– ½ tsp freshly ground pepper

– lemon juice / a lemon /

Cooking asparagus properly – preparation

Cook ideas fast garnish every season

Peel each asparagus / as you cook green asparagus, peel only the bottom part. Then cut off the lower end, about 6-8mm.

properly cooking oven baking ideas

Cover a baking tray with aluminum foil and let the washed asparagus dry on it.

prepare ideas quickly bake oven

After 5 minutes, spread the olive oil regularly on the asparagus, add pepper and salt and pour lemon juice on top.

prepare ideas garlic olive oil

Then either boil or cook in open for 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Finished! The finished asparagus have a slightly brew nuance

Cooking asparagus – recipe with chicken

cooking properly Recipes chicken meat

First as described above Cook asparagus properly then prepare the chicken breast. For four portions you need the following ingredients:

– chicken breast / 250g each serving /

– 2 tbsp olive oil

– 2-4 / depending on the taste / garlic cloves, finely chopped

– 2-3 sprigs of rosemary

– Pepper

– ¼ teacup white wine

– ½ teacup chicken broth

– 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

– 2 tbsp butter

Preheat the oven to 475 degrees. Heat a pan and then add the olive oil. Salt the chicken breasts, add the pepper and cook for about 3 minutes in the pan. Roast the chicken breasts at medium temperature for another 10 minutes until golden brown. Turn the meat at least once in the pan. At the end, add the white wine and lemon juice and cook in the oven at 180-200 degrees – until only half of the sauce remains. Serve the meat with the asparagus and the sauce.

Chicken meat cooking ideas delicious easy preparation

Recipes asparagus ideas dinner fast

Halloween Party Recipes – Simple Ideas for Cooking and Garnishing

halloween-party-recipes-garnish-kuerbis-guacamole-corn chips-decorate

Similarly for party food in general should also Halloween party recipes easy to prepare and garnish impressively. Simple and light dishes, appetizers and desserts, but atmospherically arranged and decorated spread the good mood. Especially in thematic events and events, the visual appeal is in the foreground. We have put together a menu for you and offer you four simple recipes that are certainly for the general fun of the Eve would teach.

Halloween Party Recipes – start the party with a bloody cocktail


Vampire cocktail :

  • 500 milliliters of vodka with vanilla or cherry flavor
  • 236 milliliters of lime juice
  • 180 milliliters Preiselberrsaft
  • 75 milliliters pomegranate liqueur
  • 7up, sprite or carbonated mineral water
  • fresh cherries, without stones or cocktail cherries

Halloween Party Recipes – Vampire punch


To garnish, take martini or wine glasses and drip strawberry or raspberry syrup, mainly the syrup is red, on the edge of the glass and leave it in the fridge. Get vampire teeth for decoration and remove the glasses just before serving.

Halloween party Recipes – serve vampire punch and garnish nicely

halloween-party-recipes-vampire-punch-blood-red and prepare

For still spooky effect get dry ice and leave which pieces drink into it. It will effectively fog.

Halloween party recipes – spooky punch with blood traces


Another creative idea on how to decorate your Halloween recipes for cocktails would be to get some gumdrops like eyes, vampire teeth, frogs, spiders and other insects. Do not allow them to soak in the liquid for too long, as they will dissolve faster due to the alcohol in the drink.

Serve and garnish bloody cocktails in a visually appealing way

halloween-party-recipe-cocktail-blood-vampire-glass ice cubes

Interesting and creative recipe for Halloween cocktail

halloween-party-recipe-cocktail-glass-blood ice cube vampire

Halloween party recipes for Giacamole

halloween-party-recipes-guacamole-kuerbis-garnish-funny-corn chips

Recipe for guacamole:

  • 2 ripe avocados, peeled and gutted
  • 6 cherry tomatoes or smaller tomatoes cut into cubes
  • Juice of 1/4 lemon
  • ¼ cup chopped cilantro
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • 1 garlic clove, peeled and finely chopped
  • ¼ cup diced shallot
  • pinch of cumin
  • ¼ cup diced jalapeno – if you like it sharper

Guacamole recipe – ingredients and tripps

halloween-party-recipe-Guacamole avokado-lime-prepare-manual

Prepare the guacamole in a bowl. The avocados work as shown on the picture – it always works smoothly.

Halloween edible decoration for the dishes


When the time comes to arrange and decorate the festive table, let your imagination free. Look for a variation on how you would prefer to present the homemade guacamole – as a graveyard, spider web or as a pumpkin that vomits. Be creative.

Halloween party recipes – cemetery of guacamole

halloween-party-recipes-guacamole-garnish-cemetery-spider-grave stones-garnish

Halloween Party Recipes – garnish guacamole with pumpkin and corn chips

halloween-party-recipes-guacamole-kuerbis-garnish-corn chips Idea

Garnish guacamole as spider web with spider

halloween-party-recipes-guacamole-spider-olive-cobweb-corn chips

Halloween Party Recipes – Serve guacamole in real pumpkin

halloween-party-recipes-gucamole-kuerbis-serve-garnish-corn chips-creative

Garnish Halloween guacamole – with zombie fingers

Halloween party recipes – scary black spaghetti

halloween-party-recipes-spagetti-black bolognese sauce-olives

Black spaghetti can also be bought ready dyed. in this case they may have an extra flavor – make octopus. Optionally, dye normal spaghetti in black using edible color for pastries. Cook the noodles as directed by the pack and make sure they stay Al Dente. As a sauce, prepare your favorite Bolognese sauce and decorate with black olives, such as spiders or simply with some greens. Let it taste you!

Black spaghetti are ready to buy


You can also dye normal spaghetti in black


Halloween Spaghetti – in black, all noodles look scary

halloween-party-recipes-spagetti-black creepy-skull-garnish-teller

Halloween party recipes – black spaghetti with bolognese sauce

halloween-party-recipes-spagetti sauce-bolognese-prepare-cook

* you can find the whole recipe and some tips for the preparation here

Halloween party recipes for simple bedside table

halloween-party-recipes-dessert-dessert-sweet-pear-spirited sauce

Finally, the dessert comes and it should be easy to digest. A simple dessert is aromatic cooked pears.

Prepare a simple dessert from pears yourself – ghosts



  • 4 pears (ripe but not overly ripe)
  • Apple juice
  • Red grape juice
  • Sultanas, or raisins
  • Almonds (splintered)
  • cinnamon
  • cloves
  • vanilla extract

Halloween Party Recipes – Useful Ingredients and Preparation

halloween-party-recipes-dessert-pear-ingredients juice nuts

Peel the pears and put in a saucepan. Shake enough pure apple juice to cover the fruits and add the spices. Boil the liquid and simmer the pears for 15-20 minutes. Take the pears out and let the syrup back on the stove to make it thicker. They also boil the red juice until its consistency becomes similar to blood. Shatter the almonds, raisins, and cloves to create the ghostly faces of Ghost Pears.

Aromatic spices for dessert – cinnamon powder, vanilla extract, cloves


Mix the juices, spices and boil

Halloween party recipes dessert dessert sauce cooking

Peel pear and cook in boiling water

Halloween Party Recipes-dessert-dessert-cooking-pear-preparing

Decorate the cooked pears with cloves and pieces of nuts

halloween party cake-recipes-dessert-easy-pear-ghost-teller-

Aromatically cooked pears creepy garnished as ghosts

Halloween party recipes-dessert-dessert-pear-baked-creepy

* you can find the whole recipe and some tips for the preparation here

Simple Halloween Party Recipes – hot dogs with sliced ​​fingers made from sausages

Halloween Party Recipes -hotdog-broutchen-wuerstchen-sauce-red

15 cooking tips that make working in the kitchen easier

cooking tips gemuse-gemuse-fruits-hobba

Who likes to spend a lot of time in the kitchen will certainly not mind a few Tips for cooking to have. Because everyone knows that cooking can sometimes be a tricky business and with the right tricks you will learn how to save time and effort in the future. Facilitate with the following Tips and Tricks Your everyday life and you will be able to enjoy more free time now. You will be amazed at how much time you have wasted so far!

1. Cooking Tips – Keep vegetables fresh

tips for cooking fresh-vegetable-mushrooms-kitchen-paper

Lovers of fresh vegetables will know it: One has the fridge full of greed again stuffed with vegetables and later asks how to prepare it before it gets bad. And that is already the beginning of ours Tips for cooking , Vegetables can keep you fresh for longer if you ensure that the moisture that separates them is absorbed. Simply lay out the vegetable compartment with kitchen paper.

2. Tips for cooking – keep fresh lettuce leaves

tips for cooking lettuce-green-fresh-keep-chopping board

Leaf salad and other salad leaves should be taken out of the packaging. Instead, store it in a plastic bowl, into which you lay paper towels again. If you want to store this vegetable again for a long time, put it in plastic bag and freeze it. Another thing we want to add to these cooking tips is that you should not pre-wash lettuce. Only when you prepare it. Then it lasts longer in the fridge.

3. Freeze sauce

tips for cooking sauce-freezer-portions-cube-shaped-coffee

We now have two practical cooking tips for you, using a simple ice cube shape: you do not have to throw away any other sauce. Instead, store them in portions in the freezer and warm them up again at any time. You can also freeze coffee in the same way. In the form of frozen cubes you can make a delicious iced coffee prepare with milk.

4. trick for softer ice

einfireren to-cook-ice-soft-plastic bag-tips-

Since the freezers we use in the house are much colder than those in the shop or the ice cream shop, the problem is that the ice is rock hard, even if we take it from the freezer. Despite cravings you have to wait until the ice has thawed a bit. A simple solution to this problem are the plastic freezer bags that are applicable for many cooking tips. Put ice in a bag and squeeze the air out of the bag to freeze everything.

5. DIY ice cream


Are you looking for a quick and easy way to make your own ice cream? Then our cooking tips come back to help you. But no, you do not have to cook! Just grab some iced stalks (teaspoons make it if necessary too) and put them in your favorite yoghurt. Then set this for a few hours in the freezer and your ice cream is done.

6. Peel ginger


When it comes to peeling vegetables, you automatically reach for the knife or the potato peeler. With ginger, however, it can be quite nerve-wracking. Have you ever tasted it with a spoon? You’ll be amazed at how easy the job will be at once, because with the spoon you get well in all the cracks and take the curves better. If you still do not have enough of our cooking tips, just keep reading.

7. Open mason jars

tips-cook-Einweckglas-oeffnen-trick-rubber gloves

You have to open a glass, but your husband is not home? In that case your own initiative is needed and our cooking tips will help you again. It does not matter so much to the power. It is important that your hand does not slip and you can easily avoid this by simply putting on rubber gloves.

8. The trick with the wooden spoon

tips-boiling-water-wooden spoon-trick-over-cook herdplatte

Do you belong to those housewives who regularly boil the water during all the work in the kitchen? Again, there are wonderful cooking tips. A simple wooden spoon prevents this problem now. For milk, it can also help if you grease the inner edge of the pot with margarine.

9. Save Versaline Courts

tips-cook-salty-court-neutralizing-potato-apple soup

Do not be desperate for an over-salted dish, as there are a few cooking tips you can use to save them. You need a piece of raw potato or apple that will let you cook for ten minutes in the food. They pick up the excess salt. A soup can also be used with a spoonful of sugar or vinegar to eliminate the salt.

10. liquefy honey


Over time, the honey becomes more and more firm, which in turn stimulates some to buy new ones and even to throw them away. Do not do that because you can easily liquefy the honey again by placing it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

11. Sparkling sparkling wine


Tips for cooking – Without a doubt, the carbonic acid gives the champagne the finishing touch. That’s why he is quickly tipped away as soon as it has dissolved. You can get these back quickly, if you apply the right tips. Only one or raisins that you put in the Gls make a real miracle. Try it!

12. Keep bananas fresh

tips-cooking-bananas-brown-store Idea

If you do not like brown bananas and do not happen to have them right now, you can To bake banana bread , with a simple tip, can keep the bananas yellow longer. The trick is not to separate the bananas. Only divide your hand bananas if you want to consume them and then only as many as you need.

13. Store cheese


If you have served cheese at a party and there is a lot left over, you can put it back in the freezer after wrapping it tightly with foil or paper. If you want to serve it again, thaw it the day before.

14. Tips for cooking with tough meat

tips-cooking-tough meat tender-vinegar-beer-lemon juice-steak.tomate

What is more unpleasant than tough meat that can hardly be chewed. However, meat can become much more tender if it is previously put into vinegar, lemon juice or beer. Another effect that these tips have for cooking is that the taste of the meat is improved a lot.

15. Tip for noodles

tips-cooking noodles-freeze-thaw-bag-serve-pasta

Like sauce, sometimes pasta can stay over. Let them stand, they will be hard and inedible. Instead the plastic bags come back as tips for cooking. Freeze the noodles quite easily. If you want to serve them, just pour them in boiling water for one minute so you can defrost them quickly.

105 ideas for kitchen with cooking island in different furnishing styles

kitchen with island kitchen design beige tiles stone countertop brown

These wonderful ideas for Kitchen with cooking island will be especially helpful to you if you are looking for kitchen inspiration. The kitchen island is a very practical piece of furniture for kitchen equipment. Here you can find designs of different sizes, styles and materials. We have selected and put together the most beautiful kitchen island for you. Take a look at these.

traditional Kitchen with cooking island for classic elegance

kitchen with cooking island white classic lanterns stool

If you are more into the classic elegance in kitchen equipment, these are Kitchen with cooking island in traditional style just right for you. Most models are made of wood with built-in cabinets or shelves. The worktop could be made of stone, marble, laminate or other materials. The kitchen island has a practical multi-function and can be used as a kitchen workplace for cooking and kitchen table for eating. Add only a few comfortable stools and you have your kitchen island and dining table in the kitchen at the same time.

traditional Kitchen with cooking island in beige colors

kitchen with cooking island round beige country style brown wood

The Use kitchen with cooking island as a dining table

kitchen with island counter black bar chairs white drawers

White kitchen furniture in rural style

kitchen with island red brown rustic oriental carpet dining table

Wooden kitchen island in white

vintage style white ideas for kitchen island designs traditional

Elegant kitchen in white

yellow flowers decoration ideas for designer kitchen island traditional

Darkwood kitchen island with built-in cupboard

cabinet glass door ideas for kitchen island designs traditional

Combination of light and dark wood – Kitchen with cooking island

Metal fridge ideas for designer kitchen island traditional

Kitchen back wall made of marble

kitchen back wall marble ideas for designer kitchen island traditional

Dark wood furniture with white kitchen island

wooden floor stool ideas for designer kitchen island traditional

Vintage metal chandelier

vintage chandelier ideas for kitchen island designs traditional

Kitchen island with corner shape

bright natural wood ideas for designer kitchen island traditional

Wooden kitchen island in gray

gray crossed ideas for designer kitchen with cooking island traditional

Built-in cupboard in the kitchen island in blue

blue open cupboard ideas for designer kitchen island traditional

Worktop in stone optics – Kitchen with cooking island

blue kitchen back wall ideas for designer kitchen island traditional

Kitchen island in dark gray

blue built-in shelves ideas for designer kitchen island traditional

White kitchen island with darkwood worktop

worktop dark wood ideas for designer kitchen island traditional

The Kitchen with cooking island to use as a cupboard

built-in cabinet glass door ideas for designer kitchen island traditional

Traditional kitchen equipment in Rertro style

cabinets beige ideas for kitchen island designs traditional

Simple kitchen island design

white decorating ideas for kitchen island designs traditional

Large, white kitchen island

white kitchen furniture ideas for kitchen island designs traditional

white ikea model ideas for kitchen island designs traditional

white plate ideas for kitchen island designs traditional

white kitchen equipment ideas for kitchen island designs traditional

white wood ideas for kitchen island designs traditional

Ideas for kitchen island designs in a modern style

white rounded minimalist ideas for kitchen island designs modern style

If you want to furnish your kitchen in a very modern and contemporary way, our suggestions are for modern ones Kitchen Island Designs the right thing for you. The modern kitchen island is not made of wood in any case. The modern designs could be made of plastic, laminate or glass. Aluminum and metal elements are also very often seen in the modern kitchen equipment. For a complete look, choose stools in an interesting style.

Kitchen island with round stool in a minimalist look

white minimalist ideas for kitchen island designs modern style

White kitchen with kitchen island with metal elements

white aluminum ideas for kitchen island designs modern style

minimalist kitchen island with rotating stools

transparent cabinet door ideas for kitchen island designs modern style

Put together laminate and glass for a modern kitchen island

Black white ideas for kitchen island designs modern style

Kitchen island with round shape

black round shape ideas for kitchen island designs modern style

Black kitchen island with shine surface

glossy black ideas for designer kitchen island modern style

Wooden kitchen island with unusual design

Natural wood shelves ideas for designer kitchen island modern style

Kitchen island made of natural wood in the modern kitchen

Natural wood bright ideas for designer kitchen island modern style

Modern kitchen in black and white

Metal stool black ideas for designer kitchen island modern style

Kitchen island in mint green

Metal green ideas for designer kitchen island modern style

Corner shaped kitchen island made of various materials

material blend ideas for designer kitchen island modern style

Matching lighting for the kitchen

lighting cabinet ideas for designer kitchen island modern style

Combine metal and wood in the kitchen

Aluminum wood ideas for designer kitchen island modern style

Classic kitchen island designs in a simple style

white stool dark wood ideas for kitchen island designs classic

The Kitchen Island Designs in a simple and simple style are a very good option if you do not want to tie your kitchen to any particular style of furnishing. The beautiful designs of wood, laminate and natural stone are quite suitable for a classic simple kitchen equipment. Take a look at our suggestions.

Simple kitchen island design for the modern kitchen

wieß wood board ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Metal stool for the kitchen island

chairs iron ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Worktop made of black glossy surface

black white ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Combine black and gray for the kitchen island

black kitchen counter ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Classic kitchen with island with wooden furniture

drawers wood ideas for kitchen island designs classic

minimalist decor in white

simple decorating ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Wooden arrangement with white elements

Round stool ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Laminate worktop in black

Surface black ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Kitchen island with gloss surface

modern lighting ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Combine light wood with dark surfaces

laminate black ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Turn an old table into a kitchen island

Wooden table countertop ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Simple kitchen in white

wooden plate white door ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Classic wooden furniture for the kitchen

bright natural wood ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Kitchen island with handle free drawers

handle-free drawers ideas for designer kitchen island classic

Kitchen back wall made of glass in green

glossy surfaces glass ideas for designer kitchen island classic

Aluminum and wood in the classic kitchen furniture

spacious tiled floor ideas for designer kitchen island classic

Kitchen in yellow nuances

yellow furniture ideas for designer kitchen island classic

Small kitchen island with a simple design

Tile wall white ideas for designer kitchen island classic

Simple kitchen island with rectangular shape

dark brown drawers ideas for designer kitchen island classic

Worktop made of white laminate

rotating stool ideas for designer kitchen island classic

Complete wooden equipment for the kitchen with cooking island

brown wooden material ideas for designer kitchen island classic

Kitchen island with addition

bend black ideas for designer kitchen island classic

Kitchen island with bar counter

Bar counter wood ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Simple design made of wood

countertop white ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Worktop in natural stone look

fridge metal ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Round kitchen island in purple

purple round ideas for kitchen island designs classic

Kitchen Island Designs for the Rustic Kitchen

retro interior design ideas for kitchen island designs rustic

If you’re a fan of rustic decor, take a look at these wooden cake island designs. The models of various types of wood are quite suitable for the rustic retro kitchen and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Kitchen island and cabinets made of the same type of wood

shelves cupboard ideas for kitchen island designs rustic

Wooden kitchen island with natural stone top

natural wood rectangular ideas for kitchen island designs rustic

Rustic kitchen with island and retro furnishings

massive wooden decor ideas for kitchen island designs rustic

Kitchen furniture made of different types of wood

rural ambiance ideas for designer kitchen island rustic

Wooden table colored in white

Copper elements ideas for designer kitchen island rustic

Kitchen island with built-in corner shelves

wooden corner shelf ideas for designer kitchen island rustic

Antique kitchen island made of solid wood

carved wood ideas for designer kitchen island rustic

Rustic kitchen island in blue

Blue colored ideas for designer kitchen island rustic

Kitchen Island Designs with Marble Surface

white marble ideas for kitchen island designs marble

The Kitchen Island Designs with marble surface are a classic in the kitchen equipment. Make your kitchen elegant and stylish by using marble for the kitchen worktop. Take a look at these beautiful designs, which in most cases are a combination of wood and marble.

Classic kitchen in beige

Warm color palette ideas for kitchen island designs marble

Modern kitchen island in white marble and dark wood

kitchen wall ideas for kitchen island designs marble

Kitchen island with opulent design

vintage decorating ideas for kitchen island designs marble

Kitchen island with step-like structure

step-like structure ideas for kitchen island designs marble

Black marble as a surface

black countertop ideas for kitchen island designs marble

Dark wood for the kitchen furniture

Black white ideas for designer kitchen island marble

Kitchen island completely made of black marble

black marble ideas for designer kitchen island marble

Use the kitchen island as a dining table

island dining table ideas for designer kitchen island marble

Design in semicircle form

semicircle shape ideas for designer kitchen island marble

Striking combination of glass and marble for the kitchen with cooking island

glass base plate ideas for designer kitchen island marble

Marble plate for the kitchen island

glossy surface beige ideas for designer kitchen island marble

Modern kitchen island with marble plate

dark wood round ideas for designer kitchen island marble

Combine black wood with white marble

Dark wood crystal chandelier ideas for designer kitchen island marble

Modern interior in cream

cream interior ideas for designer kitchen island marble

Kitchen island in yellow

colorful carpet ideas for designer kitchen island marble

Solid worktop made of white marble

countertop white ideas for designer kitchen island marble

Kitchen island with glass surface

round design ideas for designer kitchen island glass

red stool ideas for designer kitchen island glass

blue countertop ideas for designer kitchen island glass

Practical kitchen island designs for the small kitchen

step-like structure ideas for designer kitchen island small

black wood ideas for designer kitchen island small

Cabinet door aluminum ideas for designer kitchen island small

natural wood rustic ideas for designer kitchen island small

antique dark wood ideas for designer kitchen island small

Mobile roll ideas for designer kitchen island small

Kitchen back wall – nice ideas and alternatives to tile mirror

5 ideas for kitchen island lighting

Outdoor cooking – thought-out planning of an outdoor kitchen

outdoor-kitchen-dining area-grilled-sinks-natural stone-cladding

Warmth and sun exert a great attraction on people. Therefore, the balmy summer days are often and gladly used for breakfast in the fresh air or for cozy barbecue evenings in the garden. The trend has therefore been towards open-air cooking culture for several years. So you can first harvest your vegetables in the garden and prepare directly afterwards in the outdoor kitchen. What you need for a working kitchen in the open, we show you here.

To tailor the outdoor kitchen to your own needs

outdoor-kitchen-storage space-under cabinets-granite-countertop

In principle, outdoor kitchens have the same features as a normal kitchen. If you have a garden and want to cook there from time to time, a simple kitchen with a gas or charcoal grill is sufficient. However, if you want to be outdoors often, then a larger and higher quality kitchen is more suited to your needs.

The preparation should be similar to that used in planning a traditional kitchen. Align them according to your purpose and adapt the individual components to your needs. When planning you can a guidebook as from to be a help. In general, it is important that you measure the surface well beforehand and pay attention to the proportions of the individual components. Both a color and a material adaptation of the optics to the environment can be beneficial, so that your kitchen fits better into the overall picture.

Select the individual kitchen elements according to your needs. Basically you need the following modules:

– Work surface
– Storage options
– storage space
– sink and faucet
– Cooking area

If you already have a functioning barbecue, an additional barbecue is not necessary. For the luxury version of the outdoor kitchen, however, it is as much a must as other electronic devices (such as a refrigerator). Be careful when planning because you will not necessarily use every module. Careful planning will save you expenses that may later turn out to be unnecessary.

The right environment


Your outdoor kitchen should be near the house and have a canopy. This ensures protection against various weather conditions. Equally important is the selection of the right material. Robust and high quality materials are for example stainless steel, teak or granite. These have the additional advantage that they are visually timeless and can be easily combined with various accessories.

If you decide to place your outdoor kitchen on the patio, you should be sure that it is a solid stone floor or stable foundation. You have to keep in mind that kitchen modules bring a lot of weight and can lower the terrace in the worst case. Also try to avoid flammable materials near your kitchen if you want to prevent anything in the area from going up in flames.

Build outdoor kitchen yourself


If you want to build your own kitchen, make sure you are on a level surface. Experts advise to a concrete foundation about 30 centimeters thick. As a weatherproof base, a brick base is recommended. On the Heimwerkseite you will find a well-understandable blueprint for outdoor kitchens. But beware: this guide is not for beginners. Some basic knowledge is required to be able to build the individual modules. Incidentally, outdoor kitchens are not just something for the grown-ups, even the little ones enjoy it a lot. For example, add a mini cooker to the outdoor kitchen, where your children can playfully cook while preparing dinner. There are inspirations on this page ,

The alternative: kitchens on wheels


If you do not have the space for a stand-up kitchen, then maybe an outdoor kitchen on wheels is the thing for you. This model offers a high degree of flexibility, because you can set up the mobile device in the garden or on the terrace as desired. In addition, in winter it is no problem to stow the kitchen in a storage room where it is not exposed to any weather or corrosion. With this model, even people with limited space have the opportunity to live out their passion for cooking outdoors. It contains the same amount of equipment as a normal outdoor kitchen, but with the advantage of mobility. The principle of “furniture on wheels” is just as trendy as you are here can see.

No matter which model you choose, with an outdoor kitchen you can not only cook, but at the same time have a conversation with your guests and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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Modern cooking island combines functionality and design in one

minimalist cooking island Snaidero black glass beige counter

A modern cooking island should visually match the kitchen and provide ample storage space for the kitchen accessories. Ola 25, as the new project of the Italian brands Snaidero and Pininfarina, combines functionality and design in one.

The modern cooking island of Snaidero and Pininfarina – a real work of art

black kitchen bar elegantly stylish

The modern cooking island from Snaidero and Pininfarina was presented for the 25th anniversary of the brands. It is made in a limited series and is made from more than 84 individual details and can be redesigned on request. A wide range of materials and colors offers numerous combinations to suit every taste. So everyone can design and plan their own kitchen in details. The sculptural look of the kitchen, the glossy counter and the clear design language attract attention.

Modern cooking island with a minimalist look

Snaidero virtually clear design gloss glossy counter

The modern cooking island was presented to the public with a minimalist look. The timeless elegance of the neutral colors, the contrast between beige and black, as well as the simple construction never let go of the eyes. The successful combination of Italian style and modernity creates a modern ambience and gives every interior a fresh kick.

minimalist look black counter handleless cabinet doors

Modern kitchen island – benefits of kitchen design with cooking island

modern kitchen dining space shape ideas

The modern kitchen island is hardly to imagine the kitchen landscape. But why is his great attraction, and whether the island really promises more functionality? We take the hip kitchen design under the microscope.

Modern kitchen island – advantages at a glance

modern kitchen dining space design ideas cooking place marble plate

Well honestly – the modern kitchen island does not really save space. And yet, more and more homeowners are opting for it. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this decision?

The advantages at a glance

+ The kitchen island visually separates the space in different areas. Especially for the open living area that connects the kitchen, dining area and living room in one room, the cooking island is advantageous. This creates a transition between the cooking area and the comfortable seating area.

+ The modern kitchen island offers sufficient support surface. Especially extended families may look forward to it, because on the island can be cooked together.

+ The cooking island offers additional storage space for kitchen accessories. Finally, order in the kitchen!

+ The kitchen island often has a dining table – so is a pleasant dinner with friends nothing in the way.

Modern kitchen island – The disadvantages at a glance:

Kitchen wood fronts marble counter Italian design Gama decor

– The cooking island takes up a lot of space and is therefore rather unsuitable for small kitchens.

– If the cooking area and the sink are mounted on the cooking island, then you should think in advance about the water pipe and the power connection.

– Do you want the later Renovate the kitchen , and order new kitchen furniture, then the question arises – where to go with the cooking island?

Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves whether a cooking island makes sense in their own kitchen or not. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to consult with the professionals – they can recommend the best solution according to their own space.

The cooking island offers sufficient storage space for kitchen accessories

modern kitchen island marble counter cooking area

Modern cooking island with drawers

modern kitchen cooking island designer furniture

The cooking island divides the living area into different zones

modern kitchen island dining table stylish design

Modern cooking island for the large living area

modern kitchen island stylish wood fronts cooking area

White kitchen with kitchen back wall in wood look

white cooking island Base cabinets handleless high gloss

Kitchen with island in spacious loft apartment

modern kitchen island wood dining room plan design

Kitchen with cooking island online plan ideas

Kitchen stove plan cooking island ideas design Italy

Kitchen design marble counter high gloss kitchen fronts

Kitchen island Kitchen design ideas built-in appliances

Kitchen island dining space shape ideas modern white counter

Built-in appliances modern kitchen dining space shape ideas

Block kitchen dining place design ideas designer

modern kitchen island white metal storage space high gloss

modern kitchen island plan benefits and cons overview

modern kitchen island complete white minimalist design

modern kitchen island dining bar stool cooking place

modern kitchen design cooking island cooker hood

modern kitchen dining area cooking island shape ideas

modern kitchen design island dining table bar chairs

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Easter & Spring »Cooking Eggs-A guide on how to cook hard eggs for Easter

Eggs Recipes to prepare delicious chicken eggs for Easter

How long should you Cook eggs so they stay hard? The eggs, no matter where they come from – chicken, quail, ostrich, duck, turkey – are cooked for 3 to 15 minutes.
The time depends on how you want the eggs – soft or hard. Only the ostrich eggs are an exception and take a little longer time.

Cooking eggs – techniques for chicken eggs

Eggs heart shape fast preparation Ideas Buns

The chicken eggs put in cold water. If you dip them in hot water, they will break. To keep them completely in the cold water – add a spoonful of salt. While the eggs are cooking they should be completely covered with water. If cooked already, they are difficult to peel, that means they are fresh. So you do not have any difficulty peeling, put the eggs in cold water after cooking, for 3-4 minutes. Immediately afterwards you could peel them. It is true that the longer you cook the eggs, the harder they are digested by the organism. A cooking time over 20 minutes is bad for your health. The color of the shell does not affect the taste. Cooking should be done on medium heat.
Guinea fowl eggs are cooked for 5 minutes.

Cook eggs – quail eggs, ducks and turkey eggs

Recipes duck eggs preparing saffron pancakes

quail eggs
To have soft-boiled quail eggs, place them in boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Unlike chickens, these are not broken. If you would rather have cooked hard, it takes 5 minutes.
Bouquet egg
Put a bunch of egg in cold water and cook gently for 45 minutes. 60-70 minutes – hard.
Ducks egg
Wash duck eggs thoroughly with cold water and soda, place in cold water again and cook for at least 12 minutes.
Goose eggs are washed and placed in cold water. Cook for 15 minutes over medium heat in a lidded container.
Turkey eggs are boiled in salted water for 10 minutes.

Delicious recipes for Easter – with hard-boiled eggs

Preparing Eggs Duck Eggs Salmon Salami Parsley Recipe Easter

Roll with hard-boiled eggs

hard boiled eggs tomato salad tasty healthy

Delicious appetizer with boiled eggs

Recipes hard-boiled chickens turkey eggs salmon