Furnishing ideas in country style – combining furniture and lighting

Apartment country style wall panels leather sofa

We present you Set up ideas in the Country-style – and take you on a virtual journey through a beautiful house with a rustic look in Italy.

Furnishing ideas in country style – furniture

Dining room wall panels wood vase table decoration

If you want a cozy and comfortable interior, they will be yours Set up ideas certainly liked in the country house style. The interior designer Gianpaolo Zandegiacomo has made on customer request an interior made entirely of recycled wood. Wood was first used as a wall covering. The wooden panels are a connecting element in the whole apartment – theirs warm color is emphasized by matching paint. So that the one-room apartment looks optically larger, the architect has opted for white ceilings. Wooden bookcases – this time in black color provide ample storage space for books in the living room and cooking utensils in the kitchen. They also serve as room dividers and visually separate the living area into several functional rooms. Black sofa in the living room sets accents. The apartment has been decorated with old vases and statues. Golden accents add glamor to the interior. The acrylic chairs in the dining room make the decor look eclectic.

Furnishing ideas in country style – lighting

Bathroom shower cabin LED lighting blue color

The lighting plays a big role in the interior in the country house style. In the living area, sunlight comes through the windows, which protect with white curtains from the curious eyes of neighbors. Luminaires are mounted on the walls and create a combination with the fireplace romantic mood in the evening. The bathroom is integrated with LED lighting that sets accents. The blue light chain in the shower cubicle creates an oasis in the bathroom and contributes to relaxation and recovery of the senses.

Studio tastefully decorated – wood floor

Dining room kitchen country style decor ideas

Kitchen island with a rustic style

rustic kitchen interior furniture design

Acrylic chairs in the dining room

Wooden table cottage interior ideas

Shelves in the kitchen

multifunctional cooking island shelf vases metal

Small apartment with rustic interior

Country style furnishings recycled wood table

Bedroom with bed of recycled wood

House forest bedroom rustic bed design

Country-style bedroom

Bedroom country style ceiling lamps design ideas

Creative wall decoration – with old weapons

Wall deco idea country style design idea

Bathroom design ideas

Original chair rabbit ears wool upholstery

Bathroom design idea – white sink

Bathroom country style white washbasin design

Wooden panels in the toilet

Toilet bidet country style heating

Landscaping »Creating a Garden – Principles and Design Ideas in country house style

garden garden front garden idea light blue garden fence ground cover

We show you 20 inspiring ideas in country style, as yours build a garden can. Start with a happy atmosphere and prepare the garden for the spring!

Create garden – design in country house style

create garden cozy-eating-area-swing-climbing-plants-deco

The country house style in the garden should be as natural as possible. For this purpose, you can look for flowers and plants from the region. Roses or petunia are a good choice and can be combined with evergreen plants. Create volume by sowing different sized plants in a flowerbed. Nice contrasts you can put through turf. Lay a stone path that swings through the flowers. If you have the build a garden , you can plan pebble paths.

Country house – garden – garden furniture and decoration select

garden modern-villa-lavender-terrace-roof

Even garden furniture should look natural – choose rustic wood furniture for maximum effect. Also garden furniture made of wrought iron are suitable. Fabric pillows or bedding will ensure the comfort of your guests. If you like a country house style build a garden you want to include the one wooden pergola in the design. Climbing plants will refresh the garden, and can provide the privacy that otherwise can only be achieved by high fences. The country house style will keep your garden close to nature, and bring a certain romance from childhood. Enjoy the beautiful design ideas – we wish you a lot of fun!

climbing plants

garden-create-hang-design-lavender-stones-climbing roses

Rustic garden constructions


climbing plants at the house entrance

House country style creepers white facade

Wooden garden furniture and playhouse for the children in the garden

Garden Ideas Kids Playhouse Flowers Stone Tile Patio

Roses and petunias are a must in the country-style garden

Garden flowers roses lantern lighting evening

Hidden seating area in the garden – tall shrubs provide privacy

Garden Involve Flowers Spring Wooden fence screen

Glasshouse can accommodate tender and exotic plants in winter

Glasshouse garden plants flowers tips petunias

Small stone path makes the garden look bigger

Steinweg garden mooring ideas

Gardening – the country house style looks natural

Garden furniture chair design ideas spring flowers petunia

Ideas for garden design in country style

Plant garden garden style

Small sitting area with wooden furniture and floor in the garden

create sustainable garden wood patio design ideas

Volume in the flowerbed – spring flowers create a good mood

Flowers bedding spring lawn garden lawn

Steinweg meanders through the high vegetation

Garden grass moss plants ideas Steinweg

The pool – decorated with a stone border, resembles a pond

Garden design pool country style cottage

Wood pergola garden entrance way create country house

Spring Flowers Daybed Garden Shaping Tips

Climbers wood pergola greening

Architecture »A new interpretation of country house style in modern architecture

Country house style modern-architecture-farmhouse-england-lawn-garden-path-gravel

A family home in England was in the Country style built with a modern touch. Modern architecture mixes different styles in a building and combines elements from this or a bygone era. The house with big Property and modern, unpretentious decor is a great example of building that complies with regional architectural features while offering modern living.

Country style is reinterpreted in modern architecture

Country house style-modern-architecture-farmhouse-brick-windows-lawn-gabled-roof-house

The detached house was built in an English village and has about 3 750 square meters of green land and a living area of ​​250 square meters. The contractor’s budget for the construction and installation was limited to £ 320,000. The idea was to design a simple house with an authentic look and a total of four bedrooms, which corresponds to the architectural environment of the region. Therefore, natural and traditional building materials such as brick and wood were used for the house facade. The clear rectangular shape of the building stands for efficiency and offers enough scope for an individual design of a unique grid of proportions and distance between the buildings vertical and horizontal of the windows and walls.

Modern living in the country house style

Country house style-modern-architecture-farmhouse-pitched-roof-brick-wood-fronts

The large windows offer a beautiful view of the property and can be pushed aside. This creates open spaces and allows optimal use of the existing green area. The kitchen can be described as open, but to the dining area and front yard. The living room is separate and modern with colorful accents. For the rustic style of the stove is with storage space for firewood on the side. The crackling fire can be enjoyed on a comfortable daybed with a contemporary design.

Modern dining area

Country house style -modern-architecture-furnishing-view-obden-dining-area-table-high-gloss-plate-wood-chairs-bentwood

Country house with a modern touch

Country style -modern-architecture-furnishing-dining-area-wood-floor-dining-table-chairs-high-ceiling-white-pendant lights-shelf-wall-rail

Kitchen with wooden fronts

Country house style -modern-architecture-furnishing-kitchen-dining-area-kitchen-granite-panel-window-sitting-corner-chairs

Kitchen with dining area

Country style -modern-architecture-furnishing-kitchen-dining-area-wall-woodfronts-kitchen-cabinets-pendants-wall-color-white

Modern and functional kitchen

country house-style-modern-architecture-device-kitchen-wood fronts-granite plate-gray wooden floor-fensterfront-dining area

Kitchen with natural wood look and worktop in gray granite

country house-style-modern-architecture-device-kitchen-wood fronts-closets-simple-granite-kuechenplatte-kuecheninsel

A modern, spacious living room

country house-style-modern-architecture-device-living room-wooden floor-corner-violet-cushion-forming-blurred-colored

Lounge with woodburning stove and firewood next to it

country house-style-modern-architecture-device-lounge-liege-kaminofen-firewood-wall color-black-natural-stone-wood floor

Simple bedroom with saddle roof

country house-style-modern-architecture-device-bedroom-poster bed-black minimalist wall-window fronts-and-white wall color

Very modern and simply kept bathroom

country house-style-modern-architecture-device-bathroom-black-natural-stone-tiles-detached-bath-simple

Narrow staircase and wooden wall paneling

country house-style-modern-architecture-device-stair-wood stair-staircase-wood-windows-narrow

Plans and cross sections of the family house

country house-style-modern-architecture-farmhouse-plan-floorplan-ground floor

country house-style-modern-architecture-farmhouse-plan-room layout First-day live

country house-style-modern-architecture-farmhouse-plan-cross-section living space

country house-style-modern-architecture-farmhouse-plane-side-cut-chimney

country house-style-modern-architecture-farmhouse-grundstueck-floorplan-plann Landscape

* a project of Hall + Bednarczyk Architects

Modern country house style and remodeling – A country house in Canada

Modern country house-conversion-cottage-living-room-fireplace-natural-stone-firewood-wood-ceiling-window-fronts-forest

The conversion of this Almhaus into the forests of Canada started with the renovation of the kitchen, which led to the transformation of the whole house. On modern country house style is pursued and achieved in the design of each individual room. Every corner of the spacious living rooms and also of the Outdoor Area radiates a cozy ambience with a modern character.

Modern country house style and remodeling of a cottage in the woods of Canada

Modern country house-conversion-almhaus-living-room-couch-armchair-gray-wood-window-vase-vase-coffee table

The authentic and cozy style of the house is reinterpreted here. Most of the walls in the living area have been removed and the living space doubled in this way. The outer wall is made entirely of large windows that, viewed from inside, give the impression of being in the middle of the forest. The high ceilings in combination with the glass fronts let plenty of natural light in the room, which creates a very bright and positive atmosphere.

Modern country house style with large window fronts

Modern country house-conversion-alm-living-room-couch-armchair-gray-upholstery-vase-coffee-table-windows

The total living space is approximately 325 square meters and includes 4 guest rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms and a common room with kitchen. The modern one Country-style and at the same time authentic Almhaus-Atmopshäre is guaranteed by the wall and ceiling paneling made of fir wood. The material is also used in the kitchen and bathroom tastefully. In the living room an open fireplace was installed and decorated with firewood and natural stone, to underline the rustic flair even more. The sleeping areas are simple and decorated in monochrome colors, as well as the elegant upholstered furniture in the living room. Part of the furniture already comes from the previous ownership and other pieces were made especially for this house to contribute to the individual ambience. The furnishings and interior design of the house are perfect to feel in everyday life as well as on vacation.

Home accessories with contemporary design

Modern country house-alter-dining-room-dining-table-chairs-light-antlers-windows-wooden-floor-table-round

Decor with interesting pieces of jewelry and furniture

Modern country house-conversion-almhaus-wood-living-room-forest-window-fronts-lamp

High wooden ceilings

modern-country style-conversion-Almhaus-living room-couch-chair-cushion-black-coffee table-wooden ceiling-wall color and white

Living landscape in gray nuances

modern-country style-conversion-Almhaus-living room-coffee table-light gray-SITZMOEBEL-gray-pad-timber-forest-window fronts

Outdoor area with decorative stone fireplace

modern-country style-conversion-Almhaus-outdoor wooden floor-garden furniture-wood-decorative-fireplace-open

Simply kept bedroom in white and gray

modern-country style-conversion-Almhaus-bedroom bed-poster bed-spots, white and bright

Monochrome colors in the bedroom

modern-country style-conversion-Almhaus-bedroom-wall-color-white-bed-tappichboden-black-bedside-black

Light wood and contemporary artwork

modern-country style-conversion-Almhaus-corridor-bench-wood-art-image-wall color and white

The stylish country house style in the kitchen

modern-country style-conversion-Almhaus-kitchen-wood-wood Optic-brown-beige spots-extractor

Functional bathroom in beige, brown and white

modern-country style-conversion-Almhaus-bad-beige-brown-white-shower-glass wall-washbasin-mirror wall

modern-country style-conversion-Almhaus-bathroom-beige-basin-white-shower-glass wall

modern-country style-conversion-Almhaus-bathroom-brown-white-tiles-washbasin-shower-bin-windows

modern-country style-conversion-Almhaus-bathroom-washbasin-wash bowl-armature-mirror

* a project of Roberty Bailey Interiors

Country style chest of drawers – Practical and multifaceted

Country style chest of drawers -white-bedroom-bedside-table-drapes-rustic-flower-vase-bed-linen

The dresser is a very practical piece of furniture that provides ample storage space for useful and decorative things while saving space. Functionally and multifaceted, it is used in every room, in every area. An old or intentionally outdated Country style chest of drawers looks very romantic and is considered a decorative, but also as an attention-oriented piece of furniture.

Country style chest of drawers – Practical and multifaceted

Country style chest of drawers -white-baby-room-changing-table-birlder-frame-letter-wall-color-green

On the shelf of a chest of drawers find many home accessories place. Often it is used as a side table in the living room, changing table in the baby room or, if it is smaller, used as bedside table next to the bed in the bedroom. It is simply comfortable, makes life easier and is an indispensable storage element in every home.

Country style chest of drawers – rustic and cozy

Country style dresser -white-terracotta-tone-amphora-pot-deco

Chests of drawers have been known to people since the 18th century, and their origins can be found in the former chests or cabinet cabinets. Today, the dresser is used as storage space in each area. He is often used for a niche in the hall, for the area under the stairs, for the kitchen for storing crockery, cutlery and tablecloths and also in the bathroom cabinet or used as a space-saving piece of furniture for towels and cosmetics.

The dresser is multi-faceted and can be found today in every shape, color and every budget. In our picture gallery you will find 25 uses and design ideas for the chest of drawers in country style.

25 design ideas

Country style dresser - living room mirror fronts-mirror-table-lamp-tea-picture

Dressers fit wonderfully in niches and save space

Country style chest of drawers - living room-black-style-mix-plank-floor-lamp-armchair-carpet

On a dresser many home accessories find space

Country style chest of drawers -white-living room-dining-table-chairs-wooden-floor-plank floor

Chest of drawers in the dining room for the storage of crockery, cutlery and tablecloths

Country style dresser -white-dining-table-chairs-window-lame-cozy

The wooden chest of drawers is easy to work on, renovate and repaint

Country style chest of drawers - blue-gray-living-room-table-lamp-sesel-dog-shoes-pictures

Old country chest of drawers in the bedroom

Country style chest of drawers -white-bedroom-obsolete-picture-baetwash-blanket-book-decor

Many variants of dressers in a room

Country style chest of drawers -white bedroom-furniture-bed-window-curtains-curtains

Wooden chest of drawers with rattan fronts

Country-style chest of drawers-wood-bedroom-mirror-bed-window-shutters

Rustic solid wood chest of drawers in the bedroom

Country style chest of drawers -wood-bedroom-bed-and-bedroom-floor-old-hotel-room

Renovated cabinet becomes a baby dresser and changing table

Country style chest of drawers -white-gray-babyroom-drawer-table-drawer-wood-floor-white-slant

White, simple chest of drawers with interesting handles in the baby room

Country style dresser -white-kids-room-handles-interesting-toys-changing-table

commode-country style-white-baby-changing table room-blue-chair-lamp

commode-country style-white-baby-room-maedchenzimmer wickeltisch-window-drawers-wall color pink

commode-country style-white-baby-room kiderbett-yellow-green-window-curtains

commode-country style-white-hallway-window-table lamp-sun-protection window roller blind

commode-country style-white-corridor-painted-decoration-flowers-wase-lichterkette-mirror

commode-country style-wood-and-white-floor-decoration Cage crown-flowers

corridor-figran-ornaments-decoration-wall color gray wallpaper chest-country style-turquoise-

commode-country style-wooden-floor-mirror-deco-drawers-numbered-typewriter

commode-country style-wooden-floor-Decoration-image-plant-old

commode-country style-bathroom-wess-double sink-mirror-ground-honeycomb structure

commode-country style-bathroom-under-cabinet basin-double sink-mirror-armature

Country house furniture in the hall – 25 ideas for design and decoration

Country-style furniture in the hallway-interior-turquoise-ratan-bench-seat-pillow-mirror-house-déco

Of the Hall is not just a transit station. It is the first impression of your home, a reception area where the presentation of the whole house design begins. Country house furniture in the hallway are a great way if you like this style for decorating. Thus, the cozy atmosphere of the house is presented to the guests right at the beginning.

Country house furniture in the hall – design and decoration in country house style

Country-style furniture in the hallway-design-table-center-head-wall

The first step for the renovation or redesign of the corridor is to consider what purpose he should fulfill. Should it be functionally furnished with sufficient storage space or rather represent a representative corridor that is stylishly decorated with works of art and other objects?
In narrower rooms, the floor should be left free, so it should not be delivered with furniture. The accents are set on the wall design and decoration. Clever and practical storage options for countless shoes, keys or other things are decorative solutions, but also simple ones like vases, bowls, baskets. These small decorative elements are functional and convey already with the first step into the house a special attitude to life.

Country house furniture in the hall – 25 ideas for design and decoration

Country-style furniture in the hallway-design-ideas-old-furniture-rustic-white-bench-table-console-wardrobe

The lighting and the wall decoration are the two main points in the design of the corridor. Playful wall decals, a beautiful wall paint or entire picture galleries hanging on the wall, enliven the design of the room. This is best done with light emitters with not too dark, but not too cool light. A mirror must not be missing for a final check of the styling before going out.

Country-style furniture in the hallway for a narrow or rather representative space

Country-style furniture in the corridor -moors-table-small-roses-white-pictures-wallpaper-stripes

Colored wall design and decoration in mustard yellow

Country-style furniture in the hallway-design-yellow-wallpaper-wardrobe-basket-cushion-decor

Landscaping in country style

Country-style furniture in the hallway-tile-ornaments-house-wood-pictures-colorful-colored-flowers

Hall decorated in white and deco with lettering

Country-style furniture in the hallway-clock-white-wardrobe-prints-obsolete-industrial-design-pillow-pillow-writing

Pictures, books and personal objects enliven the room

Country-style furniture in the hallway -staircase-summer-house-white-console-table-pictures-stairs-carpet-yellow-pattern

Stone and wood are important elements of the country style

Country house furniture in the hall -stein-wall-panel-door-white-bench-basket-beach-bag

Floorboards, ceiling and cabinets painted in white give a cozy and quiet atmosphere

Country-style furniture in the hall -rustic-outdated-wooden-ceiling-white-wood-floor-shelves-koerbe

A staircase in Scandinavian style with colorful accents

Country-style furniture in the hall -staircase-scandinavian-style-door-old-white-wood-floor-colorful

Staircases can be designed dreamlike

Country-style furniture in the hallway -mebel-staircase-flower-pattern-chandelier-vase-white-tenderblue

Country-style furniture in the hallway-brick-white-painted-armchair-console-table-mint-color-pillow-floor-lamp

landhausmoebel-in-hallway-decoration-moebel-console-table-table-mint-color-blue wallpaper

landhausmoebel-in-hallway-moebel chairs-blue-table-red-bil-vase-flower

landhausmoebel-in-hallway-moebel-cabinet-filigree ornaments-table lamp-hand-artwork-sculpture

landhausmoebel-in-hallway-moebel-console-table-white-vase-flower wallpaper gas lamp


landhausmoebel-in-hallway-moebel-console-table-white-small-lantern-glass bottles

landhausmoebel-in-hallway-moebel-dresser-and-white console table-mirror-flower-vase-light blue wall

landhausmoebel-in-hallway-design-commode-white-table lamp wallpaper Decoration Curtains Pattern

landhausmoebel-in-hallway-moebel-garu-wall-bench-wood-wardrobe-shoes-cushion scarves Hat

landhausmoebel-in-hallway-moebel-wardrobe-white-seated peace-hat-shelf-flowers-plant-curtains


landhausmoebel-in-hallway-moebel-beach-house-paddle-wardrobe-chair-glasplasche Flowers

landhausmoebel-in-hallway-wardrobe-chop-pocket scarf-gummistiefel

Glazed wooden wall panels white – 35 ideas for the country house

Wooden wall panels white-country-dining-room-scandinavian-pendant-dining-table

Although natural wood looks very nice indoors, the real wood wall covering tends to darken over time. If you are the old one Wood paneling If you do not want to remove it, you can try this interesting idea. Wall panels made of wood You can paint with white whitewash without much effort. The whites have gained much popularity in recent times and are mostly used in furniture that you want to give a shabby chic touch. The same technique can also be applied to floors, walls and ceilings. Learn here how you can easily glaze wood wall panels white.

Wall panels made of wood itself white

Wooden wall panels white-country-house-make-yourself-glaze

For the sample, you can try to whitewash an old night or side table first. The technique is very simple, but there are a few things that need to be considered:

– The whitewash is actually diluted white color, which has less opacity. It still shows the natural wood grain.

– The water-based paint can be thinned with tap water. Oil-based paint – with turpentine.

– Mix the whitewash in an old bucket or paint can. For walls, use a mixture of two parts of water and one part of white paint. For whitewash with a higher color content, mix two parts of paint and one part of water.

Wooden wall panels glaze with diluted white paint

wall panels-wood-white-house-glaze-tips

Put on rubber gloves and start applying the mixture with a brush in the direction of the wood grain. Use a rag to wipe excess or excessively thick paint. Work in small sections. If the whitewash appears to be too thin, you can paint some places a second time. It is best to let the whitewash dry well with the windows open overnight. As a rule, it should dry faster than normal paint.

Take a look at some examples of white glazed wooden wall panels and be inspired for a renovation in your country house!

looks great in combination with gray and yellow

Wooden wall panels white-bedroom-gray-wall-color-wood-bedside tables

In a bright room with plenty of natural light white glazed wooden panels look very nice and contribute to the overall picture. They can be beautifully combined with light or neutral wall colors, such as gray, white or beige. If you only want to add a touch of color in the room, you can use a matching upholstery in the living room or nice bedding in the bedroom. For rooms in country house style bright accent colors are recommended, such as yellow.

perfect for scandinavian furnished bedrooms

Wall panels made of wood white-country-house-bedroom-back wall-lights

Anyone who wants a bit of Nordic charm in their own bedroom, is right with white glazed wooden wall panels. White is one of the main colors in the Scandinavian interior and can be wonderfully combined with gray wood and furnishings. With a whitewashed wooden wall design, the effect of the color is combined with that of the material.

white plastered clinker and wood wall panels in the kitchen

Wall panels made of wood -white-country-house-kitchen-clinker-wall-white

White walls and ceilings are not only popular in the bedroom, but also look classy and of high quality in the kitchen. Since wood is rather unsuitable for the kitchen back wall, you can create an accent wall with wall panels in the kitchen. The whitened wood combines beautifully with bright cabinet fronts and a white tile mirror. For the flooring you can also opt for a bright version to create a harmonious overall picture in the kitchen.

whitewashed walls and a gray sofa

wall panel-wood-white-house-living room-dachschraege-gray-white corner sofa-Round-coffee table

In rooms with sloping ceilings, a bright wall and ceiling cladding is an advantage because they make the room appear larger than it actually is. A dark floor covering and dark furniture can contribute to that. The white-glazed wooden wall panels contrast with the flooring and furnishings and visually extend the room.

Decoration behind fireplace surround in the living room

wall panel-wood-white-house-living room-fireplace-firewood umrandung

Wall panels made of wood with white glaze are perfect as accent walls in the living room. With such a wall, you can stage a specific element of the interior by covering the area behind it with wooden panels. A good example of this is the fireplace, which immediately becomes an eye-catcher in the room with such a wall cladding.

Bed headboard made of white glazed wooden boards of europallets

wall panel-wood-white-house-wooden pallets bed-headboard-bedroom

You can even make a beautiful wooden wall cladding yourself by using several wooden boards made of europallets. These can be assembled to a beautiful headboard for bed and then glaze white with whitewash. The different original color of the individual boards results in a creative effect after the whites.

in combination with taupe wall paint

wall panel-wood-white-house-bedroom-accent wall-dandelion-wandtattoo

If you are looking for a wall paint that matches whitewashed wood panels, then you are right with taupe. For a playful effect, you can decorate the taupe wall with a wall sticker that points to the accent wall. White glazed wall panels made of wood can also be combined with other wall decoration. Luminous letters are a great idea for a modern bedroom and can be turned into an inspirational word. Alternatively, names or initials can be mapped.

patterned flooring in the dining room

wall panel-wood-white-house-dining-eyed-flooring-gray-white

Although the wooden wall panels are an accent in the room, they blend well with patterned floor coverings or carpets. The prerequisite for this is that the pattern is in the same color palette as the wall cladding. The white-glazed panels made of wood fit well in dark gray, light gray, beige and cream. To intensify the effect, you can still combine with matching lights.

Bedroom in bright neutral colors

wall panels-wood-white-house-bedroom bed-padded-headboard

An accent color is not a must for the interior. With a color combination of bright, neutral colors can be set up a beautiful bedroom, which is perfect for rest and relaxation. For this we recommend a combination of white glazed wooden panels, white wooden floor and bright furniture. The neutral color palette ensures a relaxed feeling and fits perfectly in the bedroom.

Baby room with white glazed wooden wall paneling

wall panel-wood-white-house-babyroom-white bed-taupe-color wall

As the white wooden wall panels have a soothing effect and create a relaxed atmosphere in the room, they are also perfect for the baby room. The wall behind the cot can be designed in this way and then decorated with other elements of your choice. This fits a pennant chain with the name of the child quite well, you can even tinker yourself.

Wall panels made of wood white-country-house-babyroom-white-dresser-picture-bar

wall panel-wood-white-house-bedroom-wall color-mint-white bed

wall panel-wood-white-house-bedroom-metal bed frame-wood floor carpet-

wall panel-wood-white-house-bedroom-natural color

wall panels-wood-white-house-hallway-babyroom

wall panel-wood-white-beach-house-living room-wall-mounted tvs

wall panel-wood-white-beach-house-dark-wood floor-rattan armchairs

wall panel-wood-white-house-bedroom-dachschraege-cuddly corner-window

wall panel-wood-white-house-living room-wiesser-hallway floor

wall panel-wood-white-house-dark-wood flooring Seascape

wall panel-wood-white-house laundry room-wc-floor tiles

wall panel-wood-white-house-living-sitting area-yellow sofas Colorful carpet-

wall panel-wood-white-house-living room-natural fiber carpet-

wall panel-wood-white-house-living room-wood fireplace-orange accents

wall panel-wood-white-house-dining-round-wood table-wall-art

wall panel-wood-white-house-babyroom-motto-maritime

wall panel-wood-white-bathroom-vintage-franzoesischer-country style

wall panel-wood-white-house-vintage style-heimbuero

wooden wall panels accent wall-mounted-fireplace-carpet-interior

wood wall panels living room-dining-room-side-table

wall panels-of-wood-country style tableware cabinet-and-white device

wall panels-of-wood-bathroom-towels idea-maritime-house

wall panels-of-wood-bathroom-little-white-house-mirror

Architecture »Modern country house style – conversion of an old house in Portugal

modern country style stairs wall design dining place ceiling design

Minimalism meets country-house style – this is how this project can be described by the talented architect Elisabete de Oliviera Saldana. Looking for a holiday home in Portugal, she found an old house in the countryside in Guimarães. The building itself was impressive, and it was in a beautiful area, but Elisabete wanted a larger open modern one architecture , Because of this, rather than soon after the purchase of the property – a conversion was necessary. The final result – modern country house style with a fresh minimalist touch – can be seen.

Modern country house with a difference – holiday home in Guimarães, Portugal

modern country house covered terrace pebble rocking chair acrylic

While the facade of the old building was restored, the interior design has been completely changed. Thanks to a minimalist style extension, the living space has been maximized. On the ground floor, the interior walls were torn and created an open large living area with direct access to the adjoining pool. A minimalist spiral staircase leads to the second floor, where a large library with a cozy reading corner is set up. On the third floor are the bedrooms and bathrooms. All rooms have a beautiful view to the beautiful landscape. Modern country house style with a minimalistic aftertaste – this is the best way to describe the interior design.

Modern country style – furnishings in black and white

modern country style staircase white natural stone wall

The interior of the modernized old building fascinates with a simple color palette – black and white form a charming ensemble and let the different elements of interior design / stairs, skylights, wall decoration / come to better advantage.

Modern interior design – white spiral staircase, natural stone walls and dark wooden floor

modern country style staircase white natural stone wall dark flooring

On the ground floor, the pool is housed in the new house cultivation

modern country style pool wood floor modern fitness salon

A small winter garden on the ground floor – including a beautiful hanging chair, of course

modern country style roof windows gravel floor openings ideas

Several skylights let plenty of sunlight into the conservatory

modern country style garden design ideas rocking chair

Modern interior design – interior walls with attractive wooden wall panels

modern country style red hanging wood wooden modern design interior design

Wine cellar on the ground floor – modern minimalist style furnishings

modern country style wine cellar ideas design

Attractive hall design – the extension is seamlessly connected to the old building

modern country style interior design modern visible beams

Creative space-saving stairs connect the third to the fourth floor

modern country style staircase wood metal interior design

Modern interior design – the spiral staircase becomes an accent in the interior

modern country style woodcarving wall panels white color

modern country style decor ideas white bathroom design

modern country style wooden staircase glass railing interior stairs

modern country style ceiling design ideas library

Country style second floor gray wall glass railing

modern country house style dark wooden floor bedroom spiral staircase sloping roof

modern country style attic apartment white ceiling

modern country style garage minimalist house concrete ceiling glass wall

Modern country house house facade extension minimalist

Modern country house house garden pool natural stone tiles

Modern country style landscape house extension

Modern country house landscape house project

Modern country style landscape house architecture

Modern country style landscape house architecture

Modern country style landscape house architecture project way castle

Modern country style minimalist building cultivation ideas

Modern country style minimalist building extension project

Modern country style holiday house Portugal beautiful area tall trees

Modern country style garden house modern minimalist

Modern country house style old house Portugal facade

modern country house old building is being renovated ideas

modern country house old building is rebuilt example

modern country house house cultivation ideas black one floor

modern country style pool old building renovated ideas examples

Architect – Elisabete Saldanha

Three great renovation ideas for French country kitchens

Wooden flooring laminate country house style kitchen

French country kitchens are some of the most interesting ideas for renovation. The decoration, the colors and the style creates a warm, cozy atmosphere. You can start renovating your kitchen and choosing the French country look. Here are just a few ideas that you can realize.

French country kitchens – dark wood for the kitchen cabinets

warm-dark-wood color-country kitchen

Dark wood for the table and kitchen cabinets is a must in the French country kitchens – You can find matching cabinets in a secondhand bookshop or small furniture shops that renovate old furniture / Optionally there are interesting items certainly also found at the flea market /. Even if the kitchen cabinets and furniture look old, do not repaint them – this is exactly the effect we strive for. Old furniture creates a strange ambience, and you feel like in the grandma’s house.

French country kitchens – red accents

interesting blinds Dark-Holzitsch-country style kitchen

Lots French Cottage Kitchen A brighter or even white kitchen cabinets will face a red natural stone wall or brick wall. The result is a contrast that makes the interior more interesting and at the same time makes it look comfortable. In the country kitchen you can either laminate or tile alternatively prove. No matter which flooring you choose, it should be selected in a neutral color. Further interesting accents are created by the dark cabinets in combination with stainless steel kitchen accessories. Elegant iron accents like chandeliers will all draw attention. The table in the country kitchen is large, is usually in the middle of the room. Optionally, this can be replaced with kitchen island and chairs.

French country kitchen – choose the right curtains

dark-kitchen-island-great country kitchen idea

If you have large windows, you do not need blinds. Opt for translucent curtains in bright colors with floral patterns – making your new / old French country kitchen can benefit as much as possible from sunlight. Decorate the kitchen with flowers and decorate your porcelain dishes so that they become part of the decoration as well. She can choose a chandelier with candles – it gives the room an authentic look.

White french country kitchen

White-French-country style kitchen

Marble counter and white floor tiles

Marble counter and white floor tiles Villa Still kitchen

Classic country kitchen contrast colors

classic-country-kitchen-contrast colors

Traditional white kitchen-orange blinds

traditional-white-kitchen-orange blinds

Red kitchen counter-French style kitchen

red-kitchen counters-French-style cuisine

Retro aftertaste country kitchen

retro-taste-country kitchen

Country style kitchen renovation

Country-style kitchen renovation

Green curtain country style kitchen

green-curtain country-style kitchen

Architecture »A modern country house on 1.5 ha of land

modern country house-great-meadow

Not far from Budapest, on the edge of a forest, lies the new country house of Budapesti Muhely. The simple building creates spacious spatial relationships on 1.5 ha of land. The proximity of the busy city life does not mean that we should not enjoy the comfort of nature in a modern country house. Similar to Central European peasant architecture, the building follows contemporary thinking.

modern country house with sloping roof

modern country house-roof sloping

The country houses have not changed in the last hundred years, but the old archetype for the Hungarian farmhouses It was a good starting point for this modern house, in a situation where strict local building regulations tie up the freedom of architects. The traditional materials, the pitched roof and the 50 meters distance from the street were a must, which rethinked traditions rethink. The result is a reinterpretation of the cottages in the area.

modern country house on the edge of a forest

modern country house-outside-terrace

The floor plan is created using a modular system that forms spaces of 12 square meters each. This is the ideal room size according to the family opinion. These are built in two rows next to each other. On one side there are large rooms and on the other side there is a hallway that runs through the whole house and creates smaller rooms for the bathrooms and the storage units.

modern country house-metal cover

The pitched roof follows the peasant architecture in a symmetrical, 41 degree, form. It creates a porch facing the forest. On the front, with the visible wooden structure, the oblong part of the roof defines a multifunctional space: it serves as both a parking space and a large covered terrace.

modern country house-slanted roof

The use of materials is also rooted back to the traditions. Above, the heated apartment, has shingles cover, while the eaves and the covered terrace have sheet metal covers.

modern country house-covered-terrace-in-free

Standing between two areas with different characteristics – a garden and a steep forest slope – the house acts like a filter: it divides them from each other but at the same time connects them and leaves their impressions inside with its visual and direct connections.

modern country house-metal cladding

modern country house-lavender

modern country-style wood paneling

modern country house style interior

modern country house style bedrooms