Creative wall design in the bedroom – Trendy colors and decoration ideas

wall design in bedroom wallpaper beige cream pattern idea french window

We help you with the Wall design in the bedroom – and how you can combine furniture and home accessories tastefully.

Wall design in the bedroom – color combinations

wall design in the bedroom blue white maritime salmon high bed

Unlike the other rooms should the Wall decoration in the bedroom set subtle accents and, above all, calm down. You can achieve this effect with the choice of wall colors and wall decoration. Dark hues swallow the light and make the room look smaller. Bright colors can make the bedroom look sterile. Our tip – tasteful color combinations can make the room look homely. But which colors are basically suitable for this private sector? brown is a color that has a calming effect. Since the color is dark, you can only paint one wall in brown, and decorate with pictures. The remaining walls can be painted in beige. Blue, whether light or dark, can calm down. People who suffer from insomnia or migraine can do it room in dark blue and white paint. orange can look cheerful, and is well suited for energetic natures. White can the room visually enlarge but also be sterile. To avoid this, you can set up the bedroom with dark wood furniture. Yellow and green have an invigorating effect – you can easily paint the whole room in one of these colors.

Wall design in the bedroom – decorating ideas and tricks with colors

wall design in the bedroom laminate idea warm atmosphere modern

If you are the Wall design in the bedroom If you want to refresh, wallpaper will come to your aid. Paint three walls and cover the fourth with wallpaper. Wallpapers may be decorated with patterns – in any case, you prefer to choose small patterns with flowers, plants or other forms from nature. Paintings are the most beautiful Decoration on the walls – Find inspiration at the flea market, or experiment with modern art. Several paintings can set accents and are the only decoration that needs the bedroom. We have selected for you different color combinations and rooms, which can act as inspiration!

Modern wall design with honeycomb pattern

wall design in bedroom geometric design black gold honeycomb

Bedroom wall with plaster in shabby style

wall design in the bedroom plaster design modern rustic shabby brown headboard

Wallpaper as an accent in the bedroom

Bedroom ideas white wallpaper roof pitch

100 ideas for bedroom designs in various furnishing styles

Bedroom with azure walls

azure bed turquoise color bedroom strip four poster bed

Pastel colors – beige and light blue

Pastel colors bedroom two-tone wall design ideas

Brown is especially popular for bedrooms

Colors bedroom brown color chocolate nuance

Mediterräner look in the bedroom

light beige wall bedroom four-poster bed Blue decoration

Stripes on the wall – another brown bedroom

Strip brown white bedroom bed headboard azure bedside table

Green symbolizes nature and is well suited for Feng Shui facilities

Feng Shui bedroom wall green golden accent screen

Two-tone combinations in the bedroom set accents

two colors bedroom beige purple wall paintings

Rosa is a tender, feminine color

pink bedroom wall color bright ceiling painting

Orange is an invigorating color

orange color bedroom wall decoration brown furniture

Neutral white color visually enlarges the bedroom

Bed cabinet white walls modern decor folding bed

light blue bedroom natural stone wall white color picture

purple bedroom decorate ideas with pictures

Bedroom pitched roof blue wall canopy bed golden duvet

15 creative ideas on how to design a modern children’s bathroom

Bathroom furniture Children Bathroom Nursery Sonia series

Of course, the children are the most important people in a house. From time to time they have very different needs, for example in terms of bathroom amenities. Would you like one Make children’s bathroom or renovate, you should first teach the children how to use the bathroom appliances and bathroom furniture. The bathroom is nothing but a playroom for the little ones – here you can experiment with water without any obstacles.

Create a children’s bathroom and plan to the smallest detail

Children's bathroom fluffy carpet-blue washbasin blue white

At the Make children’s bathroom that must be Bathroom furniture design be matched to the respective child size. Shape and color can be adapted to the preferences of the children. Children enjoy every cheerful accent or colorful mural painting.

Designing and decorating a bathroom for children – ideas

Colorful children's bath set up ideas washbasin design

The bath and shower accessory is also an important element for that Children bath figures and must be created for the needs of children. Of course, it is important to remember in advance that children will wash quickly. Therefore, you prefer not to buy bathroom furniture for babies. A box would solve the problem if the child does not reach the sink.

How to decorate a bathroom for children

Mickey Mouse bathroom decor ideas

On Make children’s bathroom does not always demand a lot of money. The details are most important – colorful toothbrush containers, baby chair, small motifs, stickers, a favorite hero on the wall, etc. – most of them – all cost-effective and simple. Sometimes only a bright bathroom with polyvalent ornaments is enough to make the child feel good.

Bathroom furniture set for children bath

Boo kids bathroom design ideas

At the Make children’s bathroom Safety should always be in the foreground! Choose beautiful and safe handles with rounded edges that will not hurt the little ones.

Bath created especially for children

Mosaic floor orange chair kids bath

Bath for children – bright, comfortable and safe

Bathtub white tiles for children yellow decorations

minimalist style in the children’s bathroom -very trendy

The bathtub in the children’s bathroom – a venue

Pink curtain bathroom bath girl

Bathroom for all ages

Colorfull bathroom frame mosaic tiles

Blue bathroom for boy’s room

Kids bathroom steps Blue walls design ideas

Frame colorful bathroom for kids

Color scheme bathroom green brown children's room

Themed bathroom tiles for kids bathroom – Star Wars

Kids Bathroom Mosaic Tiles Star Wars Pattern Theme Set

Black is stylish even for kids bath

Nursery Decorate Kids Bath Design Ideas

Girl room with bath romantic pink shower stall curtains

Shower cabin curtain pink red design bathroom

Creative interior design ideas for children’s rooms bring fun and mood

interior design ideas for children's rooms for more mood elegant

Let yourself be inspired by these creative ones Interior design ideas for children’s rooms Inspire and choose the best decoration for your baby. When the baby is born, your whole life changes. This also applies to the interior in your apartment. The nursery is particularly important as the first impressions of the baby’s world are made there and later the child spends a lot of time in the nursery. Every picture on the wall, each one drawing or the curtains patterns can affect the perception of the child. Therefore it is very important to create a positive and atmospheric atmosphere in the nursery.

Interior design ideas for children’s rooms – color combinations for boys

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood patterns

If you have a boy, there are many Interior design ideas for children’s rooms who are particularly interesting and creative. Actually, almost every color is suitable except pink and purple. First decide on the color theme, and then you can choose bed linen and other furniture. Some unusual, but very nice combinations are blue and red, aqua and orange, orange and yellow and the neutral green.

Interior design ideas for children’s rooms – colors for the girls room

interior design ideas for kids room for more mood retro

If you have a girl, you can set your imagination in motion. The Interior design ideas for children’s rooms are really diverse and very creative. In any case, you should not limit your choice to just the classic pink and purple nuances. The possibilities for the color theme are endless. Use calm red in combination with blue. The pink color goes well with chocolate brown together. You can use all shades in pink and purple. A delicate and quite suitable color combination is purple and gray. Even if you have a girl, you can still combine chocolate brown with aqua blue. The neutral palette of beige and pastel colors mixes well with pink. Check out these interesting ideas for nursery decor and choose the best combination for your little child.

Nursery in neutral colors with wall decoration

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood green

Vintage baby room with chic chandelier

interior design ideas for children's rooms for more mood vintage

Children’s room in green and orange with striped pattern

interior design ideas for children's rooms for more mood stripes

Elegant baby room in black and white

interior design ideas for children's rooms for more mood black white

Nursery for girls with red decorations

interior design ideas for children's rooms for more mood red

Nursery for boy in blue and orange

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood name

Baby room with luxury furnishings

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood luxury

Baby room for twins with wall shelves and wooden beds

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood wood beds

Nursery with paper garlands in red and pink

interior design ideas for children's rooms for more mood paper decoration

Children’s room for girls with pink motifs

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood

Baby room in blue nuances

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood sky blue

Blue and green for the nursery

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood boy

Nursery with neutral colors and dots pattern

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood yellow

Country-style baby room

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood rural

Chic children’s room for boys

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood blue

Nice combination of aqua blue and yellow lemons

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood aqua lemon

Baby room with animal prints

interior design ideas for children's rooms for more mood animal patterns

Nursery in a rustic style with wooden furniture

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood wood furniture

107 ideas for the youth room – Modern and creative set up

ideas youth room girl pink interesting wall shelves

We have 102 for you fascinating ideas for the youth room compiled. Get inspiration for their own projects, look at the color combinations and accents and you might be able to make a teenager happy.

Ideas for the youth room – girl

ideas teenager room girl furnish wooden furniture floral motives

The decoration ideas for the girl different from those of the boys of course. As a teenager, you can forget the locks and the princess look. So, what do the sophisticated and elegant girls like now? Flowers, butterflies, stars in any case. The bright pink color is already used in a more subtle shade or at least it is not dominant. The popular nuances of red, orange and purple are also included.

Decoration ideas for the youth room

ideas youth room deco mirror round clothes rack tree mini metal bucket

All rooms are practically planned, with small working corners, floating wall shelves or large shelf systems for books and CDs, and beautiful large wardrobes designed especially for teenage girls. The large mirror is an absolutely important element for every girl, and not just at this age. Even if the room design has no specific theme, the decorative elements must be at least color coordinated.

Decoration ideas for boys

ideas for the youth room boy brick wallpaper beatles wall decoration

A youth room for Boys It is not as difficult as it seems to be. The key here is to know his hobbies and what he likes to do in his spare time. Guitars, balls, cars, posters are among the most used decorations. The color palette usually includes black, blue and brown, but you can also get some pretty fresh interiors. Most rooms feature a distinctive “teenager” element such as a punching bag, a mini car or an airplane, a gaming device and so on.

Teen room with sloping roof

ideas youth room bevel young beige recessed lights

to set up a small youth room

small youth room bed mattress drawers purple colorful

Orchids and Baroque elements teenager room girl pink ecru orchids wall decoration

Four-poster bed and storage baskets

girls ideas for the youth room furnishing ideas canopy baskets

French chic

girl room black white red french chic

set up a small room and use the space optimally

ideas youth room girl small bean bag bed drawers

golden accents

ideas for the youth room girl gold yellow dark blue

light blue and yellow

ideas youth room girl fresh light blue green color

Bedroom with sloping roof

ideas for youth room girl roofing floral wallpaper pattern

Maritime flair in the bedroom

ideas youth room set girl maritime flair white light blue shells

magical purple color and atmosphere

deco ideas youth room girls sheer curtains magical purple fabrics

Butterflies everywhere

youth room girl wall decoration schmettelinge purple white beanbag

French ruffles

youth room girl black white french chic

gentle lilac color

ideas room girl lilac floral wall decor

Corner shelves and recessed lighting

ideas youth room set up small girl corner shelf wallpaper recessed lights

pink wall tattoos

ideas girl teenager room set up white pink wandtatoos

silver accents

girl youth room fashion light pink white bed drawer

all pink nuances

ideas youth room pink girl white furniture

Order in the girls room

ideas for the youth room pink girl wall paint clothes rack

Wardrobe in the corner takes up less space in the room

ideas youth room girl white bin learning corner

Wallpapers with letters

ideas youth room girl pink wall shelves wallpaper letters

Ecru and pink

ideas youth room girl pink furniture shaggy carpet

Set up room for two

youth room two girls pink beds roll workbench

Beige and purple

furnishing ideas youth room beige glossy wardrobe

orange and purple

Ideas youth room girl purple orange shelves

Hello Kitty Pillow

ideas youth room girl purple hello kitty pillow lookout ideas youth room girl wood floor blue accent wall

beige wall paint and coral accents

Ideas youth room girl fashion beige wall paint coral

black wood floor and pink walls

youth room girl decorating pink wall white furniture black floor

Corner desk with glass top

ideas youth room girl corner desk shelves shells

Shelves above the bed

ideas youth room girl blue yellow white shelves over bed

Square wall shelves

furnishing ideas youth room girl lilac blue wall shelves

interesting pendant lights

ideas youth room unisex modern white blue pendant lights

Floral deco on the wall

youth room girl pink wall decoration flowers headboard table lamps green

Black, white and red

Ideas youth room girl red black white colors

Purple pink and orange

youth room girl pink orange combination flowers bed sheet

teenager room girl pink orange flowers pillow

Colored accents

ideas youth room unisex colorful white wardrobe

ideas youth room girl roomy white poster

Stylish accents

ideas youth room girl deco blue yellow curtains

Music theme

Ideas youth room set up pink girl music theme

pink and white

ideas youth room set girl pink ecru shelves carpet


teenager room boy guitar wall painting green brown

Batman wall decoration

ideas for youth room boy batman wall decoration brick wall

blue and white striped carpet

ideas for youth room set up maritime white blue

Dark wood furniture

teenager room decorating wooden furniture dark light wooden floor

Drawers under the bed

ideas for youth room white gray boy bin

Corner wardrobe with shelves

small youth room young folding bed corner wardrobe

Corner shelves and desk

small youth room corner furniture white wood combination young room beige olive green ideas industrial

small room in black and white

youth room gray black corner bed window casters

plan small room ideas for youth room boy white wall shelves comics decoration

Music fan

youth room set up boy black white guitars music

Recessed lights behind bed

youth room set up boy cabinets wood fronts small

Cars and safari theme

ideas room teenager boy car theme tire car wallpaper

blackout roles

ideas room boy blue white blackout rollers set up

Wallpaper with brick wall motif

ideas teenager room brick wall wallpaper work corner

Urban chic

77 American style boy’s room interior design ideas

ideas for youth room boy industrial brick wall wallpaper

Baseball theme ideas teenager room boy baseball theme wall decoration blue white

turquoise blue and white

teenager room set up boy turquoise bright wood

ideas youth room two bunk beds wardrobes blue carpet

neutral colors

ideas youth room unisex girl boy small furniture bright wood

Shelves over the bed

ideas youth room black gray brown wardrobe flowers

functional furniture for a small room

ideas youth room small boy orange blue work corner

gray wall paint and white furniture

ideas youth room boy white gray living wall bookshelves

ideas youth room boy turquoise corner bed gray wood

Turquoise blue drawer knobs

youth room boy turkisblau work corner photographs

for the sports fan

ideas youth room boy sport theme stripes

Skateboard wall painting

ideas youth room boy skateboard wall paintings orange accents

black and white color scheme

ideas youth room boy black white wallpaper wall decoration

for a real basketball fan

teenager room ideas lighting wall decoration basketball blue green

blue lighting and effects

ideas youth room boy black furniture blue lighting

Bed with box and shelves instead of headboard

ideas youth room boy poster pin board bed drawer

Orange accent wall

ideas youth room boys two beds wardrobe

ideas youth room boy roofing wood furniture

Bunk beds and desks

ideas youth room boy brown green white high beds

Recessed lights behind the shelves

ideas youth room boy brown beige white carpet

Plan the lighting well

ideas youth room boy blue white black city poster

Shelves in the niche

ideas youth room boy blue orange wall shelves niche

Car theme ideas youth room boy cars shelves white

Order in the youth room

ideas for the youth room young work corner turquoise blue grass green wood furniture

Pastel gray and green

ideas youth room light gray green boy music theme

interesting ceiling design

ideas youth room shape boy wall dark blue cover design

Unisex colors – blue and purple

ideas youth room siblings unisex white purple blue

interesting wall shelves

ideas youth room siblings unisex white blue bin

Bunk beds for two boys

ideas youth room set up blue orange boy recessed lights

the desk between the two beds design ideas youth room boys brown green wall shelves

White and red with black accents

design ideas youth room red white black recessed lighting

Using blackboard paint creatively

furnishing ideas youth room blackboard walls black red combination boy

Orange and white

furnishing ideas youth room boy orange furniture bright wood flooring

Wall panels with motif

furnishing ideas youth room gray beige green wall panels

interesting wall shelves decorating youth room shelves over bed books

Unisex colors

youth room unisex ecru blue girl boy

Orange could also find space in the boys room

youth room design boy brown yellow wall wallpaper accent

ideas teenage room boy organization residential walls orange

ideas for youth room orange white bunk beds wall shelves

Nursery by MPR Design Group,

K of ideas youth bedroom set-dekorieren12

of ideas youth bedroom einrichtendekorieren3

Laying modern tiles – 101 great ideas for individual design

Table do it yourself – 100 cheap and stylish ideas

100 interior design ideas for baby rooms represent the best interior design

Garden Design – 100 pictures, beautiful garden ideas and styles

100 living ideas for children’s rooms with colorful colors for girls and boys

100 living ideas for living rooms – furnishing styles, colors and trends

100 ideas for bedroom designs in various furnishing styles

100 living ideas for bathrooms – furnishing styles, colors and deco

100 living ideas for the kitchen and the different kitchen styles

Patio area »12 creative ideas for patio area – original garden design

small colorful cart flower box

We have summarized the more important information and offer some useful tips for you Patio area so that you can make it beautiful, cozy and original. The old rule still applies – the more plants, the better.

1. Create an unusual one Patio area

Terrace design design

Square or round areas are very popular. The curves are visually more relaxed than straight lines. Create a terrace with curved edges to add a sense of informality.

2. Open fireplace in the Patio area

open fire pit garden

3. Feed the birds – bird feeders in the Patio area

Bird feeder Patio furniture design decorations

Build a little birdhouse as an accent in your Patio area which would attract several birds throughout the year. Hang fresh fruit in the summer. This is your chance to invite nature directly to your farm!

4th pond or garden fountain

Garden fountain terrace shapes

patio -Water Garden- why not! The trickle of water is soothing and relaxing. It would be good if you have one garden fountains he would like to give you, your children and guests pleasure and fun. You could add a lot of boulders to it.

5. Find rest in the shade in the patio area

Patio area-plants vertical wall

In the hot summer months you can find the best retreat from the heat in the cool shade area on the terrace.

6. Gazebo for patio area

Pergola porch flowers shrubs

But if you do not have big trees in the garden, you should definitely get a pergola. The Gazebo is the perfect entertainment area in summer. Invite your friends to a barbecue in the courtyard in the middle of an oasis of colorful flowers and shrubs. For the patio Area choose durable furniture rattan furniture or fought furniture, add a glass table frame and wrought iron.

7. Plant a fragrant path

Patio flower garden design

Flowers on the terrace are a must. With their beauty and subtle aroma, they could turn your backyard into a small exotic oasis. Create a beautiful fragrant flower path. A high flower fence or shrub fence can guarantee you the necessary private space.

8. Carpet for your patio

Round rug red rattan furniture garden furniture
A rug is equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. There are a variety of colors and designs so you can get the most out of it Patio area can find. For an eco-friendly design, choose carpets made from recycled materials.

9. Decoratrive lighting on the veranda

Outdoor lighting garden

Give your patio personality at night. The matching outdoor lighting can bring a romantic touch with it. Choose environmentally friendly energy-saving products.

10.Fitting plant species

Terrace flower boxes

Tropical plants are the perfect accent in their home because of their eye-catching flowers patio Area be. Cacti and succulents look beautiful when they are arranged with stones. Small or large ceramic containers and flower boxes in bold colors complete the natural ambience. The flower boxes are timeless classic accessories.

11. Charming decorations

Decorative elements garden musical instruments

As an accent in the Patio area you could set up a small cart as a flower box. Find rustic elements, a tree trunk, another interesting object from the garage or anything you notice and let your imagination run wild.

12. Private rooms

Stone wall garden sitting area patio

Create a private space with vertical walls or creepers, vines or ivy snaking around pillars and fences.

Beautiful garden design with wooden furniture

rustic patio furniture garden design

Flowers and stones as decoration for your patio area

Flowers stones decoration porch

Beautiful exotic flower species in square boxes

Flower pot porch ideas

Wedding »Wedding Proposal Ideas – Helpful Tips and 5 Creative Ideas

Wedding proposal ideas engagement ring romantic tips

You have found the partner you want to spend your life with but do not know how to ask him / her the question of all questions? The marriage proposal is a special moment that the two partners will not forget for life. If the Candlelight romance Too boring for you and for the application to become truly memorable, dare to do something. We have selected 5 beautiful, extraordinary wedding proposal ideas, as the question: “Will you marry me?”

Wedding proposal ideas romantic sea engagement ring

It does not always have to be a marriage proposal with a romantic candlelight. It’s a classic, but not everyone likes stereotyping or being in the public eye. In this unique and unique moment in life, it pays to be individual and decide what your / your loved one will like most. Above all, it is important that the marriage proposal fits your style and that you feel really well, because you will certainly be agitated enough.

What should be considered before the wedding application?

Wedding proposal Ideas engagement ring romantic staging

Before deciding on one or the other wedding proposal idea, keep in mind the nature and preferences of your loved one and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is she / he already waiting for a wedding application?
  • Will she / he look forward to a fancy or more classic wedding proposal?
  • Would an exclusive wedding proposal be a good idea in public or should the question be asked in absolute togetherness?
  • Should the family and friends be there too?

Top 5 Creative Wedding Request Ideas

Wedding proposal Ideas sea holiday perfect engagement

Of course, you can tailor the following wedding proposal ideas to your own wishes or combine several of them. In addition, it pays to have a camera or at least a smartphone with higher camera resolution at hand, ideally book a photographer who accompanies you, so that this unique moment will be remembered forever.

Choose a special date

Wedding Proposal Ideas-romantic-holidays-site-search

You have already made the decision to make a proposal to your sweetheart and only have to wait for a suitable opportunity. Maybe your anniversary is coming soon? Many choose a romantic date such as the get-together or an already important day like Christmas, birthday or New Year’s Eve. However, when the time is right, you do not necessarily have to wait for a great or special date. Maybe just on a spontaneous trip over the weekend, there are many suitable opportunities to make a really surprising marriage proposal.

Wedding proposal ideas in a special place

Wedding Proposal Ideas-special-place-romantic Eiffel Tower

No doubt the heart of every woman melts when her boyfriend suddenly kneels in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or while vacationing in New York, asking the question of all questions. A wedding proposal in a special location, of course, more than well planned. You should also think carefully about whether your sweetheart likes such a staging at all. The complete attention of all people in the area will definitely drawn to the event and an escape is not possible. Special wedding proposal ideas in a special place you can make:

  • On a romantic journey by coach, boat or boat
  • In the roller coaster
  • In front of a famous landmark
  • On a vacation at sunset
  • At a fireworks

Written wedding proposal

Wedding Proposal Ideas write-table-tips

If you are not a man full of words, you can write down your wedding application. It does not have to be the whole message. Only the beginning “Do you want?” Or the question is usually sufficient to indicate the wedding proposal. Maybe your sweetheart likes cinema, then organize an individual cinema projection. You can create a short PowerPoint presentation with nice pictures of both of you and your favorite song. He / she likes to read the paper or likes puzzles, then make a unique piece and just wait for the surprised smile. Similarly, the following creative wedding proposal ideas will work for writing:

  • With paint on the wall or possibly with fairy lights
  • On a banner
  • In a fortune cookie
  • At the end of a photo book with shared photos
  • In the form of a poem
  • With personalized M & Ms

Extreme wedding proposal ideas

Wedding Proposal Ideas-extreme-adventure-romantic-tips

Your partner loves the risk and the adventure. Then a wedding proposal in a parachute jump, on an extreme trip or under the water is just the right idea that he / she will really like and will be remembered forever. With these special marriage proposal ideas, it is important that you have an experienced person like a diving instructor or parachute teacher. Discuss your intentions with him beforehand and note that the ring should not be a real or expensive engagement ring. On firm ground, you can then put the right one on his / her finger.

Flashmob wedding proposal

Wedding Proposal Ideas-flashmob surprise-effect-tips

Imagine meeting your sweetheart, and just before the meeting, in the middle of the street, unknown people are dancing around him singing Bruno Mars’ song “Merry You.” Finally, you emerge, step through the crowd and ask him / her to marry you. Even if your sweetheart is rather unromantic, this sensational wedding proposal is a reason to answer the question with “yes”.

What should you not do when applying for marriage?

Wedding Proposal Ideas-engagement ring-finger-stick

Here is not always the rule that a bad wedding proposal is better than none. Finally, everyone imagines a super happy moment, from which one can later tell the grandchildren. But what can ruin a marriage proposal?

Put the ring on the wrong finger / wrong hand
Traditionally, the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This symbolizes the direct path to the heart of the beloved partner. After the wedding, the ring can either stay there or switch to the right ring finger and is worn in front of the wedding ring. In Germany, engagement rings are worn by the two partners. In America, it is common for only the woman to receive a gemstone ring. She wears it on the left ring finger, whereby also the wedding ring is worn there.

Too perfect planning
Too perfect planning can spoil the moment, because everything has to go according to a well-planned plan. But if something goes wrong or just different, as planned, the unscheduled events can ruin the good mood. But do not let that discourage you, because such moments are simply part of it and are even more romantic than the perfect staging.

Wedding Proposal Ideas-love-engagement-romantic

Whether you spontaneously ask the question of all questions or prepare for months before, whether the marriage proposal ideas quite creative or on the contrary – totally simple, is usually not so embarrassing. After all, when you’re in love, you do crazy things. Above all, it is important that he / she answers with a “yes”. So every wedding proposal is guaranteed to be an unforgettable moment.

Christmas Decorating Ideas »18 Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas decoration ideas-decorate-decorate-tastefully-creative-nice-cozy

It’s always nice to spend some time for Christmas decoration ideas to make yourself Finds instead of buying impersonal decoration from the nearest store. To create something completely individual is fun and would certainly remind you after years of convivial moments. Lots trinket Can be designed without complicated instructions and relatively inexpensive. Let yourself be inspired by our great examples!

Creative Christmas decoration DIY ideas – Wooden figures Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph as Christmas decorations

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-jesus-maria-josef-star

Make jewelry for the Christmas tree and give it to your friends. We show you how easy small, sweet dolls made of wood and fabric arise. In this tutorial will be shown how a creative variant of the Jesus family as jewelry for the Christmas tree is tinkered. In the same way you can create other characters and set other accents. Try it out!

Christmas decoration DIY ideas – instructions for Jesus family wooden figures

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-crib-natural-materials-color-wood-figures

For this creative Christmas decoration the following materials are needed – small wooden figures and balls for crafting, colors, linen or cotton fabric, cotton wool, sandpaper, jute cord and something to apply the paint. First color in skin color the heads of the wooden figures and the balls later used for face of the little Jesus baby. Tie a piece of fabric as a diaper and fill with cotton wool the interior, fix your head and you have already made a baby doll. The body of the wooden figures are dyed in blue, green or other color. Glue all figures together and tie with a jute string. Recently, you can also decorate with a beautiful star.

Paint small wooden ball in skin color – the head for the Jesus baby

Christmas decoration ideas-making-up-christmas-crib-wood-arts-colors-koepfe-tinker

You can also create amazing Christmas and paper polystyrene balls using the simple instructions at the bottom of the photo gallery, and collect more inspiring Christmas decoration ideas to make your own!

Fabric and cotton for the body of the Jesus baby

Christmas decoration ideas homemade christmas crib crafting cotton fabric

Tie the diaper for the little baby doll

Christmas decoration ideas-made-up-christmas-crib-fabric-baby-tinker

Christmas decoration Ideas to make your own – little dolls and wooden figures as Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-tinker-baby-material

Christmas decoration ideas and small gifts to make yourself – little dolls as Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-baby-raft-tinker-creative

Christmas decoration DIY ideas – wooden figures for Josef and Maria

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-heads-paint

Paint wooden figures – the head in skin color, the body in blue and green

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-paint-maennchen-heads

The paint a bit grind for authentic look

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-tinker-sandpaper-paint

Christmas decoration DIY ideas – Jesus family of wooden figures or little dolls

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-painting-handicrafts

The Maria and Josef wooden figures beautifully color and decorate

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-paint-raft-decorate-tinker

Stick on a headscarf on the head of the Maria figure

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-painting-decorating-creative

Headscarf for the Maria wooden figure made of cotton or linen fabric

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-cloth decorate-scissors-tinker-

Christmas decoration Ideas to make yourself – wooden figure Maria with white headscarf

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-tinker-maria-decorate-creative

Christmas decoration Ideas to make yourself – wooden figures Maria and Josef

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-paint-tinker-maria-josef

Cord for hanging

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-cord-jute-natural-materials

Fix the cord behind with hot glue

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-maennchen-cord-wood-crafts

Decorate with a beautiful star

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-tinker-Maenchen-star-scnur

Christmas decoration DIY ideas – make beautiful little dolls for the Jesus family as Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-tinker-paint-jesus-maria-josef

* a DIY project from Crafts Unleashed

Christmas decoration ideas to make yourself – creative Christmas ball

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations Balls-dekopüapier-decorate-creative

Make Christmas ball out of styrofoam – instructions

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-ball-tinker-styrofoam ball-and-white

Stick polystyrene balls on chopsticks for more comfortable craftsmanship

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-tinker-polystyrene-balls-materials

Christmas decoration ideas with paper to make yourself

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations tinker-decorative paper-shred-papierstuecke-materials-

Stick a piece of decorative paper on the styrofoam balls

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-styrofoam-balls-paper-pieces-adhesive-tinker

Let the finished balls dry in the air

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-balls-paper-pieces-colorful-deodorant-paper

Hang the colorful Christmas ball with string

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-christmas-tree-balls-paper-hang-drying

Beautiful creative christmas balls with paper decorate

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-christmas-balls-paper-pieces-stick-decorate

* a DIY project from Thrift my house

Yet another creative Christmas decoration ideas to make your own

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-christmas-balls-bough-gold-modern

Simple stylish Christmas decoration with a modern touch

Christmas decoration ideas -painting-christmas-decorations-christmas-balls-bough-gold-simple-simple

Christmas decoration ideas -painting-christmas-decorations-christmas-balls-silver-gold-glass-fillings

Christmas decoration ideas-cutlery-gold-tableware-decorations

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations, white and gold Christmas Ball-fimo

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-white-tannenbaeume-fimo

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations lightbulbs-santa claus

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-gluehbirne-penguin-funny-creative

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-gluehbirne-snowflakes-glittering-blue

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-herzchen-knoepfe-red-white

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-kres-knoepfe-beige-white-tart

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations Tree Cup-birch-knoepfe-vintage

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-angel-material-creative-natural-materials

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-shell-gold-glitter-maritime

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-angel-pearl-lace-cute

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations origami-tannenbaeume-Christmas trees-paper

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-star-wired-stiff-checkered-white-blue

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-star-cloth-wired-stueckchen

31 creative ideas for wardrobe in the hall – to make your own

ideas for wardrobe yellow wood chalkboard letterbox flowers hook

A wardrobe offers space for hanging coats, jackets, sweaters, scarves and hats and is a good solution if you want to bring order in the apartment. Wardrobes are available in two versions: freestanding and wall-mounted. A wardrobe can be functional and decorative at the same time. Instead of buying an expensive piece, you can build your own wardrobe with artistic flair yourself. Wardrobes are often overlooked as a decorative element and hidden under clothing and accessories. Here we offer you some original and creative Ideas for wardrobe in the hallway, which could become real highlights in your apartment.

Ideas for wardrobe – motif tree

ideas for wardrobe tree motif black leaves scarf jacket

On clothes rack can be easily associated with a tree. You can hang your hat on one of its branches. However, this motif is slightly changed in recent years and the trees are rather silhouettes on the wall. Buy a wall sticker tree and add coat hooks at the end of the branches. This creates a beautiful effect, as if the garments hung on the branches themselves. Choose a striking color that contrasts nicely with the wall color. Or build an original wardrobe by using old door handles and drawer knobs instead of hooks. Find vintage door handles on flea markets and shops and design your own unique piece. You can now look at other original ideas.

Ideas for wardrobe from cups

ideas for wardrobe mugs red white black maentel

With a self-built wardrobe you give your hallway or the entrance area of ​​your apartment a very individual touch. You can be sure that the wall wardrobe will be a real eye-catcher for your guests and will amaze you. Before you get down to work and realize a unique, creative idea, first think about what size you should have. The size depends on the available space in the hallway in the first place. If the entrance area is narrow, a hanging wardrobe on the wall or ceiling is a practical and space-saving idea. A hanging wardrobe is a good solution even if you want to tuck away shoes as well as your jackets. If the entrance area is big enough, the standing coat rack is a good alternative. The stands are also quite suitable if you want to accommodate your umbrellas in the hallway.

Use branches for the wardrobe

ideas for wardrobe aeste clothes hangers gray coats

Basically, in the narrow hallway coat hooks are the better option. Also consider what you really want to accommodate and adjust the size to your needs. Regardless of which option you choose, there should be plenty of room for movement in the hallway. Think about where to position the coat hooks or clothes rack. Practical are the cloakrooms, which are located in the immediate vicinity of the apartment door. So you can hang your jacket comfortably and avoid long ways through the whole corridor. If you have a niche in the hallway, or perhaps an otherwise unusable area, you can position the wardrobe there. The only requirement for this is that the space provided is easy to reach, especially if you have children. If you want them to hang their own jackets on their own, you may want to design a child-friendly and colorful wardrobe so that the little ones feel just like adults.

Wardrobe in retro look with colorful balls

Ideas for wardrobe colorful balls idea metal wire retro

If you have already selected the exact space for the self-built wardrobe and planned the shape, you must select the right material for it. If you want to use materials that are easy to process, wood is a good choice. For example, you can create an attractive coat rack made of different boards and slats. The individual “branches” of the tree can be designed to your heart’s content. Bright colors or contrasting colors give the entrance area a personal and fresh touch. Are you an adventurous nature and like to travel whenever the opportunity arises? Then maybe you can design the individual slats like city signs and note the travel destinations that you would like to visit in the future. A funny variant are also signs that show the direction of the individual rooms in your home. If you want, you can create nice self-portraits instead of fonts. Painting a plate with cutlery on it or making a bed for the bedroom will make a nice and funny impression. In fact, there is no need for expensive materials to carry out original ideas for wardrobe with a few touches.

Ideas for wardrobe – door handles and buttons

Ideas for wardrobe-corridor-do-it-yourself-old-drawers-turner

If, for example, you want to create a rustic flair, you are welcome to use more stable materials such as pipes and design a creative wardrobe. Just like the furniture in industrial style, the coat rack will certainly be the best, which will attract enthusiastic views. From a single pipe and two pipe connectors, which you attach to the wall, creates a single piece in no time. You just have to get some hangers and hang up your jackets and coats. Regarding the suspension you can decide between hanger and hook.

Boards with geometric patterns

ideas-wardrobe-corridor-selbermachen-blue old-schrankknoepfe-upcyclen

If you want to use the standard hooks, you can make a playful look by placing the hook offset in height. You can make coat hooks from old cabinet knobs, doorknobs, spoons or, why not, from the handles of umbrellas. You can conjure up the color scheme as you wish by painting over the hooks in the desired color or covering them with a patterned fabric.

Industrial chic in the hallway


If you want to make a bold statement in your home, choose a wardrobe built of pipes and fittings. This design offers a nice way to reuse old things. Find faucet fittings, brackets or other parts that can be used as coat hooks.

Old umbrella handles instead of hooks


White tree for the wardrobe

ideas-wardrobe-corridor-tree and white-painted light blue-wall color

Spoon with name

ideas-wardrobe-corridor-upcycling-loeffel-name-family members

Funky forks as coat hooks

ideas-wardrobe-corridor-upcycling-fork-wood lath

Cute animal pattern

ideas for wardrobe-corridor-silhouettes-animals-white-color

Perfect for Maritime or Shabby Chic style

ideas-wardrobe-corridor-maritime-style paddle-

Eclectic with different hooks


Use a skuriller branch


Old skateboard

skateboard-wall-wardrobe-roll-diy idea

wardrobe-idea-plug panel-hello-writing


wardrobe-corridor-idea-birch branch-jute tape


ideas-wardrobe-corridor-schubladenknoepfe-wall hook-use

ideas-wardrobe-corridor-old Chairs-wall-mounted


wardrobe-corridor-creative-hanger hook-use

ideas-wardrobe-nursery-animal figures-red-painted

wardrobe-corridor-idea-billiard-ball-digits-wall hook

wardrobe-corridor-wood-wall-leaning yarn-wound-fuesse


diy-wardrobe-hallway hangers-cut-wall hook

creative-wardrobe-corridor-directions-bedroom black

Autumn »Creative autumn decoration ideas and crafting ideas for adults

Autumn Decoration Ideas Table Decoration Artichoke Tablecloth Tray Vase Glass Can

In the fall and winter you stay home more often. The weather is not always pleasant and sunny every day, so sometimes you need some creative Autumn decoration ideas that are easy to imitate. Here are some inspirations that you can implement with little effort.

Fall decoration ideas – personalize doormat


One of our great fall decoration ideas is very creative and practical at the same time. Decorate and personalize a doormat and put it in front of you front door , In this way you will definitely please the family members. Think in advance what exactly you want. Perhaps it would be appropriate to place a monogram of the family name in the middle of the doormat and to create an authentic, simple pattern. First, prepare a template and get suitable spray paint. A short guide follows in the picture gallery.

Creative Autumn Deco Ideas and Crafting Tips – Design your own doormat

autumn-deco-ideas-draw tuermatte-personalize-plan-Konzet-profit-

Take a look at our DIY ideas and find a suitable example to follow. The vase looks particularly attractive from remodeled old rubber boots in bright yellow. Another great idea would be to make a bouquet of chocolates and decorative paper. This can be used as a gift or put as an edible table decoration in a vase. Decorative mini pumpkins in silver and gold will surely decorate every corner in your home perfectly.

Instructions for copying


Pre-plan and draw the desired design of the door mat

autumn-deco-ideas-tuermatte-personalized monogram buchtabe-family-idee

Cut out the letter for the desired monogram beforehand

autumn-deco-ideas-tuermatte-personalized monogram letter-trace-cardboard

Cut out the template from cardboard


Fix the template on the door mat

autumn-decorating ideas-tuermatte-personalize-template-clipped-tesaband-fix-diy

Spray with black spray paint


Finish with polish

autumn-deco-ideas-tuermatte-personalize-motive-letter-spraying black-diy

Creative Crafting Tips – A Bunch of Chocolates


Creative autumn decoration to make yourself


A bouquet of chocolates and decorative paper

autumn-deco-ideas-straus-chocolates-brown craft-paper-decorative elements and gold

An exceptional bouquet in gold and brown

autumn-deco-ideas-straus-chocolates-brown-tinker-gold pocket-tulip

Beautiful decor ideas and crafting ideas for adults


Imaginative crafting tips

autumn-deco-ideas pumpkins-small-plant-red and decorative


autumn-deco-ideas-silver-spine-silver-sprayed-vase-dark blue

autumn-deco-ideas-rubber boots vase-yellow flowers, yellow and merry-idee

autumn-deco-ideas-rubber boots vase-flowers-yellow-pink-table-glass plate

autumn-deco-ideas-rubber boots-yellow-roses-flowers-paint-acrylics-tinker-creative-ideee

autumn-deco-ideas-pflanzkuebel-Herbstblaetter-decorate Decorate


autumn-decorating ideas-wall design wallpaper arranged overall image-wall paint-autumnal poslterstuhl

autumn-deco-ideas-tray-tray-Herbstblaetter-glass-wood frame creative and interesting-idea

4 creative craft instructions for autumn and other ideas

Handicrafts for autumn-children-creative-yellow-fall-leaves-girl-paint-brush

In autumn beautiful colors can be found in nature. Autumn leaves and fruit fallen from the trees offer a variety natural materials that can be used in foolproof and exciting projects. creative Bastelanleitungen for autumn show step by step how small children can do delightful little things themselves with the help of more experienced hands. In this article you will find 4 simple instructions and a few more inspirations on this topic!

Crafting with children – Creative craft manuals for fall

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-Herbstblaetter-creative-ideas

For the first of our four craft instructions for fall, you need small Autumn leaves, Pods and nutshells. It turns into cute insects, which can be beautifully painted and decorated with nail polish. The best are the dry fruits and leaves of the maple. Fix the blades to create a symmetrical shape using the best heat sealant. When the little butterflies and beetles are done and the nail polish is completely dried, stick them on small wooden sticks. So you can put the colored insects in flower tubs or anywhere else.

Easy-to-do handicrafts for autumn – Colored insects

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-funny-eye-purple-pink-points

Further craft instructions for autumn can be found in the picture gallery. Learn how to make a funny chestnut caterpillar, paint autumn leaves creatively with crayons, and turn an egg box into beautiful mushrooms. Do not forget to have fun and to make your child happy!

Make fun colorful insects with pods, autumn leaves and nutshells with children

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-violet-pink-funny-creative-ideas

Creative ideas for children

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-walnut shells-beetle

Make funny insects – Useful materials

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-Herbstblaetter-nail polish materials

Paint autumn leaves and pods with nail polish

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-color-imaginatively-paint-funny

Fix with hot glue on sticks

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-insects-butterflies-rod sycamore

Funny insects landed on chopsticks

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-color-purple-funny-glossy

Creative ideas for crafting with children

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-butterflies-rod funny-creative

Funny insects in bright colors

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-butterflies-red-violet-colored-eyes

Bastelanleitungen for autumn – caterpillar of chestnuts

craft instructions-autumn-child-craft caterpillar-chestnut-funny-wobbly eyes

Pierce the chestnuts with a wine bottle opener

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-chestnut-caterpillar-weinflaschenoeffner-drill-hole creatively

Thread the string through the holes of the chestnuts

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-chestnut-caterpillar-shearing-threading Creative Idea

Creating something beautiful with the help of creative crafting ideas

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-chestnut-caterpillar-garland-jacket-toddler-idee

Sweet mushrooms from egg carton

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-mushroom-egg-carton-scissors-cut

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-mushroom-egg-carton-mebalen-red

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-mushroom-egg-carton-red-points-wobbly eyes

Create colored autumn leaves with colored pencils

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-paint-paper-herbstblatt-crayons-color

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker Paint herbstbaeltter-crayons-impressions-color

More creative ideas

craft instructions-autumn-child-hedgehog-chestnut-Herbstblaetter-hagebutten-wood-ideas

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-knead-snail-chestnut-colored-funny

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-Herbstblaetter-garland-rope-painted yellow-orange

tinker-autumn-child-tap-pipe cleaners-spider-wobbly eyes


tinker-autumn-child-deer-natural materials-walnut-tap-branches-berries

tinker-autumn-child-tree bark-owl-acorns-Hat-eye

craft instructions-autumn-child-windlich-Herbstblaetter-candle-glass dose