38 Ideas for curtains and drapes that conjure comfort at home

Ideas-curtain curtains Strip Floral Design Shaggy

Curtains and curtains can serve different purposes. In winter, they provide more comfort and help to preserve the heat in the premises, in the summer they serve as effective sun protection and protection. Curtains may be translucent or opaque, patterned or plain, short or long, depending on taste and need. The classic fabric sunscreen beautifies the night windows and sets elegant and colorful accents. In addition, curtains visually enhance a living space. So do you need new elements for your living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen? Get suggestions from ours Ideas for curtains and curtains that create more comfort. Create one pleasant atmosphere in-house with the design suitable for your living concept.

Ideas for curtains and curtains that provide comfort at home

Ideas-curtain curtains flower motifs-vintage-livingroom

In recent years, the curtain was considered old-fashioned. Today, the decorative experience sun protection made of cloth his comeback. It is characterized by a delicate surface, easy installation and operability. The curtain is ideal as a window decoration. Choose from countless fabrics, colors, textures and designs, something suitable to your furnishing style. The Ideas for curtains and curtains are limitless. Curtains made of cotton, linen, polyester in conventional and unusual designs become optical highlights. They protect against prying eyes from passers-by and neighbors.

Room design with color – ideas for curtains and curtains

Ideas-curtain curtains flower pattern pink bedroom

Classic, playful or simple, transparent or darkening, draped or smooth – what fits your interior design style best? The traditional window clothing in addition to its decorative effect allows natural light to flood the room while providing privacy.

Modern and elegant – curtains with striped patterns

Ideas-curtain curtains Parlor pastel stripes

Set up vintage living rooms – curtains with floral patterns make for a happy mood

Curtain curtains living room-set romantic floral design

The curtains pictured above can be found at Designer Guild

Elegant and simple – window dressing

furniture ideas for the living room curtain curtains subtly translucent

Opaque curtains and curtains are popular in the bedroom

Bedroom Undergarment Pattern Overlay Curtain Window Decoration

In summer, curtains prevent glaring solar radiation

Curtains Curtains Blinds Workroom chair extravagant

Effectively draped curtains in turquoise blue

bedroom drapes-drapes turquoise-blue color scheme modern

Moody curtains in yellow for a good mood

chandelier metal yellow curtains living room ideas homeliness

Privacy protection made of fabric in summer colors

modern opaque curtain fabric design-color scheme-yellow-burgundy

Monochrome striped curtain

ideas sunscreen curtain-striped black and white yellow sofa

W A flowing woven curtain

Soft flowing woven curtain Filigree privacy screen

Curtains with different effect yarns

Curtain nursery colors design translucent

Mini-curtain for the kitchen solid

Curtain rod Mini sliding curtain Blinds ideas Window decoration

Patterned draped curtains matched to the wallpaper

Decorate with wallpapers - decorative curtains pattern

Panel curtain

classic window clothing curtain pattern translucent

Curtain decoration element for the home

Artfully set up living room Ideas curtains curtains effect yarns

Curtains made of opaque fabrics

Sunscreen Thick Curtain Ideas Window Clothing

Window curtains

traditional window decoration privacy sun protection curtain

Door curtain

Door curtain luxury furniture chair upholstery fabrics wall decoration ideas

Patterned curtains

home modern turquoise privacy classic plain curtains translucent

Privacy screen for bedroom in Bordeaux

Curtain opaque fabric furnishings bedroom privacy screens ideas

Traditional window clothing

transparently draped curtain lighting effects set up living room

Translucent curtain with floral patterns

Curtain Vintage Puff Interior Design Solutions Retro Curtain

Classic white simple curtain

Setting up living room ideas Curtains translucent lace

Sun protection in the nursery

Red curtain-opaque children's room design Komode night table yellow

Vintage window decoration

Vintage curtain flowers pattern traditional window dressing home decor

Curtain with soft pleats

Baby room ideas design privacy curtains drapes-texture carpet

Draped fabric curtains

modern curtain plissees sunscreen fabric living room

Classic black and white combination

Horizontal strip Curtain fabric Sliding curtain Curtain rod

Shabby Chic bathroom curtain

Shabby chic bathroom fashion vintage curtains-red white-ideas privacy

Thick window curtains in red

window covering ideas red curtains cozy home textiles

Hidden curtain rod above the window

Textile Surface Curtains Mounting Curtain Wallpaper Vintage Pattern

Strong colors for a cozy atmosphere

Oval room fabric curtain-look eye-pink

Living room pitched curtains curtains privacy screens ideas fabric

Curtains drapes draped gray blue coziness ideas

Curtain yellow decorative element to create home-comfort

Curtains drapes draped gray blue coziness ideas

Curtain yellow decorative element to create home-comfort

Pergola & Gazebo »Wooden pergola with curtains – 50 ideas for privacy in the garden

Wood pergola-curtains-evening-sunset-light-chains-garden-furniture-upholstery-white

The wood pergola with curtains is a beautiful element in garden design and will Mediterranean Bring flair to the outdoor area. It can be described as a decorative accent, which also has a functional benefit. The pergola is a relatively low-cost variant for privacy and sun protection, which you can easily mount or suspend yourself if a construction is available. Curtains in light color look very stylish and absorb no additional heat. They are easy to maintain and easy to take off and stow in winter.

Wooden pergola with curtains for airy shade in the hot days

Wooden pergola-curtain-modern-roof-terrace-plank-floor-kitchen-dining-area-lie

Similar to the normal interior curtains, there are different designs and sizes that can be easily attached to the construction of a wooden pergola. This accessory will turn your garden into a romantic corner. In addition, the curtains protect against the unwanted glances of neighbors or passers-by, without hindering the fresh air draft. So you can relax and enjoy the summer evenings in your garden with full privacy.

Wooden pergola with curtains and matching decoration to the dream garden

Wooden pergola-curtains-maritime-white-blue-stained-glass-chairs-white-metal-table-solid wood-deco

Thanks to the curtains, the wooden pergola is redefined and can be redesigned in other colors. If you’re a colorful guy who also cares about decorating, then the best way to bring a fresh touch to the outdoors is now. So the pergola will look very individual. Pick a suitable theme for the garden decoration and get the right accessories. And do not forget that you can do many things yourself, especially when it comes to outdoor areas. Textiles and upholstery in matching colors to the curtains create a beautiful harmonious overall picture. A carpet under the table in the garden is particularly topical and is no longer taboo. Experiment and reshape your wooden pergola with curtains and garden decor!

Pergola with curtains as a decorative element for special occasions

Wood pergola-curtains-beach-wedding-stool-cover-sea-romantic-sand

Privacy in the outdoor area

Wood pergola-curtain-water-channel-gravel-deco-palm-plant

White curtains are stylish and elegant

Wood pergola-white-dining-table-chairs-garden-lawn-trees-beautiful

Bring beautiful design elements in bright colors in the garden or on the terrace

Wooden pergola-curtains-white-daybed-bed-juteseil-garden-furniture-pillows-stools-accents-yellow

White fabric for Mediterranean flair

Wooden pergola-curtains-white-wood-construction-garden-furniture-fence-view-garden-gravel

White fabrics by the pool

wood pergola-curtains-white-pool-privacy-weather-fence-schoen

Garden furniture made of rattan or solid wood

wood pergola-curtains-white-rattan-cushion-plant-turf carpet-cozy-deco

Cozy sitting area

wood pergola-curtains-brick-sitting area-seat cushion-pad pillow-beige-schaukelstuehle Canopy

Roofing for sociable evenings in the garden

wood pergola-curtains-tiles-wood construction-garden furniture-shadow privacy

Romantic bed swing with wooden structures and white curtains

wood pergola-curtains-bank rocking-cushion mat-rush-bushes-wooden structure-garden

wood pergola-curtains-triangular-yellow substance-holzstuehle-rush-bushes

wood pergola-curtains-dark candle lanterns-aufgehaenget carpet-garden furniture-metal

wood pergola-curtains-foundation-geranium-pflanzenkuebel-hearth-evening-lichterkette

wood pergola-curtains-garden-barbecue-flowers-plant-material-striped-window-garden furniture

wood pergola-curtains-garden design-pronged natural stone-sityecke-pad-red pillow-flowers

wood pergola-curtains-garden furniture-klappstuehle-kunststoffrattan-plant-fresh dishes Candles

wood pergola-curtains-garden-lawn-yet-deco-plant-gravel-pflanzenkuebel-Gartendeko-SITZMOEBEL

wood pergola-curtains-garden-lawn-cypress-plant-material-schalosie

wood pergola-curtains-garden-face protection-garden furniture-carpet-parasol-foundation

wood pergola-curtains-cozy-garden furniture-plant-baeume-carpet-white-blue

wood pergola-curtains-gross-SITZMOEBEL-black-pad-tobacco color-wooden floor-haengeleuchten-fence-face protection

wood pergola-curtains-green-bank rocking-terrace-table-flowers-deco

wood pergola-curtains-green-garden furniture-metal-iron-rush-shadow privacy

wood pergola-curtains-hanging bed-daybed-wooden structure-lounge-Uralub

wood pergola-curtains-behind garden-lawn-house-fence-stairs-garden furniture

wood pergola-curtains-wooden floor-wood construction-garden furniture-kunststoffrattan-black-upholstered cushion beige-face protection

wood pergola-curtains-wooden structure-column natural stone-concrete-hearth-seating-dining area

wood pergola-curtains-wooden structure, white and daybed pillows-pflanzenkuebel-orange-plant-flowers

schoenholz-pergola-curtains-infinity-pool-bali-palms-exotic-plants travel vacation

wood pergola-curtains-infinity-pool-exotic palm-vacation-relax

wood pergola-curtains-kaminofen-flowers-couch-metal-white-lavender-holzbalken-vintage

wood pergola-curtains-natural-stone-wall-wood construction and dark-couch-armchair-iron-rattan

wood pergola-curtains-privacy gartenmobele-iron-poster-ceiling-green-lichterkette-deco

wood pergola-curtains-rattan-pad-weuss-table-lichterkette pillows

wood pergola-curtains-shadow-garden furniture-metal construction grill-cypress-gravel-rush

wood pergola-curtains-beautiful-Aublick-natural-lawn-kunststoffrattan-moebel-pad-beige-baeume

wood pergola-curtains-black-beige-üeberdachung-pillar hammock

wood pergola-curtains-swimming pool-house-brick-lawn-garden furniture-kunststoffrttan

wood pergola-curtains-face protection privacy-garden furniture-metal kunststoffrattan-cushion-concrete-foundation

wood pergola-curtains-sofa-cushion-cushion-cream white-foundation-plant-baeume-exotic

wood pergola-curtains-material-striped-terrace-garden furniture-holzgelaender

wood pergola-curtains-material-lueftig-beige-sun-protection-wooden structure gelaender-garden-shadow

wood pergola-curtains-white-black-hallway floor-garden furniture-metal pillow-beige-carpet pflanzenkuebel

wood pergola-curtains-white-sun-shade-bench-ski-racing-house-gray

Windows & Doors »34 ideas for curtains – window decoration, privacy and sun protection

Ideas curtains Strip blue white-

You would like to stage your walls and windows in style? Look at ours Ideas for curtains and curtains in countless designs, colors, elegant designs and pleats. The classic solution for window design has again asserted itself among modern alternatives. Why is window decoration an important factor in the harmony of a room and how does it affect our well-being, read it here.

Ideas for curtains – color trends

Ideas curtain-green color-dining room-design-ideas

You are planning a reorganization of yours soon habitats ? Do you still need a donation in the form of Ideas for curtains ? You are in the right place. The latest trends in window decoration are flowing fabrics, contrasting bold and subtle colors, cheerful patterns and chic designs. The decorative effect of a curtain determines to a considerable extent the ambience of a room.

In the interior, the well-being is now always in the foreground. Curtains and curtains contribute greatly to this, as they have a major influence on the entire interior design. Choosing the right color for your living room, bedroom or other room depends on the overall decor, as well as the flooring and wall design. Examples of different color combinations and patterns can be found below.

Ideas for curtains – which length?

Ideas curtain-modern-white-dining room design

From a practical point of view, flowing, floor-length curtains do not let the sun in and therefore do not heat up the room in the hot summer days due to sunlight. On the other hand, they store the heat in the winter and influence the room acoustics as an additional function, as flexible fabric surfaces reduce the noise. If you close the curtains in the evening, creates a pleasant room atmosphere. With transparent or opaque, patterned or plain-colored curtain fabrics, interesting effects can be achieved. Curtains can be easily exchanged. Even the easy cleaning is a positive aspect.

Sliding curtains for the modern living room

Ideas curtain-neutral-color Living

This exclusive blend of curtains and curtains is enjoying ever increasing popularity and can be perfectly integrated into modern interiors. It is attached to the left and right of the window frame, where the curtain move vertically up and down and push or pull together as needed. So you can find optimal privacy and sun protection according to your own style of furnishing. In addition, the ultra-thin sliding curtains are not only suitable for the windows, but also as wall decorations or room dividers.

Bedroom with the trendy ombre curtains

Ideas-curtain Fensterdeko bedroom ombre-blue color

If you decide on the design and color of the curtains, you can stick to the color scheme, or put an accent in the room. For simply furnished rooms, curtains are a good accent, as they can freshen up the entire interior. The popular ombre look has also prevailed in the interior design and is fully in vogue. Curtains with a gradient from dark to light immediately become an eye-catcher and contrast beautifully with a bright room.

Customize windows

window curtains Living trends 2014 colors idea curtain green

The ideas for curtains for a single room can be as much as you like and usually depend largely on your own preferences. Therefore, you can customize the window decoration in your own bedroom or living room. Always make sure that the colors used in the interior are in harmony with each other and create a successful overall picture. Do not worry about which fabric suits the curtains best.

Ideas for a new window design

modern living room with stove-window decoration ideas curtains-striped

In addition to their practical function as visual and sun protection, curtains are perfect as a window decoration. Without a curtain or an elegant curtain, the window looks bare and unfinished. But when the curtains are hung up, the whole room gets a rounded look. Here’s an example of a new window design where two-tone curtains adorn the windows. The colors used are consistent with the wall color and the rest of the decor, creating a harmonious atmosphere in the living room.

Luxurious curtains for corner windows

draped curtains-beautifully heavy floor-length furniture shabby-chis

One thing is certain for curtains: it can be used to set beautiful accents in any interior. Floor-length curtains made of opaque material are considered to be particularly luxurious and enhance the interior design immediately. They can be tied in a variety of ways to turn the window into a highlight. Various accessories can be used for this, such as tiebacks, Raffarme and elegant fabric ribbons with or without tassels. These accessories should fit well with the design of the curtains and should not be too noticeable.

White tightly draped curtains look puristic

translucent curtains bedroom design design ideas

When it comes to curtains, white is a timeless variant. It suits every interior and furnishing style and combines both light and dark colors. The draped white curtains look noble and puristic and are always a good idea for translucent curtains. However, they are usually not completely opaque and are best combined with a second denser curtain.

Curtains in lively colors

Sun yellow home ideas in the bedroom beach style color scheme

For a playful effect in the interior, ideas for curtains in vivid colors are perfect. This sets beautiful accents in the room that positively influence the whole ambience. Bright colors such as green, yellow or orange combine wonderfully with neutral tones and create a very special interior design. Curtains with more than one color also look very decorative and are a great complement to the interior.

Ideas for curtains for round windows

Ideas like the summer feeling at home conjure up filigree curtains

The ideas for curtains are numerous and can be easily adapted to any window shape and size. The curtain rods often play a role as well and can contribute to the design. Especially with wooden poles and elements, a natural touch is given to the interior, which fits in perfectly with a country house. For modern apartments, ideas for curtains are recommended, whose poles are mounted on the ceiling and have a clean design.

Beautiful floor length curtains

Ideas for Curtains Drapes Living Room Furniture Rugs

The curtains are an important design element of any interior and always contribute to the overall interior design. Take a look at our ideas and find inspiration for your own living area.

Contrasting colors

Armchair Floor-length Gadinen color trends Home design

Trendy floral pattern

Upholstered chairs Dining room furniture ideas Chandelier curtains

Striped eclectic curtains

Modern Living Room Pattern Animal Pattern Ideas for Curtain Designs

Curtains with lively designs

trendy curtains curtains pattern modern home office

Curtains complemented with floor-length scarves

Veranda with pool deck exotic ambience outdoor curtains white

sunshade Opaque curtains-yellow bedroom window design

light white curtains-in bedroom-layers ideas

furnish home-office ideas-furniture gloss white-work-table-curtains

Dining room ideas pastel shades insert interior design

curtains geometric pattern fabric curtains black and white

modern curtain ideas Nursery design decoration

window curtains ideas bedroom furnishings-panoramic windows decoration

Mediterranean design patio ideas curtains-patterned furniture terrace stone floor

ideas set up nursery bedding ideas midcentury curtains white

ideas linen fabric modern-curtains decorate idea-entrance area

Patterned Curtain Country Style Bedroom Design Rustic Curtains

Nursery maids room set up ideas pink red curtains

green azure blue curtains drapes idea beach style bedroom

window design draped curtain ideas window decoration orange

colorful design ideas for curtains chandelier effects

Curtains with side-length scarfs seating group blue-green

Select matching curtains for the living room – 20 beautiful ideas

Curtains for the living room transparent yellow pastel wall paint light blue

The Curtains for the living room are particularly important for the interior, as they have a dramatic effect and enhance the interior design. Before you select the curtains for your living room, you should consider a few important factors. First, think about how big your windows are and look carefully at whether the desired curtains for interior of the living room fit. If you have a limited budget, you can put together the curtain design yourself. If you prefer a particular fabric, consider whether the material is suitable for curtains and how it will fall. It is always good to first select a pattern to make sure that the colors and fabric are in line with the design and decor of the living room.

Select curtains for the living room – important tips

curtains for the living room curtains pattern subtle pastel colors black white

If you are thinking which one Curtains for the living room should first be considered as the very first factor. The purpose of the curtains is especially important when using this decision to meet. Do you want the curtains to secure more private space, or do you only need them as a decoration? The other significant element is the fabric. If you want the curtains to stand out as a decorative element in the living room, choose a fabric with bright colors and striking patterns. But if you prefer a simpler design, hang curtains made of transparent fabric with neutral colors. It is especially important to know the exact dimensions of the living room window.

Select curtains for the living room – interesting and creative ideas

curtains for living room stylish curtains pattern dark color red armchair

If you want to draw attention to your windows in the living room, choose curtains in striking colors, for example with striped patterns. The raw silk goes well with bright colors and gives the curtain design a certain elegance. The plaid pattern and stripes match the living room with traditional decor and classic design. If you are after Curtains for the living room looking for more style and elegance, choose a model made of transparent fabric. These curtains are usually found in light and neutral shades. They always look elegant and dainty and create a romantic ambience. It is often necessary to combine the transparent curtains with those made of a dense fabric or with blinds, as these can not secure enough private space.

Interesting ideas for curtains designs

curtains for the living room jaousien pleated beige color ambiente

If you have small windows, the roller blinds are also a very practical solution. They fit exactly to the window shape and do not hide decorative details and interesting elements next to the window. During the day, the blinds can be folded and look just as elegant and stylish. If you want to achieve a dramatic effect, choose Curtains for the living room that reach from the ceiling to the floor. So the room will look taller and the curtains will look massive and impressive. During the day, tie them with decorative tiebacks.

Simple curtains design

curtains for the living room elegant modern white plain design yellow armchair

Slightly transparent curtains have a more decorative effect, so they protect less from sunlight and daylight in general, but can still provide some protection from view. They frame the window wonderfully and make for a homelike ambience. If the room is surrounded by an opaque garden and it does not serve to sleep where darkness is desired, this type of fabric is perfectly adequate. The living room is such a room.

Different curtains designs with colorful patterns

the matching curtains for the living room choose different

If you can not decide or if you want to create a particularly interesting effect, simply combine several curtain designs together. Two models are not uncommon, but with three pieces you are a real eye-catcher. You can either hang the three curtains together on one side and leave the other side free, or you can hang three pieces on each side of the window. That’s a matter of taste. The idea is especially well suited for wider windows.

High curtains with floral motifs

choose the matching curtains for the living room high

These modern panels are a great alternative to the classic curtains and curtains for the living room. They are hanging down from the ceiling and can be moved by lanes. In this way, they are opened and closed as desired, can overlap completely or only partially and hang anywhere on the window. This is especially beneficial if the sun is still very low from the end of autumn to the beginning of spring and shines strongly into the room. With the panels you can always shield the desired place without losing all light.

Turquoise curtains made of a solid fabric

choose the matching curtains for the living room turquoise

A dense fabric is not only noble, but also very beneficial if you want to successfully darken the room, they are blinds and the like but too modern or simple. If you live in a one-room apartment where the living room is the same as the bedroom, this kind of curtains can be useful for the living room and decorate the room at the same time. Also customize the heavy fabric to the rest of the decor. He does not necessarily have to be dark. Even bright fabrics can be very opaque due to their thickness.

Curtains made of a transparent fabric

choose the matching curtains for the living room transparent

Use the curtain fabrics to underline your interior design style. For example, if you have set yourself up in a modern and minimalist style, you can use gray or other neutral colors. For an exotic style, the fabrics may be decorated with patterns such as tropical plant leaves, while for a maritime decor, colors such as blue, white, beige and coral and stripe patterns are very appropriate. Use this home accessory to give your interior the finishing touch.

Curtains with stripes in pink and purple

choose the matching curtains for the living room stripes pattern

For a particularly feminine interior you can choose curtains or curtains for the living room, which are made of matching colors and also have a playful design. Also for girls room such variants are wonderfully suitable. Other matching decorations and carpets create a beautiful and harmonious interaction.

Curtains with an elegant design with the interior color coordinated

choose the matching curtains for the living room pink

You are also welcome to combine curtains fabrics with blinds. This is a good idea if the curtains are to serve as decoration only, but at the same time a visual and sun protection is desired. If the blinds are not needed, you can simply pull them together and enjoy the free window with the curtains. By the way, curtains and curtains for the living room do not have to be hung as usual on both sides of the window. Even on just one side creates an attractive effect.

Curtains with interesting pattern

choose the matching curtains for the living room pattern

The fabrics for the windows are no longer just a useful purpose. They contribute to a large extent to the homelike ambience, have a decorative feature and create interesting highlights with their patterns and colors. You can even play the role of a wall decoration, as this model proves. The interesting patterns are particularly striking and adorn wall and window alike. So banish the sterile look of the room with fabrics!

Stylish curtains with red motifs

the matching curtains for the living room choose elegant

Dense curtains with a simple design in orange

choose the matching curtains for the living room

Simple curtains in black and white with striped pattern

choose the matching curtains for the living room strip

Merry curtains with Zigzag pattern

choose the matching curtains for the living room zigzag

curtains for the living room - choose the matching curtains for the living room rollos

choose the matching curtains for the living room orange

choose the matching curtains for the living room pastel

curtains for the living room

Another 100 ideas for living room

Trendy curtains set accents in the living room

Monochromatic purple-curtain-large living room

Trendy curtains in the living room are an absolute must – not only that you protect the privacy, but they set interesting accents. If you are also looking for suitable designs, we offer you a collection of great ideas that will assist you.

Trendy curtains in the living room – what design? monochrome-hellgrune-curtains living room

Above all, the curtains in the living room should compliment the overall look of the interior, and do not necessarily have to be in the foreground. Trendy curtains are therefore those that are in line with the interior design style. Often it happens that we have already decided on furniture, carpets, wall decorations and flooring before we go in search of new curtains. That’s why you can refresh the interior with a few tricks without making any great changes. Monochrome curtains in pastel colors are the best solution for any living room where no further decoration is needed.

Trendy curtains with patterns and ornaments

Trendy curtain sitting area- Pastel

You can still trendy curtains in contrasting color – beige interior design is better thanks to light green curtains to advantage. Koralfarbe goes well with white or black and white design scheme. Combine the color of the curtains with fresh bouquet / purple curtains – purple flowers / or with table lamp or carpet of the same color. If you still choose pattern curtains, you can use the same fabric to cover the pillows on the sofa. Curtains can also divide the living room into two or even replace the door.

Trendy curtains – colors

minimalistishes-living room-white-red-curtains

The color scheme of the curtains is not only related to the interior, but above all to the view. If your living room does not get enough sunlight in the winter, you can draw bright colors and semi-transparent fabrics before. Dark colors are more suitable for large, spacious and bright living rooms. If you choose patterns, they should look good, even if the curtains are hanging on the side of the window.

Strip curtains-living room

Strip curtains living room

Romantic living room-monochrome curtains

romantic Parlor monochrome-curtain beige

Retro look living room

retro-look living room-green curtains

Modern Living Room Interesting Blue Curtains

modern-living-interesting blue curtains

Curtains and sofa cushions made of the same fabric

Modern facility idea-curtain cushion design living room

Semi-sheer curtains with floral pattern

sunny curtain Flower large window

Terraces »Covered terrace with curtains for more privacy

roofed-terrace-wood pergola-and-white curtains Rattan Furniture

A curtain is versatile. For visibility and wind protection, it is perfect for your newly designed covered terrace and can be selected to match the decor. In addition to the practical aspect, curtains and curtains also have quite decorative properties – depending on your mood, you can change the overall appearance of the outdoor space.

Decorating ideas for covered terrace with curtains

roofed-terrace-white curtains-face protection-light string-deco

Creative design needs creative ideas. The covered living area at the Reuss can be brought to bear in a charming and inviting way, using playful, lively decors. Lined or unlined, plain or colorfully patterned, hung with ribbons or rings and held together with scarves – the terrace curtain provides the necessary privacy and adds that certain something. Different colors, patterns, materials and structures can be combined with each other, as long as the outdoor room looks harmonious. A thoughtful color concept With friendly colors and motifs brings peace and comfort in the seating area.

Installation of curtains for covered terrace

Covered terrace wood-white-curtain-bar

The installation is just as easy – you can attach a curtain rail to the ceiling and push the curtain into the rail or alternatively sew loops and attach it to a curtain rod. Right and left at the post of terrace attached curtains look really romantic.

Curtain screen for balcony and terrace

roofed-terrace-wood-pergola-gable roof-face protection

The covered terrace receives by curtains and curtains a privacy, which is extremely flexible. The most suitable are types of fabric that are water and dirt repellent and can be easily washed, dried and ironed. Depending on the fabric quality, you can use the curtain on both sides or only on one side.

Curtains with a matching color design

roofed-terrace curtains-pergola-wrought iron-moebel

The curtains and curtains serve as sun and windshield and make the summer terrace a well-protected place of relaxation, which can be individually adapted to your needs and desires. Padded curtains protect against summer bleaching sunlight and provide on colder evenings for an additional insulating layer. No matter which curtain you choose, you should orient yourself in the selection of the existing facility. Also, before buying the curtain, think about what you want to use it for – as a room divider, sunscreen or just as a decoration.

Covering the terrace or pergola

Device-make-curtain vision and windscreen-covered terrace-to-fit

Individual chill-out zone

Comfort seating area outdoor terrace-Covered-transparent curtain

Curtains make the entrance look inviting

Curtains-blinds sunscreen terrace lounge facility

Terrace design with a tropical look

Curtains room divider sunscreen Deco karabinerahken-fixing

Dress the patio with curtains

covered terrace playful decors-unlined curtains Rings to-hang

A harmonious overall picture

harmonious color concept curtains furnishing terrace-curtain rod

Curtain as windbreak and decoration

Creative-design-roofed living area-in-free-charming-curtain inviting

Voluminous curtain with turning possibility

chill-out terrace-curtains-colorful-eyed-with-ribbons

Decorative fabric for curtains with stripes

Decorating Ideas-covered terrace-curtains-striped-floor length

The unlined curtain for outdoor use

Right-left-to-the-post-the-terrace-mounted curtains sunscreen

loose-stylish device patio blinds-curtain outdoors

tropical summer terrace-gut-protected-of relaxation curtain

Covered patio-with-floor length curtains-for-privacy

long-luxurious scarves curtains-side-curtain rail-to-ceiling-mounted

flexible-sunscreen-terrace-white-floor-length curtain-plain


Terrace-curtain fabric types-water-and-stain-resistant High-quality fabric

Curtain-fashionable-Dekostoffe-opaque-black-out fabric-lined

voluminous curtain-color-matching-to-device trend pattern

Curtains-privacy balcony and terrace-water-repellent substances

Terrace wooden pergola privacy-unlined curtains-plain

Living Room Curtains – Inspiring Home Decorations

Living room curtains modern two-tone wallpaper shimmering pattern

The Living room curtains Like everyone else in the apartment, they provide a cozy and warm atmosphere. They are therefore part of the institution that should not be missed. Transparent variants with delicate patterns ensure an elegant look. But you have apart from your function as decoration also other advantages. Furthermore, a curtain also protects against prying eyes if a thicker, opaque fabric is chosen for them. This is especially beneficial if you live in an apartment in the city where the apartment blocks are built close together.

You can also stop drafts with heavy curtains made from a thick fabric. If you have the problem in your home or apartment that it pulls from the windows, they can provide you with help.

Living room curtains add the finishing touches

Living room curtains window decoration colorful carpet pattern stripes

The designs that are offered today are very diverse. You can choose a design that matches the rest of the decor or wall color in style and color. Or you can set pretty accents with the help of curtains and choose colors that create a contrast. Especially pretty and elegant see long curtains, so those that reach down to the ground.

The curtain is also a way to renew the interior if you want to change something in the room without spending a lot of money or changing the entire interior. In this article you can look at a selection of ideas for living room curtains that you will definitely find inspiring. It’s best to choose a shiny fabric. Thus, the curtains, and thus later your living room, more luxurious. In addition, always make sure that you choose a good quality, as you will want to enjoy them for a long time. But now look at the wonderful ones Examples Let yourself be inspired and start looking for your own curtains.

Opaque living room curtains make a room homely

Privacy-living room curtains-floor-length sofa set-Egg chair

Color coordinated with the decor

Sunscreen living room curtains-blue-furnishing ideas-modern

Patterns bring coziness

Kitchen-living room curtains-blinds window decoration

Practical and decorative curtains

Living room curtains-two-color-as-partition-high ceiling

Gray curtains make for an elegant look

Living room curtains-blue-Scandinavian leather chairs fireplace area

Stylish curtain mounts

Living room curtains-luxury chair chandelier-white-living environment

Attractive window decoration

Living room curtains-ruby-furnishing ideas-wall design plaster-optics

Design with delicate patterns

modern living room curtains-subtly-patterned luxury chandelier

Transparent variant

floor-length living room curtains-translucent-high ceiling

Shiny fabric

Living room curtains-turquoise floor-length-Throw-color pattern

ideas Parlor textiles-curtains-pink carpet-black-white fireplace

Living room curtains Strip pastel colors and earthy tones sofa set

two-tone living room curtains-country style indoor fireplace metal lights

Living room curtains-gable roof-wall shell red-painted

Open living room curtains-ideas sofa cobalt blue Throw

The curtains set accents in the interior decoration

accent-interior decoration-green-curtain

Impressive curtains are eye-catchers and ensure a cozy indoor climate. There are many types of curtains, but the most important ones are: gathered, transparent and patterned. Ruched curtains were popular in Europe 30-40 years ago. The curl gives a mischievous look, but when used properly, it is attractive and stylish. There is also a downside – they are very dusty and worn. If someone in your family is allergic to dust, then think twice before you curtains buy this kind.

gray ruched curtains


The facility, in recent years, will be with transparent curtains characterized. They miss a lot of sunlight, especially in the summer. Honestly, this is my favorite kind of curtains, but they hurt privacy. They not only let in the strange eyes, but also the winter cold. Combine the two types of curtains: the transparent and dense, heavy fabrics, so as to emphasize both the contrast and the two functions. Any flower pattern or stripe design also adds to the overall picture. Combine the colors de curtains with the entire color palette in the interior decoration.

transparent and dense curtains in combination


No matter what kind of curtains you choose, they should match the overall style of the room. Do not try to use modern fabrics and decorations if the room is decorated with old-fashioned furniture. As I said, the curtains Set accents and are an integral part of the house, so choose carefully.

transparent curtains in red and white


patterned curtain – decoration in the living room

patterned-curtain-decoration-living room

beautiful curtains idea in cream in the living room

beautiful curtains-idea-living-cream

stylish dark curtains in the bedroom


green organza curtains in the living room

green-organza-curtain-living room


Kitchen curtains – modern interior design ideas

kuechengardinen-modern-white-kitchen-green-gross-dining table chairs

The kitchen is a warm, cozy and fragrant room where the entire household tends to eat something delicious. Of course, we wish to decorate this beloved place so that it becomes even more comfortable. Therefore, the kitchen without curtains will look unfinished and faceless. The curtains for kitchen create a feeling of warmth and cosiness.

colorful kitchen curtains

kuechengardinen-modern-light-green-blue-sitting area-cushion-pad-color curtains for kitchen should match the overall style of the interior – classic, rustic, hi-tech or minimalist. In the modern kitchen will look equally good classic curtains, long curtains and short schabby chic curtains. delicate floral motifs, light, translucent textiles and subdued colors – each of these types of curtains for kitchen will help emphasize the individuality of your kitchen.

fresh color in the kitchen – green kitchen curtains

kuechengardinen-modern-green yellow-figure-ornaments-kitchen-sink-white window

100 living ideas for the kitchen and the different kitchen styles

Simple and minimalist modern kitchen with white kitchen curtains

kuechengardinen-modern-white-kitchen-minimalist steel-gray dining

When choosing curtains, apart from their personal preferences, you should also consider the following factors:

– Shape and appearance of the window frame
– Dimensions and size of the room
– Special types of windows
– style of the interior
– The functional purpose of the building

Simple translucent white kitchen curtains for the window over the sink

kuechengardinen-modern-small-cute-white sink-countertop-wood

Or choose the curtains to match the carpet – the pattern and color of the carpet are important (or vice versa, if you’ve already bought the carpet). This is not always easy but the rule is: It should harmonize not only with the colors and designs, but also with style and texture.

beautiful curtains


short curtains in the country style

short-curtain-rural style

short curtains over the sink

sinks short-curtain-on-




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Decorating the living room – 50 ideas with pillows, pictures, curtains & more

decorate living room green sofa colorful accents lilac chair modern mural

So that the living room can look really comfortable, the decoration should not be missing. We have some examples Decorating the living room put together for you, which show you how to cushions, plants, pictures, curtains and carpeting can use to provide harmony and a perfect atmosphere. Let yourself be inspired!

Decorating the living room with throw pillows

living room decorating white furnishing colorful pillow sofa floor lamp modern

Textiles can be used to change and spice up some rooms. The same applies of course to the living room. And believe it or not, the decorative ones pillow have a particularly strong effect. With them, you can set colorful, cheerful accents or expand the color choice of the living room, using the same or similar shades and decorate so perfectly the living room.

Decorative cushions as an extension to the beige sofa

Decorate Living Room Monochrome Design Throw Pillow Sofa Couch

Colorful color accents in the living room

decorate living room gray wall paint pillow colorful coffee table wood

living room decorate with murals

decorate living room yellow couch photo mural idea fire plant

Murals are a great way to show off your own skills. Paint yourself a picture to decorate the living room and hang it in the living room on the wall above the couch. If you are not artistically gifted, that does not matter, because after all, murals can also be bought.

Four-part living room mural in reds

living room decorate wall pictures pics red nuances cream couch

Romantic picture in the modern living room

decorate living room mural romantic red armchair laminate black wall

Curtains in the living room

living room decorate pink accent curtains pillow side table

The curtains not only provide privacy in the evenings and sun protection during the day, but also have a decorative feature. They make each room automatically cozier, which is why they are often preferred to the blinds or at least combined with them. With curtains, it’s important that they match the rest of the decor in pattern and color. If you want to create a contrast, then at least some other decorative elements in the living room should have the same color, so that harmony is guaranteed by decorating the living room.

Combine curtains in the living room with blinds

decorate living room blinds curtains interior salmon color

Deco of blue curtains

decorating living room light blue curtains white couch set

Decorate with a rug

decorate living room modern carpet geometric earthy beige corner sofa

The carpet is equal in its importance to the couch. In almost every household he lacks more today. And what is not there for a large variety of patterns and colors, which is perfect for decorating the living room! The rug can be chosen in the same colors as the decor or in a contrasting color to accentuate it.

living room decorate red accent carpet interior design modern design

living room decorate pink carpet large living wall shelf lowboard white

Plants as living room decoration

living room decorate vertical garden plant wall beige couch

Plants have the ability to liven up every room. They radiate freshness and bring nature into the house. That’s why you make yourself so good as a decoration. If you do not have much time to care for plants, just choose 2 to 3 large plants to put in the corners of the room or next to the sofa. Another way to decorate the living room with plants are cut flowers that you regularly change.

living room decorate plants accents blue-gray colors cover

decorate living room simple modern set up green white plant

decorate living room idea plant french window vintage decor

decorate living room bamboo plants exotic style orange furniture

Decorate more ideas for the living room:

living room decorate white coffee table round carpet gray beige throw pillow

living room decorating mural romantic colors wallpaper carpet

living room decorating curtain white carpet beige wall design brick

living room decorate vase pillow stripes accent globe

living room decorate textile colors pink yellow green vintage design

decorating living room white couch set armchair stool throw pillow

decorate living room mural african motifs three-piece parquet

decorate living room vases oriental style flowers side table chandelier

decorate living room mirror round wall design black frame flowers

decorate living room black furniture mural 3d dice metal gloss

decorate living room round sofa design mural red orange curtains beige

decorate living room plant tile beige home office simple furnishing

decorate living room pattern pillow couch gray carpet accent wall brick

decorate living room modern purple privacy interior couch green accents

decorating living room loft idea plant seating sofa dark laminate

decorate living room basket design sofas exotic furnishings plant

decorate living room contrast blue blue purple carpet armchair

decorating living room high curtains window planting blue-gray table

decorate living room light blue pastel furniture colorful vases built-in shelf

decorating living room large mural fabric white sofa side table vintage

decorate living room glass table shelf vintage design salmon sofa

decorate living room geometric pattern carpet sideboard modern mural

decorate living room yellow curtains wallpaper turquoise armchairs bedside lamp

decorate living room floral motifs curtains wallpaper green pink colors

decorate living room exotic ideas plants luxuriant modern furniture

decorate living room elegant gray turquoise accent stool coffee table

decorate living room canape pillow fuchsia orange floor lamps

decorate living room colorful colors curtain yellow pink white sofa

decorate living room blue gray colors furniture vase tray coffee table

decorate living room blue yellow curtains stool sideboard

decorate living room abstract pictures wall design gray couch

living room decorate zigzag carpet fireplace black white sofa