Victorian decor – opulent and luxurious decors

living room victorian style modern twist black yellow

The Victorian style furnishings is generally described as opulent and luxurious. This style is far from modern minimalism, but also fascinates us in our century. The decorations and home accessories are elaborately decorated and extravagant. We’ve put together the peculiarities that make the Victorian style so special and also offer you some modern Victorian inspired designs.

Victorian decor – ornate decorations

living room victorian style ceiling decor upholstered furniture

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There are many color options for the Victorian style furnishings. Deep shades, pastel and neutral colors – you can choose shades to your taste. Rich textures are for upholstery and furniture wall covering widespread.

Victorian style furnishings – furniture and colors

furnishing victorian style living room fireplace cream furniture

The furniture plays a big role in bringing a Victorian touch to your home. Here also the rule “elaborate and luxurious” applies. Exotic materials, solid wooden frame, beautifully decorated upholstery and Capitonne processing. Velvet, leather, satin and other fine fabrics are used in the Victorian decor. The decorations can often be found in antique shops or flea markets.

Massive furniture and bright colors

living room victorian flair coffee table stone feet

Victorian house

Victorian style red chaise longue marble fireplace

Victorian style in black and white

Victorian style living room modern furniture black white

Himmerbett made of solid wood

bedroom victorian style decors bedside solid wood furniture

beautiful Victorian pattern in the bedroom

bedroom furnishings in Victorian style wood four-poster bed

Victorian style in the kitchen

kitchen victorian style furniture sink marble

Mix of modern and Victorian

House Victorian style modern furniture bright colors piano

spacious hallway in a Victorian house

house victorian style hallway decorated floor

dining room victorian style decorations furniture wood

furnishing the living room victorian style bright colors beige blue

furnishing kitchen victorian style dining table island barstool

bathroom Victorian style plank floor vanity

dining room victorian style upholstered chairs floral motifs cover

Dining room Victorian style furniture solid wood chandelier

Dining room furniture Victorian furniture chandelier

Furnishing Victorian Style Dining Room Modern Combination

furnishing dining room victorian style wood furniture

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A living room- 3 cheap decor ideas in different colors

Living room interior ideas blue beige purple

We show you how a living room through 3 different Set up ideas can be completely transformed. By clever choice of different home accessories and decoration, the experts succeed in a spatial transformation without renovation and new furniture.

Furnish ideas – the living room in beige and pink

Color white beige peach Photo wall decorative cushion

Living room deco ideas original lamp beige linen

Peach color white border Living room before after pictures

Living room renovation ideas rug pink peach pattern

The first of these three living rooms Set up ideas shows a living area with beige and pink decoration accents. The interior designers have decided on curtains with pink and white stripes. Investments were mainly in home accessories – decorative cushions refresh the white couch, stylish pictures with floral motifs on the wall make the interior look comfortable. The rug plays an important role in the design – it is particularly important in a small room. The peach colors and the original patterns visually combine the individual elements of the interior.

Furnishing ideas for small living room in gentle purple color

Living room redecorate purple blue rug white sofa

Glass bottles of purple curtains. Living room after pictures

purple pattern rug glass table design idea white upholstered furniture

cool table lamp green beige purple colors

purple pictures wall deco accents living room

The next one Set up ideas is a living room in soft pastel colors – Purple was chosen as the main color, and light blue decoration as accents. Purple carpet, decorative cushions and a creative exhibition of the stamp collection are among the highlights in the design. The curtains are decorated with cool floral patterns. Slightly transparent so that enough sunlight enters the room. Glass bottles on the side table compliment the interior.

Decorating ideas for eclectic living room in yellow and blue

cobalt blue yellow living room before after eclectic

blue table lamp yellow clock decorative cushion

yellow leather stool blue white carpet pattern

Wall decor Living room pictures blue colors

blue curtains yellow vase home accessories design

Even small living rooms can benefit from strong colors – as this experiment proves. Cobalt blue color from the carpet and the deep yellow stools create a happy atmosphere with a maritime look. The yellow vase and the yellow clock create a visual link between the different areas in the living room. The curtains – this time monochrome remain in the background. This is our favorite design!

The living room before the transformation

Living room interior photos classic white upholstered furniture

The direct comparison between the before-and-after pictures definitely proves that with a bit of imagination and colors even small rooms can be refreshed. It does not take much to change the interior! Our tip – if you have a small living room, set it up with furniture in neutral colors and classic shapes. In this way, you can later change the interior quickly and easily.

Furnishing ideas in country style – combining furniture and lighting

Set up ideas of Big Bang Theory colors, furniture and home accessories

25 home decor Ideas – living room in Scandinavian style

Pendant light Dining table Wood furniture Dresser

We offer you 25 Home decor ideas for living rooms in Scandinavian style – let yourself be inspired!

Home decorating ideas for living room furniture

Living room colorful decorative cushion pink orange white linen fabric upholstery three seater sofa

The furnishing principles of the Scandinavian living style are very simple – the interior should be practical and the Home decor ideas should work naturally. The walls are painted in white – the perfect background for the colorful furniture. The wooden floor creates a modern and at the same time homely ambience and creates a visual connection between the individual rooms. The furniture is mainly made of natural materials such as wood. The absolute highlight in the living room is the wall shelf system where the favorite books and various decoration pieces are arranged. the wall shelf There is usually a two-seater sofa with linen upholstery. Decorated with cushions with faux fur and leather covers and colorful drawings. A carpet with blue and white stripes gives the interior the finishing touch.

Home Decor Ideas for Scandinavian Living Room – Color Design

Upholstery sofa wall decor Ideas colorful books

The color scheme of the Scandinavian living style consists mainly of three shades – white characterizes the interior and is present in each room while blue and yellow are set as accents in the room. Natural shades such as brown and beige complete the color palette and contribute to a homely and inviting atmosphere.

The Scandinavian style of living was developed especially for small apartments – the goal is clear – even on limited living space it is possible to create a cozy and at the same time modern ambience. One of the basic principles of furnishing style is order – no wonder that many practical and space-saving shelving systems are exactly invented by the northern neighbors.

Colorful decorative cushions set color accents in the interior

Colorful Throw Pillow Ideas Sofa Spice Up

Neutral color palette in the living room – beige and gray

Flat upholstered sofa Wooden table Dining table oak

Home decor ideas – scandinavian interior in bright blue

light blue plank floor beige white walls pendant lamp

Living room with furniture made of natural materials

Wooden table leather chair upholstered sofa faux fur

Space-saving ideas on limited living space

Living room living room small apartment Scandinavian style of living

Neutral color palette makes the room visually more comfortable and spacious

Wooden chairs gray sofa coffee table glass table fitted kitchen

Carpet with white and blue stripes creates a homely atmosphere

scandinavian style carpet stripe sofa coffee table dining space frame

Original wall decoration next to the comfortable seating area

Flat home decor rustic wooden furniture Ideas coffee table stool

Wall shelf serves as a room divider

Double wall shelf system cabinet room divider

Wooden door wooden floor wooden table pendant lamp living room Wohnideen

Ideas Scandinavian style wall shelf books neutral colors

Floorboards white kitchen cabinets wallpaper pattern two armchairs gray color shaggy rug

Wooden table wall shelf system concrete floor white door

spacious living room sofa dresser dining area carpet mustard yellow

Home decor Scandinavian style dining place white modern artwork walls

Kitchen gray upholstered sofa chairs fur wooden table

Colors sofa gray black table white kitchen ideas design

Home decor ideas living room wall shelf room divider

Ideas Bedroom White Kitchen Cabinets Wooden Table Sofa Set Blue Throw Pillow

Leather sofa round glass table dining wall shelf system retro style TV cabinet

Pattern kitchen built-in glass kitchen back wall

Home decor cool ideas penthouse dark laminate floor white walls sloping roof

Reading corner in the nursery – 35 cool ideas for decor

reading corner in the nursery fur-pillow-zigzag-black-white-shelves

If you want to get your child excited about reading, set up a comfortable one Reading area in the nursery on. Take a look at these 35 cool ideas for a reading corner and indulge in the interior design nursery to inspire. With a bit of creative wall decoration and comfortable furniture, you will create a very cozy reading corner. Also, do not forget enough storage space for your child’s many books. In addition to classic shelves, boxes of any kind are also suitable for this purpose.

Reading corner in the children’s room – comfort and coziness in the first place

reading corner in the nursery gruen-akzente-bookcase-decorations

For the reading corner in the nursery you need of course many children’s books and comfortable furnishings. Attach shelves to the wall at the appropriate height and arrange them children’s Books , The furniture is also an essential element of the reading corner establishment. They should inspire the child to read. Therefore, you should set up the reading corner as comfortable and comfortable as possible. Use soft pillows, colorful carpets and comfortable seating. Small mattresses for pets or those that are used for baby cots can also be beneficial.

Set up a reading corner in the nursery – choose the right furniture and lighting

reading corner in the children's room bedside-idea-shelf-chest-sitting-carpet-pink

Make the reading corner in the nursery colorful and cheerful. Promote your child’s imagination with colorful designs and unusual designer solutions. Whether you design the reading corner as a wigwam, or use the basement for this purpose, the child should feel safe and comfortable there. Create a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of pillows, colorful curtains and a cheerful wall decoration. Do not forget to choose the right lighting for reading.

Cuddle, play and reading corner

reading corner in the nursery wall mattress-mattress-wooden-shelf

In a cozy reading corner in the nursery, reading and peeping through picture books is certainly more fun. Therefore, this area should be as welcoming and comfortable as possible. However, a reading corner is not necessarily just for reading, but can also be designed to play and cuddle. With a beautiful toy box in the corner and several comfortable cushions, this spot in the room can be transformed into a favorite place for the little one. You should not necessarily buy expensive furniture and accessories. An old wine box, for example, can be equipped with four wheels and thus transformed into a movable toy box.

Children’s room in pink with tent

reading corner-the-nursery-tent-build-bude-chair-garland-flags

If you want to design a reading corner for your little sweetheart, you should first decide on a suitable place in the nursery. Especially unused corners are suitable for this, hence the name. However, the chosen location does not necessarily have to be a corner. This fits as well as any place in the room, as long as the space for the device is sufficient. Very good match to various wall niches, which are otherwise suitable for any larger furniture. The device for the reading corner should then be adapted to the available space. Tipi tents are perfect for slightly larger reading and play areas because they offer a cozy place to read and many fun options at the same time.

Cozy reading corner with guitar as a wall decoration

wall shelves set up guitar ideas for reading corner in the nursery

So that the reading and play corner in the nursery feels comfortable and inviting, you should think about a nice decoration. The decoration and design of the area as a whole is related to the age of the child. Larger children can choose the decoration themselves and adapt to their hobbies. For the smaller ones, the parents usually choose the decoration, but it should also be matched with the benefits of the child.

Original wall decoration for the reading corner

wall shelves picture frames set up ideas for reading corner in the nursery

A playful wall decoration for the reading corner you can do yourself very favorably by opting for a DIY project. You can use different items that you already have at home. An old picture frame, for example, offers numerous possibilities for an original deco and can be decorated as desired. The walls can also be quickly and cheaply decorated with different wall tattoos and stickers. You should only select a suitable motif and stick it to the wall.

Lettering on the wall

Wall labels ideas for reading corner in nursery set up

If you have a nice handwriting, you can write a paragraph from your favorite children’s book on the wall. Otherwise you can have it pressed on adhesive foil and stick it to the wall. It’s best to choose a quote or section that might inspire your child to read. For this classics of famous poets are quite good. You can decorate the writing on the wall with decorative motifs and thus create a creative wall design.

Colorful curtains for the reading area

curtains colorful ideas for reading corner in nursery set up

A beautiful design idea for the reading corner in the nursery would be to separate them with a nice curtain from the rest of the room. Thus, the reading and playing corner can be designed as a private area. There, your little one can read in peace and plunge into the magical world of books. For the separation, curtains with funny, colorful motifs and patterns, which are coordinated with the device are the best.

Children reading corner on the ground

carpet pattern design ideas for reading corner in the nursery

For the reading corner in the nursery you do not necessarily need a tent or mattress for the floor. It can be really cozy with a thick, fluffy carpet. With a beautiful pattern, the corner can be designed to play and read as a great accent in the room. To make things even more comfortable, you can provide a colored beanbag with colorful cushions for sitting.

Bench with triangular shape

Bench triangle ideas for reading corner in nursery set up

A comfortable bench is perfect for the reading corner in the nursery. Also think about cushions or upholstery as a backrest to ensure maximum comfort for you and your child. In the picture gallery you will find many more magical ideas for the design of the reading and cuddly corner in the nursery.

Reading area with black board

Set blackboard pillow ideas for reading corner in the nursery

Rocking chair in the nursery

Set up a rocking throw pillow idea for a reading corner in the nursery

Bookshelves as a wall decoration

Sacking library set up ideas for reading corner in kids room

Red leather armchair

red leather armchair set ideas for reading corner in children's room

Upholstered armchair in the reading corner

upholstered armchair set up ideas for reading corner in the nursery

Rattan furniture in the nursery

Furnish furniture rattan ideas for reading corner in the nursery

set up lounge furniture ideas for reading corner in the nursery

wardrobe on floor ideas for reading corner nursery set up

indian style ideas for reading corner nursery set up

set up green walls ideas for reading children's room

two floors to set up ideas for reading corner in the nursery

Elegant design ideas for reading corner children's room set up

set up white wooden furniture ideas for reading corner in the nursery

colorful carpet ideas for reading corner nursery set up

colorful design ideas for reading corner kids room set up

books wall decoration ideas for reading corner nursery set up floor wooden box ideas for reading corner children's room set up

Decorate floral decor ideas for reading nursery room

set up blue wall decoration ideas for reading children's room

Lettering wall decoration ideas for reading corner nursery set up

comfortable pillow ideas for reading corner nursery set up

baumdesign decor ideas for reading corner nursery furnishings

floor shelf fabric ideas for reading corner children's room set up

sofabett bookshelf set up ideas for reading corner in the nursery

30 decor suggestions for living room with dining area

Decoration examples Parlor dining-maritime blue-curtains

It is often difficult to decorate different purposes. Each area should be clearly defined and visually appealing. Otherwise, your home might seem chaotic and not uniform. To decorate a small living room with dining area as two separate rooms, but with common elements such as colors, fabrics and patterns, would be the ideal solution. Today we give you a few tips and Decor suggestions for living room with dining area in perfect harmony. Let yourself be inspired!

Decor suggestions for living room and dinette in perfect harmony

Dekovorschäge-living-dining-table-solid wood

Swipe all walls in one color , Decide on a color that is suitable for both areas. If the open plan living area is small, choose a neutral color such as pastel yellow or sage green. Lay rugs on the floor. Arrange them so that they visually define the living space as two separate areas. Place a rug under the dining room table and another under the coffee table. Both must have a similar pattern. In this way a smooth transition is guaranteed and both areas appear to be visually connected. You can also create a common line with lamps.

Decor suggestions for living room with dining area

Decoration examples Parlor dining pictures Wall

Use the same fabrics in the living and dining areas, such as the upholstery of the couch and the dining chairs, or for the cushions and chair covers. Use these elements as a splash of orange or red. Hang a pendant over the dining table. Place your living room furniture around the coffee table to define the seating area. Basically, the living area is the optical guide, as it occupies a larger part of the room. The dining area has to fit in with the style, but should in a way stand out visually from the rest of the room.

Decor suggestions for living room with dining area – Modern art as a decoration on the wall in the living area

Decoration examples Parlor dining Modern Art Wall

Although the design of a separate dining room or living room is freer and easier than with an integrated dining area, there are also many decor suggestions for living rooms with dining areas that can be easily converted. Just think about how the room should look and feel, so that you are completely satisfied with the final result. Ultimately, it depends on the personal preferences of how a room is decorated and decorated. Through the wall design you can achieve a special room feeling and set decorative accents. If you want to visually distinguish both areas, you can use different wall colors in each one. On the other hand, if you want to give the room a uniform look, you have to choose a color or similar shades. If the living area or the dining area is more effective, you can visually differentiate the wall surface of one of the areas from the rest.

small-living-dining area-black-white-wallpaper-floral-motive

With a particular wall paint or wallpaper that harmonize with the rest of the room, you can achieve the desired ambience easily. In the picture above, the dining area is decorated in light pastel and cream colors. The simple and straightforward furniture, and the dynamic wall design in the living area create a successful contrast, which provides more energy in the room. The dark wallpaper with gorgeous ornaments in cream color are reflected throughout the room, creating a uniform picture. The dark brown can also be found in the throw pillows and in part of the chairs. The color choice should be based primarily on your personal taste and color perception. The spatial conditions and the incidence of light are also to be considered in the color choice.

Decor suggestions for the small living room – carpet as an accent

Decoration examples Parlor dining rattan chair-carpet strips

Basically, lighter colors make a dark room feel more comfortable and inviting. The color wall design depends on the desired effect. If you want to decorate and refresh the living room with dining area, you must always keep in mind the atmosphere you want to create and how best to harmonize the individual areas. The right wall color in the dining area is just as important as in any other room in your home. There you also spend a long time with family or friends. The color orange, for example, is very well suited for this area, because this color promotes a warm and sociable atmosphere. If a sunny and happy mood is to enter the room, the bright yellow is a good choice. The walls in this color are a real eye-catcher and set great colorful accents that bring a fresh touch in the living room and in the dining area.

Cream wall paint and fuchsia accents

deco suggestions for living-dining-area-cream-beige-fuchsia-white-dining-tables

Probably the most uncomplicated way of decorating the apartment are the murals. Images significantly influence the mood in the room and give the interior an individual touch. Even a single picture on the wall can do a lot. Take a look at the living room in the picture above. The living room has been decorated in warm cream, brown and beige. For a modern space feeling here Lila and Fuchsia was used. Purple, violet and the other shades of this color palette combine with light wood furniture to create a modern and captivating contrast. The vivid color was used in this room on different levels, which separated the living area in an original way from the rest of the room. On the wooden floor you will see a soft, comfortable pouf. Throw pillows in a lighter shade set great accents on the bright sofa. The picture on the wall picks up the color of the rest of the decoration. With all these colored decorative elements, a unique optical partition is created.

Gray upholstered furniture and red decorations

Decorations for living-dining-area-gray-furniture-red-accents-both-areas

Muted colors for a modern look

dekovorschlage-living room-dining area-gray-sofa-wall color-solid wood dining table and black chairs

Purple and silver nuances in both areas

Decorations for living room dining area-purple-upholstery-sofa-wallpaper-floral-white-kitchenette-dining-room-furniture

deco suggestions for living room dining area-black-accent-wall-gray-sofa-blue-cushion-pendant-lights

White, slate gray and black

dekovorschlage-living room-dining area, white and cream-white-moebel-gray-accents

Airy and harmonious

deco suggestions for living room dining area white-leather-sofas-wood-dining-table-wall-shelves

White and brown in the living area

small-living-dining area-brown-upholstered sofa-wood-esszimmermoebel-kitchenette

Cozy, open living area

small-living-dining area-kitchen-open Designer Find-gray sofa

Essthecke behind the sofa

small-living-dining area-kitchen-red-light-gray-modern

small-living-dining area-landhausstul-white-ecru-moebel

small-living-dining area-a partition wall-wall-neutral-color-holztoene-open-live

small-living-dining area-slate-gray-upholstered sofas and white-kitchenette-black-chairs-light-coffee table

small-living-dining area-chocolate brown wall-color-cream-sofa-white-shelves

small-living-dining area-black-white-wood-innentuere

living-dining-open beige-brown furniture glossy blue-oberschraenke

living room-dining area-open corner sofa-Rueckwand-eating bar

living room-dining area-open-green-carpet-real wood-dining table-white-wohnzimmermoebel

living room-dining area-open-fireplace-visual-border

living room-kitchen-dining area-open-live-neutral-colors-modern-device

living room-kitchen-dining area-white-gray-open-living room

Decorations for living-dining-kitchen-living-room-wall-wood-white

Decorations for living room dining area-black-kitchen-line-green-accents-gray-sofa-white-coffee table

small-living-dining area-beige-brown-africa-wanddeko-lighting-ideas

Bedroom Design – 45 ideas for complete decor

bedroom-design-ideas-moebel Dark-colored wood-high-gloss

While most people may enjoy a medium to spacious living space, few are fortunate enough to have a large bedroom. Instead of acting soothing and relaxing, the supposed oasis of peace often looks crowded. With a simple trick this can be avoided – a complete Bedroom design with furniture that fits together, guarantees order. We show you 45 ideas for stylish and practical furnishings.

Bedroom design – the neutral color palette

bedroom-design-ideas-medium-dark holzmoebel-metal handles

Under a complete Bedroom design The combination of bed, bedside tables, dresser and wardrobe is understood. It pays off to select all furniture from a collection – so the interior looks uniform and stylish. It should be paid not only to the furnishing style / modern, minimalist, vintage, eclectic /, but also on the color scheme.

bedroom-design-ideas-two holztoene-light-dark-brown-wall color

The white color furniture makes the room bright and spacious. However, as the white color may be too cold, most beds and bedside tables are finished with natural wood details. So the strict look is relaxed. Also attractive – a bedroom with beige walls and gray furniture. The nuance can vary – ultra-modern anthracite tones, while light gray fits perfectly to classic furnishings. Additional whistle is provided by the material combination – the traditional bed construction has been recently changed – so most modern beds have a wooden frame and an oversized leather headboard. You should use the decoration sparingly – a photo wall or a painting over the bed and two original table lamps can give the interior a cozy look. And even if there is not much free space for home accessories, a stylish duvet can always make the room feel more comfortable.


The only place in your own home is without a doubt the bedroom. For this reason, it is even more important that you turn this retreat into a cozy dreamland, where you feel comfortable, like falling asleep and waking up. The heart of our bedroom is the bed. The bed must be well chosen so that you can recharge your batteries and energy for the day ahead. Which style you choose your bed is of course up to you. It is important that you like both the mattress, as well as the appearance of the bed appeals to you. Would you like a soft upholstered bed, a four-poster bed that convinces with fantastically beautiful, clean lines or maybe a high-sleeper bed? There you should find the necessary rest and a restful sleep.

bedroom furniture-set-completely-matte-white-aubergine-wall color

You can hardly imagine a bed without sheets and pillows. Textiles are in the bedroom design, the elements of the decor that you can not and do not want to do without. They give the room the desired cosiness and warmth. The bedding provides comfort and should be made of a pleasant and soft material, which of course varies according to the season. Your bedroom can often help you to look fresh and fresh. With the right choice of colors and fabric patterns, you can change your dreamland as often as you like in no time at all. The soft pillows from which you can not get enough, not only serve as a mattress for sleeping, but are a part of the bedroom design. With an infinite choice of colors, patterns and textures, you will provide variety and a neat touch of comfort in your sleeping area.

Modern bedroom design – furniture with clear lines

minimalist bedroom design ideas

For undisturbed and deep sleep also opaque curtains contribute. Light, permeable curtains, on the other hand, emphasize the serene atmosphere in the bedroom. Whether made of a delicate or opaque material, they characterize the entire room and are an important design element. Both the curtains and curtains give the space a unique charm and protect against strong sunlight and unwanted views. Choose curtains or curtains that match the color of the rest of the interior and emphasize the desired ambience.

white complete bedside tables dresser mirror

The textiles that create a unanimous image in your sleeping area include the carpets. Carpets in different sizes and colors, made of different materials, which are decorated with different patterns, are not only a warm and soft flooring, but a great and varied decoration element in the bedroom. The pleasantly soft carpet influences the entire room effect and provides comfort and cosiness. If you want to make the bedroom look bigger, you can do it with geometric figures on the carpet, which leak outwards. For example, depending on the placement of the carpet, you can highlight individual pieces of furniture from the rest of the furniture and define separate areas in a large bedroom. Soothing, neutral colors, blue or gray are quite suitable for the bedroom. Pamper yourself when getting up by feeling the soft wool under your feet as you climb out of bed. Lambskin and long-pile carpets are a good choice.

Stylish and elegant bedroom -Set in white, metal details spice up the design

Bedroom design ideas shaggy rug stylishly elegant

A faithful and useful companion of every bed are the beautiful bedside tables. These come in many styles, variants and shapes. When choosing a bedside table, the height of this piece of furniture is of great importance. It must be adapted to that of the bed so that the bedside table is easy to reach. Whether you want a smaller or larger bedside table, with spacious drawers or with small shelves, the small and usually inconspicuous piece of furniture can set great colorful accents in the room. The practical helper keeps alarm clock, book or morning cup of coffee within easy reach and can look very stylish and modern. If you have personal favorites or accessories that you want to put in scene, the bedside table provides the decorative stage for it.

Modern yet homely – wood details and shaggy rug for more coziness

Bedroom set up bed headboard white

Even if the furniture is white, the gray wall and the gray duvet can set accents

set up leather headboard sloping roof

Make sense of the bedroom – dresser under the pitched roof, the bed is in the middle of the room

Bedroom frame bed headboard white beige

Modern and practical – the bedroom with complete furniture from a manufacturer looks neat

set up Shaggy carpet design wall panels

Wood side table bed headboard Shaggy rug

complete wood bed headboard bedside table white

Leather bed headboard dresser bedside table

purple modern wall color design ideas

Bedroom modern completely Italian manufacturer

neutral colors dark blue wall ideas

warm purple nuance duvet white furniture

Leather bed headboard design two side tables

classic pattern bedspread chocolate color bed headboard

Bedroom decorate purple wall color design ideas

Decor bedroom design Buddha image

Bedroom bed white gray color accents

set up beige furniture dresser mirror bed

Bedroom Gestalen photo wallpaper flowers mahogany furniture

Headboard bedside table concrete floor round coffee table

Bedroom set up wood bed headboard

Bedroom accent wall paint laminate floor

design ideas wallpaper geometric pattern white

modern bed headboard leather design bedside tables

Design beige color classic style

light blue wall color modern wooden furniture

Ideas dresser dressing table gray color scheme

set up ideas completely classic style

Furnishing ideas completely white modern

Ideas leather bed headboard design

design ideas modern design

Ideas chocolate color wall white furniture

Design Ideas image section of modern white bed headboard

Ideas Black white bed headboard design stripes

Bedroom design ideas double bed headboard

exotic bedroom wall decoration ideas

Attached you will find the collection of the Spanish brand Dormitoriomoderno ,

Modern decor in neutral colors – Penthouse in London

Modern decor-leather couch-tv-tv-console-minimalist-poster-colorful-workplace

The functional and modern decor in neutral colors may describe an impersonal apartment. Effective objects and unique objects in such an interior quickly change this concept. The non-color White Black and gray, combined with the natural look of real wood or leather, create a harmonious and unified environment with a cozy, exotic flair. This is a calm and relaxed, stylish basis for the modern interior in combination with precious works of art.

Modern decor with artwork in the living area

Modern furnishings -couchtisch-metal-frame-books-plastic-ceramics

A design office from Brazil has designed a penthouse in London for art collectors, a family with children. All the modern and artistic objects from the couple’s sumptuous collection should find space there. Neutral colors such as white and gray harmonize with all others and bring them to better advantage. The light gray base as a floor covering or the white wall paint brings restless and dominant elements and details from the interior back into balance. The white walls in all rooms stand for elegance and are a classic solution when it comes to large areas. As a result, no light is lost, which is also the highlight in a penthouse. The floor is homogeneous gray and is only replaced in the bedrooms by real wooden floor.

Modern decor for a relaxed atmosphere with contemporary design

Modern furnishings -grauer-floor-white-windows-roof-windows-penthouse-carpet-stool-fluffy

The project was certainly a big challenge for the designers as they had to choose carefully materials, textiles and colors to create a harmonious ambiance and sense of well-being. The exotic flair of the artistic collection in the living space is supported by designer luxury furniture. The original room layout was redesigned as a generous open space. The areas are separated by mobile wooden walls or transparent glass walls. The materials of the artistic objects communicate with the surfaces in the apartment and are repeated throughout the interior design. For example, a plastic made of matt glass or plastic is placed next to the glass wall, and another piece of art made of wood is placed in close proximity to the wooden door.

Harmonious atmosphere with artistic objects

Modern interior -couch-white-picture-sculpture-plastic-transparent-side-table-carpet-gray

Combine home textiles and their colors with the Kuntswerke and vote

Modern furnishings -couchtisch-plastic-glass-transparent-couch-pillow-open-large

Surfaces made of real wood bring comfort

Modern furnishing -wood floor-carpet-gray-bed-partition-neutral-color-design

Combine glass walls with wooden wall cladding

Modern decor -glass wall-corridor-stairs-dining-room-wood-wall-design

Separate dining area through wooden doors and glass wall

modern-device-dining chairs-white-glass wall-window-floor-gray

Dining area designed entirely in white and solid wood wall

modern-device-dining room-dinette-table chairs vases-flowers-holzwand-white-gray

Sleeping area with integrated bath behind frosted glass

modern-device-to-install cabinet-wood-fronttueren-wood floor bed-bedroom-dresser schmink

Marble bathroom with shower cabin and freestanding bath

modern-device-white-marble-bathroom-bathtub-detached-deoppelt-sink shower enclosure

Modern elegant staircase with contemporary design

modern-device-stair-contemporary, modern, black - plaster-holzwand-door-lighting-artwork

Dreamhouses »Modern decor meets the typical Thai style

modern furnishings villa-thailand-appartement-siam-mosaic-braiding-organic-shapes

These modern decor Using futuristic, organic forms of natural materials inspired by Thai culture and Buddhism, it was created by some of the world’s most famous architects and designers. The Villa Siam is part of the luxury hotel Iniala and is located in the Gulf of Thailand , Named after its old name, the luxurious villa was designed in 2013 by the Thai designer Eggarat Wongcharit.

Modern decor mixed with Thai eclecticism in the living area

modern interior design villa thailand residential area organic shapes

Everywhere on the walls and the ceiling of the living area, the typical Thai bamboo netting climbs up. The modern interior focuses on meditation and sensuality. The organic, elongated lines of the plants seamlessly connect the spaces with each other, forming pictorial dream catchers. The furniture and artworks are inspired by the surrounding landscape – lotus flowers, climbing plants, turquoise water, pearly white sand-lime brick, and Buddha adorn the interior.

In the dining room behind the dining table for six people shine three Buddha photographs in the colors of the rainbow. The lightness of the meditation and the sensual shape the oval shapes with openings in the modern interior of the whole living area.

Modern furniture realizes sensual private areas

modern arrangement villa-thailand-lotus-appartement-lily-leaf-climbing-plant

The villa comprises two thematic private areas – lotus and Siam Suit ,

The Lotus Apartment is inspired by the symbol of the lotus flower and brings forth its mysticism. The lotus and water lily leaves in pastel green are arranged fluently behind and above the bed and accompany the guest in the dream world. Next to it floats a sofa whose lower part is decorated with pearl white mosaics. In the bathroom, a Thai graphic designer created the typical koi carp.

Just opposite is the second apartment – Siam Suit – which symbolizes yin and yang. It has two bedrooms with cocoon-shaped bamboo beds, curved according to the traditional craft techniques of the area. The flooring was made in detail from white natural wood.

The eye-catcher in this luxury villa is definitely the spa and wellness area. The golden walls, inscribed with Buddhist teachings, harmonize with the hand-cut mirrors and the door handles with Buddha gestures. The shower, toilet and steam cabin were placed and designed according to the traditional Thai techniques used in the construction of the temple. The spa of the extraordinary home shines from top to bottom in antique gold with Buddhist teachings translated into English.

The unique feature of the villa is the masterful combination of modernity and the eclecticism of Thai culture – netting, glass mosaics, images and statues of Buddhist gods are only a part of the lush design.

Water lilies and lotus flowers in the bedroom inspire you to dream


Modern Interior – Floating Seating Area in Lotus Suit


Koi fish in the adjacent bathroom of the Lotus Appartements

modern-device-villa-thailand-bad-koi-fish-graphic designers

Modern Interior – Organic Shapes in Siam Suit


Cocooned lounge island and bed


Bamboo braid also in the bathroom


The spa area – a golden dome

modern-device-villa-thailand-spa-wellness-gold Buddha temple

Gold lettered walls with Buddhist teachings


In the garden also rain showers are provided to the guests


A project of CRAFACTOR

Wooden ceiling and warm color accents in a modern decor

wood ceiling living room divider-shelf-seating area

Wood serves as the main material in this apartment and gives the rooms their charm, their cosiness and style. The stunning design, designed by Perkins + Will Design, was realized in an apartment in Sao Paolo, Brazil, catering specifically to the wishes of the owners and future residents. In addition to wooden furniture and walls adorns a particularly interesting Wood ceiling the interiors look like a lattice, giving them a unique look. The apartment has three bedrooms, several bathrooms and next to the kitchen a practical laundry room.

Wooden ceiling for the living room

wood ceiling design-living-room-modern-carpet-lounge-chairs

The other furniture was chosen mainly in warm colors. For example, a gray-beige corner couch, which is equipped with orange sofa cushions among other things, forms the seating area. Another seating area consists of two lounge chairs in orange and a dark shade of red. The stylish furniture not only creates a stylish ambience, but radiate spontaneity and thus also Pepp, what by the wood blanket even worse.

Combine wood ceiling and wallcovering

wood ceiling corner sofa-gray-beige-coffee table-wallcovering

Although it is a large living room with open kitchen and open dining area, gray sliding doors offer the possibility to separate them if necessary. Another characteristic of the apartment are the large windows, which let in the daytime lots of light in the rooms and can be closed in the evening with the help of stylish curtains, so as to guarantee the necessary privacy. Take a closer look at the attractive apartment in the following gallery. It is also the floor plan of the large apartment.

Make a grid out of wood

wood blanket gray-floor-carpet-cream-cushion-orange-accents

Stylish furniture

wood ceiling suspended ceiling recessed shelf shelf

Modern design

wood-ceiling-wood cladding wall-Tv-residential wall-idee

Dining area with bench


Open kitchen with partition for sliding


Modern kitchen


Open kitchen at will

wood-ceiling sliding doors-partition-Idea-open-kitchen-herdplatte

Dining room with attractive carpet

wood-ceiling-dining-set-persian carpet-oriental-color accent

Wooden ceiling in the dining room

wood-ceiling-wall accent-wall tiling Blinds-transparent

Workspace with desk in the living room

wood-ceiling-workspace-idea-living room-desk-spacious-fensterfront

Recessed lights in plasterboard

wood-ceiling-lighting-living room-room design-gray-sliding doors-room dividers

Lighting in the wood ceiling

wood-ceiling carpet-black-shag-seated divisions Styler comfort

Modern furniture with retro flair

wood-ceiling-glass doors-room trenner-dining table-chairs-commode-hover effect

Window front with curtains

wood-ceiling-simple-device-modern-stylish-furniture-natural materials

Modern, large bathroom

wood-ceiling-large-bathroom-wet cell-glass door-metal-profile

Wood furniture and gray mosaic tiles

wood-ceiling gray-tiles-bad-mosaic bench-shower-washing cabinet

Apartment with wooden ceiling – floor plan

wood-ceiling-floor plan apartment-apartment-inspiration

Design of Perkins + Will Design ,

Teenager room for boys – decoration and home decor

teenager room light blue accent wall clocks time zones decoration white furniture

If you are facing the challenge, one Teen room For your adult boy to shape, then this article will certainly help you. You can design a room to your child’s taste without sacrificing functionality.

Teenager room for boys – choose furniture

teenager room dark wood furniture shelf loft bed

Here’s the trick – choose practical furniture for that Teen room with plenty of storage space and best a bed with a bed box. Opt for a desk with plenty of shelves and enough free space for all the accessories – computers, textbooks and more. Set up the room to be multifunctional – the teenagers spend a lot of time in their private area and it should be as comfortable as possible. Make sure there’s extra lighting above the desk – usually the boys may not have much light in the room, but at least over the computer should be a pendant lamp, Floor lamp or LED lighting stand.

Teenager room for boys – decorate according to personal taste

teenager room modern decor idea surfboard wando

When decorating you should set the personal taste of your son when setting up Teen room pay attention – does he like sports? Does he want to participate in a music group? Is he more interested in astronomy? If you are clear about what he prefers, you can choose a suitable decoration. For sports fans you can choose interesting wall tattoos. If he likes his bike over anything in the world, then you can organize extra storage space for it. Funny sayings, strong orange and dark blue are suitable for athletic natures. If you can not agree with your boy about the decoration – for example, he would like to decorate the room with metal groups and posters – you can buy comforter duvet with skull as a compromise solution.

Teenager room – color schemes for boys

teenager room gray dark accents curtain headboard wood

Dark shades like brown, gray or black can serve as accents. Neutral colors like beige or gray are the perfect background. Blue does not necessarily have to be present in a boy’s room and can be replaced with orange or red. Before you make the final decision about that Teen room ask, also ask your child – after all, he will learn, sleep, read, and invite friends between these four walls – and it should reflect his individuality and character.

Accents in orange

teenager room orange color white wall carpet shaggy

Cool boys room with grafiti wall decor

cool-teen room-graffiti-wall decoration

Practical room facility-Teenager

practical-room facility teens

Duvet with skull motifs

Boys bedroom bedspread Skull motifs

Teenager bedroom with basketball theme

Teenage bedroom Basketball Theme

Desk with storage space

Boys bedroom teenage desk storage

Classic boys room

classical Maltese Boys Room

Interesting beige room furnishing idea

interesting beige-room teenage furnishing idea

Teen bedroom – movie posters

Teenage bedroom boy-movie posters-Wanddeko

Room science subject boy

Room Science thematic boys

Surf Wall tattoo teenage boy room

Cool Boys Room Bicycle theme

Bedroom Young guitar Decoration

Brick Wall teenage bedroom wall sticker

101 Ideas for the Youth Room – Modern furnishings and creative decorating