Christmas Decorating Ideas »Moody decoration for the Christmas tree to tinker with children

decoration for the christmas tree glittering stones wire snowflake diy

The Advent Season is perhaps the most popular craft time for children and adults. In addition to classic Christmas tree balls and garlands you can use very simple and inexpensive materials a glamorous Decoration for the Christmas tree tinker with the children together. Here are some easy ideas that do not require much free time or effort to be implemented.

Deco for the Christmas tree – Brilliant gifts

deco for the christmas tree gift led light red blue green

Such a decoration for the Christmas tree can perfectly light string replace. Make small presents out of tracing paper and add a colorful LED light bulb inside. Another option is simply to put the presents over the existing fairy lights. Make sure that there is no risk of fire in your fairy lights.

Decoration for the Christmas tree – pine tree from rolls

decoration for the christmas tree roll wrapping paper fir tree colorful

If you have a few small rolls, wrap them with colored wrapping paper to make such a fir tree. Cinnamon sticks are also very suitable for this. Glue them together, add a hanging loop and the deco is ready for the Christmas tree.

Make cardboard decorations

decoration for the christmas tree cardboard dot pattern wood

Decorate the Christmas tree with such pendants that you can make from a wooden ball and cardboard. It’s best to do several in different colors.

Christmas tree ball in cupcake form

decoration for the christmas tree ball silver cupcake shape glitter colorful

Decoration for the Christmas tree with natural materials

Pine cone loop patterned-iridescent Deco pieces Christmas tree

Natural decorative utensils like fruits and cones make the Christmas tree look livelier. Decorating them with ribbons, lace or bows with color-matching patterns creates a unique and effective design Decoration for the Christmas tree , Artificial snow contributes to the desired frost effect.

Decoration for the Christmas tree with floral patterns

Christmas tree balls bright blue fir tree-blue white-snow frost-optics

Knitted cover for Christmas tree balls with Zopfmustern

Knit wrap decoration-tinker Advent season Poinsettia ribbon

For the foam Christmas tree balls you can knit a cuddly sweater and decorate it with red velvet ribbon. The knit scarf can be continued through a loop, tied like one Christmas star or artificial flower arrangements.

Decoration for the Christmas tree made of salty dough

Baking dough Christmas Advent Crafts Decoration snowflake jewelry Hanging

These pieces of snowflake-shaped jewelry are made of dough, baked and cooled, then drawn with red felt-tip pen and decorated with little hearts.

Greetings from Santa Claus

Christmas holiday season sayings decoration balls red Santa Claus ho ho ho

Dye the balls with strong red acrylic paint and let them dry. Then stick stickers with letters and snowflakes on them and let the festive atmosphere flood your home!

Red and green for Christmas baubles – the contemporary interpretation of berries and holly

Green-Red Deco Christmas Tree Baubles Glass Advent Crafts Christmas Ideas

Sleigh bells wrapped in ribbon bring the music not only in the ear, but also in the eye

Sleigh Bells Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Jewelery Ideas Balls Bows Green

Frost effects for a modern look and texture of the fir tree

Christmas tree ornament iridescent-metallic sheen texture-lend snowflakes

Maritime decoration with shells – aquamarine colored balls with sand sprinkle

Chrtistbaum balls blue-Deko handicraft-shell bowl-sand maritime optics

Decorative ornaments made of patterned paper

Patterned Paper Deco Craft-to-Christmas Christmas tree white-red

Decoration for the Christmas tree – give a personal touch with family pictures in picture frames

Family picture frame-self-made advent gift paper pattern

Let your imagination run wild – simple decorations made of colored paper, fabric and handmade ornaments

Tinker Christmas baubles with fabric garlands green white ornaments stripes polka dots

Deco with vintage stamp with nutcracker motifs

VIntage stamps decoration ornaments Christmas-tree green

Decorate iridescent green Christmas tree balls with brocade and decorative stones

matt green balls Christmas tree ornaments garlands decoration traditional

Make evergreen decoration out of cardboard or wrapping paper

Decoration for hanging Christmas tree baubles with paper

Glass imitation – Christmas tree decoration

Adhesive Advent stick red ball for the Christmas tree decoration stones

Jewelery with glitter particles and brocade

Christmas tree decoration Christmas tree balls red blue-purple pattern brocade felt pin

Golden Ball Frosted Surface Christmas Tree Frosted Pearl Stones Decor

Christmas Decorating Ideas »Make modern Advent wreath yourself – 48 inspirations

Modern Advent wreath-make-over-minimalist-white-candles-moss-numbered

Christmas is a festive time that elicits certain ideas for decoration. Mostly it means shiny Christmas balls in different colors, artificial or real pine branches, golden bows and bells – lots of kitsch. The typical decorative elements can sometimes be arranged differently and designed according to taste. Make one yourself modern Advent wreath suitable for your rather purist living ambience.

Modern Advent wreath make yourself – imaginative suggestions and inspirations

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-minimalistic-white-moss-candles-number

The Advent wreath stands for the remaining days from the beginning of December until Christmas Eve. Originally the Advent wreath made a wooden wreath from an old cartwheel, decorated with fir branches and marked with a candle every day in December. For each Sunday of the month stood a larger candle. Today the Christmas wreath has become reduced and the number of candles is limited to four – for each week of December. The shape has not necessarily remained round – not necessarily that of a wreath.

Modern Adventskranz make yourself – decorate differently

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-the-day-decorated-candles-moss-tart-bakeware

Traditionally, the Advent wreath of four candles and that’s all that was left of that time. Modern interpretations are available in numerous variants. Basically everyone serves candle holder or holder for exactly four candles as Advent wreath. Alternatively, offer flat, elongated plates especially for decorating. Instead of fir green you can take moss or small plants, also succulents, and decorate the candles. Small bowls and even jam jars are wonderful as a creative modern Advent wreath. Forget the numbers for each Advent week – from one to four. You can simply print them out with copiers and stick them on them or put them on as little labels. Make what little cones and sticks of driftwood and make yourself a beautiful modern Advent wreath yourself.

Make modern Advent wreath itself – instructions

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-white-red-plate-decorate-candles

With very little effort, you can create a modern Advent wreath yourself. Take four block candles in the desired color – all four can be the same color or two times two. Find a flat plate, round or rectangular to taste, plain, plain. Obtain small items for decoration – individual pieces of Christmas decorations, decorative stones, stars and others.

Simple modern Christmas wreath – easy to design yourself

Modern Advent wreath - make-yourself-candles-white-red-plate-decorate

Cut out a circle of cardboard in matching color – white cardboard to white plate, out. Put on the candles. This piece of cardboard protects the plate from the candle wax. Arrange for pleasure and unfold your creativity.

Make modern Advent wreath – tools and materials

Modern Advent wreath-make-over-dish-deco-ball-white-red

If you take candles of the same size, number them. Decorate with numbers and numbers from one to four made of sheet metal, felt, wooden paper or simply labeled with a black marker. Shells and plates made of metal give a piece of individual touch to the homemade Advent wreath. Old baking tins for mini tartlets or cake tins can find new use and be used instead of plate for the candles.

Modern Advent Wreath – White, Red and Glitter


Advent wreath in a natural look

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-moss-yapfen-rod natural materials-plate-keryen

Make your own modern Advent wreath yourself – 18 ideas and inspirations

Modern Advent wreath – simple and reduced

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-simple-simple-branches-of course-grind

Decorate Christmas wreath in a different way

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-pieces of wood-tap-candles-white

Advent wreath decorated with natural materials


Decorate advent wreath according to taste


Advent wreath of homemade candle holders

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-pieces of wood-bowl-tap-deco-white

Advent wreath interpreted in a modern way – fir branches with moss

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-moss-tap-back form-metal-candles-white

Reduced variant for Advent wreath

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making center-table-plate-weihnachtskugeln-tannenyweige

Advent wreath in minimalist style – black and white


Modern Advent wreath – extremely reduced by decoration

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making minimalist candlestick-black-white-candle-oblong

Christmas wreath minimalist in white frame

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-minimalist-white-candlestick-rectangular design

Rectangular candlestick for four candles as a modern alternative to the Advent wreath


Arrange Advent wreath with a difference

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making gingerbread-oblong-decorated candles-and-white-number

Decorate a simple Christmas wreath with gingerbread

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candles-gingerbread-white-numbered-biscuit form

Elongated Advent wreath make yourself

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making gingerbread-minimalist biscuit mold-white-Scandinavian

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-number-metal


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorated, white and keryen-moss-plate

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorated-candles-tannenzweige-plate


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-candle-moss-style

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-numbered - tannenyweige-plate

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-candles-moss-wired-number

adventskranz-modern-making oblong-decorate-candles-bottles-water-plant itself

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candles-sheen-water plant-idea-deco

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making keryen-white-jam sheen-numbered-full of white-powder

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-wine bottles and black-matt-numbered

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-black wine bottle-number-tag

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-wine bottles-matt black candlestick-number

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-keryen-plate-weihnachtskugeln

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-wreath-silver-blue winlichter-nussschalenglaenzend

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making keryen-keryenhalter-antique-numbered-flame


adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-plate-concrete-round-candles-and-white numbered





adventskranz-modern-yourself-making tin cans-branches-star-knit-back form-pie floor

adventskranz-modern-yourself-do-shell-metal keryen-and-white four-simple


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making Scandinavian-style wood-slices-white-number-black-diz

Modern Advent wreath-white-pillar-metal-container-sweets-red-ribbon

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-cord-wire candles-tray

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-jute-digit

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-red-paper-hearts-tray-tannenzweige

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-digits nuts-FILLED-tray




adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-green-candles-Golden Globe-butterfly


Christmas Decorating Ideas »5 interesting window decoration ideas for Christmas

Fensterdeko Christmas garlands

Sweet and magical, with lots of light and colors – that’s what a great Christmas decoration looks like. We present you 5 Window decoration ideas for Christmas, which you can easily make and hang on the window.

Window decoration ideas for Christmas – white paper stars

Window Deco Christmas paper star tinker

If you have already thought about Christmas tree, Advent wreath or candles, you have laid the foundations of winter decoration. But have you thought about how you do that Decorate window become? Our Window decoration ideas On the one hand, they will last a long time, on the other hand they will be funny and interesting, on the other hand they will be well lit and will leave an impression on your guests. The first idea is actually very simple – cut little white snowflakes out of paper and tie them with a gap to a ribbon. Alternatively, you can combine snowflakes with bright pink colored LED lights – so that they are well lit even in the evening / inform yourself at the store in advance if there is a risk of fire.

Window decoration ideas for christmas – red christmas tree tinker

Window Deco Christmas Christmas tree paper craft

You need – a red tape, red and white hearts, stars and paper birds to cut out. Stick the tape to the window so that a Christmas tree is formed and hang the hearts, stars and birds inside of the tree / as shown on photo /. It is one of the simplest but most impressive Window decoration ideas ,

Window decoration ideas for christmas with candles and christmas lights

Lights Candle Fensterdeko

There are many Window decoration ideas for Christmas with candles and Christmas fairy lights, one of the most interesting is to place candles of different heights on the windowsill. Decorate the upper part of the window with hanging fairy lights. On the windowsill, you can still lay simple and elegant Christmas statues – porcelain deer or min-Christmas trees. Another great idea is to buy LED lights like candles and then put them on the windowsill.

40 festive red Christmas decoration ideas

40 simple Christmas decoration ideas for crafting

50 craft ideas for Christmas table decoration

23 Christmas decoration Ideas for crafting

Make 33 Christmas Wreath Ideas for yourself

30 Christmas decoration ideas for the fireplace

Window decoration ideas for Christmas – stars

interesting window Deco Christmas Ideas

Cut red and white stars out of adhesive foil. Prepare the main structure of the Christmas tree from red adhesive foil and stick the stars on it, so that they serve as decoration. Buy only adhesive films that are suitable for glass, and leave no marks!

Interesting articles and ideas for Christmas

Beautiful ideas and outside decoration for Christmas

20 ideas for vintage Christmas decorations

Adorable table decoration for Christmas

5 interesting window decoration ideas for Christmas

25 Dreamlike ideas for Christmas tree decoration


Christmas Decorating Ideas »18 Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas decoration ideas-decorate-decorate-tastefully-creative-nice-cozy

It’s always nice to spend some time for Christmas decoration ideas to make yourself Finds instead of buying impersonal decoration from the nearest store. To create something completely individual is fun and would certainly remind you after years of convivial moments. Lots trinket Can be designed without complicated instructions and relatively inexpensive. Let yourself be inspired by our great examples!

Creative Christmas decoration DIY ideas – Wooden figures Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph as Christmas decorations

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-jesus-maria-josef-star

Make jewelry for the Christmas tree and give it to your friends. We show you how easy small, sweet dolls made of wood and fabric arise. In this tutorial will be shown how a creative variant of the Jesus family as jewelry for the Christmas tree is tinkered. In the same way you can create other characters and set other accents. Try it out!

Christmas decoration DIY ideas – instructions for Jesus family wooden figures

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-crib-natural-materials-color-wood-figures

For this creative Christmas decoration the following materials are needed – small wooden figures and balls for crafting, colors, linen or cotton fabric, cotton wool, sandpaper, jute cord and something to apply the paint. First color in skin color the heads of the wooden figures and the balls later used for face of the little Jesus baby. Tie a piece of fabric as a diaper and fill with cotton wool the interior, fix your head and you have already made a baby doll. The body of the wooden figures are dyed in blue, green or other color. Glue all figures together and tie with a jute string. Recently, you can also decorate with a beautiful star.

Paint small wooden ball in skin color – the head for the Jesus baby

Christmas decoration ideas-making-up-christmas-crib-wood-arts-colors-koepfe-tinker

You can also create amazing Christmas and paper polystyrene balls using the simple instructions at the bottom of the photo gallery, and collect more inspiring Christmas decoration ideas to make your own!

Fabric and cotton for the body of the Jesus baby

Christmas decoration ideas homemade christmas crib crafting cotton fabric

Tie the diaper for the little baby doll

Christmas decoration ideas-made-up-christmas-crib-fabric-baby-tinker

Christmas decoration Ideas to make your own – little dolls and wooden figures as Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-tinker-baby-material

Christmas decoration ideas and small gifts to make yourself – little dolls as Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-baby-raft-tinker-creative

Christmas decoration DIY ideas – wooden figures for Josef and Maria

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-heads-paint

Paint wooden figures – the head in skin color, the body in blue and green

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-paint-maennchen-heads

The paint a bit grind for authentic look

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-tinker-sandpaper-paint

Christmas decoration DIY ideas – Jesus family of wooden figures or little dolls

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-painting-handicrafts

The Maria and Josef wooden figures beautifully color and decorate

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-paint-raft-decorate-tinker

Stick on a headscarf on the head of the Maria figure

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-painting-decorating-creative

Headscarf for the Maria wooden figure made of cotton or linen fabric

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-cloth decorate-scissors-tinker-

Christmas decoration Ideas to make yourself – wooden figure Maria with white headscarf

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-tinker-maria-decorate-creative

Christmas decoration Ideas to make yourself – wooden figures Maria and Josef

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-paint-tinker-maria-josef

Cord for hanging

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-cord-jute-natural-materials

Fix the cord behind with hot glue

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-maennchen-cord-wood-crafts

Decorate with a beautiful star

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-tinker-Maenchen-star-scnur

Christmas decoration DIY ideas – make beautiful little dolls for the Jesus family as Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas crib-raft-tinker-paint-jesus-maria-josef

* a DIY project from Crafts Unleashed

Christmas decoration ideas to make yourself – creative Christmas ball

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations Balls-dekopüapier-decorate-creative

Make Christmas ball out of styrofoam – instructions

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-ball-tinker-styrofoam ball-and-white

Stick polystyrene balls on chopsticks for more comfortable craftsmanship

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-tinker-polystyrene-balls-materials

Christmas decoration ideas with paper to make yourself

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations tinker-decorative paper-shred-papierstuecke-materials-

Stick a piece of decorative paper on the styrofoam balls

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-styrofoam-balls-paper-pieces-adhesive-tinker

Let the finished balls dry in the air

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-balls-paper-pieces-colorful-deodorant-paper

Hang the colorful Christmas ball with string

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-christmas-tree-balls-paper-hang-drying

Beautiful creative christmas balls with paper decorate

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-christmas-balls-paper-pieces-stick-decorate

* a DIY project from Thrift my house

Yet another creative Christmas decoration ideas to make your own

Christmas decoration ideas-christmas-decorations-christmas-balls-bough-gold-modern

Simple stylish Christmas decoration with a modern touch

Christmas decoration ideas -painting-christmas-decorations-christmas-balls-bough-gold-simple-simple

Christmas decoration ideas -painting-christmas-decorations-christmas-balls-silver-gold-glass-fillings

Christmas decoration ideas-cutlery-gold-tableware-decorations

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations, white and gold Christmas Ball-fimo

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-white-tannenbaeume-fimo

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations lightbulbs-santa claus

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-gluehbirne-penguin-funny-creative

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-gluehbirne-snowflakes-glittering-blue

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-herzchen-knoepfe-red-white

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-kres-knoepfe-beige-white-tart

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations Tree Cup-birch-knoepfe-vintage

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-angel-material-creative-natural-materials

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-shell-gold-glitter-maritime

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-angel-pearl-lace-cute

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations origami-tannenbaeume-Christmas trees-paper

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-star-wired-stiff-checkered-white-blue

Christmas Decorations ideas-make-yourself Christmas decorations-star-cloth-wired-stueckchen

Holiday Home & Hotel Design »Style ideas for decorating a luxury villa in Thailand

villa style ideas for furnishing wood tableware pillars pool entrance hall

The Iniala beach house consists of three villas and a penthouse, all in a dreamlike complex Thailand are located. Each villa also has three suites each. For each of the 10 bedrooms in total, different style ideas have been chosen to decorate the styles of different areas from around the world. In this article, we would like to specifically mention the Collector’s Villa and the ones chosen for you Style ideas for decor as an example.

Style Ideas – The villa is the most luxurious of the beach house

design villa thailand beach luxury furnishing style

These villa is considered the most luxurious of the three villas. Since each room was designed by another designer, you will be surprised when entering each room again. The materials used in the interior design include ceramics for the walls and columns in the public areas of the villa. The spa area, as well as the cinema hall, which can accommodate up to 22 people, decorate in turn shimmering pearl wall paints. The designers used the sea shells with their precious pearls as inspiration for the style ideas.

Style ideas for decor – living room with kitchenware walls

idea furnishing starfish furniture tableware wall straw blanket

Upon entering the villa, guests are impressed with the style of the furnishings. The entrance hall is supported by several pillars, which took 600 hours to complete. They are covered in traditional Thai dishes. There is also a quiet pool, which invites you to swim. Equally impressive is the subsequent living room.

Living room furniture with sofa in the shape of a starfish

living room design couch starfish blanket straw decorating idea

There, too, dishes were used to decorate, but this time for the walls. Particularly striking in this room is the sofa in the form of a starfish, whose designer is Edra. The ceiling, in turn, is originally made of woven straw, which is typical of Thailand and, in this case, blends perfectly with the blue-and-white walls, as well as the rest of the style’s decor.

Style ideas for decorating the dining room of The Campana Brothers

dining room villa design style ideas for furnishing windows sea beach

This and other public living areas are a design by The Campana Brothers. The designers traveled especially for inspiration and Style ideas for decor to collect through Bangkok and Chiang Mai. They also came across a temple, where the walls were also made of crockery. As for the choice of the colors white and blue, they were inspired by the sea and the beach.

Style ideas for decor in the owner’s suite

bedroom white style bed brown carpet desk beach ideas

As already mentioned, different designers were responsible for the three suites. The first suite we would like to introduce to you was initially the home of the owner of the complex Mark Weingard. It represents a combination of more elegant style ideas for decor and the beach theme. The main colors used are green, which symbolizes nature, white for the light and gold flowing into the room as a symbol of the sun. The ceiling is arched while the floor is made of dark hardwood. All the style ideas for decorating this suite come from Jaime Hayon.

The idea for the interior was created by Jaime Hayon

furnishing bedroom bed white tv terrace style ideas

Entrance to the stylish bathroom with marble furnishings

white bathroom tiles marble style ideas for decorating

The bathroom has a bathtub

noble bath tub lighting idea shelf luxury

Shelf device with indirect lighting

bathroom marble white bathtub shelf device shower style noble

Style ideas for furnishing in the “Carpenters Chamber”

joseph walsh design bed ash style ideas for furnishing

The second suite, as well as the style ideas for decor are characterized by the fact that the furniture was designed by the designer Joseph Walsh. The impressive thing about these ash wood furniture, which the designer is well aware of, is that he cuts the wood very thinly to shape it. This is how the breathtaking bed, which seems to have been made of wooden bands, was created.

Living room furniture – Sofa made of wood effects that imitate tapes
living room suite furniture ash wood joseph walsh sofa

The living room of this suite again includes a stone coffee table. There is also an impressive resin desk. In this way, a suite was created, which combines a variety of materials and style ideas for furnishing wonderfully together.

Modern style for decor in the bathroom

luxury villa modern style ideas to set up bathroom white black

Style ideas for decor in the boudoir

style ideas to set up shimmer wall gold blue headboard

For the third suite were chosen as a style ideas to set up combinations of Baroque and Gothic. The design is by Mark Brazier-Jones. Striking are the darker colors, which together with the furniture have an extravagant and glamorous appearance. The designer also achieved his goal of creating a mysterious and intimate atmosphere.

gothik style furnishing light blue carpet wood ceiling

wall decor flowers style idea arrangement canape mirror

style baroque luster fabric bed headboard pearl shimmer

baroque gothic style ideas for setting up luxury side table

dressing table baroque style gold stool tile black furnishings

kino style armchair style ideas to decorate canvas villa design

wellness area massage lounger furnishing white gold mirror sun

entrance hall style ideas for furnishing wooden paneling walls lighting

patio wood floor deck chairs pool palm trees furnishings idea

outdoor terrace pool palms pergola sea beach wood

Designs by Estudio Campana . A-cero . Jaime Hayón . Mark Brazier-Jones and Joseph Walsh ,

Lifebuoy decoration – Ideas for crafting and decorating

lifebuoy-deco-baby-white-blue-beautiful-alarm clock-wall wardrobe-marine

The decoration in the maritime style is especially popular during the warmer season. It is also easy to make. You just have to pick out the finds from the holiday by the sea. The beautiful looks Lifebuoy deco for the front door, the stove, which is not needed in the summer or can be used in the youth room.

Lifebuoy deco for maritime look

Lifebuoy deco make-small-blue-white-cord-wreath-hang

Setting up in this style is not complicated. Value is on the color design laid and of course on the decoration. The former sailors from the American fleet wore uniforms in two main colors – white and navy blue. These colors are easy to recognize even in bad weather. This style of furnishing is based on life on and at sea, which is why all the objects and creatures from this environment have become typical for accessories and motifs. drift wood Shells made of shells, nets, boats, anchors and similar things are part of this look.
Our tip is to combine blue-white furniture and to bring in individual home-made home accessories made of natural materials. This creates a martimer look that is both practical and not so expensive to do at the same time.
Try our three simple instructions for crafting a life preserver deco and look at the picture gallery, where you’ll find plenty of other inspirations for the martial look.

Rescue ring Decoration – Three simple instructions

Rescue ring deco craft -diy-cotton-cotton-white-cord-rope-color

It is quite easy – Wrap cotton wool around a ring in the desired size and cover it with white cotton fabric. Then, as shown, wrap ropes around the ring for decorating and insert them to hang and, if desired, print or write on the fabric with a color name or date. Have fun crafting!

Make ring from linen ribbon

lifebuoy-deco-crafts-diy-leash tied-white-doorstep-cord-wall

lifebuoy-deco-crafts-diy-leash band white-wreath-doorstep

Idea of ​​foam, tape and rope tinker


lifebuoy-deco-crafts-diy-tape-and-white lace, red and hang up-wall-yellow

Wooden decoration with anchor for hanging

Rescue ring deco craft -anchor-blue-white-wood-cord-rope

Wooden beach house sign in the form of a lifebuoy

Lifebelt decoration-beach-door-wood-white-cord-blue-turquoise

Nice idea in white, blue and red tinker

Lifebelt Deko -hauser-wreath-navy-blue-white-red-cord-anchor

Lifebelt covered with burlap

lifebuoy-deco-decoration-rope-shell-linen-sack cloth-shell

A front door sign in maritime look

lifebuoy-deco-tinker-white-tape-string-red front door glazing

Small lifebuoy made of rope hangs on the front door


lifebuoy-deco-tinker-rope-cord-doorstep-white-hang up



lifebuoy-deco-bedroom nursery-red-blue-white-america-flage-patchwork blanket

lifebuoy-deco-bedroom bed-bedside-red-bed linen-marine


lifebuoy-deco-red rustic commode-dressing table-white-flowers-old-vintage



lifebuoy-deco-nursery-marine-boot-boy-playing-white-wooden floor



Rescue ring decoration-red-big-old-used-reycling-design.jpg

Patio area »Building and decorating garden furniture – ideas for the outdoors

Garden furniture yourself build europaletten sofa coffee table rolls

To feel comfortable outdoors, you should have comfortable outdoor seating. If you have enough free time and some manual skills, you can become cool Build garden furniture yourself and decorate them – and all for little money. You also need a lot of inspiration for that. Take a look at the following pictures and create your own individual island of peace in your own garden.

Garden furniture itself promotes creativity

school furniture-own-build-coffee table-green-painted-old-car tire-glass-table top

Do you want Build garden furniture yourself , one should think of suitable tools in the planning. Functional, stable and weatherproof furniture that can be found in the markets, of course, have an advantage. Homemade furniture However, they bring a special charm to the garden and encourage creativity. You can be sure that a self-made seat will be an absolute eye-catcher and unique.

Garden furniture build yourself – sexy eye-catcher in the garden

school furniture-own-build-bench-euro pallets

Garden Design – 100 pictures, beautiful garden ideas and styles

With the right lighting, old furniture is elegantly presented again. A beautiful lawn, flowerbeds and garden pond will make the atmosphere even more enjoyable. Many people discover used wooden pallets as building material. Even without instructions you can pallets Build garden furniture yourself ,

Idea with old car tires

school furniture-own-build-green-painted-car tire-coffee table

Even old tires can be used. To make them look more beautiful, it is advisable to paint them in advance in any color. This will give you summery pep for your terrace or seating area. Use the tires for stools, chairs or for a coffee table. For a seat, simply fill the free space in the middle with seat cushions. Get a table quickly by placing a simple glass plate on the tire. The rubber also ensures that the plate does not slip.

Poufs for the garden from old car tires

school furniture-own-build-poufs and white-painted-car tire-seat cushion

Here is an example of the stool. The interior of the tire does not necessarily have to be filled with a special and expensive material. It’s not going to be seen anyway. A bag of straw or sawdust, old scraps of cloth or similar things are also suitable and are finally covered with seat pad. Make a whole seat set of tires!

Homemade garden furniture made of different materials

Recycled furniture made of plastic bottles chair

On Relax chair Glass bottles are pretty easy to build. Due to its low weight, it can be easily transported without any helpers. A padding for Baumstrunk garden stool can be made in a few minutes from old textiles. In the ground anchored garden furniture made of concrete are robust, durable, weatherproof and hardly in need of care. Although pouring concrete is not necessarily very easy, this furniture with matching cushions and cushions is a great outdoor solution. Homemade furniture is equally well suited for outdoor use, as well as inside.

Concrete furniture-pouring garden upholstery cushion

Finished concrete blocks or crates are other things you can use if you want to build garden furniture yourself. They are simply stacked up as shown above. Thus, you can choose any height that suits you best. Since the materials themselves are anything but comfortable and comfortable, they should be equipped with upholstery, blankets and pillows.

Seating group wooden pallets-yourself build tips

You’ve probably already seen a lot of ideas from the already mentioned pallets. Also, we have prepared some articles with instructions especially for this topic. Whether coffee tables, armchairs, benches, sofas or even swings – everything is possible with the universal materials. As the furniture made of europallets is quite heavy, you can consider equipping them with wheels so that you can move and move them more easily.

Self-built garden furniture complete the stylish overall picture in your garden

Coffee table outdoor ideas build yourself-barrel

Would you have come to build a table from an old barrel? Really interesting, right? Only half a barrel is needed, as well as a suitable stand, in which you can put the barrel in order to obtain table legs or to replace them. A tabletop in any, but not overly large size is the conclusion. Really smart, right?

Old one barrel – self-built garden furniture

Wine barrel as a cooling for bottles

A barrel or a vat are also transformed for a huge ice bucket. The vessel should have a lid for this purpose to save the cold longer. Then fill it with plenty of ice and you have the perfect fridge for your party drinks in the summer. With a stand, you can lift the ice container at will.

Stool make upholstery yourself

Upholstery for stool baumstrunk-Outdoor Ideas

Would you have come to such stools? They consist of tree trunks that have been padded with upholstery. You can use any material and decorate your seating area or garden wonderfully. It is best to use textiles that are suitable for outdoor use. You can remove the “hats” at any time and wash if necessary.

Garden chair cladding

Chair plastic garden ideas cover upholstery

Those who do not necessarily want to invest in expensive garden furniture, often resort to plastic. And especially the cheap variants are not always very nice to look at. Remedy can then provide a colorful fabric paneling and even painted pattern with color are very good. You decide for yourself what you prefer!

Build group furniture for the garden itself

Seating furniture DIY-Reuse old tires

Another variant for the stool with instructions can be seen here. Are you the strong-colored variants too much of a good thing and you prefer something discreet and modern, use rope and plywood. The plywood panels are cut to fit the tires so they close the openings. Then start in the middle, spiraling the rope around its own beginning. Periodically add some glue to fix the rope. At the very end you can brush the glue with glue and glue the whole rope again or at least in some places.

Armchair from old car tires

Armchair Garden Black Car tire-re-use

And if you can crochet, you can also create a panel for old and unsightly stools. Even the flowerpots can spice things up in this way.

Furniture design-old car tires breathe new life

Frame old car tires upholstery ideas outdoor area

DIY garden furniture-old car tire-decorate

Bank of recycled materials for cozy moments

Bench Build yourself-seats old chairs

Decorate and design garden furniture

Old Cabinet Garden Furniture DIY Ideas

Cheerful garden and balcony furniture

Garden lounge Furnish your own furniture

Seating group made of pallets offers pure holiday feeling

Pallets furniture self-made white plants

Outdoor picnic – homemade garden furniture made of pallets

Picnic Furniture Blue Dyed Cushion Bean Bag

Reuse bed headboard

Garden furniture Self-build bench Bed headboard

Freshen balcony furniture with paint

Garden furniture - idea colorful

Christmas Decorating Ideas »Decorate Tray in Silver for Christmas – 19 tasteful decorating ideas

Tray in silver-christmas-deco-cutlery-real-vintage

A tray serves as a handy helper in the household, decorates the table at the same time, when it is beautifully decorated in ensemble with other objects. As a decorative accessory, it is suitable for all playful Table decorations for Christmas , We offer 15 chic deco ideas Tray in silver that just go into realization. If one thing is available to you, go ahead, if not, do not waste time and treat yourself. It is noble, chic and a real highlight in the modern home.

Tray in silver for sumptuous table decoration for Christmas

Tray in silver-christmas-deco-real-old-vintage-patina

A tray of real silver has few people and most of the time it belongs to a whole set, which is inherited in generations. In order for this gem to come into its own, hardly anything is needed. Rely on noble simplicity and emphasize sparingly the wintry, Christmas note , Artificial snow and small thematic figures would give a playful flair, without distracting from a beautiful silver shimmer

Christmas decoration – tray in silver optics

Tray in silver-christmas-deco-candles-soup-tureen

Silver and white is a timeless combination that is always up to date and fits equally well with any style of living. Original collectibles and crafts will add variety to the quiet atmosphere. Especially imaginative is the idea to make snow balls from leftover wine glasses. Chic, but for a long time unused crockery comes as Decoration good for the new assignment.

Decorate tray in silver for Christmas lush

Tray in silver-christmas-dekoideen-ku% cc% 88che-saltcell-geu% cc% 88tlich

Arrange bravely the different pieces, no matter what style they belong. Just stick to the color concept that you thought through and defined in advance. Do not forget the candles. It is these with their warm flame that create a harmonious, pleasant atmosphere , Choose any number of white candles of the same size.

Chic, simple decoration for Christmas – tray in silver optics, candles, cones and other decorative elements

Tray in silver -dekoideen-silver-cones

natural materials that can be found in the garden, park or just on the way home can be wonderfully arranged in a silver platter. Cones, anise stars, cinnamon sticks and small fir branches can be used well. Next to it, put some Christmas baubles of any size and maybe some finds that are decorated with a silver sheen.

Christmas decoration in Scandinavian style with a silver tray

tray-silver-christmas-decorating ideas-silver-white

Now we make an explanation that under silver tray is not always meant which from the known precious metal. Modern, novel designs reproduce the popular look and ensure #like effect. These materials are often easier to care for than the real silver, as it has the property of producing patina and requires regular polishing to remove it.

Small decorative items and tray in silver as a simple Christmas decoration

tray-silver-christmas-decorating ideas-metal decorative trees-candlestick

Fresh green always creates a happy atmosphere, which is particularly desirable during the cold season. The decorative boxwood balls look especially cute when decorated with small Christmas balls. As evergreen plants, they require little care and regular watering is not required.

Arrange round tray in silver with Christmas tree and Christmas balls for Christmas

tray-silver-christmas-decorating ideas-tap-decorative trees

In the modern style of living more and more expensive and much too lavish decoration is being saved. Be practical and choose deco elements that fit the chosen concept. The noble tablet in silver also fits pieces of jewelery, such as silver rings and others, which can easily be used very playfully. Beads become balls that decorate the mini boxwood. Be creative, do not overdo it.

Round tray in silver for a harmonious outdoor decoration for Christmas

tray-silver-christmas-decorating ideas-outdoor candles-tannenzweige

A tray in silver look is well used in the outdoor area. Then you put beautiful lanterns, fir branches, small apples, cones and others of natural origin, which fit properly for a harmonious garden decoration.

Chic Christmas table decoration in silver on tray

If you do not have a silver platter, get one of another pretty material, such as wood, and arrange with silver-tone objects. Stay true to the concept of the main color ‘silver’ and make sure silver dominates the rest of the table decoration. With a spray paint, many things can be changed in a matter of seconds.

Decorate tray for Christmas – with natural materials and Christmas balls in silver

tray-silver-christmas-decorating ideas-weave-shepherd-country style

A tray made of natural material, such as wicker, may be the best solution if your home is decorated in a country style and you want a decoration in silver. The metallic nuances are more in line with the simple, modern decor than the cozy cottage. Nevertheless, Christmas ball and Christmas tree decorations in silver are made of real glass with metal pendants, which look extremely rustic and used and can be wonderfully integrated into the rural ambience.

Chic, noble Christmas decoration for the table – Metallic shimmer

tray-silver-christmas-decorating ideas-noble-silver-gold Christmas Ball

Ceramic, whose surface is specially shimmering processed, achieves a similar effect as the tray in silver and can be wonderfully combined with metallic colors. Choose the rest of the items so that they are designed exclusively in silver, gold or copper. Next to it place glass or porcelain containers with a reflective surface. Do not forget the lights, as they bring out the shimmer.

Decorate vintage tray in silver, brass or copper for Christmas

tray-round-christmas-decorating ideas-tap-metal brass

Vintage is currently really trendy in the field of fashion, but also in design. Old objects with traces of use, which prove past stories, serve as highlights that lend an individual touch to interior design. Well-preserved pieces are sure to be found at the flea market, but newly produced items seem to be quite popular with the popular used look.

Decorate round tray made of noble materials for Christmas

tray-round-christmas-decorating ideas-brass-polished-tischdekoration

Besides silver, brass is another material quite popular for the production of trays. Smooth polished brass reminiscent of old gold and is therefore very effective. Especially good is a round brass tray for the festive table decoration for Christmas. From the same material are plenty of other small items thematically suitable for the Christmas season. These are not cheap, but a timeless decoration that is not easily damaged either.

Achieve the mirror effect of the tray in silver with mirror and decorate for Christmas

tray-silver-christmas-decorating ideas-schraubgla% cc% 88ser-mirror-candles

The effect of the reflective surface that a tray creates in silver can be easily perceived with a mirror. The visual attraction is a lot bigger, so the surface is perfectly smooth. Put objects made of glass or metal on it, which also reflect the light and make it an unmistakable eye-catcher on the Christmas table.

Christmas Decorating Ideas »Packaging Gifts – Beautiful and original ideas

gifts packaging ideas crafting decoration wrapping paper party

You do not always have to use the traditional wrapping paper and bows. Try something different. In this article you will find some unconventional and original ideas, like yours to wrap gifts can. Use these if you have prepared a gift for someone.

to wrap gifts

gifts wrapping paper stripes roses crafting deco wrapping paper

• Think of the opportunity first. Is the gift for Christmas, birthday , Wedding or baby shower. Then choose jewelry that fits this celebration. Since Christmas is coming soon, we have put together such ideas here.

Gifts pack with unusual items

gifts box christmas idea pinecone branches

• Use unexpected types of paper : Carton, cellophane, foil, shopping bags, newspaper or comics. Also note whether you want to paint, write or make collage yourself. You can also wrap gifts with fabric that you can sew yourself.

Gift decoration with ribbon

gifts wrap gold ribbon checkered berries accent winter idea

• Consider the following materials that may be useful – wire, stamps, garlands or chains, old ties, belts, laces, lassos, leather strips, ribbons, dog leashes, old cassettes, and stickers. For Christmas gifts, you can use typical Christmas ornaments such as Christmas balls, pine cones or branches.

Fabric and paper flowers for the gift

gifts packaging flowers idea crafting paper fabric

• Use an unusual gift box. Wrap a silk shirt in a matching sweater, a diamond bracelet in a sock, a camera in a velvet bottle bag, a book in a cereal box, or a watch in a make-up bag. A carefully cleaned egg could hold a ring inside.

Ties instead of bows

Gift wrap-original-idea-old-ties

• The packaging should fit the mood. Romantic for your lovers, fun for your little kids or joking for your dear friends and colleagues.

Blue Ribbon

Gift wrap-blue band

• Keep gifts that may spill, melt or drip off, separate from other gifts. Also think of the transfer of scents or dyes.


Gift wrap-original ideas Crossword

Fabio Milito Francesco Guidotti-universal packing

Gift wrap-original ideas-universal

with snowflakes

Gift wrap-original-idea-schneeflöckchen

Box of Chinese food

Gift wrap-original-idea-box box-Chinese-food

with felt

Gift wrap-original-idea-felt

goggle pockets

Gift wrap-original-idea-glasses bags-Christmas

Gift wrap-original-idea-santa claus

Fir branches and balls

Gift wrap-tannenzweige Balls

Gift wrap-original-idea-copying paper-star decorations

Stamps and packages

Gift wrap-original-idea-stamps-package

Gift wrap-original-idea-typography-map-notes

Golden ribbon

Gift wrap-original-idea-golden-band

Gift wrap-ideas-green-silver

Gift wrap-original-idea-jam jars

50 craft ideas for Christmas table decoration

Christmas Decorating Ideas »Making Candles Yourself – Romantic Christmas Decorating Ideas

make candles yourself dresser staender berries idea wreath

Prepare for Christmas with our Christmas Decorating Ideas – Make candles yourself ! The matching lighting creates atmosphere and will be an elegant decoration in your home. We have a great collection of ideas that are easy to copy. You only need to decide – to make it more fun, your children can help!

Making candles yourself – decoration ideas with flowers

candles tinkering arrangement red cloves blackboard candles ribbon white flowers

Choose red candles and decorate them with red flowers – poinsettia, for example. You can tie the candle with a golden ribbon for accent to be set. Another great idea for Make candles yourself is to lay wild roses on a wooden basket with the leaves and decorate them again with red candle. Alternatively, you can decorate white candles with red rosehip – to make it look better, choose floating candles in different heights and decorate them with golden details.

Candles in lanterns

make candles yourself branches green pine cones lanterns red

Put up red lanterns and in it tealights or other candles. All around you distribute green branches, berries, pine cones and whatever else fits at Christmas time. In this way, the candles are additionally protected by the glass.

Christmas wreath with candles

make your own candles arrangement advent green leaves

You can also make candles yourself for the Advent wreath. Here white branches were formed into a nest on which the candles were distributed. The arrangement was additionally decorated with green leaves, such as ivy.

Make arrangement in a pot

make yourself pot idea glass red flowers pine cones cinnamon

Make an arrangement with candles for Christmas in a pot. Red carnations provide the traditional Christmas color and, together with fir branches, bring nature into the house. To make candles yourself are also cinnamon sticks.

Making candles yourself – Christmas decoration in white

Candle Christmas Candle staircase

Make candles yourself Above all, it means selecting a uniform design theme – you can opt for either traditional candles or elegant white candles decorated in light pink color. Tie white candles and white paper stars / at a distance from each other / and hang them vertically.

Making candles yourself – Candle holder as a decorative piece

Red Candle elegant Candlestick Christmas

Sometimes it is enough to choose interesting candle holders and then combine them with suitable green plants. For example, crystal candlesticks in the royal style are refreshed by green apples and vegetation. If you have minimalist or Scandinavian decor, you can choose the wooden candle tray and decorate it again with green leaves. Make candles yourself is a very pleasant task – and the best part is that this decoration can basically last a very long time and then you do not have to clean much. In any case, you must be careful, and inform yourself in advance, where exactly in your house candles and where not – so that there is no risk of fire. Do not let candles burn without supervision.

Be inspired by our ideas and create your own designs!

Make traditional candles

original Candle Christmas-yourself-tinker

Decorating red candles with sweets

Red Candle concrete Candlestick Christmas

Extraordinary candles make decoration ideas for yourself

Christmas Candle itself-decorate

Simple Christmas decoration candle tablet idea

simple-Werihnachtsdeko candles tablet idea

Making candles – Pine-inspired decorating ideas

Candle Shape Pine Christmas Ideas

Golden Candles Christmas Decorating Idea

Golden Candle Christmas Idea

Colored candles christmas decoration

colored green-red-candles Christmas decoration

White candles and flower christmas table decoration idea

white candles Flower Christmas table

red candles Flower Decoration

Christmas-wood basket Candle Rose decoration idea

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