Modern loft apartment in Scandinavian style with beautiful decoration

living area fireplace fire warmth coziness gray colors

The Scandinavian style enjoys great popularity. It radiates both elegance and warmth. This beautiful Loft apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden is a true example of this.

Loft apartment – interesting living ideas at a glance

loft apartment natural colors neutral white gray

These Loft apartment represents a peculiar combination between clean lines and rustic elements. It impresses with interior design and optimal use of the area. Living area, dining room and cooking island are in one room. On the one hand, this is particularly practical and functional. On the other hand, this spatial planning brings to the homelike atmosphere of the apartment. Simple furniture and subtle home accessories emphasize its elegant structure. Rustic elements are intentionally added to it, so that the device does not seem too boring. These ensure a warm and pleasant ambience. Mild wood tones we associate with the idea for a cozy and relaxing apartment. Exposed ceiling beams and wall beams give an incomparable charm and give the inhabitants a feeling of peace and harmony. The fireplace in the corner and the burning fire are warm and soothing.

Loft apartment and Scandinavian influence

loft apartment style mix clear lines rustic

Natural materials and neutral shades achieve a connection with nature. Plant pots are visible in every room. Green accents delight the eye and bring a breath of fresh air. Mixed subtle lighting attracts attention and radiates even more feel-good atmosphere. Modern and minimalist – such a style can surprisingly also be comfortable and cozy. Let yourself be inspired by the interesting ones Decorating tips that gives you this elegant Loft apartment introduces, inspires! Set value neutral earth tones by putting mild colored accents. These can be different materials or plants. Colorful paintings also bring some variety and make the interior design look fresh and interesting. There is hardly any style that better reflects people’s current preferences in terms of decor and interior design. Modern and natural, elegant and a little rough, impressive and inviting … It’s worth it!

fireplace flowers decor pillow magazine roomy wood

loft cooking island modern new appliances furniture appartement

badhusgatan göteborg sweden plant pot bright wood material

loft kitchen onion wood cabinet shoes coat

a lot of free space cooking island plants products rugs

white table rug exposed ceiling beam design

Flat cook area bright white design ideas

Flat room design practically effective design lighting

loft apartment fireplace exposed wood ceiling beams contrasts

loft open concept carpet rug hanging lightbulb

flat open plan dining room living area a room

loft flat bedroom neutral unobtrusive furnishing balcony

loft flat gray blanket plants green fresh

loft apartment bedroom bed rustic elements combine

laundry room washing machine bathroom spacious shower cabin basket laundry loft flat bathroom towel holder alluminium black

loft apartment native gray white surfaces white

apartment 2009 construction new balcony white furniture

loft apartment modern scandinavian furnishing style balcony

loft apartment plan sketch construction 2009 room

Creative wall design in the bedroom – Trendy colors and decoration ideas

wall design in bedroom wallpaper beige cream pattern idea french window

We help you with the Wall design in the bedroom – and how you can combine furniture and home accessories tastefully.

Wall design in the bedroom – color combinations

wall design in the bedroom blue white maritime salmon high bed

Unlike the other rooms should the Wall decoration in the bedroom set subtle accents and, above all, calm down. You can achieve this effect with the choice of wall colors and wall decoration. Dark hues swallow the light and make the room look smaller. Bright colors can make the bedroom look sterile. Our tip – tasteful color combinations can make the room look homely. But which colors are basically suitable for this private sector? brown is a color that has a calming effect. Since the color is dark, you can only paint one wall in brown, and decorate with pictures. The remaining walls can be painted in beige. Blue, whether light or dark, can calm down. People who suffer from insomnia or migraine can do it room in dark blue and white paint. orange can look cheerful, and is well suited for energetic natures. White can the room visually enlarge but also be sterile. To avoid this, you can set up the bedroom with dark wood furniture. Yellow and green have an invigorating effect – you can easily paint the whole room in one of these colors.

Wall design in the bedroom – decorating ideas and tricks with colors

wall design in the bedroom laminate idea warm atmosphere modern

If you are the Wall design in the bedroom If you want to refresh, wallpaper will come to your aid. Paint three walls and cover the fourth with wallpaper. Wallpapers may be decorated with patterns – in any case, you prefer to choose small patterns with flowers, plants or other forms from nature. Paintings are the most beautiful Decoration on the walls – Find inspiration at the flea market, or experiment with modern art. Several paintings can set accents and are the only decoration that needs the bedroom. We have selected for you different color combinations and rooms, which can act as inspiration!

Modern wall design with honeycomb pattern

wall design in bedroom geometric design black gold honeycomb

Bedroom wall with plaster in shabby style

wall design in the bedroom plaster design modern rustic shabby brown headboard

Wallpaper as an accent in the bedroom

Bedroom ideas white wallpaper roof pitch

100 ideas for bedroom designs in various furnishing styles

Bedroom with azure walls

azure bed turquoise color bedroom strip four poster bed

Pastel colors – beige and light blue

Pastel colors bedroom two-tone wall design ideas

Brown is especially popular for bedrooms

Colors bedroom brown color chocolate nuance

Mediterräner look in the bedroom

light beige wall bedroom four-poster bed Blue decoration

Stripes on the wall – another brown bedroom

Strip brown white bedroom bed headboard azure bedside table

Green symbolizes nature and is well suited for Feng Shui facilities

Feng Shui bedroom wall green golden accent screen

Two-tone combinations in the bedroom set accents

two colors bedroom beige purple wall paintings

Rosa is a tender, feminine color

pink bedroom wall color bright ceiling painting

Orange is an invigorating color

orange color bedroom wall decoration brown furniture

Neutral white color visually enlarges the bedroom

Bed cabinet white walls modern decor folding bed

light blue bedroom natural stone wall white color picture

purple bedroom decorate ideas with pictures

Bedroom pitched roof blue wall canopy bed golden duvet

Balcony »Living Tips for Balcony Design – Screen Protector and Decoration for Patio

Balcony Design-rattan-corner-sofa-candlelight-orange-flower-pot

We offer you useful living tips and Balcony design Ideas that will help you combine decoration and privacy in one.

Living Tips for Balcony Design – Arrange Plants and Furniture

Balcony design -rattan-sofa-black-white-flowerpots-black-boards

The Balcony design Basically it is similar to garden design, with one major difference – they have a very limited space and need to find a balance between greening and decoration so that there is enough room for the free movement and furniture. Our tip – work with volume. Choose evergreen plants – shrubs or decorative trees can do the trick. On the one hand, tall plants will provide privacy, on the other hand, you can place a table or chairs and feel like you’re in a green paradise. Of course, the matching furniture should not be missing – but the furniture should not take more than 40% of the total balcony area. If you have a small balcony, you can buy folding chairs. Owners of larger roof terraces – may look forward to a complete seating area – and can enjoy a nice seating area for evenings with friends. Of course, there is no lack of barbecue – nowadays many practical grill designs that can be attached to the railings are offered.

Living tips for balcony design – fresh decoration ideas

Balcony Design bamboo mat-view-protection-wood-bed-hinged-wood-plant-shelves

Decorate sparingly, but imaginatively – hang lantern as lighting, or place small figures on the floor. Colorful furniture will create a happy mood. Throw pillows can refresh simple furniture – and provide the necessary seating comfort for you and your guests. Decorate the flower pots or buy flower pots in bright colors. A carpet can also set accents. Be inspired by these lifestyle tips and create a practical, cozy and beautiful Balcony design !

Colorful decoration ideas – small table and flowerpots in neon colors

balcony-design-wooden floor-side table-Pots-bunt

Balcony decoration bird cage colorful neon

Pink and yellow color create a happy mood

pink carpet wood tiles balcony bamboo

Zen garden on the balcony – living tips and decoration ideas in Asian style

white petunia palm trees balcony living tips rattan wood furniture

Wooden table and planters – roof terrace frame

Balcony privacy roof terrace planter

Large balcony with sofa – sofa and coffee table

Balcony tiles patio furniture plants roof terrace

Rattan furniture – lounge set on the balcony

Rattan furniture pebbles balcony living tips sitting area

Garden on the balcony with evergreen plants

Garden balcony planter shape ideas

Garden privacy screen made of natural materials – wood, bamboo, plants

Bamboo Balcony Screening – Designing Ideas for Feng Shui Style

Screen for garden – shield with flowers and plants

Rattan furniture, pergola and many flowers on the balcony

Garden balcony design tips for living rattan

Nice view from the balcony to enjoy

Balcony living tips wood railing fought furniture design ideas

Make your own balcony and protect privacy on the balcony

5 tips for the sight protection in the garden – fence and hedge plants

Privacy screen for the balcony – variants of wood, plants and awnings

Flower pots and planters provide privacy

small balcony flower box metal railing

Climbers on balcony and terraces – screens and greenery

Privacy screen for the balcony with bamboo plants and reed mats

Pergola garden gate – 12 ideas for privacy and cosiness

Pure romance – lighting on the balcony

Lighting balcony lantern decoration ideas

Small balcony shape plants purple color lounge furniture

Balcony furniture blue color planter blue table

colorful eclectic balcony furniture living tips neon colors

21 ideas for balcony screen protection Various screen protection options

Holiday Home & Hotel Design »Driftwood decoration and breathtaking sea views: Myconian Utopia

natural wood dining table glass railing balcony driftwood decoration

This boutique hotel boasts a unique location with great views of the Aegean Sea and exquisite Mediterranean-style décor. Overlooking the famous Elia Beach, the luxurious Myconian Utopia Resort offers breathtaking views of the city Islands of the Cyclades at the horizon. Utopia means in Greek as much as nowhere, in the sense of a heavenly dreamland. In this context, the 5-star hotel combines fantasy and reality, offering an unforgettable stay. Driftwood decoration, olive wood, natural stone and white plastered walls – visitors can expect a wonderful, Mediterranean ambience to feel good.

Driftwood Deco furniture bench sconces stair handrail

All accommodations at the 5-star resort are exceptionally stylish and authentically furnished to provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The combination of contemporary furniture and rustic materials creates a delightful atmosphere that invites guests to linger. The driftwood decoration radiates a special coziness and provides attractive contrasts. Old wood-look objects are always unique – unique pieces with their own story. The colors of the decor are reflected in the natural landscape and provide a breathtaking backdrop to the deep blue of the sea.

driftwood-deco-furniture-black-accents-living room

There are luxurious rooms and three exclusive villas with several bedrooms. Private balconies and spacious terraces, where you can enjoy the warm sunshine in absolute peace and dreamlike atmosphere, make for a very pleasant stay. It is also possible to book a room with outdoor whirlpool on the terrace. In combination with the breathtaking view – this promises a special bathing experience! Relaxing hours can also be found in the unique stone bathtub, which is 100 percent handmade.

sun lie-jaccuzzi-infinity-pool-promising-sea

The largest villa is the jewel of this resort. It sleeps up to 13 people and has a private infinity pool with beautiful views of Elia Beach. Covering an area of ​​270 m², the Grand Majestic Villa has 5 bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen and a fully equipped barbecue area on the terrace.

With a spa area, a gourmet Mediterranean restaurant and a pool bar, Myconian Utopia Resort offers a variety of options for an unforgettable vacation.

driftwood deco-bedroom-infinity-pool-terrace

driftwood-deco-side table-olive wood-chair

bedroom-platform-bed-mattress-poster bed-jute string

black-bath-middle-bedroom-terrace-sun are

driftwood-deco bed-pendant lights-weave yarn

driftwood-deco-windlicht halter-clothes stand


driftwood-deco-floor light sculptures-human figures


driftwood Deco windlicht halter-spa

infinity-pool-night lighting-leds-sparkle-terrace Lookout

driftwood-deco-drilling flower-terrace-glass railings

official website of the resort

Christmas Decorating Ideas »Moody decoration for the Christmas tree to tinker with children

decoration for the christmas tree glittering stones wire snowflake diy

The Advent Season is perhaps the most popular craft time for children and adults. In addition to classic Christmas tree balls and garlands you can use very simple and inexpensive materials a glamorous Decoration for the Christmas tree tinker with the children together. Here are some easy ideas that do not require much free time or effort to be implemented.

Deco for the Christmas tree – Brilliant gifts

deco for the christmas tree gift led light red blue green

Such a decoration for the Christmas tree can perfectly light string replace. Make small presents out of tracing paper and add a colorful LED light bulb inside. Another option is simply to put the presents over the existing fairy lights. Make sure that there is no risk of fire in your fairy lights.

Decoration for the Christmas tree – pine tree from rolls

decoration for the christmas tree roll wrapping paper fir tree colorful

If you have a few small rolls, wrap them with colored wrapping paper to make such a fir tree. Cinnamon sticks are also very suitable for this. Glue them together, add a hanging loop and the deco is ready for the Christmas tree.

Make cardboard decorations

decoration for the christmas tree cardboard dot pattern wood

Decorate the Christmas tree with such pendants that you can make from a wooden ball and cardboard. It’s best to do several in different colors.

Christmas tree ball in cupcake form

decoration for the christmas tree ball silver cupcake shape glitter colorful

Decoration for the Christmas tree with natural materials

Pine cone loop patterned-iridescent Deco pieces Christmas tree

Natural decorative utensils like fruits and cones make the Christmas tree look livelier. Decorating them with ribbons, lace or bows with color-matching patterns creates a unique and effective design Decoration for the Christmas tree , Artificial snow contributes to the desired frost effect.

Decoration for the Christmas tree with floral patterns

Christmas tree balls bright blue fir tree-blue white-snow frost-optics

Knitted cover for Christmas tree balls with Zopfmustern

Knit wrap decoration-tinker Advent season Poinsettia ribbon

For the foam Christmas tree balls you can knit a cuddly sweater and decorate it with red velvet ribbon. The knit scarf can be continued through a loop, tied like one Christmas star or artificial flower arrangements.

Decoration for the Christmas tree made of salty dough

Baking dough Christmas Advent Crafts Decoration snowflake jewelry Hanging

These pieces of snowflake-shaped jewelry are made of dough, baked and cooled, then drawn with red felt-tip pen and decorated with little hearts.

Greetings from Santa Claus

Christmas holiday season sayings decoration balls red Santa Claus ho ho ho

Dye the balls with strong red acrylic paint and let them dry. Then stick stickers with letters and snowflakes on them and let the festive atmosphere flood your home!

Red and green for Christmas baubles – the contemporary interpretation of berries and holly

Green-Red Deco Christmas Tree Baubles Glass Advent Crafts Christmas Ideas

Sleigh bells wrapped in ribbon bring the music not only in the ear, but also in the eye

Sleigh Bells Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Jewelery Ideas Balls Bows Green

Frost effects for a modern look and texture of the fir tree

Christmas tree ornament iridescent-metallic sheen texture-lend snowflakes

Maritime decoration with shells – aquamarine colored balls with sand sprinkle

Chrtistbaum balls blue-Deko handicraft-shell bowl-sand maritime optics

Decorative ornaments made of patterned paper

Patterned Paper Deco Craft-to-Christmas Christmas tree white-red

Decoration for the Christmas tree – give a personal touch with family pictures in picture frames

Family picture frame-self-made advent gift paper pattern

Let your imagination run wild – simple decorations made of colored paper, fabric and handmade ornaments

Tinker Christmas baubles with fabric garlands green white ornaments stripes polka dots

Deco with vintage stamp with nutcracker motifs

VIntage stamps decoration ornaments Christmas-tree green

Decorate iridescent green Christmas tree balls with brocade and decorative stones

matt green balls Christmas tree ornaments garlands decoration traditional

Make evergreen decoration out of cardboard or wrapping paper

Decoration for hanging Christmas tree baubles with paper

Glass imitation – Christmas tree decoration

Adhesive Advent stick red ball for the Christmas tree decoration stones

Jewelery with glitter particles and brocade

Christmas tree decoration Christmas tree balls red blue-purple pattern brocade felt pin

Golden Ball Frosted Surface Christmas Tree Frosted Pearl Stones Decor

Christmas Decorating Ideas »5 interesting window decoration ideas for Christmas

Fensterdeko Christmas garlands

Sweet and magical, with lots of light and colors – that’s what a great Christmas decoration looks like. We present you 5 Window decoration ideas for Christmas, which you can easily make and hang on the window.

Window decoration ideas for Christmas – white paper stars

Window Deco Christmas paper star tinker

If you have already thought about Christmas tree, Advent wreath or candles, you have laid the foundations of winter decoration. But have you thought about how you do that Decorate window become? Our Window decoration ideas On the one hand, they will last a long time, on the other hand they will be funny and interesting, on the other hand they will be well lit and will leave an impression on your guests. The first idea is actually very simple – cut little white snowflakes out of paper and tie them with a gap to a ribbon. Alternatively, you can combine snowflakes with bright pink colored LED lights – so that they are well lit even in the evening / inform yourself at the store in advance if there is a risk of fire.

Window decoration ideas for christmas – red christmas tree tinker

Window Deco Christmas Christmas tree paper craft

You need – a red tape, red and white hearts, stars and paper birds to cut out. Stick the tape to the window so that a Christmas tree is formed and hang the hearts, stars and birds inside of the tree / as shown on photo /. It is one of the simplest but most impressive Window decoration ideas ,

Window decoration ideas for christmas with candles and christmas lights

Lights Candle Fensterdeko

There are many Window decoration ideas for Christmas with candles and Christmas fairy lights, one of the most interesting is to place candles of different heights on the windowsill. Decorate the upper part of the window with hanging fairy lights. On the windowsill, you can still lay simple and elegant Christmas statues – porcelain deer or min-Christmas trees. Another great idea is to buy LED lights like candles and then put them on the windowsill.

40 festive red Christmas decoration ideas

40 simple Christmas decoration ideas for crafting

50 craft ideas for Christmas table decoration

23 Christmas decoration Ideas for crafting

Make 33 Christmas Wreath Ideas for yourself

30 Christmas decoration ideas for the fireplace

Window decoration ideas for Christmas – stars

interesting window Deco Christmas Ideas

Cut red and white stars out of adhesive foil. Prepare the main structure of the Christmas tree from red adhesive foil and stick the stars on it, so that they serve as decoration. Buy only adhesive films that are suitable for glass, and leave no marks!

Interesting articles and ideas for Christmas

Beautiful ideas and outside decoration for Christmas

20 ideas for vintage Christmas decorations

Adorable table decoration for Christmas

5 interesting window decoration ideas for Christmas

25 Dreamlike ideas for Christmas tree decoration


Christmas Decorations Ideas »25 Dreamlike Ideas for Christmas Tree Decoration

Paper Bird Christmas Tree Decoration

The Christmas tree decoration creates mood and is an absolute must for those who want to decorate festive home. We have found and summarized 25 exciting designs for you. Anyway, before you go to the store, you can see what you already have at home. Surely you can create a happy mood with the available Christmas decorations and a bit of creativity.

Christmas tree decoration with homemade jewelry

Christmas decoration idea flowers

The Christmas tree decoration is a matter of taste – trendy in 2012 are definitely the decorations with red flowers, red balls and red garlands. The natural combination of red and green looks good everywhere. You can also use home-made paper birds, big white stars and pine cones for decoration. Silver ball and crystal ball match an interior design with Winter Wonderland theme.

Christmas tree decoration in white

white-pink-self-improvised Christmas decorations

White is a super elegant color, at least for the Christmas tree decoration can be interpreted funny. Silver ball, white flowers give the room a timeless elegance, while white snowflakes and snowmen create a fun atmosphere for the kids. Pink and blue can be combined well with the white color – create small ‘gifts’ with different designs and place them under the Christmas tree or simply hang them on the tree.

Christmas tree decoration with christmas candles and lights

purple jewelry Christmas Tree flowers

Alternatively, you can use golden LED Christmas candles or lights to decorate the tree. Or why not put two equal sized Christmas trees on the two sides of the window. For shorter trees, you can put them on a chair so they look bigger. The decoration in the room should be in line with the Christmas tree decoration stand. Therefore, you can put a part of the Christmas decorations in the room, so that creates a visual connection. If you use candles as decoration, you will be very careful because there is always a risk of fire.

Festively decorate the living room

Christmas pedestal Christmas Tree Living

LED – Christmas candles – window decoration

Christmas Living Room Christmas

Golden star as decoration

Christmas golden star

Christmas tree with paper stars

White Paper-star self-tinkering

Golden decoration for the living room

Pine cones and gold bells Christmas Tree Decorating

White-blue christmas tree

white and blue Christmas Tree Artificial snow

Romantic Christmas tree

romantic Christmas Tree White Flower Decoration

Silver deco idea for christmas

Silver Decoration Ideas Christmas Tree

Classic Christmas tree

Classic Christmas Tree Decoration

White flowers and Christmas tree

Idea Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas decoration in the garden

Christmas decoration Garden Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decorated with colorful paper stars

Christmas tree decorations Paper Ideas

Christmas tree with snowman as decoration

great idea Christmas Tree Christmas decorations Star Santa

Red candles and ball

Red Candle Christmas decorations Christmas tree

Red accents – Christmas tree

Red Flower Christmas decoration

Santa and snowman as decoration

Paper Stars Snowman Christmas decorations Christmas tree

Idea with red hearts and gifts

Gift wrap Christmas Tree Idea

25 Dreamlike ideas for Christmas tree decoration

23 Christmas decoration Ideas for crafting

Make 33 Christmas Wreath Ideas for yourself

Christmas decoration idea with green balls

Green Ball Christmas decorations idea

Golden ball as a decoration

Golden Christmas decorations Christmas Tree Decorating

30 Christmas decoration ideas for the fireplace

40 festive red Christmas decoration ideas

40 simple Christmas decoration ideas for crafting

50 craft ideas for Christmas table decoration

Golden ball at the Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Decoration Golden Ball

5 interesting window decoration ideas for Christmas

Modern christmas tree with hearts

modern Artificial Christmas Tree itself-tinker

Interesting articles and ideas for Christmas

20 ideas for vintage Christmas decorations

Adorable table decoration for Christmas

5 interesting window decoration ideas for Christmas


Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Christmas decoration to make yourself – 34 Advent ideas

christmas decoration to make yourself salt dough heart star fir jewelry

Christmas is a beautiful time, full of inspiration and inspiration Tinker , We start to feel the Christmas atmosphere at the end of November, so we can already prepare our craft projects. This creative Ideas for Christmas decoration to make yourself are very easy and inexpensive. They include different living areas and corners in the house such as the mantel, Christmas table, bed frame, Christmas tree etc. Take a look at our ideas and you would definitely find something for you.

Christmas decoration to make yourself

christmas decoration to make yourself paper stars christmas colors reindeer

You can either put a small accent in every corner around the house, or create a great arrangement that will catch everyone’s attention. If you do not have a mantel, where you have candles, fir branches and garlands then think vertically. An interesting idea is the white-painted wooden ladder below, which has been decorated with little candle holders, candy bags and red cards with Christmas slogans. The elements repeat themselves on each step and end with a beautiful porcelain sculpture at the top.

Christmas decoration for making your own for small rooms

christmas decoration to make yourself table decoration idea driftwood pine cone berries

If you do not want to deal with large projects, choose only small decorative objects. You can decorate empty jam jars with glitter and use them as candlesticks. The jam jars can also be filled with artificial snow, red berries and mini tree balls. Another good option is to make Christmas tree ornaments yourself. The pearls of an old pearl necklace or wine corks can be used here nicely.

Make door wreath yourself

christmas decoration to make yourself wreath idea berries red white

Sew Christmas decoration

christmas decoration to make yourself fleece fabric naehen keks loop

Make advent calendar yourself

Christmas decoration itself make advent calendar gold small ornaments

Decorate ladder for Christmas

Christmas decoration wooden ladder idea red white small accents

Making vases and candlesticks from jam jars themselves

Christmas decoration glass candle holders jam jars of silver glitter

small landscapes inside

Christmas decorations make jam jars Christmas tree artificial snow

Christmas tree decorations from wine corks

Christmas tree ornaments wine corks grind

beautiful table decoration inspired by the winter time and nature

table decoration christmas winter green table runner white branches

Advent wreath on the ladder

advent calendar wooden ladder blue paint ornaments

Christmas decoration for making adventskranz wooden ladder candy canes

Christmas table in purple and white Christmas decoration table purple white silver candles candlestick

Christmas decoration silver christmas tree balls groups beads garland

decorate with green branches

Christmas decoration making fir branches pine cones winterly Christmas decoration mantel white green gold string lights

Christmas decoration dining room wreath mistletoe table decoration white

christmas decoration angel wings wall decoration fairy lights shelves scandinavian

Christmas decoration blue green white porcelain jug branch

christmas tree ornaments ornaments art paper filling

christmas tree ornaments crafting beads sticking tulle bow

Christmas table decoration red candles candy cane fence

bedroom festive decorate garland red socks

felt fairy lights colorful self sewing mantel

advent wreath rustic planks small ornaments

Christmas wreath paper cone note paper wall

Christmas decoration for making ice berry wreath bow

Christmas decoration jam jars red berries pine branches

Christmas decoration mini christmas tree paper red green Do it yourself

Christmas decorations homemade note paper vintage look

Christmas wreath scraps red white decoration Do it yourself

white christmas tree modern black garland necklace chain reindeer

Christmas Decorating mantel gold green candle holder decorating fir branches

Valentine’s Day »12 simple decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day with garlands

Valentine's Day deco idea

Create a romantic atmosphere with these 12 simple ones Decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day with homemade garlands. You can keep these garlands as a nice surprise and also use for your birthday, party, anniversary or wedding. Or why not just confess your love for a reason and create a cozy atmosphere for the whole family.

Decorative ideas for Valentine’s Day – garlands for cutting

Valentines day deco heart garland

For this Decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day you need shiny wrapping paper with stars and other interesting motives. Cut 20 heart in the same size of the two paper types and fold each heart through the middle in two. Then glue a heart with star patterns to a heart with other patterns – to create this interesting look. Hang the hearts on a thread and you have made a romantic garland.

Romantic decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day

Make valentine's day romantic garland

This romantic Decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day can also be hung by the window – for example, these pink and red pom-poms, which is a beautiful Fensterdeko do. Cut hearts from music paper and 2-3 out of red cardboard to set accents – and hang this garland in the room or above the dining table. If you want a vintage-style garland, you can hang old heart medallions for decoration. More creative ideas can be found below.

Pink hearts at the wedding table

Table decoration ideas Valentine's Day

Interesting idea for gift wrapping

Heart garland gift wrap

Puristic decoration idea with pink garland

Pink garland valentines day

Orange hearts with snowflakes

Deco ideas paper craft idea

Romantic heart garland

Decoration ideas for valentines paper hearts

Party decoration idea with garland

Fabric garland

Loving deco idea with little garland

Valentine's Day heart crafting idea

Wall design with hearts

Make Valentine's Day decoration yourself

Valentine’s Day door wreath with dry flowers

Make Valentine's Day door wreath yourself

Valentine’s Day hearts – romantic vintage decoration

Vintage garland idea valentines day

Christmas Decoration Ideas »Make your own Christmas cards – 30 ideas and instructions

Tinker Christmas cards yourself -idea-christmas-garland-buttons-green-band-red-creative

The merry Christmas is drawing ever closer and you should consider in time how many Christmas cards are needed. Sometimes it takes a few weeks until that map reached the consignee, so plan to ship in time. In any case, there is still plenty of time left for some unique and individual Tinker Christmas cards yourself and we have selected 30 great and creative craft ideas and instructions for you. Be inspired or follow suit!

Make beautiful Christmas cards yourself using simple materials


In this article you will find great ideas for Christmas cards, which you can personally make for your loved ones. All useful tools can be found at home or in the craft shop. Still, you do not have to invest a lot in this DIY project, except maybe a lot of imagination. To copy the following cards, of course, you need matching thick cardboard and pens. Still to be stamp and stamp ink needed, but these can replace you with some creativity quite well. Use acrylic paint or watercolors instead of ink and tinker own stamp ,

Tinker Christmas cards yourself with stamps and ink in cheerful colors

christmas-yourself-craft-materials-help forward-stamp-ink-letter

Stamps can be applied using self-adhesive foam approximately 2 mm thick and a piece of wood or other material that is easy to hold. Alternatively, get foam tape with the appropriate width from the hardware store. Another way to get one stamp some may even know of their own parents , Quite simply can be carved out of a potato a beautiful stamp. Unfortunately, this is only suitable for a one-time use and complicated, filigree shapes are very difficult to do. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to do some experiments. After all, it does not cost much.

Decorate Christmas cards with small stamps


Beautiful stamps with letters and numerous motifs can be found in every craft store. These can be used several times and for a long time. This creates great greeting cards and unique creations. Combine with cutouts from different decorative paper and decorate tastefully. Use accents of other materials found in nature or at home, such as small, colorful buttons, natural wooden sticks, fir branches and cone scales. Create a personal Christmas card with a distinctive touch and give it to your loved one during the merry Christmas.

Simple unique Christmas card tutorial


Make a simple stamp yourself


Tinker stamp from a piece of wood and foam tape


Abstract fir-trees from triangles

christmas-yourself-tinker-manual-stamp-triangular-wood-looking cloth-tape

Small triangular stamps for creative simple Christmas cards


Make small stamps with foam tape


* a project of The Crafty Gentleman

Creative stamp from a lint roller



Stamp of carved potato


Create a stamp yourself



Decorate with small colored buttons

christmas-yourself-tinker-manual-kartofel-stamp Christmas Ball-knoepfe

* a project of Little Button Diaries

Make potato stamp yourself


christmas-yourself-tinker-potato temple-fir

christmas-yourself-craft-motive-christmas-potato temple-Cookie Cutter

Large snowflakes stamp


For larger stamps also acrylic paint is suitable


Mix the desired shade with acrylic paint yourself


Design motifs with unique stamps


Cool gift bags


Gift bag or Christmas card with Santa in 4 easy steps


Stick paper in matching color on a paper bag


The same instructions can be copied for a Christmas card

christmas-yourself-tinker-manual-santa-papiertuete-decorative paper-color

Funny Santa Claus on gift bag or birthday card


* a project of Kate’s Creative Space

Many creative ideas for crafting



christmas-yourself-tinker-guide-ideas-Christmas tree-pattern-cut-3d effect



christmas-yourself-tinker-manual-christbaum-deco holes

christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-cut-decorative paper-snowflake-silver-turquoise

christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-cut-snowflake-decorative paper-band

christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-Christmas tree 3d effect-card-fold

christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-bauble-carton wrinkle decorative paper

christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-Christmas trees-triangular-green-decorative paper-folding

christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-bauble-red sequin beautiful

christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-just-Christmas trees-abstract-hole paper-carton

christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-festive and family-photo-black-white-glittering

christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-yarn thread-beige-red baubles


christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-knoepfe-thread-carton-band creatively

christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-creative-aussergeqwoehnlich Christmas Tree-abstract


christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-snowflake-card wrinkle cut-schoen

christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-black-white-newsprint Christmas Tree

christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-tanenzweig-knoepfe Christmas ornaments-creative-simple

christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-christmas-creative-playful abstract

christmas-yourself-craft-ideas-white-orange-decorative-band festive

christmas-yourself-craft - vintage-band score-stamp