Modern upholstered furniture by Alpa Salotti Sofa Designs with feel-good factor

modern sofa design white adjustable recline

If you have a spacious living room where the whole family gathers in the evening, then a large sofa is a must. Modern upholstered furniture like these from Alpa Salotti play a big role in the game living room , They should not only be large, but also provide the desired seating comfort. The sofa is perhaps the most important element in this living area, so you need to take your time to choose the perfect design.

Modern upholstered furniture for the living room

riviera sofa alpa salotti white adjustable corner sofa

Look no further than the Riviera Sofa of Alpa Salotti. The five backrests are adjustable and can take different positions. On one side the sofa is open, which creates additional seats. You can also comfortably put your legs up and relax.

Modern upholstered furniture with a timeless design

white sofa red carpet modern living room alpa salotti

The Riviera Sofa is a design by Habits Studio’s top designers. Its clean lines are accentuated by the pure white color and are particularly suitable for the contemporary style in the living room. The sofa has a high quality upholstery that enhances its elegance. The large cushions and the adjustable headrests provide total comfort and a unique modern look. The white upholstery allows you to combine the sofa with colorful pillows and a red carpet.

high quality materials and clean lines

vision sofa design straight lines black stool adjustable

All Upholstered furniture by Alpa Salotti are just as worth seeing as the Riviera sofa. Their deep, wide seats offer a new level of comfort. If you want to add a touch of sophistication at home, take a look at this beautiful collection. They are perfect for special occasions and casual gatherings with friends. You have everything you need – a lot of style and no lack of comfort.

adjustable backrests

sofa desire alpa salotti steel feet adjustable backrests

Corner sofa in cream raymond sofa modern upholstered furniture alpa salotti beige corner sofa

big pillows and soft padding

upholstered sofa alpa salotti white corner sofa cushions AYRTON

Nuvolari sofa

nuvolari modern upholstered furniture gray adjustable backrests

black leather sofa modern corner sofa black leather steel feet cushion

Sofa and armchair with modern design

modern design sofa armchair white steel feet shaggy carpet black

elegant steel frame

modern upholstered furniture leather gray shaggy carpet

modern upholstery alpa salotti sofa armchair black white

metropolis sofa corner sofa padded steel feet carpet

gaber sofa italien steel frame beige upholstery

freetime sofa white frame gray sofa cushion

clark sofa design upholstered steel lines accent taupe color

biplano sofa upholstered furniture alpa salotti italy

modern upholstery sofa backrest green

Modern faucet designs by Cisal

innovative faucet designs by cisal pink interior

The Italian company Cisal has a revolution in ideas for modern faucet designs caused. Based on many research, innovation and product optimization, this company has given the ordinary faucet models a modern and unique look. For the production of this unconventional designs The latest production technologies were used. Research shows that Cisal keeps up with the latest trends in the market. Therefore, the Italian company can always anticipate the new trends and always be one step ahead of its competitor. The brand has now been recognized by customers and competitors as the perfect combination of function and form.

Modern faucet designs are further developed by creativity

innovative faucet designs by cisal bathtub black

As happens very often in the case of successful companies, the products and models are developed forward through collaboration with different designers. These modern faucet designs are available in all possible variations to suit customer preferences. The Products Cisal’s most modern collection is made of stainless steel. This material goes very well with the elegant design of the Cisal taps. They are with clean lines and very minimalist and therefore perfect for a modern interior. With their variable shapes, these are modern faucet designs In any case, not only good looking, but super efficient.

Excellent modern faucet designs for traditional interiors

modern faucet designs by cisal rustproof

For apartments with more traditional furnishings, there is a special tap collection from Cisal. Si was inspired by examples from earlier periods. These modern faucet designs are just as functional, but look more traditional. The materials in this collection are more subdued and there are even some models made of copper. There are even some basic designs that are very elegant and stylish, but still move within the normal price range.

Modern faucet for the kitchen

modern faucet designs by cisal steel

minimalist cock design in stainless steel

innovative faucet designs by cisal kitchen

Innovation in faucet design

innovative faucet designs by cisal innovation

Faucet in the bathroom in green

innovative faucet designs by cisal green model

Shower with innovative design by Cisal

innovative faucet designs by cisal shower

Green sink for the modern bathroom

innovative faucet designs by cisal basin green

Base model in black for the bathroom

innovative faucet designs by cisal sinks

Fashion »Club Of Gents designs elegant fashion for the modern gentleman

business-look suit-modern-man-caro pattern

It’s not that complicated to be a gentleman in our modern world. The modern gentleman has taste, best manners and dresses elegantly. He has at least a suit in his wardrobe and can be his Tie tie yourself , He always looks confident and competent. Studies show that clothing can influence one’s own behavior and self-perception. And the fashion of CG – Club of Gents is ideal for a representative appearance with a confident edge. Whether for business, leisure or for special occasions – leaves with CG the modern gentleman a lasting impression.

evening-outfit-elegant-shirt and dark blue suit

Fresh and sophisticated, CG – Club Of Gents is a fashion brand with a love of the modern suit. The label offers a successful combination of traditional tailoring, masculine cuts and fabrics with contemporary details and offers suits, jackets and other upscale items of clothing that should not be missing from the wardrobe of the fashion-conscious man. With a view to current fashion trends, the fashion brand’s goal is to develop stylish collections with a recognizable aesthetic that is full of dynamism and zest for life yet has a timeless appeal.

fashion modern-gentleman suit-slim-fit vest

The focus is on suits, which are characterized by a classic elegance, but with a contemporary twist. They are like a breath of fresh air in the world of men’s fashion. The Suits from Club Of Gents are equipped with a variety of luxurious details. Elaborate seams, flap pockets, extravagant pocket squares, chic elbow patches etc. are refreshingly lively. The different fits – Slim Fit, Extra Slim Fit, Modern Fit and Tailored Fit – are based on the different needs and figure types.

smart-casual look-pants-shirts-modern

In addition to well-tailored suits, the fashion label convinces with a variety of garments and accessories in always trendy looks. From fashionable knitwear to chic pants and luxurious coats – the style – conscious, modern man will find everything he needs for his active and stylish lifestyle at CG – Club at Gents. Various shades of blue, gray and black emphasize vibrant designs and flower prints.

smart-casual outfit-sakkos-jeans-tie

CG – Club of Gents is part of the company Création Gross GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded in 1925 in Bavaria. To this day it is a family business. In honor of the original brand and with the initials of the company – Carl Gross (CG) – the new fashion label was launched in 2011 as CG – Club of Gents on the market.

At Club of Gents, style and premium quality go hand in hand. The brand works with renowned weavers and relies on high-quality fabrics such as pure wool, cotton, cashmere, viscose, silk and linen for their collections. Special dyeing techniques, unique 3D structures and buttons made of different materials give the garments the finishing touch and give them even more character. Look at their collections and see for yourself.

smart-casual Blue-sacrament-white-shirt-pocket handkerchief-sporty elegance

Tattoo Ideas for Men – Geometric Designs as a Lifestyle Trend

forearm tattoo-ideas-for-men-the-omniscient-eye-Kamil-Czapiga

Tattoos are no longer for individualists, outsiders or people who express their affiliation to particular groups and cultures. Tattoos are already mainstream. Especially popular choice of motif currently are graphic representations, clearly outlined geometric Motives and mandalas , As a tattoo motif, they have established themselves in recent years, especially among the young generation and quickly find imitators among young tattoo artists. Anyone who feels strongly attracted to geometric shapes can use the following images as a source of inspiration. They show geometric Tattoo Ideas for Men, the style is pretty nice minimalist and graphic is, mostly black or sometimes black and white and just achieved by its simplicity a very special effect.

Tattoo Ideas for Men – Symmetry & Geometry

fox-tattoo-design-stylized-sacred-geometry symbol

Geometric tattoos have become so versatile these days that the tattoos are already a new playful art form. Some Tattoo Designs consist only of individual lines, other impressive motifs consist largely of points that act as a homogeneous whole. Triangles, squares, rectangles, circles suddenly appear in the form of jewelry under the skin. Particularly popular are clearly outlined animal motifs and sacred geometry symbols. Behind these should hide the secret knowledge that allows us to gain complete control over our lives. These are e.g. the golden rectangle, the Fibonacci spiral or the Golden Spiral, the Metatron’s cube, the basic circle, octahedron, icosahedron, etc. Abstract motifs such as pixel graphics or screen-printed designs are also enjoying increasing popularity.

Abstract works of art with contours

modern tattoo-ideas-for-men-amrtattoo-sacred geometry symbols

Of the trend to abstract geometric tattoos gives you great creative freedom to let yourself engrave a completely individual motif. According to a study straight strokes, circles, lines and points show more permanent than verzänkelte details that blur first by the aging of the skin. However, it takes a lot of skill and practice to sting the long, thin lines straight on the Haur. Geometric figures also make a nice contrast to soft shapes or the trendy watercolor style.

Geometrically influenced tattoos look very chic and beautiful

wolf-tattoo-design-geometric render-modern-forearm-design

A modern full sleeve design

tattoo ideas-for-men-grid-floral-geometric-chaim machlev

The geometric tattoos DotsToLines by the Berlin artist Chaim Machlev

Forearm Tattoo Mandala

modern tattoo-ideas-for-men-mandalas-forearm-chaim machlev

Clear forms seem like a homogeneous whole

grid-tattoo-motive-star-geometric-pattern-chaim machlev

Geometric tattoo design

geometric-arm-tattoo-ideas-for-men-Chaim Machlev

Geometric line pattern

Forearm inside tattoo ideas-for-men-geometric-figure-chaim machlev

Surreal & Geometric elements in tattoos

tattoo ideas-for-men-linker-arm-forearm-inside-geometric

Minimalist tattoo ideas for men

tattoo ideas-for-men-women-linear representation underarm inside

Forearm tattoo with some color

design-motive-tattoo-ideas-for-men-colorful-linear render

tattoo ideas-for-men - sleeve arm-forearm-color-marco-galdo

Tattoo Designs by Marco Galdo

forearm tattoo-ideas-for-men-geometric-floral-marco-galdo

tattoo ideas-for-men-sleeve geometry-figures-michael-bennett-style

Tattoo art of Michael Benett

back-tattoo-ideas-for-men - Topics Mandala michael bennett

tattoo ideas-for-men-upper arm-geometric-3d-michael-bennett



tattoo arm-sleeve design-motive-for-men-arm-linear render

tattoo ideas-floral mandala men-armtattoo-stylish-templates

tattoo ideas-for-men-optical-illusion-kenji-alucky

tattoo ideas-for-men-sleeve forearm-geometric-motive

tattoo ideas-for-men-stylized fish underarm leg motif

forearm tattoo-ideas-for-men-designs-swastikas

Tattoo ideas for men 3d-shape-kamil-czapiga

Tattoo Idea Men-upper arm-hexagon-shape

Tattoo Idea Men-forearm-hexagon-cubes-stars

Tattoo Idea Men-forearm-inside-lines-faceted

Tattoo Idea Men-elbow-hexagon-shape

Qualitative kitchen designs by Studio Becker

Stainless-quality kitchen

Qualitative kitchens This should match three main criteria – an elegant look, perfect manufacture of high quality materials and a label that the manufacturer can easily recognize. The secret behind the success of Studio Becker is exactly this – they have followed the recipe and that can be seen.

Qualitative kitchens by Studio Becker – European tradition and American quality


Nowadays the production process of the Scandinavian studio Becker is determined by the long European tradition and the American quality. The company started out as a small manufacturer, but the skilful execution and interesting designs drew all the looks of American furniture makers to the design studio. The Scandinavian company was transformed into an international company whose name quickly became popular worldwide. Qualitative kitchens are popular thanks to design and manufacturing – that’s what the Studio Becker catalog offers. Many interesting models – modern and classic, innovative and traditional, minimalist or eccentric are available. Most of them are high-tech, which corresponds to modern trends.

Qualitative kitchens with bright and eclectic design

minimalist white kitchen green LED lighting

The hallmark of Studio Becker are the qualitative kitchens with a bright and eclectic design. You have your designs for quality kitchens dedicated to people who like extraordinary furniture. Beautiful, glossy surfaces, sleek and compact form and many original materials are used to make each model look unique. By contrast, the classic part of the collection includes stylish wood configurations with golden decorations, woodcarving and chandeliers.

Modular qualitative kitchens

Modular Kitchen Design

modular quality kitchens from Studio Becker are a real highlight of the collection and offer countless possibilities for spacious area, where many interesting storage options will greatly facilitate the life of the whole family. They are practical and comfortable, and you can even design your dream kitchen, which is not only multifunctional, but also very tastefully configured.

From Abigail

Futuristic white kitchen island

minimalist-white-half-round kitchen island

Elegant classic wood kitchen

elegant-classic-wood kitchen

Fitted oak kitchen

Kitchen-oak panels

Cutlery tableware-quality kitchen

Cutlery tableware quality kitchen

Great kitchen designs and furniture combinations from Russia

round-Kronleuhcter-simple-beige-kitchen designs

Amazing kitchen designs and furniture combinations are waiting for you. A rich and fascinating portfolio and numerous collections are at home in a furniture store. Russian professionals in the field of design and furniture production have come together to come up with a new concept for the modern kitchen. Kitchen furniture, decorations and ideas are presented on your website and in your showrooms in Moscow. The team of Kitchen Interiors from Russia will accompany you step by step in choosing your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Designs – a new furniture store in Russia – mission and main activity

white-minimalist-kitchen island

The Russian team behind the relatively new company in the big world of design and interior focuses on the customers. The company tries all the great ones kitchen designs from Europe and to present a wide range of concepts, ideas and products. Among the world-famous brands they are presenting are Mobalpa, Light, Ewe, Varenna / Polyform, Zeyko, Sachsenkuchen, Intuop / Ewe, Rimadesio, Einholtz, Kff, Duvivier and many others.

Kitchen designs from world famous brands

dark gray-brown walls-wood kitchen

The above furniture manufacturers offer high quality, elegant and innovative kitchen designs at. In cooperation with some furniture manufacturers special portfolios are being developed with great ideas and suggestions. How will present you some interesting suggestions for kitchen furniture. For example, a company specializes in retro-style French kitchen furniture. But they attach great importance to modern and innovative production techniques

Modern or eccentric – kitchen designs for every taste

strong color-kitchen-red

Other kitchen designs Attract attention through eccentric concepts and avant-garde style. Exceptional color combinations and models contrast with elegant chandeliers and gray flooring. For all fans of the traditional wooden kitchen, many models of kitchen furniture are also available for classic interior design.

Elegant kitchens – models and designs

elegant glass chimney Kitchen

Of course, if you are more into something special and inviting, you can opt for an Italian brand, for example. They offer interesting design solutions such as glass furniture – from tables to eccentric decorations. Your German colleagues, on the other hand, value a consistent kitchen and perfect production. From the minimalist kitchen designs and high-tech concepts, from classic and traditional designs to gothic kitchens – in these showrooms of Kitchen Interiors you can find everything.

From Abigail

Modern Stiz bank in the kitchen

Modern Leather Stizbank kitchen glass shelves

Modern large white kitchen with granite floor

Modern-large-white-kitchen-granite floor

Beige brown kitchen bar

beige-brown-kitchen bar

Dark blue elegant classic kitchen

strong color-kitchen-blue

Wedding »Marriage proposal with engagement ring -130 beautiful designs part 1

Ring white gold dark blue gems diamond square 2 carat

The summer is just the right time for a romantic Marriage proposal with engagement ring Whether during your holiday on the beach or during the candlelit dinner, at home or at the restaurant. The possibilities are practically endless. In order for the special woman to be a nice surprise, these ideas help:

Marriage proposal with engagement ring – here are some cool ideas

Release Celebrate Unique Diamond Ring Buy Prepare Nice Surprise

Here are some cool ideas for romantic Marriage proposal with engagement ring :

– Have a drawing made by you two, and write down that proposal of marriage ,

– During a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant – celebrate with a cake labeled with the words “Marry me”.

– In the airplane – surprise the woman of your life with a romantic marriage proposal.

– Download the marriage proposal on your iPod

Be inspired by these ideas, maybe you can think of something creative!

Marriage proposal with engagement ring – the preparation

Ring Brilliant tall karate embellishments setting stones

After you have already brainstormed and found the right idea for a nice marriage proposal, only the implementation remains. A beautiful engagement ring is simply a must surprise , Earlier, you bought two engagement rings, but nowadays, more and more men prefer to buy only one ring for the woman of your life. The engagement ring can be made of white gold, gold or silver and decorated with gemstones. He is carried on the left hand.

And if you want to plan a really special surprise, you can do it Marriage proposal with engagement ring from jewelers like Tacori do. The fine jewels are just perfect for the special occasion – they are made of white gold and decorated with diamonds. Subtle details such as the round shape of the stones symbolize the infinite love and the new life with the partner.

Nice gift for the woman of your life

Ideas Wedding proposal which ring around Brilliant

The collection of Tacori engagement rings with diamonds and white gold setting Engagement ring cushion cut sidestones socket

The value of a diamond is related to criteria such as color, symmetry, poling and depth

Women diamond ring side stones setting white gold

The diamonds are the best friends of a woman, said Marylin Monroe at that time Engagement ring prepare woman beautiful surprise

Special occasions celebrate beautiful design two-part version Select gemstones silver or white gold Radiant Brilliant shape made in solid white gold Stone Brilliant Ring Narrow Setting White Gold Opal Decorated Diamond ring white gold attractive shape oval Designer ring diamond spiral shaped white opas Ring marriage proposal make beautiful design ideas How many karats buy ideas gems Surprise birthday round shape high quality symbolizes infinity left hand worn

with ring which design Brilliant frame Krappe six places White gold frame krappe square shape karate Brilliant shape white gold frame romantic vintage style Cut topaz white Square shape Select the correct size Asscher carat cut square shape white gold White gold small brilliants ornate setting Summer Months 4 Karate Princess cut white gold round gemstone white gold shape socket traditional Celebrate wedding family friends spend ideas jewelry gifts Diamond rings engagement setting small cut Woman to life beautiful setting diamonds decorated high quality Engagement romantic marriage proposal make version Cut round shape setting small diamonds White gold diamond Princess cut of high quality color make square gems romantic marriage proposal Gemstones carat at least 2 brilliant cut Summer Diamond Ring Wedding Set Brilliant Ring engagement celebrate family friends preparing for surprise Marriage proposal engagement ring white gold plain big diamond Diamonds noble jewelry renowned designer

Engagement white gold 750 brilliants

Cut select side stones setting ring special

Solitaire Brilliant Sidestones Grandpa white radiant shape Engagement ring infinity symbolizes beautiful design Designer rings new collection 2015 Tacori

Diamond ring white gold round shape many small brilliants White gold round shape many version cribs oval shape grandpa sidelines ideas beautiful gift woman beautiful opulent designer engagement ring with diamonds Row of rhinestones ring engagement set surprise

Frame Diamond 4 karate buy designs ideas

celebrate diamond square beautiful shape side stones

select Sidestones decorated in white gold Buy idea oval shape white gold side stones Nativity gift idea in love with beautiful design Diamond version white gold band traditional design choose buy round shape diamond ideas White gold bricks richly decorated ideas Buy gold woman gift ideas special occasions Ring traditionally form diamond square side stones Stone round diamond noble setting white gold rhinestones decoration Surprise engagement summer ring diamonds stones

Diamonds rhinestones nice model design

Engagement ring make side stones white gold

Several karat ring buy nice design ideas Diamond ring side stones ornaments slightly curved Sidestones white gold large diamond expensive noble Trends Engagement Rings Collection Diamond Sidestones Engagement ring side stones decorated beautiful gift wedding Marriage proposal diamonds big 4 karate stones beautiful designs around stone karate diamond

Nailart Design »Winter and Christmas Nails – 25 designs for re-styling

Nail art Christmas Theme-ideas-Christmassy Nail Design-red-green

In December brings the pre-Christmas time with soothing warmth, relaxation and cosiness. Already at the beginning of Advent, the inner child awakens in every adult. Then a little ritual can be done: in addition to the apartment, the fingernails are also beautifully designed with corresponding motifs. Are you looking for suitable ideas that will get you in the mood for Christmas? Then have a look at the winter and Christmas nails designs selected here. You will wake the first Christmas feelings and stimulate your imagination.

Kids colorful winter and christmas nails

Manicure motives Christmas glitter-silver paint light chain-Tannenbaum

Access traditional Christmas motifs such as golden angels, snowmen, and Santa Claus hats for great fingernails for Christmas. Elk antlers, gingerbread men, flourishes, bells and other ornamental ornaments are more extravagant. You can also paint a whole winter landscape with snow-covered trees and houses on the nails. This works best with airbrush with acrylic paints. If you want to beautify your natural nails, this is achieved with different effect paints, some glitter, thin brushes and rhinestones. If you are not talented artistically, you can just get ready-made Christmas nail tattoos, Sticker or buy stamping designs. These can be applied quickly and with little effort. There are no limits to your creativity. Enjoy the most comfortable time of the year!

Nail design inspired by the spirit of the Christmas season

xmas-beautiful-nail-art-selbermachen-design-fir ​​tree ornaments-glittery

Warm shades like red, brown, bordeaux, gold convey pre-Christmas cosiness. A matching gradient, glitter powder or rhinestones make the manicure look very noble.

Pretty winter and christmas nails

Manicure motives-to-Christmas Christmas tree with star glitter effect

A fir-tree design for Christmas is immediately noticeable and looks very nice. The motif can be drawn on all nails or only on the ring finger as an accent. First, paint your nails in a base color of your choice. A subtle nude tone would be very nice. Let the primer dry for at least half an hour. Now you should do the outline of the fir-tree. You can use striping tapes or cut-to-size tape. Glue a triangle in the middle of the fingernail. With a few stripes zigzagging over it also creates a particularly interesting effect. Now paint the area in the middle with the green nail polish. While the paint is still wet, peel off the strips in the opposite order. In the end, a layer of topcoat and finished!

Noble Christmas French

Manicure Glitter French Winter Christmas design nail-art-glitter-blue and silver ornaments

Snowflakes are also a very popular motif for the winter manicure. If you want to draw a snowflake with your free hand, you should draw lines as straight as possible. The most well-known instructions are: 3 dashes are crossed on top of each other and then at the ends each smaller dashes. Alternatively, you can make a dab of nail polish and then draw the lines with a toothpick.

winter nails-snow stars-stamping bluer-base coat-gold-glitter

Frosty design with nail stickers

Snowflake Nail Art-dark nail polish glitter-stamping with texture

If you do not have a steady hand to paint on your fingernails or just do not have the patience, you can use vinyls. With them you can quickly get beautiful motives. The sticker is simply stuck on the nail. Then the nail polish is painted on a sponge and dabbed on the vinyl. Especially with filigree patterns, the sponge dabbing technique is perfect. You must remove the vinyl immediately after dabbing, so before the paint is dry.

Winter and Christmas nails with snowflakes

Manicure motives Christmas Winter Snow Star Snow Maiden-nail art stickers

complicated Christmas design with stamping technique

christmas Brand design-winter-white-stamping gold

The stamping technique is also perfect for beginners and is a great way to get complicated and filigree patterns on the nails. It is also good for use with very short nails. But for this technique you need special utensils: a stamp, a scraper and a template with Christmas motifs. You decide on the colors yourself. The combination of white and red looks especially nice and classic at Christmas. By the way, you do not have to use nail polish that has been specially awarded as a stamping varnish. The important thing is that he covers well.

Winter Christmas nail art fashionable vintage-knit-sweater-Optic-red-white

First varnish your fingernails with the red nail polish and let it dry well. Apply the nail polish to the stamper on the template. Now take the scraper and drag over the subject to remove the excess paint. All punched out boxes on the template should be filled with color. Now the stamp is used. Press firmly on the subject and transfer it to the fingernail. When stamping, make a slight rolling movement to keep the subject completely on the finger. Remove the excess nail polish with a nail-correction pen or with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover.

sweet penguin on the ring finger

Penguin Santa Hat Nail Design jewelry colorful-swab-glitter-base coat

Use the dotting tool to make colorful dots on the nails. With it, the balls can be conjured up on the Christmas tree in no time. So also the eyes succeed of motives like cute penguins, reindeer and snowmen. A few rhinestones can round off the nail design perfectly!

Christmas tree with glitter decoration balls

idee-Christmas-fingernails Fir Trees Glitter Silver White-base coat

Snowflakes over gradient in light blue

Glitter course-white-blue-nail-art-design-idea-schneeflöckchen-rhinestone-ornament

French manicure with 3D jewelry for Christmas

ideas-pretty-fingernails-on-Christmas-French-manicure-green-points 3d jewelery

Reindeer on the nail tips

Winter Christmas nails reindeer-with Airbrush drawn-in-the-nail tip

Winter colors and motifs

Christmas Fingernails Santa Claus Winter landscape diy ideas

French manicure – a more striking variation

French Manicure to-make-yourself Christmas hats-diy-nailart-sticker

DIY winter and christmas nails

Winter and Christmas nails-to-nachstylen-ice flower snowflakes-red-white

An eye-catcher is also a candy cane design

Christmas Nails Winter Nails photos-striped candy cane-optic-green-red

Prime the nails in white and decorate with red stripes

great-fingernails-on-Christmas-red-white-striped candy canes-optic

Ombre Nail Art from red to green

beautiful manicure motifs Christmas Glitter course-green-red-schneeflöckchen

Golden shimmer nail polish with rhinestones

Christmas nails-yourself-make-nail-art-glittering-brand jewelry

Nail art with Christmas motives

nail-art-design-ice flower snowflakes Penguins Motif blue-base coat

Snowman and winter landscape

Winter and Christmas nails design Snowman winter landscape Glitter

Christmas nail design with glitter particles

Winter Christmas nails designs-fir tree with Star Stamping

Manicure motifs for the Christmas season

fingernails-Christmas-decorating-ideas-glitter nail polish fir-motif

Nailart designs »Themes for Christmas winter nails – 27 of the most beautiful pictures

Christmas winter nails nail design motifs white silver glitter paint

Every woman wants to be beautiful and glamorous for the Silverster celebration – from the head to the feet or as always up to the nail tips. That’s why we have some great ideas for Christmas Winter nails that could give you a nice, festive mood throughout the winter. With a steady hand, the right one Nail polish colors and a little bit of creativity can conjure real artwork on your nails.

Christmas winter nails in blue

winter brand-design-blue-silver-stars-motive

The dominant colors of Christmas nails are blue, white, red and green. These are then usually brought to advantage with gold and silver accents. Do not forget the trendy one Ombre effect in which the manicure get a nice color gradient. It is often used as a background for nail design with snowflakes. And of course the matt lacquer variants in combination with high-gloss nail polish. Motives like deer, snowflakes, Christmas trees , Santa Claus and others are welcome on the nails. If you can not draw complicated motifs, then try the nail stickers with winter theme. Make your nails shine by applying nail polish with glitter particles at the end.

Christmas winter nails with ombre effect

Christmas winter nails snowflake-glitterstones-ombre-base

The easiest way to get the Ombre design is to use a sponge to paint. Namely, paint the nails as usual with a white nail polish. Once this has dried, pick up a sponge and drip a few drops of blue varnish on it. Now dab the paint on the nail tips. Then you can decorate with rhinestones and snowflakes. Finally apply a transparent topcoat.

white and black snowflakes on golden background

Christmas winter nails medium-length nail-golden-background-black-white-snowflakes

It’s especially easy to get a nice nail design if you use finished stickers. Apply a golden or silver nail polish or use any other color that suits winter or Christmas. Then stick the stickers on the fingernails. To keep them beautiful, do not forget the top varnish!

subtle winter nails in blue and silver

winter brand-design-dark blue-nail polish silver-glitter

The two-tone half moon manicure has been a hit since last year! It is the modern alternative to the French manicure. Whoever can, of course, makes the design with a free hand and a thin brush. But that can be pretty difficult. Remedy here the hole reinforcing rings.


For the half-moon manicure with winter flair you need a base coat, a top coat, two nail polishes in silver and dark blue and hole reinforcement rings. First apply the undercoat and let it dry. Then apply the silver nail polish. Now stick one hole reinforcement ring half to the painted nails. Paint the rest of the nails with the dark blue nail polish and let it dry again. The second nail polish must always be more opaque than the first. Once the nail polish has dried completely, the hole reinforcement rings can be removed. In the end, a coat of overcoat and done!

snowy hills on the nails

winter brand-design-blue-white-Snowmen-night

One tool that can be used quite differently in nail design is the dotting tool. This can decorate the nails with polka dots, make little flowers or draw eyes. The dotting tool usually has different sized ends, so you can make smaller and larger dots. So you can conjure a whole snowy landscape with snowmen and snowflakes on the nails.

winter brand-design-snowman-Christmas trees-motive

As an alternative to the dotting tool, however, you can use pretty much anything, depending on the size you want. For example, hairpins, toothpicks and the eraser of a pencil are super handy for super big points.

winter brand-design-snowman-face-mohren-nose

For the figure of a snowman on the fingernail you have to paint with white nail polish three different sized dots on top of each other. Then the eyes and buttons are painted with black. Do not forget the orange nose. If your nails are too short, you can simply display the face of the snowman on the entire fingernail area.

Christmas tree with a difference

christmas-brand-design-stickers-glitter particles

Fir trees on the fingernails are a great motive for your next nail design. A small dose of glitter is always part of Christmas. With a few tricks everyone can easily imitate this. You only need nail polish in two different colors, tape and some glitter nail polish or rhinestones.

a small fir tree

Christmas winter nails design motif fir tree

Apply the light nail polish and let it dry well. Stick the outlines of the Christmas tree with the strips of tape and paint in the field with a covering color. Beginners may also simply picture the Christmas tree as a triangle. You will recognize what it should be, the golden rhinestone on top.

Christmas nail-yourself-making christmas tree-instructions

Look for a good contrast between the two nail polish tones. Once the second layer of nail polish has dried, apply the glitter nail polish. If all layers are dry, you can remove the tape.

Noble and glamorous

winter brand-design-white-snowflakes-glitter paint

Paint your nails with a monochrome nail polish and let it dry well. Then you can apply a glitter nail polish from the nail tip to about half of the nail. Use either the brush of nail polish, or a small sponge. The nail polish is painted on the sponge and then dabbed on the nail. Excess glitter can be removed with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover.

Santa hat

Christmas nail-motive wallpaper snowman-muetze

The Santa hat is another great idea for a winter nail design. There are several ways to display the Santas cap on the fingernails. That’s the easiest of them.

First apply a nail polish in Nude as a primer and let it dry. Then, using the adhesive tape technique or with your free hand, paint a triangle with red nail polish. Then add the bobble to the cap and the white border, let it dry and you’re done with the Santa manicure!

Ombre gradient as a background

winter brand-design-blue-white-ombre-effect-snowflakes

French manicure with winter flair Christmas winter nails self-make-idea snowflakes

festive red winter nails

christmas-winter brand-red-white-snowflakes

Christmas nail-motive-santa-red-white-glittering paint

Christmas nail-motive-santa-muetze Idea

Christmas nail-short-french-black abstract Christmas Tree

Christmas nail-idea-weihnachtsbaumkugeln-white-background

Christmas nail-design-red-white-christbaum-points


winter brand-design-brief-brand Dark Background

winter brand-design-black-nail polish and white-snowflakes-glittering particles

snowflakes winter brand-design-snowman-white-blue-

winter brand-design-snowman-snow-huegel

Christmas nail-design-brief Brand Red-baubles

Landscaping »Build Bird Feeder – 25 original designs for the garden

Bird feeder house build ice cream glue on each other

If you are one Build bird food house If you do not need a blueprint, you can do it quickly with a bit of creativity. We show you 20 ideas like!

Build a bird feeder house with the children

birdseed house-build-colorful-popsicle sticks-two-flat

Would you like one Build bird food house ? Get help – your children will certainly enjoy this task. You can yours children even explain which native birds can visit the feed house later. Whether blackbirds, house sparrows or warblers – all these bird species have a special place in the ecosystem. It is also true that in recent years, the number of birds has fallen sharply – the birds are a sensor, how clean the environment is. Some real estate agents in the US also estimate the total value of the homes, depending on whether birds are nearby or not. That’s why it’s important and useful to protect nature – and you do not need a lot of money, but have a lot of imagination. So you better the Birds in their own garden You can hang the bird feeder by a tree near the house. In this way, the children will be happy about it. If you do not have tall trees, you can place the bird feeder house on a platform.

Build aviary – creative ideas with little effort

birdseed house-build-old tableware-stick together

You can choose from one plastic bottle multifunctional Build bird food house – hang these on a metal wire and you’re done! Old teacups with plates offer plenty of options – you can pierce a hole in the cup and plate and hang it up creatively – below are several ideas like! Old cans can be painted in strong colors, so you have a greater attraction for the animals. Old lanterns, wine bottles or rattan baskets are other examples that you can find below in the photo gallery. Fill the bird feeder house with feed mixture that the birds from the area like.

birdseed house-build-cores-filling-tree-hanging

birdseed house-build-tin pail-teller-tree-hanging

Nice birdhouse from old Lantern

Old lantern bird food house nature protect

Colorful cans attract the birds old cans themselves make ideas easy

Rattan baskets with new application

Bird feeder Rattan baskets green

Sweet birdhouse

Bird lining house garden iron decoration

Another variant in heart shape

Bird Feeder Garden Ideas Wrought Iron Accents

Open feeding places

Red-throat sparrow birdhouse original ideas

Feed house made of metal

Bird Feeder autumn leaf shape tree metal

Feed house made of stone

Stone bird food house minimalist style eco-friendly design

Garden birdhouse for the birdlife

Bird Feeder Small Bench Figurine Blueprint

Feed house from wine bottle

Bird forage old blue wine bottle spring garden

Upcycling Art – Wine Bottle

Wine bottle Decorating bird building birdhouse

Make feed house yourself

Make plastic bottle bird food house itself

Make boots from boots

Boots birdhouse design ideas upcycling old objects

Birdseed in the garden

Birdseed star tree hanging on garden

Birdseed in the garden with great attraction

Bird feeders themselves are producing fruits

Sweet tea cup as feeding place

creative birdhouse teacup ideas

Protect nature and feed wild birds

local birds species garden attract sparrow

Bird feeder house white color garden shape ideas spring

Feeding house garden teacups orange color

Teacup plate bird garden attract