A living room- 3 cheap decor ideas in different colors

Living room interior ideas blue beige purple

We show you how a living room through 3 different Set up ideas can be completely transformed. By clever choice of different home accessories and decoration, the experts succeed in a spatial transformation without renovation and new furniture.

Furnish ideas – the living room in beige and pink

Color white beige peach Photo wall decorative cushion

Living room deco ideas original lamp beige linen

Peach color white border Living room before after pictures

Living room renovation ideas rug pink peach pattern

The first of these three living rooms Set up ideas shows a living area with beige and pink decoration accents. The interior designers have decided on curtains with pink and white stripes. Investments were mainly in home accessories – decorative cushions refresh the white couch, stylish pictures with floral motifs on the wall make the interior look comfortable. The rug plays an important role in the design – it is particularly important in a small room. The peach colors and the original patterns visually combine the individual elements of the interior.

Furnishing ideas for small living room in gentle purple color

Living room redecorate purple blue rug white sofa

Glass bottles of purple curtains. Living room after pictures

purple pattern rug glass table design idea white upholstered furniture

cool table lamp green beige purple colors

purple pictures wall deco accents living room

The next one Set up ideas is a living room in soft pastel colors – Purple was chosen as the main color, and light blue decoration as accents. Purple carpet, decorative cushions and a creative exhibition of the stamp collection are among the highlights in the design. The curtains are decorated with cool floral patterns. Slightly transparent so that enough sunlight enters the room. Glass bottles on the side table compliment the interior.

Decorating ideas for eclectic living room in yellow and blue

cobalt blue yellow living room before after eclectic

blue table lamp yellow clock decorative cushion

yellow leather stool blue white carpet pattern

Wall decor Living room pictures blue colors

blue curtains yellow vase home accessories design

Even small living rooms can benefit from strong colors – as this experiment proves. Cobalt blue color from the carpet and the deep yellow stools create a happy atmosphere with a maritime look. The yellow vase and the yellow clock create a visual link between the different areas in the living room. The curtains – this time monochrome remain in the background. This is our favorite design!

The living room before the transformation

Living room interior photos classic white upholstered furniture

The direct comparison between the before-and-after pictures definitely proves that with a bit of imagination and colors even small rooms can be refreshed. It does not take much to change the interior! Our tip – if you have a small living room, set it up with furniture in neutral colors and classic shapes. In this way, you can later change the interior quickly and easily.

Furnishing ideas in country style – combining furniture and lighting

Set up ideas of Big Bang Theory colors, furniture and home accessories

Camping »Guide Camping – Overview of the different types of tents

Camping Camping Tips Tent shape

Which Tents types are offered in the market, and which is best for you – we will try to give you an overview of the different possibilities, so that in the end you can choose the best.

Tents types – camping tents for trekking – ridge tent

Wigwam Indian tent design idea flower pattern

The trekking tents have one thing in common – they usually have a geometric shape that makes them more stable in bad weather. The traditional ridge tent is quite heavy and less wind resistant than the modern one tents types , In any case, their shape leaves much room for improvisations with the building.

Tents types – dome tent, still called igloo tent

Dome tent design vintage style floral pattern

Dome tent design ideas vintage style

One of the most common Tents types is the dome tent – very popular because of the lower weight, good stability and lightweight construction. The dome tent is perfect for couples, but a larger family would need more tents. The weight may vary, depending on the material. Two arches are connected diagonally, creating a safe construction.

Tents types – Throwing tent and tunnel tent

Secondary Tent Tent Design Ideas

Tunnel tent design ideas tent types family vacation

The dinging tent is connected by several ring-shaped arches. He can quickly and easily from Camping beginners unpacked and built from where its second name – Second Tent also comes from. Both it, as well as the tunnel tent belong to the so-called light tents. They are suitable for a large family, which they offer plenty of space. The difference is that the tunnel tent is less stable compared to the other trekking tents. Other disadvantage of the two Tents types it is that when packed, they take up quite a lot of space.

Special tents types for outdoor experiences

Beach shell tent types design ideas camping

To the special Tents types include the traditional Indian tents. They are a reformulation of the ridge tents and are no longer so widespread today. Other types of tents not necessarily intended for camping – event tents or even party tents are large open structures that can accommodate over 20 people. The inflatable tent has built-in sections where air is pumped. Perfect for the beach, as long as enough weight is laid on the ground. The beach shell is a small open tent that offers sun protection.

Inflatable tent

Inflatable Tents Beach Camping Designs

dome tent

Dome tent igloo tent to build two people

Igloo tent for children

Dome Tent Igloo Hello Kitty Kids Design

Party tent

Party tent design idea for family holiday

pyramid tent

Pyramid tent design Japanese pattern families

Pyramid tent design ideas camping

Pyramid tent build tent types camping

beautiful tents dome shape evening

Design stretcher frames with different techniques – 17 craft ideas

keilrahmen frame 3d-voegel-liebe-waescheklammer-blue

Just because you are not artistically gifted does not mean that you are not one yourself canvas can shape. For there are a variety of crafting ideas, with which you can conjure up especially original pictures on the canvas. The canvas for painting, also known as stretcher, offers the possibility to implement different techniques for unique results. Some ideas for Design stretcher frame We would like to introduce you to instructions in this article so that you can try them out for yourself.

Design stretcher frames – ideas with different techniques

wedge frame design hexagaon-glamor-shine-easy-idea

Creative design of stretcher can be so easy. Some pretty paper and glue can be enough to make unique stretcher frames. One should not necessarily paint well to create a creative decoration with the stretcher. For this idea to design the stretcher you need shiny, glittering and matte paper in any colors, an arbitrarily large canvas, a punch with a hexagon as a motive and glue. It’s best to choose only three or four colors that work well together. Different shades of the same color are an equally good option for beautiful color combinations.

Design stretcher frames with trendy hexagon motifs

Keilrahmen gestalten punching-hexagon-gluing-uhu-glue

Depending on the size of the canvas you will need many hexagons. To make these all uniform, it is best to use a punch. You will find various motif punches in every craft shop. Pre-punch a certain number and then distribute them on the screen. Follow this step by step. Punch the next hexes and place them back on the stretcher. This way you can transfer it again if necessary. Just make sure that the individual hexagons do not sit on top of each other. To design stretcher pictures, you only need to glue the hexagons afterwards.

Stick motifs

Keilrahmen gestalten canvas-gluing-hand-wall-idea-wall-design

Make sure that enough glue is applied to the edges so that they are fixed well and do not protrude later. The hexagons for the edges should be cut off with scissors so that they do not protrude. Alternatively, you can try sticking the protruding parts to each side. The result is extremely attractive and at the same time looks modern and noble. So if you want to create glamorous stretcher frames, use glossy paper or paint. The beautiful stretcher picture is perfect as an original wall decoration, whereby you should select those colors that fit well with your decor. It can also be designed as a nice DIY gift for a friend.

Design pictures on stretcher yourself


Pretty stretcher frames You can also make pictures yourself with handkerchief or napkin paper. Here you can decorate the canvas with any colors. Design a picture from different shades of a color or such a rainbow pattern. However, it is best to use papers in bright colors for good results. The lighter shades are not always so well transferred to the screen. How exactly you get the color on the stretcher and how to design the stretcher, you will learn in the following instructions. If necessary, use gloves as the paint will rub off on the fingers.

Colorful hexagon pattern


Choose the motives yourself and cut or punch in advance. Then paint the stretcher with plenty of water. For a foam brush is best. Then you distribute your motives. Depending on how strong you want the colors, you can distribute another layer of water on the tissue or napkin paper. This dilutes the color again. To make the stretcher, you need to let everything dry. Then simply remove the paper and enjoy the resulting design. This technique works especially well with geometric motifs, such as three, five and six corners.

Design stretcher frames with children

keilrahmen-make Balloon idea Splash-dart-arrows-kinde-birthday-game-idea

Designing stretcher frames with children is a particularly fun way. The idea is wonderful for children’s birthdays. You need balloons, a canvas, washable paint and darts. The balloons are filled with some paint and inflated. Then you pin them with needles in the canvas. The children can now use the arrows to burst the balloons, which causes the paint to be sprayed onto the stretcher. The colorful splashes of color create a creative design that fits perfectly as an atmospheric decoration in the nursery. However, this technique is not only suitable for children, but also for adults and helps to reduce stress. However, you must note that designing the stretcher with this painting technique not only the canvas, but also the floor and possibly also the wall are sprayed with paint. Therefore, it is recommended to use them only outdoors.

Chevron pattern with bright colors

keilrahmen-make-parquet-pattern-multi-manual-sided adhesive tape-

Very attractive is this picture. You can design such a stretcher frame completely individually. This idea works just as well for children and adults and in this way you can paint really creative and original pictures. With acrylics you first paint any picture on the canvas. Once the paint has dried, stick the same sized paper strips onto the canvas to get the chevron pattern. Leave a small gap between them, so you can design joints, so to speak.

Make decorative pictures yourself


These joints are then filled with white (or any other color), effectively shaping the stretcher. You can not tape some parts of the picture. The idea looks very interesting and can be implemented with any pattern and motifs. Here fantasy is needed.

Simple idea for kids


Children can also make decorations for their room themselves. This picture with butterflies is a great idea, as we find. Obtain a punch with butterfly motif and paper in any color. You are also welcome to choose other motifs. The stamped butterflies are slightly folded in the middle and then glued to the canvas. If you design the stretcher you can equip it in advance with a nice background. However, the color should be brighter than the butterflies so that they contrast with each other.

Design stretcher decorative


How about making the stretcher with shells? In this way you can finally use your holiday shells for something. Of course, shells can also be bought. You will also need a canvas covered with linen, as well as any acrylic paint that you use to brush the center of the canvas to create a contrasting backdrop.

Stick mussels

keilrahmen-make-seahorse-do it yourself-Scallops-stick Template

Now you need a template for your motive. This does not necessarily represent a seahorse. Cut out the template and transfer the design to the canvas with a pencil to make the stretcher. Then distribute the shells, but without them already stuck, in order to make any changes. First design the border of the motif and then fill in the interior, whereupon you fix the shells with a strong glue. Such a maritime motif with shell shells is perfect for the summer decoration of the apartment.

Frame with acrylic paint

keilrahmen Styler rustic beach-style blue-beige stripes

This image mimics wooden boards and radiates a certain beach flair, which is achieved mainly by the choice of colors. The image is made in several steps by adding colored stripes. If you are designing the stretcher to reach the step where two colors overlap, keep in mind that the first color needs to be well dried. Otherwise, both colors can blend into each other and produce an unwanted effect.

Picture with 3D effect

keilrahmen-make-bird-image 3d cardboard-brown background

Paint your canvas first to get a pretty background. As the paint dries, prepare the design. Cut this out of thick cardboard and stick it on scrapbooking or wrapping paper. Then design the stretcher with this motif by sticking it on the canvas. Through the thick cardboard, the subject stands out and forms a 3D image. This is similar to the one in the cover picture, to which we also provide a guide at the end of the article.

Simple idea with stickers


You can easily design stretcher frames using finished stickers. These attractive designs with a lace design look romantic and are well suited for a vintage decoration. You can only roughly cut out the stickers without removing them from the foil and spreading them on the canvas to find an arrangement that suits you. So you can change the stickers still at will and exchange.

Design stretcher frames – motifs in lace design

keilrahmen-make-seal-craft ideas diy-canvas-images

If you have decided on an arrangement, you can stick the stickers permanently. You can coat the finished picture and more precisely the motifs with a protective layer of, for example, lacquer glue. If you’d like to duplicate this type of decoupage technique with a stretcher, check out the craft store for another product.

Decorate canvas with flowers from decorative doily


Would you like to conjure a romantic decoration on a canvas, then this idea is perfect for it. The pretty white flowers are made of small, round doilies. As stalks can be used for this craft project thin branches. First, you can design your canvas with any background. Bright pastel shades are best for this. Once the paint has dried, the decorative doilies and twigs can be glued to the canvas with hot glue. If desired, you can continue to decorate the flowers with elegant pearls. Such a deco fits perfectly with flats in shabby chic or vintage style.

Frame with buttons

frame design original-craft-tree-button-leaves

You get a very pretty picture if you adorn the canvas with buttons. A great idea is a tree whose leaves are made of colorful buttons. First paint the trunk and the branches of the treetop on the stretcher and then stick the buttons. If you would like to design such a stretcher frame, you can also distribute the tree over four canvases and display the four seasons. In this case you should adjust the colors of the buttons and the backgrounds with the respective season.

Scrapbooking Paper

keilrahmen Styler scrapbooking paper-stripes-colorful-image

Scrapbooking paper is available in different colors and with different designs and patterns. Get different models and cut out different stripes, all of the same size. Spread them on the canvas to frame the stretcher and glue them together. Then cut off the protruding parts of the strips. This creates a kind of patchwork decoration that can create a happy mood in any room. It is therefore perfect for the nursery and can beautify any simple wall.

Idea made of natural materials


To make this idea a stretcher, draw the outline of any letter or motif on the painted canvas. This can be the letter of the child or the first letter of your surname. Then stick the sticks that you cut to the required size for this purpose. Then you can decorate with artificial moss and other things and natural materials to create the desired mood.

Geometric design

keilrahmen Styler geometrically-motive-triangles Paint pink-gray

Also in this idea to design the stretcher is an extremely fast and simple model. Tape the canvas with paper tape to get the pattern you want. In this case, triangles were chosen that look like a broken mirror. Paint the triangles and remove the strips as long as the paint is still damp, to avoid later cracks when removing. However, be careful, otherwise the color may be on the lines. For a creative design, you can use different colors for each triangle. This idea for designing stretcher frames works well for a group of smaller frames.

Use templates


With different templates can also make original stretcher. For this you should first paint the canvas in any color and let it dry. Then place the template on it and dab it with a contrasting color, such as white. For dabbing you can use a special polka dot brush or just a sponge. Then remove the template and the motif is ready. You can find templates with many different motifs and patterns and thus make an individual decoration yourself.

Stretcher with wire and bird motifs – Instructions here ,

Make an Envelope in Different Sizes & Shapes – 12 DIY Ideas

envelope crafting ideas-instruction-shapes-diy-colorful-gift

Surely everyone is happy about a real letter, which was nicely packed in a pretty envelope. But envelopes are not just for letters. Also cards, photos, money and other things can be given away in it. And even better is this kind of packaging if she is also homemade. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to fold an envelope yourself. To prove it to you, we have put together some great instructions that you can use to make an envelope in different shapes and sizes. Find the perfect model for your purpose!

Small envelope tinker in the form of a flower

Envelope tinker-flower-print-template-cut-out-strip

You can fold this original envelope by using any type of paper. This can be simple craft paper, but also cardboard or wrapping paper. If you follow the link at the end of the article, you will find a template for making an envelope using this form. Depending on what kind of paper you want to use for the envelope, you can print the template on plain paper, cut it out and then transfer it to the envelope material or print directly onto the paper. The dashed lines show where to fold.

Envelope tinker shapes-interesting-template-printing

Even with geometric shapes you get original envelopes. Thus, even from a circular shape, a visually appealing envelope can be created. Its size was determined by the diameter of the circle, so that in principle you have no limits. Also for this you will find a template at the end. But even without a template, the idea is made quickly: draw a circle of any size with a compass, and use it to draw an equilateral triangle with rulers whose tips are at the edge of the circle. The sides of the triangle are the fold lines.

Envelope tinker triangle-circle-flower-rectangle-square

An irregular and abstract shape is also very attractive and can be considered if you want to package a particular gift in an interesting way. Simply fold the paper back where the dashed line dictates and the model is ready. Really original, right?

Letter envelopes fold out of circles

Envelope tinker circles-cut-paste-easy-tinkeranleitung

Cut out several equally sized circles of solid paper and you can fold such an interesting envelope. The individual circles overlap each other, but are folded once in the middle before gluing together. This fold line also serves as a guide to where the circles should overlap. In principle, the lines form a square. First, just put the circles together. Then fix it with some glue. The other halves of the circular shapes serve to close. Again, use glue or, better yet, a pretty ribbon that will tie you into a bow.

Make an envelope with a heart

briefumschlag-tinker-classical square-heart-stick-deco-colorful-handicraft paper

You start with a square piece of paper of any color for this envelope. The corners are folded inwards and should overlap a bit in the center of the square. The crease becomes particularly straight when you use a ruler. Now you can fill the envelope as you like. It is easily sealed with paper hearts that stick to the middle where the corners overlap. These are best obtained with a punch or with a homemade template. Of course, you can choose a different theme according to the occasion.

How do you make an envelope from a heart shape?

briefumschlag-craft-heart shape-romantic-friends-related-packaging-gift

An interesting heart envelope is also this one. Here, the envelope itself has a heart shape. If you want to make this envelope, you need a template. To do this, fold a piece of paper in the middle. Along the fold draw half a heart and cut it out. If you unfold it now, you will get a steady heart. Now use this template to transfer the heart to colored paper to make the envelope yourself. You can also use the stencil technique for the selected paper, provided it is not too tight to fold.

Then fold the heart again as shown in the instructions. Only when opening the gift recipient learns what interesting shape the pretty packaging actually has.

Crafting idea without glue


No less impressive is this idea, with which you can make an envelope. Would you like to make an envelope yourself without glue? Then this variant is perfect. He has a classic square shape. The special thing is the closure. And this is not just the upper tab glued to the envelope itself. Instead, the side corners are hooked into each other, forming a small heart in this way. To do this, print the following template, which you can also use as a template, and then cut it out.

briefumschlag-tinker-template-heart-hook-Simply-yourself-make original

The dashed lines are here again the areas where is folded. Fold the top first and the bottom corner inwards. Then simply fold the left corner to the right and the right to the left. The half heart shapes, which are provided with the left and right corner, get incisions, which you then simply hook into each other. And already the envelope well sealed.

Make a rectangular envelope


The interesting thing about this example is also the way the envelope is closed. And with the help of rivets knobs made of paper are tinkered, which are then tied together with colorful string. Use a firmer paper when tinkering with this envelope and cut out the shape shown. The tab for closing and the area of ​​the envelope underneath are then provided with the rivets. Instead of paper circles, you can also choose other shapes that you then attach with the rivets.

The flap with which you close the envelope does not necessarily have to be straight. You may like to create a wavy edge or a vintage style reminiscent of lace. He can also be designed with various decorative elements such as rhinestones, washi-tape, fabrics or stickers pretty. In principle, you can let your imagination run wild here.


Also, you can create something pretty with the string that you use for tying. This does not necessarily just have to be wrapped around the “buttons” (by the way, you can also sew real buttons on the cover instead of the rivets). You can design a cross pattern or other shapes. Just experiment.

Make an envelope – instructions for rectangular paper

briefumschlag-tinker-rectangular-blue pattern-diy idea

If you want to make an envelope of A4 size or another rectangular shape, this idea is a great way to use the paper without cutting. The four pages are simply interesting folded, as shown in the instructions. This envelope is a wonderful way to give away greeting cards or money, and present a stylish packaging instead of the ordinary and boring white envelope.

Make envelopes by redesigning

briefumschlag-tinker-craft idea-tie-office-gift-promotion

You do not necessarily have to start from scratch if you want to make an original envelope. Instead, you can also use a finished one that is easily redesigned to your liking. That’s how these unique tie-up envelopes were made. The envelopes that you have prepared are first sealed as usual. Then cut one of the short sides.

The same side is then cut slightly on the side of the envelope where the shutter is not on. Now flip the two tabs diagonally down to imitate the collar of a shirt. Finally, cut out of colored paper just a tie and stick it under the homemade collar. If you make an envelope for a card or other content that does not slip out so easily, you can easily make a model that will not be locked.

Original Origami – make an envelope out of paper

briefumschlag-craft-origami-video-manual-folding instruction

Origami folding instructions for different animals There are so many and maybe you have already tried some of them. But also other figures are possible with Japanese art and including such unique and pretty to look at origami envelopes. Glue is not necessary for these instructions. Everything is folded easily. How exactly can you look in the following video tutorial.

Idea of ​​leather

briefumschlag-tinker-monetary gift-wrap-idea-Card

Other materials besides paper can be used if you want to make an envelope. In addition to felt and even sponge rubber is especially leather very well. Faux leather is just as well suited and is available in different colors and even with patterns and motifs, so that quickly something suitable is found.


In addition to the leather or fabric you also need a rivet that is suitable for the thickness of the leather. A finished envelope is used again as a template. Unfold this and place it on the back of the leather. Draw the outline and then cut out the shape. Then fold the corners (except the top) back together, but this time with the leather. Put them together with the rivet and provide the upper corner with a hole. This hole is then placed on the rivet to close the envelope.

Template for flower envelope here ,
Template for envelope from a circle here ,
Template for abstract folding idea here ,

Funny animal pictures – cute greeting cards for different occasions

Funny Animal Pictures-squirrel-Kisses

A sweet idea of ​​how to surprise a friend or family member and with a sense of humor birthday are the sweet and funny animal pictures that are guaranteed to make for a happy mood. Be inspired by the following suggestions!

Funny animal pictures – make birthday cards

Funny animal pictures Bulldog tattoo mum

Above all else, a birthday card has to be imaginative – maybe that’s why more and more people are looking for new ideas online. And maybe that’s why greeting cards with animals are very popular right now – they are cute, funny and can express feelings. A cool idea is to photograph your own dog or cat and one Birthday card to tinker , And who likes his creativity If you want to give free rein, you can make a collage yourself and label it lovingly. We show you some inspiring ideas for this special occasion – for example dog with balloons, cat with bows, hamster on a swing and much more. The pictures are absolutely adorable – and are guaranteed to please all who love animals!

Funny animal pictures – greeting cards for different occasions

Funny Animal Pictures hamster swing Ideas

Animals make your heart melt – and that’s why it’s a nice idea for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day greeting card. They are practical for every occasion. For example, if you have to cancel a wedding invitation, you can still wish the best with a funny greeting card. Even if you want to thank a colleague or a friend for something – a nice greeting card is the best choice. Be inspired by the suggestions in the gallery.

Photograph your own dog with balloons

Funny Animal Pictures Dog Balloons Ideas

With such a greeting card as in the picture above, you will undoubtedly bring great joy to a real animal lover. A bundle of colorful balloons is always associated with funny and loud children’s birthday parties, with carelessness, fun and games. The balloons make for a festive atmosphere, after all, they are not always at parties, parties and markets. If you have made a unique photograph of your dog playing with balloons, you can turn them into a childishly playful gesture and surprise a family member. With these designs, you will score twice with the recipient. Every dog ​​owner will be pleased at the sight of his animal friend. A nice and loving way to wish someone funny moments, freedom and lightheartedness, right?

Dogs can smile too – and they just look super cute

Funny Animal Pictures-dog smiles birthday card

Have you ever seen his own dog smile? In fact, researchers have confirmed that dogs can laugh. That a dog feels comfortable and really happy when the owner or master comes home, you can easily read from his face. The smile comes about especially when a game request or greeting. For example, research has also shown that laughter is better in some dog breeds than in others. You may also discover other pet characteristics that are very similar to our human behavior. As is well known, dogs take their owner as a role model and adapt to the human. At the sight of a laughing dog, you are sure to put in a great mood. Who wants to conjure a wide smile on the face of a loved one, is on such a funny animal picture on the right track.

Funny Animal Pictures – You just can not miss the long tongue of this little puppy

funny animal pictures Dog Long Tongue

What do you think of a greeting card that represents an animal with a particularly long tongue or huge eyes. At the sight of this cute puppy the grin on the face is simply pre-programmed. The special appearance of certain breeds or even funny manners, which some dogs own, bring us with certainty to laugh. Provide such a greeting card with a spell of your choice that suits the occasion. This is undoubtedly a great way to send nice messages. Also, a common greeting such as “Good morning” or a short “love greeting” is perceived on such a great background as very special nice.

Funny animal pictures – Grumpy Cat wishes a happy birthday

Funny Animal Pictures Cat Birthday packed

You can also use the cult cat “Grumpy Cat” as inspiration for a funny card or for your next craft project. The grim cat is a real sensation. The corners of her mouth, which have been pulled down due to an underbite, and this unmistakable expression are simply worth gold. If you want to congratulate a good friend on his birthday, who has a special sense of humor, this animal motif is for you. Even without any reason, this image will be a good mood maker, especially if you provide it with a funny, fancy or rhyming spell.

Funny Animal Pictures – This little dog is already famous in the USA

funny animal pictures Dog Birthday Pomeranian-sweet

The cuddly and cuddly dog ​​Boo, who has also conquered the internet and has a multitude of fans, is also a great inspiration for funny animal pictures. He is considered the cutest dog in the world and looks like a soft, cute stuffed animal. If you want to congratulate a good friend, apologize to him or simply show him that you think about him, this cute Spitz is just great. The cuddly face of the tiny four-legged friend and the fluffy fur around it melt every heart.

Small but busy – dog helps in the kitchen

Funny Animal Pictures Dog Yorkshire sweet Homework

Let your imagination run free with the selection of animal motifs. Whether you choose a greeting card with squirrels, dogs, cats, mice, or hamsters, all of these cute creatures manage to take us on a casual journey into a fun and crazy world far removed from our sometimes monotonous everyday life.

Funny animal pictures with dogs – cute greeting card for wedding

Funny Animal Pictures Two dog nice pair

Funny animal pictures with cats and goldfish are very popular

Funny Animal Pictures Cat Aquarium Ideas

These puppies are just super cute!

Funny Animal Pictures Three Dog ride skateboard

Two cool greeting cards for the colleagues…

Funny Animal Pictures Chef greeting card ideas

Or for the freelancers

Funny Animal Pictures colleague greeting card ideas

Funny Animal Pictures-Pomeranian Puppy Sunglasses

funny animal pictures hamster birthday card

Funny Animal Pictures Dog Panda Costume

Funny Animal Pictures hamster greeting card ideas

Funny Animal Pictures Cat power-yoga

funny animal pictures Dog-holds-Rose

Funny Animal Pictures Dog Birthday greeting card

funny animal pictures Best Friends Birthday Card

Funny Animal Pictures-two small Puppy pink leaves

Funny Animal Pictures Dog Birthday congratulations

funny-animal images-grusskarten-dog-golden-retriever confetti-party-birthday

funny-animal images-greeting cards pink-dog-birthday-party-ballons

funny-animal images-grusskarten-dog-birthday-cake-table-golden-retriever

funny-animal images-grusskarten-mouse-kaese-mousetrap-kaske

funny-animal images-grusskarten-buldoge-glasses-funny-party-birthday

Tattoo tattoo symbol – ideas from different cultures

symbol of strength wrist-english inscription ladies

tattoos can consist of the most diverse elements and symbols, which should represent the character, certain experience, friendly and similar connection or dreams. A very popular sign is that for the strength, although this is in different variants. For example, the word can just be spelled out pretty. However, symbols for strength from other languages ​​are also popular, the most popular being the Chinese language. We would like to give you a selection of different ideas for the tattoo Symbol of strength to give you a little insight into the variety of character variants.

Symbol for Strength – Write out the word

symbol of strength heart rate heartbeat lettering heart shoulder clavicle

If you simply want to pronounce the word instead of a certain strength symbol, you can also use different languages ​​for it. Whether English, French or even Russian, it does not matter. Main thing you like it. The difference with the signs is that a large part can understand the spelled word. So decide for yourself whether your strength tattoo should be mysterious or whether everyone should understand it.


The written word can have any design. Aside from being able to use any fonts and even your own handwriting, you can also customize the tattoo with colors, patterns or other designs. Especially popular for tattoos is the watercolor effect. Colors are distributed in a way that gives the impression that they are watercolors. An example of this can be seen above.


But even a simple, monochrome design is anything but boring. Minimalist designs can look very attractive and stylish, and attract everyone’s attention in a special way.

symbol of strength braille dots-wrist-joy

If you choose writing in another language, you can combine it with your native language or some other common language to make it easier to understand. This was also the procedure for this tattoo. Braille was used to represent the word “strength”. In addition, however, the English word was also added.

symbol-strength-infinity sign-arrow-dreamcatcher-birds-lettering

Interestingly, you can also design your starch symbol, or word, by combining it with other motifs. Very diverse is this idea. The word, along with a Feser, forms the infinity signs, which are also equipped with an arrow, a dream catcher, and a few birds. So you can combine different meanings in just one tattoo.


You can also use the word in a particular phrase, phrase, motto, or a collection of other symbols in the form of words such as family, happiness, hope, and so on. Also, the word does not have to be used directly. Even indirectly, a message can express strength, as in this example. “Trusts your struggle / effort” also means indirectly that you have to be strong. In addition there is the opened eagle wing with similar charisma.

Animals as a strength symbol

symbol-strength-animals-power-lion-wolf-finger tattoo

There are so many animals that symbolize strength and strength. Two of them can be seen in these finger tattoos. And it is the wolf and the lion. Depending on belief or culture, other animals may be chosen. Finally, it depends on your imagination. Further down in the article we have introduced a few more. Very original we also find the body site that was chosen. How visible the tattoo can be depends, among other things, on your job, no matter how small the subject is.

symbol-strength-triforce-zelda nintendo-power-Chinese-character

A bit more playful is this tattoo idea. It is the so-called Triforce, which is known from the Nintendo game “The Legend of Zelda” and is also called “The Golden Power” and represents the three Golden Goddesses. Whether or not such a playful design is for you is your decision. The triangle can also be used as a basis for other motifs.

African symbol for strength

symbol of strength african-modesty-resized

Although the Chinese symbols seem to be the most popular, characters from other cultures are becoming more and more the first choice when it comes to picking up an original tattoo. An African symbol of strength, for example, not only looks unique, but also symbolizes exactly what you want: your strong character.

Combine symbols

symbol-strengthen people-African-symbols-combine - sign-tattoo ideas

Of course, if strength as a message is not enough, you can of course combine several symbols in one tattoo. How about, for example, for symbols of freedom and strength close together. Or you can design the symbol for strength on one arm and the symbol for success, for example, on the other. The possibilities are countless!

Christian tattoo

symbol-strengthen people-horn-christian-design-nordic

If you are a believer and want to show this on your body as well, you can do that with the so-called horn instead of the classic cross. This symbol is also of Nordic origin. It symbolizes the power of God and is thus perfect as a symbol of strength. In principle, it is composed of three intertwined horns, which can be designed as desired in the form of a tattoo. They also offer the possibility to combine. Praying hands, the Virgin Mary or Jesus are equally suitable.

Nordic tattoo

symbol-strengthen people-Nordic viking compass-stone sun-black

When one speaks of Nordic tribes, the Vikings come to mind almost immediately. But this very first thought shows what influence they have had in history and proves the power and strength that they radiate to this day. A very attractive symbol of strength in relation to a Nordic tattoo is the Sunstone, a compass of the Vikings. But even the Viking himself is a perfect motif that exudes strength, strength and courage.

Strength among the Indians

symbol-strengthen people-hand-Indian-Indian-sign

Since there are many different tribes among the Indians, the symbols for strength are different. It is suitable the color red. This was used in wars. The hand as a symbol is often used and at the same time represents protection, spiritual strength, power and domination. The bear and eagle are another way to grace the body and show its strength. Also suitable is the spring jewelry, which is typical of the Indians.

Celtic strength symbol

symbol-strengthen people-Celtic-motive-oak-sign-roots

The intertwined lines of the Celtic symbol of strength look very attractive, as is often the case with ancient signs. The symbol for strength can be used again as a single tattoo or incorporated into a larger tattoo. A very popular area for the single tattoo is the wrist. The Celts also used the oak as a sign of strength, which is just as good as a tattoo. The sword means physical strength.

symbol-strength-feminine idea-ladies-wrist body art

The Celtic strength tattoo is available in different variants and can also be changed in color as desired. The motif will appear more mystical on your body, because without a more detailed explanation, hardly anyone will know what is meant by the Celtic symbol, unless you add a lettering again. If you want to combine the character with the oak, you can do so in an interesting way as well. If you do not have the imagination, you can work on a design together with your tattoo artist.

Buddhist tattoo

symbol of strength zen-circle-buddhist-inner-power

In Buddhism, there are many symbols that represent the strength, especially some animals. A simple but significant symbol is also the Zen circle. It is a circle that is not completely closed but open at one point. With this symbol of strength you symbolize especially well the strength that we all carry within ourselves and remember each other and this fact.

Strength in ancient Egypt

ruecken-make-symbol strengthen people-Egyptian djed-

The Djed pillar is an Egyptian symbol that also represents strength. It represents the backbone of the human body and was imaged on the sarcophagi of the mummies to give the deceased power and strength for life after death. This symbol of strength is best suited for the back. As an alternative, but also the breast can be chosen.

Strength as a Chinese symbol

symbol-strengthen people-Chinese-character-Body Art tattoo-excitation

The Chinese characters hardly seem to lose popularity. Once you have chosen this design, you can use the upper strength icon to decorate your body. It can be wonderfully combined with other symbols, so you can also make longer messages. Often, in addition to the Chinese character, the meaning is spelled out.

Maori tattoo

symbol-strengthen people-hei-matua-maori-design-pattern-fish

Unique designs for tattoos also offer the symbols of the Maori. The meanings are numerous, each of them elaborate and attractive. As a symbol of strength, the so-called Hei Matua can be chosen. It is reminiscent in shape of a hook, whose interior can be arbitrarily designed. Each pattern has its own meaning so that different messages can be integrated.

Arabic lettering

symbol-strengthen people-Arab-neck-inspiration-lettering

The Arabic script is characterized by a unique overall appearance and is becoming increasingly popular for the design of tattoos. If you have opted for such a logo, you can use the upper tattoo as a template. It means “strength” and is the perfect variant for a symbol of strength.

Animal symbol for strength

symbol-strengthen people-baer-crescent moon-chinese-style-stars

Depending on the culture, different animals are considered a symbol of strength. With such a tattoo, you can combine your love or respect for the animals with a message. Animals are also perfect if you are considering a more elaborate tattoo. We would like to introduce you to those animals that represent strength depending on culture and land.

Tattoo animals

symbol-strengthen people-elephant-thigh-colorful-chinese-design

In Buddhism, the lion is the symbol of strength. The bear symbolizes the strength in different cultures, including Chinese. However, this also sees other animals as such symbols. The horse, for example, is a sign of strength and speed, a symbol of strength and power you get with the eagle or elephant. Not to forget is the snake.

Fist for strength

symbol-starch fist-green-hulk-stein-break power

It is not likely that the strength can be better represented like a fist. In addition, if it is designed to break something in the form of a tattoo, the symbol is even enhanced. This symbol for tattoo strength on the chest is very popular. The tattoo can also be displayed well on other parts of the body.

Tattoo anchor

symbol-strengthen people-anchor-idee stability-nautical

The anchor is quite small compared to the size of the ship. Yet he has the power to hold a mighty ship at sea. Therefore, the anchor is also very well suited as a symbol of strength and stability. The variations are varied here. Use a preset, let yourself come up with something or think together with your tattoo artist, which design would appeal to you the best.

Wave for strength

symbol-strengthen people-wave-element-water-foot-simple, small tattoo

The water has a tremendous power is known to everyone. So why not use this element for the tattoo? Especially good water can be represented in the form of a wave. This symbol of strength also represents Mother Nature and can easily be combined with other designs or simply stand alone.

symbol of strength love sign idea lettering

symbol of strength respect loyalty breast tattoo

Living ideas in black for accents in different styles

home decor in black fireplace-stairs-wrought-iron telescope-kiev

Lovely Living ideas in black have been implemented in this modern and attractive apartment. They come in the form of different styles again. So there are both modern furniture and other facilities that by and large outweigh, as well as those in vintage or rustic style. The apartment is located in Kiev in Ukraine and was designed by U // ME Architects. We would like to introduce it to you and show you which special impression accents and Wohnideen in black in the living area, if used properly.

Living ideas in black – Abstract chairs

home decor in black abstract armchair design leather parquet

Let’s start with the living room. It immediately stands out that it has an extraordinary, round shape. Accordingly, the sofa was adjusted. It has a semicircular shape to find room on the wall. Another eye-catcher are the abstract armchairs in black next to the fireplace, as well as the romantic wrought iron staircase, which is also part of the home decor in black.

Living ideas in black – spiral staircase

wohnideen-black living room-round-spiral staircase-metal-wood-ceiling

The main color is black, especially in the kitchen. It can be found wherever you look. So the kitchen cabinets have been chosen in this color. The living ideas in black also include the bar stools on the kitchen island, as well as the chairs on the dining table, which have the same abstract design as the armchairs in the living room. There are also accent walls made of brick, as well as with blackboard paint.

Sitting area by the fireplace

wohnideen-black original chairs Lounge-comfort-moebel

In smaller quantities, living ideas in black are implemented in the bedroom with sloping ceilings. There, the roof beams provide rustic flair in the modern bedroom furnishings. The high-gloss bedside cabinets give the room the finishing touch and come into their own in the otherwise monochrome interior. Black was waived in the bathroom, however. It is characterized by warm and light beige tones in the form of tiles that imitate both stone and wood.

Design a lounge in the living room

wohnideen-black-sofa-black-round-side table-glass-firewood-wall niche

Black kitchen

home decor in black kitchen-modern-kitchen-kitchen-cupboard

Small kitchen with cooking island

wohnideen-black-design-idea-kitchen-brick-wall accent-window

Kitchen with sloping roof

wohnideen-black-cooking island-steel-countertop-stool-skylight

Black chalkboard paint

wohnideen-black-dining area sliding-panel color-buffet-display units

Open kitchens design

wohnideen-black dining table chairs-wood-gray-tiles-flooring

Railing in black

wohnideen-black hallway-design-wall panels-wood-gelaender-grid

Living ideas in the hallway

wohnideen-black clinker wall-wardrobe-and-white high gloss

White wardrobes and indirect lighting


Monochrome bedroom

home decor in black bedside-gloss-bedroom-monochrome-interior

Black bars and pieces of furniture


Hell live


Spacious shower


Wood and stone look

wohnideen-black-toilet-wood Optic-flooring-tiles-washing cabinet

Black bathroom design


Apartment floor plan

wohnideen-black-floor plan-apartment-ukraine-inneneinrichtung-style

Design by U // ME Architects.

Different wood types for furniture combine – 15 chic ideas

wood types for furniture colorful ceiling-dark-floor

For an interior design to be interesting and varied, combinations of different patterns, textures and colors are required. Otherwise, the decor looks dull and boring. The same applies to the wood surfaces and types. Consist Furniture and floor the same grains and colors create a colorless environment that often is anything but sympathetic. Today we will show you some attractive ideas and give you tips on how to use different ones Types of wood for furniture combine to create a unique interior design.

Types of wood for furniture and parquet – do different types of wood fit together?

types of wood-moebel-living room-interior-light blue-sofa-closets-wall niche

A monotonous decor is also not practical if the apartment or house is not set up at once. In most cases, furnishings and decorations are provided over several years, with textures, surfaces, and colors having different designs. But to ensure that everything fits together harmoniously, follow our helpful tips for combining wood types for furniture.

1. Combine wood types for furniture – Pay attention to color casts

wood furniture furniture cold-farbtoene-white-gray-scandinavian

Although wood species for furniture can be combined if you have a different color, you should still match each other. This can be achieved by paying attention to the color cast. Do the pieces of furniture have a warm or rather a cold color? Warm colors are combined with equally warm shades and vice versa.

Warm colors for natural wood furniture

wood types for furniture living room-dark-coffee-table-parquet-lacquered

In this living room two colors for wood were combined. But although the coffee table is much darker than the floor, they fit together wonderfully and together create a pleasant atmosphere. This is because both wood types for furniture and floor have a warm color cast.

2. After the grain combine wood species

types of wood-moebel-combine rustic-accents-dining area-set

If your wood species for furniture and floor have a distinctive grain, you can also use this property for combining. In this way, you underline the mood in the room and at the same time ensure a diverse color scheme without the interior appearing tastelessly diced.

Rustic style

types of wood-moebel-combination-beige chairs-patchwork

Similarly, the use of different types of wood for furniture and floor of different styles. Grain and color may differ, but the style of execution brings back the harmony you expect in your home. Similar grains and colors are nevertheless to be preferred.

3. Use buffers

types of wood-moebel-vintage-dining table-solid wood-orient carpet-metallstuehle

If a dining table is placed on a wooden floor that has nothing in common with the wood of the piece of furniture, this arrangement will automatically catch the eye. The difference is immediately noticeable and makes the interior unattractive. You can prevent this by, for example, creating a buffer between the wood species for furniture and floor.

Solid wood furniture for a mix of different styles

types of wood-moebel-wood-flooring-colored accents-chairs-carpet-squares

In both examples, a carpet was used to make such a buffer. The dining room above also has plenty of color in the carpet to complement the chairs in this way. The wood of the table looks rustic, while the chairs are a mix of modern and vintage styles.

4. Avoid chaos

types of wood-moebel-mix-reddish soil-concrete-wall-fireplace

Despite all the tips, you should not overdo it with the wood types for furniture, floor and ceiling. Leave it with two or three colors, or grains for the wood and repeat each kind of it several times in each room. In this way, chaos is avoided and the ambience is harmonious and comfortable.

Modern and harmonious

types of wood-moebel-gray-flooring-laminate-bench-light brown-table

In this example, two wood types were used for furniture and floor, which are neither similar in color nor in their grain, but chaos or the lack of harmony is not felt. The reason for this is on the one hand the same style for the laminate and the furniture and on the other hand the fact that only two types of wood were used.

5. White as an alternative

types of wood for furniture kitchen-idea-kitchen-island-white-drawers

White is, as you know, a neutral color that suits everyone else. That’s why it’s also a great choice if you’re not sure when it comes to combining wood types for furniture. If you have many surfaces that are very different overall, just mix a white piece of furniture underneath. The floor can also be painted white.

Different types of wood for a diverse interior

types of wood-moebel-kuecheninsel-round-dining table-mint green-wall

The white color has a calming effect and prevents a chaotic atmosphere. In the picture above, the color white was not only used for the kitchen island and cabinets, but can also be found in the wall. This is how the floor, ceiling and side wall fit together perfectly, although more than three colors have been used for the different types of wood for furniture and the environment.

Wood species for furniture in similar nuances

types of wood-moebel-dining room-furnishings-blue wall color-bookshelf

The situation is similar with this example. The dining room has a light dining table combined with equally warm color casements for dresser, floor and bookshelf. A contrast is the dark chairs dar. This does not change the homely atmosphere. The wood species for furniture were perfectly combined.

Combine wood with colorful colors

types of wood-moebel-dining table-light-colored carpet-white-vitrine

As in one of the examples above, a colorful rug serves as a decorative element in this dining room. In this case, however, it does not serve as a buffer for the different types of wood for furniture and floor, because these are chosen similarly. The white bookshelf with display case provides for an additional balance. The contrast that arises does not catch your eye.

Modern wooden furniture ideas

types of wood-moebel-bole-tic-dark brown-black parquet

The mentioned tips for combining different types of wood for furniture and other elements are not strict rules, but are intended as a guide only. You are welcome to come up with other variants to make your home to your liking and at the same time harmonious.

Terraces »Modern terrace roofing – 60 different ideas at a glance

Modern terrace roofing idea alu-truss-wood-lath-roof-dining-area

A modern terrace roofing will protect your favorite place outdoors from rain and sun. The terrace roofs Not only are they available in different designs, but they are also made from a number of different materials. Each of them has different advantages and disadvantages that you have to consider when planning a modern patio roofing for your home. We show you some of the most popular materials today. The ideas and combinations are numerous. A sturdy wooden structure can be easily combined with Plexiglas roof, while an aluminum pergola looks good with a wooden roof. The awning has also established itself as the modern alternative of the awnings.

Modern terrace roofing – The right material

Modern terrace roofing ideas-wood-structure-plexiglas-panels

There is really no “real” material for a modern terrace roofing. But it is important that it matches the overall picture of the house. Think of the canopy as an extension of the house roof. For the construction of a roofing for the terrace, there are some materials that are well suited for their properties. Wood, aluminum and steel are mostly used for the construction of the terrace roofing and with Plexiglas or multi-wall sheets made of polycarbonate then the roof cover is made. However, every material has its advantages and disadvantages, so personal taste is often crucial.

Modern terrace roofing with slats

Modern terrace roofing idea-alu-lamellen-weiss

A pergola with rotating blades is a practical solution if you want to control the sun protection and ventilation yourself. When closed, these protect the terrace from rain showers. The slats are mostly made of aluminum and are therefore considered completely weatherproof. So they reject the water and thus protect the flooring and garden furniture. So you can sit outside regardless of the weather and spend pleasant time with the family.

Modern terrace roof with awning

Modern terrace roofing-Ideas-free-standing-sunshade-wood-terrace

For a modern terrace roofing more and more the awning is selected. Many of these awnings provide 97 percent protection from harmful UV rays without blocking the light completely. These awnings can stay outside all year round. They are reminiscent in shape and function of a parasol, but are much larger and can protect a larger area from the sun. In addition, an awning requires almost no space on the terrace floor and takes only a little of the precious space. This version for roofing the terrace is very suitable for modern gardens and creates a wonderful holiday feeling in its own outdoor area.

Modern terrace roofing with Plexiglas roof

modern-terrassenuberdachung-detached-plexiglass roof - white-painted floor-planks

The same material that was used for the old-fashioned greenhouses serves as well as a patio roof. Plexiglas panels can be mounted on a wooden or metal frame and sealed with special fasteners. They let the light flow through, but not the harmful UV rays. So you can sit quietly under the sun on the terrace, without fear of sunburn. A disadvantage of the transparent Plexiglas roof can be observed during its cleaning. The Plexiglas panels are mainly polluted by the rain and the leaves of the nearby trees and are difficult to clean.

modern pergola with rotating slats


Are you looking for a suitable sun protection decision for your modern garden, then plain models with a clean design are recommended. If you have opted for a pergola, then you should adjust the color of the decor and the color scheme of the terrace. Neutral colors such as white, beige, gray or even black are often a good option if they are in line with the facade of the house. The pergola can be designed with rotatable slats for better sun and rain protection. With elegant curtains you can continue to keep your terrace away from the curious eyes of the neighbors and make it a retreat.

freestanding awning

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-awnings-detached-sitting area

The free-standing awning can even be spread over a very large area and is therefore considered a good variant for the terrace roofing in the large garden. If the structure is well secured to the ground, the awning is considered to be particularly wind resistant. This sunscreen is available in different shapes and colors and can be easily adapted to the terrace design.

Wooden pergola and wrought iron furniture

Modern terrace roofing ideas-wood-construction-lamellendach

One of the most popular terrace roofs is without a doubt the wooden pergola. It fits almost every garden style and can be built according to the shape and size of the garden. A wooden pergola without an additionally built roof offers no protection against rain, but ensures a good ventilation of the terrace. In addition, the wood panels of the pergola produce a partial shade, which allows only a portion of the sun’s rays. The wooden pergola combines beautifully with wrought-iron garden furniture and gives the outdoor area a natural flair.

freestanding wooden pergola by the pool

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-wood-detached-wood slats

The pergola is not only suitable for the terrace at the house, but is often built on pool terraces. A pergola is considered a visual highlight by the pool and provides a certain amount of shade when the sun’s rays become too strong. Underneath you can either put the garden beds or make a cozy living room outdoors.

Aluminum structure and wooden lamellar roof


Often the patio roofs are made with a combination of materials rather than just one material. This ensures more stability and also makes it possible to set great contrasts in the outdoor area. As the supporting structure plays the most important role for a pergola, it often chooses more stable materials such as steel and aluminum, known for their durability. Constructions made of aluminum can then optically combine well with wood and ensure a beautiful garden design. If the terrace is also protected from the rain, then the PC-web plates are used. They can be installed directly above the wooden lamellar roof, let the light through and protect against the weather.

Sunscreen and play of light

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-alu-construction-wood slats

Aluminum structure and fabric roof for sun protection


Pergola with retractable awning


Wooden limbs roof and metal construction

modern-terrassenuberdachung-alu-traegwerk-lamella roof-wood

nice zen ambience on the terrace

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-wood-lamella roof-bamboo plant-deco

rotatable blades provide sun protection

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-wood-alu-lamella roof-roof terrace

freestanding pergola in the garden


free-standing awning above dining area on the roof terrace


modern terrace roof made of aluminum

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-alu-shading-stretched canvas

Awning as an alternative to the awning

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-awnings-dining area

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-awnings-triangular-wood-dining furniture

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-sonnensegel triangle-form-dining area-garden



modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-awnings-detached-rattan SITZMOEBEL

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-steel-trussed-wood panels-lichtspiel

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-steel-trussed-glass roof

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-awnings-rattan SITZMOEBEL



modern-terrassenuberdachung-awnings-paving stone-flooring

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-free-standing-sonnensegel sofa

modern-terrassenuberdachung-wood-traegwerk-plexiglass roof



modern-terrassenuberdachung-wood slats-lichtspiel-brick-bench

modern-terrassenuberdachung-wood massif-lamella roof-construction




modern-terrassenuberdachung-wood-fiberglass roof-wood slats

modern-terrassenuberdachung-backyard-wood-traegwerk-plexiglass roof-wood-dining furniture


modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-wood-trussed-plexiglass plates Roof


terrassenuberdachung-wood-sliding doors-chair-tiles-flooring

terrassenuberdachung-wood-frame-metal-corten steel


terrassenuberdachung-wood-bamboo rods-lichtspiel

terrassenuberdachung-iron-bamboo matt-sun-protection shortly

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-movable-roof panels

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-wood-metal frame

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-wood-pergola-wire-rank Aid lighting

Modern terrace roofing ideas-wood-sails-metal-laser-cut-panels

modern-terrassenuberdachung-ideas-awnings-bambusplfanzen-face protection

modern-terrassenuberdachung-bamboo-steel construction-lighting-garden furniture


modern-terrassenuberdachung-wood-black-natural-natural wood-roof terrace

modern-terrassenuberdachung-wood-palm-exotic landscape-garden sofa


Corten steel in the garden – 16 different uses

Corten steel in the garden insert facade design element modern architecture

Rust was avoided in the past at all costs and undesirable. Gardens with rusty Outdoor furniture , rusted fence or door in this look was a taboo and ponds for unkempt outdoor areas. Nowadays, this look is purposely pursued and achieved through modern technologies. The rust process on stainless steel panels and surfaces is controlled and works only as a coating that does not damage the quality of the material. There are numerous variants for modern use of the Corten steel in the garden. We present 16 of them in overview.

Corten steel in the garden – a multifaceted material

Corten steel in the garden insert facade cladding outdoor modern architecture

Modern architecture can be seen from the facade. This should not only look great, but also be weatherproof. Of the Corten steel is a special material for modern garden design and landscaping. Under the rust layer, a protective layer of adherent phosphates or sulphates forms, which make the material resistant.

Corten steel in the garden – several applications at a glance

Corten steel in the garden-insert-fence-privacy-panels-modern-architecture

Corten steel is applicable and suitable for large-scale cladding of house facades or as decorative panels that surround the building. Imaginative shapes and cutouts, such as perforated sheet-like or floral motifs can be easily achieved by laser cutting. Fence rusty look is a good design option for the outdoor area, gives airiness and a modern touch.

Corten steel in the garden as privacy panels and fence in one

Corten steel in the garden-use-fence-view-protection-modern-simple-garden-design

privacy in a modern look, which also goes far beyond the idea of ​​metal, gives the Cortenstahl. As a material, this is a steel that is protected by the addition of copper, chromium and nickel against corrosion and has received this interesting look.

Rusty mesh – Fence and design element in the outdoor area

corten steel-garden-fence-use-face protection-braid

Strange art objects or functional elements of garden design – everything is possible and possible from this material. Steel braid can replace the usual hedge without reducing the lifting ability.

Decorative, airy corten steel fence in the garden

corten steel-garden-use decorative-fence-airy design

Corten steel decorative fence is the contemporary variant of the metal fence. Different versions offer a combination of several materials – the use of concrete as a design element is extremely topical.

Playful and functional accents with a rusty look – garden door

corten steel-garden-use-gartentor-grid-artistically-outdoor door

The modern rusty look breaks down the associations with degradation and puts it in a new light. Artful finishes for garden gates and outdoor doors are in vogue today. Just pick a suitable model for your situation.

Noble rusted look – modern front door

corten steel-garden-use-door-hasu-modern-architecture-outdoor

Rust, perfect finish and noble look are terms that might not really work together. To the contrary.

Playful garden path in rusted optics

corten steel-garden-use-gartenweg-pond-garden design-modern

Much of the pleasing with Cortensteel optics could actually be made from recycled materials. In concrete buildings there is actually a lot of steel that can be separated from concrete by special technology. This results in great ReDesign objects – a garden path like this is also feasible.

Corten steel as a design element in the desert garden

corten steel-garden-use-edge-Range-vorgarten-Wüstegarten-agave

The rough look of this material fits wonderfully with the desert garden and the wild landscape. Corten steel edges for steps, beds or for separating gravel or mulch areas with grass and earth.

Veranda in “rusted” look – “red” wood and Corten steel edges in the garden

corten steel-garden-use-terrace-veranda-red-wood-edge

A consistent overall picture of different materials is achieved if they are in a similar shade. When designing the terrace in the picture, Corten steel was used for the vertical surface and the steps and the walking surface were made of red wood.

Edges separate the different areas in the garden

corten steel-garden-use-beets surround-decorative chippings-mulch-bushes

Metals edges separate the areas in the garden and the garden path from the flower beds with plants.

Lawn cots and bed surround made of Corten steel for modern garden design

corten steel-garden-use-bed enclosure-rush-wood-face protection-raised bed

Lawn cots and bed surround made of Corten steel can be wonderfully combined with wood and natural stone. If you opt for an optic for any particular space or area, you might end up creating a jumbled garden design.

Raised bed and decorative elements made of Corten steel in the garden

corten steel-garden-use-raised bed-gartengestaltung-water-cactus-wuestengarten

Corte steel raised beds create an unmistakable eye-catcher in the garden. Straight, angular beds or large plant containers also claim sufficient space for free movement in the outdoor area.

Imaginative garden sculptures with a rusty look

corten steel-garden-use-garden sculptures-Art otdoot-circle

Garden baubles made of Corten steel are undoubtedly in vogue. Artful and strange shapes by designers worldwide provide variety in the garden design.

Modern design for outdoor use – Corten steel hearth in the garden

corten steel-garden-use-hearth-outdoor terrace-desogn-modern

The definitive highlight in the outdoor area is a fire pit with a modern, simple design. One can be placed in the garden or on the terrace and unlike the grill and fireplace, no special installation is needed.