Compact kitchen by Snaidero – sink, cooking and dining area on the board

Compact kitchen Snaidero wood kitchen living room shelves built-in oven

The design solutions for small apartments are becoming ever more innovative and provide us with clever ideas on how to optimally design our limited space. You can have a modern kitchen without sacrificing functionality and pleasing aesthetics. The Italian kitchen manufacturer Snaidero presents one compact kitchen , which combines everything necessary on a bar. The board kitchen not only offers excellent aesthetic and functional solutions, but is perfectly adapted to the small footprint.

Compact kitchen with counter by Snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero board design wood

Developed in collaboration with the architect Pietro Arosio, the kitchen design has a protruding board that unites a sink, a hob and a dining area. The user enjoys a comfortable freedom of movement during the Preparation of meals, while he has all areas at hand.

Compact kitchen by Snaidero suitable for small apartments

Compact kitchen Snaidero cabinet unit shelves wood board

The compact counter is available in two different sizes – 90 cm and 120 cm – and is fully equipped. The small version of the kitchenette is an ideal solution for studios or student apartments, while the larger design is perfect for open-plan kitchens with living rooms. The Snaidero board kitchen presents a functional, compact and modern design that would give you the comfort you want.

Sink, hob and breakfast bar in one

modern eat-in kitchen wood compact small counter hob

high-quality materials

Kitchen Snaidero board countertop wood veneer closet fronts

open kitchen with modern design

Compact kitchen Snaidero board red glossy wood dining counter white

the fascinating combination of red and wood

Compact kitchen Snaidero design protruding board

Built-in oven, shelves and refrigerator

compact kitchen line refrigerated rack shelves built-in oven red wood

make the most of the space

Compact kitchen board Snaidero white wood red studio apartment

Compact kitchen modern design materials wood Snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero board small apartment dining bar green high gloss

Compact kitchen design Snaidero sink dining area hob one

small kitchenette Snaidero small kitchen shelves counter

Compact kitchen Snaidero sink hob electric bar counter green

white kitchen snaidero board design built-in appliances handleless

Compact kitchenette Snaidero white corner shaped bar counter

small kitchen line modern design hob snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero white open hob cook bar

Contemporary dining table design by Cattelan Italia – steel base and solid wood

modern dining table design cattelan italy crystal chandelier

The Spyder table is one modern dining table design , designed by Philip Jackson for Cattelan Italia , The dining table is only with one foot, which has an interesting sculptural shape. This shape serves as an accent and is made of chromed steel, available in the following variants – matt white, matt graphite or Canaletto walnut wood. The designer was inspired by the shape of the spider for this modern Dining table design inspired, that’s why he bears this name.

Modern dining table design by Cattelan Italia

dining table cattelan italia solid walnut plate

The table top is another element that has a fascinating feature – its irregular edges. At first glance, these shapes give the dining table a rustic look, but then meets the modern, cool look of the steel base. The overall impression speaks of a contemporary design that the warm solid wood look and the cool metal construction combined together.

Modern dining table design with a sculptural character

modern dining table cattelan wood top foot steel black

The table top made of solid walnut wood is available in Canaletto or in a darker wood tone. It comes in three sizes, from which the 100 x 200 cm and the 120 x 240 cm are suitable for a standard room. The 120 x 300 cm size gives a feeling of an exceptional dining table with a long table top that looks like a giant board of freshly cut wood. The thickness of the table top will lose its weight against the length, so despite the actual weight of the table, it will look light and smooth. The Spyder dining table would look great in any interior design style and the choice of chairs will put the finishing touches.

Table base with sculptural shape

modern dining table spyder cattelan solid wood table top

is suitable for every style of decor

modern dining table design spyder cattelan italy black foot

Solid wood tabletop with irregular edges

modern dining table design cattelan walnut wood top steel base

available in three different sizes

dining table design cattelan italia black foot steel

with beautiful brass accents

modern dining table design rectangular large pendant lights

solid walnut wood

modern table design cattelan italia irregular edge table top

Pendant lights over the dining table

modern dining table spyder cattelan chromed base solid wood plate

spyder table cattelan italia solid wood plate modern dining table design spyder table steel foot solid walnut wood dining table design solid wood plate irregular edges cattelan

30 decor suggestions for living room with dining area

Decoration examples Parlor dining-maritime blue-curtains

It is often difficult to decorate different purposes. Each area should be clearly defined and visually appealing. Otherwise, your home might seem chaotic and not uniform. To decorate a small living room with dining area as two separate rooms, but with common elements such as colors, fabrics and patterns, would be the ideal solution. Today we give you a few tips and Decor suggestions for living room with dining area in perfect harmony. Let yourself be inspired!

Decor suggestions for living room and dinette in perfect harmony

Dekovorschäge-living-dining-table-solid wood

Swipe all walls in one color , Decide on a color that is suitable for both areas. If the open plan living area is small, choose a neutral color such as pastel yellow or sage green. Lay rugs on the floor. Arrange them so that they visually define the living space as two separate areas. Place a rug under the dining room table and another under the coffee table. Both must have a similar pattern. In this way a smooth transition is guaranteed and both areas appear to be visually connected. You can also create a common line with lamps.

Decor suggestions for living room with dining area

Decoration examples Parlor dining pictures Wall

Use the same fabrics in the living and dining areas, such as the upholstery of the couch and the dining chairs, or for the cushions and chair covers. Use these elements as a splash of orange or red. Hang a pendant over the dining table. Place your living room furniture around the coffee table to define the seating area. Basically, the living area is the optical guide, as it occupies a larger part of the room. The dining area has to fit in with the style, but should in a way stand out visually from the rest of the room.

Decor suggestions for living room with dining area – Modern art as a decoration on the wall in the living area

Decoration examples Parlor dining Modern Art Wall

Although the design of a separate dining room or living room is freer and easier than with an integrated dining area, there are also many decor suggestions for living rooms with dining areas that can be easily converted. Just think about how the room should look and feel, so that you are completely satisfied with the final result. Ultimately, it depends on the personal preferences of how a room is decorated and decorated. Through the wall design you can achieve a special room feeling and set decorative accents. If you want to visually distinguish both areas, you can use different wall colors in each one. On the other hand, if you want to give the room a uniform look, you have to choose a color or similar shades. If the living area or the dining area is more effective, you can visually differentiate the wall surface of one of the areas from the rest.

small-living-dining area-black-white-wallpaper-floral-motive

With a particular wall paint or wallpaper that harmonize with the rest of the room, you can achieve the desired ambience easily. In the picture above, the dining area is decorated in light pastel and cream colors. The simple and straightforward furniture, and the dynamic wall design in the living area create a successful contrast, which provides more energy in the room. The dark wallpaper with gorgeous ornaments in cream color are reflected throughout the room, creating a uniform picture. The dark brown can also be found in the throw pillows and in part of the chairs. The color choice should be based primarily on your personal taste and color perception. The spatial conditions and the incidence of light are also to be considered in the color choice.

Decor suggestions for the small living room – carpet as an accent

Decoration examples Parlor dining rattan chair-carpet strips

Basically, lighter colors make a dark room feel more comfortable and inviting. The color wall design depends on the desired effect. If you want to decorate and refresh the living room with dining area, you must always keep in mind the atmosphere you want to create and how best to harmonize the individual areas. The right wall color in the dining area is just as important as in any other room in your home. There you also spend a long time with family or friends. The color orange, for example, is very well suited for this area, because this color promotes a warm and sociable atmosphere. If a sunny and happy mood is to enter the room, the bright yellow is a good choice. The walls in this color are a real eye-catcher and set great colorful accents that bring a fresh touch in the living room and in the dining area.

Cream wall paint and fuchsia accents

deco suggestions for living-dining-area-cream-beige-fuchsia-white-dining-tables

Probably the most uncomplicated way of decorating the apartment are the murals. Images significantly influence the mood in the room and give the interior an individual touch. Even a single picture on the wall can do a lot. Take a look at the living room in the picture above. The living room has been decorated in warm cream, brown and beige. For a modern space feeling here Lila and Fuchsia was used. Purple, violet and the other shades of this color palette combine with light wood furniture to create a modern and captivating contrast. The vivid color was used in this room on different levels, which separated the living area in an original way from the rest of the room. On the wooden floor you will see a soft, comfortable pouf. Throw pillows in a lighter shade set great accents on the bright sofa. The picture on the wall picks up the color of the rest of the decoration. With all these colored decorative elements, a unique optical partition is created.

Gray upholstered furniture and red decorations

Decorations for living-dining-area-gray-furniture-red-accents-both-areas

Muted colors for a modern look

dekovorschlage-living room-dining area-gray-sofa-wall color-solid wood dining table and black chairs

Purple and silver nuances in both areas

Decorations for living room dining area-purple-upholstery-sofa-wallpaper-floral-white-kitchenette-dining-room-furniture

deco suggestions for living room dining area-black-accent-wall-gray-sofa-blue-cushion-pendant-lights

White, slate gray and black

dekovorschlage-living room-dining area, white and cream-white-moebel-gray-accents

Airy and harmonious

deco suggestions for living room dining area white-leather-sofas-wood-dining-table-wall-shelves

White and brown in the living area

small-living-dining area-brown-upholstered sofa-wood-esszimmermoebel-kitchenette

Cozy, open living area

small-living-dining area-kitchen-open Designer Find-gray sofa

Essthecke behind the sofa

small-living-dining area-kitchen-red-light-gray-modern

small-living-dining area-landhausstul-white-ecru-moebel

small-living-dining area-a partition wall-wall-neutral-color-holztoene-open-live

small-living-dining area-slate-gray-upholstered sofas and white-kitchenette-black-chairs-light-coffee table

small-living-dining area-chocolate brown wall-color-cream-sofa-white-shelves

small-living-dining area-black-white-wood-innentuere

living-dining-open beige-brown furniture glossy blue-oberschraenke

living room-dining area-open corner sofa-Rueckwand-eating bar

living room-dining area-open-green-carpet-real wood-dining table-white-wohnzimmermoebel

living room-dining area-open-fireplace-visual-border

living room-kitchen-dining area-open-live-neutral-colors-modern-device

living room-kitchen-dining area-white-gray-open-living room

Decorations for living-dining-kitchen-living-room-wall-wood-white

Decorations for living room dining area-black-kitchen-line-green-accents-gray-sofa-white-coffee table

small-living-dining area-beige-brown-africa-wanddeko-lighting-ideas

Dining room furniture – current design in 80 pictures

Dining room furnishings -world map-geometric-abstract-dining-table-solid wood-plastic-chair-yellow

In the dining room, the family members meet for a chat and a meal. It becomes the gathering point after the working day and there begins the weekend with a shared breakfast. That is why the Dining room furniture especially important for the right living feeling in the house.

Dining room interior with contemporary design

dining-device-modern-contemporary, modern chairs-plastic-eames-yellow-white-wood-color

A trend in recent years is the mix of chairs – From design classics, such as Eames Plastic Chair and Diamond Chair from Bretoia, to no-name antiques and heirlooms, mixed with cheap chairs. The design principle for a stylish composition are the common features of the different seating furniture. The shape, the color or the material can be the same, so that they harmonize better with each other.

Dining room decor in white and wood

Dining room furniture -white-wood-table-chairs-lantern-glass-wall-outlook-sea-statue

In the center of the dining area is the table. It should be equally suitable for everyday use and festive occasions. Shape and size are best suited to this space. Sufficient space for all family members and some friends may not be missing. A dining table for four people should be at least 1 square meter. You have to assume that a person at the table needs an area of ​​about 70 cm wide and 40 cm long. A practical solution for a rather small household, but would like to receive guests, would be a pull-out table. Visually not as dominating in the room are round and oval tables. However, these possible niches and the floor plan of the room are not optimal. But the round shape ensures equal rights on the table because you have the same distance to each person and you feel sociable and the conversation is more pleasant.

Dining Room Decor – Design Classic with Modern

Dining room furniture -white-plastic-chair-eames-eero-saarinen-table-knoll

Which material is best for a dining table top? Of course, the natural materials would be a good choice. Solid wood can be sanded again and again if scratches appear. But it has to be oiled and waxed regularly. In the cheaper version, the veneer, small defects remain permanently. Glass plates are ideal for smaller spaces due to the reflective surface. It should be noted that any greasy fingerprint will be visible and over time, small scratches form due to metal objects such as cutlery or the harness or jewelry.

Classic elements in the modern interior

Dining room furniture -table-oval-glass-chairs-white-leather-wood-floor-dark-chandelier-crystal

The decoration ensures a pleasing appearance. Table runners and blankets, fresh flowers, bowls and vases make the dining area more attractive. A carpet under the table holds the dining area visually together.

A carpet under the dining table defines the place

Dining room furniture-wood-table-bench-chairs-black-chandelier-window-plants

A pendant light over the table brings besides pleasant light during activities at the dining table also a cozy atmosphere in this area with it. As a result, the dining area is better defined, especially in larger rooms. During the daytime, the center of the room is accentuated by a striking decoration, which becomes a light source in the evening. Here are also different variants possible – a single pendant or several smaller with metal or glass bowl.

Hanging lamp above the table for a cozy atmosphere

Dining room furniture-chairs-black-table-wood-absract-image-modern-design-art

Let yourself be inspired by the most beautiful designer ideas worldwide and find a suitable example for the renovation in the dining room.

Dining room decor in Scandinavian style

Dining room furniture -white-dining-table-black-chairs-couch-upholstery-blue-scandinavian-modern-simple

Dining room furniture – same proportions harmonize in the room

Dining room furniture-black-dining-table-wood-wall-picture-white-terrace

Table with angular shape uses niches in the room optimally

Dining room furniture -drink-dining-table-bench-chairs-light-wood-white-parquet-floor-open

Old, new, modern and classic create an interplay in the dining room interior

Dining room furniture -loft-white-wood-floor-dining-chairs-old-plants-windowsill-bulbs

Colored accents bring fresh pep in the room

Dining room set-up-chairs-eamesplastic-upholstered-colorful-wood-open-floor

Simple and angular in black and white combined with round pendant lights

Dining room furniture -modern-black-white-gray-chairs-dining-table-hanging-lights-sphaere

Dining room becomes the center of the house

Dining room furniture -moor-floor-chairs-black-dining-table-wood-hanging

Modern meets classic – Futuristic lamp and simple, elongated dining table

Dining room furniture -white-wood-chairs-wood-table-metal-drapes-duenn-

Wood paneling is repeated in the floor and in the ceiling

Dining room furniture -floor-fell-carpet-sideboard-black-white-darkbrown

Playful, artistic chandelier for a modern flair

Dining room furniture -wood floor-dark-brown-table-solid-wood-chandelier-modern-chairs-black-pictures-square

Light in bold color becomes the highlight in the room

Dining Room Decor-hanging-light-dining-chairs-black-window-wall-gray-sideboard-drinks

Modern in white high gloss

dining-device-wooden floor-white-black-hochglanzkueche-open modern-design

Rustic and modern

dining-device-dining table-solid wood-old dark-chairs-and-white high-gloss chandelier-commode-images

Modern interior design – A mix of materials

dining-device-dining table-long chairs-white-flooring-light gray-kaminofen-modern-wood-traeger

Simple in neutral colors and contrasting accents – African masks as decoration

dining-device-dining table-wood-chairs-regal-mask-africa

Minimalist design related to the practical

dining-device-dining table-solid wood chairs-cantilever-black-skylight-open-kitchen-counter

Dining table and chairs of the same kind of wood

dining-device-dining table-wood-chairs upholstered black-kitchen-white-flooring-gray

Simple with subtle accents and repetitive motifs

dining-device-dining table-wooden plate-metal frame-Suspension lamp-candlestick-wall-bricks

dining-device-white-chairs-plastic-dining table-solid wood-waenddachfenster-glass wall-garden-outlook

dining-device-dining table-dark-wood-chairs wenge-plastic-transparent-black-white-flooring

dining-device-dining table-old-wood chairs and white-different-light-foment-bamboo flooring-kitchen-stainless steel

dining-device-flooring-dining table-shell-pad-gray-Suspension lamp-metal optics

dining-device-dining table and white chairs-modern-design-Suspension lamp-black-flooring-gray-chair-orange

dining-device-dining table-white-mirror-chairs-black Suspension lamp-wood floor

dining-device-wooden floor-dining table-solid wood chairs-plastic-eames-open ceiling-door

dining-device-wood-floor-partition-dining table chairs-traditional haengeleuchten

dining-device-wooden floor-dining table-square-chairs-black braid-spots-Suspension lamp Candles

dining-device-dining table chairs-thonet-terrasenfenster-Trepe-ultramarine

dining-device-room dividers-wood ceiling-wall color green-chairs-gray-white

dining-device-lanhausstil-modern-tiles-kitchen-dining table-wood-chairs-flooring carpet-exploited-look

dining-device-wood-and-white Suspension lamp-table-chairs-kitchen-open terrace-modern

dining-device-modern-solid wood-dining table-shelves-sideboard-chairs upholstered-Suspension lamp

dining-device-wood chairs-plastic-dining table-plate-big-house-forest-window-wall tiling

dining-device-wood-dining table massively-plastic chairs open-fireplace-wooden floor-skylight

dining-device-wood-kaminofen-dining table chairs-villa-bole-granite

dining-device-dining table chairs and black-wood walls-terrace window-granite-wall-leather couch

dining-device-modern-white-glass-dining table chairs-wall shelf-wall covering high-gloss

dining-device-modern black and white high-gloss-chairs chandelier-mirror-surface '

dining-device-white-wood-black-mirror-dining table chairs-eames-wall shelf-playful-Suspension lamp Ball

dining-device-black-white-high gloss dining table chairs-green

dining-device-black-chairs-yellow upholstery carpet beige-chandelier-abstract-living room-plant

dining-device-modern-design-panton-chair-kitchen-open-high-gloss stainless steel kuehlschrank

dining-device-modern movies-dining table-polsterstuehle-light-wall tiling-ironman

dining-device-Suspension lamp-round-ball-dining table-dining counter-kuecheninsel

dining-device-gross-open terrace window-dining table chairs-upholstered-gray floral pattern

dining-device-gray-indirect-lighting-couch-dining table-around chairs-glass wall-window

dining-device-gold wallpaper artworks-table-glass-steel-piano

dining-device-wood-dining table chairs-kitchen-counter-haengeleuchten-stairs

dining-device-dining table-chairs oval-padded-wood-kitchen-haengeleuchten

dining-device-dining table-oval marble top-candlestick-chairs upholstered-colored-wall-squares

dining-device-dining table-solid-rustic stone walls-floor-wood ceiling

dining-device-dining table-wood-chairs kaminofen-center-glass wall-window

dining-device-dining table chairs-light green-terrace window Lookout Light

dining-device-white-dining table chairs-stair-spiral-orange-popping

dining-facility-open-garden-dining table chairs-wood

dining-device-wooden floor-open space-solid wood-dining table-plastic-chair-chandelier-crystal-pool

dining-device-dining table-wood-chairs-and-white open-space-swimming pool-corner sofa

dining-device-couch-gray dining table chairs-white-Suspension lamp-concrete ceiling-glasfenster-

dining-device-mirror-mirror-chairs plastic-transparent-black-white

dining-device-dining table chairs-upholstered-black-chandelier-glass-transparent-modern picture-art

dining-device-wood-plastic-metal-mirror Chairs-transparent-light-modern-design-kaminofen

dining-device-dining table-chairs bertoia-metal-wire-design-contemporary, modern,

Dining room furniture-dining table-solid wood-plastic-chairs-upholstered-window-light-window-open-terrarium

Dining room furniture-concrete-ceiling-dining-table-solid wood-chairs-picture-gruen-glaswaende-curtains

Dining room furniture-dining-table-chairs-beroia-pool-glass-wall

Dining room furniture -terrace-garden-dining-table-chairs-open-glass-walled-wood-floor

Dining room furniture -terrace-view-fireplace-dining-table-chairs-dining-table-hanging-lights-picture-butterflies

Dining room furniture-dining-table-chairs-white-eames-terrace-wood-light-wood-floor-polished-garden

Dining room furniture-dining-table-chairs-view-lights-city-newyork

dining-device-wall color-petrol blue Suspension lamp-floral-dining table-wood chairs and white

dining-device-industrial-design-sitting area-table-steel frame carpet


dining-device-beige-brown-wall design wallpaper polsterstuehle-curtain-spots

dining-device-removable-upholstered chairs-white-dining table-antique wallpaper

Christmas decoration ideas »Christmas decoration in the dining room – atmospheric ideas

christmas decoration festive dining room garland curtains dining table fireplace

Create a festive mood in your dining room by creating the perfect Christmas decoration. We would like to give you some suggestions. There are both traditional and modern variants. All provide a cozy atmosphere, as it is expected during the Christmas season.

Christmas decoration in the dining room – modern accents

christmas decoration candles romantic atmosphere gold theme table runner

Spread different types of fir trees on the table. These can be made of different materials and have a modern look. The golden color is a perfect choice and can be wonderfully combined with candles.

Christmas decoration in the dining room in red and white

christmas decoration white red glaeser place mat candle wreath

The classic color combination of red and white can also have a modern look. This idea is perfect for those of you who do not like the usually sumptuous table setting, but rather have something simpler.

Simple decoration idea for the dining room

christmas decoration dining room simple arrangement table lush dark wood

Equally simple, but with traditional accents, this dining room is designed. The Christmas decorations include a sumptuous table arrangement, which fits perfectly with the dark furniture. Further decorations can be found on the side table in the form of red Christmas tree balls and a white nutcracker.

Combine traditional and modern decorations

christmas decoration dining room elegant brown beige furnishing carpet

This dining room is very elegant. It consists of traditional and modern decorations. The latter can be found, for example, in the form of fir trees on the dresser again.

Black and white dining room with festive seasonal greenery

This classic black and white Christmas decor in the dining room has been seasonally festooned, with simple addition of natural foliage that gives off fresh green splashes of color. This is introduced on the mantelpiece and right in front of the guests, giving a great atmosphere dining room creates.

Christmas decoration in the dining room in white and green

Evocative Ideas-for-Christmas-in-dining-white-black-green

Palette in silver and gray adds sophistication to the Christmas decor in the dining room

This elegant and evocative Christmas decor in the dining room features a combination of deep gray tones and neutral colors that match the decorative scheme. The introduction of silver decorations offers a convincing look. Additional seating for guests is provided by a cushioned bench.

Elegant Christmas decoration in the dining room in gray and silver


Create atmosphere with red candles and highlights

This cool dining room is understated and elegant with a muted decorative scheme in white and purple. To make the atmosphere festive and inviting, red candles were placed in sconces and on the table. These set the perfect ambience in combination with the red bouquet and other blood red decorations.

purple-red-ideas-for-Christmas-in dining room

Window decoration for Christmas and some craft ideas

Christmas atmosphere with a magnificent Scandinavian style chandelier

Here, a traditional white dining room was decorated for Christmas with the simple but dramatic addition of a Scandinavian traditional style chandelier. This is hung above the dining table and decorated with fresh fir branches, berries and sparkling glass balls. The glorious season fragrance would delight your family and friends with the spirit of Christmas.

weihnachtskugeln ideas landhausstil-Christmas-in-dining-chandelier-

As you can see, it’s really easy to introduce some special decorative elements to create a beautiful Christmas decoration in the dining room. Your guests will be impressed and delighted with the tasteful result.

From Jaz

Pink Ideas-for-elegant-Christmas-in dining room


More beautiful advent calendars and ideas

Christmas wreath for your door – Festive ideas for a warm heart

Make Advent wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Gorgeous ideas for fireplace Christmas decorations

50 craft ideas for Christmas table decoration

Gift wrapping – beautiful and original ideas

Window decoration for Christmas and some craft ideas

Design the dining room in the garden and enjoy your meals outdoors

dining room in the garden wood floor furniture ceiling paint

The summer days are already here and it’s time Dining room in the garden to move. Take a look at these beautiful ideas on how to design an outdoor dining room. How have for you garden furniture selected in all sorts of designs and variations. You can set up the dining area under the covered terrace or in the garden. Take a look at our suggestions and be inspired to set up your own patio area.

Dining room in the garden on the wooden terrace

Dining room in the garden rustic-garden furniture-wood-idea-comfort

For more comfort you can do that Dining room in the garden set up right on the porch. Choose stylish and comfortable garden furniture and make it a cozy one dining area on the terrace. If the porch is not covered, put a parasol to protect you from the hot sun. For more mood you can add beautiful decorative elements, such as throw pillows and flowers. Choose solid chairs with upholstery for added comfort, as well as a solid wooden table.

Mediterranean dining room in the garden

dining room in the garden mediterranean-style-stone-outdoor-kitchen-pergola

If you like that Dining room in the garden If you want to do a bit different, do not let the interior of the house move outside. Create a nice dining area on the covered terrace by buying comfortable rattan garden furniture and using it as dining furniture. Comfortable armchairs with upholstery and a solid wooden table will be fully adequate for the rustic style open plan dining room. On the covered terrace you may enjoy less sun, but you are also protected from the bad weather.

Modern garden dining room

dining room in the garden terrace-pool-table-black-pergola

Classic decor with garden as a view

dining room in the garden metal-romantic-design-outdoor-carpet

Seating area in oriental style

Oriental style ideas for dining room in the garden

Dining room with more color in the garden

colorful seating ideas for dining room garden

Dining room set in the garden with rattan furniture

Rattan armchair wooden table ideas for dining room in the garden

Accents in orange in the patio area

orange color theme ideas for dining room in the garden

Cobalt blue for the outdoor dining room

cobalt blue accents ideas for dining room garden

Colorful panels for privacy

wooden deck dining table ideas for dining room garden

Dining area in the garden with modern design

Modern design ideas for dining room garden

minimalist garden furniture for the terrace

minimalist design ideas for dining room garden

Patio area with modern dining furniture

covered terrace ideas for dining room garden

Romantic ambience for the dining area in the garden

Elegant interior ideas for dining room garden

Round table in a cozy atmosphere

Green fence ideas for dining room garden

Metal garden furniture in vintage style

garden furniture metal ideas for dining room garden

Set up sunscreen yourself

sunscreen fabric blanket ideas for dining room in the garden

romantic ambiente ideas for dining room in the garden

parasol glass ideas for dining in the garden

Dinning room lamps and dining room lamps with great design

beautiful hanging lamps Ideas

Bring your living and dining area into the light and add dynamism with beautiful dining room lamps and dining room lights. Futuristic, modern and rustic solutions are not only in the contemporary form of LED lighting discovered. Depending on the furnishings and style in the apartment we will see different lights. Take a look.

Dining room lamps with futuristic effect

futuristic ideas lamps hanging lamps

When you enter the dining room, the lighting is what matters. Centerpiece and centerpiece in a modern dinette the dining room lamps are of great importance. The traditional chandeliers and pendant lamps with futuristic effect are suitable. Be inspired by our 25 ideas.

Dining room lamps made of floating elements

great design Lamp suspended

Fantastic dining room lamps in the room where we share our meals with family and friends should put targeted accenting on the table. Depending on the height of the room, the cone of light can still be adjusted appropriately, especially when floating elements of the lamp hang in the air. You should finally have light over your head, which does not bother and intrusive.

Classic chandelier with frosted glass

like-a water fountain made of glass hanging lamp

Icy crystals in the dining room

White Frosty accents-in-the-dining-room

Classic, rustic, stylish and elegant

rustic style chandelier with lamps-as-candles

Frosted glass with iron in a trendy shape

round hanging lamp Round window

With retro style in the modern era

Retro Sitting room-with-round lamps

Hanging lamps with texture, as well as the wall paneling sideways

Module suspension Lame with arched-shape

Modern black and white pendant lights flora style

modern apartment-dining room-with-three-hanging lamp in mushroom-shape

How to spice up the simple wooden furniture with a pendant lamp with floral elements

modern lamp-with-flowers-elements-of-metal

Modern design with classic accents

Marble and metal hanging lights

Depending on the design you will also find the right lighting in the dining room

copending elements-or-to-long-rope cable

Decor also plays a significant role here

Love inscription suspended luminaire

Even the classic chandeliers look good

classic or minimalist pendant light

The lights in this interior provide a surprise effect

Suspension lamp Designer solution studio apartment

A little more art and style does not hurt

Lamps suspended-in-Dining Room

In the spirit of modernity and transparency for more light

futuristic-lamp in the dining room

Inspiration chandelier on the new

Dark design chandelier solid wood furniture

A perfect combination in the dining area between wood and plastic

three-piece hanging lamp-with-wood table and seat stool from wood massive

The modern way to express something more pep in the dining room

the modern-solutions-in-the-dining-room

from-many-glass lamps

Modern dining room furniture by Elite

Valentinox-table Modern dining room furniture Elite

It is a well known fact that over the centuries, dining room furniture was among the most reliable and beautiful furniture. With its beautiful, innovative techniques and beautiful designs, Elite offers amazing modern dining room furniture made of the highest quality wood with beautiful lines.

Modern dining room furniture by Elite

Coral-table Modern dining room furniture Elite

Modern dining room furniture at home today are a real blessing, especially when used by elite are made. This company has a remarkable approach to wood and glass, as well as innovative techniques and beautiful craftsmanship. And these are just a few of the many benefits of their furniture.

Modern dining room furniture by Elite with original shapes

Modern dining room furniture elite table-glass plate

Elite’s products are designed by many talented American designers who create works of art with passion and innovative technology. They explore the world of interior design through creative ideas and modern solutions. The company has established a very successful brand, thanks to its authentic, remarkable collections of timeless products. The furniture has exceptional quality and therefore an exceptional value. Outstanding designs with clean, clean lines and a modern, beautiful look have helped the company become internationally recognized. With sophistication and thoughtfulness, the modern dining room furniture makes the atmosphere in each home warmer and more vibrant. Elite furniture immediately catches the eye when you enter a room. The interior is ideally complemented with these refined works. Original, innovative, very beautiful, comfortable – Elite collections offer everything in one piece. That’s why we can just call this company awesome, and its furniture – divine drops.

Retro table in black

Retro table-chairs-modern dining room furniture Elite

Elite furniture is not only a great inspiration for the professional designer and eye-friendly for the experts. They are synonymous with beautifully finished works of art and really remarkable modern dining room furniture. They are exquisite, top quality and above all designed to provide comfort and pleasure.

Egos table

Ego-table Modern dining room furniture Elite

Modern dining room furniture Elite dining table-glass plate

Modern dining room furniture Elite

Innovative swing dining table for more fun while eating

orange-black-innovative dining table

We present you an innovative new design – the swing- dining table promises a lot of fun while eating with family and friends! Remember the summer with this enchanted design.

Modern swing dining table with interesting construction

modern swing-table-interesting construction

The designer of the innovative design – the rocking dining table / in English – Swing Table called / wanted to create a fun interior that not only looks interesting, but also very cozy. He puts a lot of emphasis on the fun and entertainment factor. That’s why Christopher Duffy opted for a large table with a peculiar construction. It not only suits the minimalist and puristic look, but also the Scandinavian style. Eight chairs and a chandelier in origami look hang on a construction above the sturdy table. You feel free, and float in a balloon over the room.

Swing dining table for the modern apartment

white swing-table dining room

The rocking dining table may look like a child’s toy, but you’re wrong – the reinforced stainless steel construction is stable and extremely durable. The wooden table is big enough and can alternatively be used in the conference room. Another practical solution is to install a swing table in the kitchen office. The modern design is available in several colors – natural light wood and white chairs, black table and dining chairs or orange chairs with black construction. The furniture can set accents in the interior and will always remind you of the beautiful time in summer in the garden.

Swing dining table – creative idea

purist furniture swing table

The innovative design of the modern swing dining table practically creates space in the room and redefines the volume. It is for those who feel young and who want to have fun with friends, colleagues and family. The model is created for creative natures and with great attention to detail, creating a consistent scheme. In any case, you have to have enough space and a stable floor that will withstand the construction.

Black Swing Table by Christopher Duffy

black swing-table Christopher Duffy

minimalist decor for dining room

minimalist purist interior dining room

Terraces »Seating area in the garden – 75 dining places outdoors

Sitting area in the garden dining area-steintisch-white-chairs-roofing

Even if the summer is almost over, it is worthwhile to think about a dining area in the open air right now. Why? The answer is quite simple – because just in the summer one Seating area in the garden can be quickly built or arranged and then you can enjoy the warm weather next year. We show you 70 ideas for inexpensive, but very cozy sitting areas in the outdoor area – let yourself be inspired and find the perfect idea for your outdoor area!

Creating a seating area in the garden – space-saving and cost-effective ideas

Sitting area in the garden -essplatz-space-saving-idea-barstool

Before you make your way to the hardware store or furniture shop, you should consider the following points thoroughly:

  • Where is the seating arranged?
    Plan one dining area outdoors, it is advisable to arrange this as close to the house. This will save you the constant carrying of plates, dishes and food through the garden.
  • Which shape will the Seating area in the garden to have?
    A corner bench and table can save space, the seating area with chairs, however, often offers more comfort, but of course also needs a bit more free space, so that every single piece of furniture can be easily reached.

Sitting area in the garden – Tips for choosing the garden furniture

sitzecke-in-garden-dining-brick-bench-garden grill

  • Which flooring has the terrace?
    If you have a terrace then you can sign up for wood furniture decide. However, if you have a gravel or no surface, then the ground wetness could lead to rot in the wood. Plastic furniture or aluminum set are not endangered and therefore better suited for use in the outdoor area with a moist subsoil.
  • The storage space
    If the seating area stays outside in winter, then you should opt for aluminum. Alternatively, a corner bench made of concrete, which is covered in the summer with cushions. It is also a cost effective variant. If the seating is again stored in the house in the fall, then the folding tables and folding chairs are a practical choice. Sometimes the garden furniture looks so good that it can be easily used in the house as part of the furniture – for example, in the winter garden, or as additional seating in the hallway.

sitzecke-in-garden-dining-POT-263 table-round-white-Serraydelarocha-Calma

In some cases, the freestanding seating group can save space than the corner bench with table. However, you usually have to expect a smaller table. It is best to look at a large number of models from different manufacturers in order to find the perfect variant for your outdoor area. With the help of large cardboard boxes, you can imitate a sitting area and get an idea of ​​how much space you would take on the terrace. Accordingly, you can change the boxes and experiment.

sitzecke-in-garden-dining-solid wood-Estonian-garden bench-raised bed

While the area of ​​the chairs in this example should have enough free space on the back to allow the chairs to be pulled out, this is not the case with the bench. Thus, this can be placed on a wall or wall. You can also use them for privacy by integrating a raised bed and planting it with tall plants.

Modern and stylish – furniture in the Scandinavian style

Seating Outdoor garden landscaping terrace ideas

Find the right style! The outdoor area is considered an extension of the interior. The terrace is, so to speak, the second part of the living room, where you can enjoy the beautiful weather. Accordingly, you should also continue the furnishing style. However, other colors may be used if you want a change.

Aluminum dining area in the garden

Dining place Outdoor metal chairs Upholstery small square table

Aluminum is a suitable material for garden furniture. Not only is it very cheap, but it also weathers the weather conditions, unlike some other materials. In addition, the metal is very light, which makes stowing at the end of the season a breeze. Furthermore, the material looks very modern and elegant. With the help of various upholstery fabrics in modern color variations, extremely attractive designs are created that make the low-cost furniture variant the perfect choice.

Cozy sitting area for the house

Metal garden furniture seating group patio arrange carpet

If you have enough space, then a freestanding seating area in the middle of the terrace makes you feel very good. Here, the style does not matter. In all variants, the composition looks very elegant. The free space around it, in turn, you can use for other elements. These include beach chairs, side tables and planters or even a garden kitchen. The finishing touches can again be provided by a beautiful outdoor rug, which is adapted to the weather conditions outdoors and can be easily exposed.

Small city oasis

Concrete slabs Parasols Round table Climbers Wooden fence

Equip your seating area in the garden with a suitable sunscreen. After all, you want to be able to sit outside on very hot days. The cheapest option is probably the classic umbrellas, but they have to be anything but boring. Awnings are very popular for the modern, minimalist style, while awnings or fabric-covered pergolas can decorate a Mediterranean garden design. However, if you are looking for a particularly robust and cooling sunscreen, you should invest in a canopy that can also be used on windier days.

Dining area in the backyard

Chairs garden wooden table green accents

Maybe you have space for two areas? Then you can design a dining and a sitting area, the latter can be both a lounge, as well as a cozy seating around a fire around, which can consist of chairs or armchairs. You can put color accents in a variety of ways, as you can see. On the one hand, tablecloths, seat cushions or cushions in certain colors can be used for this purpose. But even the furniture itself can be colored. A great example are these modern chairs in green color.

Pergola, climbing plants and round table with vintage chairs

Screening sunshade garden table round wrought iron

A small, cozy terrace can be seen here. It was designed in shabby-chic style. This style of furnishing brings with it the advantage that no new garden furniture has to be bought, but old ones can be reused. In this case, it is a round wooden table and metal chairs, nicely arranged under a densely planted pergola. In this way, the seating area in the garden not only gets a natural sunscreen, but also a certain privacy, which creates a romantic atmosphere.

Dining table garden table succulents vertical garden screens

Metal four chairs upholstery stone floor tiles

Outdoor framing oak wood furniture parasol

Garden lantern flagstones upholstery carpet

Metal upholstery chairs cactus sand rockery

Chairs patio flooring hedge plants

Upholstery square table beautiful terrace view

Fireplace outdoors wrought iron chandelier lamps ideas

Bench colonial style furniture garden pool

Metal chairs concrete slabs blinds sunscreen

Marble top gray Pattina wood decking terrace

Kusntstoff chairs square table sunlounger garden barbecue

Garden bench itself build tree trunk chairs

Garden bench rattan furniture stone slabs garden design

Conservatory table Succulents arrange

Flooring garden table bench light green color

Oak wood garden furniture seating group terrace stone covering

Chairs terrace floorboards sitting area dining area

colored garden table yellow chairs chalkboard ideas

Seating Rattan chairs Stone slabs Bamboo climbing plants

Seating outdoor cushion pillow purple color plant pot climbing plants

Dining place outdoor metal garden furniture mediterranean terrace

Seating area outdoor wood furniture deckchair

Benches Parasols yellow gray terrace coastal house

rustic upholstered furniture vintage sofa set outdoors

Marble chairs hedge plants privacy protection ideas

Lantern chairs wrought iron rattan baskets cozy sitting area

Wooden bench umbrella parasol red chairs wooden deck

Garden chairs made of wood weather resistant concrete slabs

Seating wooden wood covered terrace pendant lights

rustic dining table modern stylish design pendant light

Wooden table metal chairs fire paving stones flooring

Garden chairs colonial style furniture garden ideas

Dining table outdoor metal chairs small table rattan furniture

Ideas classic style garden table long chairs

Outdoor green plastic chairs oak wood garden table

Wooden chairs flagstones flooring home backyard

Furniture sitting area acrylic chairs wood garden table

Garden furniture Ideas wooden table concrete slab metal chairs

Furniture garden table chairs yellow tablecloth

Rattan floor tiles oval garden table outdoor kitchen

Cross legs stripes carpet tablecloth maritime theme

Wooden table aluminum frame chairs natural stone wall

Cross legs white chairs cozy plants

Garden table chairs wood bamboo umbrella

Garden dining place Wooden benches create ideas

Chairs wooden table garden outdoor kitchen old chandelier

Chairs wooden table garden outdoor kitchen old chandelier

Chairs fabric gravel floor covering oak wood

Tafeldeko Windlichter Glitzerspray Garden table arrange

Sitting area garden tablecloth grass area wrought iron

Bench parasol colors stripes chairs

Garden furniture Wooden chairs Cross legs Garden table Lantern

Table glass top parasol wooden deck garden

Artpelt balcony furniture dining area outdoor design

Wooden table white color sky blue accents

Chairs wooden table lantern stone slabs blinds

Chairs wooden table concrete slabs lantern brick wall house

Seating group glass top square concrete slabs metal railing

Seating area outside allotment garden terrace

Round table glass top terrace glass metal railing

Cross legs white parasol make balcony furniture

Furniture wooden table garden bench parasol chairs

Pizza oven chairs round table upholstery stone slabs

Terraces design ideas rattan furniture