Room divider for children’s rooms – 25 ideas for room layout

room divider for children's room game wall hole climbing white furnishing colorful accents

If you want to separate different areas in the nursery such as sleeping and learning, or if your children want more privacy then you need to get creative ideas layout look around. On Room divider for children’s rooms is the perfect solution and can divide the space by property or purpose. There are various possibilities – from mobile screens to plasterboard partitions. Today we give you some tips and examples.

Shelf as a room divider for children’s rooms

room divider for children's room shelves sofa beige interior orange white parquet

On open bookshelf can already function well as a room divider. So you can also create storage space for textbooks and toys. It also allows the light to flow in both areas. But since the shelf is open, the elements shown there are visible in both sections of the room, moreover, the objects should harmonize with the colors and styles in both areas. Colors like white, cream, black, brown and gray can be combined with most other colors. Step racks loosen up the room and are particularly well suited for small rooms. Due to their shape, they do not seem like a barrier and do not cramp the room. The desk is here separated from the comfortable sofa by a flowing transition. The shelves as room dividers for children’s rooms offer the possibility to tidy up small objects without disappearing from the field of vision behind disturbing and restricting doors. In a large children’s room, the shelves can be made even more functional with different storage baskets and boxes. This creates additional storage space for toys or books, which are then accessible from both sides.

Build partition in the nursery

room divider for kids room wallpaper pink wall design fairy car bed

If the space available and your budget allow it, you can add an extra partition wall made of plasterboard to divide the space. The wall does not have to completely separate the two areas, but rather could have a decorative function. This solution offers maximum privacy. Of course, observe all applicable building regulations.

Curtain as a room divider for children’s rooms

room divider for kids room pink interior curtain idea

If two siblings one nursery divide a curtain between the two beds. Install a curtain rod across the room and hang floor-length curtains. You can also optically divide the room by using wallpapers in two different colors. The curtain as a room divider for children’s rooms is also a good solution, even if the room is small. A large shelf can seem bulky in a narrow space. A curtain barely absorbs light and appears airy and light. Especially light fabrics create a pleasant ambience. The small nursery is not crowded with furniture and makes the room more comfortable. With curtains as a room divider you can also separate niches where the children like to retire or maybe even hide. Then you can be sure that this place will turn into a favorite place to stay. With curtains you can also distinguish the sleeping area from the rest of the room. The discreet room divider creates coziness and cosiness.

room divider for kids room low closet white light blue bed

Another way to define individual areas in the nursery are the plants. A striking greenery creates a pleasant, fresh atmosphere and perfectly fulfills the function of a room divider. If your choice falls on the plants, you should note that not every plant species is suitable for it. Design the room divider only from non-toxic plants. With this natural room divider you can divide the room into several areas and at the same time create a healthy indoor climate.

Room divider with low cupboard

idea room divider for kids room wood paravent girl room

The screen is also another way to visually structure the nursery and design. A screen has a unique charm and makes a creative transformation of the room in a few steps possible. It consists of at least three doors, which are connected to each other with individual hinges. So you can decide on the design and always benefit from new variants, because the screen can take flexible forms. If you want to separate a room in the nursery only for a limited time, you can use the room divider without having to put on a partition. If you temporarily do not need the room divider for children’s rooms, it collapses very quickly. Screens are made of a variety of materials, such as wood, leather, steel or plastic. The filigree models are more suitable for the nursery. Depending on the size of the room, a screen can also have a restrictive effect, which is why the models with partitions made of glass and paper are very beneficial for your child’s realm.

Screen for girls room

Room divider Nursery blue-shelf-learning sleeping area

If there is a lack of sufficient light in the nursery, the screens in bright colors are a good choice. A dark room divider would darken the room, while the bright screen creates an airy and laid-back atmosphere. Another advantage of this room divider would be that you can remodel and decorate it as you like. Gladly you can get the screen in the nursery with a patterned fabric or spice it up with a wallpaper. Make it child friendly and set great accents in the room. A good example and proof that such a partition leaves nothing to be desired is the room divider in the picture above. A screen made of light wood and paper dividing walls separates a locker room in a beautifully arranged girl’s nursery. No doubt, every little girl will enjoy a walk-in wardrobe of this kind. There you can practically hang the clothes while finding the great accessories for the perfect outfit. Here, the room divider was decorated with small, white bows, which turned it into a real eye-catcher and make it look pretty girly.

Bookshelf as a room divider

room dividers-nursery-bookshelf-two girl

Bürscherregal between the beds

Room divider Nursery wood-circle cut-green color range

Partition with decorative shape

room dividers-nursery-idea-honeycomb-pattern-design

Nice idea for nursery room of siblings

room divider for children's room creative design wood tree

Decorative room divider in the baby room

room dividers-nursery-girl-pink-shelves-learning space

Combine pale pink and cream

room dividers-nursery-paravent-frosted glass photo wallpaper-grass

Room divider made of frosted glass

room dividers-nursery-shelf-books-learning-space-sleeping area

Delimit sleeping and learning area

partition-book shelves-nursery-green-wall color photo wallpaper and natural landscape

partition-idea-baby-room-living room sofa bed

idea room divider for kids room shelves sibling boys

room dividers ikea-and-white-raumauftilung-sibling-idee


ideas-partition-room dividers-shelves-nursery-green-purple


partition-nursery-idea-pink-color wall-butterfly-wing

partition-nursery-baby-baby-yellow-wall color

room dividers-nursery-curtain-sibling-girl-boy-pink-blue

partition-nursery-baby-baby-room layout and gold tones


partition-nursery-pink-butterfly-wing-pink color

partition-nursery-learning-living room-green-wall color



Windows & Doors »3D wooden elements on vertical bars as a room divider or sunshade

3D wood elements privacy glass sunshade

The sunscreen for windows is not just for the hot daylight saving time a very important topic. Some products are also a great option for creative design. Stylish and functional, for example, is the sunshade made of wood, which optimally integrates into any interior and sets beautiful accents. The 3D wooden elements that we would like to present to you in today’s article, are an attractive and contemporary alternative to the wooden blinds and wooden slats. They are designed by the talented American designer Elish Warlop. With her creations she tries to interpret the paradox between silence and movement.

3D wood elements in rhombic design as a privacy screen

3d wood-elements-face protection-glass front-modern

The 3D wooden elements in rhombic design are attached to vertical steel cables. Each bar can also be rotated so that you can direct the daylight in the desired direction. The designer was inspired by the concept of tiling, where different tiles share edge points and can create a flat layer together. So the construction can also serve in the evening as opaque privacy. They are ideal for shielding large glass fronts, as shown in the example.

3d wood-elements-diamond-shape-turned-vertical-rope rods

The 3D wood elements look very stylish and not only because of their shape. They are made of high-quality walnut wood, which is characterized by a pleasant dark wood tone. The color varies from dark brown to dark brown tones. The visual antipole to the solid wood material is formed by filigree but hard steel cables. The composition of wood and steel gives each room a dynamic and warming look.

3D wooden elements on vertical steel bars as a room divider

3d wood-elements-room dividers-decorative-rope rods

The wood-steel construction is ideal not only as a visual and sun protection, but can also be used as a room divider. Depending on the rotation angle, the 3D wooden elements can separate or connect spaces. The design fits in a country house as well as in a modern apartment. Combined with a yellow-green sofa and floor tiles in taupe creates a particularly harmonious ambience. See for yourself.

3d wood-elements-room dividers-flooring-tiles

3d wood-elements-steel bars-room divider

3d wood-elements-vertical-steel bars-living room

3d wood-elements-walnut wood-grained design

Source: Elish Warlop Design Studio

Patio area »Asian rattan furniture – room divider Bilik and bench Bubu

Asian rattan furniture rattan room divider storage bags furniture design

Are you a fan of Asian Rattan furniture ? We present you two exotic, handmade pieces of furniture that you are sure to love – Bubu and Bilik.

Rattan furniture from Asia – handmade room divider Bilik

Asian rattan furniture room divider bench bamboo garden design idea

Handcrafted in Java, Indonesia, Bubu and Bilik prove the many uses of the rattan Furniture , Made in the typical South Asian style, the room divider Bubu is equipped with several pockets in different sizes. This innovative idea saves space and can offer the necessary storage space for your favorite books, iPad, mobile phone, keys, sunglasses and much more. Not only is the furniture extremely durable, it can weather rain, wind and sun very well. The construction looks massive, is indeed very light and can even be worn by one person. Use the room divider in the living room to create a cozy reading corner in winter. Or in the garden to shield the patio area from the neighbors.

Indonesian rattan furniture – bamboo bench for the garden

Asian rattan furniture garden design idea bamboo metal frame

Bubu is a rattan bench characterized by its light and ergonomic construction. The seat reacts to the body weight and changes its shape accordingly. A metal frame increases stability. The bench looks cozy and comfortable, and is well suited for the garden, as well as for the living room. Bubu has been inspired by a traditional Indonesian fisherman trap. Even their shape resembles a fish. The sculptural look defines the Rattan furniture from the design studio L + W , Through their collection, the duo tries to mix tradition and modernity, and to present innovative combinations of materials. Her designs have been enthusiastically presented by numerous art galleries and interior magazines. Inspired by traditional local production methods, her latest collection promotes natural living. Enjoy the designs of the creative pieces of furniture – in the picture gallery below.

The bench Bubu

Prospect front bamboo furniture design

Bench off bamboo

Garden summer enjoy asian furniture

Easy but stable – Bubu

Bench minimalist design two-seater garden

Rattan furniture design – detail

Room divider bamboo wicker furniture design

Wickerwork from Indonesia

Asian rattan furniture detail bags storage compartment small apartment divide screen

Room divider with storage space

Design room divider bags cell phone books

Influenced by traditional furniture design from Indonesia – room divider Bubu

Bench modern design asian garden design

Modern bar as a room divider in your apartment

small kitchen and elegant Bar as room dividers

Nowadays it is very modern that you have an open plan living area. Even apartments in older buildings are being renovated, tearing walls to maximize living space. In modern projects, the room is not split at all. This open design offers a great advantage – there is plenty of room for modern and interesting interior design. We give you an idea – Bar as a room divider. In this way you can visually distinguish the corners with different functions.

Shield the kitchen – bar as a room divider

small kitchen and elegant Bar as room dividers

We show you two types of Bar as room divider – the first is a free-standing bar with adjoining kitchen counter. This construction is very practical and versatile and offers many possibilities for both large and smaller rooms. The bar can be adapted to the interior and gives the room a stylish look. One should also take into consideration the many advantages offered by this particular room divider – namely that it offers storage space, that it can replace the dining table at informal dinners and that it offers extra space for cooking.

Bar as a room divider – innovative and practical idea

Modern-white-bar pollierte glass

The modern Bar as a room divider can set accents and when combined with proper pendant lights, it will draw everyone’s attention. The color selection is unlimited – you can e.g. Combine a white bar with white chairs – that always looks good.

Mini bars were once very popular, but with time they have gone out of fashion. Today, their popularity keeps growing – they are often combined with a sitting area where you can chat with friends and rest. It is not obligatory that they offer alcohol to have a bar.

From Jaz


Modern rustic bar

modern-rustic-bar wooden bar

Modern wood bar in the kitchen

modern-wood-bar-kitchen pendant light

Classic white kitchen with wooden bar

classic-white-kitchen-wood bar

Detached bar in classic kitchen

freestanding bar-kitchen-marble countertop

White bar in contrast to the brick wall in the living room

Brick wall and white shiny bar-lounge

Wooden shelf as a room divider – A functional & decorative idea

wooden shelf as room divider white-design-decorative-lounge

room divider are a great alternative to differentiate different areas without interrupting the open style of living. As a room divider many different variants are used today, including fireplaces, half-height walls, counters or shelves. The designers of MENICHETTI + CALDARELLI have come up with a very modern idea for the Italian house that we would like to introduce to you. It is an attractive one Wooden shelf as a room divider , which has a white color, but at the same time is decorated with metal details.

Wooden shelf as a room divider and railing

wooden shelf as a room divider over-the-floor design-open-living area sofa

The wood shelf as a room divider is located in the living room and separates the cozy lounge with a modern corner sofa from another seating area, which can also be used for relaxing, but also for reading. In this area is another, smaller bookshelf. Together with the room divider, they form a kind of corridor between lounge and reading corner, which gets a lot of light through the open shelf design.

Wooden shelf as a room divider in the living room

wooden shelf as a room divider living room design chair upholstery floor lamp

The wood shelf as a room divider is not the only variant that is used in this house to divide up various areas. In addition, there is a metal fireplace, which is associated with a unique ceiling design. In addition to its useful feature, the fireplace also gets a decorative in this way. Another attractive room divider can be found at the stairs again. There, a glass wall forms the staircase and offers an unobstructed view of the modern staircase design.

White wood

wooden shelf as room divider metal details books

The wood shelf as a room divider, as well as the other variants for room dividers are not the only elements that impress in this modern interior. An attractive kitchen design, as well as the wooden dining table, the wall design in the bedroom and the patchwork design in the bathroom enhance the interior and guarantee the best living comfort with wow effect.

Decoration made of metal

wood-shelf-room dividers-fireplace-metal brass-deco-ceiling

Simple living room

wood-shelf-room dividers-room design-moebel-contemporary, modern,

Lounge with modern sofa

wood-shelf-room dividers lounge-sitting area-window-italy-live

Staircase made of light wood

wood-shelf-room dividers-cover design-metal-decorative-vase-stairs

Staircase with glass wall

wood-shelf-room dividers-staircase-glass-partition

Wooden steps with levitation effect

wood-shelf-room divider-wall design-and-white minimalism-inspiration

Railings made of glass and metal

wood-shelf-room dividers-scale-glasgelaender-architecture-exceptional

Minimalist kitchen design

wood-shelf-room dividers-kitchen-kuecheninsel-bright-modern-lamps

Wood table

wooden shelf room divider dining area simple workspace desk

Dining area facility

wood-shelf-room dividers-dining table-minimalist abitazione mm

Built-in wardrobe made of wood

wood-shelf-room-dining room-divider means chairs-black fitted wardrobe

Open living area with decorative elements

wood-shelf-room dividers-living room-idea-stylish-interior

Gray accents in the bedroom

wood-shelf-room dividers-bedroom-ideas-gray-nuanced and white bed

Wooden shelf as room divider – shower made of frosted glass

wood-shelf-room dividers-shower-frosted-glass-bathroom-design-laminate

White bathroom decor

wood-shelf-room dividers-attractive-bad-white-washing console-mirror

Design of MENICHETTI + Caldarelli

Modern, open living room with dining area and shelf as a room divider

open plan living room-lawn-garden-minimalist-gray-facade

KAP-House is a single-family home located in Singapore. The mild climate in this region allows an open interior design, which was not only implemented indoors. Large window fronts off sliding doors can be opened completely and thus create an unimpeded and even transition from the living room to the garden. The minimalist design comes from ONG & ONG Pte Ltd. and impresses in many ways. Take a look at the modern home, among other things open living room own and all interiors in the following gallery and get inspired.

Open living room with room divider

open plan living room-sitting-furniture-modern-wood-carpet

An open living room can be optically separated from the other areas in different ways. While dining and seating areas already refer to separate areas, some others prefer semi-walls or screens. In this modern house rather a large shelf was used. This separates the living room from the dining area, although the open design allows a view of each other from both areas.

Modern open plan living room

open plan living room-divan-shelf-modern-dining-table-chairs

Both areas are open in contrast to the kitchen. Although the kitchen is not permanently open to the living room, one can still speak of an open kitchen. She also has sash windows on one of her sides, with the view here being lush, exotic greenery and a long pool. If you want to design an open living room, you can choose which area of ​​the house to combine.

Living room with dining area

open living room dining-wallcovering-wood-modern-furniture-idea

Otherwise, the decor throughout the house is extremely modern and simply chosen. Discreet furniture in different, neutral colors can be found in all rooms, including in the bedrooms with privacy and sun protection and also in the open bathroom. An open living room is not the only open space. The other rooms create a feeling of freedom, as if you live directly in the garden.

House with a long terrace

open plan living room-partition-dining-area-sliding-window-planting

White kitchen

open plan living room small-kitchen-room-design-simple-bar-chairs-lattice-metal

Minimalist kitchen design

open living room kitchen design-kitchen-island-sliding-door-sink-modern-furnishing

Open window fronts thanks to mild climate

open-living room-outdoor küce-white-cabinets-minimalist-design

Long pool for swimming

open-living room-swimming pool-column-canopy-small-terrace

Modern wooden staircase with glass railing

open-living-stair-wood-railing glass modern-fensterfront

Simple corridor

open-living room corridor terrace-sliding window sun-built-in cupboard shelves

Bedroom with stone wall

open-wohnzimmer bedroom accent wall window stone-reading area

Open bedroom with sunscreen

open-wohnzimmer bedroom privacy Sunshade laminate flooring

Bedroom in white

open-living room shutters-modern-wood sheets bed bedroom wooden floor

Modern bathroom design

open-living-minimalist bedroom wash console Partition

Open living room and bathroom

open-living room-design-bathroom-glass door-wc-mirror

Vanity with glass walls

open-living room-basin-idea-glass wall-plant-natural-light

Gray bathroom tiles

open-living room-shower-outdoor-gray-tiles-pebbles

Lounge under the ground

open-living-sitting area-blue-turquoise-color-window-pool

Exotic garden design

open-living room-view-garden-pool-walls white-

View into open living room and dining area from the pool area

open-living-lounge-pool area sitzpoufs-pool-holzboden

Driveway and garage

open-living-garage Facade stone-entrance-beton

House lighting in the evening

open-living-facade light shield wood idea architecture

Pool and garden lighting

open-living room-lighting-outdoor terrace-kap-house design

House design in Singapore

open-living room-singapore-house-design-modern-device-inspiration

Design of ONG & ONG Pte Ltd ,

Aluminum room divider in black for different room structures

aluminum room divider in black dining area pendant lamps

This house belongs to parents who own theirs Workplace wanted to move home to keep an eye on their children. Because work still requires peace of mind, designers at Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio have come up with a practical system. And although serve modern glass and Aluminum room divider in black to separate the public areas from the rest of the rooms if necessary.

Aluminum room divider in black and with glass

Aluminum room divider in black living room accent wall concrete

The living room is, like the rest of the interior, monochrome. A special eye-catcher is the abstract shelf on the wall. Aluminum room divider in black are already here again. Among other things, they make it possible to separate the staircase from the living room. The TV is attached to a gray accent wall made of concrete and guarantees entertainment from the cozy lounge. This floor also houses the modern kitchen and dining area.

Aluminum room divider in black for the staircase area

aluminum-room dividers black-stair-living room-open-mural

In the upper floor of the house with aluminum room divider in black are the bedrooms. A freestanding bed with headboard divides the room into two areas: the sleeping area and the changing room area. The children’s room is decorated in white and subtle pastel shades and is playful thanks to the patterns, yet stylish. But the bathroom is also extremely elegant. Gray stone adorns the walls and the floor there. The washbasin is made of the same material. The area of ​​the toilet receives an additional eye-catcher through the wooden accent wall.

Black slats with decorative effect

aluminum-room dividers black-wall shelf-idea-white-fensterfront

The aluminum room dividers in black make interesting room designs possible. Changes are possible at any time with regard to the room surface, the way of the passageways, light and also on the air circulation. Take a look at the impressive interior of the modern house in the following gallery. Be inspired by the unique systems, furniture and atmospheres.

Abstract shelf

aluminum-room divider-in-black lounge leather sofa-regal-abstract

Noble kitchen

aluminum-room dividers-black-countertop-stone kitchens-design-minimalist

Kitchen in black and white

aluminum-room dividers-black-white-kitchen-kuecheninsel Idea

Kitchen cabinets in black

aluminum-room dividers black-wall tiling-wood-ceiling downlights

Elegant dining area

aluminum-room dividers-black-glass-wood-dining table-modern

Bedroom furniture

aluminum-room dividers-black-bedroom-wardrobe-bed-headboard

Black wardrobe

aluminum-room dividers black-wanddeko-art-and-white wall color

Minimalist nursery

aluminum-room dividers black-nursery-desk-decoration-wall

Pastel shades for the interior

aluminum-room dividers-black-sofa-pastel blue carpet-colorful-nursery

Washbasin made of wood

aluminum-room dividers-black-bathroom-stone-gray wash cabinet

Aluminum room divider in black – bathroom made of natural stone

aluminum-room dividers black-shower-tiles-bathroom furnishings-simple

Stone sink

aluminum-room dividers black-sink-natural stone-taps-gloss mirror

Accent wall made of wood

aluminum-room dividers black-toilet-accent wall-wood-flooring-gray

Black window frame

aluminum room divider in black terrace-canopy-wood dining table

Outdoor kitchen in the garden

aluminum-room dividers black-garden-kitchen-pflanzkuebel-face protection

Design of Valley Goldsmith Fish Design Studio ,

Room divider made of glass blocks modern staged – project in Moscow

Room divider made of glass blocks -office-waiting-room-luxury-wallcovering-black-marble

The contemporary design is not only high-tech and technological materials, but well known for their durability and quality. Wood, natural stone, concrete and glass are often used in the interior of the past and today. Thanks to modern processing methods, there are no limits to their variations. Room divider made of glass blocks . floorboards , Wood and marble paneling have remained typical of the luxury apartments of the Russian upper class of society.

Room divider made of glass blocks and other chic materials used in the design of the lobby

Room divider made of glass bricks - concrete floor-wall-covering-wood-panel-bonsai

On room divider Glass blocks are perfect for entrance and transition areas that should be artificially separated, but not at the expense of light flow. Wood visually softens the combination of glass and concrete, setting a cozy note. With bonsai tree and the opening in the room divider made of glass blocks, a central axis is drawn, which is also traceable in the backyard.

Room divider made of glass blocks, reasonable wooden floor and wooden ceiling with integrated LED lighting

Room divider made of glass blocks-wooden floor-ceiling-led-lighting-windows

The two-storey living room is entered immediately after the entrance, behind the room divider Glass building blocks. The gray color combined with the floorboards and wall coverings made of wood panels with different geometric structures. Higlight in the room is the paneling of the fireplace area with black marble. The used natural stone convinces with noble optics – clearly visible, effective vole grains, which simply attract the view.

Room divider made of glass blocks and wall cladding made of wood panels with slat structure staged in a modern way

Room divider with glass blocks -wall paneling-wood panels-concrete floor-modern design

Wood and gray characterize the design of the whole apartment and can be found in every area in different forms and variations.

Pure luxury – Room divider made of glass blocks and wall cladding made of black-gray marble with pronounced grains

Room divider made of glass blocks -grey-waiting-room-armchair-upholstery-black-marble

Chic, elegant living room in gray with wooden floor

room dividers-glass building blocks-lounge-chair-couch-wall tiling-black-marble

Noble materials distinctively processed and used chic

room dividers-glass building blocks-hallway floor-wall tiling-wood-polstermo% cc% 88bel

Elegant dining room with vertical interior greenery and plenty of natural light

dining-vertical-garden-innenbegru cc%% 88nung-floorboards window esstisch

Wall paneling of wood panels with interesting structure

room divider-wall tiling wood-panels-hallway floor-dining table-window-state

Industrial style with a cozy touch – concrete and wood

betonwa% cc% 88nde-hallway floor-reading corner-chair-stoffjalosien wallpaper industrial

Cozy reading corner – generous armchair, side table and design floor lamp

Hardwood-betonwa cc%% 88nde-chair comfort modern-bay window-reading area

Concrete walls make the interior appear robust and solid

bu%% cc 88ro-space arbeitszimmer-betonwa% 88nde-floorboards window sunlight cc%

Wood used differently in the interior – plank floor and ceiling panels with lamellar structure

bu%% cc 88ro-arbeitszimmer-betonwa% 88nde-floorboards wooden ceiling-desk-industrial cc%

Workspace creatively separated, but not completely separated

bu%% cc 88ro work space betonwa% 88nde-floorboards-modern industrial-wooden ceiling panels cc%

Modern bathroom with wooden floor

wood-floor-ceiling cladding-modern-bathroom-white-tiles

* a project of Office 108

Room divider for bedrooms – 31 ideas for demarcation

room dividers-bedroom-white-wall design poster-wall color-light gray-couch-bed-curtain

The one-bedroom apartment or the so-called studio poses a challenge when it comes to privacy in the bedroom. Or if you want to design a quiet workspace in a corner in the bedroom. On Room divider for bedroom is a good and versatile solution to layout and there are many ideas for that. It is annoying when friends come by and your bed is visible from every place in the apartment. Place the bed in the corner most of the entrance and use a Shoji divider, screens, bookshelves, hang curtains from the ceiling to the floor to hide the sleeping area. What other options are there to distinguish between sleeping and living areas? Continue reading.

Sliding doors as a room divider for bedrooms

room dividers-bedroom-glass wall-dachschreage-glass fronts-wall bed

Sliding doors as a room divider offer a cost-effective and flexible solution for spatial demarcation. Whether you want to separate bedrooms from the living room or bedroom from the bathroom, sliding doors can be easily adapted to any floor plan and interior design style. They are available in a range of designs for virtually every taste and budget.

Curtain as room divider for bedroom

room dividers-bedroom-gray wall color-green-bedspread-workplace-curtain-tobacco color

Curtains are a cheap means, a large room in different Divide areas , Measure the width and height of the room before you go to buy the curtain. You can also choose a double-sided fabric so that each room gets its own character. Adjust the color and pattern to the overall picture.

Decorative wooden wall as headboard by the bed and room divider for bedroom

room dividers-bedroom-wall-wood wood floor bed-curtains window wall-style

Bookshelves are a very popular and practical way to divide a room into two. They can be stacked or lengthened to prevent unwanted glances from the living room. This is also a great storage option especially if it has storage space on both sides. When the bookshelf faces the workspace, you can stow office supplies and electronics there.

Vintage look with room divider for bedroom fabric

room dividers-bedroom-vintage-curtain-antler-parkettboden-exploited

Room divider for bedroom with open lathing

idea room divider for bedroom wood living area-one-room apartment

Sliding door as a room divider for bedrooms is a space-saving variant

idea room divider for bedroom living area wooden sliding door

Subtle room divider for bedroom visually creates areas

living area-bedroom-bound-studio-ideas

Room divider shelf

room dividers-bedroom-ideas-shelf wall-pendant lights design

Bedroom and living area in gray

ideas-room dividers-bedroom-living room-frosted glass sliding door

a multi-purpose wall unit

ideas-room divider wall-living-bedroom-workspace-desk

indirect lighting in the bedroom

built-led-strip-room dividers-wood slats-bedroom-

rotatable shelving system as a room divider

room dividers-wood-bedroom-living room-differentiate-rotating-wall

Storage space for both areas

room dividers-regal-wood-workspace-bedroom

Delimitation bedroom – work area

room dividers-bedroom-workspace-wooden sliding door

double-sided glass fireplace

Room divider bedroom bathroom stove-gas-sided

room dividers-bedroom beige-deco-panels-half-visible-led lighting-ceiling

room dividers-bedroom-shelf vases-green-wall color

room dividers-bedroom-sliding doors-ground glass-Optic-workspace

room divider for bedroom-curtain-white-flowers

room dividers-bedroom-living room-decorative-wall

room dividers-bedroom-living room-glass wall-curtains

room dividers-bedroom-living room-studio-glass-sliding doors-curtains

room dividers-bedroom-living room-Sliding-glass

room dividers-bedroom-living room-high bed-headboard-wood

room dividers-bedroom-living room-fireplace-double-Tv

room divider for bedroom living room shelf ikea colorful books

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Windows & Doors »Sliding door design as a practical room divider or modern cabinet door

Dining room modern cupboard door

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We present you 20 ideas for Sliding door design that you as practical room divider or use modern cabinet door.

Sliding door design – ideas for your interior

modern sliding door-kitchen partition

The sliding door design has developed rapidly in recent years. These doors are particularly preferred for small spaces, because they are space-saving alternative. If you are looking for sensible room dividers for the office, you can opt for a sliding glass door – they let light through and can be made of frosted glass, so you do not feel watched. Stylish colored designs are great for both the reception room in the office and at home. Lately, the designers have developed modern and stylish ideas for interior design – they clearly show how with a bit of creativity the door can become a real highlight in the interior.

Sliding door design – modern cabinet door

gray yellow bedroom sloping roof Copyright, raumplus, Bremen, Germany

Hide the drawers, cutlery and crockery in the dining room through interesting sliding door. If you want to design an open multifunctional area, you can also hide the wall unit behind sliding glass doors. If you have a large bedroom, you can split this into two – and one Walk-in closet set up. The cupboard door with mirror surface makes the bedroom look bigger. Nowadays, you can even choose a specific color for the door, through which you can set accents in the interior. Practical and perfect for a small apartment – the Sliding door design offers endless furnishing options for your home!

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Colored sliding door separates the bedroom from the living area

Purple bedroom decorating ideas walk-in closet Copyright, raumplus, Bremen, Germany

Room divider between living room and dining room – glass door

Glass sliding door room divider living room

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Black and white door in the office

black white sliding door room divider

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Classic partition wall system through sliding glass doors

Separation system living room Copyright, raumplus, Bremen, Germany

Sliding door with mirror makes the room look bigger

modern bedroom sliding door glass Copyright, raumplus, Bremen, Germany

Storage wall behind sliding door

TV wall behind sliding door Copyright, raumplus, Bremen, Germany

Wardrobe with sliding glass door

modern bedroom wardrobe door design Copyright, raumplus, Bremen, Germany

Wooden door separates bedroom from living room

Bedroom bathroom-wood sliding door Copyright, raumplus, Bremen, Germany

Wooden cabinet with classic doors for small bedroom

Wooden sliding door cupboard system Copyright, raumplus, Bremen, Germany

Meaningful room division through sliding glass door

Glass sliding door bedroom

Walk-in wardrobe

Glass door Room divider walk-in closet system Copyright, raumplus, Bremen, Germany

Sliding door with minimalist design

Living room Sloping Sliding sliding door Copyright, raumplus, Bremen, Germany