Architecture »Private domicile with male accents of at26

Windows wooden floor dining table curtains

Man’s Choice 2 is a private residence that is in the Slovak Piestany located. The three architects of AT26 have a modern apartment designed with set male accents. Completed this year, we dive into meter-long, soft upholstered sofa and enjoy bright, spacious rooms. Luxurious but also comfortably furnished, with certain corners for dining, relaxing, drinks counter and sharing moments with friends.

Private domicile – Retro style meets modernity

wall covering-from-wood living room

On private residence where we find a lot of retro accents colliding with the wave of modernity. wall covering made of wood, white wooden doors, lacquered and simply polished and a lowered ceiling made of plaster plaster, which like the frame with lighting stylishly envelop the living room. Retro decoration like a covered turntable, metal figure of Capricorn and the classic curtains complete the retro profile. The heart of the living room beats through the huge sofa made of soft velvet materials. Colorful cushions in selected colors, coordinated with the rest of the decoration bring cozy feelings to the living scene.

Private domicile with inserted male accents

Dekotisch sideboard-Raumteie wood wall tiling

Gold, copper and silver statues and figures with male accents and contours, a woman without clothing on canvas, all that speaks for itself private residence designed and fitted by men for men. The dominant colors are black, white, gray and white, wood and tiles cover the floor, on walls is usually waiver, since room divider made of dark wood take over this mission.

Shower and sink area-with-partition-of-glass wall covering-from-wood

Shower and washing-up area with glass cabin

Symmetrical 3D wall and floor tiles, as well as brick walls in black determine the interior of the modern apartment.

Poster bed-with-black frame and white linens

Canopy bed in black frame with shelf system on the side of the headboard

Buddha bust-3D effect Tile in black and white

Side lighting on brick wall

Table-Dekotisch-of-wood-for-books and decorative elements

Sideboard table in dark wood

Workspace Kleiderscrank-with-bench-made leather

Retro swivel chair, modern curtains made of fine fringes

futuristic-line bar stools Kitchen Island Trolley-made solid wood dark

Hollywood faces-on-pillow-carpet made of artificial fur-Deco on floor

U-shaped sofa upholstered velvet quilted-in-Royal

LED TV wall cladding turntable

Poster on Canvas Painting naked woman

Copper color statue Deco entrance-living room-kitchen

-lowered ceiling-to-triangle pattern brick wall in Black

Sink-toilet-to-wall mirror-wood look

Toilet-with-window Tile with Pattern geometric figures

Shower-with-3D tile-effect black frame

Architecture »Modern domicile in West Vancouver, Canada


On modern domicile on the west side of Vancouver in Canada offers an exceptional ambience and more of the luxury within your own home. The place of residence Mathers is surrounded by mountain scenery, the beautiful hills and higher mountains surround it. The footpaths are a bit steep and the garden in the courtyard bears a special charm and has been designed on a level. In this way, some plants are planted terraced and it is gained more usable area for the residents. The architect team Eurohouse Construction Design homes for customers with a taste for quality, luxury and the indispensable feeling of well-being, because home is best!

Modern domicile – the entrance area

Wooden door and natural stone walls input

On modern domicile that embodies closeness to nature, architects from Eurohouse Construction to reach. Lots of natural stone and solid wood cover walls and floors, marble with glossy look can be found in the bathroom, mosaic tiles give the swimming pool a 3D effect.

Modern domicile with luxury kitchen and living area

large kitchen-living room-with-leather-furniture-apartment-in-Vancouver

The house in the idyllic town of Mathers opens in front of us a beautiful living area with generous windows, lots of lighting and stylish furniture. Modern domicile that embodies ethical standards with professional execution and inspirational design in one. A practical extension of the residential area is set as the highest goal in the spatial distribution and successfully achieved. Every detail is carefully thought out and brought to light with an architectural presentation. Beautiful and inspiring!

Flat-in-Vancouver-stone-gloss look Wall of window with view-on-garden

Marble and solid wood from sustainable production

modern-fireplace-with-stone-marble frame and plates

Professional design of the fireplace spot

Kitchen island wood Parett leather sofa design house

The rural style of the haptic look of the kitchen cabinets

Feed location-with-stone-ground wood ceiling and wall cladding

Every corner is carefully and practically designed

Dining room furniture from solid wood home-in-Canada

High gloss polish and leather upholstery in the dining area

Bathroom with window-and-with-marble-in-Vancouver

Natural stone marble in the bathroom

Swimming pool with mosaic tiles Canada

3D tile mosaic type in the swimming pool

Porch with rattan chair-stone-ground

Enjoy fresh air on the veranda

Night Lights protective edge-of-glass

Round rattan armchairs with cushions ensure comfortable relaxation