Windows & Doors »Interior doors in comparison – Sliding door made of glass or room door with frame?

Room divider sliding glass designer Casali

The inner doors divide the living space in different areas. But they are much more than practical room dividers – nowadays they have become a peculiar decoration. They compliment the interior and contribute to a feel-good atmosphere. When choosing the right door, several factors play a role – often the function determines the design. We take a closer look at the two most popular variants Sliding glass door and the room door with frame.

Is the sliding glass door an alternative to the room door with frame?

frosted flowers pattern Casali interior doors

The Sliding glass door has been gaining in popularity in recent years. The glass doors are space-saving and very practical. They let the summer light through and so you can enjoy a bright corridor during the day. The purist designs consist of a metal rail, to which a large glass element is attached. Often only small patterns on the glass are matted, creating an interesting play of light and shadow. These doors are certainly not suitable for families with small children or with pets – there is always a risk of injury. The glass doors are mainly used in the living room, dining room and in the kitchen. The bedroom can also be visually separated from the bathroom by a glass wall.

The wooden door with frame compared to the sliding glass door

Execution Bizotto beige color fine manufacturing

The wooden door with frame is one of the classic elements of the interior. Nowadays, many modern finishes with simple puristic forms are offered, but the classic version, decorated with wood carving, remains a popular choice. The wooden door is more stable, at least it takes more space.

In the end, it depends on the room conditions, the style of living and the personal advantages, which door / frame or sliding glass / you decide. Outstanding designs are offered in both variants – let yourself be convinced by these designer doors!

Classically elegant – the door of Bizotto

Door natural wood effect metal frame Bizotto

Classic wooden door from OTC Doors

classic elegant frame gilded frame Luxury

The glass door of Portarredo

Concept room divider Portarredo Italian manufacturer

Door in minimalist design of Ermetika

minimalist doors glass purple color Ermetika designs

The door in a different color – this time red

High gloss optics red color Ermetika design

The collection of Casali – Sliding glass doors

Stainless steel frame original pattern black wall

Geometric pattern and partially frosted glass

Inside stainless steel rail modern design rectangle motifs

Pattern inspired by nature

Door painted Italian manufacturer Casali Italian

The classic collection of glass doors from Cristal

beautiful manufacturing glass dyed design ideas Classic

Modern geometric figures or classic floral patterns?

original pattern wall make stylish interior

The glass door is attached to a stainless steel strip

Sliding doors design stainless steel frame yellow wall

Glass door with goat – classic and modern blend in the design the Italian brand

Decorated floral pattern nature ornaments frosted

For the office – glass door, transparent

modern office interior colored original pattern ideas

Classic elegance – stylish floral figures in purple

Door Satin Glass Ornate Purple Color Classic

The same door in three color variants

Pattern yellow blue color variants available

Flowers and stripes pattern

Door flowers purple yellow stripe pattern

Stylish and space-saving – sliding door

Pattern accent interior deco modern decor

Modern and original – the sliding door made of colored glass

geometric pattern stainless steel slide rail

Windows & Doors »Panorama windows in the study – An asymmetric house

Panoramic window in study -asymmetric-house-glass-glass-front-desk-modern-design

Norwegian architects have an exceptional and individual workplace for one writer designed in Oslo. The highlight is a Panoramic window in the study which gives a direct view into the garden. All this is not far from the house in the backyard or garden. The idea of ​​being able to do the job in the immediate vicinity of your own home is certainly a dream of many working people. Therefore, this small, unique cabin will surely inspire many freelancers and the self-employed.

Panoramic window in the study is perfect for writers

panorama window-arbeitszimmer-asymmetrically-house-modern writer Desk viewpoint-backyard

What could be better for a writer than a picture window in front of the writing desk ? Maybe a designer desk made of strong, transparent glass. In the center of the only room in the small house stands exactly this picture – almost unrealistic and very special. The activity of the client is put into focus and occupies the central place in the interior design. Any unnecessary decoration is missing and instead a practical wooden construction can be seen – a staircase and shelf wall in one.

Asymmetric glass desk and panoramic windows in the study

panorama window-arbeitszimmer-asymmetrically-house-stair railing Rope modern design

The staircase with artistic handrail made of strong rope leads to the sleeping area, which is also equipped with a panoramic window. The space under the stairs was optimally used as storage space. The steps go into compartments and shelves a shelf wall with the same size and proportions. A small bathroom is also available. There everything was reduced to the essentials without additional decorative elements or bells and whistles.

Fixed rope railing separates the sleeping area and the stairs

panorama window-arbeitszimmer-asymmetrical stair-house-wallcovering wood rope railing

The small house, viewed from inside and outside, is in itself an effective example of modern contemporary architecture. No ordinary straight walls or ceilings can be found and no rectangular floor plan characterizes the house. The cabin is covered with dark wood from the outside and inside. The facade is painted black and the interior walls are only stained. This extraordinary workplace is unmistakably individual and designed to measure. There, the writer can retire wonderfully to work undisturbed on his works and to delve into his thoughts.

Functional design of the stairs with storage space and compartments

panorama window-arbeitszimmer-asymmetrically-house-modern interior stair-subject shelf-rope railing

Panoramic windows in the study not far from the home

bay window-arbeotszimmer-interior-design-asymmetric-house-modern-architecture

Large window fronts offer panoramic views

panorama window-arbeitszimmer-asymmetrically-house-modern exterior architectural lighting Prospect

Separate little house with a study for a writer

bay window-asymmetric-house-modern-architecture-promising-backyard-evening

Modern architecture for small houses

bay window-arbeitszimmer-asymmetric-house-backyard-modern-architecture-writer

Hut in the backyard with panoramic windows in the study

panorama window-arbeitszimmer-asymmetrically-house-modern architecture Hut backyard

Modern architecture and asymmetric house in the backyard

bay window-arbeitszimmer-asymmetric-house-modern-architecture-black-wood-painted

Small bathroom in the house with pitched roof

panorama window-asymmetrically-House Bathroom mosaic tiles brown-wood and glass Wall-mounted washbasin loo

* You can learn more about the architects and other projects from them here Find.

Windows & Doors »3D wooden elements on vertical bars as a room divider or sunshade

3D wood elements privacy glass sunshade

The sunscreen for windows is not just for the hot daylight saving time a very important topic. Some products are also a great option for creative design. Stylish and functional, for example, is the sunshade made of wood, which optimally integrates into any interior and sets beautiful accents. The 3D wooden elements that we would like to present to you in today’s article, are an attractive and contemporary alternative to the wooden blinds and wooden slats. They are designed by the talented American designer Elish Warlop. With her creations she tries to interpret the paradox between silence and movement.

3D wood elements in rhombic design as a privacy screen

3d wood-elements-face protection-glass front-modern

The 3D wooden elements in rhombic design are attached to vertical steel cables. Each bar can also be rotated so that you can direct the daylight in the desired direction. The designer was inspired by the concept of tiling, where different tiles share edge points and can create a flat layer together. So the construction can also serve in the evening as opaque privacy. They are ideal for shielding large glass fronts, as shown in the example.

3d wood-elements-diamond-shape-turned-vertical-rope rods

The 3D wood elements look very stylish and not only because of their shape. They are made of high-quality walnut wood, which is characterized by a pleasant dark wood tone. The color varies from dark brown to dark brown tones. The visual antipole to the solid wood material is formed by filigree but hard steel cables. The composition of wood and steel gives each room a dynamic and warming look.

3D wooden elements on vertical steel bars as a room divider

3d wood-elements-room dividers-decorative-rope rods

The wood-steel construction is ideal not only as a visual and sun protection, but can also be used as a room divider. Depending on the rotation angle, the 3D wooden elements can separate or connect spaces. The design fits in a country house as well as in a modern apartment. Combined with a yellow-green sofa and floor tiles in taupe creates a particularly harmonious ambience. See for yourself.

3d wood-elements-room dividers-flooring-tiles

3d wood-elements-steel bars-room divider

3d wood-elements-vertical-steel bars-living room

3d wood-elements-walnut wood-grained design

Source: Elish Warlop Design Studio

Windows & Doors »Decorate bay windows – 55 cozy corners with a view

Bay windows decorate -sprossenfenster-window seat-cushion-small-table-chairs-black-gray

A bay window is not necessarily to Old Building but mostly it gives the room an attractive, distinctive look. Apartments and houses in the old style are preferred by the romantics and the lovers of classic charm. Each old building is characterized by unique elements in the exterior and interior and offers cozy corners with a special ambience. If you have such a highlight in the house, you can with a lot of passion Decorate the bay window and prepare a small oasis there to relax.

Corner at the window – decorate the bay window

Bay Window Decorate-curtains-white-wood-floor-wall-paint-beige-upholstery-furniture-linen-pillow-wall-clock

The bay window is a special window construction, which looks out of the building facade, so a kind of stem on the facade, but which belongs to the interior of the house. It is a wonderful opportunity to decorate a bay window and create the perfect corner where to relax and read a book or enjoy a glass of wine in peace and quiet. You should only have certain architectural features. Everything else is possible using small sofas or benches, cushions, pillows and curtains. Then the window seat is certainly the favorite place of the house.

Decorate bay windows and enjoy the natural light

Oriel window decorate-table-solid wood-oval-hoker-parquet-floor-style-mix-bench

The bay window is a way to enjoy the natural light at home and in complete privacy. You can decorate a bay window and make it the highlight of each room. Especially beautiful looks a light-flooded dining area. In the curved shape of the bay window can be wonderful to install a seating area or a bench. Also an oval dining table would fit wonderfully here. Of course, this particular window construction is equally suitable for every room. In the bathroom there could be a freestanding bath tub mounted and in the sleeping area or in the baby room can be made a kind of daybed. To feel really comfortable on the windowsill, you need a suitable mat like a mat or a mattress, which usually has to be made to measure, and many, many pillows. For a modern touch, you can combine cushions in dark and light colors and create great contrasts. A side table and maybe a standard lamp can add to the comfort you need for relaxed reading evenings.

Bay window in the dining room for natural light

Bay windows decorate-dining-room-wood-simple-rustic-koerbe-wand

If you are lucky owner of a bay window, you have several options for the design available. The decoration options depend on the size of the bay window in the first place. The most important feature of the bay window are the large windows that can set unique accents in the room. The architectural highlight is a perfect light source and makes the room appear larger. If you want to decorate the great bay window, you can embellish it with curtains. They always and everywhere fit and are not only beautiful to look at but also useful. If it gets too hot in the summer in the room, you can put light curtains or airy curtains on the window.

Bay window in the living room for great views from the living area

Bay window decorate-window-wood-living-room-cpuches-coffee table-wall-color-lilac-pictures

Bay windows make the room look homelier and the curtains enhance this effect. Beautiful curtains for the bay window undoubtedly match every style of furnishing. Whether country house style, modern or shabby chic – the curtains on the bay window protect against prying eyes. At the same time they also let enough light through. If the curtains are to be suitable for darkening in the bedroom, you can choose heavy and dark fabrics or attach blinds. Curtains for bay windows are available in different materials and colors.

Light-flooded living room in light gray with bay window

Bay window decorating-living room-gray-couches-cushion-cushion-curtain-hanging-lamp

With patterns, you can set pretty accents in the room and decorate them in style. For a great look, it’s important to choose curtains that reach down to the floor. With short curtains the window looks optically smaller. Of course, if you want the special window shape to be more effective, you can also leave the window front free of curtains. Especially with small bay windows, it is better not to restrict the view of the bay window.

Set bay window as the center of the room

Bay window decorate -extravagant-furnishing-colored-easy chair-couch-velvet-black-pink-gold

When decorating a bay window, it makes sense to design the bay window to match the rest of the interior, creating a harmonious overall picture. Decide in which color you want to make the bay window. Depending on what the rest of the facility is, you can adjust the color of the bulge to the rest of the environment. Another possibility would be to make the bay window in a completely different color and thereby create a great contrast and eye-catcher in the room. If the main room is simply furnished, you can set colored accents without hesitation and bring more movement into the room. A bay window in terracotta or rich blue gives the simple and unobtrusive white walls a special touch and lets the typical playfulness of the bay window come into its own.

Decorate bay windows and decorate with beautiful curtains and stucco

bay window-decorating-antique-moebel-dining table-oval-solid wood-polsterstuehle-chandelier-crystal

Accessories and small design elements contribute to a successful decoration. Tea pot holders or magnificent candle holders, as well as murals, collages and photos can also be part of a fascinating decoration. Take advantage of the special shape and perhaps attach a modern pendant light that emits soft light from the ceiling of the bay window. Even if you can not enjoy the wonderful view outside in the evening, the bay window turns into a cozy place.

Bright living room with bay window with interesting color scheme

bay window-decorating-living-pink-fireplace-mister-white-couch-cushion-images-together

Particularly charming and impressive is a hanging bench or swing, which you fasten in the ceiling of the bay window. A swinging window seat offers comfort and tranquility and looks really great. There you can free yourself from everyday worries and spend relaxing hours with great views. A bay window can turn you into a tropical oasis, as it is bright and warm even in the cold months. Plant stems and vine plants are a stylish floral decoration. The weightless plant composition gives the bay window more depth and ensures a natural decoration. A charming and interesting idea are small vases or glass bulbs that you plant and attach in the window frame. Plant lovers can transform the self-designed green oasis with the appropriate lighting into a cozy retreat. Let your creativity run wild and give the special window shape an individual touch.

Living room with upholstered furniture in monochrome colors

bay window-decorating-living room-black-white-fireplace-upholstered chairs curtains-light gray

Decorate bay windows and use colored upholstery

bay window-decorating-living room curtains-couch-chair-cushion-velvet pink-blue-coffee table-glas0

Bay window with white curtains and turquoise wall paint

bay window-decorating-wall color-turquoise-polsterstuehle-violet-side table-wooden floor-curtain-white

Decorate bay windows and make a cozy corner in the house

bay window-decorating-waohnzimmer-window seat pillows-chair-cushion-light gray-cream white-table lamp

Bay Window decorating-bedroom-brick wall-white-upholstered beds and white chairs

Bay windows decorate the bedroom bench desk outlook

Bay Window-decorating-living room-fireplace-bench-Roman blinds

Bay Window-decorating-living room-modern-built-bench-green-sitzkissen

Bay Window-decorating-living-sitting area-cushion-built-wall shelves

bay window-decorating-and-white book shelves pillows cushion-mattress-woman-outlook

bay window-decorating-kaminofen-juteteppich-couch-cushion-beige-upholstered wall-color-white

bay window-decorating-modern-dining room-dining table-wood-dark polsterstuehle-chandelier-vases

bay window-decorating-modern window seat-couch-table-oval-chair carpet

bay window-decorating-modern-carpet-muscter-black-white-chairs minimalist side table

bay window-decorating-modern curtains-curtains-workplace-sitzecke pillows Flowers

bay window-decorating-table-marble top-polsterstuehle-couch-small curtains beige-chandelier-wood floor

bay window-decorating-vintage rustic-black-white-solid wood-chandelier-sideboard-deco

bay window-decorating curtains-green-coffee table-glass top-vase-flower-couches-white

bay window-decorating-wooden floor-black-device-classic rustic coffer-couches-antique style

bay window-decorating-wooden floor-dining table-chair-stool-bench-dark brown wall color and white

bay window-decorating-pastel-chandelier-yellow-carpet-coffee table-chair-couch

bay window-decorating-reading corner-modern-schalosien-armchair-coffee table-bookshelf-stehlampe-cream white

bay window-decorating-modern workplace-white-black-yellow-carpet-squares-library wall

bay window-decorating-workplace-white-wall color-desk-material-schalosie-floralmuster Orange

bay window-decorating-open-kitchen-lustikalkuechentheke-stool-seat window-table-glass plate

bay window-decorating-parquet floor-kitchen-rustic country house style-white-wood-chandelier

bay window-decorating-dining room-dining table-wood-chairs dark-black-panel

bay window-decorating-dining-curtain-pattern-fabric chairs chandelier-dining table

bay window-decorating-dining-Rattan Chairs-color-chandelier-wall color yellow

bay window-decorating-wall color and gray-window seat-table chairs-white-wooden floor-sideboard

bay window-decorating-wall color-red couch-cushion-carpet-stuck

bay window-decorating-couch-stehlampe-industry lamp-pad-linen fabric-coffee table-schalosien

bay window-decorating-bedroom-bettwaesche-white-floral-pattern pillows-bench

bay window-decorating-nursery-cot-window seat pillows-pad-pattern-beige-pink-brown-yellow

bay window-decorating-window seat mattress pillows-pad-wooden floor-side table-sprossenfenster

Bay windows decorate window seat curtains-dark-matte-white-green

bay window-decorating-window seat pillows-white-blue-pattern-color wall-beige wooden floor Lookout

bay window-decorating-wall color yellowish-white-stucco-sitbank-book shelves-pad

bay window-decorating-classic-device-baroque-style curtains-side table-couch-cushion

bay window-decorating-curtain-fabric-upholstered-chair-antique floral pattern-decorative pillows

bay window-decorating-couch-and-white-stucco-wooden floor-fur rug pillows

bay window-decorating-and-white figures rustic-przellan-chandelier-sideboard-cupboard

bay window-decorating-hallway floor-piano-white curtains-chandelier-table lamp

bay window-decorating-bathroom-tiles-wood-bath-optic freestanding shower enclosure-glass wall

bay window-decorating-bathroom-floor marble bath tub-black cowl-shower-glass wall and white

bay window-decorating-bathroom-marble floor-wall color and gray-detached bath tub-shower

bay window-decorating-modern brick wall-window seat-glass-outside view

Windows & Doors »Folding doors inside – 25 interior doors as space-saving room dividers

Folding doors inside -white-office-parquet-floor-room-open-shared

Folding doors inside Save a lot of space and are most often needed if rooms are to be separated afterwards. Basically, a folding door consists of wings, which can be folded in a certain direction. Guide rollers at the angle of every other joint allow the Move the individual elements. Fasteners are required above, below and in the middle. The folding door design works on the principle of the accordion.

Folding doors inside – accordion door

Folding doors inside -doors-stairs-minimalist-design-interior

Another type of folding door in is the folding sliding door. It is used primarily as a window front for shops, but also as a room divider for large rooms in offices or public buildings. These doors run over a rail, which is usually fastened at the top. They are attached hanging and can be opened around a corner.

Folding doors inside as wardrobe folding doors

Folding door interior-white-buero-carpet-brown-modern-functional-working space

The wings of a harmonica door can be very narrow. This is particularly space-saving with large fitted wardrobes, doors of storage rooms and a small cellar. This allows very large passage widths. They are wonderful as room divider in oblong spaces. The only drawback is the slow opening when the wings are big.

Suitable for every style of living

Folding doors inside-wardrobe-door-white-bedroom-bed-modern-clothing

The doors save a lot of space and look visually very pleasant and harmonious in combination with the interior design. Versions with different front optics offer the possibility to be adapted to the remaining furniture in the room. The standard dimensions of a folding door for indoor use are 82-85 cm wide and 203-205 cm high. Custom-made products are available on request from the manufacturer.

Design for a harmonious interior design

Folding doors inside -furnished-wardrobe-stairs-white-doors-modern-minimalist

The walk-in wardrobe can also be closed with the practical door design and opened conveniently when required, without taking up too much space when it is open. In this way, you get a perfect room divider and can also leave the wardrobe half or completely open, folding the wings to save space. The folding door wardrobes are not only functional, they also give the room a special, elegant touch. When buying a wardrobe with folding doors, you do not need extra space as with the swinging doors. So you can use the existing space in the hall, living room or bedroom, even in small room sizes. The foldable cabinet doors make it possible to position a cabinet even in corners. A cabinet with a folding door is in no way inferior to a conventional wardrobe.

As a room divider or cupboard doors

Folding door inside-walk-wardrobe-modern-design-chair-and-white window wall

As far as the design of the folding doors is concerned, there are different types of construction. In the suspended design, for example, a guide rail is fixed in the door frame. There is also the standing construction, in which a running machine drives on a guide rail in the ground. Most space-saving doors can only be opened to one side. On the other hand, you can open the double folding doors in the middle and push the individual elements to the left or right.

Two-piece folding door for walk-in wardrobe

Folding door inside-walk-wardrobe-glass-brown-floor-black-indirect-lighting

The space-saving door solution is particularly suitable for narrow and small rooms. Interior folding doors can also be used if you want to give your home a unique touch. In contrast to the commercial doors, the folding doors are less common in apartments, which makes them unique in a sense. An ordinary passage turns into an attractive and modern element in every interior thanks to a folding door. Since these doors can be practically composed of any number of folding elements, they are ideal for wide passages.

Folding door inside Unika from Adielle

Folding door inner-unica-adielle-dark brown white-partition-modern minimalist

Folding doors for the interior can be found in the trade in different designs. Whether made of wood, with a large viewing window, completely glazed or PVC, the different models offer a wide selection for every taste and style. Before you buy a folding door, you must first think about what purpose it should fulfill. Try to choose a material that matches the style of the room. If there are predominantly wooden furniture in the room, then you may be able to choose wood-effect folding doors.

Folding door inside-unica-adielle-dark brown-frame-glass-living room-modern-white

Just like the furniture, such a door exudes the incomparable charm of wood. Folding doors made of wood are easy to clean. For example, you can paint some models and, if necessary, refresh them after years. Foldable glass doors, or perhaps those in aluminum look, are particularly suitable in modern furnished rooms. They have a special lightness. Folding doors inside also have the advantage of letting light through. The room thus appears more open and fresher. In the trade you will find folding doors with inserts made of satined plastic glass, clear glass or textured glass.

Folding door inside-room dividers-unica-adielle-glass-dark brown-frame

The practical folding doors inside you can insert arbitrarily in your apartment. As part of a renovation, you can make great changes with these doors. For example, how do you find a living room that merges with the terrace? By using a folding door you will have an unrestricted view to the terrace and the warm sun rays can penetrate into the living room. The glass folding doors create transparency between interior and exterior. If you want to avoid unwanted glances or protect yourself from too much sun, you can also equip transparent folding doors with roller blinds or blinds.

As a room divider for offices and public buildings

Folding door inside-buero-carpet-white shutters-modern-chairs

For example, in a larger room, you can use a folding door to cut off the wall or TV when not in use. As a room divider, it can also separate the workplace or the open kitchen. A small kitchenette can be locked with the folding door, especially if the room is used as a study. If you do not always want to keep an eye on the cooking line, it is quickly hidden by such doors and if you want to rinse quickly, the door can be opened.

Partition with different front optics

Folding door inner-room divider wood look-ahron-hel-office chairs jaloisinen-illumination

A folding door is ideal for hiding a washing machine or dryer. You may also want to stow fresh towels, the ironing board, the iron and other utensils behind the door. The folding door inside closes this valuable storage space and looks stylish. In the nursery you can also separate a walk-in closet or stow the toy behind a chic door with a convenient shelving system.

Idea for half-open kitchen

Folding door inner-partition-wood-light-Kitchen-living room-small apartment

Perfect for tight spaces

Folding door inside partition bedroom wooden floor duvet carpet-white-ground glass

Folding door inside-partition-wood-glass optics-dark-red-runner pictures

Folding door inside-partition-gray-image-black-white-frame-aluminum

Folding door inside-room dividers-wooden frame-glass-kitchen-dining-gray wall color

Folding door inside-blue-room dividers-flat-f1-foa-design

Folding door inside-stained-glass-wood frame partition-chair-light

Folding door inside-fitted wardrobe-walk-wardrobe mirror fronts-wall color-green

Folding door inside-walk-wardrobe-and-white mirror fronts-parkettboden

Folding door inner-anthea-boffi Kitchen modern minimalist-edged and white high gloss

Folding door inner-lens edge-white-living-room-glass wall partition

Folding door inside-andrew-vassallo-dining room wallpaper apple-banana-flooring-gray

Folding door interior-glass-metal-strip-track strip

Folding door interior-glass-metal edge-carpet-gray-white walls

Windows & Doors »Skylights for skylights as a stylish sunshade for indoors

Blinds for roof windows -white-carpet-decorative-tree-stool-decoration

In rooms in the attic, it gets too hot in summer. If there are also roof windows there is a reasonable visual and sun protection he wishes. Roller blinds for skylights are a classic and functional solution that will also contribute to the modern and decorative atmosphere in the room.

Roof windows for roof windows offer functionality and flexibility

Blinds for roof windows-white-modern-deco-wood-chairs-wallcovering

Glass surfaces on facades and roofs are becoming ever larger in contemporary architecture. Therefore, adequate sun protection is needed. Blinds for skylights, blinds or pleats are to be perfectly adapted to the shape and size of the window frame. The personal design wishes are also an important factor in the choice of the sun protection system for the interior. Different versions are available in the trade – transparent, opaque, translucent and of course optional in numerous colors. colour and texture are ultimately a matter of taste. It is even possible to print individual motifs on the fabric. On the other hand, the blinds should be tailored to the interior design.

Roller blinds for roof windows with different fastening systems

Skylights for skylights bedroom-scandinavian-design-wood-carrier-white

To fix the blinds to the skylight, some variants are available. The most frequently used variant is the standard fastening with screws or clamps. There are also easy-fix roller blinds that are mounted without drilling and simply clamped or glued to the window frame. But this is only possible with smaller areas. The blinds for the attic rooms are adjusted by a handle rail and operated in this way.

Skylights need a precise fit

Blinds for roof windows-bedroom-modern-bed-dark gray-laminate-floor-flexible

The demands in the selection of suitable roller blind models are made to the exact fit and sun protection properties. Each vehicle has certain properties, such as protection against harmful exhaust gases or reflections. The lightness of the material and its care also play an important role. Our tip: Inform yourself before ordering from the manufacturer about the advantages and disadvantages of the different options and collect inspiration for roller blinds for skylights from our image gallery!

Blinds in white in the bedroom

Roller blinds for skylights-Schralfzimmer-holzztraeger-white-scandinavian-design

Modern open kitchen with skylights

Blinds for skylights -kitchen-white-modern-cooking-man-open

Colored blinds for more mood in the room

blinds-skylight-color-green-white-sideboard-deco vase Flowers

Dark skylight roller blinds protect against unwanted sunlight in the morning

blinds-skylight-bedroom bed-pillows-white-wood-dark material

Color the blinds with the room design

blinds-skylight-bedroom-cat-bed-white-modern laminate flooring

Dark blinds over the bed in the bedroom


Different colors and fabrics are suitable for every style of living

blinds-skylight-bedroom bed-coverlet-carpet-wall tiling

Girl’s room with pink blinds

blinds-skylight-pink-maedchenzimmer-fur carpet-white-rollo fabric-color

Blinds especially for children’s rooms with characters from cartoons

blinds-skylight-maedchenzimmer-disney-motive read-hero-mother-kind

blinds-skylight-living room wallpaper works of art-fireplace-leather couch-armchair-wooden floor

blinds-skylight-kitchen-few-fruehstueck-dark blue cloth





blinds-skylight-bedroom furniture-young-black-white-color-single bed-computer


blinds-skylight-bedroom rustic carpet-bedded-wood-brown-beige

blinds-skylight-bedroom-classical moebel-juteteppich-lpmmode bed

blinds-skylight-arbeitszimmer-wall color orange pastel-color-desk-computer


* Many high quality blackout blinds and other products can be found at Velux Find

Windows & Doors »34 ideas for curtains – window decoration, privacy and sun protection

Ideas curtains Strip blue white-

You would like to stage your walls and windows in style? Look at ours Ideas for curtains and curtains in countless designs, colors, elegant designs and pleats. The classic solution for window design has again asserted itself among modern alternatives. Why is window decoration an important factor in the harmony of a room and how does it affect our well-being, read it here.

Ideas for curtains – color trends

Ideas curtain-green color-dining room-design-ideas

You are planning a reorganization of yours soon habitats ? Do you still need a donation in the form of Ideas for curtains ? You are in the right place. The latest trends in window decoration are flowing fabrics, contrasting bold and subtle colors, cheerful patterns and chic designs. The decorative effect of a curtain determines to a considerable extent the ambience of a room.

In the interior, the well-being is now always in the foreground. Curtains and curtains contribute greatly to this, as they have a major influence on the entire interior design. Choosing the right color for your living room, bedroom or other room depends on the overall decor, as well as the flooring and wall design. Examples of different color combinations and patterns can be found below.

Ideas for curtains – which length?

Ideas curtain-modern-white-dining room design

From a practical point of view, flowing, floor-length curtains do not let the sun in and therefore do not heat up the room in the hot summer days due to sunlight. On the other hand, they store the heat in the winter and influence the room acoustics as an additional function, as flexible fabric surfaces reduce the noise. If you close the curtains in the evening, creates a pleasant room atmosphere. With transparent or opaque, patterned or plain-colored curtain fabrics, interesting effects can be achieved. Curtains can be easily exchanged. Even the easy cleaning is a positive aspect.

Sliding curtains for the modern living room

Ideas curtain-neutral-color Living

This exclusive blend of curtains and curtains is enjoying ever increasing popularity and can be perfectly integrated into modern interiors. It is attached to the left and right of the window frame, where the curtain move vertically up and down and push or pull together as needed. So you can find optimal privacy and sun protection according to your own style of furnishing. In addition, the ultra-thin sliding curtains are not only suitable for the windows, but also as wall decorations or room dividers.

Bedroom with the trendy ombre curtains

Ideas-curtain Fensterdeko bedroom ombre-blue color

If you decide on the design and color of the curtains, you can stick to the color scheme, or put an accent in the room. For simply furnished rooms, curtains are a good accent, as they can freshen up the entire interior. The popular ombre look has also prevailed in the interior design and is fully in vogue. Curtains with a gradient from dark to light immediately become an eye-catcher and contrast beautifully with a bright room.

Customize windows

window curtains Living trends 2014 colors idea curtain green

The ideas for curtains for a single room can be as much as you like and usually depend largely on your own preferences. Therefore, you can customize the window decoration in your own bedroom or living room. Always make sure that the colors used in the interior are in harmony with each other and create a successful overall picture. Do not worry about which fabric suits the curtains best.

Ideas for a new window design

modern living room with stove-window decoration ideas curtains-striped

In addition to their practical function as visual and sun protection, curtains are perfect as a window decoration. Without a curtain or an elegant curtain, the window looks bare and unfinished. But when the curtains are hung up, the whole room gets a rounded look. Here’s an example of a new window design where two-tone curtains adorn the windows. The colors used are consistent with the wall color and the rest of the decor, creating a harmonious atmosphere in the living room.

Luxurious curtains for corner windows

draped curtains-beautifully heavy floor-length furniture shabby-chis

One thing is certain for curtains: it can be used to set beautiful accents in any interior. Floor-length curtains made of opaque material are considered to be particularly luxurious and enhance the interior design immediately. They can be tied in a variety of ways to turn the window into a highlight. Various accessories can be used for this, such as tiebacks, Raffarme and elegant fabric ribbons with or without tassels. These accessories should fit well with the design of the curtains and should not be too noticeable.

White tightly draped curtains look puristic

translucent curtains bedroom design design ideas

When it comes to curtains, white is a timeless variant. It suits every interior and furnishing style and combines both light and dark colors. The draped white curtains look noble and puristic and are always a good idea for translucent curtains. However, they are usually not completely opaque and are best combined with a second denser curtain.

Curtains in lively colors

Sun yellow home ideas in the bedroom beach style color scheme

For a playful effect in the interior, ideas for curtains in vivid colors are perfect. This sets beautiful accents in the room that positively influence the whole ambience. Bright colors such as green, yellow or orange combine wonderfully with neutral tones and create a very special interior design. Curtains with more than one color also look very decorative and are a great complement to the interior.

Ideas for curtains for round windows

Ideas like the summer feeling at home conjure up filigree curtains

The ideas for curtains are numerous and can be easily adapted to any window shape and size. The curtain rods often play a role as well and can contribute to the design. Especially with wooden poles and elements, a natural touch is given to the interior, which fits in perfectly with a country house. For modern apartments, ideas for curtains are recommended, whose poles are mounted on the ceiling and have a clean design.

Beautiful floor length curtains

Ideas for Curtains Drapes Living Room Furniture Rugs

The curtains are an important design element of any interior and always contribute to the overall interior design. Take a look at our ideas and find inspiration for your own living area.

Contrasting colors

Armchair Floor-length Gadinen color trends Home design

Trendy floral pattern

Upholstered chairs Dining room furniture ideas Chandelier curtains

Striped eclectic curtains

Modern Living Room Pattern Animal Pattern Ideas for Curtain Designs

Curtains with lively designs

trendy curtains curtains pattern modern home office

Curtains complemented with floor-length scarves

Veranda with pool deck exotic ambience outdoor curtains white

sunshade Opaque curtains-yellow bedroom window design

light white curtains-in bedroom-layers ideas

furnish home-office ideas-furniture gloss white-work-table-curtains

Dining room ideas pastel shades insert interior design

curtains geometric pattern fabric curtains black and white

modern curtain ideas Nursery design decoration

window curtains ideas bedroom furnishings-panoramic windows decoration

Mediterranean design patio ideas curtains-patterned furniture terrace stone floor

ideas set up nursery bedding ideas midcentury curtains white

ideas linen fabric modern-curtains decorate idea-entrance area

Patterned Curtain Country Style Bedroom Design Rustic Curtains

Nursery maids room set up ideas pink red curtains

green azure blue curtains drapes idea beach style bedroom

window design draped curtain ideas window decoration orange

colorful design ideas for curtains chandelier effects

Curtains with side-length scarfs seating group blue-green

Windows & Doors »Glass folding doors for terrace and conservatory – 20 inspirations

Glass folding doors for terrace exterior gray window frame wood floor wood facade cladding

Terraces are a popular spot that connects the living area with the garden in summer and offers a view of the exterior. Glass folding doors for terrace and conservatory create one limitless sense of space while ensuring more safety at home. In the article you will find information about folding doors and folding walls made of glass, as well as the different optics and opening options. A glass folding door can be fully opened and pushed aside so that the boundary between the two areas disappears. When closed, the glass fronts offer a view to the outside and ensure a large amount of daylight in the interior.

Glass folding doors for terrace connect the living space with the outdoor area

Glass folding doors for patio folding-wall-partly-open-wood-frame-concrete-plate-gravel-joints

Folding glass doors for the terrace invite nature into your home, connecting the kitchen, living room or other space with the garden. Distinguished by an elegant design, they embody the idea of ​​the new modern building. Here, in particular, the concept of light is meant, since new buildings are bright and equipped with many windows and glazing. In addition, modern houses are designed with an open living concept that unites the individual areas in a common space.

The functioning of glass folding doors for terrace

Glass folding doors for patio folding wall opening-out-door-terrace-tile-planting

The Terraced folding doors can be pushed together like an accordion and provide a good alternative to the usual doors and windows, which need a lot of space when opening. In contrast, the folded door leaves form a package that can be pushed aside and thus does not prevent free access and view to the outside. Nevertheless, you should plan enough space for the stacked windows, because depending on the number of individual door leaves they can take up to one meter of floor space.

Glass folding doors for terrace and the different opening variants

Glass folding doors for terrace wood-frame-three-wing-single-opening-living-room

The variants for opening the glass folding doors for terrace are varied and depend on the number of desired door wings and the available space. A commonly used multi-wing opening variant is the mechanism for opening the first wings in one direction and pushing the entire wing pack in the opposite direction. Other variants are all folding doors to push together on the same page or to distribute them in two equal-sized packages. When selecting the opening direction, if possible, you should order the glass folding doors with opening towards an outside wall or wall. As a rule, folding doors for the terrace open outwards, so that the door leaves take up no space in the interior. Nevertheless, an opening inwards is also possible.

Terraces folding wooden doors

Glass folding doors for terrace closed-secure-lock-living-room-carpet-glass-side-table

Glass folding doors for terrace with wooden frame have a two-sided natural effect. On the one hand, the barrier-free access to the outdoor area is made possible, on the other hand, the wood conveys a sense of well-being that is reminiscent of nature. Wooden door frames combine beautifully with natural colors and interior elements. Wooden or wood-effect floor coverings, rustic wooden furniture and upholstery in beige or earth tones harmonize beautifully with wooden door and window frames. Often, however, no real wood is used for the frame, but a special foil that gives the popular wood look.

Glass folding doors for terrace with aluminum frame

glasfalttüren-terrace-to-in opening-black-frame-traffic light shade-garden furniture

Terrace folding doors with aluminum frames provide maximum functional reliability and still have a nice look. You can usually choose between white, black or gray as the color for the frame, which allows an adaptation to the interior and exterior. Anthracite is currently very much in vogue as a color for the aluminum door frames and combines perfectly with a modern interior design. Next you can decide for yourself whether the wings should be opened inwards or outwards. The decision usually depends on the available space in each area.

Glass folding doors for terrace – a real eye-catcher

glasfalttüren-terrace-interior-folding doors-wood-frame-partially-opened

Whether pushed together completely, partially open or completely closed, the glass folding doors for the terrace are a real eye-catcher on the facade of the house. At first glance, they look like many large windows side by side, which abolish the distinction between the interior and exterior after opening. If they are only partially open, they provide good ventilation of the interior and the accordion look creates a great visual effect.

Terraced folding doors with lock for more security

glasfalttüren-terrace-wood-closed multiple-wing Interior Living Room patio

Securing the house against thieves and criminals is an important task for every family. The first thing that comes to mind is the front door and windows, but you should not forget the terrace, even if it is at the back of the house. Thieves almost always tend to use the rear entrance to the house. If you want to completely guarantee the safety of your family and your home, then the glass folding doors for the terrace should definitely be provided with an integrated lock. Invest in high-quality locks that are unbreakable.

Glass folding walls for terrace – a flowing transition from inside to outside

glasfalttüren-terrace-patio-living room-interior-black-white-open-accordion doors

The hinged folding doors on the terrace can be adapted to any interior and decorating style. Modern apartments are usually minimalist in style and do not need superfluous elements such as large door frames or window sills. For this case, glass folding doors are suitable for terraces that move on a retractable flat floor rail. These are just as well suited for barrier-free apartments. Thus, the boundary between indoor and outdoor area is completely abolished and thus realized the open living concept.

Glass folding doors provide thermal insulation

glasfalttüren-terrace-heat-protection glass-thermal insulation-comfort-lock safety

Depending on the glass folding wall system, the patio glass folding doors can be thermally insulated and protect the apartment from bad weather conditions. For this purpose, heat protection glasses are used, which do not let the warmth and coziness even in winter. In addition, such windows and glass folding doors do not allow the hot air in the summer in the interior. Such an investment is worthwhile especially for northern areas, where the winter is much colder.

Custom made glass folding doors

glasfalttüren-terrace-wood-stage-lighting-evening-rattan table-pink pillows

Folding doors and folding walls can be custom-made, depending on the available space, the size and the number of door leaves. They are suitable for both front and side glazing and are perfect for quick ventilation of the house. For small terraces and balconies smaller glass folding doors are recommended, which have no more than three or four doors. The smaller the number of leaves, the less space they take.

Energy saving with glass folding doors for terrace

glasfalttüren-terrace-zussammenfaltend floor tiles-open-wohnzimmer

The glass folding doors with thermal insulation ensure energy savings, especially in winter. In summer, no air conditioning is usually required, as the opening allows a generous exchange of air. In this way you not only save money, but protect the environment as a whole. Furthermore, the heat-insulating glass doors do not allow hot air into the interiors when closed. Therefore, they bring benefits to residents both in winter and in summer.

Glass folding doors for conservatory provide a maximum opening to nature

glasfalttüren-conservatory-aluminum-frame lean-to roof-wood facade-brick wall

The winter garden at the house stands for a pleasant atmosphere and direct connection with the outdoor space in every season. Heavy rain, cold wind or even deep snow can not shake off the natural feeling. While the winter garden is mostly closed in winter and autumn, it would be nice to open it in summer and spring and unite with nature.

Functioning and advantages of the folding doors for the conservatory

glasfalttüren-conservatory-growing Roof glazing-modern-interior-living-room furniture

For conservatories, the same glass folding doors are used on terraces. The door panels are first turned over a roller bearing and then moved laterally. Advantages include the enlarged opening, the space-saving design and the easy-to-use mechanism. They are just as easy to use and allow a good exchange of air. Also in this case folding doors are recommended with an opening direction to the outside, so as not to reduce the space in the conservatory.

Folding doors for the modern conservatory

glasfalttüren-conservatory-modern-cultivation-aluminum folding doors Elegant-furniture-white

Like a terrace, the conservatory overlooks the garden or the surrounding area. When the weather is nice and the glass folding doors are pushed aside, the conservatory is transformed into a covered terrace. A threshold-free folding door can also contribute to this because it allows the two areas to merge completely into one another. Whether open or closed, the glass folding doors do not block the view to the outside and let in plenty of natural light in the conservatory.

Conservatory with complete glazing

glasfalttüren-conservatory-folding glass doors Roof glazing-sun-protection awning-red-wall

If you do not want to obstruct the view of the sky in the winter garden, then you can have the entire greenhouse vitrified. The large glass surface lets in the natural daylight and has a beneficial effect on your health. Since the sun is strong in summer, the roof can be protected against the sun by awnings. Bright colors are recommended for sun protection because they do not darken the room as much as the darker ones. If you have the whole conservatory glazed, you probably still need curtains or blinds for the glass walls, if they are lit directly from the sun.

Glass folding doors for terrace or conservatory mounted on corner

glasfalttüren-conservatory-clinker facade-sunlight-planting bucket-garden

To open a larger area of ​​the conservatory, the glass folding doors for terrace can be mounted on the corner. Thus, the entire front of the garden is placed outdoors and the living space becomes a part of the garden. In this way, the conservatory is considered a covered part of the terrace in summer when the doors are pushed aside. For folding doors that are mounted on a corner, an opening in the opposite directions is required.

Pleasant feelings in the conservatory

glasfalttüren-conservatory-house cultivation-living room-white-device-terrace tiles and natural stone

With an open conservatory you can enjoy the birdsong and the scent of blooming flowers and plants in spring and summer, without leaving the comfort of your own home. If you also have children, the glass folding doors for terrace or conservatory offer the possibility for monitoring their outdoor games.

Glass folding doors transform the conservatory into a covered terrace

glasfalttüren-conservatory-sunlight-complete glazing-rattan-wood table

Another advantage of the conservatory is that it offers a place where you can let the plants and flowers to overwinter. Thermal glass folding doors create suitable conditions for the plants to prevent them from entering. The green planters transform the conservatory into a green oasis in winter and create a natural atmosphere in this area.

Aluminum folding door for a small conservatory

glasfalttüren-conservatory-aluminum window frame-house-facade clinker-dining area

Whether large or small, the conservatory always looks good with glass folding doors for the terrace. For a beautiful facade design, we recommend to adapt the material and color of the frames to the other windows. This creates a harmonious overall picture both indoors and outdoors. The door frames should also be in line with the façade or, if desired, create a successful contrast.

Landscaping »59 Ideas for garden gates and garden doors – the first to greet us

garden gates and garden doors wrought iron verschnoerkelt wall brick

The gate welcomes the guests for the first time, actually in front of the homeowner. Garden gates and garden doors also create the first impression of the farmers. At the same time they open the view to the yard. Correspondingly selected and correctly installed, the door emphasizes not only the architectural style of a house, but also the garden design. It should be in line with the fence and the garden landscape be. This largely determines his look.

Garden gates and garden doors – A gate with birdhouses

garden gates and garden doors birdhawk wood design landscape design

With a modest wooden construction, with austere lines or extravagant design, the beautiful ones Garden gates and garden doors please the eye and regulate the access to the property. It is an obstacle to strangers and solemnly welcomes your guests for the first time, actually always in front of the homeowner!

Garden gates and garden doors – ideas for privacy and security

garden gates and gates metal wrought iron ornaments black

You can place a garden door in the yard as a barrier between two different garden zones and thus separate them. This happens very often between the vegetables and the Flower garden. For example, a large hinged door, hinged to the impressive wall masonry, will expressively shape the exterior and define the individual zones there.

Gate systems and garden gates – materials and design

garden gates and garden doors wood chinese hole afford idea

Nowadays the offer in the market is very rich, offered in many different ways Garden gates and garden doors depending on their construction – single, double, with wings or sliding doors. The classic garden gate is with a wing. Its height usually corresponds to the height of the fence. To make it easy to use, this one-wing gate must be wide enough, at least 1 to 1.10 m, it should usually open to the inside, towards the courtyard.

The structure must be stable

garden gates and garden doors bamboo imitation metal brown lacquer decoration

In contrast to the doors inside the house, there are no door frames in most cases. On both sides of the garden door columns are arranged (wood, concrete, brick, stone, metal pipes), which mark the opening in the fence. Sometimes you use a U-shaped frame to which the door is attached. It can be attached directly to the wall with hinges.

Automatic garden doors

folding-garden gates-black-electric-drive

Electronics and automation are already inseparable part of the modern house. They are suitable for every door and gate, regardless of model and size. If you want to stay up to date, you can mount a remote control or install a special lock. The latest craze is a mechanical or electronic system that notifies you when every visitor enters.

Like a painting on the garden fence

Ideas Door for garden wrought-iron branches

The garden gate can be solid or openwork, depending on how far you want to open your privacy to passers-by on the street and vice versa, whether you have a look in your garden landscape want to allow. Very popular are the grate gates, they block the space, but does not obstruct the view. The passers-by can take a look at the beautiful garden and admire the landscape and the owners can in turn follow what happens outside their fence. Actually, however, many homeowners are lately trying to better protect their homes from strangers eyes.

The lattice gate

gartentor-metal-mesh filling-decorative

Lattice gates can not only be made of metal, but also of wood or plastic. If you are looking for a door for your suburban villa or farmhouse, a simple wooden gate is ideal for this case. It blends harmoniously into the green landscape, between the green fence of pruned shrubs and white plastered masonry. When a stranger looks through the door into the garden, he has to fall forward to a certain garden area, to a beautiful tree or shrub, to decorative fountains all around decorated with beautiful flowers, sculptures, garden steps. Often, the entrance to the house also moves directly into view.

Solid garden doors are appropriate for large plots

revolving door-garden-terrace-timber infill-electric drive

Through a thick, solid garden door you try in most cases a complete isolation of the garden landscape from the outside world. This also creates a closed space in his garden, which is hidden from strangers. But that does not mean that you can hide from public curiosity. The eyes of passers-by are attracted to your door “by accident” and they will surely wonder what’s behind the big gate. Thick M except factory and solid gates make the exterior visually narrower and narrower, so they are only suitable for larger plots.

The wooden doors are reasonably priced

garden gates-wood-opaque to semi-close-modern

Garden gates and garden doors made of wood are lightweight, relatively inexpensive and undeniably have decorative qualities. They are easy to work out and after a suitable treatment are very resistant to adverse weather conditions – against rain, snow, cold and heat, humidity and fungus. If you decide to have such a door, choose decay-resistant wood. The fir wood is one of the most beautiful types of wood and requires effective protection to prevent damage quickly. The advantages are simple operation, inexpensive and perfect impregnation. Birch, oak, walnut, chestnut may be other native species of wood appropriate for such use.

Frozen poetry of metal

gartentor-design-metal-black tulip

Metal doors are a long-term solution and that’s their advantage. You can even survive the house. You can buy or order a finished door complete with the fence. Individually designed doors are the best way to show individuality. So you will have a unique look, because there will be no other such door. Metal doors can be broken or tight. No matter what your metal door looks like, it’s important, it looks beautiful. It can even be a true work of art, poetry frozen in metal. The possibilities for decoration are great – small rosettes, winding leaves and twigs, spirals, elegant arrows and many other figures can be noticed on a metal door. The upper part of the door can be elegantly finished in a straight line or in a circular arc. Before painting, you must first scrape the metal off with sandpaper and then lay the paint.

Color plays an important role

gartentuer-red-painted arch-Climbing roses

It is very important in which color the door is painted. You have a wide selection of colors to choose from. The choice of color is directly related to the effect you want to achieve. One way is to choose a striking color that will make your front door afar off. The other way is to make the gate discreet and to strike it inconspicuously in the appropriate color. For example, green can very easily enter the natural vegetation and can be hidden from the eye. If you want to create a sense of simplicity, leave the natural color of the wood at the gate. It also coordinates with the fence of stone or brick. The dark color contrasts with the white plaster and underlines the role of the front door. Elegant and airy is any white lacquered door that stands out well on the dark foliage in the garden. If you decide to paint the gate, do not forget to clean the surface of the old paint first. We wish you a lot of fun!

Garden wall made of concrete and door with glass filling

concrete-garden wall-gartentuer-frosted aluminum-glass

Garden gates and garden doors should harmonize with the rest of the garden and fit well into the entire landscape. Therefore, it is recommended to adapt the design and color of the garden door to the garden wall or fence. For a concrete wall, for example, a wooden door would be less suitable than one made of aluminum or steel. The concrete wall has a rough appearance and can not be combined so well with the natural look of the wood. A garden door with a dark gray aluminum frame and a frosted glass filling harmonizes perfectly with the concrete wall and creates a beautiful overall picture.

decorative garden door made of rusty metal


The rust appearance is becoming increasingly important in garden design and has already become a popular element for many different garden styles. The most popular material for this is the Corten steel, which can set wonderful accents in the garden. With a decorative garden door made of Cortensteel you can give your green space a romantic touch. Since the garden gates and garden doors with decorative elements are not opaque, they are best suited for the subdivision of different areas in their own property.

opaque wooden garden gate with bamboo pole filling

gartentor-doppelfluegel-wood-frame-filling bamboo-opaque

However, if you are looking for an opaque version for the garden gate, then solid wood is a good idea. This material protects your garden area not only from the prying eyes of the neighbors, but also from a burglary. The solid wood is a dense material that is particularly stable and durable. It can be ordered for a visually more beautiful design with a different filling, such as bamboo poles.

the perfect gate for a Mediterranean garden

gartentor-doppelfluegel-wood-wrought iron-Mediterranean-garden

If you have opted for a dreamlike Mediterranean garden, then the garden gates and garden doors should be in harmony with the style. Wooden garden gates decorated with wrought iron elements fit in well with this garden design. This beautiful combination harmonises beautifully with green climbing plants and blends in perfectly with the Mediterranean garden design.

secure garden gate handles

garden gates-single-double-wing-wood-metal handle

If you want to effectively protect your house and the garden from burglary, you must choose a secure garden gate. This goal is to be well secured against prying, so play the handles and the closure here an important role. If the garden gate is high enough that it can not be overcrowded and has good metal handles that can not be broken, then your plot is safer.

Hanging light over the garden gate

gartentor-wood-stone post-metal-arc-opaque

Beautiful and inviting beautiful lights shine over the garden gate. They point the way to the entrance of the house and set the goal and its design successfully in scene. The lighting of the garden gates and garden doors is important not only for the optical garden design, but also for the safety of the property. Burglars are afraid of lights and spotlights and avoid houses with good garden lighting.

Garden gate with decorative purpose

gartentor-metal modern-decorative-without-post

For the garden gates and garden doors within your property, however, you can easily select decorative designs. The garden doors that are in the garden do not necessarily need much protection if the main gate is well secured. With a decorative garden door, you can highlight the style of the garden and create a visual eye-catcher in the outdoor area. Doors made of wrought iron offer a beautiful design idea, because they give the garden area a romantic touch.

white painted garden gate with picket fence left and wrought iron door right

gartentor-white-painted-arc-creeper-metal door

A romantic look for your garden can be achieved with garden doors in wrought iron as well as in wood. The picture shows two good examples. The one garden door is made of wood and painted white for an even more beautiful look. In combination with the planted picket fence and rank bow, the desired effect is achieved. The wrought-iron garden door, on the other hand, is shaped like an elegant tree and offers a view of the garden.

choose the right design for the garden gate

gartentuer-CorTen geometric-line decorative

Garden gates and garden doors can be found in a variety of different designs and combinations of materials and can be easily adapted to the garden design. Choose a goal not only because of its appearance, but continue to pay attention to its properties. If the material is durable, protects against burglary and looks good in the overall picture – then you have found the right garden gate.

Garden door made of wood and metal

gartentuer-metal-frame-wooden-planks filling

Garden door made of solid wood as opaque variant

Products Designer gartentuer-metal hinges-garden wall

Garden gates and garden doors – varied and modern

garden doors made of wood blue-out metal grill gate

Modern design garden gate

Ideas for garden gates and garden doors modern gardening

Stainless steel garden gate

Decorative garden door garden gate stainless steel design

Vintage wooden garden gate

rustic wooden gate garden door idea vintage ideas decoration bouquet

Wrought iron metal garden door gardening ideas design

gartentueren-design-metal filigree filling

Double gate Gartentor wood modern design ideas

Original upcycling idea

Upcycling ideas bicycle garden gates ideas white wooden classic

Garden gate made of metal

Garden gates Garden doors ideas decorative elements

Garden gate made of wrought iron

garden gate wrought iron garden door decorative design

garden gate wing wood blue painted garden edging fence

Garden gates and garden doors in modern design

Garden gates and garden doors -wood-metal combination

Massive door garden door Wood country style Screening wall construction

classic metal patio door-patinated or painted design modern

Garden door made of wood-traditional curved shape

garden gate doors in metal country style

Garden gates and garden doors solid wood-metal-hinges-japan-garden

gartentor-corten steel-opaque-laser cut

garden gate Garden Door Metal Vintage Stone Privacy Wall

Garden door made of wrought-iron climbing supports

Metal gate garden fence wrought iron ideas garden design

Garden door roofed ideas design wood or metal

garden gates and garden doors wood white-low two wings

Country house garden elements Garden door iron frame decorative black

auricular doors-slate gray-painted-metal-arch-light Garden gates and garden doors

metal lattice gate ideas farm fence

blue wooden door in the garden Screening wall Climber Fuchsia

Wooden garden door with view window in heart shape. Garden elements

garden door decorative wrought iron decorative fence tips

Garden design garden door-wood-red painted garden fence ideas

Windows & Doors »33 Ideas for front door – swinging door with side swivel axis

Solid wood door design apartment entrance door family house modern

There are different types of Apartment doors that can be used depending on the project, needs and preferences. The functions that they entail depend on the movement type of the fixed elements. Front doors no longer serve only to delimit rooms and land, but are a design tool for creating light and space effects. So the modern apartment entrance door is part of the overall concept and completes the facade design. So that you choose the perfect door for building a house, we offer you to get some inspiration here.

Apartment entrance doors – individuality for your home

Burglary protection Front door with lateral axis of rotation Residential building Outdoor communication

Revolving doors are for entryways rather untypical. However, these have a number of advantages that you have to think about when choosing the right apartment door. Revolving doors are particularly suitable for people with disabilities. As an interior door, they create more space in the living quarters and also allow unhindered opening in an emergency. A special form is the space-saving swinging door with lateral axis of rotation, where the movement space on both sides of the door is the same or similar.

Front door with glass insert

Delimitation interior-exterior modern villa water garden glass insert

Apartment doors have many responsibilities and are therefore from our lives unimaginable. The front door is the final touch of the façade design of a house. Small and large, massive and sumptuous, light and simple doors are available in different versions. Therefore, each species finds its specific application. The front door can be off solid wood , Glass, plastic or metal. Discreet colors, inlays and different types of wood are combined in a virtuoso manner.

Doors for the entrance and interior

Modern residence Facilities outdoor front door swing gate Christopher design

The swinging door with a lateral axis of rotation is a usually simple door, which has to be very resistant and not easily damaged if used as a front door. It offers privacy and protection from unwanted glances, sound and heat loss and fires etc.

Apartment entrance doors offer protection from the outside world

Metal Glass Insert Stepping Stone Lawn Entry Door Side Rotary Axis Jon Luce Builder

Because the modern front door It serves as a design element for the delineation of interior and exterior areas and should be in keeping with the architecture of the house. Once you have decided on a style and a model, you will also choose a bell and a letterbox that will fit in the front door of the apartment. So you get an overall picture that looks harmonious.

Exclusive door design made of the finest materials

Door side pivot axis facade design modern front door swing gate

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