Dreamhouses »Luxury villa with stunning views offers relaxation under the palm trees

Dream Villa Hawaii Palm Trees Ocean

We present you one Luxury villa with a dream view , which offers optimal rest under the palm trees. Located on the beach in Hawaii, the dream home delights with glazed facade, large swimming pool in the garden and the use of wood in the interior. Enjoy the virtual tour!

Luxury villa with stunning views in Hawaii

small round coffee table glass facade view ocean

The luxury Villa with a dream view in Hawaii was built as a vacation home for a young family and their friends. The house facade was glazed generously, so that enough sunlight can come into the rooms and the guests can enjoy the beautiful landscape. The first floor is connected by sliding glass doors seamlessly with the outdoor area. The pool in the garden looks more like a natural pond. The large balcony on the second floor looks over the ocean. The wooden house construction follows the traditional architecture of the region.

Luxury villa with stunning views and luxurious interiors

Colonial style four poster bed blue duvet Luxury villa with dream view

Also in the interior, the enthusiastic Luxury villa with a dream view with stylish color combinations. The interior designers were inspired by the ocean – in almost every room accents are set in the maritime look. Exotic dark wood, marble and granite were used in the decor. The colonial style of the furniture is in harmony with the overall concept. The azure blue color of the duvet in the bedroom contrasts with the dark wood furniture. Cozy white upholstered furniture in the living room provide plenty of seating for residents and guests. In the dining area, inseparable from the fitted kitchen, stylish rattan chairs attract the eye. The bathrooms are equipped with whirlpool baths and provide rest after a long day. It is an absolute dream house, where one likes to spend the vacation.

The bedroom with four-poster bed

Wood Flooring Copper Window Frame

The living room with blue accents

Living room furnishings maritime look blue

Balcony on the second floor

Holiday house view ocean Hawaii holiday luxury villa with stunning views

The cozy dining area

Dining room furniture chairs mahogany table

Rattan furniture in the kitchen

Furnishings kitchen island barstools rattan

Marble and dark wood for the kitchen

Marble kitchen back wall gallery kitchen wood counter

Stylish youth room

Colonial style office mahogany dresser bedroom cottage

Colonial style guestroom

Colonial style duvet motifs wooden furniture balcony

Bathroom with luxurious furnishings

Plant deco marble wooden cabinet mirror round

Bathroom with a chic look

Bathroom design mirror sink cabinet

Bathroom with a view over the ocean

freestanding bathtub whirlpool marble wall green

Pool with lighting

Hawaii pool lighting palms whirlpool

Generously glazed facade

Dream view pool wooden house Hawaii facades design

The pool has a natural shape

Dream House Pool Lighting Pond Hawaii Villa

Luxury villa with a dream view

Wooden house glass facade garden lighting Hawaii

Dreamhouses »Modern solid house with a cozy courtyard

modern solid house garden

On modern massive house with a cozy courtyard – that’s the best way to describe Casa Reforma. The solid stone units are extended horizontally. With geometric shapes and no curves, the house has been built in a minimalist style. In front of the entrance is a small pond, which reflects the volume of construction. A pebbled path leads to the cozy patio area with upholstered seating. A pool is within reach and invites you to cool off from the hot sun.

Modern solid house with geometric shapes

Garden pebble path shelter

On modern massive house with geometric shapes attracts attention. The project was from Central de Aruqitectura designed and built, which developed a concept for a city villa. Generously glazed facade opens the ground floor to the garden – and leaves plenty of sunlight in the house. A pergola casts shadows on the living area. The interior design impresses with tasteful color and fabric combinations – black and gray were used extensively, and burgundy and orange set accents. The bright walls and floor provide the perfect backdrop for the family’s photo collection. A photo wall sets accents and ensures cosiness.

Modern solid house with elegant interior

Sofa chairs-glass coffee table

The modern massive house connects the interior with the exterior. Similar to the façade design, the natural materials were preferred – stone, wood, leather, marble were used in the furniture. The lighting was installed in the walls, which sets interesting accents in the bathroom. In the living room a table lamp scattered soft light. Cozy sitting areas have been set up everywhere – the black and white sofa sets look particularly chic. On modern massive house , with comfortable and luxurious interior design – this is how Casa Reforma describes itself.

Black and white furniture in the living room

Table lamp marble table living room

Large living room with hi-tech video system

upholstered sofa-gray small coffee table

Interesting flooring in the library

Library wall shelf sofa set decor

Sofa with plush upholstery

minimalist wall unit-orange sofa

Fitted kitchen and small bar

small bar bar stools

Beige-brown bathroom

Bathroom design idea bathroom furniture

Garden with planted wall and pond

modern garden landscaping grass

Pool in the garden

Garden massive house pool

Solid house with garden pond

Massive house pond garden

Construction sketch of the modern massive house

Modern city villa -Bauplan

Construction plan of Casa Reforma

Massive House Bauskizze floor plan

House blueprint

House blueprint in the bleed

Dreamhouses »Living room furnishings – ideas for open living space

Skylight modern penthouse

Photos by: Russ Heinl

We present you luxurious and cozy Living room furniture Ideas – create an open plan living space that combines kitchen, dining room and living room. The project is called 910 and was designed and realized by the Smith designers. This chic loft has everything you could ask for – large windows that open the interior to the city skyline, wood flooring and a high ceiling. The apartment was for a young couple who likes to spend their free time with friends. According to their lifestyle, a homely yet elegant ambience was created

Living room furniture – choosing colors and furniture

open living room white sofa

Photos by: Russ Heinl

The living room, the dining room and the kitchen were all decorated in black. The kitchen island is one level higher than the rest of the living area. Illuminated by soft pink pendant lights, the kitchen looks visibly brighter thanks to a marble back wall and marble floor. A fireplace in the middle of the room separates the living area from the dining area. Cozy corner sofa with white upholstery and a large coffee table provide ample seating for the circle of friends.

Living room furniture – Organize dining area

round dining table Photos by: Russ Heinl

A dining table with a round dark wood table and a floral patterned carpet were set up for the family. The Living room furniture is in line with the dining area so that the open plan living space looks complete. Even in the cozy bedroom, a black and white color scheme has been used. The black granite floor stands in contrast to the white wall with TV. Also in the bathroom nothing was saved – luxurious shower cubicle and large sink attract the attention. The talented designers at Smith Designs have clearly demonstrated with this project that a consistent color scheme can transform the home completely.

Gas stoves and dark carpet

modern open plan living area Photos by: Russ Heinl

flat for young family- kitchen

small kitchen island-modern decor

Photos by: Russ Heinl

great living room

cozy living area-interesting lighting

Photos by: Russ Heinl

White sofa in the living room

Gas fireplace open-white living room sofa Photos by: Russ Heinl

Wooden furniture in the dining room

dark carpet white furniture dining place Photos by: Russ Heinl

wine shelf

Wine rack modern living room furnishing idea Photos by: Russ Heinl

White fitted wardrobes in the bedroom

white wardrobe bedroom Photos by: Russ Heinl

Bedroom with dark flooring

black flooring granite Photos by: Russ Heinl

Dreamhouses »Interior in monochrome style – W.I.N.D. House by UNStudio

interior in monochrome style modern wood terrace glass

This modern house with Interior in monochrome style is located in the Netherlands and more precisely on the edge of a Dutch village in the north. The design for the house comes from UNStudio. In order to be able to fully utilize the warmth of the sun, both the front side, which has the open living area with a view of the garden, and the back of the house with the working – and sleeping area glazed. The side walls were instead kept closed. This also guarantees privacy as it separates the house from neighboring buildings. Also interesting is the shape of the house. All four sides are curved, forming flights reminiscent of the leaves of a four-leaf clover. The front two wings of the house with interior in monochrome style are connected by an open staircase with the rear two wings.

Interior in monochrome style and large windows

wind house design idea window terrace lawn garden

Another special feature of this dream house The interior design in monochrome style is mainly the home automation, thanks to which the house is adapted to its environment and the different seasons. The house in the living area offers an integrated control system with touch screen of the mechanical and electrical systems. This includes the solar panels, which provide solar energy. In this way it is possible to control all devices individually. In the outdoor area, this is possible via a LAN connection. For a heat recovery is also provided. Thus, a heat pump and a mechanical ventilation for heating and cooling of the family house with interior in monochrome style.

Interior in monochrome style – living area overlooking the garden

outdoor house design monochrome style garden terrace

Underground garage as part of the interior

garage house car design idea automation modern style

Side facade of the house with monochrome interior design

facade wind house unstudio gray design

Interior of the living area in monochrome style

living area window level corridor monochrome furnishing

Living room and dining area designed monochrome

living area living room dining area window front monochrome design

Modern, monochrome kitchen of the house

kitchen wind house monochrome set up dining table parquet

Living room in monochrome design

living room interior in monochrome style sofa canape carpet

Bedroom interior in monochrome style with bathtub

bedroom design bathtub monochrome modern interior

Interior in monochrome style – hallway and staircase with library

Bookshelf library interior in monochrome style staircase

Stair area in monochrome color choice

open stairway interior design idea monochrome house

family house interior in monochrome style door entrance glass

house interior in monochrome style garden terrase window front

wind house design wing architecture solar energy recovery

air pump warmth design solar energy wind interior energy saving house

architecture house unstudio design idea oeko solar energy interior monochrome

unstudio design idea house wing style architecture

wing wind house shamrock shape design architecture style

landscaping wind house design unstudio wing interior

interior in monochrome style floor plan wing design

A design of UNStudio ,

Dreamhouses »House and grounds in remote locations for complete relaxation

house and ground holiday-secluded-mountain-lake-sea

For the well-being and the perfect well-being of a house not only the equipment plays an important role, but also the location of the property. If the environment is pleasant, you automatically feel much better. That’s logic. But if you really want to relax after a stressful working day, maybe you are looking for House and reason , which are away from any civilization and guarantee complete relaxation. Such cottages and villas we would like to introduce you in this article. Start dreaming!

House and grounds with a view

house and ground huette-klein-berg-aussicht-meer

House and Grounds in this Example of Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects are located in a secluded spot on the San Juan Islands in Washington State. It is a small hut called Eagle Point. It offers a wonderful view of the surroundings, including the sea. To give the natural look the finishing touch, the roof was planted. The cabin offers everything needed to really relax.

House and land in France

house and ground black facade wood forest land lot idea

Since this house is surrounded by all sorts of vegetation, you get the feeling of being really far away from the rest of the world. The house has a modern design with a black wooden facade and large windows that allow you to observe nature. House and grounds are perfect for a relaxing holiday as well as for daily life. The Black Wood House is by Marchi Architects.

Land and house on the coast

house and ground minimalist-living-room-window-front-glass

Those who find the sea particularly relaxing will find a special liking for the house and the reason on the coast. The natural materials make the villa blend beautifully with the natural surroundings, while large windows give a perfect view of the sea. A system that stores water and processes and cleans dirty water also provides an environmentally friendly feature. The design is by Patterson Associates and can be found in New Zealand.

Holiday home in New Zealand

house and ground timber landscape wood architecture big window

House and land cover an area of ​​20 hectares and belong to a couple working in the film industry. This retreat should offer the couple a chance to relax and serves as a holiday home. It is located on a peninsula with impressive nature and landscape. The largely wooden house was designed by Herbst Architects.

Retreat on the Arctic Circle

house-ground-Scandinavian-style wood-design-holiday

Kolman Boye Architects built this attractive and cozy house. It represents the Scandinavian style, which seems only logical by the fact that house and ground are in Norway. If you want to escape the stress of everyday life, is there in the right place. Amidst the wild nature is disturbed by nothing and no one. What more do you want?

Modern house with pool


The ALON house of AABE is modern in design and guarantees complete relaxation among other things by the large pool. In addition, there are large windows for the two-storey house, which guarantee a perfect view of the sea. House and grounds are on the coast of France – a dream house that everyone wishes!

Scottish landscape

house-ground-house-minimalism-bauhaus bungalow

House and Ground in this example provide a view of Loch Dunvegan in Scotland. To make this view as perfect as possible, the modern design is thanks to the team of Dualchas Architects. The location amidst the stony and green landscape of Scotland makes this holiday home the perfect retreat, where rest is guaranteed.

Modern bungalow


For the holiday house and reason do not always have the same size. This bungalow with modern block design and black facade proves that even small retreats can fulfill their purpose. The cabin designed by Fearon Hay Architects is located right on the beach. The foldable window fronts even make you feel closer to the sea. The Storm hut is located on an island in New Zealand.

Neutral facade

house-ground-bungalow-style style-wood-boards-white-gray

This house should visually as well as possible adapt to the environment. If you want to escape from everyday life, this is the place for you. The house and grounds are located on a lake in Ontario, Canada, with the architecture coming from Superkül Inc. The wood-clad house is called SHIFT and combines traditional elements with a modern style.

Minimalist design


This luxury villa is a five-story home that offers everything you need to relax: comfortable furnishings, a pool and a gorgeous setting with lush plants. The house and grounds are located in Koh Samui, Thailand, where the design was developed by Marc Gerritsen. The Naked House has a modern architecture and views of the sea.

House on an island


Especially secluded are this house and reason. Location is the small island Fogo in Canada. The house has an elongated shape with a minimalist design that mimics the seasons. Here one is not disturbed in any way. This is what the designers of Saunders Architecture have taken care of.

Mountain landscape and modern design

house-ground-wood-tile-concrete-everyday-relaxation Mountains

The house has a modern design, with elements that are typical of a mountain hut, not missing. EXE Studio has really done perfect work to create a retreat. House and grounds are located in Serbia and more precisely on a hillside on the mountain Maljen. Wooden shingles in gray color with a weathered look make the hut look authentic.

House and ground on a cliff

house-ground-modern-design-panorama-holiday-making luxury

We conclude our article with an attractive and modern house built on a cliff. In this way, house and grounds offer a particularly interesting peisage that impresses from every side of the house. This creates a particularly pleasant atmosphere, created by Gubbins Architectos. The villa is located in Tunquén in Chile and is called Mirador.

Designs by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects
Marchi Architects

Pattersons Associates
Autumn Architects
Kolman Boye Architects
Dualchas Architects
Fearon Hay Architects
Superkül Inc
Marc Gerritsen
Saunders Architecture
EXE Studio
Gubbins Arquitectos

Dreamhouses »Exposed concrete interior for floor and ceiling – An architect house in Israel

Exposed concrete inside-hillside eucalyptus-tree-fence-privacy-evening

The Israeli architectural office Pitsou Kedem has a house with contemporary design designed for the architect himself. Similar to the projects of the architects, here too is a flat rectangular appearance of the building and Exposed concrete inside and to be found outdoors. Rough, unprocessed surfaces of wood, steel and natural stone combined with infinite window walls along the rooms are only a small part of the remarkable design. The result is a timeless, up-to-date architectural object that hides all the functions and characteristics of a family home.

Exposed concrete inside and outside for floor and ceiling in an architect’s house

Exposed concrete inside-lawn-house-architects-house-garden-terrace

The elongated rooms with exposed concrete inside for floor and ceiling generate a feeling of infinity. From one side to the other, natural light streams through the large glass fronts without window frame. There are several eucalyptus trees in the garden and through the windows. The house is actually built on a slope and extends over two floors. The basement is not completely under the earth and brings the bedrooms under. On the ground floor there is a living room with open kitchen and dining area and of course a play area for the children of the architect. The furniture is characterized by contemporary design using natural materials and fabrics by current artists.

Modern design with exposed concrete inside for floor and ceiling

Exposed concrete interior-exterior-house-window-wall-living-room-elliptic-tree

Concrete for floor and ceiling in the living area

Exposed concrete interior floor-living-room-dining-table-chairs-architect-house

Open kitchen with dining room

Exposed concrete inside -essbereich-offenekueche-wood-fronts-wallcovering

Exposed concrete for floor, ceiling and roof

Exposed-concrete interior-window-wall-outside-garden-dining-area-dining-table-stuehele-lawn-tree

Decorative holes in the wall and lawn in the garden

Exposed concrete indoor-garden-dining-table-chairs-living-room-glass-wall-tree-bushes

Eucalyptus trees in the garden of an architect house in Israel

Exposed concrete inside - eucalyptus-tree-carpet-pattern-sun-light-shade

Window and concrete walls

Exposed concrete interior glass wall eucalyptus-couch-house-garden-architect-house-modern-design

Ground level living area in an architect house in Israel

Exposed concrete interior-living room-modern-furniture-children-wall-shelf-wood-white

Split living area with partitions

sight-inside-living room walls white-wall shelf-books-couch-module-cushion carpet

Modern decor with designer furniture made of natural materials

sight-inside-wall-glass window wall-wood sheets vertically-floor passage

A family house designed by the architect for himself

sight-inside-flooring-deske-dividing walls-white-glass wall-wall shelves

Visible and sun protection with ground-level wooden slats

sight-inside-floor-ceiling-face protection-wood slats vertically-kids-play-ternnwaende

The house is on the hillside

sight-inside-glass wall-window wall-path-race-children-playing-hang

sight-inside-sink-minimalist ziegelwand-gray-window wall-wood sheets vertically-

sight-inside-bedroom wall-white-ceiling-floor fan workstation

sight-inside-stair-ceiling-open light-stair-kind-metal-verkelidung

sight-interior-wall-round-window-children-playing-window wall

sight-interior-wall-white-round-window-papierflieger-kind game

sight-inside-to-round-window-living room-lighting-dining table

sight-house interior designer-Israel kiselsteine ​​trees Eucalyptus sky-good weather

Exposed concrete interior-architect-house-hang-evening-tree-eyecliptus-tree-pebble-lighting

Exposed concrete interior -haus-architektenhaus-garden-exterior-dining-table-chairs

sight-inside-pebbles-wood lamella-face protection-night-lighting-archtektenhaus

sight-inside-modern-architecture-design-architect house-garden-children

sight-interior-architect house-night-garden-baeume-lighting-plant

sight-interior-architect house-face protection-children-playing-pebbles-wood slats


Plan of the house and land

sight-inside-plan-house-architect house floor plan splitting areas plot

sight-inside-section-view-plane-stair-two floors architect house-

sight-inside-plane plot-house-section TREES-grundriss

* Architect’s house of Pitsou Kedem Architects

Dreamhouses »Modern luxury steel and glass villa with beautiful panoramic views

modern luxury stone house and glass facade

These modern luxury villa in Malibu was built in 1993 by Edward Niles and spreads to about 17 acres. The house is located on a hill and has a beautiful outlook on the Pacific Ocean. The property was still called the Henman House. This name comes from the two owners who wear the Henman family – director Graham Henman and fashion designer Paris Henman. The luxury villa has 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a large outdoor pool, a heliport and parking for 25 cars. The soil is made of petrified limestone.

The modern luxury villa in Malibu – furniture and design

modern luxury villa of stone and glass living room

The modern luxury villa It was built predominantly of glass and stainless steel and has breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean and mountain hills in the area. Panels off Glass and steel shape the whole structure of Malibu Villa. Part of the walls was covered with fossils of petrified limestone. All rooms are spacious with high Cover and enormous windows. The kitchen was also originally decorated with black diamond hearth and a lime bar counter. The kitchen also has a built-in barbecue.

The modern luxury villa with exclusive interior design

modern luxury stone house and glass lounge

The master suite has a surround sound system, private patio with panoramic views and a luxury bathroom. The modern luxury villa It also has two large bathrooms, an office room and a separate living room. The villa has been well lit both indoors and outdoors.

modern luxury villa in stone and glass swimming pool

The backyard looks gorgeous with the large outdoor pool. There are also closed bathroom areas with a new sauna nearby. Not far from here you can see the helipad. The house still has garage space for 25 cars, a separate guest house and enough space to build tennis courts and horse stable. These modern luxury villa has also been shown several times on television and in a few movies. The house is currently for sale and is offered on the real estate market for $ 7.95 million.

Living room with stunning design and high ceiling

modern luxury stone house and glass elegance

Dining room with modern furnishings and panoramic views

modern luxury stone house and glass dining area

Kitchen with built-in grill and bar of limestone

modern luxury stone house and glass kitchen

Bedroom with glass walls in bright colors

modern luxury stone house and glass bedroom

Modern bathroom with nice view to the outside

modern luxury stone house and glass bathroom

Access to the garden terrace with glass doors

modern luxury stone villa and glass access terrace

Patio area with modern patio furniture

modern luxury stone house and glass patio area

View of the villa from the outside

modern luxury stone house and glass backyard

The swimming pool in the evening

modern luxury stone and glass house in the evening

The garden of the modern luxury villa in Malibu

modern luxury stone house and glass garden

Dreamhouses »Modern decor meets the typical Thai style

modern furnishings villa-thailand-appartement-siam-mosaic-braiding-organic-shapes

These modern decor Using futuristic, organic forms of natural materials inspired by Thai culture and Buddhism, it was created by some of the world’s most famous architects and designers. The Villa Siam is part of the luxury hotel Iniala and is located in the Gulf of Thailand , Named after its old name, the luxurious villa was designed in 2013 by the Thai designer Eggarat Wongcharit.

Modern decor mixed with Thai eclecticism in the living area

modern interior design villa thailand residential area organic shapes

Everywhere on the walls and the ceiling of the living area, the typical Thai bamboo netting climbs up. The modern interior focuses on meditation and sensuality. The organic, elongated lines of the plants seamlessly connect the spaces with each other, forming pictorial dream catchers. The furniture and artworks are inspired by the surrounding landscape – lotus flowers, climbing plants, turquoise water, pearly white sand-lime brick, and Buddha adorn the interior.

In the dining room behind the dining table for six people shine three Buddha photographs in the colors of the rainbow. The lightness of the meditation and the sensual shape the oval shapes with openings in the modern interior of the whole living area.

Modern furniture realizes sensual private areas

modern arrangement villa-thailand-lotus-appartement-lily-leaf-climbing-plant

The villa comprises two thematic private areas – lotus and Siam Suit ,

The Lotus Apartment is inspired by the symbol of the lotus flower and brings forth its mysticism. The lotus and water lily leaves in pastel green are arranged fluently behind and above the bed and accompany the guest in the dream world. Next to it floats a sofa whose lower part is decorated with pearl white mosaics. In the bathroom, a Thai graphic designer created the typical koi carp.

Just opposite is the second apartment – Siam Suit – which symbolizes yin and yang. It has two bedrooms with cocoon-shaped bamboo beds, curved according to the traditional craft techniques of the area. The flooring was made in detail from white natural wood.

The eye-catcher in this luxury villa is definitely the spa and wellness area. The golden walls, inscribed with Buddhist teachings, harmonize with the hand-cut mirrors and the door handles with Buddha gestures. The shower, toilet and steam cabin were placed and designed according to the traditional Thai techniques used in the construction of the temple. The spa of the extraordinary home shines from top to bottom in antique gold with Buddhist teachings translated into English.

The unique feature of the villa is the masterful combination of modernity and the eclecticism of Thai culture – netting, glass mosaics, images and statues of Buddhist gods are only a part of the lush design.

Water lilies and lotus flowers in the bedroom inspire you to dream


Modern Interior – Floating Seating Area in Lotus Suit


Koi fish in the adjacent bathroom of the Lotus Appartements

modern-device-villa-thailand-bad-koi-fish-graphic designers

Modern Interior – Organic Shapes in Siam Suit


Cocooned lounge island and bed


Bamboo braid also in the bathroom


The spa area – a golden dome

modern-device-villa-thailand-spa-wellness-gold Buddha temple

Gold lettered walls with Buddhist teachings


In the garden also rain showers are provided to the guests


A project of CRAFACTOR

Dreamhouses »Easy-care indoor plants as part of the interior design

Easy-care indoor plants-inner-gravel-cement floor

The longing for green in big cities has never been so great. This shows the continuing enthusiasm for urban gardening and the innovative solutions such as green facades. Big plants and trees in pots used to decorate hotel foyers, shopping centers and large public buildings such as airports, railway stations, museums and universities. Today they are increasingly a solid Part of the interior design and turn private houses and lofts into green oases of well-being. Easy-care indoor plants are integrated into the interior design in such a way that they create a pleasant contrast to modern functionality. Green plants invigorate dwelling and inhabitants, increase the quality of life and provide freshness. Today we show you an excellent house, where indoor greening is an important element of innovative interior design. Due to the special flair of the fresh green, the minimalist decor looks very comfortable.

easy-care-house plants-inside-gravel bed-spatula ground

Located in an eco-village in Shiga, Japan, Kofunaki House was designed by Sumiou Mizumoto and Yoshitaka Kuga, architects from the ALTS design office. Driven by the desire for residents to experience the changing seasons in their own homes, they have integrated a small gravel garden in the middle of the living area. Their inspiration was the primeval people who lived in the forest. Through easy-care indoor plants, the rooms were given a green soul and created a unique ambience with an outdoor feeling throughout the house.

easy-care-house plants-indoors-gravel bed-wood furniture

Natural and yet modern, the combination of concrete, light wood and plant green is a real eye-catcher. The pebble bed on the ground floor exudes the magic of a Japanese garden and at the same time offers a modern, geometric look. The selected plants do not attach a high value to permanent sunshine and require relatively little water. The living area is distributed over two levels, which are connected by a straight staircase. With white curtains instead of doors, the room is adapted to different requirements and looks more generous. There are also many skylights and large windows through which the light can fall in undisturbed. In the evening, strategically placed lights provide a pleasant atmosphere and underline the beauty of the plants and shrubs.

easy-care-house plants-inside-living room-house

easy-care-houseplants-gravel bed-sized plant-stairs



bathroom-gray-tiles-wood-basin-green plant

bathroom-wood furniture-light-daylight

lighting-spotlight-ceiling-white-gravel bed

lighting-living room-wall-ceiling light


grundriss-cross-section-gabled-room layout

grundriss-plan-house environment


A project of ALTS Design Office

Dreamhouses »Modern coziness and new bio-efficiency in” Alpenchic “

Modern coziness bio-efficiency charging station-electric-mobile

The model house “Alpenchic” is characterized by a mix of traditional alpine wood architecture, contemporary design and sustainable planning. The architect Georg Schauer relies on the use of natural materials and an ecologically-innovative way of thinking, which the design a modern cosiness to lend. The forward-looking energy concept Thanks to which the house generates most of the required electricity itself, it includes an in-house wind turbine, a photovoltaic system and a natural gas powered fuel cell. The Alpinechic model house is considered Germany’s first bio-efficiency house with Minergie-A-Eco certificate. The eco-design house is located in the Bavarian construction center Munich-Poing and can be visited.

Modern coziness and alpine touch

Modern coziness bio-efficiency-living-area-fireplace-snuggling-corner

The landscape-typical shingle façade refers to the alpine architectural style, while the generous glazing creates a reference to the contemporary architecture. You enter the eco-design house through a previously placed input module. From there one managed to the guest toilet, study and cloakroom. Then comes the light-flooded, open-plan kitchen, dining and living area, whose ambience can be described as naturally noble and very cozy. The interior designer Richard Storz relied on a mixture of coarse natural materials and smooth surfaces: natural stone, ash and fir wood as well as dark steel. The upper floor also shows a clear layout: wellness bath, bedroom and two children’s rooms with private balcony access.

Modern coziness and Minergie-A-Eco certificate

Modern coziness bio-efficiency-living-area-fireplace

The KfW Effzienzhaus 55 was awarded the Sentinel Health Certificate and is considered the first Minergie-A-Eco certified home in Germany. The label, which was developed in Switzerland, not only evaluates the electricity requirements, but also the building ecology requirements and housing value. The sustainability seal stands for climate-friendly and energy-efficient construction. In addition to the fuel cell technology, photovoltaic and wind power plant, the mini-recycler made from recycled concrete is to be emphasized under the house, where the entire building services and a water treatment plant for drinking water has been located. The focus is still on the LED lighting concept and charging station for electric vehicles.

Stairs made of black steel and wood

Modern Coziness bio-efficiency stairs-blacksteel-wood-stage-led-lighting

Skylight on saddle roof

Modern coziness bio-efficiency-skylight-glass

Built-in wardrobe under roof slope

modern-gemutlichkeit-bio-efficiency-bedroom-wood cladding-dachsraege-built-in wardrobe

small children’s room with play area


modern-gemutlichkeit-bio-efficiency-wood-desk-bike-wall mount



Wellness area


walk-in shower with glass wall

Modern Coziness bio-efficiency-bath-walk-in-shower-led-light-stone-wood

Entrance door with effective lighting

modern-gemutlichkeit-bio-efficiency-input-led lighting-wooden doors

front yard design

modern-gemutlichkeit-bio-efficiency-alpine chic-design front yard

For more information, visit Baufritz.com