Christmas Decorations Ideas »25 Dreamlike Ideas for Christmas Tree Decoration

Paper Bird Christmas Tree Decoration

The Christmas tree decoration creates mood and is an absolute must for those who want to decorate festive home. We have found and summarized 25 exciting designs for you. Anyway, before you go to the store, you can see what you already have at home. Surely you can create a happy mood with the available Christmas decorations and a bit of creativity.

Christmas tree decoration with homemade jewelry

Christmas decoration idea flowers

The Christmas tree decoration is a matter of taste – trendy in 2012 are definitely the decorations with red flowers, red balls and red garlands. The natural combination of red and green looks good everywhere. You can also use home-made paper birds, big white stars and pine cones for decoration. Silver ball and crystal ball match an interior design with Winter Wonderland theme.

Christmas tree decoration in white

white-pink-self-improvised Christmas decorations

White is a super elegant color, at least for the Christmas tree decoration can be interpreted funny. Silver ball, white flowers give the room a timeless elegance, while white snowflakes and snowmen create a fun atmosphere for the kids. Pink and blue can be combined well with the white color – create small ‘gifts’ with different designs and place them under the Christmas tree or simply hang them on the tree.

Christmas tree decoration with christmas candles and lights

purple jewelry Christmas Tree flowers

Alternatively, you can use golden LED Christmas candles or lights to decorate the tree. Or why not put two equal sized Christmas trees on the two sides of the window. For shorter trees, you can put them on a chair so they look bigger. The decoration in the room should be in line with the Christmas tree decoration stand. Therefore, you can put a part of the Christmas decorations in the room, so that creates a visual connection. If you use candles as decoration, you will be very careful because there is always a risk of fire.

Festively decorate the living room

Christmas pedestal Christmas Tree Living

LED – Christmas candles – window decoration

Christmas Living Room Christmas

Golden star as decoration

Christmas golden star

Christmas tree with paper stars

White Paper-star self-tinkering

Golden decoration for the living room

Pine cones and gold bells Christmas Tree Decorating

White-blue christmas tree

white and blue Christmas Tree Artificial snow

Romantic Christmas tree

romantic Christmas Tree White Flower Decoration

Silver deco idea for christmas

Silver Decoration Ideas Christmas Tree

Classic Christmas tree

Classic Christmas Tree Decoration

White flowers and Christmas tree

Idea Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas decoration in the garden

Christmas decoration Garden Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decorated with colorful paper stars

Christmas tree decorations Paper Ideas

Christmas tree with snowman as decoration

great idea Christmas Tree Christmas decorations Star Santa

Red candles and ball

Red Candle Christmas decorations Christmas tree

Red accents – Christmas tree

Red Flower Christmas decoration

Santa and snowman as decoration

Paper Stars Snowman Christmas decorations Christmas tree

Idea with red hearts and gifts

Gift wrap Christmas Tree Idea

25 Dreamlike ideas for Christmas tree decoration

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Christmas decoration idea with green balls

Green Ball Christmas decorations idea

Golden ball as a decoration

Golden Christmas decorations Christmas Tree Decorating

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Golden ball at the Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Decoration Golden Ball

5 interesting window decoration ideas for Christmas

Modern christmas tree with hearts

modern Artificial Christmas Tree itself-tinker

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Home & Garden »91 ideas for a dreamlike waterfall in the garden – oasis of peace

Waterfall in the Garden Ideas Nature Look Brook Run Pond Water Facility

Water has the property of calming, because the splashing of the water creates harmony. As you may know from personal experience, a pretty beautifies pond the garden, but a pond with a waterfall or fountain is even more beautiful! On Waterfall in the garden can be designed in natural as well as in artificial form and looks just so fantastic. We’ve put together some beautiful ideas for implementation in this article to give you some ideas to consider when designing your own waterfall.

Relaxation by a waterfall in the garden

Waterfall in Garden Swimming Pond Garden Figurines Stone Birds

For the natural style, rough stones and / or flagstones are a must. Especially pretty is a Waterfall in the garden from stone steps. For the artificial waterfall you can use various old objects, such as large clay pots or clay bowls, a jug or even an old piano. Let your imagination run wild. There are also waterfalls where the water does not accumulate in a pond but one stairway down and flows directly into the pump. Take a look at the many examples of waterfalls for the garden and create your own!

Relaxing waterfalls for the garden or backyard

Waterfall in the Garden Boulders Brooks Front Yard Hillside location

With boulders, gravel and evergreen ground covers, the pump and pond edge can be concealed and create a seamless transition between the plants and the garden pond. All these elements create a particularly natural look, because that is exactly how rivers with waterfalls look like in nature. The final touch will be given to your water feature, if you also design it with some suitable aquatic plants. These should be best one year, because in the winter the pump does not work because of the temperatures, whereby the plants are not supplied with water and die off.

Water games in the garden – waterfall surrounded by cozy flowers

Waterfall Garden Dream Garden stone wood Garden Gate Flower pond edge

A waterfall in the nature look inmiten the secluded garden is quickly becoming an eye-catcher. The flowing water attracts birds and butterflies – making the stay outdoors a real experience. And best of all – with a little skill everyone can create a similar feel-good oasis. The height is determined by you, depending on how much space you have in your outdoor area.

Water features in the garden with a slope

Waterfall Garden Pond creek Ideas-garden design-WOHLFUEHLOASE

The garden with a slope is the best condition for the construction of a waterfall. Thus, the terrain can be optimally used and a beautiful garden can be created even on smaller plots. But just because you own a level garden does not mean that you have to do without the waterfall. Easily create the necessary slope with the help of earth, stones and other natural elements. Create a single case or build several stages as you like.

Terrace next to the garden pond

Waterfall koi pond-fish-wood terrace garden bench

A small terrace next to the garden pond offers the opportunity to relax outdoors and to admire the own creation of pond, stream or waterfall in the garden. By the way, the sound of flowing water has a calming effect, so that your outdoor area will be perfect for relaxing. If you have fish, your water element will be particularly attractive, with the falling water supplying the fish with oxygen.

Stage waterfall with garden figures

Waterfall Water Pond Gartendeko figures dolphins-Meerjungfraua

And what if pond and water games are somehow boring? Then comes a simple trick to help – namely the garden figures. Mermaids, dolphins, birds and even elves can set accents and decorate your pond waterfall and make it look more noble. Figures can be combined with both natural-looking waterfall designs and more modern variants.

Waterfall with lighting becomes a real eye-catcher in the evening

Waterfall Garden Pond creek Lighting garden path natural stone

If you like to sit outside in the evening, you already invest in lighting in pond construction and create exciting lighting effects in the waterfall in the garden. The area around the pond should be well lit so as to avoid accidents. So plan it right away. If necessary, lighting can also be added later. The garden element is highlighted perfectly.

Creek surrounded by coniferous trees

Stream-own-build-Wohlfuehlgarten water games lush plants

Without secluded evergreen plants, ground cover and pastures that surround the pond, no dream garden is complete. The swamp area at the edge of the pond must be planned well, so that the end result really convinced. Use suitable aquatic plants and ground cover for the shore. In the garden center you can inquire about suitable plant species.

Vertical creek beside the retaining wall

Waterfall Garden stone ground cover-vertical-design ideas

A natural waterfall wall is no less attractive than the variant in the stream. Can be used for this purpose retaining walls of slopes. This stone slabs are incorporated into the slope and create a separate support wall, where the water can flow down. Combine the waterfall in the garden with natural walls and lush plantings.

Create a stream without a garden pond

Brook-no-pond-yourself-building idea

As already mentioned, the falling water can also be taken directly from the pump without first forming a pond. In this case, the vessel in which the water collects, be covered with gravel. So it seems like the water disappears into the ground, giving the garden décor a natural look again.

Creek creates the transition to the pond

Waterfall stream wooden bridge Ideas Water Garden

Combine your self-designed water feature with other elements. A stream, for example, may run through the middle of the garden. A bridge is therefore a good idea for comfortable crossing. This can be classically made of wood or built from simple stone slabs. It is only important that the water flow is not disturbed.

Design a garden in a natural look

Creating a Waterfall Garden Ideas Flower Pond

The more luscious and wild you make the planting around the stream, pond and waterfall in the garden, the more natural it looks. From low ground cover over grasses and bushes to water-loving trees such as pastures are suitable for planting. Do not forget to choose some flowering specimens to enjoy colorful flowers from time to time.

Small waterfall in the secluded garden

Water Garden Waasserspiele Waterfall ideas design

The strength of the lapping can be determined by the height of the waterfall. So if you want to hear the water even if your water element is further away from the seating area, you should arrange for a bigger case. If you are one of those who find it rather annoying and just want to visually enjoy the waterfall pond or stream, then create lower cascades.

Creek surrounded by ferns and conifers

Stream Garden Waterfall secluded-evergreen Plant WOHLFUEHLOASE

Extremely sympathetic is also this idea for the waterfall in the garden. It is designed quite low and passes over a smooth stone slab from a stream in a large pond. The garden pond was planted quite lush and exotic with ferns and hanging trees. The shore is partly formed by large stones. Adjust the planting of your region. Think about which areas should be graced by evergreen and perennial plants and which ones by annuals, which you can replace each year with new ones.

Stream with integrated LED lighting will be an eye-catcher in the evening

Waterfall stream-Bruecke-stone garden path-tree lighting

You can find more ideas for garden design with a stream here ,

Waterfall in the garden – take advantage of the natural slope of the terrain

Waterfall stream garden house Boulders natural look-yourself-build

Make-stream staircase Waterfall Garden ideas-modern

Waterfall in the front yard of a modern house

Pond Waterfall stream Idea Rasenflaeche front yard

Modern waterfall in minimalistic style

Waterfall Garden modern-creek-stone garden pond

Waterfall Garden Pool Water Games-rusting tin Sandstone Terrace

Vertical water features in the garden divide the outdoor area into different zones

Water Games vertically Waterfall modern garden design ideas

Water, stone and fire – so the pool is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher

Waterfall Garden ideas water features pool high-Natursteinverkleidun

Design the courtyard in Asian style

Waterfall Garden Patio-stream-modern-minimalist

Fascinating modern architecture – two pools connected by a waterfall

Waterfall Garden modern-Wohlfuehlgarten pool relaxation

Waterfall in minimalist style

Waterfall Garden fountain Wohlfuehlgarten Ideas

Water features as an accent in the garden

Waterfall Garden vertically-Mediterranean Garden Fountain stone terracotta concrete wall

Garden in Feng Shui style – with waterfall of course

Waterfall stream-lush plants garden pond edge

Plant the edge of the stream with perennials and groundcover

Waterfall Garden creek bottom decker Rasenflaeche-exotic-plants

Waterfall Garden Pond Nature Stone Garden Rasenflaeche-water system

Waterfall Garden Stream Garden figures-house forest

Creating a Waterfall Garden creek Ideas Small Garden

Waterfall Garden Lighting Gravel conifers Ideas

Waterfall Garden Lighting Garden-jacuzzi

Waterfall Garden Lighting LED natural stone paving slabs

Waterfall Garden secluded Plant conifers

Waterfall Garden stone swimming pond make

Water Features Garden Water Garden make-wooden bridge stone

Wassrfall Garden Pond figures Flower Birds

Stream Realty runs terrace Ideas water purifiers-feel-good garden

Waterfall Stream Garden wrought iron gate natural look

Waterfall stream Dream Garden exotic lush-grown

Waterfall Garden stream-yourself-building ideas Dream Garden

Waterfall Garden Ideas Dream Garden Creating House backyard

Waterfall Pool Lagoon exotic plants Palm relaxation Dream garden pool create Rocks Stones Waterfall

Waterfall Garden Entrance Idea Mediterranean-make

Waterfall Garden Pool Tree Rock Natural Look

Waterfall garden pond Japanese style Creating Ideas

Waterfall Garden colored Lighting ideas

Panning picnic at the garden pond with stones with waterfall

garden landscape to relax water plant waterfall landscape

Water pond with waterfall garden design Ideas to feel good

Water plants for the pond

Water system to feel good with stone pond in the garden

Decorative figures

Decoration for the garden-feel-good garden create bird figurines

A slightly overgrown garden with vintage fountains

Stone garden fountain with ivy-covered garden decoration ideas

Modern garden design with water systems

minimalist garden design with water creek fountain spring stone

Artificially created waterfall

well-being garden landscape design-water plant-blooming oasis

Create a feel-good oasis with water

lush overgrown-garden pond-with waterfalls

Pure relaxation through running water

terraced stones garden pond with waterfall plant

Beautifully overgrown garden

lush garden landscape with water pond waterfall

Lush vegetation around the pond

natural stone garden fountain pond terrace flowering plants

garden pond planting large flat-stones waterfall

Water pond shaping planting shadow loving waterfall

Water fountain in the backyard of natural stone build with plant-overgrown

Oasis of Tranquility in the Backyard Landscape Water Facilities

garden fountain from old-piano upcycling ideas for lighting

relaxing garden with natural river waterfall waterfalls

garden design water pond pool in the garden idea design

Waterfalls create water pond with cascades of boulders

creative ideas to garden shape water cascades stairs construction

waterfall in the garden create cascading fashion beetumrandung

garden pool with waterfall design idea lawn area border

garden design ideas - for natural stone build natural stone

garden idea pond design with boulders smooth

relaxing waterfall in your own garden

natural stone Water fountain ideas for zen-feeling at home and in the garden

square pond fountain design ideas garden design

garden pond round or rectangular garden fountain waterfall

Garden water pond design your own lighting ideas for plants

create garden pond with stones create water course waterfalls yourself

garden design ideas with water basin artificial waterfall

Design ideas for water pond with waterfall in the garden

natural waterfall water cascade with stones framing

landscape design - natural pond ideas with stones water cascades

artfully designed waterfall stones water garden colorful flowers

Artificial waterfall in the pond itself shape with square stones

artificial waterfall enjoy freshly in the backyard design

artificial waterfall in the garden with natural river

artificial and natural waterfall ideas for the garden style

Small waterfall-self-design-atrium

Wedding »Wedding Dress Design – Dreamlike Berta Bridal Collection 2015

wedding dress design embroidery lace berta bridal

Berta is an Israeli designer who works with the Bridal gown design busy and impressed again and again with their stunning collections. Their designs amaze even the most discriminating critics, which is why their collections are for Wedding dresses to conquer the world in the truest sense of the word. This is mainly due to the precise work of the finest embroidery and lace, which in combination with figure-hugging cuts and dreamlike towing transform every bride into the most beautiful woman in the world.

Wedding dress design by Berta Bridal made of luxurious fabrics

wedding dress design lace cutout tug garden

The bridal gown design uses the finest and most luxurious fabrics imported from fashion capitals around the world to make the bride feel like a princess. Each dress is hand made and transformed into a noble piece that makes the hearts of all brides beat faster.

Wedding dress design with a strapless bustier and a lot of lace

wedding dress design white berta balcony chain

We would like to introduce you in this article the newest 2015 collection of Berta for the wedding dress design, which consists of fantastic variants. And how is it to be different with so many positive opinions? Whether long-sleeved, with straps, backless, with long or short train – there is something for every taste. If you still have not found the perfect dress for your wedding, it’s guaranteed to change in the next few minutes. Let yourself be inspired!

Simple bridal dress by Berta, which emphasizes the figure

wedding dress design nude look sleeve transparent fireplace

This really simple wedding dress design receives wonderful accents through embroidery, which are sparingly distributed on the dress, but also on the effective sleeves in the nude look. As a result, the arms seem to get delicate tattoos. Also attractive is the lace décolleté, which almost ends at the level of the belly button, but still does not reveal too much thanks to the embroidery. The design is simply breathtaking!

Lace bridal gown without neckline and with pearl accents

wedding dress design wing sleeves berta style elegant

Less daring is this wedding dress design. Although it also has a deep neckline, but is covered by elegant lace. Especially nice are the sleeves, which are decorated by pearl necklaces. The lace covers the entire dress from the collar to the feet. And as we find the ponytail hairstyle fits perfectly to the wedding dress. The ponytail is also very popular as a bridal hairstyle.

At the bridal gown pearls also appear in the back

bride fashion berta collection design wedding

Wedding dress with long, delicate sleeves in combination with hair ornaments

wedding hairstyle hair accessories bridal gown collection berta fireplace design

If you are into short-lived wedding dresses, maybe this variant is just right for you. The bridal gown design combines a simple white skirt with delicate lace sleeves. Impressive despite its simple design is also the train.

Bridal gown design with attractive neckline

berta bridal design wedding dress white elegant fashion

A similar train was also used for this bridal gown design. Particularly striking is the bustier, which is made entirely of lace and merges in a pretty way in the skirt part. This makes it seem like the bustier is holding a long skirt. To emphasize the almost completely free shoulders, an updo was chosen.

Berta bridal wedding dress design with stunning train

lace wedding dress dreamlike ornate white gold

What you see here is a train that immediately leaves you speechless. The luxurious fabric is adorned with golden embroidery and exudes an incredible elegance. In addition, there is a free back that makes every bride look attractive. This is decorated again with a delicate tip.

Dress for the bride with straps made of beads

dress bridal wedding strappy straps flowers lace

And here you see the same dress again from the beginning. The elegance is highlighted by the pearls. This white, figure-hugging dress can be combined very well with floral accessories or a different kind of colored hair accessories.

Wedding Dress Design – Nude-look sleeves and wonderful designs

lace sleeves design wedding dress unique cutout garden picture

The wedding dress has a dreamlike, transparent train

wedding dress design train dreamlike transparent backless lace

wedding dress design train lace backless transparent

wedding dress design back buttons embroidery berta

wedding dress design berta collection 2015 bed bedroom

wedding dress design 2015 berta train bedroom

wedding dress design white neckline tight fitting wedding

Wedding dress design wedding plain skirt lace sleeve

bride design wedding dress sleeve decoration

bride fashion berta colletion 2015 lanyard design backless

Towel decollete wedding dress ornate diadem updo sleeve

wedding dress design long sleeve lace sleeveless lapel living room

wedding dress plain white top lace hair band

bride design backless updo bride diadem

bride dresses backless veil hair jewelry white pearls

design bride fashion hairband white berta wall photo

wedding dresses style decoration fashion ladies marry

wedding dress backless sleeve berta design garden

wedding dress feminine straps delicate design tuscany

wedding wedding dress bow white backless straps

wedding dress back design embroidery berta bridal wear

wedding dress design elegant long-sleeved lace bodycon

dress decorated bride look tennis place

wedding dress long sleeve earrings turquoise tennis court

wedding dress short sleeve lace sleeve nude look

bridal gown bodyconstructive train sleeve embroidery lace design

dress bride cut short sleeves wet look hair

bride embroidery back haul decoration wedding

wedding dress design sleeve long lace embroidery diadem hairstyle

fashion design berta wedding dresses romantic nude look

wedding photo garden flowers wedding dress white mermaid

bridal jewelry dress design white long-sleeved piano candles

wedding dress lace sleeve diadem hair jewelry berta

wedding dress dreamy fashion design berta

wedding design veil bride flower hair bridal hairstyle

marry wedding dress straps decollete hair ornaments bouquet

wedding dress design white lace dreamy cape plain

elegant look bride fashion ladies berta wedding

design dresses sleeves long stripe berta garden

bride look simple train updo pool photo

strapless dress bride tight fitting ladies fashion

dress bride veil train white strappy backless

veil bride elegance skirt slit flowers hair accessories

A collection of Berta Bridal ,

Garden design with a natural and dreamlike atmosphere

pool area nature lake footbridge wood garden landscaping

Many styles and design ideas are available for the design of the garden. While some prefer a neatly arranged French style garden with perfectly shaped hedges or a simple, modern garden of clean lines, others prefer a more natural one Garden design that makes you feel like you’re in a park or on a lake. This variant is also becoming increasingly popular because it gives the property a warm and lively atmosphere. In keeping with this theme, we would like to introduce you to an impressive garden design with a natural atmosphere, designed by LandArt. The company is based in Australia.

Garden design with indirect lighting of the steps

garden path indirect lighting stages design idea modern

What certainly stands out first is the irregularly shaped one pool , Yes, you read it right. It is actually a pool and not a big one pond , And that’s the special thing about the pool design. He is not only realistic because of its color, but also because it is surrounded by large and small pebbles. In this way, a natural shore is wonderfully imitated. In addition, there is a wood path for the garden design, which connects the pool with the dining and seating area in the designer garden. It then runs through illuminated steps into a footbridge, which in turn extends to the middle of the pool.

Garden design with swimming pond

garden design grass stones stone pool turquoise

For the garden design in terms of plants, both natural grasses, as often appear around a lake, as well as different tropical plants were chosen, which were distributed in such a way that they gave the impression that they had naturally grown there. What you can see all in all, is a very cozy garden design, in which you can always feel good and relax.

Dining area of ​​the garden overlooking the pool

garden design terrace hardwood dining area pool stone

A wooden garden path leads to the pool

garden path stages wood grasses tropical plants

Garden design with wooden bridge

garden design footbridge wood garden path pool pond

Effective lighting in the garden

garden design nature pebbles pool pond lighting

Dining area of ​​the garden framed by grasses

outdoor area garden natural design plants tropical

The garden design was played with plants, wood and stones in the garden

terraces design wood stone wall garden table bench sand

Original pool design with turquoise look and wooden walkway

footbridge wood pool turquoise pond shore pebbles

The dining area in the natural garden

patio design wood dining area terrace landscaping

Garden with stones for a natural atmosphere

landscape design pebbles tree garden idea design

The garden mimics a shore landscape

natural garden design grasses plant garden path armchair tree

The shore of the pool in the garden looks authentic

garden design grasses natural landscaping rockery

A design of LandArt ,

Landscaping »Construction manual for garden fountain for dreamlike water garden

garden fountain hedges garden landscaping gravel garden path

We help you one Garden fountain to build from urn itself – here comes the guide. Create a paradise in your backyard with these ideas.

Garden fountains made of ceramic vessel – preparation and choice of materials

garden fountain gray-modern-round-fountain

Before you get down to work, prepare the terrain – carefully consider where to place the urn. You can be your new one garden Fountain surrounded by plants and flowers. A stone path can lead to this cozy area, and a comfortable bench or other garden furniture will ensure pleasant hours outdoors. Maybe you can build a stone floor for the well / ceramic vessel full of water weighs quite a bit and can tip over if the soil is unstable. For these garden fountains you will need the following materials – ceramic vessel with dimensions at least 20cm high and diameter of at least 15cm, well pump / we recommend one with solar panels – in this way you are more flexible, and you can also build the well deep in the garden. In addition, this variant is environmentally friendly. When you buy the pump, ask at the store which safety measures you need to take.

Garden fountains build yourself – instructions

garden-fountain-ceramic-look-yellow vase-buddhist

Drill a hole at the bottom for the pump cable and place the pump in the ceramic vessel. Insulate the hole for the cable with silicone. Connect the water nozzle to the pump. The water nozzle should be about 5cm higher than the ceramic vessel. Fill the vessel with water and switch on the pump. Pumping with solar panels takes some time to load before starting to work. Finished! Now you have created your own quiet island and can enjoy it. Have fun!


garden-fountain-noble rust-Optic-modern-design

Garden decoration

garden-fountain-blue-Hulking boulders Decoration-plants

Garden fountain made of ceramic vessel – creative idea to make yourself

Urn well planted fence

pond and garden fountain in a design

Pond garden fountains build

Steinweg leads to the garden fountain, climbing plants provide privacy

Steinweg grass fountain garden

Garden fountain made of ceramic vessel in front of the house entrance

red garden fountain Shrubs staircase

Red pottery in Mediterranean style sets accents

red ceramic garden decoration

Black garden fountain on pebbles in the garden

Garden fountain black pottery

Pool and fountain – English style garden

Build a garden fountain yourself

Allotment garden – boulders and plants as decoration

Allotments Steinweg garden fountain

Ceramic garden fountain in interesting shape

Ceramic garden fountain design

Garden design with water features

Garden fountain decoration ideas

Fountain in the middle of the garden

Garden fountain colored urn

Allotment garden with stone path and ceramic decor in the backyard

traditional garden design

Water features in the backyard – creative garden design

Allotment garden urn fountain

interesting garden make well yourself

Garden fountain stone tiles

Allotment garden urn fountain

Ferienhaus & Hotel Design »Dreamlike luxury residence in Cape Town overlooking the ocean

luxury residence cape town lounge area

This dreamlike Luxury residence , still called the Mwanzoleo Residence, is an exclusive property in Cape Town. The six-storey villa can be rented and is located in Bantry Bay. The residence was built by SAOTA Architectural studio designed and can accommodate up to ten people. It has five bedrooms and five bathrooms and can be rented at any time for at least $ 3,500 – $ 18,500 per day for a minimum of five days.

Luxury residence in Cape Town offers luxury and comfort

luxury residence in cape town white garnish

The huge one Luxury residence has six floors and offers a stunning panoramic view on the Atlantic Ocean. It is located right on the beach and offers one of the most beautiful locations in South Africa. The Mwanzoleo Villa is considered to be the finest and most exclusive holiday resort in Cape Town, whose main purpose is to offer a memorable stay full of luxury and comfort.

Luxury residence with exclusive interior

luxury residence in cape town living room white

The interior decoration of the Luxury residence was decorated with great attention to detail. Only the finest and highest quality materials were used. An exclusive sculptures collection adds more exclusivity to the luxury interior added. The interior features unique pieces by world-renowned designers such as Fritz Hansen, Charles Eames, B & B Italia and Erro Saarinen. Here is the motto “less is more”.

Exclusive holiday home with panoramic views of the ocean

luxury property cape town lookout ocean

The ambience in the Luxury residence is uplifting and inspiring. The interiors have beautiful high ceilings that create a sense of freedom. The modern interior has been brought to light by a great combination of glass and wood. Particularly impressive is the luxury pool with mosaic cladding, where the water is always kept constant at 28 degrees Celsius. This exclusive holiday home will surely provide an unforgettable experience for you – a paradise where you can enjoy pure luxury.

Comfortable lounge furniture on the porch

luxury residence in cape town white furniture

Interior balcony in the living room

luxury residence in cape town interior balcony

Luxury bedroom with leather wallcovering

luxury residence in cape town bedroom leather paneling

Comfortable set in red

luxury residence in cape town red garnish

Sliding door leads to the courtyard

luxury property cape town garden courtyard

Modern living room with leather furniture

luxury residence cape town modern design

Beautiful panoramic view of the ocean

luxury residence cape town leather sofa

Ultra modern kitchen in dark tones

luxury property cape town kitchen modern

Covered terrace with glass railing

luxury property cape town covered terrace

Comfortable sofa looks on the ocean

luxury property cape town glass railing

Wooden dining table on the open terrace

luxury property cape town dining area outdoors

luxury property cape town leather furniture luxury property cape town exclusive sculpture

luxury property cape town wood floor

luxury property cape town double room wall decor

luxury property cape town couch yellow

luxury property cape town glass wall living room

luxury property cape town bathroom glass wall

luxury property cape town bath stone

luxury property cape town infinity pool

luxury residence in cape town fourth floor

luxury property cape town fifth floor

luxury residence in cape town sixth floor

luxury residence cape town cross section

Hair and hairstyles »A dreamlike bride braiding hairstyle suitable for the wedding

bride braid braid design bruenett styling wedding

Braided hairstyles are a popular variant for the wedding hairstyle. This is certainly especially due to the romantic look that the braids emit. For this dreamlike Hairstyling from one Bride braided hairstyle The first thing you need to do is tie the crown part of your hair back in the middle with a hair clip as shown in step 1. But let it hang a strand on one of the sides. From this strand, plait an ordinary braid as in step 2. Pass the braid diagonally backwards in the opposite direction, continuing to plait a braid using loose strands from the other side. As shown in steps 3, 4 and 5. Close the braid by tying it with a hair tie and decorate the braid Bride braided hairstyle with hair accessories that will match your dress.

Bride braid – herringbone braid

bride braid fischgraetenzopf idea pony touple bridal gown

You can also try other variants. So you can do the hairstyle, for example, with one lateral braided braid combine. The herringbone braid is not only beautiful, but is also currently very much in vogue. In our gallery, we have put together some great examples of bridal braiding that you can imitate or be inspired by.

Braided braided braid sideways

bridal braid french braid hair accessory hair accessories

Romantic braiding hairstyle

bride braid braid idea romantic straightening blonde

Bride braiding instruction


We hope you enjoy trying it out and would be pleased if you show us your finished hairstyle. The most beautiful ones will be added to this article and all others will be posted on our Facebook page.

bride braid idea long hair veil flower beads

bride-plaits-long-hair-side-braided Flowers



bride braid hair long hair guide hair accessories

Wedding »Fall invitations – make a dreamlike wedding

Fall invitations ideas vintage wedding tree illustration

Many people find fall the most beautiful season. And with all the colorful leaves that make for a romantic atmosphere, that’s no wonder. Many also choose this season for your wedding. If you belong to these people, then you should pay enough attention to the invitations. They are an important part of the preparations and should be appropriately decorated according to the topic of “autumn”. After all, the invitations are the detail your wedding guests will see first. To shape the Fall invitations There are endless variations to choose from. You can choose a rustic or Vintage Choose style or you can design it in shabby chic style.

Fall invitations – colors and designs

Autumn invitations chocolate brown background orange leaf theme

As far as the colors are concerned, you can choose any nuance, provided it is associated with the autumn. Suitable colors are yellow. Gold, red, orange, brown or purple. For the decoration of the autumn invitations come first leaves to your mind, whether real or paper. Likewise, rhinestones or loops, which provide additional elegance. You should also design the envelope accordingly. For example, add a real foliage leaf and add a cute accent with a brown bow. Making the fall invitations pretty is not that hard. To give you a few inspirations, we have prepared many great examples of the fall invitations below. Choose an invitation that suits your taste and wedding decoration.

Fall Invitations – Creativity is in demand

Autumn leaves wedding plan ideas examples


autumn-invitations-ideas-brauntoene Red-herbstblatt


Stylish autumn invitations in autumn colors

Wedding invitations plan ideas glittering stones

Stylish Fall Wedding – Choose the Fall Invitations accordingly

Autumn wedding plan beautiful invitation cards examples

Invitations decorated with autumn leaves

Autumn wedding plan ideas autumn leaves

Noble invitations for the fall wedding

Fall Wedding Plan Ideas Invitations Ideas Envelope

Autumn wedding – vintage invitations

Fall Wedding Planning Pleasure Invitation Cards

Autumn invitations with autumn leaf decorated from paper

Fall wedding ideas stick autumn leaves

Fall invitations – the whole set

Autumn wedding autumn leaves wedding plan tree

Stylish invitations in autumn colors

Fall wedding invitation cards satin ribbon pink

Fall wedding invitation cards ideas beautiful motives

Fall wedding invitations ideas plan

Fall wedding invitations wedding cards modern stylish

Autumn Custom Invitations Yellow Purple Colors Ideas

Fall invitations cards ideas wedding plan

Fall invitations Fall leaves ideas orange color

Fall invitations fresh noble wedding cards

Fall wedding purple ribbon flowers invitation cards

Fall invitation floral design ideas noble

Home & Garden »Plants for green roofs – create dreamlike roof garden

Plants for roof greening Rose hedges plants

With a roof garden, the house is not only visually upgraded – plants protect the roof seal from the weather, improve the indoor climate, drain the drainage and attract birds. Maybe that’s why green roofs are in fashion – and more and more builders decide for it. We try to give you an overview of the plants for green roofs.

Plants for roof greening – the roof substrate determines the type of plant

Plants for roof greening house slope green roof

Before any greening comes into question, the roof construction must be checked by an expert. For the selection of the right plants it has to be determined in advance whether the roof will be ventilated or not. The roof pitch and the roof load must also be taken into account in this first planning phase. Only then can a cost calculation be made and possibly several variants compared.

The second phase is the implementation – a root-resistant foil, protective layer, a drainage layer and then a filter mat are laid on the roof seal. In the case of a pitched roof additional fall protection must be built. On the filter mat, the substrate is scattered – depending on its height, the plant species select. Succulents, mosses and other groundcover need between 3 – 6cm, herbs and low flowers – between 7-12cm, higher flowers from 12 -14cm substrate height.

Plants for roof greening – various variants at a glance

Plant green roof Flower Meadow Lavender

Mosses, succulents and ground coverings decorate the minimalist houses nowadays. A beautiful lawn on the flat roof can successfully replace or even add the missing garden – because often the buildings are planted on a hillside and blend harmoniously into the landscape in this way. Higher plants are perfect for the garden house, for the garage or for the city villa. They attract birds and butterflies – so great for families with children. Flowers and hedges, even trees traditionally decorate the roofs of skyscrapers in major cities such as New York, Pejing, Tokyo.

Plants for roof greening of a family house in densely populated district

Plant green roof Idea Rasenflaeche-modern

Plants for roof greening – lawn needs soil substrate with height between 5-7cm

Plant green roof-top garden create Lawn stones

Beautiful lawn on the roof – with sloping roof a fall protection is necessary

Plants for roof green roof garden plant meadow

Depending on the roof load also the substrate height and accordingly the plant species are determined

Plant green roof Ideas garages-modern architecture

Plants for roof greening – succulents, ground cover and grasses are very easy to care for

Plant green roof-family house steel roof

Plant green roof-exotic-Villa-Rasenflaeche

Plant green roof roof garden create-

Plant green roof garage-succulent-vegetables

Plant green roof-garden-family house

Plant green roof-green-grass-roof garden

Plant green roof Idea ground cover

Plant green roof plants Idea Krauter

Plant green roof-Rasenflaeche flat roof

Plant green roof Lawn sunscreen

Plant green roof perennials-Rasenflaeche

Plant green roof Stone Garden Succulent gravel

Plant green roof-succulent perennials plants carpet

Plant green roof-succulent perennials summer house

Plant green roof villa forest roof garden

Dreamhouses »Dreamlike house made of concrete and driftwood with maritime design

house made of concrete and driftwood white maritime design terrace

The House made of concrete and driftwood which we would like to introduce to you in this article, is located in the Spanish city of Alicante and right on the coast. Since it was built on a hill, a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea guaranteed. This is further secured by the spacious, outstanding terrace. The land on which the concrete and driftwood house was built is surrounded by lush trees, bringing nature closer. The color and pattern of the concrete of the façade is bright and reminiscent of driftwood, which emphasizes the entire maritime theme that surrounds the house. In addition, real driftwood was used indoors, creating a sense of harmony in the combination of concrete and wood.

Concrete and driftwood house with infinity pool

house made of concrete and driftwood infinity pool mediterranean

The concrete and driftwood house consists of two floors. The ground floor, from which you can enter the large terrace, contains the main living spaces. Of the Panoramic view is also guaranteed by the large windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling. The terrace is, as it should be, an extension of the interior dar. There you can relax under the canopy perfectly or in the large, rectangular infinity pool to provide refreshment. Also inside there is a pool. There is an elongated window, which is more precisely in the basement area, for an original effect. This gives you a view of the pool itself. On the same level as the indoor pool in the house made of concrete and driftwood there is a gym and a sauna. As you can see, this house ensures that you always stay in top form. On the second floor, the concrete and driftwood house has bedrooms, each with a balcony and modern glass railing. Also from there you can enjoy the sea and of course the sun perfectly.

Concrete and driftwood house – The lounge area on the terrace

spain house made of concrete and driftwood lounge area

Concrete and driftwood house – lounge area with canopy

panorama terrace outdoor lounge furniture sea pool

Living room with driftwood ceiling

living room sitting area windowed armchair curtain driftwood blanket

Driftwood blanket for an elegant look

sofa living room white sliding door terrace furnishings furniture coffee table

Concrete design – swimming and sauna area in the basement

pool interior concrete design modern house spain

House design idea – window in concrete wall with a view of the pool

swimming pool house design concrete interior window dream house

Concrete house – bedroom with panoramic view

bedroom design house balcony sea outlook bed armchair

The facade of white concrete mimics driftwood

white concrete house construction design idea modern

concrete house hill coast mediterranean architecture panorama

model house made of concrete and driftwood designer ramon

A design of Ramon Esteve Estudio.