Holiday Home & Hotel Design »Driftwood decoration and breathtaking sea views: Myconian Utopia

natural wood dining table glass railing balcony driftwood decoration

This boutique hotel boasts a unique location with great views of the Aegean Sea and exquisite Mediterranean-style décor. Overlooking the famous Elia Beach, the luxurious Myconian Utopia Resort offers breathtaking views of the city Islands of the Cyclades at the horizon. Utopia means in Greek as much as nowhere, in the sense of a heavenly dreamland. In this context, the 5-star hotel combines fantasy and reality, offering an unforgettable stay. Driftwood decoration, olive wood, natural stone and white plastered walls – visitors can expect a wonderful, Mediterranean ambience to feel good.

Driftwood Deco furniture bench sconces stair handrail

All accommodations at the 5-star resort are exceptionally stylish and authentically furnished to provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The combination of contemporary furniture and rustic materials creates a delightful atmosphere that invites guests to linger. The driftwood decoration radiates a special coziness and provides attractive contrasts. Old wood-look objects are always unique – unique pieces with their own story. The colors of the decor are reflected in the natural landscape and provide a breathtaking backdrop to the deep blue of the sea.

driftwood-deco-furniture-black-accents-living room

There are luxurious rooms and three exclusive villas with several bedrooms. Private balconies and spacious terraces, where you can enjoy the warm sunshine in absolute peace and dreamlike atmosphere, make for a very pleasant stay. It is also possible to book a room with outdoor whirlpool on the terrace. In combination with the breathtaking view – this promises a special bathing experience! Relaxing hours can also be found in the unique stone bathtub, which is 100 percent handmade.

sun lie-jaccuzzi-infinity-pool-promising-sea

The largest villa is the jewel of this resort. It sleeps up to 13 people and has a private infinity pool with beautiful views of Elia Beach. Covering an area of ​​270 m², the Grand Majestic Villa has 5 bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen and a fully equipped barbecue area on the terrace.

With a spa area, a gourmet Mediterranean restaurant and a pool bar, Myconian Utopia Resort offers a variety of options for an unforgettable vacation.

driftwood deco-bedroom-infinity-pool-terrace

driftwood-deco-side table-olive wood-chair

bedroom-platform-bed-mattress-poster bed-jute string

black-bath-middle-bedroom-terrace-sun are

driftwood-deco bed-pendant lights-weave yarn

driftwood-deco-windlicht halter-clothes stand


driftwood-deco-floor light sculptures-human figures


driftwood Deco windlicht halter-spa

infinity-pool-night lighting-leds-sparkle-terrace Lookout

driftwood-deco-drilling flower-terrace-glass railings

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Garden art from driftwood – A natural & effective decoration element

Garden art of driftwood bench-feather-tree trunk-modern

The Wood is a popular and well-known building material since ancient times. It is easy to work with and has a natural and eye-pleasing look that is still very attractive today. But we leave the furniture to the experts and take a look at a very specific type of wood that is everywhere – the driftwood. Sanded by sand and stones and shaped by the water, it offers a very special and unique charm, which you can also bring to your home. A Garden art from driftwood to create is not complicated or time consuming.

Garden art made of driftwood gets a very special charm

Garden art of driftwood-fence-deco-purple-beautiful-stocker

It is up to you and your creativity to decide what to make and shape from the unique driftwoods. From this, imaginative accessories and garden ornaments can be created during leisure time.
The materials are wonderful to find in nature – in their own garden , in the nearby park, on the beach while on vacation, on the river or in the woods on a trip. The different natural materials, such as collected stones, wire and metal elements or glass pieces and pearls ground by the sea water, fit together in one whole. Larger pieces turn into a whole garden art of Treibholh with a little more skill. Build great outdoor chairs and chairs, imaginative wind chimes, bird houses, tealight holders, side tables and imaginative sculptures.

Garden art from driftwood – simple and very effective

Garden art from driftwood -sphaere-sculpture-decor-circle-courtyard

The unique structure of the selected pieces of wood created by the tides combines charm and coziness, creating a natural-looking home. The small finds tell stories about hikes and adventures between stones and sand, in the sunshine and thunderstorm, through the waves of the water. In the workshop they do not lose their uniqueness, but bring the beauty of nature into our home and create a unique transition between two worlds – nature and man.

Authentic signs for front door or as a decorative object

Garden art of driftwood - shield-craft-diy-live-laechele-love

Wind chime from all kinds of fundus pieces


Garden art of driftwood -windspiel-haeuschen-fish-hang

A driftwood fir tree is of course no substitute for a real one


Make imaginative structures from a variety of woods

gartenkunst-driftwood wallpaper itself Styler tinker

Tealight glass decorated with pieces of wood


Tealight holder made of driftwood

Garden art of driftwood - tealight candles candlesticks

Terrarium with sticks cut by nature

garden box-driftwood-plant-terrarium-glaskasten-sand-steinchen

Flower pot decoration from driftwood

Garden art from driftwood - succulent-plants-dry-box

Birdhouse made of pieces of wood and moss

gartenkunst-driftwood-aviary sticks-small-forest-tree-hang up

Driftwood as a flower container for dry-loving plants

Garden art of driftwood - flower pot - succulents - flower decoration stone

Driftwood in the garden

garde art-driftwood-blummenkasten-garden-deco-succulent


Garden art of driftwood -table-oval-glass-glass-deco-sculpture

gartenkunst-driftwood chairs-huge-chair-solid wood-oeko


Garden art from driftwood -lamps-white-large-sculpture


gartenkunst-driftwood tree-house sphere-cocoon-circle

Garden art of driftwood-piano-stoecke-sculpture-pianist

Build-gartenkunst-driftwood-wood bow-garden-yourself



Garden art of driftwood hanging glass vase flowers

Garden art of driftwood birdhouses-spherical-natural-color

Garden art of driftwood windspiel-glas-dekorationen

Making things with wood: making something beautiful with children from driftwood – 8 DIY ideas


Tinker with Wood is very popular with children Especially if you can choose the materials yourself. Wood is a wonderful natural material that can be found everywhere. Thus, the children get two tasks at once – first collect the materials from nature and then make beautiful things with it. Moreover, crafts made of wood are good and you can enjoy it for a long time. By the way, crafting natural materials promotes manual skills. The children work with their hands and make something beautiful themselves. Drifting with driftwood is a creative, but also meaningful hobby for old and young. We introduce 8 great DIY projects.

Tinker with wood – collect materials

tinker-do with-wood-with-children-driftwood-materials-diy-yourself-

To make friends with the material wood, we propose driftwood as a wood alternative. It is best to walk with the children into the forest or on the coast and let them collect pieces of wood. Branches and branches can be used to make beautiful decorations or a small, fine gift. Another option would be to use wood scraps from a carpenter. Tinkering with wood offers children above all the opportunity to familiarize themselves with this natural material. In addition, they learn where this material comes from and what it can all come from.

Before you start making wood, you should consider the age of the child. Children under the age of 3, however, are not capable of handling special tools and materials, nor are they allowed to. In any case, the crafting should take place under the supervision of adults. In order for them to actually be a success, the little hands need some support and maybe a different hole here and there.

Tinkering with wood: Making a dragon out of driftwood with children


The first DIY project for kids is to make a driftwood dragon yourself. For this the following materials are needed:

  • Driftwood bars
  • paper
  • line
  • wood Beads
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • Watercolors, water and brush

Children make a kite with driftwood

tinker-do with-wood-with-children-driftwood-dragon-own-

First of all, the frame for the dragon is made, so to speak. For this you need four relatively equal driftwood rods and two additional ones. With the first four you form a rectangle, a diamond shape is recommended. In between, put the remaining two rods in support and fix with hot glue in the places where the parts intersect. It should result in a stable wooden frame from the driftwood pieces.

Make a kite and paint

tinker-coloring with-wood-with-children-driftwood-dragon-manual-

On a sheet of bare paper, which fits the homemade dragon wooden frame, let the child paint something. It can only be colorful spots or a nice family picture. For this it can use crayons or paint the whole area completely with a brush and watercolors. For smaller children, you can offer tube colors that you can easily apply to the paper using a plastic card. Blots of every kind are allowed here. Mainly it will be beautiful and colorful. When the picture is ready and the colors dry, measure to the Dragon Frame and trim. Then you fix in some places with the hot glue. Children from 5 – 6 years can leave these steps.

Make a dragon with children and decorate


For decoration and decoration of the dragon made of driftwood, all small elements can be used. Mainly these have a natural origin. This can be wooden beads or wooden balls from the craft shop or which homemade. You can simply use driftwood and easily sand down, or edit. In addition, tinkered loops made of paper can be inserted. A loop consists of two triangles connected at the tips. Use the hot glue again. Make the kite line out of string. Show the children how to braid the cord. You are welcome to use different colors of yarn.

tinker-with-wood-with-children-driftwood-dragon-own-making instructions

We do not know if the self-made dragon could fly out of driftwood and fly properly, but crafting wood certainly is not just fun for the kids, it’s also for adults. Because even collected driftwood captures beautiful memories from the last holiday by the sea. At the lake and river are also great pieces to find. From this you can make great decorations in the maritime look or simply arrange beautifully. But one thing is very important – children have a task and the tinkered has a mission later.

Tinker with wood: Tinker with driftwood sailboats with children

tinker-with-wood-with-children-driftwood-ships-sailing boat

What you can make nice things out of driftwood, are great sailing boats that even swim. For a boat you need two pieces of driftwood – one slightly wider than the other, and a small piece of cloth. Depending on how many sailboats you would like to develop, you should stop your eyes on the next beach walk with your child and look for driftwood. This project foreseen for slightly larger children, but with some support, it will work well even with smaller ones. Let’s see how much of it is actually needed.

Boats with sails made of driftwood – materials


Driftwood sailboats need the following materials:

  • drift wood
  • bright cotton fabric – here you know cotton lace
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • Bastelmesser

Driftwood crafting sailboats: one piece serves as a mast

tinker-with-wood-with-children-driftwood-sailboats-yourself-making diy

Pick some driftwood pieces – the flat ones become the boat and the thin, elongated ones sail. You can grind the pieces of wood a bit and bring them to the desired shape. But you should not overdo it because the products should ultimately look authentic.

tinker-do with-wood-with-children-driftwood-sailboat-yourself-

Now make a hole in the thick piece of wood, but it does not have to reach the bottom side. Here you can also use a wood drill or scrape a little with the help of craft knife, maybe with scissors it would go too. The slightly smaller piece of wood should act as a mast and is then glued in place later.


At the mast piece is then fixed a sail cloth. Matching the vintage look of the product fits a piece of coarse cotton fabric wonderfully. Like in the example a small piece of white cotton lace is used. In order to get the characteristic triangular shape of the sail, trim the fabric triangularly or as shown here, fold it and fix it with the hot glue.


Now the finished mast can be inserted into the other piece of wood and fixed. Arrange for the selection and assembly of pieces of wood according to the length of the mast. For this you can also use wood glue, so that no unsightly stains on the driftwood arise.

Make driftwood: Make sailboat garland yourself


This great idea is an extension of the previous one. Here the sailboats are built smaller and a bit different. The mast here consists of a small cut wooden skewer. The sail, on the other hand, is made up of two triangular pieces of fabric tied together at the top of the mast. As a result, a string is pulled through and from the several sailboats a garland is created. Really cool deco idea for decoration in maritime look.

Wood crafts: painting driftwood with children

tinker-coloring with-wood-with-children-driftwood-bars

Driftwood sticks can make children very easy and easy to paint colorful. All you should do before is clean up the driftwood. Take an old toothbrush, brush it off and wash it off with soap or detergent to remove any traces of water and salt from the sea.

Making wood with wood: Making funny driftwood dolls with children

tinker-with-wood-with-children-driftwood-painted dolls Idea

Now children can playfully design the driftwood pieces. It turns into funny puppets or monsters. With inserted Wackelaugen they look really funny, right?

tinker-tremendously with-wood-with-children-driftwood-doll-

Tinkering with wood: Making stars out of driftwood with children


In just a few steps and with a little help, every child can make something really nice out of driftwood. Finally, it is surprising how one can suddenly transform a piece of wood and miss its character.

Making wood with wood: Make mushrooms and mussels yourself with children


Tinker with wood: Making crowns out of chopsticks or driftwoods with children



Making driftwood yourself – recipe and instructions with before-and-after pictures

Driftwood self-produce pre-after-image-instruction-recipe

Driftwood is very trendy and can be used for all sorts of projects use. Whether beach-style summer deco or Christmas mini-fir tree – driftwood is a real eye-catcher for indoors and out. However, if you are not lucky enough to live close to the beach, where this material can be collected, you have two options: to buy driftwood from specialist retailers or to do it yourself. Today we show you how to use a simple recipe and home remedies Make driftwood yourself and also miss a driftwood look on conventional wooden boards!

Make driftwood yourself with home remedies

driftwood self-made plastic tub recipe bleach baking soda

You need a large pack of washing soda or soda, old dry branches and twigs, bleach, water, sandpaper, wire brush, a large container (preferably a plastic tub) and something heavy to weight the wooden parts. It is also recommended to wear gloves and goggles when handling bleach.

Collect small branches and branches for your project. The best suited are light woods such as cedar, birch, beech and maple. Then you have to mix a soda solution according to the following recipe. Protected with gloves and safety goggles, fill the container with warm water and gradually stir in the soda until it dissolves completely in the water. Place the wooden parts in the plastic tub and place flat stones on them to weigh.

Make driftwood yourself

driftwood self-produce artificial-recipe-soda-bleach

Soak the wood in the water for 24 – 36 hours or longer until the bark has softened. Then you should take out the pieces and free the wood from the bark with the help of a wire brush. Should that be too difficult, then the wooden parts come back into the water.

To make sure all bacteria are killed, refill the container with water and add another cup of bleach. Now wait for another 48 hours.

Imitate natural weathering

driftwood produce yourself recipe-results-driftwood-effect-look

Rinse all wooden parts well with water and put them in the sun for 2 -3 days. If your pieces are small enough, you can also dry them at 120 degrees in the oven. Once the wood is dry, you can sand the pieces of wood with the sandpaper so that everything looks nicely rounded and naturally weathered. A thin layer of a patina glaze can additionally create the optical driftwood look and mimic the natural gray color of weathered wood pieces.

Tinker with driftwood and decorate

driftwood artificially-own-produce-deco-tinker

You can now use your artificially made Making driftwood miscellaneous and decorate according to your mood!

Shelves miss the driftwood look

wall shelf-wood boards-artificially-aged-gray

You can give not only small branches, but also whole boards the driftwood look. The following method is faster and looks just as good. This wall shelf will bring a wonderful touch of beach feeling into your own four walls!

The recipe for the artificial driftwood effect


First you have to sand down the old paint, then mix baking soda and water in the ratio 1: 1 and put the paste on the wooden board. Sprinkle or spray vinegar on the soda-water mixture. 5 – 10 minutes and scrub with a wire brush. Rinse the wooden board with water and dry with a cloth.

Spray vinegar on the soda-water mixture

driftwood-boards-produce-manual-soda-vinegar-wall shelves

Scrub with wire brush

driftwood effect-producing artificially-optic-steel brush

Rinse well with water and dry cloth


How can the gray patina be created?

driftwood artificially-produced-shelf board-grayish rustic painting

To give the wood a natural gray patina, mix brown glaze (4 parts glaze medium and 1 part latex paint), little craft paint for wood in white and some water to dilute.

Now you have to work fast. Apply a small amount of the mixture to the board and immediately wipe with a wet rag. So the natural wood grain is still visible.

The glaze lets the natural wood grain shine through

driftwood-boards-produce-artificially-gray wood-aging

Wall shelf in the beach look

wall shelf-wood-boards-driftwood-effect-giving

Paint the clips and hooks in light blue and decorate your shelf to match the maritime theme. If you still feel like doing crafts, you can create these shell pendants yourself. A lighthouse and a holiday photo makes everything perfect!

Impressive driftwood lamps by Bleu Nature with a rustic flair

driftwood lamps bleu nature Köleo collection

Bleu Nature is a French company founded in 1995 by Frank Lefebvre. The designer team designs impressive Driftwood lamps, furniture and home accessories that would bring a rustic flair to your ambience. The driftwood pieces and branches were found on the beaches of France and Corsica. All finds are exposed and processed in a furnace under very high temperatures and water vapor pressure. After that, the weathered drift wood Items sorted and prepared for further processing. Each piece is unique and tells its own story, making every driftwood lamp unique.

Driftwood lamps with rustic beauty

driftwood lamp bleu naturr table lamp white plastic base

The feet of the lamps are also combined with other elements such as acrylic, metal, boulders and black leather. The typical Bleu Nature Look is the result of a lot of experience and know how during the years. The experienced French designer and craftsman are inspired by Mother Nature and the natural materials.

Driftwood lamps with acrylic base

driftwood lamps bleu nature acrylic vase illusion

The company stands for sustainable design and tries not to consume valuable resources. Not a single tree was cut down for their designs. The designs throughout the Bleu Nature collection impress with their simplicity and elegance and play with materials, colors and contrasts. The goal is always to put driftwood in the spotlight and give nature the necessary attention.

Combination wood and metal

driftwood wall lights bleu nature metal ball

Lampshade made of mouthblown glass

driftwood table lamps bleu nature glass lampshade

Table lamps design

driftwood table lamps bleu nature mouth-blown glass lampshade

Floor lamps and armchairs

driftwood floor lamps bleu nature armchair canopy

Outdoor wall lights wall lights bleu nature tree trunk metal

Table lamp with lighting effects

driftwood lamps bleu nature lampshade fabric

The collection OUTLINE with black elements

driftwood table lamps bleu nature black lampshade table lamp

driftwood wall lights outline collection bleu nature

outline collection floor lamps black lampshades

black lampshades driftwood base bleu nature

candle holder driftwood foot bleu nature design

driftwood pendant lights bleu nature design driftwood table lamp bleu nature table lamp design pendant light driftwood chaos design bleu nature

Living room table build yourself – Driftwood coffee table

build instruction wood substructure

We provide a quick guide that will help you easily Build a living room table yourself can. Of the coffee table driftwood not only looks attractive, it’s a pretty inexpensive alternative to ordinary designs.

Building a living room table yourself – instructions step by step

Deko Couchtsich myself build furniture maritime

So you this rustic wood Build a living room table yourself You may need the following materials – driftwood, screws, possibly rope, saw, sandpaper, paint / on request /, glass plate. How to do it:

First collect the driftwood on the river or lake shore, then for two weeks in the garden / to dry on the balcony. Then bring the wood to the hardware store and get advice on the type of attachment. Preferably also right on the spot select the appropriate thickness and size of the glass. At home sand the wood, polish the individual parts and then oil. On request, the wood can be painted in white or gold. Let it dry again for a day.

Building a living room table yourself – that’s how expressive and creative the final result looks

Driftwood table itself build ideas

Then it can start with the real construction work – first, several variants are tried, as the individual pieces of wood best matching. A tip – if you wish, you can first build a construction out of the massive tree branches, and then attach the smaller pieces diagonally with rope to it. This results in a natural look. After the design of the table base is fixed, each piece of wood is precisely marked and a construction sketch created. Only then will they be cut and assembled. At the end the tree branches should be leveled and then the glass plate can be fixed. Finished!

Tip – Beginners may opt for a driftwood log – it’s much easier to work with.

The table fits perfectly with both classic and modern facilities

build instruction ideas driftwood edit

Facility that brings a touch of the Mediterranean in your own four walls

Ideas driftwood accent intrieur round glass top

On request, the driftwood can be painted

build table driftwood glass plate straight

The living room table as an accent in the eclectic interior

Coffee table straight glass plate Ideas DIY

modern design construction guide round glass plate

Wooden table itself build ideas pictures

Wooden table wintry beautiful decor ideas

build your own ideas tree branches construction

Glass plate to build modern design yourself

Driftwood glass plate design ideas

Driftwood cheap ideas resistant materials

Tree trunk round glass top furniture design

Table rustic furniture itself build ideas

Round table Table base Build tree branches yourself

high living room table build your own ideas instructions

rustic look glass top straight maritime deco

self-build driftwood glass plate oval

Living room table instructions natural materials cheap idea

build your own round glass plate assembly instructions

Glass plate tree branches modern design

Deco mediterranean style tree trunk build yourself

Instructions oval glass plate design ideas

Driftwood docking station as a DIY idea with 15 variants

driftwood docking station idea self-made tablet smartphone

We have a great collection of 15 simple DIY ideas for a useful one Docking station made of driftwood compiled for your devices. They are a selection of amazing smartphone and tablet docking stations, also known as charging stations. They are also very easy to craft, so you can make these docking stations yourself in a relatively short time.

Driftwood Docking Station – Each piece of wood is unique

idea docking station made of driftwood diy smartphone black original

First and foremost, you’ll be off to make a docking station drift wood need some very simple woodworking tools to sculpt and smooth the surface of the wood piece you want to work on. Once you have that, it’s time to go outside and find a piece of wood to your liking. You may want something that is consistent in color and texture with some other wood accents in your home. If you have a suitable piece drift wood Have you measured the location in which your smartphone or tablet then cut out a hole and grind it really well, so that the device is not scratched by the wood. Further up you have to cut a hole for the charger in the driftwood docking station and you’re done! Simple or?

Driftwood docking station – idea for a tablet

Tablet Accessory Stand Charger Driftwood DIY Idea

And if you do not have the time or the tools to do it yourself, then you can just order a driftwood docking station online. It’s much faster, is not it?

Docking station made of cut driftwood

charging station itself make ipad driftwood design

Driftwood block as a charging station for the smartphone

iphone accessory docking station made of driftwood cable

Driftwood is a great decoration material

Wooden piece decoration DIY charging station mobile phone

Add a hole for the cable as a docking station to the driftwood

Shape driftwood interesting diy accessory charging station iphone

Measure the phone for the docking station

docking station made of driftwood iphone accessory DIY project

A DIY docking station made of driftwood as an original idea

DIY project crafting mobile phone accessories docking station

A charging station made of driftwood is a gift

diy charging station iphone driftwood natural product black mobile phone

diy docking station wood iphone cable box

manual diy docking station made of driftwood gray

driftwood idea docking station ipad mobile phone stand

Driftwood accessoire smartphone charging station itself

original diy idea driftwood mobile phone docking station

Available on Etsy ,

DIY: Beautiful decoration with driftwood brings natural beauty

driftwood interesting beautiful idea flower pots garden suitable

You go to great lengths to make the home more beautiful and fresher? You wanted to try something new and are constantly on the lookout for original decorations for your garden and your house? Then this creative idea is interesting for you Decoration with driftwood exactly right for you.

Decoration with driftwood brings nature into the house

Decoration with driftwood pieces to choose carefully beautiful

A great idea for decoration will help you find a perfect one garden Party to organize or give an original gift at a housewarming or birthday party. If you put colored water-storing plants in a nice piece of driftwood, you will get a permanent one Decoration with driftwood that brings the beauty and glory of nature into the home. Succulents and Tillandsias are best for it. See how you can create your own driftwood garden yourself. Apart from driftwood and plants, you will also need Sphagnum Moss, electric drill, wooden or plastic sticks, mask, rubber gloves and bowl.

Making decoration with driftwood yourself is not complicated

Decoration with driftwood electric drill matrialia tools easy

Normally, the succulents need no glue in addition. After a while, the plants are already firmly enough on the piece of wood established. Then you can do this beautiful Decoration with driftwood Position anywhere in the apartment, a vertical position is even possible. This Driftwood Arrangement is quite suitable for the interior as well as for the exterior. Advantage is that these types of decorations last much longer compared to the typical ones Flower compositions , The succulents are easy to care for, which adds another plus to this deco idea. If these grow too high, you can always transplant them into the soil.

Leave sphagnum moss in a bowl full of water for the time being

Deco electric drill columns make yellow wood

Try to properly estimate the size and shape of the holes

make hole succulents plug in not complicated

Making decoration with driftwood yourself is not complicated at all

Decoration with driftwood plastick or wood chopsticks

Take the succulents from the bowl

deco with driftwood water easy to maintain

Carefully insert the plants into the driftwood!

driftwood sphagnum moss rubber gloves bucket succulents

Help yourself with the chopsticks wooden sticks current trendy idea design decoration

Position the decorative element vertically

deco with driftwood interior exterior fitting gift

Perfect for interior or exterior deco with driftwood bring fresh nature inside

Driftwood decoration in modern interior – beach villa in Palm Springs, CA

Driftwood deco-modern-beach-villa-wall-deco-wood-couch

A summer rally in Palm Springs, California, was designed in 2014 by architect Jim Schmidt and set up by Carrè Designs. In the interior will be Driftwood deco, natural stone and wood implemented to provide a link between the surrounding landscape and the house interior.

Driftwood Decoration in Modern Interior – A Luxury Villa in Palm Springs, California

Driftwood deco-modern-beach-villa-living-room-open-kitchen-upholstered

The luxury architect’s house opens completely outward in architectural and design terms. The used materials in terms of equipment are used equally inside and outside, to provide a seamless transition. In the same size room as inside, there is a lounge area with a pool, a patio roof and several individual areas for relaxing moments.

Use driftwood decoration with style in the interior

Driftwood deco-modern-villa-living-room-sofa-cushions-pistachio-green

Light-flooded rooms create a truly relaxed atmosphere through soft, bright nuances of earth tones and the use of natural materials. Decorative and art objects made of wood or stone are in harmony with the surrounding desert landscape and rock garden. Patio doors in every room offer the opportunity to go out directly in the garden and enjoy the sunshine.

Combine wood and upholstery in attractive colors

deco-modern beach villa-living room-Polstermoebel-pistachio green carpet

Driftwood decoration and other art objects in the interior

driftwood-deco-modern beach villa-living room-wood-living wall

Driftwood decoration as an accent in the interior and exterior

driftwood-deco-modern beach villa-living room-wall tiling-travertine fireplace

Luxury California Villa with Pool, Terrace and Lounge area

Modern-beach villa-garden-terrace-loinge-pool desert garden

Modern villa – luxury area for the pure enjoyment of the sun

Modern-beach villa-desert garden-terrace-lounge-pool-sun beds

Covered patio and outdoor wood furniture with cushions

Modern-beach villa-terrassenueberdachung-outdoor moebel-pad-wood

Direct access to the garden from the bedroom

Modern-beach villa-large-sized-window-bedroom-wood cladding

Modern bedroom decorated in warm nuances

wooden ceiling-modern-design-bedroom-art image-ocher color

Wooden and travertine wall cladding in the modern bedroom

Modern-beach villa-bedroom-sunny-sliding-terrassentueren-wood cladding

Driftwood Decoration and wallcovering made of travertine in the bedroom

driftwood-deco-modern beach villa-bedroom-wall tiling-travertine

Modern furniture made of wood and upholstery in light earth tones

wall covering-wood-modern-design-bedroom-carpet-beige

Driftwood decoration and corten steel look in the modern bathroom

driftwood-deco-modern beach villa-bathroom-corten steel-and-white ceramic tiles

Modern bathroom design in gray with access to the garden

Modern-beach villa-bathroom-bathtub-square-shower

Large picture window next to the spacious bathtub

Modern-beach villa-bathroom-bay window-face protection-corten steel

Large format windows and privacy panels at a distance from the house facade

Modern-beach villa-window-coverings-travertine rock garden china reed

Houseleek, cactus and dwarf palm in the desert garden

Modern-beach villa-desert garden-agave-houseleek-cactus-hauseingang

of representative House entrance in the desert garden

Modern-beach villa-desert garden-agave-gravel-hauseingang-tors

* a project by Jim Schmidt and Carré Designs

Holiday Home & Hotel Design »Safari driftwood cabin for a comfortable holiday

huette seating area fireplace lanterns driftwood couch romance atmosphere

These Safari hut made of driftwood is called Sandibe Okavango and is located in Botswana. The aim of the design is to register perfectly in the environment. This succeeds above all by the use of much wood, which was processed into striking and dramatic forms. This creates a sculptural look. The driftwood safari cabin houses a total of 12 suites and has main living areas made of light driftwood and an effective one bar have a curved shape.

Driftwood Safari Cabin – The living area with seating and dining areas

safari huette from driftwood interior bright beam arch

Equally impressive is the large seating area drift wood which also has a curved shape and forms a semicircle. Especially in the evening creates a romantic and cozy atmosphere thanks to the rustic lighting by lanterns. Electricity is secured by a solar system. The impressive, bright design of the Safari hut made of driftwood was created in a collaboration between Michaelis Boyd and Nick Plewman. It is a contrast to the otherwise rather dark facilities of this area.

Driftwood Safari Hut – White bar with curved shape

driftwood bar white shape organic lamp parquet fur barstool

Living area of ​​safari hut with bright design

huette driftwood living area seat swing fireplace parquet

Driftwood bedroom

driftwood bedroom ambiente warm bed curtain lamps

Simple driftwood hall in the hut

safari driftwood hallway parquet wardrobe design simple

Driftwood terrace over a swamp in the middle of the steppe

huette terrace driftwood design bridge lake safari

The living area of ​​the Driftwood Hut is always open

driftwood living room idea safari huette design outdoor

Safari hut made of driftwood – the entrance

safari hut from driftwood brick design stairs organic shape

Driftwood terrace with pool

driftwood terrace pool safari holiday house luxury tree

safari huette from driftwood cottage idea design nature elephant

safari huette from driftwood elephant steppe botswana

A design of Michaelis Boyd and Nick Plewman