Wall design with dark colors – 15 effective interior design ideas

modern bedroom ash gray orange wall stickers floor coverings contrasts accent chair pictures hanging lamp

Many designers advise against using dark wall paints in the interior, but there are a few simple tricks on how to use them in your interior. We present 15 effective interior design ideas for you Wall design with dark colors which can give you a unique sense of coziness.

The wall design with dark colors – the perfect background for any decoration

Bedroom interior design trendy ash gray shelf integrated wall covering flooring deco monochrome

The dark colors are neutral and can be combined with different accent colors. The dove gray with a slight blue-violet stitch, for example, can be used as a background for a picture gallery. Colors such as orange or green make the gray tones look comfortable. The gray shades are very well suited for each room. The Wall design with dark colors in the living room can harmoniously combine with the color concept in the furniture.

How to use dark wall colors with contrast accents

bedrooms modern interiors; miscellaneous wall paintings rich purple deco-zebra pattern cabinets sconces white

The living colors soften the luminosity of the contrasting tones. A beautiful example of this can be living room be in the exotic style. Contrast color like azure in combination with colorful flowers for decoration fits fantastically to the interior. These concepts can be used in the room with the use of slate and light gray. The Wall design with dark colors can also be made with brown tones. As decoration elements you can use hanging lamps or throw pillows in bright colors. The bright furniture fits perfectly to the whole view.

Colorful interior design ideas and games with the color palette

Dining room multicolored gray dark orange decor natural flowers shelves flooring chairs white image

The wall shines in rich violet, and the eggplant creates a lot of mood in the bedroom. Vibrante colors like the dark purple can be used effectively. The bedroom in this color scheme calms the senses. The Wall design with dark colors proves to be very good in a petrol blue bedroom. The bathroom in turquoise blue is a modern idea for every home. Here you could combine with a rustic chair in light wood. The yellow, orange and green tones are very attractive if you want to refresh the rooms at home. The trendy ideas with the dark colors create a classic and stylish design.

Stylish interior design ideas with rustic elements

living room trendy table wood rustic deco hanging lamp interior wall design dove gray carpet bright

Wall design with dark colors can be used in warmer tones

Living room interior design possibilities wall design dark multicolored sofa cream white furnishing wood

Shades of gray in combination with contrasting accents

Bedroom modern brown wall decor ideas contrast accents color palette decorative carpet design ideas

Petrol blue – perfect solution for wall design in the living room

trendy living room furnishing ideas interior design lighting furnishing wood coffee table light laminate

Dove gray gives the room a metallic look

living room gray modern contrast colors sofas stool green stripes wall stickers home furnishings floor coverings glossy dark

Dreamlike well-being in an exotic living room with blue shades

Interior design living room possibilities trendy azure turquoise wall decoration furnishing sofas curtains lighting exotic

Modern bedroom with interesting decoration and color concept

bedroom modern wall paint purple white contrasting accents carpet white possibilities flooring lighting decoupages

Fresh interior design ideas and sunny mood with the combination of dark walls and bright furniture

trendy living room gray dark lamp upholstered sofa stool white floor covering design color palette laminate

The white color as contrast accent and part of the dark interior

Bedroom modern wall design brown dark gray bright decor interior design ideas pillows contrast accents white

Proper lighting and wall covering in brown – guarantee of comfort and style

bathroom trendy washbasin vanity unit integrated wall lamp wallcovering mirror dark brown ceramic tile

Balcony »Balcony Screen with Vertical Garden – Cheap & Effective

balcony privacy vertical garden idea exotic bench chairs

A vertical garden looks chic in every room! Especially green walls are more effective Balcony privacy screen can be used to neighbors. From a small garden with herbs, over vertical green wall with vegetables, to magnificent botanical compositions – the variety of planting possibilities is fascinatingly large.

Balcony Screening – ideas with plants

balcony privacy hedge idea modern rattan sofa feuestelle stuehle

Vertical gardens and green walls are an expression of a new urban living culture and sustainable life philosophy. Balcony plants provide the necessary shade and have a calming effect on people. In addition to the recreational effect, green walls improve the urban microclimate. The green one Balcony privacy screen also fulfills a safety and wind protection function.

Balcony privacy provides an intimate environment on the terrace and balcony

balcony privacy bamboo idea planter wood floor

Green walls are suitable for balcony, as well as for terraces or garden as delimitation. Of the Balcony privacy screen should of course also correspond to the taste of the owner and last but not least ideally suited to the style of living. One would rather like a haven of peace with flowering plants, another would like more climbing plants. On a small footprint, which is the case with the balcony, the space should be used as efficiently as possible. By vertical garden cultivation, the space can be optimized.

Use plant bags for privacy

balcony sight protection plant bags flowers yellow bloeten

A green wall is the perfect one Balcony privacy screen and windbreak. The aromatic scents provide a familiar relaxed feel-good atmosphere in the fresh air. These provide good protection against drafts and wind.

Modern balcony with tropical plants as privacy

balcony visual protection artificial grass floor glassware plant flower box

Balcony privacy protection idea

Vertical gardens windbreak terrace balcony design

Climbers and hedge as a screen

Wooden patio furniture plants for balcony wind screen

Green wall for a nature experience on the balcony

Vertical Garden Privacy Screen Terrace Windscreen

Protect yourself with plants on the balcony from view

Green wall. Idea wind. Privacy. Patio

A green wall that looks slightly exotic, embellished garden and balcony

Gardening roof balcony roof terrace green wall

Blinds Ideas – Feeling Closer To Nature

Balcony Screening Ideas Vertical Greening

The natural fence has excellent visual quality

Balcony railing glass greening visual protection

Vertical living wall – enjoy light and shadow changes

Climbing roses plants balcony Idea screens

Green walls improve the air quality

Vertical garden on balcony privacy fence. Balcony garden

Urban gardens – a green lung in the city

Greening roof balcony screen IDen

Lively green screen as a balcony Screen

Terrace planting ideas windbreak demarcation

Green wall is ideal for the intimate design of the balconies and terraces

Balcony Blind Windbreak Ideas Vertical Garden

Green wall as a balcony privacy screen

Roof Terrace Covering Flowerpots Wood Decking Screening Idea

Ideas for balcony light protection – vertical gardens and green walls

Balcony Terrace Screen Protector Green Wall

Screening for the balcony – balcony railing fence

Balcony screened garden terrace

Balcony railing screen fence

Balcony railing Green wall privacy balcony

Sunscreen and Build privacy screen yourself

Climbers garden on the balcony terrace

Urban gardens – green wall

Privacy screen green wall balcony and terrace

Garden Design – 100 pictures, beautiful garden ideas and styles

34 ideas for privacy in the garden with decorative bamboo fence

21 ideas for balcony screen protection Various screen protection options

Garden art from driftwood – A natural & effective decoration element

Garden art of driftwood bench-feather-tree trunk-modern

The Wood is a popular and well-known building material since ancient times. It is easy to work with and has a natural and eye-pleasing look that is still very attractive today. But we leave the furniture to the experts and take a look at a very specific type of wood that is everywhere – the driftwood. Sanded by sand and stones and shaped by the water, it offers a very special and unique charm, which you can also bring to your home. A Garden art from driftwood to create is not complicated or time consuming.

Garden art made of driftwood gets a very special charm

Garden art of driftwood-fence-deco-purple-beautiful-stocker

It is up to you and your creativity to decide what to make and shape from the unique driftwoods. From this, imaginative accessories and garden ornaments can be created during leisure time.
The materials are wonderful to find in nature – in their own garden , in the nearby park, on the beach while on vacation, on the river or in the woods on a trip. The different natural materials, such as collected stones, wire and metal elements or glass pieces and pearls ground by the sea water, fit together in one whole. Larger pieces turn into a whole garden art of Treibholh with a little more skill. Build great outdoor chairs and chairs, imaginative wind chimes, bird houses, tealight holders, side tables and imaginative sculptures.

Garden art from driftwood – simple and very effective

Garden art from driftwood -sphaere-sculpture-decor-circle-courtyard

The unique structure of the selected pieces of wood created by the tides combines charm and coziness, creating a natural-looking home. The small finds tell stories about hikes and adventures between stones and sand, in the sunshine and thunderstorm, through the waves of the water. In the workshop they do not lose their uniqueness, but bring the beauty of nature into our home and create a unique transition between two worlds – nature and man.

Authentic signs for front door or as a decorative object

Garden art of driftwood - shield-craft-diy-live-laechele-love

Wind chime from all kinds of fundus pieces


Garden art of driftwood -windspiel-haeuschen-fish-hang

A driftwood fir tree is of course no substitute for a real one


Make imaginative structures from a variety of woods

gartenkunst-driftwood wallpaper itself Styler tinker

Tealight glass decorated with pieces of wood


Tealight holder made of driftwood

Garden art of driftwood - tealight candles candlesticks

Terrarium with sticks cut by nature

garden box-driftwood-plant-terrarium-glaskasten-sand-steinchen

Flower pot decoration from driftwood

Garden art from driftwood - succulent-plants-dry-box

Birdhouse made of pieces of wood and moss

gartenkunst-driftwood-aviary sticks-small-forest-tree-hang up

Driftwood as a flower container for dry-loving plants

Garden art of driftwood - flower pot - succulents - flower decoration stone

Driftwood in the garden

garde art-driftwood-blummenkasten-garden-deco-succulent


Garden art of driftwood -table-oval-glass-glass-deco-sculpture

gartenkunst-driftwood chairs-huge-chair-solid wood-oeko


Garden art from driftwood -lamps-white-large-sculpture


gartenkunst-driftwood tree-house sphere-cocoon-circle

Garden art of driftwood-piano-stoecke-sculpture-pianist

Build-gartenkunst-driftwood-wood bow-garden-yourself



Garden art of driftwood hanging glass vase flowers

Garden art of driftwood birdhouses-spherical-natural-color

Garden art of driftwood windspiel-glas-dekorationen

Picture frame as a refined decoration – 17 effective ideas

picture frame-deco-ideas-bedroom-aqua-blue-cream-

Since the digital cameras exist, most of the photos are simply stored on the computer. Often you forget or just do not want to let them develop. But honestly, such a “real” photo that hangs on the wall or on a cupboard and together with a great Picture Frame the Room decorated , is a great change and hardly replace with digital picture frames. Originally, they served to protect the photo from dust and to prevent it from bending and bleaching. Today, however, there are a variety of designs, patterns and colors, so that the frame together with its contents of the decoration is used.

Empty picture frames are a trendy decoration idea


The picture frame plays in a way a big role. He can emphasize the respective image or cause exactly the opposite. For this reason, he should always be chosen appropriately. At the end of the day, you’ll enjoy a cozy atmosphere, whether you choose a wood, plastic, glass or metal frame in a modern, retro or vintage style. By hanging the photo with a pretty frame on the wall, spice it up and turn it into a work of art.

Picture frames in a modern, retro or vintage style?

frame-deco-ideas-living room-gold-frame-open-living room

Pretty are also combinations of different frames, which are attached in any order, size and different distances on the wall. Would you rather not drill holes in the wall? Then simply put the pictures on a cabinet. But even without pictures, a picture frame can be effective and be a great decoration element. Simply add a selection of frames in any style as a group on the wall. For example, if you have wallpaper with pretty patterns, you can highlight it with a picture frame. Simply hang it on the wall so that part of the wallpaper pattern is centered.

Combinations of different frames

fotowand-ideas-picture frame-order

Here are a few examples of great picture frame decorations that you can easily copy as you like. Showcase your photos effectively or simply decorate the plain walls with them. Let your imagination run wild and astonish your guests.

black frames and red furniture in the home office

picture frame-deco-ideas-heimbuero-red-black-frame-moebel

loving wall decoration with hearts

picture frame-deco-ideas-herzchen-wood furniture children's toys

minimalist wall decoration in white and black

deco-wall-stair-little-white-photo frame

Coral and aqua


fotowand-white-frame-blue wallpaper harmoniously

dining area-deco-cream-color wall-bildeerahmen

deco-picture frame-colorful-painted-corridor-wall

luxury-dining-blue-gold-nuanced-wanddeko Picture Frame

wanddeko-modern-bedroom-light gray-and-white picture frames

vintage picture frame-schwar-white-photos-eck-sofa-kitchen

bedroom-maritime-deco-blue-brown-silver-picture frame

picture frame-deco-ideas-clock-selbermachen

modern-living-bright-colors-white-photo frame

Slimming »Effective tips and tricks for a flat stomach

Exercise Exercises Stay fit to eat healthy

We guessed you effective tips and tricks for you flat stomach so you can come in great shape for your next beach vacation!

Tips and tricks for flat stomach – never miss a meal!

Fruits vegetables important nutritional kiwi apple

Fasting is not good for the body and for one flat stomach because it needs to be reprogrammed – if our body gets a certain amount of food instead of digesting it, it will save part of it for the next “hunger” period. And guess where most supplies are stored?

For a flat stomach – reduce the amount of sugar you take!

Prepare dinner cucumbers tomato salad

For no other reason, just because the sugar just increases the production of insulin, which in turn slows the metabolism – and we do not want it to happen, right?

The “10 percent” rule for effective training

fast healthy diet after the new year

The fitness trainers advise to do 10% of the strength exercises on the abdominal muscles – this leads to a beautiful and beautiful flat stomach However, you do not have to overdo it with the fitness exercises.

Healthy Diet – Your dinner must be simple

Diet fat loss pancave decrease

At dinner, it is advisable that you eat light meals that do not contain too many ingredients. Few proteins and fresh vegetables can do wonders. The desserts you eat better at lunch!

Drink green tea!

Belly healthy eating delicious winter

The green tea can be yours Boost metabolism and helps with the internal cleansing of the body. It is useful and of course, if you drink three – four cups of green tea daily, you can easily break down the bacon and get over one flat stomach looking forward. This is another step to the flat stomach and the perfect figure!

Eat foods that are high in potassium and calcium

reach fish salmon orange salad

When the amount of potassium and calcium in the body gets low, it starts to store water. To have more of these substances, eat bananas, spinach, figs, fish, yogurt and many others.

You must not forget the herbs!

healthy diet quickly lose belly flat

Peppermint, chamomile and ginger have beneficial effects on our body, including reducing swelling in the stomach and relieving the entire digestive system. But if you do not like herbal tea, try pineapple. The pineapple contains bromelain – an enzyme that also has a beneficial effect on digestion.

Stay calm!

Listen to music relax lose weight fast

Always find time to rest and relax, even after the most stressful day of work, because stress and effort stimulate the production of cortisol – a hormone that actually helps set fat.

Keep a journal!

Dieting Keep Slimming Muscle Punish Exercises

Write down which foods make your stomach swell and from which you feel comfortable. Of course you should try to avoid the first ones.

Well, what does it look like? Do you think it’s hard to follow all this?

Technology »3D projection mapping on body and face: 2 effective videos

3D Projection Mapping body tattoo back mandala flowers

Have you ever imagined what an animated tattoo would look like? What if the motifs in black ink on your skin suddenly materialize into moving images? That is already with 3D projection mapping on body and face possible! Videomapping is a novel technique for taking pictures, graphics and videos three-dimensional objects can project. You may have already seen video mapping on buildings. Now, visual artists go further and make the video projection on people. And it looks pretty stunning!

3D Projection Mapping on Tattoos – Ink Mapping

3D Projection Mapping Body Tattoo Breast Devil

3D Projection Mapping and Stage Design are the specialties of visual artists Oskar and Gaspar from Portugal. Only 2 years ago they did the video mapping on human face and since then they also wanted to experiment on body as they are big tattoo fans.

It took about a year to find funding for the project. The design of the animations themselves took about a month. For this, the tattoos of previously selected persons were used. The idea finally came together and was presented at a live tattoo mapping event in Lisbon.

3D Projection Mapping by Oskar + Gaspar

3D Projection Mapping-Tattoo-Man-Maori-Tattoos

The visual impact of the 3D projection mapping technique on body is really amazing and looks very realistic! As if a demon really comes from the breast of a woman!

Tell whole stories

3d projection-mapping-woman-tattoo-leg-light

In the video you can also see more stunning effects: a black snake glides up to the upper body of the model, while a manta ray floats over his thigh.

Mandala Tattoo

3D Projection Mapping -mandala-tattoo-back-red-light

Mandala tattoos on backs of women are also brought to life and transformed into moving graphics. They shine and turn very effectively.

People are the canvas

3d projection-mapping-body-tattoo-back-light

In the future, the artists hope to be able to tell whole stories in their tattoo-mapping videos and integrate that technology into music videos and commercials. That’s how tattoos interact with each other.

As if the ink flowed out of the skin

3d projection-mapping-tattoo-leg-maori pattern

In the short video, the black ink flows from one leg tattoo and into another. Imagine if a butterfly tattoo on his arm could fly on a flower tattoo on his leg.

3D projection mapping on face

3d projection-mapping-face-virtuale-reality

Videomapping on the face is nothing new, but we also discovered this cool video from Project Otome. It shows the scanning of a model’s face and then a live projection of various make-up designs as well as strange CGI renderings (Computer Generated Imagery). Great technical performance is the ability to customize the video to the face as it moves in real time.

Project Otome

Otome is the result of a collaboration between Japanese media artist Nobumichi Asai, makeup artist Hiroto Kuwahara and French digital image engineer Paul Lacroix.

Face is scanned in advance

skanieren 3D projection-mapping-face-

We do not expect that in the future we will run around with projectors to have the perfect cat’s eyes on our eyelids. But make-up projection mapping can be very helpful for different artists, actors and performers. Their faces can transform in real time right in front of our eyes.

everything happens in real time

3d projection-mapping Face-faceted

When this technology is developed, it could actually change the world of stage make-up. In fact, it can even make certain types of 3D computer graphics obsolete in movies. Instead of being edited in post-production, the faces of young actors can “outdated” in real-time using projection mapping. In just a few clicks, a robot can emerge for new sci-fi film. Then why the troubles for special effect make-up?

Special effect make-up in just a few clicks

3D projection mapping face software innovation

Design »Modern wall clocks – 15 ideas for an effective wall decoration

modern-living room-blue-orange-wood-moebel-big-wall clock

The wall clock is no longer just to experience the time. Nowadays it is an important part of the decoration and, above all, an advantage, because you can spice up bare walls very well. The wall clock is available in many different variants and designs , They can also differ in size. There are classic wall clocks in the form of a box and pendulum, but also countless variations for modern wall clocks with which you can put a special accent in every room. Such are currently particularly popular.

Modern wall clocks as an accent in the room

Modern-wall clocks, red and Tutto Torna-Diamantini-and-Domeniconi

Accordingly, you can choose the wall clock depending on your interior style. For example, if your home has a minimalist interior design style, you can choose modern wall clocks from simple, straight lines to match the interior. Or vice versa: Break the straight lines by choosing a fancy wall clock that consists of geometric figures and bright colors. Whether with Roman or Arabic numerals in a standard or special font, in black and white or bright colors – the selection is great. All you have to do is look around and look for the right wall clock with patience. Then you can be sure that you will find something suitable.

Modern wall clocks for every style of furnishing

Modern-wall clocks-cuckoo-interpretation-Diamantini-and-domeniconi

You can find some effective ideas in this article. From the examples you can be inspired to get an idea of ​​what exactly you want for your apartment, or rather, the individual rooms. Are modern wall clocks too ingenious despite the many designs? Then there is another possibility. Particularly effective are wall clocks that consist of a wall tattoo. You can choose any motif, as well as clockwork design choose. All this is done on the wall and you get a unique, homemade wall clock that you can be proud of.

We hope you enjoy browsing

wandtattoo-demanding-combination-wall stickers demanding



modern-wall-clock-red-wood-MAXI CLOCK Legnomagia

modern-wall-clock-minimalist-TABLET-R Tothora


modern wall clocks Marcel-Wander-BIG-BEN-Mooi

modern-living-fireplace-wooden-living wall design Vitra Nelson

MADERA CLOCK Alan Wisniewski-round-wood-black


modern-wall-clock-white-Sigel GmbH

wall-clock-round-polyurethane blue-INTEMPO-Geelli

Marble kitchen with concrete wall with effective pattern

marble kitchen with concrete wall minimalism idea design elegant

We show you today, as if from a dilapidated kitchen in a deserted house a true dream of one Marble kitchen with concrete wall can be. Located in Sydney, Australia, it was previously in terrible condition and served as shelter for the homeless.

Marble kitchen with concrete wall – before and after

marble kitchen with concrete wall old house graffiti renovation minimalist

As is the house with marble kitchen with concrete But if Wand was in a convenient location, close to schools, cafes and the city, the new owners decided it would be worth their while to rebuild the house and create an impressive family home.

Marble kitchen with concrete wall – A design by Minosa

marble kitchen with concrete wall kitchen island white dark wood

For this purpose, the owners took the company Minosa Design to help. Renowned for their perfect work, they have even won awards in the Housing Industry Association Awards category in the category “Kitchens”. Also with this marble kitchen with concrete Wall again exceeded all expectations.

Bar stool with industrial flair

marble kitchen concrete wall wood cabinets gray built-in dining table modern

The new owners wanted to renovate the house to their liking, since they wanted to live there. As a center for family life and the more busy everyday life here is the marble Kitchen with concrete Wall. That’s why we want to focus your attention on that.

Large kitchen island made of marble

marble kitchen concrete wall gray floor tiles elegant design

It is a modern, open plan living area. Right next to the kitchen is the seating area. The marble In addition to its elegant look, the wall of the kitchen also has a warm and cozy side, which is mainly achieved through the dark wood. A real eye-catcher is also the big kitchen island. It has a total length of 4 meters and offers so much space for working and sitting. Original bar stools serve as a seat and add an industrial accent to the marble kitchen with concrete wall.

Built-in dining table

marble kitchen concrete wall bar stool black metal industrial

The dining area on the one hand designed separately and on the other hand in the marble kitchen with concrete wall with built-in. To sit in this area serve black, modern chairs, and a bench, which is located directly under the window.

Concrete wall with subtle patterns

marble kitchen concrete wall dining room chairs black modern white kitchen cupboard

Particularly effective is the wall design. And although the marble kitchen with concrete wall has interesting motifs there, which are discreetly designed and still stand out wonderfully in the white kitchen cabinets.

Lots of natural light for a bright room

marble kitchen concrete wall high gloss window light dining area

The marble kitchen with concrete wall is already relatively bright. Nevertheless, to accommodate the darker concrete wall, large windows have been installed that allow plenty of natural daylight to flow into the room.

Indirect lighting in the kitchen

marble kitchen concrete wall oven stairs column indirect lighting

During the darker time of day, effective lighting ensures a cozy atmosphere, which is located above the cabinets, as well as below the gray kitchen cabinets and radiates an indirect light. This gives the minimalist marble kitchen with concrete wall the finishing touch.

Hidden Chamber

marble kitchen concrete wall door wood practical design idea

In addition to the dreamlike aesthetics, the marble kitchen with concrete wall offers some practical sides. Apart from the typical kitchen equipment and machinery, namely, a small laundry room is installed. This is wonderfully hidden behind a door and thus does not stand out.

marble kitchen concrete wall open wash kitchen idea built-in chamber

Only when you open this door of the marble kitchen with concrete wall a small separate room comes to light, which offers enough space for a washing machine and various cabinets.

marble kitchen concrete wall washer washing machine shelf white

And there again, the design of the marble kitchen with concrete wall in the form of white and dark wood cabinets, as well as a patterned wall concrete look repeated.

marble kitchen with concrete wall dilapidated house renovation idea

The modern marble kitchen with concrete wall is located in this house. What would be called a hovel for others was a house of potential for the new owners. It’s proof that nothing can be done out of nothing.

marble kitchen with concrete wall vandalism graffiti wall painting

And the difference is just impressive. From a nearly dilapidated house, a cozy and modern home was created that will give the new owner many years of pleasure.

Design of Minosa design ,

Patio area »Garden Lighting – cheap and effective ideas

Garden lighting walkway bollard ball

We take a look at popular and affordable ideas for garden lighting – and give you 18 inspirations for modern garden design!

Solar garden lights – cheap and environmentally friendly

garden-lighting-solar bollard lights Walkway

The Garden lighting with solar panels is one of the cheapest alternatives that not only saves energy, but is also environmentally friendly. The solar lights can be hung on trees, and are offered in different colors as floor lights.

Vintage garden lighting with a romantic touch

Garden lighting sconces bulbs cabinet

The vintage Garden lighting brings a romantic touch from the past. These are mainly lanterns or lamps that serve as floor lights Garden Path can illuminate. Traditional or classic garden designs are made by the Garden lighting benefit.

Garden lighting ideas – lanterns

garden-lighting-wind lights-modern-terrace

Old bottles can be transformed into beautiful wind lights. You have two options – you can use either candles, or light bulb as lighting. Wind lights are also popular table decoration for summer parties and weddings. They leave many room of creativity and can be decorated with flowers or colorful paper.

Garden lighting – floor lights

Floor light-led-plant garden-lighting-under

Modern or traditional floor lights are offered in numerous designs on the market. But you can connect to colorful paper lanterns chic little lamps and make beautiful lighting itself. They are practical, look good and can be used anywhere. From garden torches, to garden lights, to table lamps – the choice is virtually limitless. Metal lantern can also be used as a decoration in the garden. We have put together a collection of different designs for you – enjoy the suggestions and maybe you come up with a new idea.

Illuminate the garden path

Garden lighting ideas pathway lighting

LED light chain

Garden path illuminate design ideas

Chic LED lighting next to the pool

LED lighting fairy lights garden

Paper lantern with LED light bulbs

beautiful colorful garden lights design

Homemade wind lights

Hurricanes garden lighting ideas

Solar lights in the garden

original solar lighting ideas

Metal lights for the garden

Candles glow floor ideas wooden fence

Modern garden torch show the way to the house

Garden torch design ideas lighting

Paper lantern in the garden

Garden party lantern paper yellow table decoration

Metal lamp

Creative lanterns design ideas

Floor lights with solar panels

Garden lights design ideas solar panels

Metal lantern in the garden

Garden lantern iron glass pendant lights

Garden decor and lighting in one

Garden Decor Ideas Figurines Porcelain LED Lighting

Garden party lighting ideas lantern creative figures

Garden lantern itself make light chain

Floor lights garden blue yellow garden path

original homemade garden windlights

creative solar lighting ideas pattern

Architecture »minimalist compact office furniture for effective work

modern office building architecture Minimalism

Mori x hako is a minimalist compact office furniture Made almost entirely from natural materials, it contributes to an elegant, comfortable and beautiful working environment. If you are interested in minimalism and are looking for an interesting and practical idea then you will surely like this design.

Compact office furniture made of natural materials – idea from Japan

modern office equipment-Japan

Usually, the Japanese place more emphasis on the practical interior, rather than the aesthetics. Here is an exciting combination of both presented – not only is the entire building interesting – one wall is completely planted, while on the other hand windows in different sizes give a modern look. Inside, every room is different. The commonality lies in the open spacious areas and the use of wood. The compact office furniture characterized by elegant winding form of furnishing.

Compact office furniture with many green vegetation

minimalist-compact-wood office furniture

Conference room-modern-wood furniture

Many plants are the only decoration that needs the space. Bamboo, oak and teak furniture create a homely ambience. The practical compact office furniture is more effective thanks to the sunlight coming in through the windows. Gentle natural shades contribute to a better environment, round large chandeliers provide additional lighting.

Elegant lighting contributes to a cozy atmosphere

modern-round office table practical wood furniture

The minimalist design of UID Architects is simple, yet elegant. In the conference room, for example, different models of chairs made of the same material are placed side by side. Small pictures at the entrance are the only decoration that actually needs this office. Some white furniture even makes the room look bigger. The interior is also practically designed – all workstations are close together and many interesting cabinets and built-in shelving hide the documentation, so the office looks well-organized.

From Abigail

Minimalism compact-office equipment

Modern planted facade from the office building

modern office building facade planted

minimalist facade office building in Japan

modern architecture Minimalism facade

Elegant entrance with many plants

minimalist-compact-office equipment