Wellness & Spa »Whirlpool bathtubs by BluBleu show elegance and timeless design

whirlpool bathtubs timeless design top view

Look at this stunning Whirlpool tubs Collection from Italian manufacturer BluBleu and get inspired to decorate your modern bathroom. The Italian Companies is known for its innovative design and love for details. These are the main elements of the corporate philosophy.

Whirlpool bathtubs create comfort and relaxation in the bathroom

whirlpool bathtubs with timeless design rectangular

The success of this Whirlpool tubs is based on the classic timeless design, where old-fashioned elegance and modern technology meet to create a stylish collection that suits everyone bathroom fits. The bathtubs by BluBleu convey a sense of luxury and relaxation. Let yourself be pampered with this modern design and recover from the long workday.

Whirlpool bathtubs by BluBleu transform the bathroom into an oasis of calm

modern bathtubs with timeless design headrests

These Whirlpool tubs transform the bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and bring timeless elegance to your bathroom interior. If you are looking for stylish bathtub designs in white, this adorable collection is just what you are looking for.

Rectangular bathtub with a simple design

whirlpool bathtubs with timeless design quadrangular

Modern bathtub with irregular shape

whirlpool bathtubs with timeless design around

Comfortable whirlpool bath with headrests

modern bathtubs with timeless design mahri collection

White bathtub design in the corner

modern bathtubs with timeless design wooden floor

Bathtub with elegant design and clean lines

modern bathtubs with timeless design holder

Square bath with whirlpool function

modern bathtubs with timeless design freestanding

Set up spa area at home

modern bathtubs timeless design elegant

Built-in bathtub design for the modern bathroom

modern bathtubs timeless design built-in

Square bathtub saves space and ensures comfort

modern bathtubs timeless design corner model

38 Ideas for White Living Room – Living Ideas with Purity and Elegance

white living room leather chairs high gloss floor carpet plant

On white living room is the right choice if you want to bring peace and light into the house. The purest color is white, often associated with innocence, kindness, and perfection. On white living room It looks like a blank canvas, a clean palette that represents peace and clarity. White can be integrated into the furniture, home accessories and wall design.

White living room with white home accessories

white living room interior carpet dining table elegant window shelf

Bright walls painted with colors like mint green or light blue are a great backdrop for one white living room with white furniture and accessories. A vase with a metallic sheen full of fresh flowers is the perfect centerpiece for a white coffee table. It is inexpensive and makes the room look fresh. Use white candles and crystal chandeliers to accentuate the purity of the white color. A glass bowl with white floating candles would also be a nice idea. Silver and light pillows are beautiful accent colors on a white sofa or armchair. White bookshelves with bright books and white vases of flowers will be yours white living room nice complement.

White living room with white furniture and indirect lighting

white living room couch kitchen modern minimalist wood accent

The choice of white furniture for their white living room is perhaps the boldest step. To avoid a lackluster call in the predominantly white living room, insert monochrome pillows on the white couch or armchair. Choose a plain rug to accentuate the radiant white color of the furniture. LED lights are a great way, because your white light harmonizes with the white theme. Hang white pendant lights in a corner in different lengths for a similar soft sheen. For the central light source, hang a white chandelier for ultimate white splendor.

White living room idea with green accents

white living room furnishing green accent chair modern tiles high gloss

Instead of white, use light shades of gray

white living room furniture floor lamp cushion black accent parquet light gray

bright white and beautiful ceiling design

Ideas-black-white-living-cover design

115 home ideas for luxurious living room furniture by Roche Bobois

Living room with sloping roof

Ideas-white living room-roof slant-decorative-accessories

Fresh ideas for small living room design

Minimalism in the living room

Ideas-minimalism-white-living room-

silver home accessories


Spacious living room with dining area and kitchen

gray backdrop


beige carpet

Ideas-white-living-beige carpet

white wall with wooden elements

Ideas-white-living-room-wood-accents-living wall

bright parquet

Ideas-white-living-wood parquet-great-glass window

Clarity and light


Living room furniture – design ideas

white furniture and black brick wall

Ideas-white-living-black-brick wall

cream color


Minimalism and light

minimalism Ideas-white-living-GIESSEGI

Modern white living room design ideas

tropical freshness


gray wall paint


High gloss flooring


Living room furnished in Victorian style

black accents

Ideas-white-living-two black-accents

red decorative pillows

Ideas-white-living-glass elements and red pillows

bright wood flooring


modern corner sofa

Ideas-white-living-room-modern-corner sofa

royal armchair with feathers


Chinese style

Ideas-white-living-room-furniture design

open living areas

Ideas-white-living-open-residential use

exclusive light installations

Ideas-exclusive-white-living-room-light installations

Living room color ideas – yellow accents

Design ideas


white quilted furniture

Ideas-white-living-purity Elegance

suspended ceiling and fireplace


brown carpet and curtain


Living room design

Ideas-white living room-and-living-glass window wall

colored accents

Ideas-white Living room Decorative-color-accents

brown accents and living room wall

Ideas-white-living-room-wood-living wall

Ideas-white-living-room-white-living wall


Ideas-white-living-paper lamps-flowers

34 white living room living ideas for modern house

Interior design ideas for living room: designer furniture as eye-catcher

Him & Her designer chairs by Fabio Novembre show sensual elegance

designer chairs her-him casamania fabio novembre

You’ve certainly seen these chairs somewhere in your life. In some, they quickly put a smile on their faces, others feel ashamed at the sight. Art and design enthusiasts want to sit there and take a snapshot. With its original design inspired by the human body, the Italian designer Fabio Novembre has achieved something very special – he has again artfully staged the sensuality and the aesthetics of eroticism that has somehow been lost to us in recent years. His Him & Her designer chairs Meanwhile enjoy increasing popularity. The talented artist uses nudity as a metaphor for the harmony between the two sexes, as well as an artistic strategy.

Him & Her designer chairs – modeled on the human body

chairs-for inside and outside him-casamania innovative design

As Him & Her designer chairs presented in 2009, they have also provoked heated discussions. Both chairs are modeled on the back of the naked male and female bodies. But should the perfection of the human body shame us? This question is asked again. The chairs have a large dose of extravagance and thus provide the necessary pepp. Made of rotationally molded polyethylene, the chairs are available in a variety of colors – red, orange, yellow, lime green, purple, black-white-brown, gray and transparent.

Him & Her designer chairs – provocative and revolutionary at the same time

him-her casamania-outdoor furniture chair polythene

Both Him & Her designer chairs are based on the design classic the Panton Chair and belong to the extraordinary furniture collections of the Italian brand Casamania. Funky and unconventional, they are suitable for people with extravagant Taste and are anything but boring. With their harmonious lines they meet the highest design standards. The designer chairs are used in office, as well as in social and private space.

The design that revolutionized the design industry

chair design fabio-novembre models casamania-her high gloss

Fabio Novembre was born in 1966 and grew up in Lecce. Today he works as an architect and product designer and his studio is located in Milan. In the Italian and international design scene, November established itself as provocateur who did not even play with Christian symbols.

Chair design – unrestrained and innovative

outdoor chairs-modern innovative design-him-fabio novembre

On the one hand embarrassing and extravagant, on the other hand extremely innovative. Both chairs just look sexy. They are a reference to timelessness.

Chair in a sculptural look

Polyethylene chairs daring form innovative design black

The Casamania Him & Her chairs are absolute eye-catchers

office chairs-provocative design-italian him-her casamania

Aesthetic and sensual effect

him-her designer chairs transparent polythene furniture design modern

Daring form of the chairs

designer chairs gray high-gloss dining room set up extravagant ideas

High gloss lacquered version

furniture design chair-inspired casamania-him-her-white high gloss

Seductive but not embarrassing

human butt chair chairs design innovation

Set aesthetic accents without being boring

polythene designer furniture colors variants-him him-casamania chairs

Male and female body as inspiration

him-her designer chairs-made of polyäthilen lime green colors

The chairs are also outdoor suitable

him her chairs design novembre casamania color palette

chairs design-sculptural fabio novembre-him casamania-purple

extravagant furniture design ideas-black white-Him-Her chairs polythene

him-her-designer chairs-fabio novembre-outdoor furniture classics

Nursery furnishings by Forni Mobili show class and elegance

cream shades nursery interior design by forni mobili

This beautiful Nursery furnishings from Forni Mobile shows not only class, but also timeless elegance. The stylish furniture is available in both vintage and modern design. The furniture manufacturer produces furniture for girls and boys. Some models are particularly functional and practical. Take a look at the designs of Forn Mobili.

Nursery furnishings – the multifunctional Caterina 7

bed multifunctional nursery interior design by forni mobili

The designer bed model Caterina 7 is a perfect example of a multifunctional Nursery furnishings from Forni Mobili. The bed is extendable and the lower one Area turns into a lower bed floor. In this way you have the need for two cots. And in addition, a plate in the middle of the bed design is to pull, which turns into a work table. The bed is also made in an elegant vintage style.

The Caterina 7 bed design

caterina bed nursery interior design by forni mobili

Nursery furnishings by Forni Mobili impress with vintage style

soft pink floral pattern nursery furnishing by forni mobili

Dar Italian furniture Manufacturer impresses with an elegant and stylish Nursery furnishings , The soft pastel tones and fabulous vintage style convey a refined elegance and timeless design. The company not only produces retro and classic furniture, but also modern designs with atmospheric colors. Take a look at the wonderful children’s rooms by Foni Mobili for every taste.

Girl’s room bed design with curtains

girl bed nursery interior design by forni mobili

Retro elegance in beige

beige interior nursery interior design by forni mobili

vintage design nursery furnishing by forni mobili

Children’s wardrobe in vintage style

vintage cupboard nursery furnishing by forni mobili

Fabulous sofa with tulips pattern

sofa tulip pattern nursery furnishing by forni mobili

The violet nursery series by Forni

violet interior nursery furnishing by forni mobili

beige stripes nursery interior design by forni mobili

purple nuances nursery interior design by forni mobili

Lilac color in all nuances for the nursery

lilac color nursery interior design by forni mobili

Combine purple and blue successfully

stripe pattern blanket nursery furnishing by forni mobili

Children’s room in gray and pink

pink accent children's room furnishing by forni mobili

Striped pattern in a neutral nursery

wood furniture nursery interior design by forni mobili

Elegant wooden furniture

bed design nursery interior design by forni mobili

Azure elements in the nursery

azur blue nursery interior design by forni mobili

Colorful children’s room with modern design

modern design nursery interior design by forni mobili

The elegance of classically inspired Italian furniture

Première Classe-collection-Stilema-pink-bedroom

, Stilema “Italy produce fine classically inspired Italian furniture for half a century. Their furniture collections are all characterized by an easily identifiable originality of design and the exceptionally high quality of traditional craftsmanship and materials. The rich history and with the wonderful heritage of the Italian Renaissance in its historical descent. The company is proud of maintaining an important local tradition. They are thrilled that they have turned a small workshop into a world-renowned industry.

Classically inspired Italian furniture from Stilema in Urbino, Italy


The Stilema brand can be easily recognized. The originality of his style and source of inspiration lies in the ancient Italian city of Urbino. Along with Florence, Urbino is referred to by many as the “… historic cradle of the Renaissance Arts”. In this dynamic region, the powerful influence of local traditions adds vitality in the updated designs. Stilema is firmly convinced that it

“… produced masterpieces because they inherited the artistic vein of the famous antique craftsmen who made the architecture and interior design noble and prestigious.”

The versatility of classically inspired Italian furniture

La Dolce Vita Collection Stilema-living wall

The mix of historical and modern inspiration is perfectly combined in all Stilema furniture collections. Each of the classically inspired modern furniture sets includes an exciting variety of shapes and forms. This is intended to add interest to any interior design scheme, while maintaining the perfect compatibility of each product. Typically, large pieces like wall shelves and bookcases tend to be straightforward. So these units have the slim effect of built-in furniture. Smaller, more mobile things are often curved and very fluid in design. Each of the collections are available in wood or in plain white lacquered variations. Sometimes these are combined in individual pieces for additional interest. The classic style blends with modern trends in Italian furniture by Stilemma. All these elements are equally well suited to a state-of-the-art interior.

Première Classe-collection-Stilema-dressing table leather chair

The epitome of luxury and good taste, these classically inspired contemporary pieces feature a versatile timeless quality that never goes out of fashion.

Subtle ornamentation enhances the classically inspired collections of Italian furniture

Première Classe-collection-Stilema-pink-dresser

Each of the Stilema furniture collections has its own style and charm. All are luxurious and unique for people with exceptional tastes. These highlighted examples illustrate variations that you expect in different areas of space.

“Four seasons” collection


The style features of this versatile furniture collection will ensure complete compatibility in traditional or modern interiors. As with all Stilema collections, the Four Seasons series includes furniture for living and dining rooms as well as a harmonious bedroom. Named after the famous violin concerto by Vivaldi, the lyrical design of this piece of furniture combines simple framed frameworks with relatively restrained ornamentation. The beauty of fine wood is the focus. While in the white versions, the decorative elements appear more pronounced than attractive focal points.

La Dolce Vita collection

La Dolce Vita Collection Stilema-mirror wardrobe

The simple linear geometry of Dolce Vita collection stands in contrast to the more oriental forms in the composition of these unusual pieces. Built to complement each other, the Dolce Vita collection contains pieces of furniture that present a pleasant and soft contrast. When combined in a complete interior design. The tasteful connective factor is a subtle decorative motif that looks like stylized leaf shapes.

Première Classe collection

Première Classe-collection-Stilema-white-dining-purple-furniture

The subtle yet curved shapes of drawers, chests of drawers and opulent headboards are a peculiarity of the luxurious Italian furniture. The decorative motifs seem to be inspired by musical notation, especially the treble clef symbol.

Première Classe-collection-Stilema-dining room furniture-wood

The other equally desirable collections present natural and geometric elements. The connections are at the time of Art Nouveau, Art Deco movement, Asian art, French decor as well as the obvious Italian connection and of course Modernist trends. Whatever the basic influences might be, one thing is clear. All of these classically inspired collections of Italian furniture blend in with the most refined and sophisticated interior.

from Jaz

elegant Italian-furniture-black-chandelier-bedroom

TV shelf with frame

four-seasons-collection-Stilema-residential wall-tv-shelf

Purple wall unit

four-seasons-collection-Stilema-purple-living wall

Stilomes Italian furniture – dining room


four-seasons-collection-Stilema-wood-living wall

beige wall unit

four-seasons-collection-Stilema-beige-residential wall-ornaments

luxurious Italian furniture by Stilema

La Dolce Vita Collection Stilema-white-living wall

Italian furniture by Stilema

La Dolce Vita Collection Stilema-white-dresser-drawers

Architect Stefano Dorata impresses with Italian elegance

mediterranean Elegance Design

The architect Stefano Dorata creates exceptional and simply visionary designs characterized by creative decorations, elegant furnishings and a simple color scheme. Italian timeless elegance best defines Dorata’s work.

Stefano Dorata – stylish interiors

Stefano-dorata-beige bedroom

The interior should show individuality, imagination and flexibility. Stefano Dorata is a master at this art. His interior designs have proven to be intuitive, functional, stylish and comfortable. The hallmark of Dorata’s work is the refined and elegant combination of modern furniture and interesting works of art. He has created his interiors with much attention to the details.

Interesting decoration in the interiors of Stefano Dorata

Leather chair Staircase house interior

Every project of Stefano Dorata is a beautiful mix of tradition, culture and modern functionality. Residents feel like they are on a journey, surrounded by works of art, beauty and stillness. It feels like being in another reality, characterized by fine textures and high quality materials. The beige color defines each area and elegant accents are sometimes set as lighting, sometimes as curtains, sometimes as interesting flowerpots.

The interiors of Stefano Dorata open a beautiful new world

small bedroom interesting interior

Every interior is a world of its own. It is a space to return to, a home that everyone would call ‘home’, an exotic atmosphere where you can entertain friends, a stylish setting where colleagues can sit together and work on joint projects. The special thing about the work of Stefano Dorata lies in the room layout. Its innovative designs for smaller rooms are very impressive and offer exciting color combinations. All decorations fit the main theme and are nevertheless original.

Cozy little sofa in the living room

cozy-small sofa living room

Mediteranean style staircase Decoration-Lanterne

mediterainischer-style staircase Decoration Lanterne

Plusches sofa design and elegant purple picture in the living room

Plusche Sofa Design

Interesting decoration for the living room – floor lamps

Stefano-dorata Decoration

Dining room in simple color scheme and leather chairs

Stefano Dorata dining room

Minimalism in interior design – simplicity and elegance

Minimalism in interior design simplicity Elegance

The interior design depends on your personal choices, which have been influenced by the preferences and views of the occupants. Minimalism in interior design as a furnishing style is one of the most frequently made decisions. He combines simplicity and elegance in furniture design as well as functionality and distinction. The careful arrangement creates a feeling of space and freedom. The simplified design is always in fashion because the trend for elegant symmetrical shapes is timeless. That’s why Minimalism in the interior design increasingly chosen equally for urban and rural spaces alike.

Minimalism in the interior design – width and freedom

Minimalism in interior design living room-summer-villa

Of the Minimalism in the interior design is a perfect choice for decorating a holiday home like this one shown here. A seaside villa, with French windows that let the light in and out of the room, as well as a great view of the picturesque ocean landscape, is a suggestion you can not ignore. The flooring element around the building is quartz, a particularly sustainable material that is often used for various types of covers. It goes on to part of the interior as a floor covering. On the light background, as well as on the white walls, furniture and accessories in the living room, the contrasting black tone can be easily distinguished.

Minimalism in the interior design in a vacation home

Minimalism in interior design bedroom-large-window

The contrast between white and black is classic and could be a very appropriate choice for such a place. It may be present in the interior and exterior, where only white lounges are found. The planting in the garden outside is a complement to this color choice and it can soften and soothe their patterns. The decor in the bedroom has a carefully simplistic pattern, dominated by white and gray. Black is indicated only in the textile configuration, used for the duvet and pillows. It is intended to be used in blue, in line with the view of the sea through the French windows. Green, sea and a black and white minimalism in the interior design is what ensures the comfort and solitude within the boundaries of this Italian-style villa.

B. Angelov

Minimalism in the relaxation area

Minimalism in interior design relaxzone-ausruhbereich


Minimalism pool area-sun are

Minimalism in the exterior


Corner Sofa Designs – Elegance and comfort in the living room

corner sofa-designs-living room-furnitures-white-black-Scandinavian

The corner sofa is very trendy – space saving and comfortable, with storage box and reclining function, the piece of furniture is not without reason among the bestsellers of furniture stores. But how is the sofa in the living room stylishly set in the scene? We have 30 stylish suggestions for you as inspiration Corner sofa designs collected by prestigious Italian brands. Let yourself be inspired!

Corner sofa designs in spotlight – Wohntrends 2014

Leather sofa folding backrest wood armchair

The Corner sofa designs will also be in the spotlight of the furniture collections in 2014. But this year, the bold colors return and instead are replaced with subtle neutral tones. Purple, dark blue and green create a cheerful atmosphere in the living room, while the absolute classics black and white create a modern ambience. Clean lines characterize the designs and add the modern living concept. The corner sofa is of course perfect for the corner, but it can also be placed in the middle of the room – and set as an accent in the room.

Corner sofa designs create a stylish look in the living room

Strawberries stool glass table wall shelves modern stylish

The Corner sofa designs are often decorated with colorful pillows. Around the corner sofa, wall shelves, side tables or a glass table can be arranged. For a cozy reading space, you simply need a cotton blanket and a floor lamp. Put a rug in front of the sofa – This increases the heat factor in the room.

Stylish leather furniture for the living room – Collection of BB Italia

Leather sofa black golden lamp Italy

Even the little one living room can be set up with a corner sofa

small living room space saving design ideas

Corner sofa designs in cherry red as an accent in the interior

Cherry Red Sofa Design Ideas Wall Design Original

Modular Corner Sofa Designs – Set in Chocolate Brown

Corner sofa dark brown color beige rug design

Modern collection of seating furniture by Minotti

Wall shelves books collection modern stylish decorating ideas

The upholstered sofa with reclining function – nice addition to the interior

purple day bed wall unit wood corner sofa beige

Neutral color scheme makes the living room bright and comfortable

modern stylish original designs beige color

Living room with wooden shelves and a functional sofa set – Italian elegance

Chocolate brown color wall shelf wood

Modern decor -the blue side table and the wall shelves set accents

Wall shelves white blue side table corner sofa accent wall dark

The gray upholstered sofa is an absolute furniture classic and can be perfectly integrated into the modern home

Stripe orange color modern stylish wall decor wallpaper

Corner sofa with reclining function and storage box – the individual modules can be quickly reconfigured

Ideas white upholstery cushion modern living room set up

Storage lighting round rug beige shaggy

puristic set up black sofa folding back reclining function

Living room set up original ideas modern stylish

set up white color enough blue pillows

Living room design corner sofa design ideas functional practical

Corner sofa design ideas living room furniture upholstery fabric

Design Ideas Living Room Stylish Design White Color

Decorative pillow blanket cotton neutral color living room

Upholstered Sofa Stainless Steel Legs Pictures Wall Deco

Design reclining storage space decoration ideas

Living room set up stylish upholstered furniture Italian

Stainless steel black accent wall white upholstered sofa

Living room reclining function modern stylish shaggy rug

Ideas living room Italian designer furniture white side table

Corner sofa designs -Design ideas upholstered sofa plush beanbag purple red

The white leather sofa with timeless elegance – WINDSOR by SMDIVANI

luxurious leather sofa-WINDSOR SMDivani

The white leather sofa WINDSOR with timeless elegance


A timeless elegance is the element that characterizes this white leather sofa. Windsor can be perfectly adapted to any context, thanks to its precious chrome insert under the armrests, which gives it a modern look. The structure is made of solid wood filled with polyurethane foam in different densities. The backrest is created using the traditional technique Capitonné. Stylish feather pillows with polyurethane coating are shrink-free.

The modern white leather sofa by SMDivani

weißses leather sofa-WINDSOR SMDivani

Armani Casa – leading furniture designer combines style and elegance

gray color scheme living room

Of course, we do not need to introduce you to the world-famous Armani brand, but what is less known is that in addition to fashion, perfumes and accessories Armani is a leader Furniture Designer is. Armani Casa was founded twelve years ago as a division within the Armani Group company. This department gave Giorgio Armani the opportunity to present his unique vision of the interior and interior design of the world. He believes that our interior should be an “intimate and very special space that should not only be comfortable but also smart”.

Furniture designer with world class combines style and elegance

luxury dining room interior floor lamp Armani

Armani Casa focuses on elegant furniture, exciting accessories, interesting fine fabrics with tasteful ornaments and magical lighting. In recent years, the Furniture Designer even developed interior solutions for kitchen and bathroom, thus providing complete decor for the whole house. The atmosphere that creates his creations is very distinctive, cozy and luxurious. The look is retro with a modern aftertaste. All designs are connected by the timeless elegance.

Retro with a modern aftertaste – furniture designer with distinctive style

Luxury oriental cabinet interior

Satin duvet bedroom Armani

Clean lines and simple shapes best define the work of Furniture Designer Armani. The color combinations are reminiscent of the elegant Art Deco period. Dark-colored wood contrasts with the linear elements with luxurious white or cream upholstery. Exotic ornaments and lots of pink define the lighting. All pieces of furniture from the Armani Casa collection can be combined with each other to create a harmonious interior design.

Accessories for a stylish home decor

Luxury tableware table setting

Successful interior design means not only furnishing, but also decoration. The small details play an important role. The catalog of Armani / Casa offers many interesting suggestions regarding the decoration – pendant lamps, floor lamps, cutlery, crockery and everything else you might need. Even if the whole interior is not of Armani Casa, you can put exciting accents through selected decorations.

From Jaz

Living room luxury bed-wall design Armani Casa

Rain shower and bathtub in the luxury bathroom

modern-detached bath rain shower

Modern white double bed

Modern-white bed Armani

Exclusive white decor in the living room

exclusive-white facility Parlor Armani Casa

Luxury design in the dining room

beige-brown-room luxury design