Windows & Doors »3D wooden elements on vertical bars as a room divider or sunshade

3D wood elements privacy glass sunshade

The sunscreen for windows is not just for the hot daylight saving time a very important topic. Some products are also a great option for creative design. Stylish and functional, for example, is the sunshade made of wood, which optimally integrates into any interior and sets beautiful accents. The 3D wooden elements that we would like to present to you in today’s article, are an attractive and contemporary alternative to the wooden blinds and wooden slats. They are designed by the talented American designer Elish Warlop. With her creations she tries to interpret the paradox between silence and movement.

3D wood elements in rhombic design as a privacy screen

3d wood-elements-face protection-glass front-modern

The 3D wooden elements in rhombic design are attached to vertical steel cables. Each bar can also be rotated so that you can direct the daylight in the desired direction. The designer was inspired by the concept of tiling, where different tiles share edge points and can create a flat layer together. So the construction can also serve in the evening as opaque privacy. They are ideal for shielding large glass fronts, as shown in the example.

3d wood-elements-diamond-shape-turned-vertical-rope rods

The 3D wood elements look very stylish and not only because of their shape. They are made of high-quality walnut wood, which is characterized by a pleasant dark wood tone. The color varies from dark brown to dark brown tones. The visual antipole to the solid wood material is formed by filigree but hard steel cables. The composition of wood and steel gives each room a dynamic and warming look.

3D wooden elements on vertical steel bars as a room divider

3d wood-elements-room dividers-decorative-rope rods

The wood-steel construction is ideal not only as a visual and sun protection, but can also be used as a room divider. Depending on the rotation angle, the 3D wooden elements can separate or connect spaces. The design fits in a country house as well as in a modern apartment. Combined with a yellow-green sofa and floor tiles in taupe creates a particularly harmonious ambience. See for yourself.

3d wood-elements-room dividers-flooring-tiles

3d wood-elements-steel bars-room divider

3d wood-elements-vertical-steel bars-living room

3d wood-elements-walnut wood-grained design

Source: Elish Warlop Design Studio

Modern visual protection elements made of wood – 25 hospitality ideas

Screen elements made of wood-landscape-garden-decorated-pillows

If you want to create more privacy in the garden or backyard in a natural way, to retire unobserved, then you would Screen elements made of wood a suitable solution. There are various systems available in the trade that connect the elements together. Stylishly, different materials, such as wood, concrete Doors, stones, gabions and metals combine with each other. The quality of the wood also plays an important role in the selection, as the elements will serve the outdoor area with all its weather conditions. Bangkirai, spruce, larch or Douglas fir are characterized as suitable high-quality wood species.

Modern visual protection elements made of wood – numerous hospitality ideas

Screen elements made of wood -particially-peeled-door-house

The privacy screen is an important part of modern garden design and is not only used for the property demarcation or as a fence. He should also meet high aesthetic standards. The most natural effect is a privacy fence made of wood, which is actually more practical. Old and damaged parts and battens are simply unscrewed, cleaned, repaired or replaced. In addition, natural wood can be easily shaped and processed, painted in a different color and also works for terraces and balcony s creatively interesting.

Wood – a popular material in garden design

Wooden privacy elements-vertical distance-view-from-above

The individual slats vary in size and differ in their arrangement. By alternating the material or the direction really playful and attractive results can arise. Designers fashion modern Shutter systems Viewing at body height while loosening the upper areas, for example by adding translucent decorative elements – the distance decreases from top to bottom. This creates a shadow play, which provides more airiness and liveliness and ultimately does not hurt the privacy. Mounted vertically or horizontally, with or without plants, in different designs and colors – you have great freedom in the design of the garden picture by means of self-protection elements.

Create natural landscapes in the garden

Screen elements made of wood -brunnen-stein-lighting

Wood brings more and more coziness

Screen elements made of wood -trees-landscape-sofa-cushion-brown

Exotic wood species for privacy fence

Wooden privacy elements -bamboo-thick-real-dark-backyard

Modern garden design with bamboo and moss

Screen elements made of wood - bamboo-long-narrow-plants

Stylish garden design with privacy

Wooden privacy elements -elegant - London backyard narrow

Interesting combinations of materials

Screen elements made of wood -gabions-combination-door-garden-fence

An urban garden – variety of materials

modern-face protection elements-wood-backyard-privacy-

modern-face protection elements-wood-horizontal-parasol-garden chairs

modern-face protection elements-wood-landscape-garden-deco-old-gates

modern-face protection elements-wood-Lanhaus-real wood massif Fence

modern-face protection elements-wood-net-square-garden

modern-face protection elements-wood recycling recycling-material-urban

modern-face protection elements-wood-stainless-combination-backyard-succulent

shadow-distance-light gaps - modern-face protection elements-wood

modern-face protection elements-wood-rocking-kind garden-shadow

modern-face protection elements-wood-schoeterrasse-white-gravel-creeper

modern-face protection elements-wood-terrace-wood-combination-roof

modern-face protection elements plant-wood-playful-gap-palms

modern-face protection elements-wood-vertical-fence-garage-house-design

modern-face protection elements-wood-fence-yard-garden-plant-house

modern-face protection elements-wood, white and grass-american-style

modern-face protection elements-wood-naustuer-brick-plant-garden

How to design the perfect garden – 19 basic elements


Nothing better relaxes the senses like outdoor recreation – and if you are one of the lucky owners of a garden, you are facing a great challenge in the spring – namely the harmonious organization of the outdoor area. We try to assist you with the task and take a close look at the 20 basic elements so that you get the perfect one Landscaping the garden can.

1. Design the dreamlike garden – plan like the pros

Garden make-garden path-natural stone garden bench wood

If you have a perfect one Landscaping the garden you should plan this in details. It’s worth it Gartenplaner – and to clarify the planting of each area in advance. Make a sketch and mark what you have planted where you live – so that you can orient yourself according to the flowering period and the hibernation. Our tip – combine flowers that bloom in spring with those that bloom in summer – so the garden will always look colorful and beautiful.

2. Create a perfect garden – create the garden path

Framing Garden Garden Path-create water games

You already have details the flowerbeds planned, and can not wait to start gardening and already want your perfect Landscaping the garden ? Now only one important task remains, before you plant the garden full of enthusiasm – namely, garden paths. There are several variations to choose from – but you must always choose the style of the garden path to vote with the garden style. An English garden will look cozy with a gravel path, cobblestones go perfectly with the Japanese garden, and a country-style design will be more effective through the stone paths.

Create garden path and skillfully put in scene

Garden landscap garden path pergola plants

Garden path made of natural stone slabs leads to a garden bench

Garden make-garden path-fountains-garden bench-stone

Stone path tall grasses perennial roses plants

create stone slabs staircase flowering shrubs colorful original

Design ideas plants perennials house entrance

Garden paths create moss gravel river stones decoration examples

Third water Features in the dream garden

Design ideas blooming flowers fresh waterfall

The running water calms the senses and has a relaxing effect – that’s why water Features an important element of every garden. If the plot is big enough, it’s worth investing in a garden pond. If the space is not enough for a garden pond, you can invest in a garden fountain. If the garden is located on a hill you can build a waterfall.

Garden design ideas blooming flowers perennials exotic

like professionals examples Koi pond stones flowers

small garden fountain nature look aquatic plants

Waterfall pool garden pond stones create ideas

Natural look exotic flowers Palm trees spring

Garden design ideas blooming flowers perennials exotic

4. The rockery in the spotlight

Japanese style design ideas original creative

The rock garden has been a trend for some years now – the easy-care design is just one of the reasons why more and more people are creating a garden corner in the Japanese style. Basically, larger and smaller stones are combined according to certain rules. You can read more about that in our article on the rockery read.

House entrance stylishly design examples of allotments

Ideas garden fountain exotic Japanese style

Rock garden design ideas examples tips

5. Trees as shade donors in the garden

Terrace built ideas examples beautiful

The trees are another important element in the garden – they can provide shade, give fruit or simply give the garden a whiff. Which trees are suitable for your garden, you can read about in our article tree species experience.

Terrace stone slabs flooring metal wrought iron furniture

Trees garden design ideas lawn area colonial style building

English style design ideas green perennials low

Shadow dispenser garden design ideas summer mood fruit trees

Swing high stable wood self build ideas

6. Create flowers in a creative way

Garden deco spring flowers Garden fence high summer

Even if you want to design a beautiful colorful garden, it is worth leaving room for the houseplants and potted plants. Creatively arrange a small corner in the garden and set yours favorite flowers showcased.

Bicycle flagstones garden path flowerpots exhibit

Fekoration flowerbeds frame ideas pictures

Scene set garden design wheelbarrow red

7.The perfect lawn

Flowerbeds house entrance with no garden path design ideas

If you have a larger plot, it is worthwhile making room for one race to release. Basically, the lawn is divided into two groups – ornamental lawn / only decorative / or the more durable sports turf. No matter which variant you choose, you need to know a lot about the lawn types – here you can find out more.

The perfect lawn accent high plant screens

English garden lawn area bench metal

8. Design the play area for the children in the garden

Garden kid friendly shape swing tower

The cozy play area For the children, of course, in the garden may not be missing – here are numerous variants of tree houses to choose from. However, care should be taken during assembly to ensure the stability of the structure and to ensure the safety of the children.

Kids green wall slide cool idea wood

Garden shape garden fence funny original ideas

Kids garden play corner design ideas pictures

9.Sporting the playground in the backyard

Basketball Playground Backyard create original creative ideas

Golf playground backyard grass field ideas design

Mini golf, football or volleyball – the choice is in your hands. You just need that playground in the garden, so that windows and flowers are not damaged by the ball.

10th shower in the garden – refreshing cooling in the hot summer days

Garden shower design ideas allotment outdoor area

The garden shower offers the opportunity to refresh yourself after a long day under the hot sunshine. Tall plants or screens can ensure the necessary privacy in this case.

Design ideas screen protection high stone wall ideas

Garden shower screen protection floor non-slip high palm trees

11th patio design – a cozy seating area in the outdoor area

Rattan Sofa Armchair Ideas Designs Decorative Pillows

If you want to design a cozy outdoor seating area, of course you need the right one Furniture , An overview of the variants you can get from our article regarding garden furniture.

Rattan white color playful accessories Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style comfortably cozy planter shell shape

12th swimming pond in the garden – charming natural look

modern beautiful design ideas pool wooden deck garden

Of the swimming pond in the garden is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional pool. It consists of two pools – one of which is home to special aquatic plants that purify the water. The naturally purified water is pumped to the swimming pool.

Design ideas of course nice concrete pool wood terrace

Pool garden aquatic plants cleaning natural way

Design Ideas Stone Pebble Terrace Aquatic Plants

Garden perennials large wooden terrace house slope

13th garden fence and wall shield the garden

Wall white high evergreen perennials stone tiles

A fence or a wall provides privacy and separates the front garden visually from the street and from the neighboring houses. Our tip – climbing plants and tall plants make the fence look natural.

Garden bamboo privacy fence original design ideas

Picket fence privacy guard tall flowers plant front yard shape

Flowers plants garden country style gate slats

14th hanging plants beautify the terrace and the balcony

beautiful idea garden design romantic roses

Beautify the terrace with hanging plants. The biggest advantage – they take up much less space than flowerpots and at the same time shield the seating area. Our tip – for a beautiful terrace, hang several plant pots at different heights.

Rattan basket violet pink purple color patio

Hanging plants gazebo beautifully decorate ideas pictures

15. The retaining wall and the gabion for the garden on a slope

Hillside retaining wall natural look trees perennials

Retaining wall and gabions prevent landslide and contribute to the stability of the garden with a hillside location. You can also subtly divide the garden into several areas. Which stones are needed for the construction of retaining wall We have guessed your own in this article.

Retaining wall wooden fence succulents prevent landslide

Garden hillside tall trees lawn area retaining wall stone

16th Outdoor kitchen and Barbecue – so enjoy the summer

Appliances oven grill stone wall cozy convenient

The outdoor kitchen and the barbecue are a nice addition for those who like to spend the summer outdoors and cook together with the family. Here – Outdoor kitchen – find instructions on how to build a barbecue yourself.

Outdoor kitchen cozy seating lighting ideas

set up wooden railing terrace table bench

17. The fire Pit – attractive addition to the garden

Heat cold evenings in the garden modern design

The fire Pit is small, easy to move and extremely practical – so the cold evenings are no longer a problem and there is nothing in the way of a garden party.

Fire bowl garden heat enjoy summer days

modern minmalist fire bowl stainless steel garden deco

18th sun protection for the garden

Ideas sunshade awning seating wooden fence

If parasol . awning or a beautiful pergola – the variants are practically endless. Nowadays you can find something suitable for every garden situation and every budget. Of course, before buying, you should have measured the available free space and, if possible, draw up a sketch.

Garden sunscreen ideas cooling off hot summer days

Garden parasol ideas stylish modern design

Climbers Sunscreen Ideas Allotment cozy table chairs

19th lighting in the garden – save electricity with a solar system

Lighting swimming pool LED waterfall accents

LED lights With solar cells in fashion – and the reason for that is quite simple – that’s how the electricity costs can be reduced. Areas that need to be well lit – the garden path, the pool, everywhere you could trip / stairs, gabions, garden fence, taller perennials, trees.

Design ideas lighting staircase wood flooring

Design lighting garden design ideas beautifully original

Beautiful flowers and plants in scene

Dream garden summer design ideas fresh flowers basic elements

Tips pictures cypress gazebo beautiful sitting area

Design as the professionals attractively interesting

Blooming flowers make the garden cozy

Flowers garden fountain trees tall perennials screen

Wrought iron garden bench invites you to relax

Bench Wood Metal Blinds Climbers Steinweg

Combine plants and flowers skillfully

the professionals perennial cypresses Steinweg garden figures

Water features in the garden

Design as the professionals attractively interesting

Landscaping »The Japanese Garden – the most important elements of Japanese garden art

Japanese garden elements

The Japanese species used elements like ponds, streams, island and hills to replicate a miniature version of the natural landscape. In this are the most important and most used Elements of Japanese garden art summarized.

Elements of Japanese garden art – stones, boulders and sand

Elements of Japanese garden art temple stones

Elements of Japanese garden art coast

Elements of Japanese gardening meditation Elements of Japanese garden art

elements of japanese garden art nature stones

Elements of Japanese garden art rock Elements of Japanese garden art white sand

Even in ancient times, the stones played a very important role in Japanese culture. In Shinto, the local religion, the great stones are worshiped as kami, or the holy spirits of shinto. The boulders were used as marks for sacred places. These days are the Elements of Japanese garden art usually large stones that symbolize mountains and hills and used as decorative accents for the bridge and paths. smaller stones are used to frame ponds and streams. There are now dry gardens made entirely of stones. The big stones represent mountains, islands and waterfalls and the small boulders represent the water.

Elements of Japanese garden art – ponds, streams and waterfalls

Elements of Japanese garden art forest Elements of Japanese gardening carp

Elements of Japanese garden art gold gazebo

Elements of Japanese garden art stones water Elements of Japanese garden art Bach Elements of Japanese garden art pond

Creating Japanese species – important to know about dry-stone construction

Elements of Japanese garden art dry garden Elements of Japanese garden art waterfall

The ponds are some of the central ones Elements of Japanese garden art and often represent lakes and seas. Sometimes the ponds are a home for koi carp, which also bring life and vitality into the garden. In the dry gardens, the ponds and streams are represented by small boulders and sang. In the Japanese gardens, which serve as amusement parks, the ponds can be used for boating to reach the beautiful pavilions on the islands in the middle of the pond.

Island and bridges as important elements of the Japanese species

Elements of Japanese garden art dry stone Elements of Japanese garden art path bridge

Elements of Japanese garden art Bridge forest Elements of Japanese garden art covered bridge

Elements of Japanese garden art stone transition

Elements of Japanese garden art stone bridge

Elements of Japanese garden art upper view

The island is another of the longtime ones Elements of Japanese garden art , Their size varies from a single stone to large islands, where there is enough space for buildings. Very often they are real island or have a religious meaning. Some islands represent turtles and cranes that represent longevity and health. The bridges are another very common element that connect the island and cross ponds and streams. The bridges are often made of stone or wood and have different levels of complexity.

plant stand

Elements of Japanese garden art Moss types Elements of Japanese garden art stone decoration

Elements of Japanese gardening tree protection Elements of Japanese gardening plant species

Elements of Japanese garden art Bamboo elements of japanese gardening river plants

Elements of Japanese garden art shrubs Elements of Japanese garden art. Red leaves

Trees, bushes, meadows and flowers are common Elements of Japanese garden art , Plants like maple and cherry are often chosen for their beautiful flowers and colors in certain seasons. Conversely, pines, bamboos and plums are especially prized for their beauty in winter, when the other plants are asleep, so to speak. The moss is also used very often. The plants are very carefully arranged in the garden to imitate a natural landscape. The plants get extraordinary care and supply and are always kept clean and fresh. In winter, the delicate vegetation is thoroughly protected from the cold by all means.


Elements of Japanese garden art Fuji hill

Elements of Japanese gardening leisure park

Larger gardens, especially the leisure parks of the Edo period, contain large artificially formed hills. These hills are symbols of real or mystical mountains. From the top of the hill you can enjoy the breathtaking view.


Elements of Japanese garden art lantern models Elements of Japanese garden stone lantern Elements of Japanese garden art deco lantern

elements of japanese garden art japangarten Elements of Japanese garden lantern moss Elements of Japanese garden art landscape river

The lanterns are important Elements of Japanese garden art and have different sizes and shapes. In most cases the lanterns are made of stone and placed on specially preselected places, such as on islands and near important buildings where they can provide light and aesthetics. The lanterns are very often combined with water pools, which together form a main component of the Japanese tea house.

water basin

Elements of Japanese gardening Elements of Japanese gardening tea ceremony

Elements of Japanese garden art basin Elements of Japanese garden art water basin elements of japanese garden art autumn deco

In many Japanese gardens there are stone pools called Tsukubai. This element is part of the tea ceremony and is used for ritual purification. The pools come in different forms. Some have simple design and others are engraved with complex decoration. Nowadays, in most cases, they have a more traditional value than practical value.


Elements of Japanese garden art stone steps Elements of Japanese garden art Elements of Japanese garden art stones in the water

Elements of Japanese garden art stone stairs Elements of Japanese garden art flat

The path is also one of the most important Elements of Japanese garden art , They are the most popular in the amusement parks and tea gardens. In the amusement parks there are mainly round paths with steps made of stone, sometimes covered with sand or small boulders. The paths are carefully considered to guide visitors to the most important and beautiful places. The paths are often used to separate individual areas so that they are perceived as individual areas.


Elements of Japanese garden design. Small house Elements of Japanese garden design door

Elements of Japanese gardening terrace

Elements of Japanese gardening house

Elements of Japanese garden design residence Elements of Japanese gardening tea house

Many garden types are set up to be watched from inside the house. The gardens are intended to be observed and entered by the interior. That is why the buildings are often seen as part of the garden, including pavilions, tea houses and guesthouses.

Borrowed landscape – Shakkei

Elements of Japanese garden art mountains Elements of Japanese garden art. Forest

Elements of Japanese garden art landscape

Elements of Japanese garden art skyscraper

The borrowed landscape is an important concept of Japanese gardening – to incorporate the background landscape outside the garden indoors in the garden design. The natural objects such as mountains and hills, as well as artificial objects such as guarantor or castles can be used as a borrowed landscape. Nowadays skyscrapers and skyscrapers have become a common interior for the borrowed landscape.

Privacy fence in the garden -23 ideas how to preserve privacy

Art Deco style – furnishings and decorative elements

art deco luxury-interior-design

Art Deco style was created after the First World War and offers people a spectacular, unusual style of furnishing or what they say now – a glamorous style for the new era. Recovery and optimism in the postwar period in Europe and America were the basis for the emergence of this style.
The Art Deco style includes fashion, architecture, textiles and jewelery, furniture and interior design with graceful, flowing lines. He combines modern materials and industrial trends over time.

Art Deco style – living room with wood design

art deco living room-holzdesign

Here are some tips on how to use this Art Deco style to use in your apartment.
The furniture in Art Deco style
The Art Deco furniture has clean, sleek lines – modern, elegant, but comfortable. Usually they are decorated with chromed metal and most of the elements are made of wood, covered with a layer of dark lacquer. The most popular types of wood are ebonite, black exotic rosewood from Brazil and silver. Suede usually gives an incredibly strong sense of comfort in the decor.

Art Deco style – combination of white interior and furniture in a different color

carpet-sofa-art-deco-living room-design


Colors in art deco style
Since the Art Deco belongs to minimalism, the rule applies here – the less color, the better. Most colors are black and its following combinations: green and black, red and black, white and black. The focus is on chrome and gold. Blue or gray colors have a mitigating effect.

Art Deco – golden and wood elements in the decor

art deco golden-wood-elements-device

For Art Deco style are typically the classic white or black marble floors. Often in check arrangement. If you want to make a rug, it should be black, brown or gray with a geometric pattern.

Art Deco in the living room design

Art Deco living room-design

Art Deco in the bedroom design

Art Deco bedroom design

Modern bedroom and essential elements in the decor

modern bedroom furnishing ceiling design indirect lighting

While some appreciate the traditional look, the clean lines in today’s modern look are intriguing. The modern bedroom is all about practicality and elegance. For example, modern bedroom furniture often provides more than one function, and takes less and less space than traditional furniture. The artfully carved beds from your grandmother are long gone. The trend today is simple, chic and trendy.

1. Modern bedroom and the bed

modern bedroom platform red wood black walls japanese

What’s the first thing you see when you enter a bedroom? The bed, of course! There is no doubt that the bed is the most essential element of any bedroom. It sets the tone for the rest of the room. That is why it is extremely important to buy a bed with a beautiful design to achieve a modern look in the bedroom as a whole. The latest designs are minimalist, geometric and slim. Often even with integrated bedside tables.

2. The modern bedroom with accent wall as eye-catcher

modern bedroom accent wall quilted bed headboard gold
In recent years, the accent walls are becoming increasingly popular in the world of interior design. The accent wall is often chosen behind the bed in the bedroom and contains a color or texture that contrasts with the adjacent walls. This is a great way to not only achieve the modern look, but also to express your personality.

3. Geometry

modern bedroom set up gometric wall panels 3d
Almost all modern bedroom designs have a great sense of geometry. Whether the hard edges of furniture, shelves, or even the interior design itself, the modern design puts a great emphasis on the geometry. Also popular are the geometrically patterned rugs and accessories such as vases or candles.

4. The carpet

modern bedroom furnishing red brown flokati carpet

Believe it or not, the carpet in the bedroom can actually complete or destroy the entire look. While minimalism is the goal of the game when it comes to modern design and a space is lacking, a rug can add the desired contrast. A large, patterned carpet in front of the bed adds an extra splash of color.

black bedroom furniture Modern bedroom luxury black chandelier lighting bed

open bedroom furniture

modern bedroom geometric black white turquoise blue sitting area

Window seat

modern bedroom furnished window seat parquett feng shui

suspended ceiling with indirect lighting

bedroom suspended ceiling black indirect lighting

High gloss wardrobe

modern bedroom furnishing wardrobe glossy wall panels

Bedroom in gray and white

modern bedroom furnishing wooden floor gray white

light purple hues

modern bedroom furnishing bright purple felt carpet

Combination of green and purple in the bedroom

modern bedroom furnishing green purple wood floor brown walls bright white with colorful accents modern bedroom furnish laminate floor white wood accents

100 ideas for bedroom designs in various furnishing styles

Terraces »Designing the Terrace – Different elements offer versatile possibilities

Terrace design Mediterranean-ceramic-terrace-plates-blue-white

As a personal relaxation oasis, from the stress of everyday life shielded retreat or as a venue for great barbecues with family and friends of the terrace in today’s fast-moving time, an important importance. Many homeowners attach particular importance to an individual design according to the personal wishful thinking. This can be implemented through various elements that make up the look and feel of the terrace. These include:
– Flooring
– Grass area
– Plants
– Furniture
– roofing
– Decoration
– sunscreen
– privacy
– Garden hut
– Tool shed
– Playground equipment for kids: swing, paddling pool, pool, etc. If you want to design your terrace and still looking for ideas for the outdoor area, this is the place for you.

Elements such as plants, furniture and decoration can be exchanged quickly and easily. Flooring, garden sheds and canopies however, are purchases for which a certain life is calculated. Reliable functionality and an appealing look are required. Since the terrace is exposed to wind and weather in every season, these criteria in particular present a challenge. It therefore does not hurt to thoroughly research in advance and to weigh up which materials one wishes to use for which purposes.

Designing the terrace – Central element: the terrace covering

Terrace design sunshade extendable awning-decking-panels-wpc-panel-combination

Since the terrace covering forms the base for the stay outside, this is especially to select with great care. Possible terrace coverings are:
– Wood
– Tiles
– ceramic floor plates

Wood and tiles are considered to be timeless classics that are still enjoying great popularity. However, there is no break in development either: materials are precisely tuned and optimized for outdoor use.

WPC decking

Terrace landscape -wpc-water-pond-aerial view

So there are WPC materials that combine the beautiful look of wood with the practical properties of plastic. It is advantageous that WPC behaves more resistant to moisture compared to pure wood products and does not expand in the heat influence compared to pure plastic products.

Also ceramic patio tiles are an elegant solution. The terracotta ceramic elements are available in a variety of formats and designs. The variants in wood look are very popular. The outdoor ceramic is easy to clean and is frost-resistant, non-slip and durable.

As the latest development in this field, the Cerpiano floor panels represent the first outdoor ceramic flooring system. So far, this decking is online only here ,

What’s up with these ceramic floor tiles?

Terrace design flooring tile wood look dining table

Ceramic floor slabs are predestined for outdoor use. They are extremely durable, absolutely frost- and weather-resistant as well as color and UV-resistant. In addition, the plates have excellent slip resistance, so that even wet feet do not run the risk of slipping when walking barefoot. Thanks to its resistance to breakage and scratching, even falling objects and children’s toy vehicles can not cause any damage in the form of scratches, cracks, etc. This special robustness is due to the ceramic base plates of their production process: the 100% natural material is fired at extremely high temperatures. In terms of appearance, thanks to the timeless elegance, nothing stands in the way of a long-term use of Cerpiano ceramic floor tiles.

Terrace design in the Mediterranean style

terrace-make-Mediterranean blue-ceramic-tile floor-rattan sitzgruppe

You imagine one Mediterranean-style terrace who reminds you of your holidays in the south? Then you will be guaranteed to find the perfect shade with the red fireplace floor tiles. Are you more interested in a modern terrace that convinces with its elegant style? In this context, the volkangraue variant certainly makes a good figure. In addition, the color palette offers titanium gray panels that create a beautiful, bright surface and maroon panels that radiate a cozy warmth. The various surfaces, smooth and grooved, also influence the appearance of the terrace.

By laying equal plates in the cross-bandage you create a straightforward structure. With staggered installation technique (half-bond – here the use of half plates is required) create a more varied structure. Thus, the laying method also offers a possibility to become artistically active.

Attention should be paid to the technical details such as standard formats [1.492 x 325 x 40 mm (0.48 m²), 742 x 325 x 40 mm (0.25 m²)] as well as installation and laying instructions.

Designing the Terrace – Combine, Expand, Zoom In, Zoom Out, …

terrace-make-terrace flat-opportunities-adjustment-pool-rasenfläche Enlargement

With a successfully laid floor covering, you have created the basis for YOUR terrace. These can now be rounded off by matching decorative elements, plants and other accessories. Depending on the situation, the area can be gradually expanded: next year you may need a tool shed, are interested in a garden hut for cozy barbecues or just feel like installing a pool or set up – YOUR terrace offer you the opportunity to be creative and to fully exploit creative activity.

24 deco ideas from tree trunk – reuse old elements in the interior

Decorating ideas tree trunk coffee table living room

Look at this beautiful creative Deco ideas from tree trunk and reuse the old and unnecessary wood for your interior or exterior decoration. Let you’r fantasy free and decorate the tree trunk in different variations, by using a bit of creative thinking and creating a really interesting decoration element for the interior.

Deco ideas of tree trunk for the garden

Decorating ideas-log-fire shell wooden terrace

If you have a truncated tree in the garden, you should make the most of this situation and the Deco ideas from tree trunk really creative for that Landscaping use. Make a really original planter out of the old tree trunk by planting different flowers in the tree trunk. You can even add a bit of moss for more naturalness. The tree trunk can also be used as a decorative element for gardening. Make a garden table out of it or use trimmed logs as a stool for the seating area on the patio.

The deco ideas of tree trunk as part of the interior

Decorating ideas-log side table bath ceramics

Of course, you can also use the truncated tree trunk for the interior decoration. The Deco ideas from tree trunk for the interior of the house are also numerous and especially creative. In most cases, the tree trunk serves as a beautiful decoration table where you can put flowers, phone or other objects. A collection of tree trunks makes the perfect Coffee table for the living room. Other interesting ways of using the tree trunk are table lamp and fir tree stand. For a better effect, you can paint the tree trunk in different colors to better fit the interior.

Tree trunk side table in the living room

Decorating ideas tree trunk leather sofa Kusntfellteppich

Garden design – deco ideas with tree trunk as a plant pot

Decorating ideas tree trunk Garden make-plant pot

deco tree trunk elements in interior furniture design

Tree trunk in white as a living room decoration

Deco ideas from tree trunk elements in the interior table white

Tree trunk in the interior

deco tree trunk elements in interior rustic interior

Put plants on the tree trunk

deco tree trunk elements in the interior painted wood

Set up a round coffee table

deco tree trunk elements in the interior round tables

Tree trunk as a rustic decoration element

deco tree trunk elements in the interior cozy living room

Set up decorative table

deco tree trunk elements in the interior small decotic

Tree trunk with rolls

deco ideas from tree trunk elements in interior shoes roll

Set up the stand for the Christmas tree

deco ideas made of tree trunk elements in the interior fir tree stand

Creative table lamp made of tree trunk

Deco ideas from tree trunk elements in the interior table lamp decoration

Opulent golden decoration from tree trunk

deco tree trunk elements in the interior golden coffee table

Deco ideas from tree trunk elements in the interior using garden

deco tree trunk elements in the interior flowers planting

Use a tree trunk as a flower container

Decorating ideas-from-bole-elements-in-interior-flower bucket-wood

Design garden decoration from tree trunk

deco tree trunk elements in interior garden decoration

Tree trunk as a table for the garden

deco tree trunk elements in the interior garden table courtyard

Plant flowers in the tree trunk

deco tree trunk elements in interior wood flower pot

Birdhouse in the garden

Deco ideas from tree trunk elements in interior birds house

Use a tree trunk as a stool for the terrace

Deco ideas made of tree trunk elements in the interior terrace dining area

Dream Houses »House Architecture – House with many wooden elements in the middle of nature

House architecture privacy isolated standing alone building

This modern house is located in Brittany, France. House architecture It aims to satisfy social needs as well as create a comfortable privacy for its residents.

House architecture is meant for the modern man

House architecture forest green native freshness air

Conducting intimate conversations or organizing boisterous praties – both are possible here. It depends only on the mood and mood of those present. The overhanging part is a real eye-catcher. A cavity appears down there. Everyone feels from the center of the room s strong. A small piece of surface is especially suitable for cooking, which makes the time spent there even nicer and more enjoyable. On the upper floor you are surrounded by beautiful views. Wood dominates. Accent at the House architecture is placed on the idea to live in an environment of wood. House design belongs to the Lode Architecture ,

House architecture – a perfect mix of different elements

house architecture ground floor interieuer cavity module center

Upstairs, a series of small rooms create a completely different subdued atmosphere. Adjacent rooms are lightly lit. Directly in front of the bedroom is an outdoor area, which is well hidden from disturbing views. You can get some fresh air or sunbathe in peace. Nature is everywhere! The contrast effect of facade shapes the duality of this ambience. The reflection The leaves on the glass surfaces and the cladding of untreated boards mimic nature and the wood environment. Sophistication and country style, abstraction and materiality – House architecture and design are a great combination of dialectical elements that meets the idea of ​​today’s man for relaxation and good entertainment.

Many views cheer you up

house architecture stone stairs dominate natural materials

Architecture and design emphasize wood

house architecture d france wood wall two parts

Leaves of the trees are reflected in the glass

architecture glass door leaves reflection surrounded by nature

Overhanging part is a real eye catcher

Immediate closeness to nature stone wood bright colors Interior design ensures nice time spend

interior large area view opportunities parties Kitchen area for delicious meals

eye catching design idea bright curtain look outside minimalist

Satisfy social needs and hold large parties

abyssal materiality abstraction dual meaning deisgn idea Center attracts all eyes

wood furniture ceiling cook kitchen area black mild lighting Interesting design ideas

bright spacious entertainment relaxation first floor eye catching Interior impresses with simplicity and coziness

Black bright wood contrasts set mild lighting

simple design wood dominates comfort coziness ideas

House modern current holidays inmitte nature location

d lade architecture deigner brittany france location

rustic elements fashions design ideas contrasts light

beautifully lit forest high trees nature environment fresh atmosphere

house architecture design idea plan sketch design4

House architecture facade wood design idea lode

House architecture plan designer ideas cleverly interesting

house architecture plan design design lode architecture5

House architecture plan sketch architects design ideas

house architecture brittany france design ideas lode6

Terraced house set up – Sustainable building with rustic elements

Terraced house upstairs country dining area kitchen modern equipment

Modern and at the same time environmentally friendly – this idea for Set up terraced house embodies the idea of ​​sustainable building. Take a look at the house and all these original rustic details!

Setting up a terraced house – passive houses are the buildings of the future

Terraced house dining room a lot of space large wood

Steigereiland 2.0 is the second project in Steigereiland, an Amsterdam neighborhood in the Netherlands whose design is the studio FARO Arquitecten designed. The house is characterized by rustic elements – wooden walls, visible beamed ceilings, tree trunks used as decoration. The designer gives us idea for how that Set up terraced house so that this looks trendy, strange and nature-friendly. Every detail gives the room a touch of character and individuality. design is based on the idea that used materials can also be used for the manufacture of other products. Material and energy are the most important aspects when planning the building and its design. In view of a better future, sustainable building should be considered again and again.

Terraced house set up – accent is placed on the wood

Terraced house set up various perspective big tree trunk decoration

Due to the principles of Passive Houses, will Set up terraced house and put a lot of emphasis on insulation and organic insulating materials and pulps are used. The windows have triple glazing, even doors are insulated. Because of its beauty and comfort, wood is the best material of construction. According to ancient Japanese tradition, the facade is made of soft charred wood. A huge tree trunk “carries” the second floor. Designers add natural elements like tree branches or Stones to the interior which is quite fitting. Here you can look at the material wood in its different variants and shadows – pulp, plates, twigs, treated, natural or charred. The element of surprise only adds to the effect and impact of the building.

Interior is modern and functional

Terraced house set up two floors of stairs contrast Wooden elements dominate – beautiful and functional

set up ceiling beams pictures rustic elements mild lighting

Open spaces give the feeling of freedom

set up ideas second floor residential building sustainable buildings currently

Pulp, boards or twigs – wood is everywhere

set up interesting design amsterdam quarter netherlands A modern furnished passive house impresses with style and comfort

Terraced house ideas wood main material charred natural tips Contrasts are used everywhere

Set up rustic elements dominate plumy designer carpet Design is strongly influenced by the Japanese tradition

decorating wood ceiling walls decorating pillow old televisions table resembles There is a lot of emphasis on good insulation

Terraced house rustic details black leather contrast light wood

Terraced ideas stairs atypical form modern art

set up design ideas light flooded wood dominates

set up shower room bathrobe bed wall purple color furnish bedroom large bed high bright walls floor ceiling

bedroom door insulation window bathroom tub shower room Terraced house passive house sustainable building better future