Designer wooden furniture by Joyau enhance the interior

designer wooden furniture armchair cocoon raw upholstery white comfort

The Designer furniture made of wood by Andre Joyau are undoubtedly among those pieces of furniture that should not be missing in any institution. Even the first example, the Cocoon armchairs, impress with their design and transform every interior into a unique living area. The wood is unworked both on the outside and on the inside, which makes the armchair get their charm. For seat comfort again guarantee the seat cushions. The other designer wooden furniture is by no means less impressive. Take a closer look at this article!

Designer wooden furniture – Cocoon armchair

designer furniture made of wood andre joyau cocoon chair armrest

Designer wooden furniture – The Bascule chair

designer furniture wooden chair bascule angora fur sheep metal legs black

As impressive as Cocoon is the bascule chair. It is also made of wood while the chair legs are made of metal and represent two rings. The seat seems uncomfortable at first glance, which is not the case at all. Not only the shape of the seat contributes to this, but also the fur of Angora, which gives a feeling of luxury. Bascule is a dreamlike example of designer wooden furniture.

Wooden coffee tables

designer furniture wood lotus leaf imprint white table top

Everyone has their own charm under the coffee tables of designer wooden furniture by Andre Joyau. While the Lotus Leaf Table impresses with its simple, straight shapes and the tabletop with a leaf print, the Double Form Table shows how wonderfully two round wooden panels can be combined. In another coffee table, the cross section of the wood serves as a usable area and consists of several, juxtaposed blocks of wood.

Designer coffee table Double form

designer wooden furniture double shape wooden discs coffee table idea

End grain for furniture

designer furniture wood end grain tabletop sofatisch legs

Designer wooden furniture – benches

designer furniture wood bench kyukei blue color metal legs interior idea

If you like color accents in your interior, the Kyukei bench is the best choice for designer wooden furniture. It has an attractive, blue color and yet exudes naturalness thanks to the untreated wood. Likewise unprocessed is the Futatsu bench, which impresses with its shape, as it is slightly curved.

Designer bench Futatsu

designer furniture wood bench futatsu arch shape painted modern rustic

Design of Andre Joyau ,

Patio area »Terrace tiles made of natural stone enhance the outdoor area

Terrassenplatten-stone design ideas marble courtyard

The natural stone patio tiles create a visual link between the house and the garden, creating a relaxed and cozy atmosphere while exuding understated elegance. Whether with finely polished surface for the classically designed outdoors , or in a rustic look for the lounge area in Mediterranean style – the selection of designs is virtually endless. In the article we give an overview of the variants ,

Terrace tiles made of natural stone – which types of stone are suitable?

Terrassenplatten-stone garden design

For outdoor use, especially frost-resistant types of stone come – as extremely robust consider, for example, travertine, quartzite, limestone, marble, slate, sandstone.

travertine has a yellowish-brown color, which forms the perfect background for garden furniture in country style. Our tip – arrange cozy evergreen potted plants around the patio. Palm trees and flags conjure up a holiday feeling and go perfectly with the travertine floor.

The high-quality quartzite plates are ideally suited to the minimalist terrace designs. The noble radiance of the slightly shimmering stone surface automatically attracts attention.

Limestone is one of the most popular types of stone – thanks to its neutral-looking cream color, it is an absolute all-rounder and blends harmoniously into both modern and classic outdoor areas.

Slate is for fashion-conscious builders – because the dramatic stone in dark gray color is in line, especially with modern house facades and minimalist gardens.

Sandstone is also one of the most popular types of stone in Germany – its warm color creates a cozy atmosphere.

Terrace tiles made of natural stone – various surface treatments

Terrassenplatten-natural stone-sandstone-quality geometric

Not only the type of stone but also the stone surface landing play a role in the overall look of the flooring. Brushed and polished surfaces look classy and elegant. Which surface is ultimately selected depends on personal preferences. In the photo gallery below are some examples of successful design of a terrace with Natural stone slabs – All stone types are available from English supplier Landscaping Supplies.

Modern terrace design with natural stone slabs

Terrassenplatten-stone-dolomite idea design

Natural stone patio tiles – Finely cut travertine panels for the minimalist patio

Terrassenplatten-stone-small-pond-water plants

Classically designed garden with hedge plants and a small terrace laid out with limestone slabs

Terrassenplatten-stone appealing optics Ideas

Terrace slabs of natural stone – granite slabs for the noble lounge area in the open air

Patio slabs natural stone Granite Garden Pond

Mediterranean terrace with granite and travertine panels

Terrassenplatten-stone travertine granite gravel

Terrassenplatten-natural stone-limestone wooden garden bench

Patio slabs natural stone Sandstone pool area

Terrassenplatten-natural stone-limestone modern garden

Terrassenplatten-stone furniture wood furniture ideas

Patio slabs natural stone-massive granite-copper Nuance

Create Terrassenplatten-natural stone-sandstone pink

Patio slabs natural stone Sandstone Travertine design ideas

Patio slabs natural stone slate Limestone garden pond

Terrassenplatten-natural stone-sandstone-create-Garden

Terrassenplatten-stone modern different colors

Terrassenplatten-natural stone-sandstone-modern vertical garden

Terrace plate stone plate gravel

Patio slabs natural stone Quartzite Sandstone Design

Terrassenplatten-stone Travertine planter

Terrace stone slabs-stone Travertine secluded plants

Products available at Landscaping Supplies

Original office desk designs enhance work performance

Modern office furniture design ideas

Every day, employees spend at least 8 hours in the office. It is therefore very important to ensure a good working atmosphere. Comfortable and stylish office furniture improves the seating position, provides more comfort in the workplace and increases work performance. We present you some ideas for modern office writing desk Design by renowned designers.

Office desk design – modern and comfortable

Colorful office furniture desk chairs yellow orange green

The designers of office furniture surprise with creative ideas that are both modern and comfortable. For example, Fantoni Spa recently unveiled an office table that is colorfully painted in rainbow colors. The idea may look extraordinary at first, but there is a simple explanation – man is sensitive to different colors. Bright and strong colors are refreshing and bring a good mood. The stripes leave the Office desk Design not only look interesting, but help the concentration at work.

Office desk design – multifunctional office tables with multiple modules

Modern desk stainless steel orange accents wall decoration

Another helpful idea is to have a corner table consisting of several modules in the office. In this way, all important equipment and office supplies are within reach, without the Office desk overflowing. Original desks made of glass are the latest craze. Also totally trendy – metal and wood constructions with an industrial look. A Japanese designer even upholstered the office table with soft leather. In this way you can relax on the working day, and even take a quick nap during your lunch break. We are adding a number of original ideas for office tables that showcase the latest trends in office furniture office furniture consequences.

White office writing desk from Cattelan Italia

modern desk office furniture Cattelan italia

The collection of Mariani looks comfortable and natural

Modern office furniture desk table lamp

Beige-brown color scheme and big desk

Wood desk office furniture design ideas beige color

minimalistic concept with glass table

Glass desk modules black white

Office table made entirely of glass by Tonelli

Glass computer table chic material selection

Colorful room dividers and mobile office tables by Mybo

Office set up room divider design ideas

Office table for the Fantoni conference room

Conference room table Italian design wood

Wooden office table of objects

Wood table Scandinavian style furniture

Office table by Sinetica offers more than enough work space

Office furniture wall shelf desk furnishings

Modern glass table with green legs

Shiny green metal legs glass surface

Office table by Dawoon Song with leather upholstery – to relax during the lunch break

modern office table leather relax lunch break

minimalist variant of Kinzo

minimalist office decor white color glossy surface

Patio area »Parasol in the garden – 20 designs that enhance the outdoor area

blue white color garden shape ideas stylish

Without one Parasol in the garden or on the balcony, the summer outdoors is hard to imagine – we offer an overview of the most interesting and exclusive variations for modern shade dispensers and give you tips on what you should consider when buying.

The parasol in the garden or on the balcony – what should you consider when buying

green color sunshade modern green color collection

Nowadays a large variety of models are offered, so that everyone can choose the suitable variant for their own garden situation. Due to the method of attachment, the models are divided into two groups – the so-called patio umbrella / optimal for balconies and small terraces / and the traditional one Parasol in the garden / can be integrated in a garden table, for example. Additional flexibility is provided by features such as adjustable umbrella height and tilt angle. When buying, you should pay special attention to the so-called sun protection factor of the substance – the higher the better. The load-bearing mast should be stable and secure – this is mainly due to a level ground. In order to prevent the umbrella from tipping over, the stand can be additionally fastened with a ground sleeve. The size and material of the construction of the umbrella also plays an important role. A construction made of aluminum is light and at the same time extremely durable.

The parasol in the garden – determine the shade size and choose accessories

Parasols built-in lighting poolside evening

For balconies and allotments It is recommended to choose a smaller shade dispenser – otherwise the garden is in the shade all day long. On larger terraces, several rectangular shade dispensers can be mounted side by side. Of the Parasol in the garden can also be equipped with side walls – they protect against wind and rain. On request, lighting and heating can be installed in some models – so nothing stands in the way of a pleasant summer outdoors! In the photos above – the exclusive collection of luxurious parasols from Michael Caravita.

Michael Caravita – renowned manufacturer of parasols

Parasol design ideas black color patio

Parasol poolside design ideas reclining chair

black white adjustable umbrella inclination exclusive design

The parasol of Dedon – timeless style and elegance in white

white high adjustable rattan furniture garden terrace

Sunscreen parasol angle of inclination white rattan sofa set

Ideas parasol models summer sun Japanese decoration

The collection of Ego Paris – space saving design

Design recliner small table upholstered beautiful design

Parasol exclusive shape purple color reclining pool

renowned manufacturers modern new collection designs

Create Space-saving Idea Modern Design Naturform

The stylish parasols of P aola lenti

Metal frame privacy hedge plants seating group

Terraces shape round shape yellow green armchair screen

modern design around Paola Lenti Ombra

modern design space-saving balcony garden screen

Modern Design Wood Flooring Screening Allotment gardening

The luxurious collection of Giandia Blasco

white blue black pool recliner beach pool

Parasol metal colorful black blue stand pole

green blue pool concrete floor terrace shape ideas

33 classic bed designs enhance the bedroom interior

carpanelli letto vanity ideas for classic designer beds

This beautiful classic bed designs impress with style, elegance and noble forms. If you want to furnish your bedroom in a more classical and traditional way than modern and innovative, these 33 ideas for bedroom interior could become an inspiration for you.

Classic bed designs in wood by Carpanelli

carpanelli contemporary ideas for classic designer beds

These classic bed designs from the Italian furniture designer Carpanelli are a fitting example of timeless style and classic elegance. The designer wooden beds with a fine finish radiate luxury and quality. The beds are sold with matching cabinets so your bedroom interior looks complete.

Classic designs by Carpanelli

carpanelli letto ideas for classic designer beds

carpanelli shelves ideas for classic designer beds

Classic bed designs with elegant lines of cantors

cantori ghrigori ideas for classic designer beds

These classic bed designs from Cantori are a real inspiration for the fans of the elegant decor. The delicate lines and fine decoration of the Cantori collection are a real eye-catcher and will quickly become a highlight in the bedroom interior. The beds are available in many colors and go well with a classically elegant interior design style.

Elegant beds from Cantori

cantori rocco ideas for classic designer beds

cantori berger ideas for classic designer beds

Guisti Portos – the luxury beds for a classic Interuer

giusti portos paris ideas for classic designer beds

giusti portos mozart ideas for classic designer beds

giusti portos luis ideas for classic designer beds

giusti portos erald ideas for classic designer beds

Vimercati Meda presents Renaissance-style beds

vimercati meda rubens ideas for classic bed designs

vimercati meda deco ideas for classic bed designs

Fine wooden bed by Stilema

stilema classic dream ideas for classic bed designs

The Pandora design by Silik

Silik Pandora ideas for classic bed designs

Various bed designs by Provasi

provasi gray ideas for classic bed designs

provasi beige ideas for classic bed designs

Luxury bed from Onlywood

onlywood beatrice ideas for classic bed designs

Villa Venezia by Modenese Gastone

Modenese Gaston Villa Venezia Ideas for classic bed designs

Designer beds by Mobil Fresno

Mobile fresno venus ideas for classic bed designs

Mobile fresno savoy ideas for classic bed designs

Elegant beds from Medea

medea liberty ideas for classic bed designs

medea 800 ideas for classic designer beds

The Palagonia Small Bed by Mastro Raphael

mastro raphael palagonia ideas for classic designer beds

Cream interior by Giorgio Piotto

giorgio piotto ideas for classic designer beds

Simple bed of ego

ego bound ideas for classic designer beds

Designer beds by David Style

david style yago ideas for classic designer beds

david style swarowsk ideas for classic designer beds

The classic beds of Dallagnese

dallagnese milord apollo ideas for classic designer beds

dallagnese amphora ideas for classic designer beds

Royal interior by Clive Christian

clive christian cool luxe ideas for classic designer beds

Bedroom in pink and orange by Bianchini

bianchini pink ideas for classic designer beds

Bedroom in pastel colors by Bamax

bamax bourbon ideas for classic designer beds

Modern and luxurious wall and floor tiles enhance your space

ideas room design gray luxury bathroom design wall and floor tiles zebrino gold

Bathroom Tiles by Italgranitigroup

Modern wall and floor tiles bring innovation to the technical surfaces and present themselves in a wide variety of designs. Thanks to creativity and advanced digital technologies, amazing looks are achieved. Matters, colors and formats are defined down to the last detail and aligned with the aesthetic needs of modern interior design.

Ideas for wall and floor tiles – a creative instrument for interior design

Ideas Tiles Floor wood effect Laminate imitation design Yurtbay-Seramik

Wood-effect tiles by Yurtbay Seramik

Today, walls and floors play the role of a canvas for the modern art. Whether for floor or wall, the surface is disguised and transformed into an art object. Tiles are an important component in the interior design, a part of unique decors in extraordinary basic colors. These ornate decors are ideal frames for a new style of living.

Luxury tiles for walls and floors

Italian design minimalist bathroom furnishing tile wall ecclettica minimalist bathroom tiles by Italgranitigroup

Whether minimalist, eclectic or classic, wall and wall tiles appear more balanced and lighter than ever. Their first-class aesthetics are ideally integrated into numerous areas. The design solutions are rich in meaning and stylistic elegance. At the same time nature finds a new expression. A design with changes that optically creates a natural movement is in line with the trend. Luxury Tiles Dress your life with passion.

Tile design floats between dream and reality

sink luxury wall tiles brera beige savana natural stone bathroom features

Luxury tiles with gold gradation

Golg tiles wall floor covering Trendy floor tiles ecclettica bathroom tiles

Black tiles imitate upholstery pattern

wall covering bathroom wall black modern classico-bianco negro italgranitigroup

Design collections are characterized by the decoration of the surfaces

Italian luxury tile shimmer gold effect striano elegant collection

minimalist mosaic tiles

bathroom design mosaic tiles blue and white Italian design modern

Different styles match and live together

Bathroom design light floor tile wood effect-Amande muscade-creta flooring ideas

Luxury tiles from EdilCuoghi Ceramiche – inspired by paintings by artists

Luxury Tile Shimmer Order Golden Rim Paintings Freely-vintage-EdilCuoghi-Ceramiche

Italogranitigroup presents unique and magical tiles

White bath bathing emotion tile-Elegant modern luxury

Grestec Tiles are brilliant and refined

Flooring ideas modern design porcelain tile mosaic white Bellac-Stone Grestec

Gleaming tiles from EdilCoughi Ceramiche

Wall and floor tiles porcelain white brown fashion porcelain stoneware EdilCuoghi-Ceramiche

Eclecticism in art – Italogranitigroup

Pattern tiles Design.zebrino gold home decorating flooring ideas

Interior with vintage Grestec tiles

Ideas Porcelain Flooring with Tiles Wood Effect Vintage Lechack Grestes

Marble-look wall and floor tiles by EdilCuoghi-Ceramiche

Wall tiles Marble effect wall covering Cafe au lait-EdilCuoghi-Ceramiche

Original floor tiles by Grestec

Seckseck porcelain tile laying-bath Pastello Grestec-Tiles

Ethnic-chic wall covering with tiles

outfit colorful wall idea flooring Mosaic tiles-Due Grestec stone

Ornamental tiles by Yurtbay Seramik

minimalist kitchen white handleless fronts pattern floor tiles Istanbul yurtbay seramik

Luxury bathroom coverings by EdilCuoghi Ceramiche

Laying patterned tiles such as ceramic wall bathroom-candi EdilCuoghi-Ceramiche

Wall tiles by Yurtbay Seramik

Porcelain stoneware wall tiles lay gloss surface lineart-yurtbay-seramik

Bedroom tiles in modern design by Grestec

bedroom floor porcelain tiles red-black Formation-Grestec-Tiles

Ceramic tiles by EdilCuoghi Ceramiche

Black and white bathroom design modern ceramic-glossy reflex-EdilCuoghi-Ceramiche

Italian bathroom tiles in marble look

bathroom wall and floor tiles lay-grain effect optic-marble effect silk-georgette

Elegant bath appearance with tiles

purple bathroom luxury tiles ceramics modern Richesse-EdilCuoghi-Ceramiche

Mosaic tiles in different shades

Mosaic tiles color design bathroom design ceramic tiles colourfull-edilCuoghi-Ceramiche

30 ideas for modern furniture that would enhance your living space

Ideas for modern furniture upholstered sofa-Linteloo-Southampton

Here we introduce you some excellent Ideas for modern furniture which refine your living area and create a very special atmosphere. Every model was made in 2015 introduced to the market and fascinate by clear lines, high quality materials and beautiful aesthetics.

Ideas for Modern Furniture – Southampton Sofa by Linteloo

Ideas for modern furniture 3 seater sofa blue Linteloo Southampton

Inviting, compact and comfortable. Treat yourself to many hours of relaxation with the Southampton Sofa by Linteloo. The soft three-seater is also available in many color combinations.

Ideas for modern furniture – Lily coffee table by Casamania

Idea-modern furniture coffee table-pouf-wood-metal-lily-casamania

Designer Marc Thorpe has designed this modular and adjustable coffee table. It consists of two elements – one is upholstered, the other is made of solid wood. The padded part also serves as a footrest.

Parchment by Kenneth Cobonpue

ideas modern furniture wood-frame-upholstery-PARCHMENT-kenneth-cobonpue

The “Parchment” collection shows fine layers of wood and soft padding, which resemble the pages of an archaic manuscript.

ideas-modern-chairs moebel-Parchment-kenneth-cobonpue

Accursio by La Cividina – designer Antonino Aciortino

ideas modern furniture ordered-metal-white-Accursio-La-Cividina

The Accursio end tables are available with round, square or rectangular tabletops. The crossed steel tube frame characterizes this design.

Soho by Linteloo – Designer Roderick Vos

ideas-modern-moebel-wood-coffee table SOHO Linteloo

Boxinbox designed by Philippe Stark


This collection includes a number of low coffee tables and pedestals. They look like a colored box inside a laminated glass box. These boxes were placed on a polished stainless steel plate.

Diva sofa by Swedese – designer Staffan Holm

ideas-modern-moebel Diva sofa-chair Swedese

Martini Sofa – Designer Rossella Pugliatti – Herrsteller Giorgetti

ideas-modern-moebel-3-seater sofa-martini-Georgetti

Martini, the famous drink, also provided inspiration for this collection of armchairs, 2 and 3 seater sofas. The back, armrests and seat follow a soft, continuous line that looks very elegant and modern.

Kahawa by Artisan – Designer Producks

ideas-modern-moebel-coffee tables-Kahawa-artisan

Izzy wood coffee tables by Enne

ideas-modern-moebel-wood-coffee tables-metal fuesse-izzy-enne

Margaret von Munna – designer Paula Sousa

ideas-modern-moebel-chair-red-Margaret MUNNA

Honken from Bla Station

designer chair-side table-wood-2015-Honken-Bla Station

Coffee tables Altai by Skram – Designer A. Jacob Marks

ideas-modern-moebel-living room-coffee tables Altai Skram

Steeve by Arper – designer Jean-Marie Massaud


Structure Sofa by Bonaldo – Designer Alain Gilles

ideas-modern-moebel sofa-gray-structure-bonaldo

Calyx furniture series by Kenneth Cobonpue

ideas-modern-moebel-armchair-coffee table-Calyx-kenneth-cobonpue

Chandelier corner sofa by Arflex – designer Claesson Koivisto Rune

ideas-modern-moebel-corner sofa and chard ARFLEX

Round chair by Francesc Rifé for Point


Strain of Simon Morasi Pipercic for Prostoria


Arc Chair by Gabriel Teixidó for Point

ideas-modern-moebel chairs-wood-Arc Point

Rapunzel armchair and 2-seater sofa by Kenneth Kobonpue


Design by Rodolfo Dordoni

modern-moebel-2015-relax chair-stool-leslie-minotti

Poem Relax Chair by Brühl – designer Kati Meyer

modern-moebel-2015-relax chair-poem-bruehl

Armchair Eye by Hook and Stool – designer Aleksandar Ugresic

modern-moebel-2015-armchair-stool-eye hook Stool

Wave 1850 by designer Gianluigi Landoni – maker Vibieffe


Mysa chairs by Bross – designer Michael Schmidt

modern-moebel-2015 Chairs-mysa-bross

Glamorous stone wall tiles enhance your interior

Wall panels classic living room set up ideas

We present a design that has fascinated us completely – the wall panels of the Italian company Mirage imitate gemstones! The high quality Stone wall cladding is a real eye-catcher and can be easily installed in any living area.

Modern wall cladding made of stone – color variations in gemstone look

Modern stylish gemstones inspired marble effect

The Italian company Mirage has recently launched a new collection on the market. The designs are called Jewels and imitate colors of gemstones, crystals and minerals. The imaginative wall panels are offered as combinable panels in dimensions 89X179cm. The Stone wall cladding is versatile – whether a single panel is accented as an accent in the interior or complete wall, is closely related to one’s own preferences and the space conditions. So the right project can be created for every living situation. Classic furnishings look glamorous with a marble-look wall, while the onyx look adds a twist to the minimalist and puristic interiors.

The stone wall cladding is trendy

Marble flooring stylish dining room set up ideas

The Stone wall cladding More and more interior designers are choosing wall panels made of stone – they can last practically forever, are easy to care for and unlike wood, their color does not change over time. The noble lining is preferred above all for the living area / in warm yellow-orange shades / and for the bathroom / in azure blue or emerald green /. Also customer reception rooms, kabinets or hotel lobys are increasingly dressed in stone.

We offer you an overview of the Mirage collection – let yourself be enchanted by the magical power of the gems!

Modern wall design Idea for the bathroom

Bathroom stone tiles marble effect bath built-in

The wall panels can be mounted horizontally and vertically

Create ideas to choose beautiful wall tiles Marble look

Noble bathroom disguised in marble

Bathtub freestanding chair vanity mirror brown tiles

The stone slabs imitate gemstones

Optic freestanding bathtub floor lamp bathroom design

Wall in concrete look in the modern bathroom

Wall tiles original modern stone look furniture design

The wall panels give the minimalist dining room a splash

elegant dining room chairs set up marble floor

Contrast colors in the bathroom – azure color reminiscent of the sea

Optics marble bathrooms classically shape ideas

Classically ornamented wall plates – the collection is called Jewels

brown wall tiles glass shower cabin vanity

The color variants at a glance

highly decorative green high gloss polished surface color

Wall tiles for the bathroom

beautiful designs texture onyx blue glossy finish

Color wall design ideas beautiful stylish

Wall panels original beautiful colors colorful wall design ideas

Wall panels stone wall bathroom decorate beautiful panels

Wall design ideas bathroom gray blue

Stone look tiles living room wall panels ideas blue yellow orange

Wall panels stone look marble effect beautiful stylish modern

Stone slabs purple wallcovering classy ideas colors plates