High gloss lacquered kitchens by A-Cero – Exciting futuristic design

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero mobalco metrica deisgn

A-Cero is a famous architecture firm from Spain designing amazing houses. The team amazes us every time with designs that stand out through modern lines, colors, shapes and a minimalist, even futurist Mark style. Present now A-Cero High gloss lacquered kitchens that really expresses her traditional minimalism in black and white.

High gloss lacquered kitchens from A-cero

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero metrica mobalco black-white

Metrica is a modern combination of neutral colors and clean shapes, giving the whole an elegant and timeless look. Metrica is sober but with character. The high-quality materials and the interesting lighting effects are fascinating. Metrica is also available in a wide range of oak and cherry wood.

High gloss lacquered kitchens in black and white

metrica kitchen a-cero design mobalco manufacturer

Mobalco began its story as a small carpentry workshop in 1959. Today, Mobalco specializes in the production of modern kitchens. Their philosophy comprises seven principles: careful selection of materials, interesting finishes, passion for design, excellent manufacturing handling, care for transport and packaging, energy efficiency and attention to customers.

LED recessed lights

High gloss kitchen black white underfitted a-cero

Corian® worktop

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero mobalpa black white

elegant lines

High gloss lacquered kitchens a-cero recessed corian countertop

Wave kitchen design by A-Cero

a-cero kitchens design white futuristic modern

Wave kitchen is something that can take your breath away. The modern design and the high quality materials used make it an amazing kitchen that would fit in the interior of a spaceship.

pure white and futuristic

High gloss lacquered kitchen white black tiled mirror

built-in appliances

white futuristic kitchen a-cero built-in appliances

black tile mirror

Wave kitchen pure white matt cabinets a-cero design

recessed lighting

Kitchen design a-cero architects spain pure white recessed lighting

The kitchens in some houses of A-Cero

modern house Somosaguas a-cero kitchen dining area

Apartment in Galicia

Glossy kitchens futuristic design a-cero architects

Concrete House II in Pozuelo de Alorcón

Kitchen a-cero glossy cabinet fronts gray white

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero black futuristic lines

High gloss lacquered kitchens a-cero architecture black white

interesting black lines as decoration

designer kitchen black white a-cero style futuristic

Dwarfs tinker with children – 10 exciting projects for every age group

Dwarves make paper with children colorfully

The kids love the dwarfs and their stories. They are fascinated by the short-lived mythical creatures who possess magical abilities and often dream of a small dwarf world. cute Dwarfs make children It will undoubtedly help your little ones to move quickly into a fantasy world. In the following article you will find great craft projects for the little ones fairy tale characters for younger and older children, who guarantee a lot of fun. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas!

Dwarves tinker with kids – Make cute mythical creatures


The sweet dwarfs of mythology are small creatures very similar to humans, who often live in underground dwellings and are excellent miners and weaponsmiths. The good-natured imps usually have round, thick bellies and puffy white beards. As far as your clothing is concerned, you wear a colorful pointed hat, a stylish vest and sturdy shoes. When the next handicraft afternoon is over with your kids, you can mimic the little mythical creatures from different craft materials.

Dwarfs make toys with children from felt, fabric and wool


For your home-made dwarfs to take shape, you must first make the body. You can use fabric or felt, for example. If you like to sew, you can make a small bag from any leftovers that your child will fill with cotton wool. If you do not have cotton wool on hand, you can use lentils or rice for the filling, which will give the gnome the necessary hold.


For the small body, you can also use an old sock, which you simply knot after filling. Also made of wool you can make a cute dwarf with children. For the little wool head you first need to wrap a thin piece of wool around your finger. Continue to wrap thin wool around the resulting tufts until you get one big enough. Then place two sheets of wool crosswise on the table and place the ball in the middle.

Dwarves tinker with children – make a pointy cap and beard


Now you have to tighten all four ends of the wool tightly over the wool ball and tie it around the neck. For more stability you can make a tight cone from the wool that you put under the head. Of course, an elf can not stay without a pretty pointy cap. Depending on the desired size, cut a circle out of fabric or felt and make a triangle out of it. Now lay the fabric together like a school bag and sew the edges together. If you want, you can roll up the edge and sew a bell to the top of the hat. A piece of crafting wire can hold the hat upright. Dwarfing with children also includes the long dwarf beard. The beard can either be made of felt, made of cotton wool or maybe even get fake fur. The self-made beard can be attached under the hat.

wine bottle-bart-Filzmütze-dwarfs-tinker

All you have to do is attach the small round nose. Take a wooden or plastic bead and stick it on the beard. The pretty dwarf is now ready and your child can now move with this figure in the fairytale world of Snow White and the seven dwarfs or reenact the fairy tale. The homemade dwarf is a great decoration for the nursery or for the table for a thematic party, a birthday or various other occasions. The gnomes are also an excellent Christmas decoration idea. You can put the little figures under the Christmas tree or make them as ornaments for the Christmas tree. If you want to make larger dwarfs, you can use empty glass bottles for the body and use the original dwarfs as winter decoration.

Dwarfs make toys with children from natural materials

pinecone-felt-child-wood ball

Dwarfs tinkering with children can provide you with different materials that nature provides. From pine or pine cones, you can create great dwarf figures that adorn the nursery. Collect nice cones on the next walk in the park, which are preferably good. You can use a small cotton ball or polystyrene ball as the head for the little pin tow. Larger wooden balls are also excellent. If desired, your children can paint on the ball face and form a tiny nose of cotton wool and stick. As eyes, you can also use Wackelaugen from the craft store or make yourself. Now only the felt cap has to be made and fastened. Cut a semicircle out of scraps of fabric or felt, roll it as a peg and glue the cut edges together. If you want, you can equip the gnome with a scarf for the cold days.


The chestnuts are also an ideal crafting material for the pretty mythical creatures. Pick up a chestnut and drill holes for the arms, legs and head. The arms, legs and neck can be made from toothpicks. Have your child paint a face on a smaller chestnut and put his head on his neck. Tie a scarf around the dwarf’s neck so that the pretty gnome can survive the cooler days.

Little dwarfs make toys with children from felt and cork


If you have old corks at home, you can make little gnomes from them with little effort. Drill two holes in the side of the cork where you stick arms from pipe cleaners. Glue a wooden bead for the head and make a warm coat and felt cap. These tiny dwarfs are a suitable decoration for a houseplant and for the windowsill.

Dwarfs make wood with children

garden marker-wood-dwarfs-tinker

An excellent idea for small garden dwarves made of natural materials are these simple but effective dwarf garden markers. All you need for this fast-paced crafting project are thicker branches, which you can cut to size in the desired greetings and sharpen at one end. There will be the pointed hat of the gnome. Then have your child give the wooden garden gnome a face. Caps in different colors look great and allow you a quick orientation between the beds. Schoolchildren are welcome to label the individual markers.

Dwarfs make toys with toilet paper rolls

zwerge-tinker-Toilet Paper Roll

With the very young children, you can tinker cute dwarves from empty toilet paper rolls. This great crafting activity supports your child’s development and teaches how to use scissors and glue. If you want to copy the seven dwarfs, you need paper in several colors, which is glued around the roll. So each dwarf wears a different vest or coat and you can not distinguish the one being in playing easier. The child’s face and beard can either be painted or cut out of colorful paper and put together. The hat can also be cut out of paper in a suitable color and stuck to the roll.

Origami gnomes make children

dwarfs origami-dwarfs-paper

If you would like to create cute paper dwarves with your children, you have the opportunity to fold origami dwarfs. Children are naturally curious, willing to learn and eager to experiment. If you are looking for an exciting job for older children, this crafting technique is very fascinating for the little ones. Origami requires a lot of practice and is also complicated, but promotes the skill of little hands. Here your energetic support is needed. On the Internet you will find numerous video folding instructions that will lead you step by step to a beautiful gnome figure. The challenging task and enchanting results will make your child proud of themselves.

Create cute dwarf accessories from beads

colored paper-paint-dwarf-tinker

If your child is as fascinated by the beads as by the mythical creatures, you can make tiny gnomes out of the colorful plastic beads. With the right template you can create pixies according to your own imagination. With practice and a little patience you will succeed in conjuring up a very personal key chain for your child or beautiful thematic decoration for the nursery. With dwarves made of bracelets, you can also design other creative accessories. If you want to inspire your children even more, you can also build a dwarf house for the home-made gnomes out in the garden.

Seven dwarfs Costume


A great idea for carnival or for a themed garden party or a children’s birthday is a funny dwarf costume. For this you do not necessarily need to buy extra special clothing, but can use normal everyday clothing. Pants in green or brown and a green blouse with vest will serve you well. Of course you need a big, white beard and the typical pointed cap for the great children’s costume. You are welcome to attach a rubber band to the cap so that it stays on the head when the child is raging. On request, you can glue angel hair around the hat. From angel hair you can make a beard for the costume. If an artificial Christmas beard is left over, you can use it for the dwarf costume.

dwarf hat-felt-kinder-garden

Nonwoven wadding that you hang over a piece of hats will make a perfect beard. Suspenders will certainly arrive well too. Various small accessories, such as a bag for the tool for mining or a lantern complete the unique costume. Do you want to organize a motto dwarf party for your child in which your child plays with his dwarf guests outdoors? Then it pays to think about the games, the food and drink, the decoration and the giveaways. In this sense, you might be able to make a gnome hat for every little guest of honor and place it on the plate. If your child expects several guests, you can also design the pointed caps from paper.

Garden Path – 109 design ideas with exciting effects

garden path create cobblestone yellow blossom beet wall

Who one Create garden path If you would like to think in advance about the purpose for which you would like to use the path or the avenue in the garden – as a decorative, divisional design element or bed border, and then determine the route. Garden paths can be designed very differently. If you need suggestions, browse through our picture gallery and find the best solution for your individual garden design.

How to create the garden path?

garden path create sheet shape concrete original design

Design your garden so that it is attractive in every season. An important component that affects the visual impact of your garden are the plants and shrubs. The effect of garden paths depends on the location and the relationship to the plants. A question at the Create garden path is common, the plants should be close to each other. In contrast, the scenario is varied. It depends on what effects you want to create in the garden.

Here are some design tricks

garden path create symmetrical lawn bench evergreen flowers

High hedges and privacy walls seem monotone and narrow the garden path visually. Loose planting areas and perennials, on the other hand, provide a clear view of a flexibly designed and versatile garden. This design is rated by most people as rather attractive. To all the different areas but also comfortable and without turf or to crush other plants, garden paths are inevitable.

Concrete garden path

garden path create concrete colors waves bench idea planter

The width of a garden path depends on whether you want to stroll relaxed through the garden, or prefer hidden paths that arouse the desire to discover in the garden. Instead of trees, tall plants can accompany the path on both sides. Concrete can be used to design interesting path designs. Using different colors, which can be used to create different patterns and even motifs, you can create romantic garden paths as in the example above.

The asymmetric garden path has an exciting appearance

garden path create asymetric stone tile flowers lush colorful

The arrangement of the garden path affects the entire garden picture. Exciting, relaxed and of course a slightly overgrown garden path looks like. If you skillfully play with proportions, surfaces of different sizes are created, which can be designed very differently and thus create optical tension in the garden. Use geometric plates, consider combining them in different sizes or laying them diagonally. This relaxes the garden and makes it look more exciting.

Symmetrical garden

pond landscape architecture design straightforward stone path

The garden can be divided from the garden path into two equal areas. Some find this design rather boring, but it is suitable for one minimalist architecture very good. Cleverly placed arches, pergolas, water features and walls then provide exciting perspectives. If you want to create a particularly interesting eye-catcher, let the path also run through a pond or large fountain.

Which is the trendiest material?

symmetrical design garden path paving stone way

In demand are atmospheric surfaces that give the garden texture and character. Concrete block paving has a long service life and offers an unlimited number of design options with its wide range of colors and shapes. They are available as square, rectangle, triangle, circle, or with differently shaped edges, so that interesting combinations of different stone shapes can be created

Garden path with a kind-like impression

Terrace Ideas pavement stones create gravel path

You are also welcome to combine cobblestone with gravel, as was done here. The stones shape the edge of the path and can even form curves. The middle area, which is intended for walking, was again filled with gravel, creating a color contrast between the edge and the path, which also looks very attractive.

Design ideas for garden paths with a lot of effect

Stepping stones make garden path shapes

Square or rectangular stone and concrete slabs are often chosen for modern garden design. With their help, both straight and curvy ways can be designed. If you want to create such a garden path, you now have various options to choose from to make the joints. Especially ornamental gravel or as here lawns are very popular in the modern garden and also quite easy to maintain. If you want something more colorful, you can also on especially low-growing ground cover for greened joints To fall back on. In this way you also prevent weeds perfectly.

Create garden path and plan

Retaining wall build garden design ideas cheap materials

It is also possible to create several paths of different materials and connect them together. The gravel path in this garden, for example, turns into a natural path made of natural stone stepping stones. It is framed by various plants and landscaping designs, such as the raised beds, which were built on a slope.

Garden path with paving stones

winding garden path paving stones visual protection wall building natural stone

The classic variant with bricks usually looks like this. Rectangular stones, as they are also used for walls, are incorporated into the ground and can also form curves. Red is the classic color and is perfect for rustic or Mediterranean outdoor areas. Of course, there are plenty of other models nowadays, so the selection will certainly satisfy your needs and expectations.

Garden path with gravel framing

minimalism garden landscape gravel flowerbed

If you would like to make the path of gravel again – no matter if only from gravel or in combination with stepping stones – you can also find the most different stones here. Apart from a large selection of colors, there are also different sizes and shapes. Not only ornamental gravel made of smooth boulders is popular. Also, gravel or other coarse stones are often used and create an interesting structure.

Determining the route – zigzagging

garden paths design ideas laying square stones

Small gardens can be lightened by choosing an interesting shape if you want to create a garden path. This way, two areas can not be connected by straight paths. Even curvy or zig-zag paths are a real eye-catcher and make the outdoor area more varied. So that the whole thing does not seem too chaotic, especially if you also use lush plants, you can choose as flooring even symmetrical plates.

Concrete blocks fit the simple house facade

house minimalist garden design

What do you think of this modern idea? Large concrete steps were chosen for a minimalist garden design. But that’s not all, what impressed the broad path. In addition, the concrete surfaces were also provided with narrow metal frames that separate them from the surrounding gravel and create interesting accents. The pebbles were also planted with some ferns.

A feeling to stroll through the garden

paving stones concrete stones-garden flooring ideas invest favorably

With the right garden path you will not get enough of relaxing walks through your own garden. Design the garden paths so that each individual area and bed can not only be reached, but also viewed while walking. Curvy, natural-looking paths are particularly inviting, do not you think?

The playful Gartenweg design arouses curiosity

Snaking Path Garden Path At The Hang-up Stairs-In The Garden

Creating a garden path – The way to a seat

backyard sofa chairs terrace decking

Gravel paths are handy

design garden landscape ideas garden paths gravel path

Garden path – ideas

Garden green evergreen plants laying gravel paths

Avenue in the garden

Path with gravel-threaded tree shadows garden path

Tree-lined path

forest-like garden landscape modern landscape architecture

Design tricks to achieve effects

asian garden design ideas. Gravel path geometric formats

The curved path is gentle

create asymmetrical design overgrown stone road

Lay concrete blocks with gravel

Concrete Pflanster stone-create garden paths shadow in the garden

Create garden path – Lay the terrace with tiles

outdoor tile sandstone effect flowerbed border

concrete pavement stones paths shape zick zach pathway in the garden

Concrete footsteps embarrassing garden paths

Garden path biler fountains frame ideas outdoor

Garden avenues swinging landscaping gravel path

design lawns romantic garden paths

cheap materials Garden paths with stone-gravel rectangular stepping stones

Garden paths design country style pergola stone garden path overgrown

Garden ideas country style wooden gate fence stones create routes

garden hilly location slope landscape lanes shaping

straight garden path decorative ornaments create symmetrical

gardening ideas lawn area garden path geroberäufig

garden design ideas design garden paths

design sculpture ideas garden paths step stones pavement concrete blocks

chess matt-form landscaping garden paths gravel path create

Sandstone garden path design landscape country style

Garden Cottage Style Lawn Garden Path Rectangle Frame

Flowerbed border lawn garden paths with stones

garden ideas modern design design lush plants

Garden on plain garden path, curving gravel path

River stones pathways create ideas optical effects

outdoor landscape ideas lawn area garden path romantic

Eclectic garden covering concrete pavement flowerbed border

decorative treads paths self-design ideas

decorative garden paths natural stone bed border

decorative garden path design pattern floral animal

garden paths design with gravel river design

green wall screen protection ideas garden step stones

Curved design laying garden path laying with white boulders

curved garden path stones colors formats

Garden path-building design Garden Landscape Architecture

garden path decorations Meadow Water Fontaine

pathway zig zag garden step treads lawn area

garden flooring ideas design gravel lanes-create

garden paths with gravel create ideas - lush vegetation

Gartenweg holzweg curved shape illuminated

garden path design ideas perennials lush vegetation flowers bloomers

natural stone garden paths Sandstone-creating your own ideas

garden paths planning landscaping stones create images

Garden Paths Overgrown Country House Ivy Creepers House

walk on hill shape garden stone wall building retaining wall

garden paths in garden design ideas on hill plan design

garden paths Ideas sandstone footsteps lavender

garden paths design ideas traditional natural stone texture

garden path create fashion gravel wood staircase

garden path ideas design surface stone

Ideas gravel path Garden paths design images Beet border

garden path idea protection fence wood build

Garden with fountain-ways material forms swinging

house with garden design on hang-design mediterranean plants

grassy garden path with stone idea lawn area

ideas design garden design ideas flooring concrete

overgrown garden path stones backyard design

slightly overgrown garden create paths ideas

modern landscape architecture ideas flowers tips beginner

Landscape design country style ideas natural stone wall path

Landhaus ideas style garden design gravel path-self images

garden-shaping path-shapes materials natural stone

country house garden landscape rock garden ideas

Creative garden path design garden pond snaking path-create

gravel path in the garden-ideas-design favorably

gravel paths design-stepstones design-favorable

straight course way interior design gravel stone wall screen

Ideas garden-landscaping create snaking path

cheap materials Garden paths with stone-gravel rectangular stepping stones

Ideas rustic garden path-romantic self-invest

Garden Design Ideas Curbs Paths Create images

garden design water plant fountain laying stepping stones

contemporary garden design ideas Kiesweg terrace ideas

lawn area in garden design ideas modern asymmetric

Lawn way ideas garden landscaping ideas cheap

wild garden landscape ideas garden paths border perennials

water garden wood pond in the garden beetumrandender garden path gravel

Garden paths planning flower bed design outline ideas

romantic garden path-natural stone design

romantic walks-in-the-garden materials snake trail

round stepstone wood boulders gravel path border

front garden design concrete tiles laying-High-growing container plants

winding path playful design garden path stepstone ideas

wild gardening species shrubs perennial garden paths

Exotic plant garden pond sandstone pavement path

garden paths ideas

create design in the garden with pond paths-create it yourself

Swinging garden path-with-gravel shapes Ideas Perennials

garden paths-ideas

sweeping garden path gravel path beet border

Exciting bathroom ideas and design tips

round-detached stainless steel bath-purple-bathroom

The bathroom is an important part of every interior. Normally, the designers pay a lot of attention to this room, because to match the bathroom tiles with the floor covering, with the bath and the shower is a difficult job. Bathroom furniture is becoming more and more important, and with such a rich offer, how can you create your own space without being overcrowded or messy? Our Bathroom ideas You will surely be inspired to your own design.

Modern bathroom ideas create excitement through design and colors

white-yellow-modern bathroom tiles

There are some basic rules for how to set yourself up from ours Bathroom ideas can convince. First of all, as with any other room, it is important to recognize the location and size of your own bathroom – how big is the bathroom, where are the windows and how well the room is illuminated. Draw a sketch of the room and decide how much furniture will fit in without being overcrowded. Bath, shower or both? Large washbasin cabinets and mirrors or rather smaller ones?

Analyze your interior in the other rooms – the bathroom is a continuation of the interior design and should be in line with the other rooms. Visually, you can separate the room with a new color.

Bathroom ideas for every modern bathroom



Smaller bathrooms visually appear larger with bright, single-colored tiles. Underline the length of the room with a darker floor covering. Choose small sinks and large mirrors. You can have a freestanding bath even in a smaller bathroom, as long as the other furniture is kept as compact as possible. More interesting Bathroom ideas are the bold colors and carpets as decoration. Red is the color of kings and goes great with crystal chandeliers. Black and white design looks elegant, while purple can be combined with just about anything – combinations with white, gray and pastel colors are currently very modern.

Bathroom Ideas – Materials and Colors

Cherry color bathroom Round Mirror

The popularity of wood in the bathroom has increased in recent years – this materail creates exciting contrasts to otherwise ultra modern designs. If you do not have much free space, choose simple furnishings in bold colors or add accents through avant-garde furniture design. Look at ours Bathroom ideas and maybe you will find one that suits your bathroom as well!

brown and white bathroom mirror cabinet modern gold decoration

minimalist bathroom – wooden cabinets

minimalist bathroom Built-in bathtub

Modern white bathroom with round sink

Modern-white-brown-bathroom-carpet-round-sink cabinet

Classic bathrooms – red walls and crystal chandeliers

red-white-bathroom-detached bath

Luxury bathroom with crystal chandelier

luxury classically bathroom chandelier

Classic decor – bathroom with round bath

classically-white-bathtub-glass wall

Another 100 bathroom ideas

An exciting design for a small kitchen

Designed by Pietro Arosio for Snaidero


The trend shows that living spaces in urban areas are becoming smaller and smaller. Whether this is due to the overpopulation in the cities or the greed of the developers is questionable. But the fact remains that it is normal for many people to live in a small environment. Maybe this project would be innovative small kitchen help to facilitate small apartments in a refreshingly stylish way.

small kitchen with space-saving worktop


Designed specifically for an individual or a busy young couple, this compact kitchen unit is the ultimate miniaturization. This Design for small kitchen is called ‘board’ and is the idea of ​​the architect Pietro Arosio, who designed it for Snaidero. Based on the increasing trend that people prefer open interiors, the concept was behind it ultra-small kitchen design , It was designed to be compact and slim as possible. The result is an elegant module that fits along a wall, with only one cantilevered protruding part. This Design for small kitchen Looks great, but the idea is to be relatively invisible in the broader context of open living. Clever and complex technology has produced this seemingly simple solution to an old one-room apartment problem. The stylish and elegant unit can be mounted in any room. This design for small kitchen is multifunctional and leaves room for all the typical kitchen functions, including food preparation, food and dishes.

small kitchen by Snaidero


When not in use, most of the small kitchen module can be hidden behind a single sleek uniform exterior. The only projection is the attractive cantilever unit, which remarkably houses the sink, stove and worktop. Compact but highly functional. This design allows easy access to all kitchen appliances without the clutter that usually accompanies them.

compact kitchen design by Pietro Arosio

compact-design kitchen-Pietro Arosio

‘Board’ is a brand new and exciting project for small kitchen and hopefully it will help turn many small interiors into beautiful, tidy zones.

from Jaz

practical neat little kitchen


The “Small Kitchen” – limit the kitchen equipment to a piece of furniture

Patio area »Modern garden lighting – exciting ideas and practical advice

modern garden lighting original shape lawn futuristic idea light

Design is not limited to the interior only. If you want a nice house, you also need a nice garden with swimming pool, elegant Outdoor furniture n and decorative plants and flowers. But to make the beautiful garden design more effective, you need the appropriate modern Garden lighting.

Modern garden lighting – flowerpot

modern garden lighting gandia blasco sahara flowerpot idea white blue

The modern garden lighting offers many interesting designs that can hardly be summarized in an article. Theoretically, the lighting can be divided into two – on the one hand attractive and large lamps are offered, which serve as decoration. On the other hand is a subtle lighting that accentuates important features of the design. The first garden lighting type includes avant-garde lamps, Lantern or lantern, which direct the eye. The built-in LED lights on the other hand should illuminate important architectural features – pool, facade or exotic plants.

Brilliant ideas for modern garden lighting

modern garden lighting lantern idea orange solar energy

Lanterns or lanterns are an original addition, combining tradition and modernity. The retro style is currently very in and this unusual lamp creates a romantic atmosphere in every garden. You can put these in the corners or on both sides of the path in the garden.

Elegant garden lighting sets accents

Modern garden lighting flowerpot lantern candle outdoor

Candlesticks or torches are a great decoration for outdoors and scatter light in the warm summer evenings. There are many variants available today, but you should first speak with a specialist, so there is no danger in use. This garden lighting is basically unsuitable for families with small children.

Luxury garden lighting

modern garden lighting planter pink led light outdoor design

Luxury and stylish design provides garden lighting for a good mood. Club candlesticks are innovative choices and look great near the swimming pool so the water can reflect the light. Great for parties. The garden lighting should be selected in accordance with the house and garden design. Tall lamps look good on low grass. Small Led lights should be well hidden. You should always be limited to 1-2 models, so that the whole thing does not seem too crowded.

Beautiful garden lighting with innovative design

Luxury garden design elegant lamps

If the garden is very well designed – with lots of flowers, trees and shrubs the garden lighting should be kept simple. Conversely – if you need exciting accents in the yard, you can buy unusual models. Stones, fountains, swimming pools or flowerbeds need extra lighting. A lamp on the table is a must. Neon colors are for the modern ones garden lighting They are very popular with the designers, but they are not suitable for all garden types.

We offer some examples as inspiration for modern garden lighting.


Elegant façade lighting

modern-barrel Andean lighting

Interesting garden LED lighting

interesting Garden LED lighting

Elegant Gardening Ideas

Elegant Modern Lamp Garden shaping ideas

Matching lighting for Japanese-style garden

Elegant Modern Lamp Garden

Japanese Garden Lighting

Fontan Lighting exotic romantic

Interesting garden lighting flower pots

Wind light Candlestick torches-modern-garden design

Disco Ball Modern Garden Lighting

16 steps as you create a Japanese garden

Creative and exciting urban interior design

La cave a vin 9 by Cyrille Druart from Paris, France

interior-design-wine-bar CyrilleDruart-paris

Cyril Druart said from this project that ” We tried the dusty picture, with a wine bar connected is to clean , Instead, we wanted to turn it into a cozy, bright, colorful space. Feast in the modern age anchored . ”

La cave a vin 9 is located in the dynamic lively district of Les Halles, right in the heart of Paris. Cyril Druart. The interior breaks with convention and offers a very different kind of venue for good food, good wine and good company. The styling of La Cave one of 9 is well matched to the experiences and expectations of sophisticated Parisians in the 21st century.

The creative concept behind this stylish Urban Interior Design

interior-design-wine-bar CyrilleDruart

The image of red wine, flowing richly into the glass, is stimulating. It became an exciting and creative concept, combined with all the formal elements of this fashionable wine bar. This is not a big venue, but what’s missing in the room is catching up with design implications.


This unmistakable urban interior design seems to be based on colors associated with flowing red wine in a crystal clear glass, black and white with a dramatic splash of red. In addition, the wine and glass imagery focuses on the definition of the lines and an interesting stretching and distortion of the form. Take these into the interior design and we can see how elegant flowing lines are highlighted – in the metallic high stools, edges of transparent furniture, glass shelves, even in reflections on the bottles themselves.

interior-design-wine-bar mirror-ceiling

Although it has a relatively small area, the height of the bar is maximized by the use of a mirror on the ceiling. The result is a fascinating illusion that has a visual effect and adds a fascinating atmosphere to the bar. The atmosphere in the La cave a vin 9 is intimate and inviting with just a touch of the unexpected.

Transparency and light create this unique Urban Interior Design ,


The impact of wineglass imagery comes to life through the creative use of colored LED lighting, which has been positioned to light up transparent furniture and furnishings from within. This unusual strategy is largely responsible for uniting the entire design concept as one. The abundance of materials in the interior of the wine bar is diverse and full of energy – stone walls and raw concrete contrast, slender polished metals, glass and polymers. Under the influence of captivating lighting, all these complex elements merge as if on a canvas. In fact, harmonious and fluid, as in the powerful abstract painting that hangs over the main bar. Interestingly, this is based on the vision of flowing wine in a glass. So the Urban Interior Design concept closes the circle.

from Jaz

Urban Interior Design – Wine Bar in Paris – Stone Wall Deco

interior-design-stone wall

Picture language in urban interior design

urban-interior-design-wine-bar-language pictures

fascinating toilet design in La cave a vin 9 by Cyrille Druart


blue LED lighting from the tap

interior-design-LED faucet

Amazing bar counter in La Cave a vin 9 by Cyrille Druart

urban-wine-bar-bar counter CyrilleDruart

wine cellar

cellar-wine bar-paris


Holiday party decoration – here you will find many exciting ideas!

New Year's Holiday Party Decoration

The Holiday party decoration is not easy. Usually the combination between a delicious meal and exciting table decoration is irresistible to the guests. Our advice will help you to set up your home and create a good mood.

Holiday party decoration for unforgettable moments with the family

exciting Red Decoration Christmas

If you have a Holiday party decoration Prepare, think of your guests first. Furnish the room to your liking and strive to make it comfortable for everyone. Prepare a plan in advance – measure the furniture and make sure there is enough room for movement.

Holiday party decoration for religious and family celebration

Gold-plated candles Christmas decoration

We present you some interesting and original ideas for the most important religious and family celebration. Christmas is one of the most enigmatic and popular celebrations for all Christians around the world. To make it even more special, you can choose golden decoration. Very nice, especially for modern decor looks the contrast between white table and chairs and monochrome red accessories. These Holiday party decoration is elegant and stylish.

Holiday Party Decoration – Table Top Ideas

Elegant Christmas-decoration idea

The Jewish festival – Hanukkah – is also very popular. A party for this celebration should be planned carefully in advance, because normally then the whole family gathers. Holiday party decoration for Hanukkah should be picked in traditional blue color scheme. Blue tablecloth, blue accents or even candles will contribute to the happy atmosphere.

Hanukkah holiday party decoration

blue-Hanukkah deco holiday party

So that your family can experience unforgettable Easter, you can make the decoration yourself – flowers, candles in eggs or paper figures – the decision depends on your preferences. If you feel insecure with crafting, you can arrange fresh flowers as decoration on the table. Funny colored sweets are very popular with children. The best color combinations are white, yellow, blue and green.

Popular celebration – interesting decoration ideas

Easter Table Decoration interesting idea

Easter Flower table decoration

We would like to introduce some attractive romantic ideas for the day of the lovers – St. Valentine. Surprise the special person at your side with intimate and romantic atmosphere – table for two.

Romantic St. Valentine’s decoration

St-Valentine table decorations Heart Flower candles

romantic table setting-St.Valentine

Red roses, candles and little red hearts can as Holiday party decoration serve. Avoid pink. Choose elements that are in the same shade. Write a romantic card to express your love.

Decorating ideas for New Year’s Eve

Champagne table decoration New Year's Eve Party

Our collection of Holiday party decoration ends with the most exciting celebration we all love so much – New Year’s Eve. The elegant table is decorated with Champagne, black details and popcorn. The gilding cups create a wonderful atmosphere.

No matter where and with whom you celebrate, enjoy this incredible time of year and surprise your guests with matching decoration!


Silver decoration for christmas

Silver Decoration Christmas

Easter – decoration idea- flowers and butterflies

Easter table decoration idea Bouquet

Blue decorations for Hanukkah

Hanukkah Blue Decoration Ideas

Architecture »Modern townhouse – exciting architecture in Brazil

Design by the Procter-Rihl architects

minimalist architecture modern townhouse-Brazil

The Slice House was designed by the London studio Procter Rihl. Located in Rio Grande Sul, Brazil, amidst the hustle and bustle of the capital, this two-story residence combines elements of Brazilian and British culture. We present you modern townhouse with innovative design and elegant interior.

Modern town house in Brazil

minimalist townhouse Rio Brazil

The form of modern townhouse is asymmetrical and typically European, yet the design has some characteristic features of Brazilian architecture. The house is long and narrow, it is less than 5m wide! The unusual construction is as an open area where the different spaces are connected. In the middle of modern townhouse There is a courtyard that divides the building into two. The two parts are connected by a corridor.

Elegant and stylish – modern townhouse design

Townhouse Brazil Pool

One of the best benefits for one modern townhouse is the pool – again, there is no lack of a swimming pool. Unusually, it is located on the second floor, its glass walls allow a view of the house and create a cozy ambience.

Interior of the townhouse in Brazil

Modern pink kitchen island townhouse

modern-urban interiors Brazil

The interior for modern townhouse in Brazil is set up according to the minimalist principles. White walls and gray floors dominate the look. The bedroom looks inviting and warm – with the exception of the gray ceiling, the color pallet is colorful. The warmth of the wood and the rich decoration add to the overall look.

From K.H. Hristova

minimalist bedroom with wooden wall

Bedroom colorful modern duvet

Elegant roof terrace in the townhouse in Brazil

elegant roof terrace townhouse-Brazil

Modern facade – minimalist town house

modern-urban architecture Brazil

Townhouse in Rio, Brazil

exciting design townhouse Rio-Brazil

Architecture »Exciting minimalist house in Austria

minimalistishes-door facade front

Here is a real estate company in the beautiful surroundings of Austria that offers good, modern design. The Schafberg Garden House is a modern one minimalist house , built on an estate in Schafberg, a hilly area in West End in Vienna, Austria. It is designed by architect DI Johann Lettner, who decided to keep the character of the green living space and the garden as much as possible.

An original, minimalist house in Austria

minimalist house - modern pool

The requirements of passive house technology were used in the selection of building materials: the extensive use of glass allows for optimal use of solar energy, building materials provide ultra insulating properties and building elements had to be easy to transport and dismantle.

The interior in the minimalist house , with a muted color palette and the simple choice of materials, make a central point outside of views, ie a mixture of inside and outside. It is one of the rules of contemporary design. There is also a “basement” built by the architect with a glass wall. It is as stylish and bright as the upper floors.

Exciting interior design in the minimalist house

minimalist living room with wooden details

The Schafberg Garden House has corners in their irregular shape that create integrated outdoor living and entertaining areas. Some are protected and others are outdoors. In this big one minimalist house There is a central floating staircase that offers unobstructed views of nature. For more information about this project, visit architect DI Johann Lettner.

minimalist house - colored interior design

minimalist living room - colored sofas

minimalist interior design modern bathroom