Modern wooden bookcases -Private exhibition on the living room wall

trendy bookcases living room variants collection design inspirational

The Wooden bookcases are practical and aesthetic storage furniture for the living room. Your private exhibition of books will be very good at the modern day shelves displayed. We present a few attractive ideas that you can implement to add a classic, urban or romantic touch to your bookshelves.

The wooden bookshelves – popular pieces of furniture in the living room

living bookshelves wood modern proposals interiors design urbanistic

Your book collection can be displayed with the right furniture. You need a high quality piece of furniture where you can store your books for a long time. The latest models bookcases give you the opportunity to bring aesthetics and elegance into the living room. rustic Wooden bookcases You can use it as a decoration accent living room put. If a shelf does not stand out, use light wood for it. But you can also choose wooden shelves in dark colors that stand in stylish contrast with the bright wall paint, and thus make your private exhibition on the living room wall more attractive.

More storage space for things – wooden bookcases in trendy styles

livingroom bookshelves trendy ideas design color scale vielvalt interior

You have put your whole Bücker collection in order and you have left room on the bookshelf? You can use the extra space on the shelf for decorations. Our suggestion: massive Wooden bookcases fit well for larger living rooms. Of course, you can separate each part of a modular shelving system to create a playful bookshelf system for the living room. These furniture characterized by a flexible design and can be integrated into the urban, classic, or rural-romantic style. Make your private book collection clearly visible from all sides!

Practical design of the living room

living room bookshelves wood modern drawers cabinets design proposals

The living room is an eye-catcher with aesthetic decorations

living room trendy suggestions interior design style library interior

Extensive storage space and private exhibition of books on the living room wall

living room trendy wardrobes bookshelves wood proposals interior design interiors

Decor in dark colors with bookshelf wall

living room bookshelves modern interior design interior ideas decor stylish

Strong contrast accents in eclectic style

color accents living room bookshelves modern design ideas drawers

Architecture »Zoomlion Exhibition Center – modern architecture with abstract shapes

zoomlion measuring center modern architecture china

Zoomlion Exhibition Center and corporate headquarters is an extraordinary one modern architecture, which also falls in the critical and sharp eye. The reason why we chose this building as an example of a really modern organization of the urbanization in the major industrial and fast-growing cities is the perfect concept for functionality and elegance. The strong presence of modern elements and methods of connections and cooperation can be seen immediately.

Modern architecture combines technology and nature

The brilliant building of the Zoomlion Exhibition Center is designed by American designers and architects amphibianArc Studio created. They have been tasked with this difficult task to design something truly unique and diverse for the machine manufacturer Zoomilion – the top vehicle manufacturer in China. The project is definitely successful and is located in the central part of Changsha City, which is a fast-growing industry in Hunan Province. Overlooking the research park, the building is a beautiful example of achievements in both areas – industry and modern architecture.

Modern architecture with innovation

modern architecture zoomlion technology movement

The concept behind the Zoomlion exhibition center is very modern and compact. The basic idea behind this building is to make it an ideal place for showroom events and celebrations of major Chinese companies. The designers and architects behind the project have transferred the mission of the company into the construction method. After the idea of ​​the great and perfect combination between nature and human progress, this became modern architecture built.

like butterfly wings

modern architecture zoomlion measuring center butterfly wing

What is really different and ingenious in the project is the transforming function. The building can change its shape in a breathtaking way, thanks to the latest scientific and industrial achievements. In addition, the building looks totally ingenious in every position, especially when the modern light installations are switched on.


modern architecture innovation power china zoomlion measurement center

The Zoomlion Headquarters Exhibition Center is designed to mimic the movements of an insect, butterfly, and dragon. The glass and solid stainless steel platforms move easily creating the illusion of a flying butterfly and a dragon spreading its wings.

eco-friendly design

modern architecture zoomlion measuring center eco-friendly light use

The Zoomlion Exhibition Center is built in four floors. The complex pattern of all four floors is the central element in the green mission of the designers – to capture and use the natural light. The whole project presents a different view for the modern architecture as a real masterpiece.

sufficient light

modern architecture zoomlion measuring center light incidence

night lighting

modern architecture zoomlion measuring center night lighting

Lighting and nice effects

modern architecture zoomlion company headquarters lighting

Exterior design

zoomlion messenzentrum modern architecture butterfly

zoomlion messenzentrum company headquarters modern architecture

bird view modern architecture zoomlion china measuring center

View from the driveway

modern architecture zoomlion measuring center abstract shapes

The modern architecture and the relationship between inside and outside


Modern bathroom exhibition – interior project by Zaha Hadid for Roca

Zaha Hadid interesting ceiling design

The architect studio Zaha Hadid has recently presented her last project. The high-quality brand Roca commissioned the interior designers with the task of setting up a bathroom exhibition for them. The space should be divided into lounge areas, bars, meeting rooms, and customer reception areas.

Bad exhibition – stylish interior project inspired by the movement of water

Recessed lighting original form plaster walls white black

The project posed several challenges for the Zaha Hadid Architects. The available space, located in the heart of London, extended to 1100 square meters. He should be as multifunctional as possible, so there Bad exhibition and presentations can be performed. In order for the space to meet customer requirements, the architects have special audio, video and lighting systems in the design incorporated. Water played an important role and was the inspiration for the design. The water movement was reflected in the interior. It is the connecting element between the interior and the façade design. In this way, the building has got a consistent picture.

Multifunctional room for Roca Bad exhibition

modern interior lighting Zaha Hadid

Concrete, glass and plasterboard were preferred as materials for interior design and wall design. The interior looks open, the different areas are seamlessly connected. Many curves and interesting ceiling dominate and create the impression that water flows through a cave. The power of the water, which can be both invigorating and destructive, is felt everywhere. It is no coincidence that subtle gray and white nuances characterize the interior – this is where the ceramic furniture comes in the foreground and attracts attention. The natural shapes and shiny surfaces create an unforgettable impression and delight the visitors. Exactly in this atmosphere comes the high quality Bad exhibition to better advantage. It creates a fascinating game between nature and architecture.

Stylish interiors compliment the bathroom furniture

modern bathroom exhibition London concrete walls

Video, audio and lighting system were mounted

white showroom Roca high quality noble

Glamorous showroom for the high quality bathroom furniture

luxurious bathroom furniture sanitary bidet Roca

The water movement inspired the architects to their design

Italian bathroom furniture original interior

The interior is stylistically coordinated with the facade design

Exhibition Roca ceramic bathtubs sink

Modern lighting – Roca showroom

Roca Design Bath Show London

Room distribution – blueprint

Bathroom exhibition plan room distribution

Home & Garden »Modern Gardens – 12 Trends Shown at Flower Exhibition Chelsea 2016

Modern gardens garden design trends garden sculpture garden art pond

Every year, the world’s largest flower exhibition Chelsea Flower Show takes place in the British capital. Five days in May on an area of ​​4.5 hectares will be imaginative modern gardens presented and enforced the latest trends in garden design. Get inspiration and tips for your garden from the mecca of garden design.

Modern gardens – garden design after recent trends shown at garden show Chelsea 2016

Modern gardens garden landscaping garden path colored garden sculpture

Garden designer out England and not only present their skills and create dreamlike landscapes that are created as from the dream world of Alice. But a secret should be revealed – at the time of the exhibition, all the plants are in top shape and all bloom wonderfully side by side, although some varieties have different flowering times.

Modern gardens – 12 inspirations for attractive garden design according to the latest trends

Modern gardens-garden-trends-trends-rug-corten-steel

In addition to the structural and structural elements in the English garden, sculptures and garden art made of different materials are part of the planting. Corten steel and concrete are the top trend materials in 2016. These are interpreted quite diversely in the following pictures.

Modern gardens with garden sculptures

modern-gaerten-garden design-trends-concrete-gartenkunst-hearth

The garden paths play an important role in the garden. They provide structure and, of course, perfect access to every outside corner. As a popular material, the concrete, or cement, prevails because of its modern look and durable properties. Concrete slabs can be arranged as building blocks and also cover terrace blinds.

Modern gardens on the roof

modern-gaerten-garden design-trends-roof garden-garage-greening

The wealth of ideas shown at the garden fair knows no bounds. An example of this is the green garage. Green roofs and step-by-step ornamental woods in combination with boulders and moss create a world where two cultures meet. As a European interpretation with the benefit of the Asian garden you can call this unique garden design.

Modern gardens and direct access through floor-to-ceiling patio doors

modern-gaerten-garden design-trends-gartenhaus glazing Roof garden

In England, much emphasis is placed on the natural garden design. This leitmotiv is also to be understood in each of the shown modern gardens. This definitely does not mean that the plants are chaotically grown or self-grown. Each species needs specific location and flowers differently. The plants are placed next to each other in such a way that they make a beautiful picture every time of the year.

Modern gardens with hillside location

modern-gaerten-garden design-trends-lush-terraced-hang position-corten steel

Gardens with a slope are usually not really desirable, but for garden lovers – a real dream. This offers ideal conditions for a successful terraced garden design with different areas and plant species. A field where the hobby gardener can unfold his imagination.

Modern gardens and pergolas – use of new materials

creeper modern-gaerten-garden design-trends-stair-corten steel-

The pergola in the garden serves as a design center in the outdoor area. The rectangular Holzpergolas are really old-fashioned, but you can not do without cosiness. The ideal solution is to change the shape and also to bring some variety in the materials used. A round shaped pergola, wooden floor and steel construction can be a good alternative to ordinary ones.

Modern gardens and garden art

modern-gaerten-garden design-trends-gartentor-corten steel-wood

Corten steel, wood, bronze – the garden art sets no limit. Design elements or those that give purely decorative character to the area is of no importance. The design must be just right and stylishly in harmony with the rest of the garden objects.

Modern gardens with pond or water feature

modern-gaerten-garden design-trends-wood-house garden-pond

Water features in the modern garden take a step back and are replaced by ponds of every kind and form. Modern and at the same time very close to nature, water areas provide a quiet, relaxed atmosphere outside, in the private green oasis. Ornamental grasses and other varieties, which usually thrive in the water next to water, are perfectly consistent for this area in their own garden.

Modern gardens and plants in flower tubs

modern-gaerten-garden design-trends-gartenweg-stone-lush

Plants in containers and pots can also be made very natural. It is advisable to opt for larger containers, as they simply offer more scope. Cover the surface of the substrate with mulch or even better with moss to achieve a natural effect. Also, look for such plant species, the other free-growing ones and arrange the flower vessels stepwise.

Modern gardens with terrace roofing and dining area

modern-gaerten-garden design-trends-terrassenueberdachung-concrete-garden table

A patio roof in the garden brings several advantages. First and foremost, the interior is expanded outwards and invites you to spend more time outside. With the right outdoor furniture, depending on how much free space is available, a dreamlike ambience can be arranged.

Design »Modern Garden Design at the Garden Exhibition in Toronto 2012

spriral design garden design by asensio mah

This unusual art installation makes a modern one Garden design and was shown at the Canada Blooms Garden Exhibition in Toronto 2012. The garden with unique design was designed by the design studio asensio_mah in collaboration with the Harvard Designer School. The unusual composition consists of a spiral-shaped white frame, where in the middle of a garden with various plants.

Modern garden design at the Canada Bloom exhibition 2012

unusual shape shapes garden design by asensio mah

The Garden design represents a very creative designer solution for art installation. The white frame was set up like a fence consisting of rectangular geometric particles with fine decorative design. The fence has a wavy shape structure and looks like a DNA spiral. In some places the lines come together and then separate again. At the widest point in the middle of a garden with various plants.

Garden design with unusual frame of 190 wooden boxes

rectangular figures garden design by asensio mah

The frame itself serves as Flowerpots. Most of the rectangular boxes are adorned with decorative details from the upper side and there are also plants inside. The Garden design impresses not only with unusual shapes, but also with very elegant lines. The installation has become one of the most interesting exhibits and has attracted much interest.

The art installation arouses great interest

white frame garden design by asensio mah

Irregular structure from both sides

irregular shapes garden design by asensio mah

Interesting spiral structure

plants in the frame garden design by asensio mah

Frame consists of 190 wooden boxes

modern design designer garden of asensio mah

Wavy design

curvy shape designer garden of asensio mah

Wooden boxes with decorative details

kuns installation designer garden of asensio mah

Various plant species in the middle

green oasis designer garden of asensio mah

Symmetrical design

geometric frame designer garden of asensio mah garden exhibition designer garden of asensio mah

The 2012 Canada Blooms exhibition

fine details designer garden of asensio mah

Narrow and wide spots

development structure designer garden of asensio mah

Strong visitor interest

various types of plants designer garden of asensio mah

Wooden boxes with fine production

decocative frame designer garden of asensio mah

deco elements frame designer garden of asensio mah

exhibition 2012 designer garden of asensio mah

Closed up designer garden of asensio mah

art design designer garden of asensio mah

Fashion »Fashion meets modern art – exhibition in Tokyo

fashion fashion-modern-art-exhibition-apparel-brand-designer

From 16 March to 13 June, the National Art Center in Tokyo will be holding an exhibition of the coveted Japanese Fashion designer Dedicated to Issey Miyake. His works, which combine innovative technology and traditional motifs from the culture of Japan, are presented by the graphic designers Taku Satho and Tokujin Yoshioka very modern and peculiar. Fashion fashion meets modern art not only in the exhibition, but is to be understood in all works, in every garment Miyakes

Fashion meets modern art – collaboration between Tokujin Yoshioka and Issey Miyake

fashion fashion-modern-art-exhibition-brand-designer-ladies

The Japanese fashion designer has decided to study graphic design in Japan and then moved to Paris for his fashion fashion education. As a result, he has developed his expertise in two areas – technology and textile, which he has implemented and shaped in his approach. An important point in his designs is the relationship of substances and body movements. At the same time a garment reaches its full potential.

Fashion Fashion meets Modern Art – Exhibition at the National Art Center in Tokyo

fashion fashion-modern-art-exhibition-designer-brand-body

Issey Miyake has developed a fabric that is a composite of cotton and polyester that can be shaped by heat, resulting in garments made from just one piece of fabric. He implemented traditional Japanese materials in fashion fashion through contemporary techniques and processing methods.

Tokujin Yoshioka and Issey Miyake have collaborated on numerous projects for many years

fashion fashion-modern-art-exhibition-mannequin-clothing-black-designer

Fashion meets modern art – using traditional materials through modern techniques


The clothing of Issey Miyake allows full movement

fashion-mode-modern-art-exhibition-clothing-transparent structure-rock

Fashion fashion from just a whole piece of fabric


Fashion fashion through innovative processing techniques – exhibition Dedicated to Issey Miyake


Composite fabric of cotton and polyester molded only by heat


The fashion fashion of Issey Miyake presented in an exhibition in Tokyo


Mannequins with a transparent structure present the designer clothes


Issey Miyake – fashion designer with an innovative approach


Graphic designers Taku Satho and Tokujin Yoshioka designed the mannequins for the exhibition


Exhibition doll made of cardboard with unmistakable structure


Creative, imaginative way to showcase apparel


Mannequins with a transparent effect


Clear structure in the context of “technological” clothing


Three-dimensional mannequins for the clothes of Issey Mayake

fashion-mode-modern-art-exhibition-transparent mannequin ladies'

Designer mannequins for exceptional exhibition

fashion-mode-modern-art-exhibition-transparent structure-women

Designer mannequins with transparent effect and three-dimensional structure


Sketch for the design design by graphic designer Tokujin Yoshioka

fashion-mode-modern-art-exhibition-skize concept designers

Design »Innovative Design Exhibition – Installation in a Backyard

Exhibition modern architecture

Different views from a backyard were made by an interesting Design exhibition in Montpellier, France, designed and assembled by the Dutch architecture studio Paul Scales and the French and Design Studio Atelier Kit.

Design exhibition for the Living Architecture Festival

modern construction exhibition

This innovative design exhibition bears the name ‘Reframe’ and was specially crafted for the seventh edition of the Festival of Architecture in Montpellier, France. The festival is a real experience and is organized in the old district. Visitors are inspired by the extraordinary combination of old buildings and modern architecture. The theme of the festival was very fitting this year – called Surprise.

Design exhibition ‘frames’ a backyard

modern design exhibition

The Design exhibition was prepared in the workshop of Paul Scales in Rotterdam and exhibited in Montpellier with the help of Atelier Kit during the Architecture Festival in June. The theme of the festival this year was a surprise, and the architects have therefore presented an innovative installation that offers several views. The installation was made of 45 opal-colored polycarbonate sheets. This plastic is often used for protective roofs. The individual plates were connected by 16 tubes. The project was funded by the Stimulus Fund for Architecture.

Reframe – Design exhibition in France

Polycarbonate installation

Reframe is one Design exhibition , which forms an interesting visual framework, redefining the term ‘space’. What at first glance looks like a simple cube is quickly transformed into a complex system and interesting structure that reveals architecture elements, facades and other details of the environment step by step. Visitors switch their position from observer to self watching, and become a part of the game of surprise. The Design exhibition from Paul Scales Not only successfully demonstrated the contrasts between modern and traditional architecture, but was also an absolute highlight for the children, who liked to play with it. The Design exhibition is currently still available for rent.

Modern installation -, Reframe .

Art Exhibition Design Paul Scales

design Exhibition under the open sky

modern architecture design idea

Installation as part of the Architecture Festival in France

Art design idea

Modern artwork by Atelier Kit and Paul Scales

Atelier Kit futuristic sculpture

Modern architecture – futuristic construction

Exhibition construction

Glass exhibition – inspired by the industrial revolution

Elements art exhibition Geneva

Collapscapes is the name of the innovative project inspired by the Industrial Revolution. The Glass exhibition researches the processes that are closely linked to industrialization.

Glass exhibition researches the results of industrialization

Chemical plant design original idea

When the industrial revolution began, industrial processes were spatially limited. However, companies often had plenty of free space where the machines were housed. Over time, the situation has changed. Today, the trend is clear – the production hall is getting smaller, the manufacturing processes – mechanized. Collapscapes was inspired by this fact. The Glass exhibition and films on the subject were presented in Brussels and Geneva. Futuristic glass compositions reflect a chemical plant, funnel mining, gas tanks. These compositions reveal the typical features of modern industrial architecture. Visitors to the exhibitions will also be presented with 3D maps, drawings and films.

Glass exhibition combines film and modern art

Inspired exhibition industrial revolution

The project was supplemented by a short film. Collapscape is not a product of Hollywood, but rather a modern art that tracks and reflects industrialization in Hollywood. The Glass exhibition focuses on the architecture , and not the history of the industrial revolution. In addition to the exhibition, a software program Socrates will also be presented. The program writes dialogues. Collapscapes, a project by El ultimo grito design studio, researches the role of design and showcases technological progress in film production and communication.

The design studio El ultimo Grido was founded by designers Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo. The London based office researches the relationships between architecture, culture and technical progress. Her work is recognized throughout Europe today. Two years ago, the duo founded a network where research articles are published. Anyway, we are thrilled with her creativity – especially the skilful combinations of several means of expression – 3D short films, works of art and software programs fascinated us.

Glass composition inspired by the Industrial Revolution

original modern art spanish firm

The individual exhibits reflect the industrial architecture

creative projects modern innovative

Glass exhibition inspired industrial revolution

Design »Modern art exhibition in Asia presents 1000 small sculptures

Indonesian sculptor small wood sculptures

1000 small sculptures, each as big as a needle, were made during the Art exhibition presented in Singapore. The handcrafted sculptures by the Indonesian artist Toni Kanwa cast glimpses into the human soul, revealing rituals and traditions from different regions.

Art exhibition offers views into the depths of the human soul

Sculptures original super small wood carved

During the annual Art exhibition in Singapore has the artist Toni Kanwa his latest project – called Cosmology, presented. For the Biennale with the motto “If the World changed”, the artists dealt with the topic future. The perfect future they want for people has been compared to realistic ideas. The theme inspired Kanawa to install him – he has arranged over 1000 small hand carved sculptures on a lit table. The expressive body position and the clever positioning of the individual sculptures inspired the visitors. The installation can be considered as a microcosm of society. Each single sculpture has its own character and reveals different world views. The small format and the interactive character of the exhibition arouse interest and encourage visitors to take a close look at the installation. Yes, the artist has several magnifying glasses on the table – this reveals details that are often invisible to the naked eye.

Interactive Art Exhibition – Microcosm of Society

World under the moon watch Asia

The individual figures from the Art exhibition were carved with great attention to the details. Despite the large number of sculptures the artist has used very little wood – which is a definite proof of his future-oriented way of thinking. His message is clear – despite the large number of people, nature must be protected.

The talented artist Toni Kanwa has become known through his exhibitions in Belgium, France and New York. He is interested in different cultures and traditions and researched the customs in Indonesia for a long time.

1000 small sculptures by Toni Kanwa

World nail long modern art

Each sculpture is carved with great attention to the details

Sculptures people arrows wood art

The interactive art installation

Wood sculptures form microcosm statues carving

The microcosm of society

Sculptures modern art asia carving

The installation on the table

Exhibition illuminated table wood figures

little one Sculptures with great effect

Asia Indonesia wooden figures arrows

Elegant bench designed by Magis as part of the Ron Arad exhibition

modern seating magis bench design for rod arad exhibition

This unique Bench design was from the designer studio Magis especially for the Ron Arad Exhibition “In Reverse” created. The sleek shapes and soft curves make this bench a real feat. The design represents a three-dimensional model of the Möbius strip and is available in several colors.

Bench design by Magis with an elegant geometric shape

modern garden furniture magis bench design for rod arad exhibition

This elegant Bench design was called Folly and is a real one sleight of hand that was shown for the first time at the Ron Arad exhibition. The Folly bench has been designed as indoor as well as outdoor unit. Polyethylene was used as the material for the preparation. The arched geometric shapes make this bench the perfect piece of furniture for a modern interior.

The Folly bench design transforms the decor into art

airport establishment magis bench design for rod arad exhibition

The Bench design Magis impresses with gentle curves and a really skillful production. At this bench, the limits of polyethylene were tested as part of industrial design. Although the Folly bench was designed as an exhibit, this design can be used as a garden bench or in public buildings. Also, check out other interesting Magis seating.

The Folly bench as an exhibit

arched shapes magis bench design for rod arad exhibition

The Folly Design offered in various colors

folly black magis bench design for rod arad exhibition

model brown magis bench design for rod arad exhibition

The Folly bench looks like a real feat

light brown folly magis bench design for rod arad exhibition

Drawing of the Folly bench

folly drawing magis bench design for rod arad exhibition

Modern Seating Designs by Magis

colorful armchair modenes furniture design by magis

Chairs with geometric shapes

geometric shapes modenes furniture design by magis

Interesting stool with swivel function

rotating stool modenes furniture design by magis

Colorful mini plastic armchair

plastuk backrest modenes furniture design by magis

Armchair with lacquered surface

swing armchair modenes furniture design by magis

Stool in pink with an unusual design

pink stool modenes furniture design by magis

Designer chair in green made of transparent material

green transparent modenes furniture design by magis