Architecture »Concrete house with glass facade by Una Arquitetos offers close to nature living

Concrete house Brazil flat roof Glass facade design

Glass walls are unique elements used in modern architecture. Many builders from all over the world deal with the idea of ​​conveying a unique feeling of living with light and transparency. We present you the exclusive Concrete house Bacopari – a light-flooded design by Una Arquitetos, realized in 2012 in São Paulo, Brazil. The residence offers close to nature living for highest demands.

Bacopari – an exclusive concrete house

Canopy Terrace Concrete House Architecture UNA Brazil Sao Paolo

For the contemporary architecture is the use of Glass , as well as the clear design language and consummate aesthetics a trademark. So the individuality is visible. The House is a result of high technical know-how and many years of experience. The architect team of Una Arquitetos has developed a very individual concept, which blends harmoniously into the environment and leaves enough room for personal taste. The house was built on a plot of 724.00 m², the living area is 504.00 m².

Concrete house with transparent surfaces

Transparent house Brazil modern living close to nature

A two-storey building was designed whose floor-to-ceiling glass façade combines with its transparency the designed exterior and the attractive interior. Thus, the architects achieved the popularization of a style of living in harmony with nature. The trees in the garden were grown at the beginning of the construction. Today they are already 8 meters high.

Exclusive transparent living space

Intermediate courtyard wooden decking-swimming pool patio

Bacopari House has a spacious transparent living space and high quality gardens. The architects have almost completely renounced sturdy, robust concrete walls, which makes the building extremely communicative. The border between inside and outside merges. In the garden is the private retreat where the homeowner can relax body and soul. The Concrete house acts unobtrusive and discreet.

Design living spaces with maximum transparency

Living Design Ideas Nature-inspired Living Interior Design

The living room has double height and gives a feeling of airiness. The dining area has been expanded on the terrace. Wooden staircase leads to the wine cellar in the basement. All rooms are located to the northeast and are perfectly air conditioned and isolated.

Photos by Leonardo Finotti

Residential house with flat roof

Badopari house night lighting concrete glass construction modern

Courtyard with spacious pool, wooden deck and patio

Bacopari House flat roof indoor garden swimming pool

Clean lines and perfect aesthetics

Residence Bauhaus style concrete construction glass facade design

Glass is the dominant architectural element

Bacopari residence glazed courtyard pool patio

Concrete building offers exclusive living in harmony with nature

Open living floor interior design Full-glazed concrete

Open house facade

Residential house with pool trees-grow in the garden

Architecture Sao Paolo Residential house residence BEton glass

Wood wall cladding-floor decking glass wall design

Wood Ceiling Paneling-Indoor Garden Pool-Build Design

Residential house modern architecture open plan blueprint mosaic floor stones

Indoor design double height library built-in wardrobes

Living room designer slats curtain library designer furniture

Glazed concrete wall interior design Loft style furnishings-dining area terrace

Double High-living room Ceiling Furniture Leather Upholstered White Black

Concrete house with flat roof of K2 – minimalist architecture in Japan

House Sao Paolo Una-Arquitetos design

Bacopari House Side View Sao Paolo

Concrete house with extensive green roofs in Alicante, Spain

Contemporary concrete house in Murcia, Spain from Xpiral Architecture

Concrete house with wood exterior paneling in Canada cubist architecture

Modern asymmetric concrete house with roof pool and great views

Architecture »Natural-looking facade with narrow stone tiles

facade with narrow stone tile villa organic shape china

The Fairyland Guorui villa complex is located in Beijing, China. It is characterized by individual living comfort, but at the same time connected with a sense of community. The villas with Facade with narrow stone tiles are characterized by a construction similar to a sculpture and extending along a river. To ensure the connection to nature, various extras have been added. These include balconies and bow window , as well as roof terraces with gardens. They also guarantee plenty of natural light indoors and a good view outside. This created individual interiors, but each facade with narrow stone tiles has an individual shape.

Facade with narrow stone tiles – looped avenue

facade with narrow stone tile roof terraces beige color

Equally natural is the façade with narrow stone tiles of each house with its bright, beige color. This makes the villas seem to be part of nature. The complex is divided into two rows separated by a meandering path. This symbolizes the adjacent river and should have a natural appearance. There are also many trees in the front gardens. The front gardens are also lush with shrubs, smaller trees and flowers overgrown and offer the most complete comfort.

Facade with narrow stone tiles – Green front gardens as a contrast to beige facades

Facade with narrow stone tiles allee Vorgaerten design tree nature

Every interior of the individual villas with facade with narrow stone tiles supports family life through open private areas that can be used for common activities within the family. Such are dining and entertainment areas. But also private rooms are required, in which everyone can retire. Take a look at the pictures of each villa for a detailed overview of the extraordinary architecture.

Narrow tiles for organically shaped facades

facade with narrow stone tiles sculpture shape house design original

Curved facade

facade narrow stone tile villa individual living space idea

Modern front door made of wood

facade narrow stone tile entrance door wood modern style

Balcony of a villa

facade narrow stone tiles balcony design glastuer climbing plants

Design of UN Studio ,

Modern garden design and wooden facade for a house in Brazil

Modern garden design -holzfassade-roofing-shade-trees-plants-wood-floor-lawn-bloeten

Modern garden design and architecture flow into each other and create dreamlike living landscapes. Social and private areas are separated and considered equally. A great example is an architect’s house in Brazil , which is placed in the middle of the property and has a front yard and back yard. Exotic plants surround the building and cast a dense shadow on the entrance area as well as on the garden.

Modern garden design – wooden elements on the facade and in the courtyard

Modern garden design - wood facade-lawn-trees-wood-floor-open-seating-shadow

From the garden, only open, large-scale rooms and areas can be seen. As you enter the garden, you are surrounded by climbing plants, palm trees and ferns. Behind the wood facade Visible from the street, a magnificent vertical garden grows. It stands between the glass fronts of the interiors and the street, between the private area and the social environment. This modern design brings a naturally fresh flair to everyday life, as you wake up, as a refreshment in the morning or while working on the Workplace Surrounded by green climbing plants along the entire window.

Modern garden design and wooden facade with different exotic plant species

Modern garden design - wood facade-lawn-palm-trees-wood-floor-pool-lie

In the courtyard, the contemporary outdoor area serves as a cheerful lounge area with pool area and lawn for leisure activities. At the swimming pool, a wooden floor was laid as an extension to the wooden facade. Under a massive canopy is a living area with seating and a dining area in the shade. Different exotic and tropical plant species provide shade in the summer days and add variety to the garden.

Wooden facade at the entrance

Modern garden design - wood facade-house-entrance-stairs-lawn-bushes

Exotic plants, grass and big trees

Modern garden design - wood facade-house-stairs-entrance-tree-street

Design with front yard and backyard

Modern garden design - wood facade-fern-lawn-palm-tree-ivy-entrance

Big tree at the entrance in the front yard

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-house-stairs-rush-street-entrance-bodendecker

Small shady terrace

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-creeper-palm-groundcover-window-house-terrace

Narrow terrace at the entrance under the shade of exotic climbing plants

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-creeper-terrace chairs-terrassentueren-curtain-palm-ferns

Exotic plants for a unique ambience

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-outdoor plants-palms-race Canopy seating

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-SITZMOEBEL-mallet-sitting Canopy open

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-couch-and-white cushion-wood-frame-pillows-colorful-window wall

Exotic plants such as palm trees, ferns and blossom trees create a relaxing atmosphere

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-wphnzimmer-light-daylight-SITZMOEBEL-pad-white-flowers-plant

Plants are also found inside

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-dining table-pendelleuchte-panton-chair-and-white image

From every interior you can see the attractive design of the garden

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-bedroom-window wall bed pillows-chair Lookout

Study with a large window wall and a fresh touch

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-buero-workplace-office chair-window-plant-green-lamp-table

Bathroom overlooking the garden

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-glass fronts-bathroom-mirror-washbasin-vese-armature-white

Plan and floor plan of the house

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-plan-floorplan-house-raeume-uebersicht

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-floor plan-plan-basement-uebersicht

* a project by Felipe & Alexandre Bueno

Dream houses »Modern wooden facade and wooden shingles in the interior – house in New York

Modern wooden facade -house-garden-lawn-terrace-chairs

The one modern wooden facade and wooden shingles are also used in the interior, may sound unthinkable. But a very well thought-out example is a private house on the outskirts of New Yodrer wks – East Hampton. It is part of a settlement on the ocean coast, founded in the 19th century, where the houses in the area have preserved the external features of the area. In this project, the architects of Bates Masie Architects had the challenging task of designing a home that met the demands of a modern day home extended family at the same time as visually consistent with the architectural style of the region.

Modern wooden facade and wooden shingles for inside and outside

Modern wooden facade house american design style city edge

The old construction from the 19th century was reinterpreted. The typical shape of the building was retained and there was one modern wooden facade , Wooden shingles are used outside and inside. So you can find them in the living room as well ceiling panel again. In the middle of the common room on the first floor is the staircase with steel construction and railing. The second living area is reserved exclusively for the family and there, the bedrooms can be accommodated. In front of their patio doors native grasses are planted.

Conservative design and a house for several generations with modern wooden facade and wooden shingles

Modern wooden façade -shingle-shingles-pool-lying-garden-hop

In some of the small cottages in the courtyard shared rooms or relaxation areas are housed. The house has a private swimming pool and a spa area. The materials used for the modern wood facade guarantee longevity in the peculiarities of the regional climate. A weatherproof steel construction was clad with cedar wood panels. The designers used an optical illusion – the wood panels are four times larger than the traditional ones and this makes the house appear smaller than it really is. The same trick and the same materials were also used indoors.

Modern wooden facade and beautiful courtyard with lawn

Modern wooden facade -shingle-shingles-garden-terrace-doors

Wooden shingles in the old style – view from the outside

Modern wooden facade - shingles-house-outside-fence-city-border

Garden with several levels and swimming pool

modern-wood facade-garden-corten steel-gravel-dry plant-swimming pool-hof

Wooden facade and covered outdoor kitchen with Cortensteel

Modern wooden facade -outdoor-kitchen-cortenstahl-dryness-loving-flora-garden

Modern interior design with open kitchen in white and wooden counter

modern-wood facade-open-kitchen-kuechentheke-fitted kitchen and white

Centrally placed stairs lead to the second floor

modern-wood facade wooden-stair-gelaender-steel-holt-center-second Floor

Wooden shingles in the interior design

modern-wood facade-holzschineln-living room-chandelier-SITZMOEBEL-Polstermoebel

Wooden facade and wooden shingles as ceiling cladding create unique atmosphere in the house

modern-wood facade wooden-shingle-dining table chairs-vintage window wall-pendant lights

In the bathroom – Rough materials and freestanding bath

modern-wood facade wooden-shingle-bad-detached-pan-paving-natural-stone-wood floor

Plan the first floor

modern-wood facade-house-plan-cut-on layout-area-breakdown-raeume

Plan the second floor

modern-wood facade-house-plan-floorplan-second Floor

* Learn more about Bates Masi Architects projects here

Architecture »House with stone facade – modern construction with a rustic touch

house with stone facade glass front-1

In this article, we present you a wonderful residence, located in Texas , located in the Franklin Mountains. This rustic hillside home was designed in 2015 by Arizona-based Hazel Baker. Adapted to the topology of the village, the residence is located in the rocky wilderness high above the Rio Grande River Valley. The impressive, three-story House with stone facade offers stunning views of the city of El Paso and Juarez in the south.

Modern house with stone facade with rustic flair of Hazel Baker Rush


The raw, indigenous landscape gradually changes into a beautiful oasis with native succulents, cacti, colorful grasses and fragrant herbs. The terraced environment allows direct access to the outside from all three levels of the house. The mountains on the eastern side of the house keep out the first rays of sunshine until late in the morning. From the southern patio area you can often see deer and rabbits walking along the attractive flora. A breathtaking panorama pleases the eye as soon as the sun hides behind the horizon. The covered outdoor living area is the perfect spot to watch the fiery red sky, which gradually impresses with orange and indigo nuances.

The house with stone facade offers comfort and a fascinating view of the city

viewpoint-stone facade-bepflanzung-fensterfront-3

The impressive stone-walled house has a living room, kitchen with dining area, and a private area with bedrooms and playrooms. Indoor and outdoor materials are inspired by El Paso’s local craft and are closely linked to the city. Natural and partly conventional materials were used to give the folk crafts a fine touch. Upon entering the building, the door and cabinet handles that are made of black steel and leather stand out and make the otherwise cool edges look softer. The rooms are flooded with light thanks to the large glass front and fascinate with a modern interior. The walls and floors made of wood for a warm atmosphere, which maintains the rustic style of the residence. The comfortable pool area with sun loungers offers relaxation for the whole family and a unique view. The facade of the residence is a clever combination of cream-colored walls and walls with impressive stone cladding. The modern constriction gets a warm touch through the stone façade.

Pool sun-schiedetüren-glass front-4


kitchen-dining-suspended lamp-island-6

bedrooms Chair mountain-Stonestair 7

bathroom bath-detached window 8

swimming pools are sun-facade-stone-9

* A project by Architekturstudio Hazel Baker Rush

Architecture »Charred wood and natural stone for the facade of a house in Italy

charred wood natural stone facade modern house

Natural wood facades have a special charisma and are fully in line with the trend. In particular weather-resistant wood species like larch, cedar and Douglas fir. However, the wood can weather unevenly or be treated chemically. But there is an old process from Japan in which chemical wood preservatives, paints and their regular renewal completely eliminated. By flaring and shock-like erasing the material is preserved. Thus, charred wood is also less susceptible to fungal and insect infestation. The coal layer does not stain and is water repellent. The terms Yakisugi and Shou Sugi Ban refer to this ancient, traditional Japanese technique of charring wood. We learned all about it after taking a closer look at the coal-black cladding of this modern house in Italy.

Charred wood in combination with natural stone for the facade

Charred wood natural stone facade carport exterior

This three-storey modern family home is located in the province of Reggio Emilia, northern Italy, and was designed by Christopher Ward Studio. The project took three years to complete and was completed in 2015. If you notice the facade of black shimmering wood, you will immediately learn that this house is exceptional. The exclusive look combines with gray natural stone even stronger in appearance.

charred-wood-facade-glass railings

The combination of wood, stone and glass is particularly outstanding. The all-glass railings provide unobstructed views and let the light through the premises. They are also used indoors as a safety railing for the interior staircase and embed themselves seamlessly into the interior.

charred-wood-facade-input-polygonal Walkway

Special attention was paid to the design of the outdoor area, so that the family can feel as comfortable in the open air as in the interior of the house. Downstairs are several lounge areas and a BBQ area with dining area. The large dining table on the terrace can accommodate 6 people at a time and is made entirely of concrete.

charred-wood-facade-polygonal-natural stone-input

On the other side of the house is a covered terrace that offers a pleasant coolness. The sun protection is provided by adjustable wooden ventilation elements. On the balcony upstairs you can treat yourself to the beautiful view of the garden and also cool off in the hot tub. He is shielded with dense bamboo plantation.


The house is surrounded by lush green, which is a nice contrast to the gray facade design. A large olive tree is the highlight of the garden design. Mediterranean herbs and ornamental grasses complete the picture. Floor lamps, lanterns, ball lamps and several floor lights provide a pleasant atmosphere after sunset.

terrace-wood-black-planks-hearth-corten steel

In the house, the gray color palette is continued by gray screed floors and stainless steel kitchen island. But there are several warm accents, such as side tables made of brass and copper, mustard-yellow chairs and a beautiful reddish wood. The mix of materials is just fantastic. The designers skilfully play with colors and materials to create beautiful contrasts. But every room is harmonious and inviting.


terrace-wood-black-dining area-grill-concrete-dining table

terrace-wood-black-rattan chair-ornamental grasses-bucket

terrace-wood-canopy-whirlpool-bamboo-face protection

terrace-canopy-wood-louvre-sun protection


living area-fireplace-staircase-corridor-kies

living room and natural stone wall-ceiling wood-fireplace

living room and natural stone wall-break stones-metal side tables

living room-sight-wall-metal-shelf system

dining area-square-table-stair-glass-sliding doors-kitchen

dining area-ocher-chairs screed floor

dining area-square-big-dining table

kitchen-island-dining-screed ground-glass-sliding doors

kitchen-dining area-round-table



reading corner-eames-chair-stool-houseplant

relax corner-metal side tables-commode-mural

bedroom leather bed-white-wood-beam ceiling

bedroom leather bed-nursery


bathroom-wood-white-bathroom fittings walk-shower





charred-wood and natural stone-garden-night lighting-balls

covered-terrace-concrete floor-natural stone-wall-lounge


charred-wood-facade-natural stone-nachtbeleuchtung-

Design and architecture: Christopher Ward Studio

Architecture »Attractive example of facade design with wood and stone

Design panels back ventilation stone garden lawn

We present you an attractive example of Facade design with wood and stone from Poland. This modern one-storey building was completed by the architectural firm 81 WAW.PL. The project is simple but very effective – thanks to the use of natural materials, the house fits perfectly into the landscape. The minimalist construction concept with clear lines would look just as good in a densely populated district.

Facade design with wood and stone – opposites attract

Gravel wood natural stone Douglas fir panels facade cladding

Actually, wood and stone are two very different materials – but somehow the combination between the two works perfectly. The natural stone, in which the facade is clad, creates a visual link to the surrounding rock garden. The generous use of wood loosens the stone elements and shields the private area of ​​the homeowner from prying eyes. Closed to the way through wooden blinds, the house opens to the beautiful wooded landscape through plenty of glazed fronts. Glass sliding doors let the boundaries between inside and outside merge. The modern architecture of 81 WAW.PL is a perfect example of facade design with wood ,

Facade design with wood and stone – some tips

Facade sliding door flat roof single-storey terraces

If you too from this outstanding Facade design with wood and stone are fascinated, and would like to spice up your own facade – here are some useful tips:

– Douglas fir and larch are perfect for modern facade design – they are weather resistant and have a fairly long shelf life / approx. 10-15 years /.

– Basically, you can choose between horizontal, vertical formwork and wooden panels. The two look good visually, at least the good ventilation should be taken into account during the installation.

Modern architecture – one-storey building – the southern exterior wall is clad in wood

Perennials perennial plants flat roof exterior walls

The massive house is actually built of concrete, the facade with wood and stone acts at least more natural

Stone facade recessed house entrance flat roof

Dark wood and gray stone are in contrast

Flooring moss beautiful modern architecture wooden wall panels

Slat elements provide privacy, large glass sliding doors connect inside and outside

Chairs flat roof lawn wood panels glass fronts backyard

Closed to the street, the building opens onto the garden and the beautiful landscape

Wooden wall glass insert Sliding one-story building

Dreamhouses »Modern city villa with facade inspired by aviation

Architecture concrete facade steel glass pool front yard

These modern city villa is the new home of a retired pilot. Inspired by his professional life, the architect’s office Urban Office Architecture decided to design the house as a strange aircraft. This is how the project of this unusual building came about.

Modern city villa with imaginative facade design

Aircraft Maket floor to ceiling high shelving wood furniture

The modern city villa is located on the outskirts. The building was built of concrete and glass and decorated with stainless steel elements. The futuristic facade resembles a grand piano and creates an optical illusion – the house looks like it is floating in the air. A pool in the front yard reflects the contours of the building and contributes to the illusion.

Also in the interior one feels like in a real airplane. Large glass fronts and skylights lend plenty of sunlight to the rooms, highlighting the raw beauty of concrete walls and metal details. In contrast, the wooden furniture – they create a cozy atmosphere and cozy atmosphere.

Futuristic interior design – the living room the city villa

Sofa glass fronts designer furniture stairs wooden floor

Skylights let plenty of sunlight in the room, the shelving system separates the living area in two

in the middle of the big city bookcase room divider skylight

The light flooded bedroom

cool design ideas beautiful furniture dark mahogany wood

Attractive façade design – the city villa is composed of several buildings

Facade concrete steel details original design several structures

The entrance is also original designed

Structure composed of steel stair railing house entrance

Thanks to the glass fronts, the house opens to the landscape

Steel window fronts concrete path garden modern building

Lake near the house

City villa lawn area tall trees lake garden landscape

Side view – narrow Stadtvilla inspired by aviation

minimalist building street side view steel facade

Architecture »Contemporary flat roof house with metal clad facade in Santiago

flat roof house two-storey metal panel exterior stairs glass insert

MIL metal house, designed by architects Max Ibanéz and Claudio Labarca, is located in the Chilean capital of Santiago and impresses with its exclusive metal clad facade and the use of lots of glass. Surrounded by wilderness, this enjoys contemporary flat roof house a beautiful location in the foothills of the Andes and a favorable climate.

Modern flat roof house with lots of glass cladding

Flat roof house with garden terrace Balcony view facade metal paneling

The architects Max Ibanez and Claudio Labarca accented on the natural forest views. The outside of the house is fully equipped with insulation panels in wood surface finish and perfectly protected from the cold. The two-storey flat roof House has steel construction with solid concrete slabs and provides spacious terrace and balcony areas. The glass panels with which the facade is provided produce amazing reflections and let the house optically fit into the environment.

A house in harmony with nature

covered terrace balcony-seating stone floor covering

A goal of the project was the optimized use of conventional materials such as concrete, wood and glass, and the creation of a warm and comfortable atmosphere inside the building. Through the use of large sliding doors, the Comminication with nature intensified.

MIL metal house in Santiago, Chile – view inside the building

interior design seating furniture sliding doors balcony waldblick

The house is equipped with large windows that allow much light into the interior. In addition, there is a stylish decor with lots of wood, which also radiates exotic flair. The seating area also has two leather sofas. In addition, the small lounge is characterized by the red oriental rug on which the seating area extends.

Natural materials were used

flat roof top floor balcony interior design with light

The modern and at the same time exotic style is continued in the dining area. The combination of gray walls and colored accessories creates a comfortable living atmosphere that you can only dream of. The dining area also has modern sliding doors that guarantee direct access to the balcony.

Rim-high sliding doors provide access to the garden

Glazed wall sliding door access to garden-modern furnishings

The view into the garden is also guaranteed thanks to the large windows. Built-in blinds protect against the hot sun, which can be pulled in if necessary.

Ceiling paneling with wood

Sun protection blinds wood laminate floor covering painted

Architecture »Decorative facade design with bricks – A house in Brazil

Decorative facade design house-hang-steel frame construction

The Brazilian architecture studio 1: 1 Arquitetura Design has designed a minimalist detached house in Brazil, with a special facade exterior and classic decor impressed inside. The decorative facade design is made using special bricks that are typical of Brazilian modernism.

Decorative facade design with perforated bricks

Decorative facade design perforated bricks cobogo

The façade design consists of perforated bricks – the so-called Cobogó, which create a work of art on the outside and a creative play of light on the inside. Besides their decorative function, the Cobogó bricks are equally important for the thermal control of the house. They filter the sun’s rays by providing natural lighting throughout the day. This allows natural ventilation of the house, which plays a major role in the tropical climate in Brazil.

Decorative facade design flat roof house hang glass front

The decorative façade is combined with solid exterior walls constructed of concrete and wide glass fronts. A solid outer wall serves as a screen for the entrance of the house and keeps the prying eyes away. The house is built on a small slope, so the architects designed a steel frame construction and built the building on columns. The perforated outer walls offer a beautiful view of the sunsets in Brazil.

Decorative facade design. Concrete bricks holes pattern facade

Decorative facade design geometric pattern glass front

decorative-facade design-hauseingang-massive-facade

decorative facade design-partition-outside-face protection

decorative-facade design-concrete-bricks-glass front-promising

The Brazilian interior design

decorative-design facade-lighting effects-interior-kitchen-dining room

The decorative facade design with perforated bricks has a beautiful effect on the interior. The holes on the facade create playful lighting effects in the room, especially in sunlight. They protect at the same time from the strong sun and offer however a beautiful prospect of the surrounding landscape. Despite the holes, the view is blocked from the outside, because the bricks also serve as a kind of privacy.

decorative-facade design-geometriches-pattern-interior-dining room

The house is designed with an open kitchen with dining area, living room, two bedrooms and bathroom. The interior of the house is considered a summary of the Brazilian interior design. The furniture is authentic and designed by some of the best known Brazilian designers. The materials and colors used are reminiscent of the furnishing style of the 70s and speak for a simple, minimalist design.

inneneinrichtung-living style-70-year-living room carpet-bookshelf

decorative-facade design-daylight-inneneinrichtung-70

decorative facade design-house-inneneinrichtung-open-wohnraum

inneneinrichtung-70-year-living style-chair-side tables-curtains

decorative-design facade-lighting effects-living room-sofa-coffee table

decorative-facade design-holed-bricks-promising-interior

minimalist-bathroom-white-beige mirror-indirect-lighting

The decorative facade design at night

decorative-facade design-ornamented facade-pattern

decorative-facade design-concrete-bricks-glass fronts-hang

Construction plans of the house

house-hang-brazil-architecture-floor plan

house-flat roof-hang-cross-section-architecture

* Design by 1: 1 Arquitetura design