Modern upholstered furniture by Alpa Salotti Sofa Designs with feel-good factor

modern sofa design white adjustable recline

If you have a spacious living room where the whole family gathers in the evening, then a large sofa is a must. Modern upholstered furniture like these from Alpa Salotti play a big role in the game living room , They should not only be large, but also provide the desired seating comfort. The sofa is perhaps the most important element in this living area, so you need to take your time to choose the perfect design.

Modern upholstered furniture for the living room

riviera sofa alpa salotti white adjustable corner sofa

Look no further than the Riviera Sofa of Alpa Salotti. The five backrests are adjustable and can take different positions. On one side the sofa is open, which creates additional seats. You can also comfortably put your legs up and relax.

Modern upholstered furniture with a timeless design

white sofa red carpet modern living room alpa salotti

The Riviera Sofa is a design by Habits Studio’s top designers. Its clean lines are accentuated by the pure white color and are particularly suitable for the contemporary style in the living room. The sofa has a high quality upholstery that enhances its elegance. The large cushions and the adjustable headrests provide total comfort and a unique modern look. The white upholstery allows you to combine the sofa with colorful pillows and a red carpet.

high quality materials and clean lines

vision sofa design straight lines black stool adjustable

All Upholstered furniture by Alpa Salotti are just as worth seeing as the Riviera sofa. Their deep, wide seats offer a new level of comfort. If you want to add a touch of sophistication at home, take a look at this beautiful collection. They are perfect for special occasions and casual gatherings with friends. You have everything you need – a lot of style and no lack of comfort.

adjustable backrests

sofa desire alpa salotti steel feet adjustable backrests

Corner sofa in cream raymond sofa modern upholstered furniture alpa salotti beige corner sofa

big pillows and soft padding

upholstered sofa alpa salotti white corner sofa cushions AYRTON

Nuvolari sofa

nuvolari modern upholstered furniture gray adjustable backrests

black leather sofa modern corner sofa black leather steel feet cushion

Sofa and armchair with modern design

modern design sofa armchair white steel feet shaggy carpet black

elegant steel frame

modern upholstered furniture leather gray shaggy carpet

modern upholstery alpa salotti sofa armchair black white

metropolis sofa corner sofa padded steel feet carpet

gaber sofa italien steel frame beige upholstery

freetime sofa white frame gray sofa cushion

clark sofa design upholstered steel lines accent taupe color

biplano sofa upholstered furniture alpa salotti italy

modern upholstery sofa backrest green

Solar lights in the garden: environmentally friendly lighting with WOW factor

Solar lights in the garden Flowerbed garden path-decorating

The secluded garden or the cozy balcony in summer to a green oasis of well-being, which relaxes the senses. In order to enjoy the outdoor area not only during the day, but also in the evening, a sophisticated lighting concept is an absolute must. This often poses a big challenge to the hobby gardener – because it should Functionality and style in one combine. As a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to ordinary light sources, the solar lights have prevailed in the garden in recent years – they create a special atmosphere, effectively set garden bed and co. in scene while saving electricity.

Solar lights in the garden – functional and energy-efficient lighting for outdoor use

Solar lights in the garden. Luminaire rod metal

Solar lamps have a simple design – by means of a solar cell built into the lamp solar energy is gained during the day and then stored in a battery. A twilight switch signals the lamp at sunset and it automatically starts to emit the energy stored in the battery as light. In addition, a motion detector can optionally be mounted similar to ordinary lighting, so that the solar lights in the garden only switch on when needed.

What must be considered when buying solar lights for outdoor use?

Solar Lights Garden discreet decoration element

The advantages of a solar lighting can be seen immediately – on the one hand this saves electricity, on the other hand, the lighting fixtures can be mounted anywhere in the garden, even where there is no power connection. But in order for the final result to really fit the expectations, you must pay close attention to the purchase. First of all, a garden sketch should be created, whereupon all places where direct and indirect lighting is needed are marked accordingly. Garden path, pond, the outside staircase and the garden fence / wall should always be well lit for safety reasons. In this case, it pays to invest in LED lights, they save energy and have a light duration of up to 20 hours. The light intensity also plays an important role, so that the number of necessary lamps can be calculated. The warm white light color protects the eyes and creates a cozy atmosphere. But if accents are set in the garden /, for example, flower beds or rockery lit /, then solar lights with light changes can provide a happy mood.

Solar lights in the garden create a cozy atmosphere

Solar Lights Garden big-Japanese-style

Nowadays a wide selection is going on Solar deco lights offered so that everyone can find the right design. Currently, four models are particularly relevant – the light rods / plug-in lamps, the flares or luminous stones, the small, almost floor-level solar lights and the suspended luminaires.

The light sticks / the plug-in lights can surround the terrace, the garden pond or the rock garden and thus effectively stage the scene – the attractive lighting adds a decorative touch to the garden design during the day and provides stylish lighting effects in the evening.

Solar Lights Garden flower-decorating-ideas

The flares offer three versions for installation – they can be placed on a spit or on a holding plate, or placed on water surface – for example, the pool or the garden pond. The low solar lights offer a discreet and space-saving design variant for the balcony or flowerbed. The suspended luminaires successfully replace the string of lights above the dining table or outdoor bench. No matter which version you choose, solar lights create a romantic atmosphere and set charming accents in the outdoor area.

Solar Lights Garden Ideas-energy-efficient design

Architecture »Futuristic leisure facility increases the feel-good factor

I-Way – a unique design by Cyrille Druart Architect in Paris

exciting modern architecture

Opened in 2008 in Lyon, France, ‘I-Way’ is a luxurious one Recreation with innovative design. The futuristic architecture was designed by Cyrille Druart. The innovative design surprises and contributes to a feel-good factor. Hidden in a windowless structure, the exclusive interior is simply unbelievably beautiful. It looks exciting, futuristic and you almost feel like you’re in a spaceship. I-WAY was specially designed for motorcycle fans – the guests have 18 motor racing simulators available. In addition, the bars, restaurants, gym, conference room and spa bath provide an ambience of pure luxury

Light creates tension – futuristic leisure facility

futuristic design - motor racing simulator

The interior in the Recreation surprised at each floor new. The living areas are angular and spacious, but the corridors are a complicated mix of curves and bends. The sculptural staircases look like they’re hanging in the air. The most exciting factor is the colored lighting combined with shiny, state-of-the-art surfaces. The light in the bars varies from dark to light and fresh. The lights in the room with the engine simulators resemble industrial light. Pools are converted to blue lagoons. Even while walking, the rapid change of interior design impresses. Modern materials such as metal, glass, polymers contribute to a unique atmosphere.

Modern and state-of-the-art design idea – luxurious leisure facility in France

futuristic pool

Built from two simple, rectangular volumes, the facade of the unique Recreation looks simple at first glance. The first impression can be deceptive – this is an award-winning project that creates a new reality for its guests. A spaceship that brings guests on a journey with thrilling motor races.

from Jaz

white modern furniture in the restaurant

white modern tables in the restaurant

futuristic interior – modern lighting

modern design - bar

modern spa bath

modern spa bath

futuristic design – bathroom – LED lighting

futuristic design - bathroom

modern minmalist bar

modern bar with minimalist design

Car racing simulator

modern interior - leisure facility

futuristic staircase

modern exciting stairs

futuristic architecture – blueprint

modern futuristic architecture - blueprint

Bohemian Lifestyle – decorating ideas and living trends with a feel-good factor

2013 home trend colors floral pattern pillowcase

We present you creative Decorating ideas and living trends for your living room and bedroom – bring spring to the house with colorful floral designs and interesting color combinations!

Decorating ideas and home trends – Hippie style bedding

Decorative ideas bedroom bedding purple orange color

The collection of Zalando shows creative Decorating ideas and living trends in hippie style. The “Bohemians” as precursor group of the hippie movement in England, were inspired by the clothes of Bohemian gypsies to alternative and colorful garments. Meanwhile, the term “bohemian” has become established for people with alternative, artistic lifestyles and a whole range of expressions has developed. Originally as a form of taboo and rule breaking, the look is more modern Wohnsti l a cozy atmosphere, through the joy of a colorful mix of patterns and contrasting details.

Colorful Throw pillows and pillow cases – deco ideas and living trends by Zalando

Flowers Bird Pattern Throw Pillows Living Ideas Collection Zallando

As a result, this can sometimes look very different. For example, old building spaces are imaginable in which the patina of faded wall paints gives the room a conscious history. Other possibilities arise from the combination of a living room furniture after the style of the 1950s with modern Decorating ideas and living trends that stand in a screaming contrast to each other. Self-painted, deliberately not professionally executed surface finishes prove a reference to the early Bohemian style. Desirable is this design concept simply anything that breaks through conventionally rigid and upscale shapes and contributes to a welcoming atmosphere. This can also happen in the form that the nature, which is otherwise deliberately locked out of living spaces, explicitly brings in the interior of the house. Be it through a variety of real upright and hanging plants or simply by patterns that pick up the natural theme in their ornaments.

Top Wohntrend for 2013 – floral pattern

Bedroom decor deco ideas bedding

Around Decorating ideas and living trends Of course, it is not absolutely necessary to renovate and furnish the whole apartment in your own four walls. Even a colorful patterned bed linen or a colorful bedspread on the sofa in combination with colorful pillows in a variety of patterns, bring the carefree mix to the trusted home or as a gift to the home of loved ones: With a coupon from Zalando The recipient of numerous articles of the category “Bohemian lifestyle” be inspired and choose your own favorite pieces.

In addition, for example, small souvenirs from the holiday serve as an eye-catcher. And also with the old-fashioned souvenirs from the last flea market visit accents can be set.

Living ideas colors turquoise grass green Throw pillows

Bedroom decorating pink-orange bedding

Colors pattern checkered ceiling living trend

Decorative ideas living room Bassetti FONG

Living ideas living room sofa decoration

Beautiful bedroom curtains increase the feel-good factor

Is a new window design planned in the bedroom? The decorative effect always plays an important role. Beautiful bedroom curtains in all conceivable colors, patterns and sizes give your sleeping area that certain something and provide security and well-being.

Beautiful bedroom curtains as optimal window decoration

Bedroom Beach-style new-curtain Trends interesting Pattern lively-designs

In the Decor of the bedroom It’s all about the effect, the atmosphere that you want to create there. To achieve them, a good balance of floor and wall design, furniture, home textiles and decorations is required. Curtains and curtains form the frame of the room and must be in harmony with the rest of the room. Bedroom curtains definitely have advantages, if you want to confess to a style or interior design theme. You can easily replace them and adapt them to their changed taste at any time – also a positive aspect for cleaning.

Beautifully flowing, floor-length bedroom curtains

transparent-solid-colored bedroom curtain decorating ideas

The main role for proper window decoration of a bedroom play the fabrics. Curtains made of flowing, draped fabrics enhance the feel-good factor with lightness and elegance. Whether transparent or opaque, plain or patterned, beautiful bedroom curtains will stylishly highlight your sleeping place. The people, who, above all, have an intimate atmosphere to relax, could count on the calming effect of pastel colors. The alternative is contrasts: with bright colors and large-scale patterns on curtains and curtains, you emphasize your personality. But you should also think of features such as privacy and sun protection. Window shapes also play a role – for the professional attachment of curtains in corner or round windows, we recommend an individual solution from Profi.

New curtain trends

beautiful-flowing-floor length curtains-transparent-plain-bedroom

The trendy alternatives to curtains in the bedroom are pleated blinds that are attached to the left and right of the window frame or Roman blinds. puristic Attractive sliding curtains integrate perfectly into young, modern interiors.

Nice flowing curtains

transparent-bedroom curtains, white and purple-antler-deco

Curtains laterally complemented with floor-length scarves

Traditionales bedroom luxury chandelier-wall flush-curtain side-Scarves

Simple puristic design elements in the bedroom

nice-flowing-floor length curtains Modern-bedroom-set

Curtains in eye-catching colors

beautiful bedroom curtains-flowing, floor-length-summer colors

Window curtains in muted colors

Beautiful bedroom curtain increase the feelgood factor of Ideas-trends

Floor-length drapes nicely draped

beautifully-draped window-curtains-sun-protection window decorations

Chilled lounge atmosphere

bedroom-beach-style-sun-protection curtain-elegant-flowing-material

Merry patterns achieve interesting effects

lively-dessins-bedroom curtains-decorating ideas-window

Curtains reaching to the floor

interesting effects-achieve-bedroom textiles curtains Trends

Beautiful bedroom curtains draped and plain


Beautiful bedroom curtains with lively designs

Window curtains-patterned floral-young-modern interiors bedroom

Optimal window decoration

bedroom retro atmosphere-rustic-brick wall-Fensterdeko-curtains

Optimal window decoration bedroom curtains trends-coral-lively-designs

patterned bedroom curtains-white-gray-floral-ornament-window protection

color-bedroom achromatic-wallpaper-pattern-fine-curtains

luxury-device-bedroom-window curtain-draped-floor length

ideas-new-window design-bedroom-floor length Blinds-luxurious

Elegant curtain-red-black-purist design cues bedroom

floor-length-opaque-bedroom curtains-red-brown lacquer wooden floor

23 nursery ideas for color with a high relaxation factor

Colors Nursery Modern geometric motifs-purple-light-green

If you’re planning to update the nursery furniture and decor or re-paint the nursery walls, you’ll need to think about the perfect color. How should it succeed? To create a cheerful, child-friendly atmosphere, which on the one hand promotes creativity, on the other hand has a calming effect, but does not make you sleepy? The solution is: rather subtle dominant colors and relaxed, appealing freshness kicks with one or more other shades. We have put together for you 23 nursery ideas for color in the relaxing blue, purple, gray and their shades.

Nursery ideas for color, which can be combined in many ways

Ideas Nursery color-light gray-colored accents-set-young-girl room

At first glance, gray is not very typical for the nursery, but has been much favored by many designers and designers over the last few years. But why? This achromatic color impresses with its variable intensity and can be perfectly combined with all other colors of the color spectrum! In the interior design, neutral shades of gray subtly take a back seat and provide for one harmony full Spatial impression. Thus, accompanying colors and structures are ideally presented.

Nursery ideas for color that makes you creative

wanddeko-pencils Nursery school children and blue duvets

Blue – the boys’ favorite color is probably the most commonly used color even in children’s rooms. Common color combinations such as blue-yellow, blue-white, blue-red, along with the mixed colors are complemented by neon colors, pastel shades, motifs and structures fully in line with the trend. If you play with many colorful details, creates a relaxed and appealing atmosphere.

Desk-for-children-chair-green armchair-purple-color wall-discreet

Color purple for a restful nap

A nursery with the dominant color of purple will pamper your children with a fascinating feel-good and relaxation factor. The nuances of this hue can vary greatly and thus adapt to both girls and boys rooms. Bright purple shades are very cheap for babies – they promote the children’s imagination and ensure a good child’s sleep.

baby-room-gray-wall color-owl-light-tree-wanddeko-white crib

Bright gray shade in the baby room

cot-upholstered bed-blue-bedspread-geometric-pattern

Pattern mix in bold colors

Nursery walls and gray-motive-skyline-wandtattoo-grid-bed

Gray with white and golden angle pattern


Gray walls with a metallic sheen

Nursery Boys-space motif wall art-gray-walls-emphasize

Gray wall stripes


Sky blue for girls room

mixed color light blue-green-wall-pattern-tree-nursery-ideas

Setting up with mixed colors

Relaxing Color Nursery Wall Bedding pillowcases

Nursery bunk storage compartments Wallpaper South Park theme

Nursery for siblings Color Blue-gray-orange bunk beds

Nursery sibling beds and white walls and blue-green stripes

nursery-traditional-nautical-establishment theme-captain

Dark-Blue Nursery blankets-bed Holzgesell-sibling room

Playhouse Nursery Ideas for Color Wall Blue-Yellow Hearts

trend-design-wall-stripes-horizontal-light blue wood furniture

Nursery Furniture-sill-walls-subtly-Purple-strike droop

nursery-ideas-color-wanddeko-comic-held carpet-colorful-floral-patterned

dark purple color-nursery-furniture-ergonomically-modern-design

purple-paint-ceiling-nursery-high bed-and-white frame carpet pattern

Create a warm bath in orange and increase the feel-good factor

Wood Floor Bathroom Mosaic Tile Orange Warm-Sink Design

Have the courage, yours Bath in orange to delete? The cheerful bright color will lighten the room and warm it up. Orange has many shades that automatically attract attention – from bright and bright to dark and full. The visual effect of color is called strong and dynamic. Of course you can also use them in the bathroom to use the positive properties of this color.

Bath in Orange – inspiring and state of the art

Sliding door Bathroom orange stroke Asian decorative items

If you find the right nuances for your bathroom, you can create a luminous and stylish ensemble. In combination with orange cool or dark colors get a new stronger expression. Orange stands for visual warmth and brightens up the room. On warm bath Of course, it is more comfortable than a cold and damp bath. But orange is a very dominant and radiant color that can quickly be intrusive. Therefore, you should rather do without a variety of orange accessories.

Tips and tricks for a warm bathroom

Bathroom ceramic tile-activating paint deco floral vases

On Bath in orange evokes in us certain memories and feelings. Orange helps strengthen the immune system and boosts our immune system. By looking at it, an orange wall awakens the feeling of warmth, well-being and security. In most cases, the color is associated with summer, south, joy, energy and fun. The strong color has a direct effect on the psyche and indirectly influences the atmosphere in the room, increasing our sense of well-being. Since orange is a bright color, it leaves the space dimensions appear larger.

Orange can be combined well with white

Bath Floor Tile White Simple Black Orange Towels

The orange color is great for the bathroom because it removes fatigue. Individual elements can also be shaped in color. An orange accent has an invigorating, brightening and mood-enhancing effect.

Orange symbolizes lightness and openness

Bathroom furniture ideas bold color mosaic tile yellow orange burgundy

Design a bath in orange and black

Furnishing Color ideas black vanity rectangular mandarin orange-red armchair wall decor

Intrusive, loud and up to date

Color Trends Ideas 2013 Design Bad Orange High Gloss Surface-Easy Care Visual-Attractive

Set orange accents in the bathroom

Bath Ideas Setup Tips Warm Up-Lighten Orange Towels Freestanding Washbasins

Orange details cheer up our mood

Design Basin Cabinet Black White Basin Lacquered Wood Bucket Orange

Bath with fireplace and orange accents gives a sense of life and optimism

Modern bathroom with fireplace embedded tub-orange accents