Fancy furniture looks like sketched out – a design by Jinil Park

furniture ideas-Drawing series-Jinil Park design chair-table design

Fancy furniture in the interior testify to their own style and a fine sense of design. Korean designer Jinil Park transformed these seemingly simple-looking rough drawings into pieces of furniture that look like a crazy sketch. The three-dimensional objects have the appearance of a two-dimensional sketch and exude an almost sculptural beauty. Even with two-dimensional sizzen on paper you think in 3 dimensions and imagine how they will look in real. The Drawing Series gives an impression that the boundaries between Reality and illusion merge.

Fancy furniture made of steel wire handmade

Linear wire furniture interresting structures-and-lines

The extraordinary figure set a new standard in terms of design. The illustration is executed in black, easily erasable and not sharply delineated lines. Rough to fine line drawings give the impression as if the designer had experimented with ideas. To achieve the desired optical effect, different lines were required – one line is a bit higher and the next one is slightly lower. In order to make the variations as authentic as hand-drawn sketches, Park wires hammered in different lengths and thicknesses.

Revolutionary furniture looks like drawn

chair modern design-like sketched-black jinil-park filigree-structure

Jinil Park put an unusual design idea into action. From steel wire he made 4 furniture designs – 2 chairs, 2 lights and a table. Defying its filigree structure, the furniture of the Drawing Series is sturdy enough to bear the weight of human beings. The focus is distorted, distorted and linked structures and lines. These speak for a special individual “handwriting” and express the emotions and inner world of the artist. A drawing is particularly good for showing simple forms and also emotional spontaneity. Linear wire furniture revolutionized the design world at the Gwangju Design Biennale in South Korea in autumn 2013.

Fancy Furniture of the Drawing Series by Jinil Park

Fancy objects furniture ideas Chair drawn-graphic drawing

The chair is a wireframe that looks like a line drawing

Drawn Sculptures Furniture Design Chair Jinil Park Drawn

Wire sculptures imitate two-dimensional line drawings

two-dimensional graphic design chair-transformed jinil park

Lamp design inspired by graphic line art

Table lamp Lampshade Drawing series red steel wire

Fancy furniture ideas for your home

South Korean design sketch table steel wire-drawn Jinil Park

Fancy wall tiles for bath – “Crocotiles” with relief

Wall tiles for bathroom relief settecento orange brown

If you are looking for a way, your individuality with the help of your Decor in the bathroom You can express with the Crocotiles ceramic tiles of Settecento do not fail. The classic version of the Wall tiles for bathroom – the CrocoClassic – has a beautiful metallic sheen that is rich enough Colors of the ceramic tiles emphasized.

green wall tiles for bath

Wall tiles for bath black and relief green crocodile skin

Opulent shades of gray, brown and black give the Wall tiles for bathroom from Settecento one exclusive look , Or if you prefer a playful touch, the modern bathroom tiles are available in fresh, bright colors. Orange, Green, Purple, Blue and White are the beautiful fresh colors for those who want to keep up with the latest trends.

Wall tiles for bathroom in purple and white

Bathroom relief tile purple white crocodile skin

If you have the fierce visual effect of Wall tiles for bathroom With crocodile skin patterns to balance with something muted, there are also light and dark ceramic tiles that can complement the overall look. Bring the natural world to your home in a totally unexpected way by choosing the croco Wall tiles for bath by Settecento choose.

white wall tiles behind the sink

Wall tiles bathroom relief crocotiles behind sink

brown version

Wall tiles bath - relief tile by settecento

black tile edge on the white wall

Wall tiles bath relief edge black

black and white bathroom

Wall tiles bathroom relief settecento black

Crocodile skin pattern in black

Wall tiles bath relief crocodile skin pattern black

Love & Family »Original fancy photo gifts – 38 creative ideas

Original fancy photo gifts -kreative-idden-familienfotos-kind-herbst

You want your loved one with you Birthday present please and it should be something personal and not a dust catcher or once again a sweater. Small attentions usually bring more joy, if they were specially made and designed for the recipient. Often small gestures do not cost a fortune, but it takes some time to realize his ideas. Original fancy photo gifts are a creative way to give attention.

Make original fancy photo gifts for your loved ones themselves

Original fancy photo gifts-cup-mugs-yourself-make-ceramic-tiles-wedding-pictures-child

Great Personalized Mugs, Keychains, T-Shirts et al with pictures from the private family album or from your last holiday together, you can have them made in a copy shop and also order online and receive them in a few days by post. You can do many things yourself and we will tell you how to do it. In the picture gallery you will find a tutorial, many more inspirations and two interesting videos with DIY projects. Have fun and choose matching original fancy photo gifts!

Mug coasters with personal photos on ceramic tiles

Original fancy photo gifts -make-yourself-make-black-and-white-photos-tape-ceramic-tiles

You can do original fancy photo gifts yourself. There are several variations on how to transfer the photo image to another surface. Quite simply you can print a selected image with the printer and remodel it on a wooden board using the iron. It creates a natural faded effect. Some places can continue to work with color or ink in high-contrast. A creative and practical idea is to make ceramic tile coasters yourself.

Make original fancy photo gifts yourself – instructions and useful materials

Original fancy photo gifts -make-yourself-make-ceramic tile-felt-glider-white-materials

For this DIY project you need small square ceramic tiles, glue for paper, some small felt pads and of course photos, cut to the desired size. Glue the photos onto the ceramic tiles. For a perfect finish you will need to coat the surface with the photo. This guarantees a long-lasting shine and protects the image from damage despite the stress. For this purpose, get polymer resin from the craft shop. There are different variants offered. Therefore, let yourself be advised by a specialist. In principle, it is about polyester resin. A mixture of resin and a hardener is prepared, applied carefully to the desired area and left to dry in the air at normal room temperature. It takes about 8 hours for the resin to dry out. After 24 hours, it solidifies and after about 72 hours, the coating is completely hard. A tip: If small air bubbles occur, blow with a straw on the respective spot. This will allow you to move the bubbles to the edge of the surface.

Fix the photos on the tiles with a simple paper glue

original-fancy-photo gifts cup coaster-yourself-making ceramic tiles-kelebestoff-stick-photos

Polymer resin for a long-lasting surface coating

original-fancy-photo gifts cup coaster-yourself-making ceramic tiles-materials-coating-resin-haerter

Blow out the resin coating before curing

-Making ceramic tiles-diy-resin-coated original-fancy-photo gifts cup coaster-yourself

Glue felt glides on the lower side

original-fancy-photo gifts cup coaster-yourself-making ceramic tiles-lower-page-glides

Idea with wedding photos

Original fancy photo gifts -make-yourself-make-ceramic-tile-vintage-black-white

Gift ideas to make yourself

Original fancy photo gifts-cup-make-yourself-ceramic-tiles-wedding-black-white-vintage

Use personal pictures

-Making ceramic tiles Photos of child-ausscheniden original-fancy-photo gifts cup coaster-yourself

Happy moments with the loved ones

original-fancy-photo gifts cup coaster-yourself-make-ceramic-tiles-photos-kind

Decorate wooden saucer with photo

original-fancy-photo gifts cup coaster-wood-wood disc-course

Make your own gifts

original-fancy-photo gifts card-memories-resien Idea

Pinning photos from the common destinations to a map

original-fancy-photo gifts card Photos of cut-pinning Creative Idea

Create collages

original-fancy-photo gifts themselves-make-picture-frame-father

Creative ideas for a collage with personal photos

original-fancy-photo gifts-black-white-heart-idea-many photos

Arrange collage of black and white photos yourself

original-fancy-photo gifts collage-black-white wallpaper wall

Let collage print on canvas with wedding photos

original-fancy-photo collage gifts-canvas-image-wedding

A picture on the wall with personal photos

original-fancy-photo collage gifts-photos-print canvas

Calendar with personal photos

original-fancy-photo gifts kalle Direction-black-white-kid-photos

Personalize and personalize your mobile phone case

original-fancy-photo gifts handyhuelle-color-creative-interesting

original-fancy-photo gifts mugs-print personalized Idea

original-fancy-photo gifts bag shoulder bag image-child-funny

original-fancy-photo gifts handbag-palatable photo-baby

original-fancy-photo gifts purse wallet-black-leather-photo-couple

original-fancy-photo gifts money Boerse-brick-photo-gelsbeutel

original-fancy-photo gifts fabric bag-print huelle-promising-sonnanaufgang

original-fancy-photo gifts teddy bear-blouse-white-photo-print-sweet

original-fancy-photo gifts, family photo-tshirt-white-print

original-fancy-photo gifts pillows-kissenezuege-personalize Photos of interesting

original-fancy-photo gifts pillows-huelle-heart-photo-print

original-fancy-photo gifts anstecker-black-white-cloth - photo

original-fancy-photo gifts snow globe-photo-black-white-kuess

original-fancy-photo gifts schluessenanhaenger-gift ideas, photo-practical

original-fancy-photo gifts schluesselanhaenger-heart-transparent photo-gift

original-fancy-photo gifts schluesselanhaenger-baby-photo-sweet

original-fancy-photo gifts schluesselanhaenger-baby-photo-idee

original-fancy-photo gifts box-crate-jewelry-vintage

original-fancy-photo gifts bowl-deco-black-white

original-fancy-photo gifts manchettenknoepfe-funny-baby-face

original-fancy-photo gifts glass ball Christmas ornaments photo-baby-mother

original-fancy-photo-engraving gifts-pocket mirror-plated

original-fancy-photo gifts 3d glass-dog-photo-realistic

original-fancy-photo gifts 3D photo-personalized glass

original-fancy-photo gifts wall clock-pesonalisiert-few-cartoon

original-fancy-photo gifts wandihr-familienporatrait-black-white

original-fancy-photo gifts watch-family photo desk clock

original-fancy-photo gifts gifts ideas Photos of mugs-deco

Original fancy photo gifts – ideas and tips in a video tutorial

Make Polaroid necklace yourself – instructions

101 ideas for exterior and interior lighting – fancy designer lamps

lighting-designer-lamps-extravagant-perforated plate-el-masterpiece-daniel-love child

Wohnideen Designer Lighting Hanging Lamp Ceiling Modern

Designer lamp “El masterpiece” by Daniel Liebeskind. If you agree that the right lighting is responsible for the pleasant atmosphere in the room and the lighting effects should characterize your personality, then you are in the right place! We offer a large amount of inspiration for individual creative design with light. We have compiled a selection of highlights for you – 101 pictures of designer lamps that have something for every taste!

Extravagant designer lamps for every taste

Lighting designer Lamp geometric forms rectangles-white-marc-Trotereau-wire lamp shade

Living ideas indirect-light cubic-design lamp

Indirect Lighting – “Wireshade” project by Marc Trotereau. The spectrum of possibilities to set specific accents with light is manifold. Would you like something more than an ordinary lamp? Extravagant lighting systems and designer lamps create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere and are suitable for your living and office space, as well as for Outdoor facilities.

Sustainable designer lamps – creative ideas with light


Led light lighting ideas modern design

XIX lamps Design by Formfjord

With a little creativity, living spaces can be fascinatingly staged. A color change lighting achieves exciting lighting effects. This revolutionary Designer lamps are the result of detailed planning and development and embody the interaction of art and new technologies.

Indirect lighting for living spaces

lighting-designer lamps and blue-light-concentric-cylinder-Lightscape Livia Rossi

Home Decor Room Lighting-Indirect Color Lighting Ideas “Lightscape” by Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo

Indirect light is becoming increasingly important in our apartments. For example, with indirect ceiling lighting, you can create a unique one Spa Oasis create. Indirect lighting can also be used for the optical enlargement of a room.

Designer lamps “Comete” from Bipede

Designer lamp-light room design ideas

Indirect lighting – “Static plastic l” lamp by Han Koning

Lamps design plastic ideas room design modern

Basic lighting for living rooms with Led lights “Hadron” by Joe Doucet

Creative Led Lighting Ideas with Light Design

Designer lamps with zipper – “Resilles” by Coralie Beauchamp

Hanging lamp with zipper design ideas innovation

Wall Production with Light – “Wall shadows” by Charles Kalpakian

Wall decor wall sconce design creative solution light

“Lightbracket shelving lighting” – designer lamps by Alex Allen

Light bar wall sconce ideas living room design

Indirect Light – Roumelight Artistic Lighting

Home Decor Lighting Interior Ceiling Lamp Floor Lamp Idea

Wall lights “Pop-up” by Well Well designers

Living ideas lighting design indirect wall sconce creative

Glowing Elipses – “Orbital mirrors” by Marcus Tremonto

Deco light accent lighting mirror ideas

Designer lamps “Courtoise night light” by Audrey Belin

Designer bulb-green color-lighting

Backlight – “Cmyk corner lamp” by Dennis Parrens

Ideas with light-creative lighting effects design design

Trends in outdoor lighting – floor lamp “Warm” by Enrico Franzolini

Home Decor Furniture Lighting Outdoor Lamp Design modern

Outdoor floor lamps “Penelope” by Myyour

Living ideas Outdoor lighting-Led light modern design

Exterior wall in the light – “Diva” – mirror with integrated lighting by Glas Italia

Home Decor Outdoor Wall Lighting Original

Lighting ideas for garden and terrace – “LUA -LU01” by Martín Azua

Indirect Led outdoor lighting designer lamps garden lamps

Garden table lamp “Roaming” by Alberto Brogliato

Garden Lighting-Living Ideas Led Lamp

Indirect outdoor lighting “Roaming” by Alberto Brogliato

Outdoor lamp Led floor lamp-Modern design solution ideas

Stand presents “Snake” – designer lights made of metal for the garden

Floor lamp outdoor lighting-modern snake

Outdoor floor lamp “Cardboard lamps” by Pamio Design

Outdoor lamp floor lamp ideas lighting

Pool lighting – floor lamps “Cardboard lamps” by Pamio Design

Floor lamp pool light design ideas lighting trend

Set accents with lighting – “Luna” garden lights by Iris Kadouri

Direct outdoor lighting furnishing ideas design light lamps

Ideas for pendant lights – original design “Wine bottle” by Arik Levy

Hanging lamp bottle glass color light design

Pendant lights “RGB” by Fabian Nehne and Martin Mei

Designer hanging lamp-RGB palette

Kitchen pendant light – “Babylon plantable light” by Ryan Taylor

Extravagant ideas lighting pendant kitchen

“Dodeck lights” – designer lamps by Markus Dilger and Thomas Hiemann

Hanging lamp Design Modern Idea Lighting

Lighting for living room – “Plastic glass” by Luca Nichetto

Ideas Indirect lighting designer pendant light

Interior lighting with LED “Black Light” by Markus Schwarz

Led Lighting Ideas Light Staging Design Modern

An idea more light in the room – designer lamps ” Pallucco- Buckybucky “by Lagranja Studio

Interior lighting pendant light-modern cross

Elegant kitchen light “Azhar Suspension Lamp” by Sandro Santantonio Design

Interior lighting dining room pendant light design ideas

Led lighting design – I-Tre-Icon pendant light

Hallway lighting Interior pendant light-modern space

Interior lighting creates nice effects – “Patella” suspension lamp by Shade cut paste

Indirect lighting-tip lamp design

Suspension lamp “Loop lamp” by Quentin de Coster

Ideas light source-interior lighting

Indirect light in the living room – “Torus folded lamp” by Jiangmei Wu

Room Design Ideas Suspension Lamp Design Origami-Inspired white

Origami-inspired hanging lamp “Folded light art” by Jiangmei Wu

Interior lighting design origami paper folding ideas

Designer lamp “Spiro lamp” by Remedios Simon

Living Ideas Dining Room Lighting Hanging Lamp Design

Stylish lamp “Pink Time” by Malgorzata Ratajczak and Sebastian Szlabs

Living Ideas Dining Room Planning Light Source-Led Hanging Lamp

Pslab lighting – lighting design of a Lebanese restaurant – Al dente restaurant

Living ideas hanging lamp design living room lighting means

Led light in the room – “Neoline lamp” by Boa design

Living Ideas Living Room Lighting Indirect Led Light Lamp

Extravagant Gudpaka designer lamps by Great things to people

Living ideas room design-with light hanging lamp

Shine Design – “Daydream lights” by Tomomi Sayuda

Illumination colored light creative designer hanging lamp

Creating space with light – floor lamp Design Birdie by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

Idea Indirect Light led Indoor Lighting Red Floor Lamp

Floor lamp “Good King Henry” by Dorota Kulawik and Kan Modzelewski

Designer floor lamp Living ideas Living room office

Seductive floor lamp Micol by Cristiano Mino

Design with light floor lamp Design Trends 2013

Contemporary floor lamp made of acrylic TUB0 by Ben Wirth

Living room lighting-light floor design-Led lamp

minimalist wood designer floor lamp “New approach” by Jorge Penades

Flat designer lamps indirect-light floor lamp

Led floor lamps “Cloud softlight” – Stephanie Forsythe and Todd Macallen Design

Interior lighting lamps Design floor lamp

Floor lamp in an unusual shape – Salvador Dali Lighting

Light design ideas lighting interior floor lamp

Designer lamps by Floris Wubben – “Stripped lamp” made of wood

Ideas lighting bulbs floor lamp trend decor

Designer floor lamp “Hyperion” – designed by Paul Heijnen

Living Ideas Designer Solution Lighting Fiction Mucke

Wooden floor lamp “Stick” by Matali Crasset for Fabbian

Floor lamp modern design lighting Ideas Fabbian

Floor lamp “Rong portable light” – Seung Yong Song Design

Floor lamps design interior Staging with light

Bizarre Chandelier – “Lightweight” by Tom Dixon

Hanging lamp chandelier metal frame design

Aluminum chandelier “Double Octopus” by S.Özdemir & S.Çaglar

Wonideen interior lighting-octopus chandelier design

minimalist chandelier “Peacock” by Noe Duchaufour Lawrance

Ideas with light design designer lamps chandelier white

“Aria” – designer chandelier by Zaha Hadid

Ceiling light chandelier design ideas trends

Lighting ideas for kitchen and dining room – LQ chandelier by Hani Rashid

Home Decor Light Design Hanging Lights Ceiling Light Design Chandelier Glass

Extravagant chandelier JEI JEI by Nicola Gallizia

Ideas living room lighting-indirect chandelier design

Designer chandelier Egg Collective by Margot George

Chandelier lighting direct light design

Extraordinary pendant lamps – Floral lamps by Laszlo Tompa

Designer lamp Modern living-room decorate ideas

Pendant lights in wood “Three Wise Men” by Samuel Chan

Hanging hanging design ideas fancy-modern

Colorful pendant lights “Spin light” by Lucie Koldova

Light Design Living Ideas Trends Pendel Leuchten modern

“Meltdown” lamps design by Johan Lindsten

Pendant light ideas design colors light ideas

Ideas for Lampshade – “Stick” Lamps by Matali Crasset

Interior Design Ceiling Lamp Pendant Lampshade

Antiprism and Astrahedra lights by Andreas Hopf and Axel Nordin

Hanging lamp design ideas living room light staging

“Flask” Pendant Lights – Design Trends by Tom Dixon

Room with light design lighting pendant light

Interior lighting – “Ruskii Twist” by Enrico Zanolla

Wohnideen Deko Ceiling design light Hanging

Designer lamps “Stealth” by Aarevalo

Lighting ideas design pendant light

Hand-blown glass lampshades by Rothschild and Bickers

Designer lamps Pendant lights living room with light frame

“Black Gold” – elegant pendant lamp by Ingo Schuppler

Living ideas design with light pendant lights design

Living room lighting with Led lights Emandes

Living ideas indirect-light Led lamp design

Lamp from the Guillaume Delvignes “Hal” series

Hanging light design modern light-in-scene ideas

“Hal” pendant light design by Guillaume Delvigne

Dining room lighting ideas designer pendant lights

Accent lighting with floor lights – Nymphea by Vaulot Dyevre

Living ideas hanging lamp floor lamp design innovation

Stage lighting – “Nest lamp” by Joa Herrenknecht

Indirect lighting floor lamp shapes with light

Shell-like floor lamp “Folded light art” by Jiangmei Wu

Indirect light interior lighting-living ideas floor light

Metal floor lamp by Bysteel

Ideas Indirect lighting floor lamp lantern

Ground lanterns “Pliee” by Chiara Andreatti

Light staging light design floor lamps

Glass floor lamp – Ideasettecento by Vesoi

Living ideas Decoration Accessories Lighting Floor lamp-modern

Ground Hightlight – “Skog” Lamp by Caroline Olsson

Living ideas floor lights design glass modern ideas

Exceptional Table Lamps – “360” degree by Magdalena Chojnacka

Lighting work lamp desk-modern ideas apartment

“Tegola” lamp by Marco Maturo and Alessio Roscini

Ideas Lighting Led Lamp Light Table modern

“You’ve got light” desk lamp by Jeremy Couture and Claudia Despres

Living ideas modern lighting table lamp design innovation

Work lamp “Bite me” by Victor Vetterlein

Living ideas Led work lamp-red plastic

Bedside lamp “Sunrising” by Satoshi Itasaka

Living ideas Interior lighting Table lamp Mountains-inspired

Reading lamp “Rim” by Jun Yasumoto

Home decor indirect lighting table lamp modern bedroom

Height-adjustable table lamps “Ascent” by Daniel Rybakken

Home Decor Lighting Interior Lamp Design Table Luminaire

“Origami Fold” work light by Belt Sund

Table Lamp Origami-Inspired Design Living Ideas Office

“Pencil light” – table lamp by Caroline Olsson

Modern TIschleuchte with movable-Korfteil design

“Interioricity” table lamp by Jasmin Kastner and Marc Joschko

Ideas Designer Office Lamp Table Lamp Trends

“Peg lamp” table lamp design by William Mcdonald

Nursery Lighting Ideas Desk Light Modern

Balloon bedside lamp – “Dog balloon lamp” by Target

Ideas Light Bedside Lamp Hündi

Mini table lamp “Baby barrel” by Nieuwe Heren

Ideas interior lighting-modern table lamp Led light

“Relight cool” lamp by Enough studio

Ideas indirect lighting work lamp design modern

Mobile crane inspired table lamp by studio job

Design modern mobile crane light-interior lighting

Led lights “Lobot” by Jinseok Hwang

Ideas lighting study lamp with swivel joint modern

“Kaji” designer lamp by Peter Yong

Ideas workplace lighting table lamp design

“Nature Light” TIgood design by Andre Machado Silva

Designer lamp living ideas modern bedside lamp

“Guarda luz” lamp by Carolina Armellini and Paulo Biacchi

Designer Light Bulb Led Light Indoor Lighting Ideas

100 interior design ideas for baby rooms represent the best interior design

Pool in the garden or building in the house – 105 pictures of swimming pools

100 living ideas for dining room – design, table decoration and dining in the garden

100 living ideas for living rooms – furnishing styles, colors and trends

Garden Design – 100 pictures, beautiful garden ideas and styles

100 living ideas for children’s rooms with colorful colors for girls and boys

100 living ideas for bathrooms – furnishing styles, colors and deco

100 ideas for Home Office – promote creativity through the ambience

Fancy furniture – the plexiglas cactus chair by Deger Cengiz

Fancy furniture designer glass chair modern plates

Do you feel like fancy furniture ? These give our apartments exactly the necessary Pepp, quickly turn into an eye-catcher and are in addition to your seat function also an interesting decoration.

We present you a particularly interesting design. It is a cactus chair – it is a really effective chair design by Deger Cengiz and the perfect choice for lovers of cacti and exceptional pieces of furniture. Its transparency makes the piece of furniture almost disappear when viewed from the side. The sleek, straightforward contours blend perfectly with a minimalist-looking piece of furniture that enhances your home decor in an original way.

Fancy furniture Idea chair integrated flower tub

Cactus glass chair modern Deger Cengiz flowerpot

This interesting cactus chair can quickly become an eye-catcher in a modern interior. It is a real challenge for those who sit down. Although it is clear that the cactus is under glass and does not pose any danger, most will initially hesitate a bit. The cactus chair is made of green-colored, high-quality Plexiglas and includes a flower tub. The cactus bordered by boulders is a unique home decoration that is anything but traditional.

The cactus chair of Deger Cengiz – detail

Chair cactus flower tub integrated from glass detail

In our gallery you can look at the furniture in detail. The green color of the glass is particularly good at the edges. With its help, you can also set a color accent in the decor or complement existing green decorations.

A highlight of the interior – the cactus chair

fancy cactus chair made of glass modern design

Also, the irrigation of the cactus is of course possible, thanks to the open design of the chair. And there are openings on the sides through which plants can be poured. However, as it generally does not need much water, it is the perfect choice for those who do not have much time to care. Create a minimalist and natural flair in the living area at the same time!

More ideas for extravagant furniture – 10 sideboard designs

Table lamp design innovation-fancy “Lamp L” by Anna Leymergie

Table lamp design Japanese paper folding ideas

Interior lights are no longer just useful home accessories, but also very practical and elegant elements of the device, each of which provides a relaxed or atmospheric atmosphere. “Lampe L” was designed by the young French designer Anna Leymergie with great attention to detail. The failed one Table lamp design creates subtle lighting effects and adapts perfectly to any kind of furnishing style.

Table lamp design gives a “flowing” impression

Bookshelf table lamp design lamp l-Anna Leymergie

The exclusive Table lamp design Fits any surface in a 90 ° angle – whether table, bookshelf, cabinet u.a. Thus, the design of Leymergie recalls Salvador Dali’s 1954 painting “Les Montres Molles – The Soft Watches”. “Lampe L” also brings a surrealistic note with it and impresses with the round and soft forms that represent a balance. As colors, the designer has used dark shades of brown and creamy white.

Extraordinary table lamp design of rattan and paper

Designer lamp table lamp paper Japanese rattan oak

It harmonize the Colors and shapes together. A movement is on Table lamp design to recognize. The lamp was handmade from rattan, Japanese paper, linen yarn and white oak on an angular L-shaped base. “Lampe L” combines craftsmanship with exclusive form that gives an impression of flow.

Ideas for indirect lighting

Modern table lamp design innovation rattan oak paper combination

The talented designer Anna Leymergie was born in 1987 in Paris. In 2010, she completed interior design at ESAG Penninghen, having recently trained at the Politecnico di Milano. Already during her studies, Anna gained professional experience with Hilton McConnico and Christophe Pillet. After graduation, she became a member of the team of Patrick Jouin & Sanjit Manku. Each of their projects stimulates creativity and lets in more light in our lives.

Paper lamp in unconventional design

Anna Leymergie lamp paper modern lighting

Modern Flowing Paper Light

Interior lighting Indirect table lamp-right angle surface

Designer table lamp in linen yarn and white oak

Lamp design rattan paper ideas deco

Table lamp impressed by simplicity and elegance

Indirect interior lighting design Modern ideas

Lamp L by Anna Leymergie

Japan paper lamp lamp-l-anna leymergie france

Fancy and modern penthouse in New York

modern-living-beige color penthouse

Unusual and modern decor goes perfectly with this penthouse in New York. No matter which interior design style you like, this unique design will fascinate everyone. The apartment is located in the noble district of New York – Manhattan. A luxury penthouse that extends over two floors and offers beautiful views of the city.

Modern penthouse in New York with eclectic interior

Luxury kitchen interior penthouse

Life in New York is hectic, and offers many different possibilities. You can learn or experience something new every day and get into a new situation. It is precisely this diversity that has inspired the designers to their project. They have created an eclectic space that reflects life in the big city. The classic penthouse has been redesigned – where antique and baroque meets, vintage furniture creates a cozy atmosphere. Bright flooring, stone walls and lots of wood define the design of the Penthouse in New York , Vintage dark green chairs in the bedroom attract everyone’s attention, while the bathroom delights with exquisite mosaics.

Penthouse in New York – creative and modern design

Luxury bedroom fireplace wood wall

You can always find new pieces of decoration – pictures, mirrors on the walls, colored carpets or elegant pendant lamp. Even the roof terrace is thoughtfully furnished. Wood lounge furniture and an outdoor kitchen with grill and accessories provide everything you could ask for. The unforgettable city panorama is the most beautiful addition to the decor of modern day Penthouse in New York ,

From Abigail

Luxury loft-New-York Library

Luxury bathroom with freestanding bath

Luxury Bathroom Mosaic large sink

Penthouse with elegant interior

modern-interior-two-story penthouse

Modern dining room with glass table

Glassstisch-Wooden chairs stone wall penthouse Green vintage chairs in the bedroom

Luxury bedroom nightstand Mirror

Comfortable lounge furniture

Outdoor furniture Grill rooftop

Penthouse in New York construction plan

Loft-New-York-building plan

Fancy wall design in pixel-style – living trends and ideas for imitation

Unusual wall decoration -pixel-art-modern-disney-schneewittchen

Wall design is an important issue when setting up and largely influences the room atmosphere. Plaster, paint the wall painting, wallpaper and decoration are involved. These should be combined tastefully and harmoniously. On the wall a picture or poster hanging up, while contributing to the variety of living ambience, but it may seem abated. Unusual wall design With individually selected patterns and colors, each room has a very personal character. This is easy to achieve with our design tips and ideas.

Fancy wall design in pixel style

Fancy wall decoration -pixel-art-color-modern-deer

In addition to large-scale painting in selected color or wallpaper, there are many other ways to make a wall. Especially when it comes to a rental apartment, it is better to use needles and heavy tools to incorporate wall decoration. Each nail leaves traces in the drywall walls that are common everywhere today, which only disappear after filling the affected wall. Therefore, spontaneous changes of a wall design in the style of picture gallery are excluded.

Photo-realistic, unusual wall design

Fancy wall decoration -pixel-art-modern-photography-pastel-colors

With simple steps, you can attach a personal pattern to the wall or design a motif yourself. Following the modular system principle, geometric large-format images are created from geometric shapes that can cover an area to individual liking. These are still referred to as ‘pixel art’. A beautiful and simple decoration idea presents itself as a great wall decoration with an infinite Motivvielfat.

Living trend ‘Pixel Art’ by IXXI – A stylish yet unusual wall design

Fancy wall design -pixel-art-floral-mural-reading-corner

IXXI offers pixel-style photo and image collages that consist of several square maps that can vary in size. The picture freely selectable. A huge database and special collections are available, but you can even upload and use one or more photos.

Fancy wall design, Pixel Art ‘- linking elements

Fancy wall design -pixel-art-modern-elements-link

The assembly works fast and without having to make any holes or holes. The individual cards must first be spread out according to instructions, then fixed with connecting crosses specially developed for the purpose and connected together in a whole. The result is a large-format image that can be easily attached to the wall using high-quality poster strips.

Exceptional wall design, Pixel Art ‘preserves the beautiful memories

Fancy wall decoration pixel art photos wedding memorial

There are two variants of the illustration for the unusual wall design in pixel style. Several individual pictures can be put together as a collage. This can be personal shots from travel, family or wedding photos, the beautiful memories.

Fancy wall design, Pixel art ‘with personal photos

fancy-wall design-pixel-art-photos-bedroom wallpaper

In the style of a photo collage of Polaroid photos whose white frame is missing, something very special is created. The effect of polaroid collage is achieved here without the chaotic effect and the result can be very aesthetically incorporated in the interior. It is the ideal solution to customize a large empty area without having to drill holes in the wall.

Fancy wall design, pixel art ‘for the kitchen

fancy-wall design-pixel-art-kitchen-modern Scandinavian schwrazweiss

In addition to creating a Puxel Art photo collage yourself, there is the option to attach a pixel image in size of your choice as a great wall decoration on the wall. The image is rendered blurred and blurry, as if looking at the object from a very, very small distance. Thus, a depth effect is achieved.

Fancy wall design – ‘Pixel Art’ with illustrations of your choice

fancy-wall design-pixel-art-modern-living trends

Alternatively, cards with different illustrations can be arranged like a mosaic. In order for the unusual wall design to look stylish, experts advise choosing the motif or illustrations in the thematic context of the room function and lifestyle. With the flexible and customizable wall decoration by IXXI you can here inform.

Make a fancy wall design ‘Pixel art’ yourself – use craft or wrapping paper

-Downed-wall design-pixel-art pastel-card itself

You can also create unusual wall designs in pixel style. Instead of special purpose-made square elements, glass coasters made of paper or cork can be used. These can be perfectly disguised with motif or packaging paper and mounted on a large board. It is important to coordinate the different motives in color and style.

Outstanding Wall Design – Make a ‘Pixel Art’ picture yourself

-Pixel-art image-pastel-yourself-downed-wall design

Pixel art not only creates artists, but also passionate ones, who like to experiment. We give the drive and in order to realize the idea you really do not need much, except perhaps a few hours of free time, then a canvas of any size, colors, brush, ruler and pencil. Here is the simple guide.

, Pixel Art ‘image – divide the canvas into pixels

fancy-wall design-pixel-art image-yourself-make

The canvas must first be divided into pixels. These can be rectangular or square, like a different shape, but then it gets a lot more complicated. The individual pixels are marked with the pencil and ruler, but the pencil traces should be as invisible as possible so that the desired effect is finally created.

Fancy wall design ‘Pixel Art’ in soft pastel colors

fancy-wall design-pixel-art image-guidance-color

The color aspect of the DIY wall design should be very well considered. We recommend basically choosing pastel colors. Gladly you can take a picture and filter on the computer so that it loses its contours, is totally blurred and results in a pixel image.

Fancy wall design – make ‘Pixel Art’ murals on your own – Instructions

88rfel-yourself-downed-wall design-pixel-art mural-holzwu% cc%

On a larger scale can be designed in this way a whole wall. The area is divided into pixels, resulting in a network. To scale the image to the desired size, a projector is well used. If none is available, the photo can be traced by hand. It makes sense to make a plan of the project to follow the process.

Create unusual wall design yourself – choose picture, divide wall in pixels

fancy-wall design-pixel-art mural-yourself-make

The colors that characterize the image are essential in Pixel Art, as the imaged objects themselves are blurring and almost disappearing. For this reason, a color palette is created. The individual colors can be numbered to simplify his work. On the plan, the different nuances are applied by their number and thus later attached to the wall.

Unusual wall design in pixel style with integrated wood cubes

Fancy wall decoration -pixel-art-mural-wood-cube

On request, you can also incorporate plastic elements in the unusual wall design. Thus, a three-dimensional effect is achieved and the pixel effect underlined. Wood cubes are in the case a very good idea to include the interior by this often used for furniture construction and flooring material in the wall design.

Fasching »Make animal masks – making fancy dress masks from paper and felt yourself

Animal masks make felt-paper-plates-fasching-masks-fox-baer-owl-wolf-wash-pig-loewe

Carnival masks doing it yourself is definitely more fun than shopping. You can make a little bit of paper or felt easily and quickly Make animal masks , Choose one or more mask models or let yourself be inspired by the ideas we have come up with to create your unique animal mask.

Tinker colorful funny animal masks

Animal masks make felt-masks-brown-fox-pink-yellow-blue-owl

From felt you can make great animal masks. All you need is felt in the colors you want, carton , Scissors, glue, threads for sewing and ribbons. First, draw the shape of the mask on a cardboard box and cut it out. Use the paper cut out to make it easier to cut the same out of the felt this time. Use colorful felt pieces for the little things to make the appearance of the animal better and more realistic.

Making animal masks – interesting ideas made of felt and paper

Animal masks make felt-masks-forest-animals-wolf-owl-fox-baer-skunk-fox

To assemble the mask, you can sew the parts together as well as use adhesive to attach. Also glue or sew a ribbon so that the mask can stand on the head and you’re done, it’s that light.

Put together forest animal masks made of felt

Animal masks make wood-animals-felt-masks-noses-beaver-elk-owl-fox-wolf-hase-skunk

Sweet rabbits, owls, raccoons, deer and all forest animals can be tinkered quickly from the soft felt.

Insects and fish can also be made from felt

Animal masks make felt-faschingsmasken-naehen-yellow-fish-bee-red-ladybug

You can also craft animals that are out of the ordinary, such as these ladybug, bee and fish masks.

Different variants of fox masks

animal masks-tinker-felt-carnival masks-sewing-fox-brown-beige-black-cock-gray-crown

An animal can be represented in many ways as an animal mask. You decide how much detail the mask will look like. Make a tail out of felt and you have a whole carnival costume.

Make animal masks from paper itself

animal masks-tinker-carnival masks-paper plate-pink-bunny-purple-whiskers-child masks

Paper is also a material from which you can make beautiful, colorful animal masks. You can use construction paper, cardboard pieces, old magazines and even paper plates. The more colorful the better.

Owl with real feathers and raccoon animal masks-craft-paper-carnival masks-waschbaer-owl-feather-branch

You can paint and cut these beautiful owl and raccoon animal masks by yourself. For the owl, they can also glue real feathers. Tape a branch in the corner of the mask.

Animal masks from old magazines

animal masks-craft-paper-cardboard-carnival masks-fox-baer-owl-wolf-landkarte

Reuse your old magazines, newspapers and posters with these animal masks. They look very attractive and are also suitable for adults.

Fox and rabbit from cardboard

animal masks-craft-paper-cardboard-carnival masks-hare-fox-reh-children

These rabbits and fox masks are easy to tinker. Cut a piece out of the box, fold and fasten with tape or stapler so that you get the shapes as in the picture. Let your kids paint the mask.

Rabbit and pig eye mask made of paper

animal masks-craft-paper-cardboard-carnival masks and white-bunny-pink-pig-masks children

Cut the hare and pig ears and eyes out of construction paper. Make the muzzle out of cardboard in pink and fix it on the mask with glue.

Panda animal mask made of paper plate

animal masks-craft-paper plate-carnival masks-panda-baer-black-ears-stock-child mask

This carnival mask can be easily made from paper plates. Cut out holes for the eyes, stick black ears and a stick so that you can hold the mask in front of your face. Paint a nose with black and around the eye holes.

Hasenmaske make it easy

animal masks-tinker-carnival masks-and-white paper plate-tinker-bunny-ears-black whiskers

For this animal mask you need a white paper plate, white paper, black construction paper, wooden stick and glue. Cut out the center of the plate. Paint your ears on the paper, cut them out and glue them on the paper plate. Cut narrow strips from the black construction paper – these are the whiskers. Attach the whiskers and the wooden stick with glue as shown in the picture.

Striking 3D animal masks

animal masks-craft-paper-carnival mask-3d-elephant-reh-adhesive-scissors

If you are experienced with the pair of scissors, then you can be inspired by these extraordinary models.

Considerable 3-D lion mask

animal masks-craft-paper-carnival mask-3d-red-yellow-green-brown-red-loewe

This mask is not that easy to make, but it’s worth spending more time and paper on it. This mask definitely attracts attention.

See also our gallery below for several interesting and colorful craft ideas made of felt, paper, cardboard and paper plates and tinker together with your child beautiful animal masks for the carnival.

Paper plate bunny with pom pom nose and soft whiskers

animal masks-craft-paper plate-carnival mask-white-bunny-ears-paper-black whiskers

The paper plate turns into a pig or giraffe mask with a little stain

animal masks-craft-paper plate-carnival masks-pink-pig-yellow giraffe-paper-ears

Felt material can be used to represent different species of birds

animal masks-tinker-felt-carnival masks-sewing-bird-owl-chicken-moewe Sparrow

Black bull mask and cute deer masks

animal masks-tinker-felt-carnival masks-sewing-animals-hoerner-black-white-bull-brown-reh

Paper mask wolves, goats, owls and deer

animal masks-craft-paper-carnival masks-wolf-goat-baer-reh-owl-bird

Bunny, owl and cat masks made of soft felt

animal masks-tinker-felt-carnival masks-forest animals-sewing-beige-brown hare-Owl-dukelbraun-cat

Detailed animal masks can be made of felt in different colors

animal masks-tinker-felt-carnival masks-sewing-penguins-owl-baer-beaver

Lion, elephant, monkey, bamboo bear and felt mascara beaver masks

animal masks-tinker-felt-carnival masks-jungel-animals-sewing-loewe-elephant-monkey-panda-baer-beaver

Make animal masks without sewing

animal masks-tinker-no-sew-fox-felt-stick-brown-red

Owl as animal mask

animal masks-craft-paper-owl-cut-costume-accessory

3D animal mask

animal masks-tinker 3d idea wrinkle hare-hare ears

Making Animal Masks – Cute Forest Animals

animal masks tinker felt-fox-owl-stimulation-easy

Oversized animal mask

animal masks tinker cat-mask-oversized-yarn-whiskers

Love & Family »Fancy children’s names – ideas for an extraordinary naming

Fancy children's names idea-rare-first-name-baby-names

The decision for the child name is usually before the birth and pose a challenge for many parents. Sophie, Anna, Maximilian or Paul are a small part of the most popular first names in Germany, which everyone has already heard and maybe even knows some people with these names. However, if you have a penchant for exotic first names, then you can look at our article. We have fancy children’s names put together, which are rare, but sound beautiful. Some of them are inspired by celebrities, others are from international cultures.

Unusual children’s names – what should be considered when naming

Fancy children's names important-decision-pregnancy

Whether you choose a popular or unusual baby name, there are a few things to consider when choosing. First, you should pay attention to a simple spelling, so that later in the life of the child does not come to misunderstandings. Further, the first name should sound well in connection with the last name and not be too long. In general, it would be good to spend some time with the name search, so as not to regret the decision later. Choosing a child’s name is a big responsibility and you should not be careless about it. After all, the child carries that name his entire life and should be happy with it.

Fancy children’s names among the top girls and boys names

Fancy children's names list-make-popular-baby-names

Also among the most popular German children’s names are some newcomers to find. The most common are first names from the USA or another country, but have become international over time. The boy names include Liam, Levi, Elias and Luca. Among the girls are names like Lina, Amy, Lea and Mia.

For the extravagant parent type unusual baby names fit best

Fancy children's names-tips-baby-name-search

Parents who follow the latest trends in life and describe themselves as modern or even extravagant often select fancy first names for their children. These include above all young parents from the work class, actors, athletes, as well as academics who deal with philosophy or marketing. Such people would like to stand out from the crowd and therefore set on untypical names.

Exceptional children’s names in Germany

Fancy children's names children's name pick ideas

Unusual baby names are not only popular among celebrities and celebrities. According to a study by the University of Leipzig, the extraordinary children’s names in Germany are very much in vogue. Footballers are inspiring more and more young parents to choose names for boys, and girls are increasingly using the names of goddesses. Despite the greater diversity among children’s names, the majority of parents stay with the classic names, or deviate only slightly, for example, with different versions of the same name.

Fancy children’s names for girls – ideas

fancy-kids name-baby-names-girls-ideas

The fancy names should not necessarily be long and sound funny in any case. Rather, they are names that are very rare and underline the uniqueness of the child. Nice ideas for fancy children’s names for girls are:


Great ideas for rare boy names

fancy-kids name-young-boy names-ideas

Even with the children’s names for a boy are some unusual ideas to find. However, parents need a bit of courage to give the little boy an exotic or untypical name. Here are some suggestions that do not sound too weird, but are fancy:


Find matching children’s names for siblings

fancy-kids name-sibling child-appropriate-first name

If you already have children, ideally you should choose a suitable first name for the sibling. Of course, both names are often pronounced together and it will be much nicer if they sound good together. Beautiful ideas present fancy child names with a similar syllable length, the same initial letter, or the same meaning. Examples are Eva and Zoe, Leon and Luca and others.

Unusual children’s names inspired by the offspring of celebrities

fancy-kids name-baby-names-name tag

Many stars from Hollywood and around the world have used fancy children names when naming their offspring, but they have succeeded quite well. The daughter of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe bears the beautiful name Ava – at the same time short, beautiful and elegant. Matthew McConaughey and his wife have also chosen short names for their children. The girl called her Vida and the boy – Levi. Other fancy children’s names of celebrity kids that sound great are Eve Augusta, Ella Rae, Leni and Stella Luna.

Unusual but cute children’s names

fancy-kids name-sibling child-name ideas

The famous cook Jamie Oliver and his wife have chosen extraordinary names for their three daughters. Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela and Petal Blossom Rainbow are far from traditional, but have a sweet sound. The daughter of “Friends” star Courteney Cox also has a great name – Coco is simple, short and very cute.

Funny kids names of celebrity kids

fancy-kids name-funny-baby-names-promis

For famous actresses and singers it sounds kind of weird to give their kids classic names like Tom or Susan. Rather, they rely on long-lost children’s names, sometimes even more than three, which is more unusual than any of the others. Some even sound a bit funny and curious and often do not meet the taste of the general public. Examples follow.

What do famous parents call their children?

fancy-kids name-celebrity children-baby-names

Even as a baby, the celebrity kids are famous, especially for their names. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have given their first daughter the name North West, ie “Northwest,” and his brother Saint – “the saint.” The sons of German swimmer Franziska van Almsick carry the unusual names Don Hugo and Mo Vito. Even more strange is the name of Uma Thurman’s daughter – Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Atalune Florence. Such a name is certainly hard to remember. By and large, two identical children’s names are very rare in the celebrity worlds, as each star selects a unique first name for their child.

Fancy children’s names with special meaning – Chayenne as maiden name

fancy-kids name-celebrity baby names-inspiration

It’s always great when the name of the child has a beautiful meaning that has inspired the parents. As a rule, most first names have meaning and origin. Fancy children’s names often come from different cultures and therefore sound a bit more exotic, yet beautiful. The daughter of the German playwright Uwe Ochsenknecht, for example, has the beautiful name Chayenne, which comes from Indian and means “bright sun”.

Meaning of popular and fancy names for girls

fancy-kids name-girl-significant-baby-names

The maiden name Amelie is very popular in Germany and also has a great meaning – “efficient” and “brave”. For those who prefer fancy children’s names, the minor forms Amalia and Amalie are a good decision. Anna has also become a very popular name in Germany. The first name comes from Hebrew and means “grace” and “grace”. The English first name Amy and its subsidiary form Aime means “the beloved woman” and is therefore considered a nice idea for maiden name. Anabella and or Annabell as a first name for a girl has a Latin origin and means “adorable”. So it fits perfectly for a little princess.

Popular and fancy children’s names for boys with great meaning

fancy-kids name-young-inspiration-celebrity children

Even boy names often have special meanings that are crucial in naming. Of the popular first names Felix has a great meaning – “the happy” and Emil – “the zealous”. Matteo comes from the Hebrew and introduces a great idea for a fancy boy’s name because it means “gift of the Lord”. A great alternative with similar meaning is the name Mats – a “gift of God”. If you’re looking for fancy child names for a boy, Kevin also introduces a good idea. This is an English name that comes from the Irish and has a great meaning – “the beautiful” and “the pleasant”.