Fashion »20 elegant and chic outfit inspirations for fall

Outfit inspirations for the fall checkered blazer knee high boots fuchsia bag

Of the autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons. Now we will play with darker shades and warm fabrics. Even the simplest garments can look elegant and chic when combined. We have some of the most beautiful for you Outfit inspirations for fall created by fashion designers and bloggers from all over the world. They deal with the latest To dye and trends and the results are quite outstanding and inspiring. Check out these elegant and stylish outfit ideas and inspirations and go shopping!

Trendy outfit inspirations for fall

Outfit inspirations for fall black leather pants clutch brick red blazer


Fall outfit inspirations for club and office

outfit-inspirations-autumn-black-leather pants jacket-metal gloss


Beige and cream tones for autumn

outfit-inspirations-autumn-cream-hose-eyed-shirt-beige pullover-lace shoes


Mustard yellow cardigan

outfit-inspirations-autumn mustard yellow-cardigan-pearl necklaces


simple but elegant autumn outfit

outfit-inspirations-autumn-black-cardigan-rolled up-jans-boots


yellow accessories



Autumn outfit with retro flair



dark turquoise fit N flair dress



Light gray and Cognac combine



autumn outfit-emerald green-shell-peplum-black-leather jacket


autumn outfit-black-white-on-head-to-foot


autumn outfit-black-dress-collar-sleeves-snake skin accents


autumn outfit-sheer-transparent-shirt-black-pants


autumn outfit Plaid-rock-teelange-black-white-red-shoulder bag


autumn outfit checkered jacket-black-white-skinny-jeans


autumn outfit beige-knitted-tunic-pointed edge


autumn outfit-night-black-leather pants-cream blouse-wide-sleeves-pailetten-high-heels


em-ivory-lane autumn outfit-black-gray


Parisian-chic combine-autumn outfit-black-gray-


Urban Style – Living and fashion influenced by life in the big city

Urban style -Home trends-fashion-urban-style-new-york

Nothing is missed in the city. A mixture of cultures that add a new value to the individual style of clothing. Coolness, laxity and fashion awareness exude the urban style of today and are not indifferent to the comfort. Unusual accents and distinctive combinations give the big-city style its typical face. This can be both monochrome and in colorful, creative designs be held. The symbol of the idiosyncratic spirit of the inhabitants of the metropolis is reflected not only in their clothing, but also in their style of living.

Urban Style – trends from fashion and interior influence each other

Urban style -Home trends-monochrome-white-gray-fashion

In the big cities, fashion is taken for granted as part of the culture. As an expression of individual freedom of thought, but also the freedom of women, fashion is a sensual and rapid reaction to Now. German fashion designer Gabriele Strehle shares in an interview for Süddeutsche Zeitung Having to deal with fashion means to say ‘yes’ to life. As an expert, she means that loving, studying, and cultivating surfaces is a very profound business. In this sense, all arts reflect society. Design, whether product design or fashion design, express even more clearly. The exhibits are not in museums or on shelves, we see them everywhere in everyday life on the street. And like a real art scene, a metropolis like New York or Berlin has a unique power of suggestion. This is where international life and style go hand in hand, resulting in urban style living.

Urban Style Living in the big city – accents for an unforgettable look

Urban style-home trends-color accents-white-Scandinavian-simple

In the German capital, the art scene influences fashion and fashion on the art scene. Many designers live and draw there and they do not remain indifferent to the unmistakable character of the city. For the well-known as fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, who lives there himself, Berlin means desire for a modern, urban, young interior and he calls it the German New York. Fascinated by the urban style mix with influences from all over the world, he adds another facet of his own – ‘the pure desire for living’. GMK reveals its passion for furnishing and lifestyle and trusts its proven tips for a stylish interior. Discover his absolute interior favorites and Guido Maria Kretschmer Trends at OTTO ,

Urban Style Living by the motto: Show me how you live and I’ll tell you who you are

Urban style -Home trends-black and white accentuations

The acknowledged designer informs himself that fashion and living are matters of the heart for him, which are closely related because both express one’s own personality. Then according to the motto: Show me how you live and I tell you who you are, belongs to the urban style the desire for modern, young interior. Bold combinations with structures and accents as well as in the clothing, as well as in the interior design betray the self-confidence and the attention to detail.

Urban Style – The combination of rough industrial charm, inspiring art and a cozy big city flair

Urban style-home trends-brown-leather-loft-clinker

Fashion scene is based on industrial chic and interior design as well. The so-called used design is characterized by extremely robust, high-quality materials and a timeless, simple design. Brown-red materials such as structural steel, clinker and cow leather look superficially porous or used.

Urban style is the sense of time that everyone in the big city can experience

Urban style-home trends-color-loft-style-extravagant

Velvet lends majestic shine and reflects surrounding colors and lights in a striking way. The fabric itself looks very chic and is without assistance to the highlight. If it is contrasted with a rough surface, it is more effective and serves as a balanced centerpiece in the overall picture.

Urban Style – Refined mixture of original things from yesterday and today

urban-style residential trends-neutral-color-pastel-bright

In fashion and in the ambience, it is often a reference to the past. Details of today combine to give a fresh new look and the style stays constant. Contemporary design strives for simplicity for the sake of human beings and gives free space for the important ones. Neutral colors always go, they also look very stylish.

Reduced urban style mix with influences from all over the world

urban-style residential trends trend colors-pink-neutral Scandinavian

A mix of structures – contrarian materials and surfaces, creates tension in the design. Bright pastel shades, which still call themselves sorbet tones in the department, are one of the trendy trends currently. Rough structures, metallic and shimmering surfaces combine to create a cool yet fresh aesthetic. A balanced mix is ​​achieved through stylish accents typical of different styles – Scandic Design, Mid-Century and Modern.

Urban style and classic elegance in old Berlin apartment

urban-style residential trends-mode-black-white-monochrome

Retro is part of the urban style and it fits a sexy structural mix. Remembering the past can be leitmotifs from an epoch, a color or style elements. Optical harmony is created by the skilful use of minimalist pieces of furniture and nostalgic stucco elements loosen up the simple austerity. Just as the two different black and white uneven patterns make the ensemble simple, but not boring at all.

Urban Style meets City Chic – When comfort is paramount

urban-style residential trends-modern-city-chick-and-white elegant

Geometric shapes and filigree straightforward contours seem stable, but graceful. Grid-style textiles are based on geometric honeycombs and the selection of neutral colors underlines the three-dimensional effect. Color accents attract attention and direct the gaze in a certain direction.

Interior design and fashion are very closely linked and shaped above all by the lifestyle of contemporary people. It’s not surprising that designers like Guido Maria Kretschmer are not just fashion.

Fashion »This is how men combine the business casual outfit

business casual mens outfit stripe pullover blazer jeans

In the profession you should be dressed correctly: suit and shirt are a must for men in many industries. In contrast, modern dress codes require a little less formality and are interpreted differently from company to company. As a representative of the company, you should follow these dress codes and externally adapt to the corporate culture. Whether you are invited to a job interview or to an event, you should always inform yourself about the prescribed dress code. Business Casual, for example, is casual office wear that can be worn in everyday business, at informal events and in internal meetings. A certain elegance is still expected. And since this dress code leaves a lot of freedom and room for interpretation, we have put together a few tips for you so that you can make the business casual outfit perfect.

Business Casual Vs. Smart Casual

business casual mens outfit button down shirt chino pants sweater

Business Casual and Smart Casual make a balancing act between sportiness and elegance and are carried in young, dynamic companies. There is little difference between the dress codes “Smart Casual” and “Business Casual”. Both commute between serious and casual and are stricter than casual. Casual in English means something like: “casual”, “comfortable” and “casual”, Smart stands for “elegant” and “chic”. Accordingly, it is for a casual business outfit, but a minimum of quality and chic reflects. If the clothing note is Business, the clothes expected to be worn in the office are expected. Both dress codes are chosen for visits without an official meeting, informal meetings or interview. A clear business relationship should definitely be clear.

Shirt and Blazer at Business Casual

business casual mens outfit shirt blazer-without-tie

“No jeans, no tie” is the motto at Business Casual. Specifically, this means you do not have to appear in washed-out jeans, but you can leave the tie off. The best is loose, elegant clothing. However, some companies allow well-kept office jeans in dark colors. These can be combined well with a smart jacket. The main thing is, the individual parts of the outfit fit together and look tasteful and well-kept.

Today there are various business outfits with which one is well dressed even without a jacket. At Business Casual the outerwear made of shirt and pullover, cardigan or even tank top is a great alternative. A V-neck or O-neck jumper can be paired with a classic, light long-sleeved shirt. If the collar looks out over the pullover, then you too can Tie to it combine. Currently, the narrow variants are again very trendy and go well with the V-neck ,

A light shirt in subtle stripe or check patterns, which set a colorful accent, also goes well with the dark sweater. This combination is particularly harmonious if the shirt has a pattern in a specific color that repeats that of your pullover. It is only important to note that the pants should be plain.

Business Casual Jeans

business casual mens outfit shirt-light blue-chino-pants-beige

Suited for the business casual outfit are suit, flannel and cord pants. Are Chinos Business Casual? Yes, khakis are ideal for informal occasions and so versatile that they combine well with jackets. If you want to stay on the safe side, gray chinos are a good choice.

Straight-cut denim jeans without exaggerated details have been allowed at Smart Casual in recent years. Just remember that your look should be casual but still professional. Be sure to avoid pockets, rivets, tears and loose cuts such as loose and baggy fit.

Shirt in the pants or not? That depends on the styling and fit of the shirt. White business shirts are generally wider and cut longer and are not intended for carrying over the pants. But if the shirt is sporty-elegant or loose cut, it may then be worn outside. If it should look formal and chic, then a figure-hugging shirt comes in the pants. Above all, it looks more casual if the shirt is not in his pants.

Business casual shoes

business casual outfit-men-shoes-shirt-cloth-pants-combination

The shoes in Business Casual are usually closed, the socks color coordinated. Dark leather lace-up shoes are preferred, but men are welcome to wear an elegant sneaker or loafer. Singer Justin Timberlake, for example, often combines casual sneakers with a noble suit. Respected men like actors Robert Downey Jr. Orlando Bloom, Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio have also chosen this casual and elegant combination from time to time for their red carpet appearance. The fact is, the sneaker models are so versatile today that they can be perfectly combined with an elegant outerwear such as jackets. On Uebervart Frankfurt – Shoes & Sneakers For example, there are sporty and elegant models with a guaranteed coolness factor. What always makes a smart suit is classic adidas or Nike white sneakers.

Examples of successful business casual outfits

business casual-outfit-cardigan-check-shirt-beige-trousers

Finally, we would like to introduce you to a few combinations that are perfect for the business casual dress code. The more creative the profession, the greater the scope.

Smart and Business Casual Combinations:

  • Button down shirt, cotton trousers, loafers or Wingtip shoes made of leather
  • Slim button-down plaid shirt, chinos and slip-on leather shoes
  • Jacket, shirt instead of shirt and pants without tie
  • V-neck sweater, round-neck T-shirt or under-sweater shirt, straight jeans, classic leather boots to lace up
  • sporty-elegant blazer, form-fitting shirt, dark jeans (without tears), suede lace-up shoes
  • Jacket, turtleneck sweater, dark jeans and sneakers
  • Tweed jacket, solid color sweater with round neck, gray chinos, sneakers

Fashion »Club Of Gents designs elegant fashion for the modern gentleman

business-look suit-modern-man-caro pattern

It’s not that complicated to be a gentleman in our modern world. The modern gentleman has taste, best manners and dresses elegantly. He has at least a suit in his wardrobe and can be his Tie tie yourself , He always looks confident and competent. Studies show that clothing can influence one’s own behavior and self-perception. And the fashion of CG – Club of Gents is ideal for a representative appearance with a confident edge. Whether for business, leisure or for special occasions – leaves with CG the modern gentleman a lasting impression.

evening-outfit-elegant-shirt and dark blue suit

Fresh and sophisticated, CG – Club Of Gents is a fashion brand with a love of the modern suit. The label offers a successful combination of traditional tailoring, masculine cuts and fabrics with contemporary details and offers suits, jackets and other upscale items of clothing that should not be missing from the wardrobe of the fashion-conscious man. With a view to current fashion trends, the fashion brand’s goal is to develop stylish collections with a recognizable aesthetic that is full of dynamism and zest for life yet has a timeless appeal.

fashion modern-gentleman suit-slim-fit vest

The focus is on suits, which are characterized by a classic elegance, but with a contemporary twist. They are like a breath of fresh air in the world of men’s fashion. The Suits from Club Of Gents are equipped with a variety of luxurious details. Elaborate seams, flap pockets, extravagant pocket squares, chic elbow patches etc. are refreshingly lively. The different fits – Slim Fit, Extra Slim Fit, Modern Fit and Tailored Fit – are based on the different needs and figure types.

smart-casual look-pants-shirts-modern

In addition to well-tailored suits, the fashion label convinces with a variety of garments and accessories in always trendy looks. From fashionable knitwear to chic pants and luxurious coats – the style – conscious, modern man will find everything he needs for his active and stylish lifestyle at CG – Club at Gents. Various shades of blue, gray and black emphasize vibrant designs and flower prints.

smart-casual outfit-sakkos-jeans-tie

CG – Club of Gents is part of the company Création Gross GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded in 1925 in Bavaria. To this day it is a family business. In honor of the original brand and with the initials of the company – Carl Gross (CG) – the new fashion label was launched in 2011 as CG – Club of Gents on the market.

At Club of Gents, style and premium quality go hand in hand. The brand works with renowned weavers and relies on high-quality fabrics such as pure wool, cotton, cashmere, viscose, silk and linen for their collections. Special dyeing techniques, unique 3D structures and buttons made of different materials give the garments the finishing touch and give them even more character. Look at their collections and see for yourself.

smart-casual Blue-sacrament-white-shirt-pocket handkerchief-sporty elegance

Fashion »Boho Chic Fashion in White for the Late Summer – 61 inspirations

Boho Chic Fashion White Outfits Ethnic Top Blouse Women

The summer passes slowly and the early autumn getting closer. The days are still warm and sunny. Only in the evening you would need something to coat. Nevertheless, it is not too late for Boho Chic Fashion and if your color is white, then we have prepared something suitable for you. Just read on and take a look at the specially selected pictures in the picture gallery below. Surely you will find something appealing there for you!

Boho chic fashion in white with fringes in every shape

Boho Chic Fashion White-fringe-pocket-cardigan-street-style-modern

Boho chic Fashion just does not work without fringes. In every possible variant becomes one accessory or make a difference in your outfit. A clutch or a fancy bag made of velor or leather with many fringes are perfect. Ankle boots and sandals with or without a heel with beautiful fringes will give your look a certain hippie charm. It is important to keep the other parts of the clothing a bit simpler. So the overall picture comes over particularly stylishly.

Boho chic fashion in white with the right accessories for an individual look

Boho Chic Fashion -White-accessories-pattern-motif-motif-jewelry

The accessories play an important role in boho fashion and should not be missed. Jeans and a white T-shirt can transform you into an impressive Bohemian outfit with several long chains, rings or a beautifully embroidered belt. Ethno motifs and floral patterns are a perfect match for the casual look you seek. Experiment and assemble pieces of jewelery that have a similar shape, pattern or color. Just follow one rule: a simple outfit and effective jewelry or vice versa – subtle accessories and a more interesting clothing.

Casual jeans, knitwear and lace for boho chic fashion in white for the late summer

Boho Chic Fashion-white-lace-fringe-knit-jeans-simple

A harmonious and at the same time not at all impersonal effect can be created with the boho fashion in white, if you combine different structures of fabrics. Another option would be filigree lace parts, which in themselves are a masterpiece. These are mainly made by hand and made very precisely. That’s why they usually cost a little more, but they never go out of fashion.

Boho fashion with elegant maxi dresses in white lace

Boho Chic Fashion White Lace Maxi Dress Ornaments Romantic Transparent

Colored, varied accessories and jewelry

Boho Chic Fashion accessories-dress-bag-color-brown-colorful

Multiple rings and bracelets for the right look

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray jewelry jewelry kimono-rings Bracelets

High heels with fringes in brownish tones go perfectly with white boho fashion

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray-high-heels sandals-sales-hose-denim shorts

Styling for the early autumn with kimono or leather jacket

Boho-Chic Fashion White leather jacket-black kimono-shorts-accessories-capsule

White pants with a wide leg

Boho-Chic Fashion White white-long-leg-bag-accessories-hippy-top

Chic outfit with casual white dress and overknee boots

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-accessories-over-knee boots-fedora-hat

Fancy jumper, short skirt and overknee boots in black velor – street style and boho fashion

Boho-Chic Fashion White pullover-fray over knee-boots-black-street-style look

Tops, tunics and blouses in flowing fabrics for boho chic fashion in white

Boho-Chic Fashion white blouse-shell-rock-ancleboots sunglasses

Youthful look with short pleated skirt in brown imitation leather and ankle boots

Boho-Chic Fashion white blouse-rock-brown ankle-boots Teen

Off shoulder tops and dresses are particularly timely

Boho-Chic Fashion white blouse-topless-jeans-pocket-ankle-boots-black-fringed

Longer parts made of lace with a transparent effect are perfect for the end of the summer

Boho-Chic Fashion white pants-shell-pointed-transparent-effect-roman sandals

Boho chic fashion for the slightly cooler season with kimono

Boho-Chic Fashion white fedora-Ankle-oots Leoprint-kimonoexotisch decorations

Casual street style look in a sporty version

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans tunka-sneakers-street-style-modern

Boho fashion with kimonos and parts in white

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-fray-beach-look pattern-summer

Boho-Chic Fashion White lace knitting-fedora-ankle-boots-dog

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-black zigzag-angkle-boots-sunglasses-Accessories

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-fray-jeans-black

Boho-Chic Fashion White coat-cream white-jeans-pants-blouse sandals

Boho Chic Fashion with Ankle or Cowboy Boots

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-kunterbunt-pocket-cowboy-boots-blue feather

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-ankle-boots-cowboy hat and black-bag

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-dog-headband-sunglasses-mirror-bag Strip

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-boots-brown-ornaments-flowing-material

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-tunic-ankle-boots-brown bicycle basket

Tunic or blouse in flowing fabric with jeans for stylish boho outfit

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans topless sandals leather-brown lace headband

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans-tunic-blouse-top-brown-wedge-heel-shoes-velor

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans torn-fray-boot-lace bodice

Boho-Chic Fashion white tunic jeans tulle-sandals-ethno-pearl-colored

Maxi dresses made of flowing white fabric or decorated with lace and embroidery

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-maxi-pattern sandals brown leather sunglasses

Boho-Chic Fashion white dress sleeves-long-flowing-material-roman-sandlaen

Boho-Chic Fashion white maxi-dress-jeans-jacket-pointed-pearl accessories

Boho-Chic Fashion White maxi-rock-net-jacket-sacrament-color-pattern

Boho-Chic Fashion White everyday-look lace fringe-Accessories

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-rock-parka-jacket-lassiger-look modern

Combine Roman sandals with maxi dress in white

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-fringed sandals-pocket-mirrored-glasses-embroidered

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-lace transparent-effect-roman sandals Hat

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-lace transparent-effect-boots-roman sandals-pocket-flower pattern

Boho-Chic Fashion White kleod-roman sandals-sales-black flowing-material-clutch-bag

Boho fashion in white and leather or velor jacket for early autumn

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-maxi-leather jacket-black-hat-bag-guertel

Boho-Chic Fashion white maxi-dress-velor jacket-fedora-hat-black

Boho-Chic Fashion White velor jacket-brown-rock-patterned-paisley-chain

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray-schorts-cropped jacket-pocket-sunglasses-black

Boho-Chic Fashion white black-leather-pants-Jaske-Accessories

Boho fashion with white jumpsuit

Boho-Chic Fashion white jumpsuit comfortable outfit-great-practically-strauss-hopping

Boho-Chic Fashion white jumpsuit lace keel heel shoes sandals-hair-styling

Boho-Chic Fashion white jumpsuit lace transparent-effect-keel Heel shoes-bag

Boho-Chic Fashion Accessories White-pants-blouse-laessig-street-style look

Boho-Chic Fashion white shorts-pattern-ankle-boots-cowboy hat-bag

Boho-Chic Fashion Accessories White-pocket-ankle-boots-chain-pattern

Boho-Chic Fashion white pants-top-headband-colorful-pattern-headband-sunglasses-large

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray-ankle-bott-velor-brown hat-black

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans-tunic-blouse-blue-embroidered-pocket-ethno

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-tunic-topless-Accesssoires decorations

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-blue-accessories-mirrored sunglasses-embroidered

Boho-Chic Fashion white maxi-dress-lace romantsich-long

Boho-Chic Fashion white lace long-sleeve short-dress-romantic

Boho-Chic Fashion white lace transparent dress-ankle-boots-beach

Fashion »80s fashion today – 55 outfits and ideas

80s fashion-large-accessories-jewelry-denim-gold-plated

Every decade is characterized by certain trends. Some look totally wrong today, others are still up to date. The 80s fashion can be described as colorful, bold, courageous and sometimes scandalous. She was comfortable and casual as well as the young dynamic generation at this time. Some of the most typical parts of that time can be found today in fashion shows and in the latest ones designer Reinterpreted collections. Here are some of them as examples of a revival of the 80s and as current trends for the next season.

80s fashion inspired by the lingerie

80s fashion black-white-fedora-ombre-hair-weiste

Wild combinations with underwear as everyday clothing were particularly topical in the 80s. Clothes decorated with lace or black satin were the total eyecatcher. Similar models we see today in the outfits of bloggers and fashionistas. However, this should be handled very carefully, because extravagant and provocative garments can look cheap. Combine with a longer one blazer and sneakers or platform shoes.

80s fashion with flat, colorful cloth shoes and sneakers

80s fashion shoes-sneakers-colorful-fabric-floral-animalprint

A trend that definitely reigns today is the colorful fabric sneakers with prints, patterns or colorful cords. For the 80s fashion, they were worn to everything, just as they are seen on the street. They fit easily with any garment, such as jeans, shorts, training pants or an elegant skirt and dress. Every woman has at least one pair and is happy with it. The tendency for a comfortable look with the flat, comfortable sneakers probably comes from the movie “Flashdance”. There, shoulder-free and oversized sweatshirts were worn everywhere in everyday life.

Leggings and bright colors

80s fashion nekkers leggings leoprint shawl leather jacket

The gymnastics and aerobics gained in popularity at this time and the matching outfits for the sports hall too. Leggings, legwarmers, leotards – it should be body-accented and colorful. Many things can be worn – from voluminous tops and blouses to mini dresses and skirts, to short, crop tops. Another trend is the neon colors for jewelry, clothing and other accessories in bright shades of green, yellow, orange or pink. You can create a stylish look with such accents yourself, but you should pay attention to the balance. Accessories and jewelry can help to make the outfit look wild. Our tip: Do not use basic parts in neon colors.

Nothing works without denim

80s fashion look-outfit-denim-madonna-street-style.jpg

Jeans, jeans, jeans – no fashion trend goes without them. The 80s fashion offers many variations, but one thing they all have in common is the popular worn look and acid wash. A high waist and body-contoured silhouettes with a trouser length to the ankle were popular and still are. Outfits with overalls or two garments of jeans we see now and in the 1980s. Colorful stickers or prints can be seen as decorative elements.

Jewelry and accessories

80s fashion neon-colored-arm-many-toupiert-hair-make-up-madonna

The 80s fashion, jewelry and accessories are characterized by large quantities. Many small bracelets or big, massive statement necklaces and earrings are worn all at once. Cheap fashion jewelry also wore Madonna at the beginning of her career. Stars and celebrities like her, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana or others, inspire the young generation with their style and convey individuality in clothing.

Wild look with neon colors

80s fashion neon color street-stzle-colorful-colorful-vintage

Madonna look from the 80s reinterpreted today

80s fashion-look-denim-outfit-street-style-madonna

Oversized sweaters and sweatshirts

80-years-mode-colorful-neon-leggings-pullover-pattern-cassette recorder

80-years-mode-sneakers-oversized-pullover Knitting jeans

80s fashion and a style mix of today

80-years-mode-colorful-pattern-black-gray-sweatshirt-sweatshirt-chain sunglasses

Topless sweatshirts inspired by the movie “Flashdance”

80-years-mode flash dance outfit-sweatshirt-topless-casual pumps

Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna in outfits typical of 80s fashion

80-years-mode-street-style strapless denim-rihanna-sarah-jessica-parker

Casual oversized sweatshirts from today

80-years-mode gray-laessig-oversized-sweatschirt-denim shorts

80-years-mode sweatschirt-dress-black-givenchy-parka-jacket-autumn

80-years-mode-sweatshirt-big-white-font-gold-black-over-knee boots-city

80-years-mode cartoon figures-mickey-mouse-street style

Gymnastics Leggings

80-years-mode gym-outfit-sporty pink leggings

Modern outfits with leggings

80-years-mode-leggings-colorful-pattern-neon color-gzmnastik-black-pink


80-years-mode-leggings-pattern-black-white-neon color-shoes-pink leather jacket


Torn denim shorts with high waist


80-years-mode - shorts jeans-torn-street-style outfit

Jeans with acid wash and high waist

80-year-old fashion-jeans-high-waist-exploited-figurbetont

80-years-mode-boyfriend-jeans-high-waist-high heel shoes

80-years-mode-jeans-high-waist loose-guertel-tshirt-purple

80-years-mode-jacket-zipper-smelling black-tshirt-top

80-years-mode denim jacket ankle-black-tshirt-dress

Vintage Denim Outfit

80s-mode jeans skinny-denim outfit-blouse Flat shoes

Street Style with Denim Outfit 2015


80-years-mode-jeans-boyfriend-laessig-fashionably torn-faded


Sneakers and looks of today

80-years-mode jumpsuit jeans faded-sneakers-shoes material-pattern-vintage

80-years-mode sporty sneakers-sweatshirt-socks-laessig outfit

80-years-mode fabric shoes-sneakers-white-rock-jersey blouse-red

80-years-mode fabric shoes-sneakers-jersey-dress-gray-white

Oversized coats in a sporty style with sneakers

80-years-mode-coat-black-white-sporty street style

80-years-mode-sneakers-black-stylish, sporty and oversized-coat

Elegance with a women’s suit by Armani from 1980

80-year-fashion ladies' suit-black-white-extravagant-short-hair-armani vogue

A women’s suit today by Armani

80-year-fashion ladies' suit-black-white-elegant-extravagant-armani

Outfit with sequins

80-years-mode black women suit-sequin lipstick-blouse-white

80-years-mode plazer-shorts-evening outfit-elegant-extravagant-blouse-flowing material and white

80-years-mode sequin Blayer-gold-black miniskirt-highheels sunglasses

80-years-mode sequin blazer blond-short-hair-black-gold-leatherette

80-years-mode-party look-sequin Blayer jacket-black-highheels

80s fashion with pronounced femininity in pastel colors

80-years-mode-flowing material-overall-pleated-locker

80-years-mode pastel color-pleated-fabric flowing maxi-dress-powder color

80-years-mode pastel color-powder color-overall-flowing material-chic

80-years-mode white-blouse-flowing fabric-pleated-elegant style

80-years-mode madoona-style idea-hair-bow-accessory-jeans


80-years-mode smart casual-neon-rock-green-top midriff-pink

80-years-mode schmuck-neo-colors-pink-orange-green

80s fashion rock leggings red hair black top shredded

Fashion »Modern with Ladies Poncho in Fall – 55 great outfits

Women's poncho-autumn-street-style-blue-leather-fringe-velor-sneakers

The weather is getting cooler and in the evening you would need a jacket or cardigan. a good alternative to yours look would definitely bring variety, is the Ladies poncho , There are all sorts of options: from fine knitwear to thick wool. Choosing the right one is not an easy task. Often the figure looks voluminous or misshapen if length or motives are inappropriate. Here you will find practical tips and stylish outfits, which may also be helpful in your choice of the right garment.

Stylish autumn outfit with ladies poncho

Women's poncho-autumn-pastel-ethno-pattern-violet-blue-black-elegant-stylish

the Ladies poncho is a particularly voluminous piece of clothing and does not make it easy for women to balance the big picture. That is why it is very important what you wear underneath. A successful combination would be to put on tight pants, jeans or leggings, or a figure-hugging skirt or choose a dress. Otherwise, the body parts will blur and the look will be disproportionate and visually unattractive. A practical tip would be to have a nice, wide belt around the waist. So the silhouette looks decidedly feminine and elegant.

Very current trend in autumn fashion – Ladies poncho with ethnic patterns

Women's poncho autumn beige ethnic pattern jeans denim blue blouse casual

The ladies poncho with interesting print is certainly a very topical choice. Incidentally, it was originally made from a patterned blanket or cloth with a hole in the middle and is a traditional garment in South America and Spain. That’s why ethnic patterns are typical of the poncho. This fits best a monochrome and simpler clothing.

For something feminine look – belt around the waist

Ladies poncho-autumn-ethno-pattern-black-white-pants-sunglasses-frill-fringes

Create a great boho outfit for fall with a fringed ladies poncho. For this purpose, a wide scarf with beautiful motifs and a belt is also wonderfully suitable. Wear the two ends of the scarf with the fringes on the front and cover your shoulders loosely. Buckle the belt only at the front of the waist and let the scarf fall off the back loosely.

Sporty jersey like Rihanna

Women's poncho-autumn-casual-casual-cotton-gray-outfit-rihanna

It offers imaginative variants for the ladies poncho and it is gaining more and more popularity. Sporty or elegant, he looks particularly appealing with other appropriately selected parts and is above all comfortable and practical. It is used in almost every season and especially in autumn and spring, but also during the cool summer evenings or in winter instead of a cardigan under the coat. Do not hide the proportions of your body and add accents in your outfit with interesting patterns or a belt. Then you will no doubt get many compliments for the style.

Combinations with jeans always go

Ladies poncho-autumn-everyday-blanket-fringed-beige-dark blue-jeans-casual

Extravagant and stylish look in dark color

Women's poncho-autumn-dark blue-hooded leggings-black-lipstick-blue

Casual elegance – Taylor Swift shows how

Women's poncho-autumn-checkered-classic-black-red-petrol-green-taylor-swift

Very interesting variant for a poncho made of leather and knitwear


Olivia Palermo with poncho in pastel colors from Burberry

poncho-ladies-autumn-elegant-over-knee boots-burberry-pastel-bordo-gray-black

Shawar-white patterns are timeless and timely

poncho-ladies-autumn-diamond-fringed black-and-white pattern-leggings-leatherette-casual

Elegant look in black


Very stylish and elegant variant for comfortable fashion

poncho-ladies-autumn-black-elegant-over-knee boots-pattern-black-white-zipper

Be careful with accents and bold colors

poncho-ladies-autumn-ultramarine blue-bag-sunglasses-white-ethnic-pattern-style

Casual look in delicate gray and pink

poncho-ladies-autumn-street-style jeans torn-light gray-ethno-pattern-pocket-fray

poncho-ladies-autumn-black-white-hooded-stripe bags Knitting

poncho-ladies-autumn-black-white-diamond-fine trick-laessig elegant

poncho-ladies-autumn-style-brown-beige-boots-black leggings sunglasses

poncho-ladies-autumn-everyday occurrences-jeans-cream white-blue-boots-brown


poncho-ladies-autumn-beige-fray-fedora-hat and black-leggings-heel shoes-paving

poncho-ladies-autumn-blue-green-elegant-checkered-fedora-black-over-knee boots

poncho-ladies-autumn-bnraun-black-over-knee boots-fedora-pocket-elegant style

poncho-ladies-autumn-brown-beige-pattern leather gloves-black elegant handbag

poncho-ladies-autumn-brown-scharz-stripe leggings-boots-velor

poncho-ladies-autumn-brown-boots-jeans-laessig-country outfit

poncho-ladies-autumn-brown-strick-fray-boho-chic sunglasses-chain-lang-schorts

poncho-ladies-autumn-elegant cream white and dark gray stripes-fray-flat-shoes-sunglasses-style

poncho-ladies-autumn-elegant-pattern-black-white-leggings-boots-absatzt-weihnschtsbaum sunglasses

poncho-ladies-autumn-elegant pastel-green petrol-rock-boot-bag

poncho-ladies-autumn-ethno-pattern-fringed denim-blouse-pants-black

poncho-ladies-autumn - fringe-black-white-blue-ethno-pattern-knitting-shirt dress

poncho-ladies-autumn-gray-black-zigzag-boot-leather high heel elegant

poncho-ladies-autumn-gray knit-boots-black-velor-socks-bordo

poncho-ladies-autumn-caramel color-black-black-leggings-pocket-pullover-street-style

poncho-ladies-autumn-checkered-cream white-black scarf-knitting-Deick-street-style-laessig

poncho-ladies-autumn-maxi-dress-black-fine trick-cream white-beige-striped-casual

poncho-ladies-autumn-pattern-scharz-turquoise-elegant-dress-airy pastel color handbag

poncho-ladies-autumn outfit elegant cream-white pocket-blouse-Sunglasses

poncho-ladies-autumn-black pullover frasen-sunglasses-casual-style-paint-boots

poncho-ladies-autumn-black-gray-elegant-fashion jeans outfit

poncho-ladies-autumn - black-gray-fedora-hat sunglasses-brick-strick-fray

poncho-ladies-autumn-black-gray-checkered-casual-Kate Beckinsale

poncho-ladies-autumn-black-green-rand-over-knee boots-high heel elegant

poncho-ladies-autumn-black-and-walk-zebra pattern handbag sunglasses

poncho-ladies-autumn - street-style glasses and black-hose-leatherette-checkered-red-white

poncho-ladies-autumn-street - style denim vluse-fray-bootees-velor-brown-red pattern-ethno

poncho-ladies-autumn-street-style-fray-ethno-motive-white-gray-black fedora

poncho-ladies-autumn-strick-sremeweiss-pattern-red coarse-knitted-fur boots

poncho-ladies-autumn-white-light gray-ethno-pattern-diamond-boots-schawrz scarf sunglasses handbag

poncho-ladies-autumn-white-stripes-black pompons-gray leggings-black shoes

poncho-ladies-autumn-wool-pattern-knitting-cream white-street-style-casual practically

poncho-ladies-autumn-zigzag-pattern-cream white-black-jeans-street-style-casual fray

modern-ladies-poncho-autumn-ceiling-stripe inianer-style-look




modern-ladies-poncho-autumn-black-white-shoes elegant

Fashion »Fall Fashion 2015 for Women – 50 Trendy Designer Blazers

Fall 2015 fashion ladies blazer sporty suit black shirt sneakers

This season, women’s fashion impresses with functionality and variety of combinations and a mix of styles. The Fall fashion 2015 offers that, but also much more. Similar to other areas of design, you realize how complex and versatile the overall appearance actually is. An outfit should be practical and not just suitable for a specific occasion, but simply transform. Pants or skirt should be just as good too high heels and sneakers fit. With a blazer and naturally high heel shoes, you can party in style and take a walk with the sneakers. In this article you will find 50 outfits that look both casual and casual, but with the right shoes and accessories can also be great, stylish evening looks.

Autumn fashion 2015 for women – with the blazer for a great outfit

Fall fashion 2015 ladies blazer beige double-breasted accessories jeans

Every woman who looks after her look has at least one black blazer in the closet. The functional garments, which are suitable for almost everything, also include variants in beige, caramel and gray. A double-breasted with nice big buttons will be a certain Vintage Add flair to your outfit. The most important trend in Fall 2015 is the casual, casual cut inspired by men’s wardrobe. The boyfriend blazer has everything you need in the fall. It goes well with women’s suits, fits well with skinny jeans and high heels, but also with a maxi dress or pencil skirt. Oversized blazers were worn by designers such as Ackermann, Hermès, Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, and others during the Fall and Winter 2015 fashion show. shown.

Fall 2015 fashion for ladies with military style blazer

Fall fashion 2015 ladies blazer military khaki uniform leather belt balmain

Another trend in fall 2015 for women is the military style. Uniforms in the traditional color khaki are offered by Balmain in combination with leather and prints. The waist is emphasized with a wide belt or similar accessories. Other fashion houses such as Balmain, Calvin Klein, Isabel Marant and Vivianne Westwood show a more delicate, refined version in pastel or classic black. But one should not believe that this trend of femininity is lacking. Military stands for a new kind of elegance in street style look.

Fall fashion 2015 with blazer in black and white

Fall Fashion 2015-lady-blazer-black-white-geometric-pattern-accessory-flower-coral

Of course, the classic of black and white color may not be missing in different versions. The optically monochrome silhouette is timelessly modern and up-to-date in every season. Black and white, graphic patterns on garments and elaborate geometric motifs in every shape and form present the designer on the catwalk. Prints, stripes or sequins create hypnotic images and optical illusions. Black and white is simply classic.

Fall Fashion 2015 for Women – The Vintage Flair of the 60s

Fall Fashion 2015 ladies blazer vintage sixties accent color hat shal

In autumn 2015, there is another tendency to mention the vintage look. The 60s are particularly popular today with the Bohemian look from last summer, but not only. Fedora hats are especially popular in autumn. Blazers made of velvet or velor are also suitable for everyday styling. For a party night or a night out with friends, if you need something fancy to wear, you can grab glittering sequins or the typical retro patterns. Prints, plaid patterns, ornaments and colored figures on blazers are definitely an eye-catcher this season.

Autumn fashion 2015 for women – blazers, jeans and high heels or flat shoes

Fall Fashion 2015-ladies-blazer-casual-casual-jeans-banana-rapublic

Conventional blazer in gray or caramel

Fall Fashion 2015 ladies blazer brown gray scarf jeans banana republic

Something between elegance and street style

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-leger-gray-blue-far-jeans-torn

Blazer with a long skirt, or dress combine

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-far-rock-dress-pattern-print-colorful-laessig

Casual sandwich look

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-sporting laessig sandwich-modern

Wool and checks by Vinienne Westwood

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-wool-plaid-trendy vivienne westwood

Sporty-elegant blazer by Stella McCartney

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-sporting laessig-overall-stella mccartney-

Military style or animal prints

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-rock-medium-high-waist-guertel

This fall is nothing without the boyfriend Blazer

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-boyfriend-cameron-diaz-beige-black-blue

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-military-green-khaki color leather-uniform-balmain

fall fashion 2015 women's blazer suit-boyfriend-wide-silhouette-tobacco-color-gray-black

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-ancug 60s-style-glittering-stella-mccartney-just-cavalli

fall fashion 2015 women's blazer suit-sky blue-gray-buero-look-armani

fall fashion 2015 women's blazer suit-petrol green-modern fashion show

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-silk-gloss-without-knoepfe-ackermann

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-wide-silhouette-dark-phillip-lim-gray-prada

fall fashion 2015 women's stripe blazer-blue-buero-look suit-

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-black-white-hose-geometric-ornaments-balmain

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-schawrz-white-checkered double-Heron

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-black-white-fashion show-isabel marant-sony-rykiel

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer black-white-vivienne-westwood-right

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-white-short-long-modern

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-cream white-boyfriend-hermes

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-cream white-sporty laessig ralph lauren-

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-white suit-tie-fashion show-ralph-laurent-cream white

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-white-without-knoepfe-Tilda Swinton-

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-pink double Heron pastel color-sneakers-rock-fluffy

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-pink-white-sporty-elegant-hose-wide-leg

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-floralmuster-blue-white-isabel marant

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-korallfarbe-hose-pink-black-jessica-alba

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-airy fabric-fluent-guertel-waist-balmain

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-chic-glittering-vintage-seyfried-cute

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-prinst-pattern-zebra-blue-Ackermann-stella mccartney-

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-snake-print faux leather-just-cavalli

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-prints-color-mix-vivienne-westood

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-prints-pattern-floral sequin white

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-prints-pattern-mint green-white-tshirt-hose

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-prints-pattern-motive-color-yellow-red-black-cavalli

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-pink suit-black-gray-fashion show-fresh-colored

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-sandwich fashion boho style-laessig

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-black-hose-color-yellow-blue-vintage

fall fashion 2015 ladies-blazer-colored red-older-style

Fashion »Hippie chic in fashion – 50 ideas in boho style for the summer & autumn

Hippie Chic-fashion-boho-bike-dog-hairband-blazer-short-pants-casual

The Hippie chic Fashion comes originally from the 60s and 70s with the youth movements, which fought against the wars and propagated a humane, peaceful lifestyle. There was no exactly differentiated fashion flow at that time. A large part of the clothes were made by the young people themselves from composite pieces and parts or from old clothes. So actually the so-called patchwork , The music also exerted a great influence on the wardrobe of the people and especially the personal style of the singers and artists was imitated by the fans. Above all, the hippie chic is characterized by a comfortable and casual fashion with free silhouettes, airy fabrics and colorful motifs.

Modern with hippie chic apparel in the summer and fall

Hippie Chic-fashion-jacket-jacket-fedora-hat-pocket-sunglasses-short-black-jeans

The typical garments of hippie fashion include the large hats made of fabric, which are also called Fedora. Short leather jackets with fringes and denim pants, combined with casual velor ankle boots, are just part of the outfit of the Boho style Fans too. Hippie Chic stands for the free way of life and for comfortable, functional fashion, which is why he is often preferred by young people in the big cities.

Hippie Chic and Boho Style in Fashion for Summer and Fall 2015

Hippie chic-fashion-boho-herbs-outfits-high-waist-jeans-pants-blouse

Hippie Chic works equally well as summery and autumnal clothing and refers to some basic principles – the free cut, accessories and color. Loose-fitting shirts and blouses are worn with high-waisted pants and wide leg jeans. It should not be missing belt, band or any decorative elements at the waist. Of course, do not forget the big sunglasses.

Stylish styling create with the matching accessories

Hippie Chic-fashion-boho-autumn-accessories-leather-bag-gold-blouse-pattern-ocher-color-denim

As far as the accessories are concerned, one can simply say – the more, the better. Pearls, gold, bright colors and handmade work best when put together. For a stylish outfit, we recommend choosing several pieces made of the same material and with a similar look or texture. Combine it courageously and do not leave a piece away. Choose warm, natural colors for leather bags, jackets or shoes for an authentic and comfortable summer and fall look.

Casual and modern

Hippie chic-fashion-boho-velor-shorts-tassels-colorful-tshirt

The hippies love the colors and in fashion this preference can be noticed at first glance. No matter if it’s accessories, shoes or clothing, the colorful atmosphere should not be missed. Folk motifs, floral patterns or embroidery decorate clothing pieces in hippie chic and create a casual mood for the wearer.

The flat sandals with colorful motifs of beads or embroidery are typical of the summer hippie chic

Hippie chic fashion boho flat sandals pearl colored leather

City outfit with classic blazer and female dress

Hippie Chic Fashion Boho Dress Mustard Yellow Blazer Cream White Bag City

It’s just not possible without big Fedora hats!

hippie-chic-mode boho-fedora-blouse Green embroidery kimono-white-peak

Overalls are totally comfortable and comfortable in summer

hippie-chic-mode bohooverall-hats-black-summer-chain-pearl

Medium-length, patterned coat with a straight cut

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-autumn-black-hat-coat-dress-flat shoes

Elegant look with several parts in the same color combination – Bordeaux, Black and Dark Blue


Blazer made of velvet and Soffhut for a great boho look in autumn


Casual and comfortable in summer with knit, denim and lace

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-sweater-top lace jeans-short-hat

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-lace kimono-hat-big-white-blue-bag

Airy fabrics and playful folk motifs are characteristic features of the style


hippie-chic-mode boho-leggings-multi-pattern-blouse Fringe flat-velor-ankle-boots


hippie-chic boho-mode-kimono-short-jeans-torn-beach-summer

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-autumn-vogue-msuter-velvet pants-brown blouse

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-shorts-stripes-colorful-airy sunglasses

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-rock-short-top leather-bag-sandals-high-heels-just-cavalli

hippie-chic boho-fashion-dress-light-pink-pattern-chain-pocket-violet

hippie-chic boho-mode-kimono-outfit-black-blouse-sunglasses-large


Elegant maxi dresses


hippie-chic-fashion-boho-autumn-long rock-pink-velor-pullover-stripe guertel

Combine airy clothes with leather boots

hippie-chic boho-fashion-dress-boots-velor-pattern-bag-brown-orange

hippie-chic boho-fashion-dress-light-colored-watercolor effect-leather boots-velor

hippie-chic boho-fashion-dress-blue-white-lang-airy-leather boots-chain-cross

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-leather boots-kimono-dress-yellow-fringed-chain-armbaender_b

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-autumn-pattern-dress-leather boots-orange

hippie-chic fashion boho dress satin light gray pattern scarf-leather boots

Pants and jeans with wide leg and high waist

hippie-chic boho-mode-jeans-shorts-denim-shirt-guertel-wide-leg

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-hose-high-waist-green brown blouse and black-durchischtig sandals

hippie-chic-mode boho-hose-blouse-pattern-sunglasses hair band flat sandals Valentino

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-hose-blue wide-leg-coat-pattern-colorful-shirt

Casual outfit with torn jeans

hippie-chic-mode boho Autumn kimono-hat-Jens-torn-flat-ankle-boots

hippie-chic-mode boho Long-dress-pattern-orient pink-Jens-hat

hippie-chic boho-fashion-dress-jeans-pattern-folk motifs-blouse

Fringes in every way and shape

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-fedora-hat-blouse-pattern-folk motifs-pocket-fray


hippie-chic-fashion-boho-scharz-rock-franzen-blouse-pattern-red-white sunglasses

Patterned midi skirts and dresses are typical of the fashion style

hippie-chic boho-fashion-dress-green-black-pattern-short jacket-colorful-folk motifs

hippie-chic boho-mode-flower-power-outfit-autumn-boots

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-autumn-pattern-mustard yellow-white-midi dress-leather jacket


Ponchos and cardigans for a casual fall look

hippie-chic boho-mode-jeans-poncho-zigzag-pattern-black-white-city-urban

hippie-chic boho-fashion-hats-black-hose-scarf ceiling


Fashion »clothes rail instead of wardrobe – ideas for fashion lovers

Clothes rack instead of wardrobe -copper-wall-white-shoes-leather-bag-basket-hangers-clothes-white

With the current bloggers, who dictate not only the fashion, but the lifestyle at all, also came the beloved, open wardrobes or more precisely the Clothes rail instead of wardrobe. All clothes hang in the immediate vicinity and are ready to be dressed at any time. The stacking is gone, pants, blouses and T-shirts are hanging side by side on hangers. clothes rails can be installed, put up or hang from the ceiling. In any case, it is a trendy trend for the interior design in the bedroom or dressing room.

Clothes rail instead of wardrobe depends on the ceiling

Clothes rack instead of wardrobe -copper-white-modern-minimalist-jacket-flowerpattern

First of all, we should start with a note that the clothes rail in the bedroom can not really replace the right wardrobe with doors. In fact, only garments are hung that have been worn once, for example, and are neither clean nor dirty. It’s wonderful to have a clothes rail if you need to prepare your clothes for the next day. It is also suitable for jackets that are damp from the rain or those that you need more often. Woolen fabric is not protected from moths in open space.

Clothes rack instead of wardrobe – bring order and no restlessness

Clothes rack instead of wardrobe -modern-industrial-design-used-metal-dresser-floor-white-white

One of the first questions to ask when it comes to a wardrobe without doors is whether the clothing is protected and not dusty. This depends mainly on the amount of clothes and whether they are stored next to the bed. The daily bedding whirls up a lot of dust that accumulates on the hanging garments. Even constant sunbeams damage all textiles, so it is better to mount the wardrobe alternative away from the window in the shade. Often an open cabinet looks very restless, as a chaos of several colors is created. Therefore, it would be quite good to arrange the clothes in color.

Tie copper pipes together

Clothes rail instead of wardrobe -silk-floor-clothes-shoes-white-wall

Another important point is whether such a clothes rail, like Ikea’s, can hold the load of all hanging parts. In fact, this is due to the mounting and the fasteners. Take a look at our picture gallery for the clothes rail instead of the wardrobe. There you will find different variants for the room design and organization of the room.

Fasteners and mounting are variable

Clothes rail instead of wardrobe -copper-hangers-white-wall-screw-montage

Make yourself from copper pipes

Clothes rack instead of wardrobe-copper-stool-chair-shoes-clothes-carpet-soft

You can also build clothes racks yourself

clothes rail-wardrobe-brick wall-dark gray hallway floor-holzstaender-shoes-bag

Clothes rail with a bent shape

clothes rail-wardrobe-creative-design-cracked-black-laminate flooring-gray walls and white

Bathroom with nice tiles

clothes rail-wardrobe-and-white brick wall-painted-loo-bad-blue-tile-pattern-Mediterranean

Decoration idea for the nursery

clothes rail-wardrobe-white-wall-nursery-deo-schoen

Minimalist furnishing style

clothes rail-wardrobe-white-black-minimalist-design-bedded Scandinavisch

Scandinavian style

clothes rail-wardrobe-white-wooden floor-hell-deco-stool-doorstep

clothes rail-wardrobe-black-white-clothing-roll-minimalist modern

clothes rail-wardrobe-black metal suitcase-alt-image-moon

clothes rail-wardrobe-bedroom-white-bed-windows-wooden floor-white-deco-clothes

clothes rail-wardrobe-bedroom-white-antique-moebel-style bed

clothes rail-wardrobe-mode metal callipers black-wall-white-plant

clothes rail-wardrobe-minimalist diy-white-black-creative-clothing

clothes rail-wardrobe-metal staender-sprossenfenster-industrial design-poster-loft

clothes rail-wardrobe-lichterkette-ikea-white-floor walls-bkleidung

clothes rail-wardrobe clothes-parquet floor-wall-blue gray-alt-plastic-chair

clothes rail-wardrobe-hanging-white-black-clothes-wooden floor-painted

clothes rail-wardrobe-hallway floor-shoes-mirror-antler-copper-hanging

clothes rail-wardrobe-boho-white-wood-alt-shoes-clothes-pointed-hat

clothes rail-wardrobe-old building-parkettboden-delusional room-partition-bedded-bettwaesche

clothes rail-wardrobe-fashion-ideas-vintage-metal-tube-double wooden box

clothes rail-wardrobe-fashion-ideas-vintage-hallway floor-maennergarderobe-books

clothes rail-wardrobe-fashion-ideas-stylish and elegant dachschraege-wall mounting

clothes rail-wardrobe-fashion-ideas-kids-toys-deco costumes-Halloween carnival

clothes rail-wardrobe-fashion-ideas-children Costumes-deco-Carnival-halloween