43 Designer Sofas – ideas for your new favorite place in the living room

contemporary sofa DO LO REZ designer ron arad moroso

Large comfortable sofas or small modular sofas with simple shapes. These Designer sofas could be the new favorite place in your modern living room. A modern designer sofa is more than a creative idea. New materials are tested and designed in various forms. These models provoke feelings, thoughts and turn into real eye-catchers in the room. In addition to familiar forms, we find new ones unusual looks that impress with their simplicity. Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders, Patricia Urquiola and Zaha Hadid are just a few of the recognized designers who designed these precious pieces.

Designer sofas – play with colors and shapes

sofa black linear modern VICTORY Cory Big estel

Large, soft, feather-filled seats, ergonomic backrests and plenty of cushions give you the comfort you want. The choice of shapes and modules is so great that the decision would be difficult. The modular sofas can be combined in many ways, as the middle and side panels with or without armrests are very versatile. Monochromatic colors that the interesting shapes highlight, or colorful fabrics that attract attention immediately?

Designer sofas for the modern furnishing style

sofa design modular sofa TUFTY TOO patricia urquiola bb italia

FLEX by René Šulc & Daria Podboj

sofa design side tables wood FLEKS Rene sulc Daria Podboj mminterier

large upholstered sofa by Roche Bobois


Private from Asnaghi

armchair sofa high backrest privacy table asnaghi

PIXEL by Sergio Bicego

upholstered sofa modern living room PIXEL Sergio Bicego saba

EXTRASOFT by Piero Lissoni

upholstery sofa white EXTRASOFT Piero Lissoni living divani

Nomade sofa by Mantelassi

nomade sofa modern living room cream color coat

Kivas by Karim Rashid

modular sofa pink color KIVAS karim rachid valdicienti


modular sofa orange green ZITELEMENTEN modu

CHROMATIQUE Sofa by Kwok Hoa Chan

modular sofa modern living CHROMATIQUE 1970 steiner-paris

Sofa by Ferruccio Laviani for Molteni

modular sofa modern white modern living room Ferruccio Laviani molteni

modular sofa modern design TUFTY TIME patricia bb italia

modular sofa colorful backrest living room gama furniture nomada

modular sofa gray JOE Lievore Altherr Molina verzelloni

modular sofa linear modern BORA BORA Cazzaniga Munteanu

modular sofa gray PASSEPARTOUT Arc en ciel adele c

modular sofa cream modular erba ALTROVE

modern sofa pillow modern design slim belta

modern sofa cushion gray Antonio Citterio flexform modern designer sofas white upholstered ds 600 de sede

modern sofa design Noe Duchaufour Lawranceo ottoman

contemporary modular sofa PEANUT Mauro Lipparini bonaldo

ligne roset contemporary sofa black MALHOUN Didier Gomez

Designer sofas leather white Jean Nouvel molteni skin

leather sofa capitular modular TUFTY TIME patricia bb italia

HUGO leather sofa modular sofa brown gamma international

HIGHLANDS sofa design back rest red Patricia Urquiola moroso

large sofa upholstered brown cushion desiree divani GLOW iN Marc Sadler

corner sofa shelf white PLAT Manzoni Tapinassi arketipo

Corner sofa modern lean white INSULA Luca Scacchetti mariani

corner sofa cream living room MALHOUN Didier Gomez ligne roset

designer sofas fur padding colorful Fernando Humberto Campana cipria edra

designer sofas modular sofa white ANYWAY bodema

designer sofas modular elements COCOON Mauro Lipparini arflex

designer sofas interesting form ZEPHYR zaha hadid cassina

designer sofas ideas modern FADO Wim Segers indera

designer sofa corner sofa orange ADN Ramón Esteve joquer

designer sofa gray big ALLNEW Francesco Rota paola lenti

designer sofa shape red KOOCHY Karim Rashid zanotta

modular sofa design ZLIQ ISLAND marcel wanders moooi designer sofa shape blue white PIERCE Karim Rashid soft line designer sofa ideas SLICED Frederik Van Heereveld feek

20 cool bookends for your favorite books – decorative and stable

cool bookends shelf-metal-black-owl-symol-wisdom

Book support owl order here

Bookends hold your books in place and prevent them from tipping over. But they do not only succeed order on the shelf, but can also fulfill a decorative purpose. Cool bookends are real eye-catchers! Today we offer you an interesting selection of fancy bookends that you can order as a gift or rather keep yourself.

Cool bookends for the kitchen

cool bookends kitchen-creative-decorative-country-house-ingredients-flour-eggs-butter

Organize your cookbooks or magazines on the kitchen shelf with these great bookends in rural vintage look! That would also be the perfect gift for those who like to bake and can not stay out of the kitchen. Order here

Cool bookends for children’s rooms

cool bookends -nursery-animal-figures-leather-cute-stable

The nostalgic Züny animal figures are useful as bouncers, bookends and window stoppers. Children can of course just play with them. Each animal is handcrafted from artificial leather and filled with quartz sand. It also gets its own identity number in the production, which guarantees its uniqueness. Hippo and Co. you can Order here ,

Bookends as a gift for men


Men are considered to be reading mum and have very different interests than women, for example, cars, motorcycles and Co. These motorcycle bookends would fit perfectly as a decorative element in a stylish bachelor apartment, do not you think? They are made of artificial stone and have an antique silver patina. Order here

Buddha bookends


Many people in the West today are fascinated by Buddhism. The teaching of Buddha is not only considered the most peaceful religion, but also contains many wisdoms that should show someone the way to rest and new thinking. If you want to design your own four walls as a Zen oasis, then these Buddha bookends could be the perfect complement to your home decor. Order here

cool bookends for Game of Thrones fans

cool-bookends-game-of-thrones-shadow wolf-fan

Fans of the series “Game of Thrones” will immediately recognize the shadow wolves of the Starks. For all others, we explain that a Shadow Wolf is an unusually large wolf species with high intelligence. In the series, the six children of Lord Eddard Stark picked up six orphaned Shadow Wolf Puppies and grew up with them. The Shadow Wolves were very loyal to their masters and attacked anyone who had threatened them. You can get two pieces of these loyal guards Order here ,

Dragon bookends

bookends Kite-Gothic-game-of-thrones-black

If Daenerys Targarien, the mother of dragons, her favorite character from the Fantasyserie, then choose these dragon bookends. Dragons have a strong connection to magic and can use their breath of fire to destroy entire cities and armies. Daenaerys has three dragons: Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. Order here

Illuminati bookends


The bestseller “The Da Vinci Code – Sacrilege” by Dan Brown was released in 2006, was filmed in 2009 and deals with the mysterious Illuminati. The legend of this secret society still fascinates many people today and represents one of the greatest mysteries of all time. The bookends plus Blu-Ray DVDs are to order here ,

Owls bookends

Owl bookends-harry-potter-vintage-look

These bookends are reminiscent of Hedwig – Harry Potter’s Snowy Owl. She had a combative character and was admired by everyone in Hogwards for her beauty. Owls are considered a symbol of wisdom and protection. Order here

The modern bookends “Knowledge in the Brain” designed by Karim Rashid


These stylish bookends are the perfect complement to any modern home. Karim Rashid is one of the most famous designers of our generation and true design lovers would certainly appreciate this decorative object. The inspiration for the head sculpture was a 3D representation of the designer himself, and the hidden inner workings of the sculpture make us a little secret to discover. Order here

Katana sword


The Samurai is now considered the epitome of honor, loyalty and valor and the traditional Japanese katana sword – an equally honorable symbol. Very elaborately processed and richly decorated, it later became more as an emblem of power than a weapon of daily use. For fans of the Asian Kampfkust this great set is a must. It looks like the books are being impaled with the katana. Order here

Records bookends


These fancy retro bookends look like real ’80s vinyl records and are the perfect gift for music lovers. It will not only keep your books up-to-date, but also your CDs and DVDs. The design is perfect for a room with a retro feel. Order here

Playful cats

funny-buchstütze-hardworking-cat-glasses-country style

Animal lovers may also be happy because they can put decorative bookends such as cats or dogs in loving designs on their shelves. For example, these cute cat bookends can be Order here ,

3-piece set for more books


For the best of your books on the shelf, you can consider buying a 3-piece set. The parts are heavy enough to hold even large books and convey a nice nostalgic flair. Order here

oblique bookends for a special effect


The bookends made of metal, where the book is simply placed with the back flap over an oblique support, also look very unusual. You then reject more books and the secret remains hidden. The effect is enhanced by various figures such as this male in dangerous situations. Order here

Superman metal bookend


Thanks to the magical powers of Superman, these books do not fall! This bookend would fit perfectly in the kids room and themed superheroes. Order here

Wonderwoman does it too

bookends-metal-magnetic-wonder woman-girl

The design again gives the impression that the books would fall over. What Superman Can Do, It Can Be Wonderwoman! With her magnetic hand, the Supergirl protects the books from their fate. Order here

Zombie bookends for boys


Yet another idea for decorative metal bookends. Thematically, these are not only for Halloween, but also for boys who like to read horror stories and books for zombies. Order here

filigree Kollibri bookends


Hummingbirds are not only considered the smallest birds, but also the fastest vertebrates in the world. A hummingbird only measures six centimeters, but can cover around 2200 kilometers without a break. These tiny creatures are also the only birds that can stand in the air when drinking nectar. If you want to bring heavenly flair to your bookshelf, then this bookend in the form of an exotic hummingbird is perfect. Order here

Portal Bookends


When you read a book, you slip into a completely different world. Maybe this thought was the inspiration for the portal bookends. Perfect gift for gamers and sci-fi fans, do not you think? Order here

Dreamhouses »Modern house with garage – lift your favorite car into the room by lift

Kre japan Modern house with garage white facade

Kre’s house is a modern house with garage for nine sports cars. The Japanese studio No.555 Architectural Design Office designed it for a hardcore sports car fan. This spacious garage has an area of ​​185 m2 in Shinagawa, one of the 23 special districts of Tokyo, Japan. The coolest thing about it is that an autolift lifts the owner’s favorite car into the living room at the push of a button.

Modern house with garage of No.555 Architectural Design Office

Modern house with garage tokyo japan sports car living room

The client commissioned the architects to fulfill some special requests – one garage for nine cars, a tall tree and his favorite car in the living room. And since the construction area was not enough for all these features, the building itself was designed as a large living room. The entire cellar has been converted into a large garage, where the homeowner can park his nine sports cars. His favorite is a black Lamborghini. Thanks to a tailor-made lift, you can lift it up to the living room. When the lift is sunk into the garage, the wooden floor closes again.

Modern house with garage for nine cars

Modern house with garage nine cars interior design wood floor

Rooms of different height and size are randomly set up in the large living space. Two light boxes hang from the high ceiling and keep a distance from the car and the tall tree in the pot. These floating boxes attractively share the large space. The areas under the boxes have invisible boundaries and each room has a different function depending on its height.

open living area

Modern residential house with garage aneun cars utolift living room lift

floating boxes in the air

kre modern house interior design high ceiling small tree

different ceiling height

Modern residential house with garage tokyo 555 architectural office japan

tall tree in the pot in the living room

Modern house with garage high ceiling living area japan

Steel stairs lead upwards

Kre house sports car enthusiast skylights

Modern house with garage kre tokyo japan glass plates floor

Modern residential house nine cars 555 architectural design office

Kre house sports car fans nine cars lift

Kre house modern spacious garage nine sports cars

Kre house architects 555 japan interior design autolift living room

Kre house tokyo autolift living area laminate floor bright

Kre house favorite car living room lift lift

Kre Modern house with garage tokyo sports car fans

Kre house car unit autolift living room floor

Kre house large car garage nine cars lighting

Kre-house-architecture-japan-plan-cross section Modern-house-with-garage-cross-section-materials-plan

Kre house with garage ground floor floor plan Modern-house-with-garage-japan-nine-autos-floor plan Kre-house-555-architectural-design-office floor plan


Terraces »3 Ideas for terrace design – is your favorite look there?

Ideas for terrace design rattan-sun-beds-romantic-rural-modern

If you do not have your own garden or yard, you probably have a patio or porch, right? Especially the terrace becomes one of the most popular places for adults and children in summer time. We give you 5 inspiring Ideas for terrace design in different looks – is her favorite style? Design this small outdoor area with beautiful, colorful and fragrant flowers and many green plants and you will certainly spend more and more time there. An area of ​​3 x 1.5 m is completely enough for your flowers, you can place them stylishly and tastefully and so your pleasant little holiday oasis is already guaranteed.

Ideas for terrace design – selecting the flooring and the furniture

Ideas for terrace design natural stone wall-sitting-surface-wood-dining-table-bench-mediterranean

This is especially harmonious terrace furnished in the style of the house. Precisely selected plants and stylish accessories allow you to achieve the desired results and to create a sophisticated style on the terrace. You can be among the 3 most popular Ideas for terrace design choose and choose a Mediterranean, rural or romantic style. A privacy fence in a specific color according to your desire or a suitable floor covering only reinforce the feeling of this or that style. If your terrace or veranda offers a wonderful panoramic view, then you must get comfortable outdoor furniture to enjoy the view in peace and the highest comfort.

Ideas for terrace design in the Mediterranean style

ideas-terrace design-Mediterranean-tuscany-flair-tile flooring-wrought iron-moebel-Terracotta-pot

If you are after Ideas for terrace design If you are looking for a place to relax and create a holiday atmosphere, we recommend the Mediterranean style. For the Mediterranean-style terrace, certain flowers and colors are typical, even crucial, to make you feel like you are on the Mediterranean coast. So here you should not miss the pink bougainvillea / triple flower / in pots. A small linden tree, as well as summer flowers and ornamental plants are just great here. If you prefer perennials in pink and purple, these colors are typical of the Mediterranean style gardening. Take care of those flowers and plant species that can not stand the cold, they can die outside in winter. Look for perennial plants. Geranium, petunia and lavender will certainly grow very well in terracotta containers. They go perfectly with Dichondra Silver Falls / Silver Rain / with their silver gray leaves. The bright hues of your flowers look great against the white background of the walls that protect the house from prying eyes. Attached here would be a wooden floor, where modern rattan furniture fit perfectly.

Ideas for terrace design – rural idyll

Ideas for terrace design romantic-shabby-chic-french-pastel

Those who are fascinated by the charm of the rustic style will probably find very interesting ideas in this proposal. In a garden designed in this style grows a large amount of flowering grass (Miscanthus). Next to it are pink perennials – phlox, sun hats, pseudopods. This is an excellent addition to the one-year-old Zinnia leaf and other ornamental plants that grow all around. Scattered are also some handmade decorative elements that give the ambience personality and charm.

Ideas for terrace design in bold colors

Ideas for terrace design - rural-romantic-wood floor-pattern-purple-bench

We want to avoid all the pale ideas and the gray colors! Welcome to the colorful world of the garden! Bright yellow and orange flowering plants in combination with the painted in blue wall and wooden floor improve your mood. The yellow rudbeckia grows alongside other annual species of plants. In addition, there are low growing plants, sunflowers and marigolds. Beautiful purple larkspur flowers look beautiful, next to it a dark green boxwood, trimmed in the form of balls and cones, and stemmed grass in the corner, to bring peace into this saturated ensemble. The final stroke in this ensemble is given by a bank painted in orange.

A little romance with climbing plants and white flowers

Terrace metal furniture design ideas fresh flowers

Even if your patio is shaded most of the day, you do not have to go without the bright colors. The combination of white and pink colors gives the outdoor area a romantic charm. Here, the hydrangeas and various varieties of Astilben flourish very well. And of course the ivy with its green leaves can be seen everywhere. Do not you think that’s romantic? Me, yes!

Festive look for the garden party

fresh flowers table wood garden bench lawn

Parties with friends is one of the biggest summer pleasures. Especially when you organize your friend meetings outdoors, outdoors. The festive evenings look great when your garden is festively decorated with garlands of colorful lights, colorful lanterns and candles. Then you will definitely have a great mood to celebrate. In such an atmosphere you can spend truly unforgettable hours among friends. We wish you a lot of fun and fun in your garden or on your terrace or veranda or in your garden full of fragrant flowers!

Attractive ceramic pots with summer flowers

create fresh flowers ceramic pots beautiful exotic plants

Garden and terrace in Mediterranean style

Flowers ceramic pots garden Mediterranean style ideas fresh

Romantic mood with lanterns in the garden

Garden design ideas table around garden furniture

romantic style beautiful estate rattan furniture design ideas for patio design

Design ideas romantic mood beautiful tall plants

Style ideas fresh colors ceramic pots terrace

Laying ideas for terrace design without flooring

Ideas for patio design fresh flowers ceramic pots cozy sitting area

Patio area »Garden ideas for favorite places – seating group, wellness area, lounge corner & water garden

Garden Ideas for Favorite Places Lounge Area Hammock Chair

When the weather is warm, everyone enjoys spending time in the garden – whether they are having a barbecue or eating with their family, relaxing with a book in the lounge area or maybe playing and training. The preferences of family members may be different, but one thing is certain – life is being shifted outside! If you are still unsure how your own dream garden should look like, and whether a change is necessary right now in the spring – then we come with these garden ideas for favorite places to help!

Garden ideas for favorite places – sitting area in the middle of the cozy outdoor area

Garden Ideas for Favorite Place Dining Area Pergola Ideas

A comfortable seating area on the terrace invites you to socializing with family and friends. The solid wood garden table creates a visual link between the patio and the garden, while the comfortable rattan chairs add a modern touch. Throw pillows with nature motifs and a modern statue give the sitting area the final touch. The whole family is guaranteed to be in Free stop! Our tip – always plan the sitting area in the immediate vicinity of the house – so you always have quick access to the dishes and cutlery.

Garden Ideas for Favorite Places – Wellness Area

Gartenideen-Lieblingsplaetze-vertical-revegetation garden shower

A small wellness area must not be missing in any garden. And even if it is not always possible to have a pool or a whirlpool in the outdoor area – the garden shower can replace this successfully! An excellent example of successful garden design – in the photo above. The garden shower was mounted on a niche on the concrete wall. The vertical garden with succulents and ground cover creates a happy atmosphere. Our tip – the correct location of the garden shower is crucial – so plan the privacy screen with great attention!

Garden Ideas for Favorite Places – Lounge Furniture

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze terrace tree shade Ideas

A lounge area in your own garden does not have to resemble a pool area in the hotel. Two comfortable chairs / sunbeds are sufficient. So you can relax and enjoy the warm sunshine – and a garden shower is also available, if you need cooling. Our tip – optically separate the lounge area / with raised beds, low concrete wall or simply screen / from the rest of the garden.

Garden Ideas for Favorite Places – Pool and Garden Pond

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze decking-water plants Ideas

If you are one of the lucky owners of a pool, swimming pond or garden pond, you are looking forward to cooling off in summer. In addition, water attracts the birds! Our tip – still water is beautiful, but more beautiful is a garden pond with water features. This relaxes the senses and replenishes new energy.

Allotment with garden pond and water features

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze Garden Pond modern-bottom zone

Garden path made of paving stones leads to the terrace

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze-fountains-garden path paving stones

Garden with pool, lounge area and garden shower

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze shower pool terrace

Garden shower with the appropriate privacy

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze-outdoor shower-spa oasis

Garden shower with planted wall – modern minimalist design idea

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze Garden Shower planted Wall

Ornamental grasses by the poolside add a natural touch

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze Garden Shower Pool Ideas

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze Ivy Wood Wall Ideas

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze pool Ideas lounge area

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze pool privacy Ideas

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze pool-wellness area

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze Chair terrace design

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze wellness oasis garden shower Pool

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze pool Ivy concrete wall

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze pool Gravel decorated

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze-pond-lily-water plants

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze concrete wall-begrünnen decking

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze-stone water garden

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze Garden Fountain bottom zone

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze pool Conifer Ideas

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze pool terrace-Baume

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze-stone terrace-modern

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze lounge area-furniture Ideas

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze lounge-sitting area-fire bowl

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze-modern lounge pool

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze pool sunbeds wooden fence-hedge plants

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze chair rattan furniture

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze-furniture-garden-design

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze Chair garden pond lounge area

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze Chair terrace design

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze-Lochbelch-furniture terrace

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze-dining Grill under tree shade

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze-dining-teak furniture

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze garden bench wood tree shade

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze wood furniture-modern

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze-sitting-dining-garden center

Garden ideas Lieblingsplaetze sitting area garden bench wood

Garden ideas for favorite places terrace-set-up-Mediterranean-dining area

garden ideas for favorite places deckchair-sofa-idea-stone-wall-Mediterranean-style-screen

garden ideas for favorite places modern-lounge-teak-white-upholstery-mini-pond

garden ideas-for-lieblingsplaetze-design-original-vintage-chair-wood-table-shabby

Modern-race-idea-tiles-gartenweg-garden ideas-for-lieblingsplaetze-daybed

Easter & Spring »Easter decoration ideas – our favorite jewelry ideas for the holy feast

easter decoration ideas door-decorating-tulips-purple-bucket-original-rustic

We have the best Easter decoration ideas collected for you. Easter is knocking on the door. It is high time to clean the house, to create order and to invite the spring. We have collected 30 of the best Easter decoration ideas and will do our best to inspire you. From the simplest and fastest ideas for Easter eggs , Easter posters – we have everything ready for you. All of these 30 ideas include the Easter Bunny’s trademark (we’re serious!), But here are our top 5 we recommend.

Easter decoration ideas for the whole house

easter decoration ideas table plate chick quail eggs sweets

Impress your guests with this funny Easter decoration ideas for the seat. Put in front of your guest these fluffy chicks and cute eggs.

Easter decoration ideas for the garden

easter decoration outside table setting garden flowers pink purple

Weather permitting, bring your Easter table to the garden and enjoy the changing images of Mother Nature in the freshness.

easter decoration ideas mantel country style china kannen
Give your fireplace a new look, decorate it with fresh flowers, green plants and colorful eggs.

easter decorations moss letter family carnations kanne

Personalize your Easter decorations with a wooden letter. Cover it with moss and artificial flowers.

easter decoration branches forsythia nests carrots spring

Brighten your front door with colorful Easter decoration ideas , Use glue to attach a few twigs, baskets of small eggs and even artificial carrots. Are you already well prepared for Easter?

easter decoration ideas vintage watering cans birds figures

easter decoration ideas tulips foliage vase garden

easter decoration ideas clay pots paint on the panel tulips tubers

easter decoration ideas table white spring branches butterflies

easter decoration ideas mirror wall frame blackboard flower branches

Easter decoration ideas pom poms hanging paper chandelier

easterdeko ideas easterfest make eggs sweets

Easter decoration ideas oranges white peonies lemons

easter decoration wreath door rustic poppies

Easter decorations garland garden party children

easter decoration ideas garden easter brunch wisteria easter eggs tree

easter decoration ideas spring kitchen wine cooler

easter decoration ideas corridor entrance area country house hase

easter decoration ideas eggs plastic gold spray paint nest table

easter decorations flowers painted blown eggs garland

easter decoration ideas painted eggs glitter gel decorate soup bowl

easter decoration ideas tree trailer eggs bunny basket

easter decoration ideas tontoepf lantern candles

easter decoration house living room cherry branches vase spring

easter decoration ideas bunny figures ivy moss veranda

osterdeko ideas linen-osterkranz-idea-romantic-blueten-osterhase-loops

osterdeko ideas wood-jewelry-easter-bunny-white-paint

garnishment-ideas-easter bouquet-tinker-eggs-inspiration-design


Design »Drawings and floor plan of apartments and houses from favorite series

floor plan of the apartment inspirations favorite series friends himym golden seinfeld

Television has captured the hearts and homes of billions of people around the world. And even those who are not big fans, the popularity of these sitcoms in particular is too hard to ignore. The viewers love the fictional characters, their clothes even their homes. A well-talented interior designer from Spain lets viewers look into the houses from his favorite series. He knew her so well that he traced every detail. Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde has the floor plan of Apartments and houses created in his spare time. It’s really a miracle that he has spare time at all, given his obvious skills and incredible attention to detail.

Visualizations and floorplans They usually support a project in its infancy and are necessary if you are trying to design interiors, but Aliste has given them a very different idea. He has a sense of sentimentality and nostalgia attached to them. They exist in his head as something other than expedient Floor plan of the apartments – you are inspiring and impressive.

Floor plan of the apartments – THE GOLDEN GIRLS

floor plan of flats golden girls television series apartment idea

floor plan of apartments apartment design golden girls big

Floor plan of the apartments – SEINFELD

floor plan of the series seinfeld retro car television

floor plan of apartments idea einfeld inspiration architecture

Floor plan from FRIENDS

floor plan of the flats favorite tv series Friends

Friends appartments drawings Chandler Joey Monica Rachel

Friends NYC Apartment Exterior


The Big Bang Theory apartment plan The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Leonard's layout of the apartments

Although Sheldon shows her address, 2311 N. Los Robles Avenue in Pasadena, California in one of the episodes, this is indeed a completely fictional place. Also confirmed by author and producer Chuck Lorre.


How I Met Your Mother television series fans

How I Met Your Mother Ted Mosby Two Bedroom Apartment


Floor plan house two and a half men characters Two and a Half Men floor plan drawing

The beach house of Charlie Harper / Walden Schmidt is completely fictional, although the scenes of Vogelblick were filmed in Malibu Colony near Malibu Lagoon.


Sex and the City Carrie bradshaw apartment floor plan Sex the City Carrie Bradshaw layout of the apartment's favorite series


Will and Grace apartment Will Grace Jack Apartment outline drawings


3d visualization appartment frasier favorite series Drawing plan flats favorite series dr frasier crane


The Simpsons Family tv series Trace the Simpsons house floor plan


floor plan of the apartments favorite series tv dexter Floor plan of apartments favorite series dexter appartment drawing


The Gilmore Girls tv series characters The Gilmore Girls house floor plan drawing


UP disney movie house balloons UP Ellie Carl Fredricksen drawing house floor plan

Valentine’s Day »For Valentine’s Day, prepare romantic food for your favorite people

happy man lying on earth lying on earth

Valentine’s Day – time for love and romance! What can surprise the favorite partner nicer than delicious romantic food ,

Romantic food is one of the most creative gifts for Valentines Day

prepare romantic food yourself celebrate valentines day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular festivals in the world. People in love are eagerly awaiting the romantic day and preparing for it by buying gifts or by having other original ideas for a nice time together. Chocolates in heart-shaped box, cute stuffed animal, rosebouquet – these are just a few of the many possibilities that you have in mind when looking for something original. Jewelry and perfumes are always up to date. Restaurant specialists are also involved in this preparation. For Valentine’s Day prepare for her clients exclusively romantic food to. The role of aphrodisiac is clarified by quivers. Certain plants and foods contain this remedy, which increases libido and stimulates the sympathy and love feelings between the two partners.

List of foods that are suitable for romantic eating thanks to the aphrodisiac

romantic food for partner cooking environment champagne

Here are the delicacies that are for one romantic food are suitable for Valentine’s Day. Such a dinner can also be held at home if you do not feel like having a public party. Place oysters with white wine or champagne on the table! It is important that products are fresh and that wine tastes good. To the oysters fits wonderfully the special sauce, which is prepared with red garlic, lemon and balsamic vinegar. Recommended dishes that act as an aphrodisiac are steamed asparagus and vanilla-caramel sauce. Other ideas include serving cheddar cheese with apple cider and dark chocolate as a dessert. We could also recommend fried bananas with ice cream and mango to all those in love.

red wine for two drink warm soulful atmosphere

sea ​​beach sand clouds celebrate delicious food

to come up with romantic ideas in the midst of eating together

favorite movie actor famous classic forever together romance

Mother’s Day »Prepare gift baskets for Mother’s Day with your favorite items yourself

Gift baskets for Mother's Day wellness products candles

The Gift baskets for Mother’s Day is a great idea, especially when filled with mom’s favorite things. Here are some great ideas for what to put in the gift basket. A personal one gift that you can do yourself.

Gift baskets for Mother’s Day – Mother’s favorite things

Preparing Mother's Day gifts yourself cooking utensils

For the wine connoisseur: A bottle of your favorite wine and a bottle of the one you always wanted to taste. Wine in the Mother’s Day gift basket as well as a kind she always wanted to try. Do a little research on the wine and delicious food. In general, cheeses, preserves and gourmet crackers go great with most wines. Add these foods to the gift basket along with a cheese board and bottle opener.

Fill gift baskets with your favorite items for Mother’s Day

Gift baskets for Mother's Day chocolate sweet idea packaging

For the chocolate lover: Do you know a mother with a passion for chocolate? Give her a sweet gift basket for all her hard work during the year! Use a variety of her favorite chocolate as well as some unusual choices she has never tasted before. Truffles, chocolate, pretzels, almonds and chocolate with fruit fillings – all great choices!

For the mothers with green thumbs

Gift baskets Mother's Day garden tools accessories gloves

For the mom with green thumbs: Fill the gift basket with various garden tools and accessories that they can use in their garden – gardening gloves, secateurs, hand shovels and potting soil. The care of a garden is not just about the plants! Other great garden-related items include an outdoor thermometer, gardening books and a watering can.

The movie fan mother

Gift baskets for Mother's Day movie fan time itself

For the movie fan: This gift basket is great for a mother who loves movies but does not always have the time. Put two movie tickets in the gift basket for them and a guest. This is a nice gift idea as every mother needs to enjoy an evening for herself. Other ideas include DVDs of favorite movies, popcorns and coke.

Gift Baskets for Mother's Day movie fan dvd books idea

For every mom: Every mom needs some pampering now and then. Fill a gift basket with wellness products: bubble bath, scented shower gel, a soap, her favorite body lotion, nail polish, luxurious face cream and an eye mask. In addition some scented candles, different teabags, a book and a CD with chill out music.

Scented candles and spa products

Gift baskets for Mother's Day wellness scented candles poutpurri

Products for the beach

Gift Mother's Day beach fan sunscreen

For the chocolate lover Gift baskets for Mother's Day chocolate truffles petites

Crazy about tea Gift baskets Mother's Day idea tea bag cookies

Organic fruits and products

Gift baskets for Mother's Day gourmet organic fruit almonds

Garden tools and accessories

Gift baskets for Mother's Day garden green thumb garden tools