Christmas Decorations ideas »Ideas for festive arrangements with Christmas cookies and gingerbread

Christmas cookies and gingerbread glaze green red white traditional

Let’s start at the Christmas bakery! Tasty cookies are a must during Advent and Christmas. But the Durf of aromatic ingredients filled the kitchen with Christmas anticipation. Christmas cookies and gingerbread are wonderfully served and staged in a colorful plate with Christmas motifs. They are still suitable as a gift in cellophane for your loved one or as a delightful Christmas tree ornaments. If you want to enjoy the beauty of decorated sweets for longer, you have to be inspired by the following ideas!

Christmas tree decorations with Christmas cookies and gingerbread

Christmas cookies and gingerbread Christmas bouquet star pendant idea

Christmas cookies and gingerbread baking is great fun. When kneading dough, cook out cookies, decorate and bake children also like to. The popular classics come in shapes associated with Christmas – snowflakes, Pine trees, Santa Claus, stars. With clear cut-out shapes, you can easily achieve beautiful results.

Christmas cookies and gingerbread decorate

Christmas cookies and gingerbread red white button decoration idea

During the Advent season There are cookies in a wide variety. But baked at home Christmas cookies and gingerbread convey a nostalgia after childhood. After baking, they must cool well and only then be decorated with colorful figures, ribbon, nuts, candied fruit or decorative stones to your heart’s content. With icing or food coloring, they can be dyed beautifully and quickly.

Pretty gingerbread house

Christmas cookies and gingerbread house hatch window curtains garden fence

gingerbread House with colorful roof

Christmas cookies and gingerbread house idea roof colorful frosting

Making gingerbread Christmas tree

Christmas tree tinker ornament decoration ideas baking gingerbread baking arrangement

Christmas cookies and gingerbread – a special treat for Christmas

Sweet Cookie Baking at will-decorate-Christmas crafts-time Advent Decor

Cute decorating cookies

Christmas Ornament Bakery Cookie Gingerbread Stole Baking Recipes Crafting

Delicious cookies as Christmas tree decorations

Decorate delicious cookie-fir-tree with children

You can give Christmas cookies as a gift

Christmas ideas decoration bells gift cellophane wrap cookies

Christmas cookies instead of Christmas baubles

Christmas ornament ornaments Christmas tree cookies bake ornaments

Cover cookies with melted chocolate

Christmas biscuit cookies gingerbread decoration baking with kids ideas

Bake cookies and decorate as desired

Christmas bauble decoration idea cookie mold baking motive santa snowman

Sweet cookies as a Christmas decoration for the table

Cookies Ornamental Beads Looping Sprinkles Coloring Chocolate White Foods

The most popular classics in their most beautiful form

Gingerbread arrangement table decoration ideas ribbon tie red

Refined cookies in the shape of snowflakes decorated with pearls

Christmas ornament table biscuit star cookies ornate snowflake beads sprinkles

Decorating ideas for Christmas cookies

Christmas Decorations Christmas Tree Ornaments Figurines DIY Decorate Cookies Baking Dish

Have fun with color and shape – bake and decorate cookies

Christmas Decorating Ideas With chocolate-cover glove cookie cutter shape

Festive pastries tied with ribbon

Christmas pastry ornament color bead With ribbon-laced star fir-tree cookie

Christmas decoration ideas: Cookies and gingerbread in a nutshell

Cookies to prepare Christmas Decorating table decoration bird figurines

Baking cookies for Christmas with children

Christmas Tree Garland Jewelry Crafting Cookie Cutters Simple gingerbread heart

Gingerbread hearts tree decorations

Cookies Decorate-nutty chocolaty Decorate for Advent Christmas

To raise an elaborate ornament

Edible decoration Christmas arrangement Crafting biscuits Motive festive decorating

Trace deco pattern

Deko Crafts-Baking Christmas Ideas Deko Wafer Macaroons Cookie-Florentiner

Baking fun for the whole family

Snowman Christmas color pastry gingerbread with food colors

Handicraft and design ideas with Christmas cookies

Decoration For Hanging-up Craft Christmas Tree Gingerbread Cookies Ornate

Decorate Christmas cookies

Gingerbread male edible ornaments-Christmas tree decorate

Traditional Christmas cookies as a decoration for hanging

Christmas decoration ideas cute cookies hanging on Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree with glaze of powdered sugar

Christmas tree crafts with gingerbread ideas Glitter particles balls Table decoration frosting

Pastry Cookies Christmas-Christmas-tree ornament balls iridescent vanilla crescent

Fashion »Festive dresses for special occasions in spring / summer 2015

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-wedding-pastel-colors-Monique-Lhuillier

The trends for spring / summer 2015 also determine the fashion on special occasions, to which festive dresses belong. Summer is approaching and so is the wedding season. For this, every lady needs a fancy fashion dress so she will not go unnoticed. The designers offer different variants, materials and combinations. There are also similarities to the trend become. Get together with us a detailed overview of the latest fashion trends.

Festive dresses for special occasions in spring / summer 2015

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-white-suit-figurbetonnt-balmain-hugo-boss

White is the color of innocence and no summer is possible without this color. Best match bright red lips and nail polish , Of course, for the less courageous among them, more neutral colors are also suitable. The cut is clear and rather long.

Festive clothes in white

festive gown-spring-summer-white-len-simple, airy

festive dresses-spring-summer-white-airy-tender-pastel

The pastel colors are especially popular and fashionable in spring and summer. Pink, delicate violet, blue – white, khaki and tender green are just a small selection that emphasize the feminine silhouette. The delicate shades are also very good in combination with white garments.

Festive dresses for special occasions in pastel colors

festive gown-spring-summer-wedding-pastel-Monique Lhuillier-

Classic Schitt, elongated silhouette

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-pastel-khaki-blue-flowers

Flowing fabrics in soft colors

festive gown-spring-summer-pastel-blue-Emanuel Ungaro

Festive dresses with patterns and prints are very trendy this season. Vichy-Caro returns from the past. Tailored in blue, black and white, in pastel shades or combined with large statement necklaces, they make every lady look stylish and underline the feminine curves.

festive gown-spring-summer-vichy-caro-black-white

The men’s wardrobe suits with form-fitting cut do not eliminate femininity at all. On the contrary, the contrast between female figure and masculine clothing makes her even more present.

festive gown-spring-summer-suit-women-pink-vichy-caro.jpg

The typical 70s pattern with flowers, floral prints and folk culture elements

festive gown-spring-summer-jepenische-pattern-white-blue

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-long-70s-pattern-colorful

festive gown-spring-summer-prints-pattern-color

Lace, fringes, stitches in numerous combinations, where the elegance is not lost

festive gown-spring-summer pink lace-checkered-oscar-dela-renta

festive gown-spring-summer-black-net-mesh

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-floral-floral-Zuhair-Murad

festive dresses-spring-summer peak-floral-delicate flowers

festive dresses-spring-summer white-floral lace

Belly-free or two-piece suits that emphasize the body while creating an elegant outfit

festive gown-spring-summer suit, white and elegant Ralph Lauren

festive gown-spring-summer-midriff-zweitelig-pattern

Colors like orange and red stay announced

festive dresses-spring-summer suit figurbetont-patterned-Iceberg

festive gown-spring-summer-midriff-orange-70's Mugler

Fashion »Festive Dresses- 22 charming looks to choose from

divodress-com-long-red dress-Shoulder


Festive dresses which makes you look more charming than ever in no time, we have for you to choose from in today’s article. Beautiful lace with floral figures, sensual chiffon or magical silk in different cuts, there is something for every taste. Get inspired and choose your matching dress while shopping online.

Browse festive dresses, find, buy

Dress apricot-of-kleiderr-com

Dress apricot via

If you are looking for your favorite dress or just need something suitable for a special occasion, we have taken over this time-consuming task for you today. We have 22 festive dresses selected from a few online portals. Pay attention to the brand and the exact name of the fashion designer and so you will be easier on the way to your heart dress be. Take a look!

Festive dresses for festive occasions

Maxi Dress by Otto Anna Scholz Shoulder

Maxi dress with prints via

Oh, you beautiful online world, what would we be without you? Festive dresses from famous fashion designers, as well as from famous German manufacturers from selected German online shops will conquer your senses. Long evening dresses, cocktail Dresses with pleated cut or cowl neckline, halter dresses in beautiful silk and chiffon are all available online. When we come to the color choice ice blue, red, yellow and of course black are always on the run. Modern and chic, but also metallic and shiny fabrics are decorated with glittering elements, especially if the evening is to be given more shine and glamor. Certainly, a dress will also be a matter of the heart for you when you dive into great materials and flowing fabrics.


V-Neck 3D Flower Chiffon Dress sissi dresses buy-com

Blue chiffon dress with V-neckline


sexy-trumpet-mermaid-Strapless-ruffles sleeveless-floor-length chiffon prom dresses-evening-dresses

Dress floor-length mermaid nude look, gathered

Evening Dress-of-merle dress-com

Chiffon and satin dress at

via: www


Needle and Thread floral lace gown

Diane von Furstenberg-black evening dress net-a-porter

Floor length, black evening dress from Diane Fürstenberg

Donna Karan embellished silk-chiffon-silk-organza-neck evening dress net-a-porter

Embellished silk chiffon silks organza via net-a-porter

Herve Leger Ellen metallic bandage-gown Beige

Herve Leger Ellen metallic bandage gown via net-a-porter


Fancy Dress Satin Purple-Otto

Satin dress, purple with leg cutout


Silk Dress von Basel-fashion-de

Festive silk dress




festive dresses evening dresses-from-top



knee-length-and-neck-chiffon-with-application-evening dress-for-sissi dresses buy-com

Knee length scoop neckline, chiffon with appliqué


Dress Cowl-kleiderr-com

Dress with cowl neck

Dress blue elegant Peacock Feather kleiderr-com

Dress blue, elegant with peacock feather


Fancy Dress sequined twenga-de

Long dress with leg cutout


Clothing-net evening dress long blue

Long blue dress


Evening dress-Layla Ice blue Divodress-com

Table decoration for baptism – 19 ideas and suggestions for festive decoration

table decoration to baptism flower pie pigeon macarons party favors

The baptism of a child is a special emotional moment for the family and a good reason to celebrate. In this first, larger, more family event with the little earthlings, the Table decoration for baptism accordingly festive fail. One wishes a unique one Tischschmuck which optimally underlines the special occasion. In the following article we present you great ideas for a lovely table decoration, which will make this festival a great and lasting memory.

Create unique table decoration for baptism and create unforgettable atmosphere for a special occasion

angel wing-pink-gold-pie

For a successful table decoration for baptism, it is worth considering how the overall color concept will look like. Before you get the individual decorative elements for the festive table or do it yourself, you should think about it. what color would you like best for baptism. The decisive factor in the color choice is not only the gender of your child, but perhaps also the meaning of each color. It goes without saying that everything you like and what you think is appropriate. For a classically decorated table, for example, subtle colors, such as delicate pink for girls or light blue for boys are suitable.


White and cream are also popular colors for baptism, as well as green and purple. The white color, for example, stands for purity, innocence and wisdom, which makes them so popular on this special occasion. For hope and confidence, the color is green. The beautiful combination of white and a green shade creates a particularly fresh table decoration for baptism. Also, the color of love, red, is very suitable for decoration. A unique festive table decoration results from the white-red combination. Suitable for the church occasion is a table decoration for the christening in the color purple, which stands for the spirituality and the spirit.

Basic elements for table decoration for baptism in charming designs

baptize baptizing-places-candy-favors

For a unanimous and wonderful table decoration you need some basic elements that make a successful table decoration. Matching cloth napkins and table ribbon must not be missing. Choose a table or table runner made of organza, satin or sizoflor and lay a nice foundation for the remaining elements of the decoration. In the trade you will also find motivic table ribbons, which are provided with flowers, writings or various Christian symbols and are very suitable.


If you like to tinker, be skilled in craftsmanship and want to be active yourself, you can, for example, even conjure up printed table bands in the twinkling of an eye. To do this you simply need to make templates from the designs you want to use on the table cloth with fabric paint. What do you think about a table decoration for the baptism with the tiny and cute hand or foot prints of your baby?

young-christening-teddy-tischdeko-napkin holder

Your imagination is in the choice of napkins also all ways open. If other babies and toddlers are involved in addition to the christening, colorful and patterned napkins are a good choice. Bring your little guests with teddy bears, small ducks, fish, pacifiers or colorful baby boobs to smile. Effective table decoration for baptism can also be achieved with self-folded napkins made of fabric or paper. A popular motif for table decoration for baptism, communion or confirmation is the cross. For the festive folding of the napkins you need a 50 cm by 50 cm cloth napkin. To avoid inaccurate wrinkles, the napkin must lie straight.

engel-pastry products-Dekofigur-deaf

If you want to fold a napkin in the shape of a cross, you have to unfold it for the first time and lead all four corners to the center. Carefully apply the cloth napkin and fold the corners back to the middle. Carefully apply it again and fold all corners to the middle for the third time. Apply the cloth napkin and pull the lower right and upper left corners outward. Then pull the other corners outward. If you turn now the folded napkin the desired motive is clearly visible. Matching the festive occasion, you can fold other figures out of napkins. A fish symbol made of patterned fabric, for example, looks great and also carries a special symbolic meaning.

Floral Deco table-christening-tischläufer

For a cheerful and fresh overall impression, the flowers on the festive table may not be missing. Regardless of whether you decide in favor of a floral arrangement by florists or you want to design the floral decoration yourself, a floral table decoration for baptism is indispensable. The flowers can symbolically be seen as a sign of new life and joie de vivre, making them the perfect decoration for any celebration.

baptizing places-pink-girl-flower arrangements

You are welcome to take any kind of flower and arrange the flowers in a few simple steps. For example, place short cut freesias, roses or lilies in small round or square glass vases. If you want more shine, you can decorate the glasses with small beads or lace. The simpler the jewelry is, the better the natural beauty of the flowers will be shown. Other flowers with large flowers such as peonies, chrysanthemums and gerberas can also be presented to you. The hydrangeas look very subtle, noble and festive.

baptize-tischdeko Flowers Candle photo

At a christening the baptismal candle is certainly the most striking symbol. The design of the christening candle itself is usually very individual. Not only the symbolism, but also the loving adornments of the candle make it especially suitable for the table decoration for baptism. The christening candles are usually thick enough to be integrated into the decoration without special candle holders.


Place the christening candle in the center of the table and perhaps distribute some lanterns in soft colors on the banquet table. If you want to create original candlesticks, you can use old CD’s, which you put down with the label on the table and put wide pillar candles in the desired color on it. With the homemade candle holders you reach a great effect, because the candlelight brings the CD surface to sparkle. You are welcome to choose figures and motifs with religious significance.


Color-coordinated scattered decoration, which harmonizes with the table ribbons, takes up the topic of baptism again. The range of gifts for girls and boys is almost endless. Streudeko as confetti in the form of baby bottles, footprints or pacifiers transforms a festive table decoration for baptism into a special eye-catcher. The topic of baptism for girls also reflects tiny decorative items such as stick shoes and little jackets or hearts and flowers. Little ones in blue, stroller or baby lettering are a suitable streudeko to baptize a boy.


At the baptism ceremony, small place cards help your guests quickly find a seat where they can sit together with those guests they can talk to. Creatively designed place cards can also be part of the table decoration for baptism. Design the cards with the guest stars to your taste and unanimously to the rest of the decoration. Obtain a more noble construction paper and design the place cards as a double card or in the form of a baby figure or a cradle. Let your imagination run free and revive the homemade table cards with a personal reference to the respective guest.


In addition to the name, you can depict something that distinguishes the person or what makes them happy. Tiny cards with envelopes, for example, look very nice. If you want to make the place cards yourself, you can also design them as napkin rings. So the cards do not take away any additional table space. Many of your guests will pick up the pretty place cards as souvenirs. After all, it is a great pleasure for each of your guests to enjoy participating in such a unique event.

sugar almonds-bag-peak taufe

If you want to surprise your guests and offer something nice, you can think about small gifts. This tradition continues and is a nice opportunity to thank the guests for the beautiful celebration and for the gifts for your child. These are very small gifts that are more of a symbolic nature. You can prepare fortune cookies with sayings for each guest, get keychains or small angel figurines, or perhaps give away something handmade.


Blue sweets for the boys and pink for the girls are especially popular as party favors. Pack the famous Taufmandeln in organza bags or small Bonbonieren and decorate with small labels or stickers with their words of thanks. The nice gifts give the whole table decoration that certain something and leave with your friends and relatives a great memory.

cross-deco-organza bag-cross-candy

Sweet delicacies that are lovingly and colorfully decorated, are ideal for table decoration for baptism. Small snacks such as mini muffins, cake pops or macarons are delicious finger food that can be beautifully presented. Your guests can always access and treat themselves to the sweet seduction. Floors with several floors make a good figure on the festive table and present a great selection of pastries. For example, you can serve the macarons on narrow slabs or build a colorful turret with them. Who wants to present the small delicious cake balls on the stem refined, can use a special popcake stand or dish the treats in decorative mason jars.


Would you like to give the table decoration for christening a very personal touch, you can record a very personal decorative element in the decoration. For example, a wish tree for the baptized child is a great way for the guests to present their personal wishes to the child. Let your creativity run free and design a wish tree according to your own imagination.


A beautiful plant, where guests can attach notes with their wishes, is a great idea for table decoration for baptism. An original idea is also to conjure a wish tree directly on the tablecloth. Just paint a tree on it and leave your guests and let all your guests write their wishes to the branches of the creative wish tree.

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Christmas decoration as festive, bright outdoor jewelry

christmas decoration fir tree idea small light string lighting entrance artificial snow

It’s important to bring the spirit of Christmas to your home, but it’s also important to show it on your front door or in your yard. Imagine how many faces would shine as you put this shining Christmas decoration in the front yard where everyone can see and feel warm and loved. The festive mood must not be missed outside.

Christmas decoration for outdoors

christmas decoration star fairy lights wreath lighting outdoor

Outside Christmas decoration is different in different parts of the world. In some places people decorate the trees in the neighborhood. In other places there are various Christmas lights throughout the city and the cities. In Western Catholic countries, people put statues in biblical scenes in the city to remind people of the joy of the birth of the Redeemer. Therefore, one can say that each culture has its own way of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. That makes the world more alive and wonderful. The Christmas decoration outside shows people celebrating and honoring this moment of history.

Everything shines with a beautiful Christmas decoration

christmas decoration garden idea santa claus snowman deer

An interesting fact is that some cultures incorporate not only floral but also water elements in their decorations. They use water pipes in different colors to make their homes and outdoors brighter and more unique. In other places, some foods like Christmas cookies and popcorn are strung on a string and hung around the Christmas tree at home or outside. The imagination of different nations is simply endless.

Fairy lights made of balls and branches for the decoration of the house

christmas decoration fairy lights balls garland fir branches facade decorate

People gather in the parks, decorate and enjoy dinner outside their homes with friends, relatives or just locals. However, the Christmas decoration is also what warms everyone’s heart and makes people more social. Then all that matters is Christmas – the very special time of the year when you can truly feel happiness and love everywhere.

Shining stars as a tree decoration

christmas decoration lamps stars tree ornaments idea garden christmas

Candles and berries in glasses


Shining ball for the birdbath and star

festive-weihnachtsdeko-out-decorate-luminosity stars

Balls and bells for outdoors




Vintage lanterns


glowing angels


festive doormat


Jewelry in front of the door




glowing gifts

Christmas tree decorations with beautiful trend colors and Christmas motives

light festive-christmas-decoration-out-decorate-


Garden Gnomes


Snowman on the mailbox

mailbox festive-christmas-decoration-out-decorate-


Garland of pine cones


Glowing garland for the porch




Arrangement with balls


chandelier balls




festive-christmas-decoration-out Christmas Lights

Christmas Decorations ideas »Festive ideas for beautiful advent calendars

original-idea-beautiful Advent Calendar

Advent calendar with great design are the perfect decoration or element in your new plan for refreshing the home. The ideas for beautiful advent calendars are interesting and useful things to create a warm, pleasant and above all festive atmosphere at home.

Ideas for beautiful advent calendars at home

Advent mood-advent

The advent calendar at home is an absolute must in the run-up to Christmas. But you must know that he can transform a room into a special ambience. The wrong choice, on the other hand, can destroy the whole Christmas concept at home. Think carefully about which advent calendar you want to see on the wall. They should also think of the particular room and then of the wall, where an original Advent calendar will best diversify the atmosphere.

excellent advent calendar Idea

Originality and art at home – Ideas for beautiful advent calendars

festive advent calendar-suspended-ceiling

A beautiful set of furniture and gorgeous floors are not the only important thing for an awesome interior design. Actually a detail of the Christmas decoration like an advent calendar, for example, can bring a festive touch of originality and art to the interior. Take a look at our Ideas for beautiful advent Calendar and recommendations. You can find your favorite advent calendar for your beautiful home.

Choose your amazing ideas for beautiful advent calendars

favorite-child advent calendar

No matter which amazing advent calendar you choose, be sure to match the overall interior design and Christmas decoration of the premise. Create an individual advent calendar to your own taste. We show you some models. As you can see in the picture, every single day contains specific decors and motifs. Insert symbols that represent Christmas spirit.

The Advent Calendar – History and Meaning

Ideas for beautiful advent calendars – wonderful pre-Christmas time

Advent Gorgeous-vorweichnachtszeit

15 Halloween make-up tips for the whole family

An unconventional idea is to make an advent calendar with a new, modern look. You can use an idea of ​​the latest technology era and color trends. For example, here we see a strange advent calendar in pink, black and pastel blue. At first glance, these colors are strange when one thinks of Christmas mood. When looked closely, these trend colors look original and stylish. We also see the same case with the black advent calendar with white stars – but amazing.

Advent calendar with a modern look

Advent modern-look

Sweet Ideas for beautiful advent calendars Make these self-made advent calendars. White envelopes, paper stars and shiny balls look simple, but fine. Box of matches can also be used for a handmade advent calendar. Decorate all with your favorite Christmas colors and date. Do not forget to hide a little note or candy in it.

Ideas for beautiful advent calendars – the contemporary philosophy

Advent Black Chalkboard

The modern use behind the advent calendar shows how the models have changed over time. Home-made advent calendars with interesting ideas and childishly colorful decorations are today more preferred than the old-fashioned advent calendars. They carry a certain brand or celebrity from Hollywood. Especially for the kids, it’s pretty funny and interesting to put together a truly unique Advent Calendar. In addition, their imagination and artistic skills are developed.

Ideas for beautiful advent calendars – make your own with matchboxes


Finally, we want to say something else. Do not feel obligated to do any of these great ones Ideas for beautiful advent calendars to choose. Let yourself be inspired and make your own advent calendar yourself. A festive home idea with artistic Christmas motifs and creative conceptions.


Advent self-tinker-matchbox

easy creative advent calendar for DIY


unusual advent calendar

unusual advent calendar

Advent tree with small drawers

Advent Tree small-drawers

unconventional Advent Calendar

modern concept advent calendar

Advent-Christmas-count down Advent-beautiful-advent Advent self-tinker-idea

creative-idea advent calendar


self-tinker-Advent symbols

20 simple ideas for advent calendars for DIY

Make Advent wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Festive ideas for beautiful advent calendars

25 creative ideas for advent calendars for crafting

The Advent Calendar – History and Meaning

sweet-advent gifts

beautiful advent calendar-specific-motive

interesting-idea advent calendar

Other interesting articles

More beautiful advent calendars and ideas

Christmas wreath for your door – Festive ideas for a warm heart

Make Advent wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Gorgeous ideas for fireplace Christmas decorations

50 craft ideas for Christmas table decoration

Gift wrapping – beautiful and original ideas

Window decoration for Christmas and some craft ideas

Autumn »Festive autumn wreath make yourself – 3 simple autumn decoration ideas

Autumn wreath itself make garn-flowers-autumnal colors

We have welcomed the autumn. Autumn flowers, berries, twigs, flowers, nuts give us nature to decorate our home autumn. An autumn wreath hung on the front door, but should last longer. That’s why we’re introducing 3 simple fall decoration ideas for long lasting fall wreaths to withstand the rainy autumn weather. You can also use them next year.

1st autumn wreath with berries

berries-autumn wreath-door

The first suggestion comes from Sarah and her blog The Wintrop Chronicles. Buy a wreath blank from florist, craft supplies or hardware store. These can be made of different materials: fir green, thuja, polystyrene or straw. For this it is better straw. Buy berries (artificial or natural), pine cones and other decorative elements. They are arranged on the wreath blank and fixed with glue gun.

berries-door wreath-straw wreath-decorating

berries-autumn-wreath-making itself-

Autumn Wreath itself-make-berries-branches-orange-loop

2. Beautiful yarn autumn wreath of “Decor Chick”

Yarn Fall Wreath door

First, buy your yarn and a blank. You can only use one color, two or more colors. Whatever you like. For this one a mustard yellow thread color and a yarn in a brown / cream mix was used.

Yarn Fall Wreath do it yourself-

Then use a permanent marker to mark where the different colors should be. So they would all be even. And this method works pretty well!
Then use a hot glue on the back for your first piece and then just wrap and wrap. It takes a while.

Yarn Fall Wreath rohling

Yarn Fall Wreath itself-tinker

Then all you have to do is add a few ornaments …

Yarn Fall Wreath artificial-flower

Yarn Fall Wreath Ornament Elements Yarn autumn wreath-deco-ideas

yellow yarn fall wreath-over-fireplace

Autumn Wreath-making itself red and green yarn-artificial-blatter

3. “Pom Pom” autumn wreath

lush-autumn wreath yarn pom-poms-

Nikki – Nature’s Heirloom Blog

You need:
Yarn (2 colors or as many variations as you like, better orange or other autumn shades)
2 colors felt (one for the flowers and one for the middle)
3 colors fleece (or more)
needle and thread
scalloped or zig-zag edged scissors
Hot glue gun and glue
a 10-12 “straw wreath

First, do that Pom-Poms ! These are the most elaborate part and you will need a lot of time.

pom-pom-autumn wreath-yourself-tinker

Before you start, cut a piece of yarn about 6 inches long or more. Put aside. Take the end of your ball of yarn and hold the end in front of 2 fingers for a small pom-pom (3 fingers for medium, 4 for large) Keep your finger slightly free so that it does not end up being too tight when using the Bind thread between fingers when we are done (see below). Start wrapping your fingers around.



door wreath-autumn-yourself-tinker


Wrap around 50 times or until you have a large amount. Slide the spool of thread to the edge of the fingers. Grasp with your prepared piece (6 or more cm) between two fingers. Cut the yarn ball until all edges become equal.

filzrosen-autumn wreath

Filzrosen: Thread a needle and set aside.
Cut your felt into strips about 3/18 inches. Fold in half at one end and pinch to start the roll. To roll the rose, fold the felt in the middle (See the picture if it is not clear). Pull the needle through and loop it through the loop end. Push the needle through the other side of the felt through all layers.


filzrosen-yourself-door wreath

filzrosen-yourself-making instructions




Filzblumen: Cut 3 pieces of felt for the flowers. And roll a little bit for the middle.

felt-flower-autumn wreath

In the end, all of them glow with the hot glue gun on the straw wreath.

yarn-pom-pom-door wreath

Autumn Wreath himself-making yarn-filzrosen-flowers-ugh

Autumn Wreath-making itself red and green yarn-felt-flowers

3 creative autumnal napkin rings for DIY

Mother’s Day »Decoration for Mother’s Day – organize festive brunch

Decoration for Mother's Day Floral arrangements vase ideas

On May 10, 2015, all mothers around the world will be pampered – with small gifts, flowers and of course a festive one brunch , Of course, the home-made decoration is part of Mother’s Day. We show you 25 creative ideas – let yourself be inspired!

Mother’s Day decoration – table decoration in cheerful spring colors

Mother's Day decoration - orange and green

The small, simple wooden table lights up with deco for Mother’s Day in happy colors. The chairs are decorated with satin ribbons in orange and grass green, the table itself is laid out with a cool tablecloth – the original white blanket was embellished with child prints in green and orange. Large bouquet of seasonal flowers – roses, lilies of the valley and carnations attract attention. Mom is having delicious delicacies – cake , Fruit salad and lemonade spoiled and with gifts from the kitchen / jam / surprised.

Mother’s Day decoration – make napkin rings, place cards and stickers

Deco to-Mother-napkin rings-fingerprints

Paper napkin rings – for the project pictured above you will need white paper, scissors, tape, satin ribbon, watercolors. Simply cut a rectangle out of paper and decorate with fingerprints. Then glue the two ends together and decorate with a satin bow.

Place cards made of paper – express a butterfly silhouette on colored paper and cut out. Arrange the butterflies on the plates and lovingly decorate with lavender / carnation petals / rose petals.

With homemade stickers to beautify the bowl and the vase – this is the nice decoration for Mother’s Day finished.

Fresh flowers on the table – seasonal floral arrangements with roses

Make-to-Mother-flower arrangements flowers Strauss-yourself decorating

A healthy and delicious menu – fruit salad and lemonade

Deco to-Mother Lantern drinks Ideas

Homemade place cards with cute butterflies motifs

Deco-making to-Mother's Day gifts greeting card itself

Decorate the bottles with deco ribbons

do it yourself-to-Mother-lemonade Deco

Orange bow on the chair back ensures a festive mood

Deco to-Mother-loop Orange Ideas

Fruit salad made of watermelon and other seasonal fruits

Deco to-Mother-sweets-Surprise Ideas

Arrange beautiful floral arrangements at the breakfast table

do it yourself-to-Mother-flower arrangements Deco

Table decoration in vintage style with paper flowers

Deco to-Mother-fresh Flower table

Classic style table decoration – with elegant candle holders and flower arrangements with calas

Deco to-Mother-classic Flower Candlestick

Homemade place card with loving message to Mum

do it yourself-to-Mother's place cards Deco

The alternative – breakfast in bed

Deco to-Mother-Teller strawberry-serving table

Tie floral arrangements with tulips and moss and arrange them at the garden table

Deco to-Mother-Ideas-purist brunch garden

Bun in the form of a butterfly

Deco to-Mother-butterflies-Broetchen

Stylish porcelain crockery completes the look

Deco to-Mother Tulips Festive table decoration

Vintage table decoration – with table runner made of lace

Deco to-Mother-flower arrangements Rose Ideas

Deco to-Mother-drinks Bar Ideas

Deco to-Mother Lavender vase-string

do it yourself-to-Mother-napkin rings Deco

Deco to-Mother-Tafeldeko Ideas peak

Deco to-Mother-teacup-own-label

Make-Up »Festive make-up for Christmas and New Year – 7 glamorous looks

New Year's Eve Party Make Up Idea Guide Eyebrow Make Eye Shadow Apply

On the holidays not only stars in the sky should sparkle! With a touch of bronze on the cheeks and shiny metallic eyeshadow you are the “star” on the New Year’s Eve party! At Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it’s always great fun (especially the little girls) to put on make-up. We offer you 7 cool Christmas and New Year Make-Up ideas that are in vogue and guarantee a glamorous car freak. Let it inspire you!

Ideas for make-up for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Christmas Party Makeup Modern 2013 Idea Gold Shimmer Eyeshadow Lip Gloss

For this festive season, it applies: It may sparkle, shimmer and sparkle everything. On rouge for the cheeks and shimmering eye must not give up a woman festive look. The basis for a cool make-up for Christmas and New Year’s Eve is of course the well-maintained house. Choose a blush that suits your skin tone (the same or slightly lighter). The color is best tested on the face and not on the hand. Be sure to apply bronze powders to the cheeks – the darker tones are ideal as rouge and radiate a summery note, while lighter bronze tones give the face a certain sheen and freshness. Expressively shaped eyebrows are a must for a well groomed look.

Eyes and mouth should be highlighted

Trendy Makeup 2013 Augenwinkel white make-up Lipstick-strong Red cheeks Rouge

A dramatic eye make-up goes well with New Year’s Eve. But for a Christmas party you prefer to wear no extravagant eye shadow with shimmer particles, but rather a subtle make-up in white, pink, blue. Stressed lips – e.g. beautifully glazed with lip gloss give the face perfection and a certain mysticism. The Smokey Eyes effect can give you a real intensity on New Year’s Eve.

Festive party make-up, which are trendy

New Year's Eve Party Make-up Make-up Glitter Shimmer Blue-Eyeshadow Mascara

For the festive occasions this year are colors for eyeshadow like gray, black, white, gold, silver, eggplant full of trend. A festive appearance optimally complete artificial eyelashes. This gives the look a dramatic depth effect. Eyeshadow shades such as silver or gold, small rhinestones can easily be placed on the eye as eye-catchers.

Gloss and mica

Makeup Trendy Hairstyle Ideas Blonde New Years Eve Festive Necklace

Rotten lips never go out of fashion

Lipstick Christmas party ideas New Year's makeup ideas black nail polish eyeliner

Natural tones for the lips are a great trend in winter 2013

festive make-up ideas Christmas New Year party glamorous look hairstyle ideas smokey eyes

Contour and highlight the face: instructions and professional tips

Easter & Spring »25 dinner ideas and decoration for the festive Easter table

25 dinner ideas -to-plan Easter

Today we will be yours 25 dinner ideas for the happy party this season: the Easter! The festive table is not only beautifully decorated, but also with delights enriched at its best. Flowers, porcelain bunnies and eggs, the silver cutlery and the candles for the romantic hours at dinner. Listen, hear, Easter is coming, and all Christians are praying and rejoicing over the resurrection of Jesus. A few fresh ideas make for colorful inspiration in this article.

25 dinner ideas – meat must not be missing on the table

Meat and potato-by-the-Easter table

Finally it’s time – Easter is celebrated with all the trimmings of delicacies. 25 dinner ideas will put you on the right track what you can serve on the Easter table. Lent is, above all, finished with a favorite meat specialty. Lamb, roast beef, as well as finer meat types such as deer and wild boar are served with asparagus, and potatoes, onions and broccoli cooked properly with crust fried from the oven warm. Delicious sauces and dips for fine tastes may not be missing.

25 dinner ideas – the delicious appetizers

Florentine with ham appetizer

Our festive table for Easter is enriched with delicious 25 dinner ideas. As appetizers, for example, fried asparagus are wrapped in ham, or salty muffins with cheese and bacon. Mozzarella, olives, tomatoes, field or other types of salad bring the feeling of spring with dinner on the table. Originally, puff pastry carrots would be filled with cheese or vegetables and then dyed to match color with food.

And finally that dessert , You’re welcome!

Dessert for Easter Muffins

How about mini cupcakes baked in the shape of Easter cups or baking happy bunnies with icing ?! Or rather the cream cake decorated with chocolate eggs and chocolate beans! Colorful, delicious desserts will sweeten our party, so the home-made dessert to match the wine can not be missing.

Colorful cookies in colorful colors

Easter Cookies as dessert

Ideaful desserts for the festival

Dessert Idea for Easter

The cream cake is back

Cake with eggs and cream

For the sweet eggs you need good baking skills

Eggs from sesame oil and peanuts

Serve an original aperitif

Appetizer Easter with-shrimp

Decorate the table nicely for the right mood

Table for Easter with decoration

Table-decorating-to-Easter with flowers


Easter menu for connoisseurs

beautiful ideas Dinner Easter

vegetarian casserole-by-the-oven

delicious specialties-for-the-Easter table

delicious Refresher to Easter

Baked Asparagus with lemon peel

healthy and tasty-stuff-for-Easter Festival


a-beautiful-table for Easter

25 dinner ideas table setting Easter basket nest meat easter bunny

25 dinner-ideas-deco-table-tulip-glass vases-modern-panel candles

25 dinner-ideas-bake Wreath Dough-idea-huebsch-delicious

25 dinner-ideas-plait-poppy-colored-eggs-dessert

25 dinner ideas cakes cake dessert inspiration cake plate