Sustainable natural wood furniture by Tora Brasil – A piece of forest in the house

Sustainable solid wood furniture Tora Brasil organic shapes

Torah Brasil , the Brazilian brand that has made the nature of their land the cornerstone of their entire production. This year she is celebrating her 10th birthday and introduces us to a new, breathtaking collection. Tora Brasil was founded in 2003 with the intention of becoming the leading certified manufacturer wood furniture to be. The agronomist Cristiano Ribeiro Valle has lived in the Amazon rainforest for a long time and has begun to see the forest differently and recognize the potential in its natural state. So Tora Brasil was founded to sustainable natural wood furniture to produce from Brazil.

Sustainable natural wood furniture for every room

Sustainable natural wood furniture office conference table Tora Brasil

Their products stand for sustainability and respect nature and the environment by selecting each tree according to specific criteria that monitor the development and growth of trees in plantations in different parts of the world. In furniture production, the impact on flora and fauna in the forests is reduced. Tora Brasil offers unique coffee tables, dining tables, sideboards and solid wood benches combined with materials such as acrylic, glass and metal. The excellent textures and organic shapes are suitable for any modern living area. The difference here is that all pieces of wood are used, even if they are broken. These traces of insects, animals or the weather tell of exciting stories and therefore each piece is unique. Sustainable natural wood furniture with original designs that embody the splendor of Brazil – this is what Tora Brasil offers us.

Sustainable natural wood furniture tells exciting stories

Sustainable natural wood furniture Tora Brasil dining table glass top wood base

Solid wood is combined with acrylic, glass and metal

Sustainable natural wood furniture Tora Brasil coffee table glass solid wood

low living room table

solid natural wood coffee table log slice Tora Brasil

amazingly beautiful dining table top made of solid wood

Sustainable solid wood furniture Tora Brasil dining table organic shape

Defects serve as accents

Solid natural wood furniture Tora Brasil living room leather chair

Natural wood furniture Tora Brasil coffee table deformation office design

Natural wood furniture Tora Brasil solid coffee table modern furniture

bench solid wood piece tora brasil design

Tora Brasil living room table round solid wood glass top

design solid wood furniture Tora Brasil glass element

coffee table round solid wood natural shapes low

patio furniture solid wood bench colorful chairs

blue chairs round coffee table wood pergola

side tables solid wood pieces terrace blue terrace canopy

side tables tree trunks terrace Natural wood furniture Tora Brasil

patio furniture coffee table round solid wood colorful chairs

coffee table natural wood round tora brasil 10 years

Architecture »Modern house in the forest with interesting construction

minimalist architecture Japan

On modern house in the forest impresses with elegant appearance. The owner of this outstanding house searched for the perfect terrain for several years. The result is an exciting mix of modern construction and natural materials, and a beautiful façade that enhances the beautiful surroundings.

Modern house in Japan

Glass doors Living Room Terrace

If you want that modern house comes closer, the facade is behind big trees. A large door leads to the living room, where the dark wooden floor and the generously glazed facade create a visual link to the surroundings. The breathtaking view that reveals itself before the eyes is the only decoration that needs the interior. The decor is typically minimalist – gray upholstered sofa and wooden dining table are the only furniture, living room and dining room are combined in a spacious living area. The outdoor patio is furnished with comfortable patio furniture. Colored LED lighting has been installed, creating a cozy ambience in the evening.

Modern house on beams

House forest Terrace

On modern house on beams was specifically designed so that the beautiful area can be better brought to bear. For example, the bathroom was only equipped with a bathtub. Marble bath tiles in gray color again emphasize the connection to nature. The house has an interesting construction – it was built on a hill, and concrete beams carry the whole structure. The fireplace is modern and provides warmth in winter. There is a peace that can only be achieved in a house in the forest. The architects of Kidosaki Architects Studio have tried to tell a story through their architecture – and this house is an excellent example of how architecture and nature can be skilfully combined in a design.

Modern holiday home with beam construction

modern cottage-beam construction

Modern wooden facade

Modern-wooden exterior home design

House in Japan with wooden paneling

modern house facade wooden wall

Modern gray fitted kitchen

Modern-gray-kitchen-ceiling lighting

House in the woods

House forest-great view

House on the hillside

House Hang-beam construction

minimalist bathroom

minimalist-bathroom detached-Bauwanne

House facade with modern lighting

Building facade Modern lighting

Blue LED lighting

Blue LED lighting living room

Architecture »A house in the forest characterized by a high environmental awareness


The area reveals a beautiful forest landscape with beautiful trees that have been growing for years. The designers have tried to create a house in the forest, inspired by the dignified presence of nature. Both free and spirited, the house is located in the forest, at the foot of Hanareyama. The single-storey house in the forest extends dynamically to the east and west, with a sharply extended eaves, emphasizing the horizontality against the surrounding landscape with strong yet delicate vertical quality.

House in the woods in harmony with nature


The dining and living areas as the main rooms of the house look into the garden from the south side and are filled with natural light. On the north side, with the seasonal view of Hanareyama, the sunlight reflects, connecting the landscapes with the interior spaces. While the east and west sides of the building are closed, the façades on the north and south sides are fully opened to create a comfortable space, where the diversity of natural conditions is always felt inside the house as the seasons change.

House in the woods ideal for relaxing

House-in-forest-hanareyama kidosaki-design-autumn-colors

In addition, a terrace on the south side is provided, as an extension of the living and dining room. A long veranda extends deep into the garden. This allows the garden to be felt as a unitary space with the house, providing a place where nature is discovered by all the senses. The goal is to relax the body and mind and increase the sensitivity to the environment.

House-in-forest-hanareyama backyard

The house in the forest was built so that with high environmental awareness. The residents have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent landscapes of nature in every season.

Architects: Kidosaki Architects Studio

House close to the forest-hanareyama-glass windows and natural-

House-in-forest-hanareyama kidosaki-architects-studio

House-in-forest-hanareyama kidosaki-architecture-plan House-in-forest-hanareyama kidosaki-architect-cross section

Wellness & Spa »Private gym, spa and lounge in the middle of the forest

private gym terrace glass roofing alu

Today we present to you a fascinating private gym located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg located and extends over a total area of ​​113 m2. Behind the project, which was realized in 2015, are the architects Olga Vetosheva and Eduard Zakharov of Horomystudio. Their task was to create a fully equipped sports complex with swimming pool and spa area, but seamlessly integrated into the environment.

Private gym in nature

private-gym-design-terrace-sun are

The lack of open space and the forest landscape presented a real challenge. Finally, a 30 m2 plot of land was devoted to building land, preserving all the trees and integrating them into the architecture of the sports center. For this reason, the use of construction machinery was not possible. All excavation work in the project was done manually. So the basement was built according to the TOP-DOWN technology: from top to bottom.


The private fitness center is spread over several floors: a basement with fitness machines for strength and muscle training, cardio machines on the ground floor and yoga on the upper floor. The façade, which is located to the north, is made of glass and this one to the south has been covered with wood. The adjoining terrace is on several levels and offers a pleasant stay in good weather. The terrace on the north side connects the fitness center to an existing sauna complex.

Private gym professionally furnished

private-gym-cardio training-device-glazing

The private gym integrates harmoniously into the natural environment. Thanks to the ample glazing, the natural light is used optimally. The hall on the ground floor has sliding glass doors that open completely when needed and allow the boundary between inside and outside to merge. The steps also have excellent accents, such as LED strips and integrated flower boxes.

private-gym-boxing-mirror-behind lighting

A spiral staircase with copper sheet railing connects the three floors. Polymer coatings on the steps provide extra security. The interior design and equipment of the gym satisfies the high demands of a professional sports facility. SPORTEC® style safety flooring and sports parquet made of Canadian maple MIRAGE) were laid. Special emphasis was also placed on the technical solution for natural room ventilation. A real highlight are also the figures of famous boxers, which were made of mirrors specifically for the project.


private-gym-stair-led strips

private-gym-design elements


private-gym-spiral staircase-copper sheet railings

private-gym-glass roof-balcony

private-gym-glass roof-light ring

private-gym-night lighting-pool


Project and realization of HOROMYSTUDIO

Architecture »Modern private house in the forest of Patagonia -” Techos “by Mathias Klotz

flat roof house argentina winter landscape mathias log

This modern one Private house in the woods was founded in 2006 by Mathias Klotz designed. The house covers an area of ​​650 m2 and is located in Patagonia, Argentina. It is conveniently located in a picturesque area landscape on a beautiful lake shore and surrounded by a two-century old forest.

Techos House – Private home in the woods

private house in the forest flat roof Argentina

The House with flat roof Looks minimalist when viewed from the outside, but the interior design style is more like a rustic winter house. Visible rafters made of steel, brown leather sofa, low coffee table made of solid wood – these elements of the interior harmoniously combine to create a cozy ambience for the winter house.

Facade from the private house in the forest

Techos private house in the forest of Argentina facade

This Private house in the woods combines different materials such as wood, natural stone, steel and concrete with a classic design. The large floor to ceiling glass windows allow the owner to enjoy the winter landscape with family or friends from the inside.

private house in the forest winter landscape balcony holzidelen

Winter landscape – view from the balcony

private house in the forest floor to ceiling window winter house

Living area in the winter house

private house in forest residential area mathias klotz

Metal rafters

modern house in forest rustic interior of metal rafters


modern house in forest techos stairway natural stone floor

Indoor swimming pool

Winter house in the forest Badhalle indoor natural stone wall

Pool lighting

house techos of mathias klotz pool lighting

Facade of the winter house

winter house in the forest argentina facade

building plans House Techos mathias klotz cross section House techos architecture plan mathias klotz

Architecture »Modern glasshouse in the middle of a forest-cozy home

modern glass house in the middle-the-Forest

Is it possible to combine the peace and quiet that reign in the forest with the comforts of modern life? Yes, how do you do this outstanding Glass house in the middle of the forest proves. A very good idea is the project of Parra Edwards Arquitectos in Chille – house in the forest with open construction.

Glasshouse in the middle of the forest with innovative construction

innovative glass house facade

The modern house design is located in Santiago, at the beginning of the Andes. The house is designed as a spaceship that has landed in the forest to later fly somewhere else again. Hence his name comes – Appollo 11. The architecture of this Glass house in the middle of the forest is undoubtedly very innovative and attracts everyone’s attention. It was originally conceived as a music studio, but it can also be used as an architectural studio. It’s like a capsule where the Equipage – architects and musicians – can create their art.

Glass house in the middle of the forest – extraordinary house architecture

Living-round pendant light images

The modern glasshouse in the middle of the forest consists of two floors and is designed with a rectangular construction. After the Japanese, the rectangle is a pure element that is in balance with nature. The simple simple form of the rectangle helps to protect the surrounding nature and as little as possible to change the environment – it fits in well with the area, and the glass walls let the house look almost transparent.

Modern detached house with a cozy interior

colored decorations Cabinet

The house construction is specially designed so that as much heat as possible remains in the house during the winter. The thermo-glass windows let the light into the house and facilitate the warming up of the rooms. The bedrooms face north to be lit by the sun in winter as much as possible. The house structure consists of simple steel construction and glass panels. The facade can also change with the change of seasons through a system of mobile panels. The interior is in unison with the environment. Residents can enjoy the beautiful view throughout the house from the Parnan Edwards Arquitectos.


Bedroom with wooden paneling

Interior wood bedroom

Detached house in the middle of the forest

Living room wooden house forest

Wooden house in the forest – entrance

Wooden house forest input

Kitchen with open shelves

Kitchen-design-open shelves

Elegant interior – wooden staircase

Wooden staircase-family house Forest

Glasshouse with steel construction

Glasshouse steel construction Modern facade

Architecture »” Eco-PERCH “- an innovative log cabin in the middle of the forest


As the name implies, the innovative “Eco-PERCH” presents a clean curved design that potentially has a lot of fun for holidaymakers encapsulating. Eco PERCH is a new concept in the holiday rental, in fact, one innovative log cabin , Despite the appearance of inconspicuous exterior, the interior of “Eco Perch” Treehouse is exceptionally stylish and shows a considerable advance from a caravan or conventional holiday lodge. In this modern log cabin an open interior maximizes every inch of the existing space. The flexibility of positioning “Eco-PERCH” is an additional attraction. Perched on a hillside, the modern tree house offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. This exceptional estate can also be mounted on a tree, such as a new version of an adult tree house. The curved shape of “Eco Perch” is simply eye-catching and bizarre, but totally inviting to eager holidaymakers. This treehouse could be the most innovative ready made version of a modern log cabin represent that is available today.

Sustainable log cabin in the forest


Surprisingly, this is innovative log cabin spacious enough to comfortably accommodate four people. The interior of this innovative log cabin is simple and super stylish, with everything necessary for the comfort of the occupants. The traditional element of the wood paneling creates a warm, inviting environment, whatever the season. Cool in summer, but with a cozy wood burning stove to generate warmth in the fall and winter, this inventive design has been developed to meet the demand of eco-tourism all year round. This fabulous modern log cabin offers a very attractive and sustainable accommodation for an equally attractive price.

spacious cabin for four people

eco-perch-spacious-lodge-four people

With a clever pre-engineered system, every “Eco PERCH” setup can be delivered on-site and assembled and installed completely in just a few days. The reduction of working time of course always expenses around for the tenants. So the next time you need a break, look for the “Eco Perch” – one innovative log cabin , which is environmentally friendly and also hides a surprisingly comfortable interior.

from Jaz

Designed by Blue Forest

Wood paneling in the interior

wood cladding-lodge-innterieur

Treehouse version


Interior design planning


innovative-tree house interior plan eco-perch-Blue Forest plan

Architecture »Escape to the Forest – Minimalist Forest House By CORREIA / RAGAZZI Arquitectos from Portugal

minimalist forest house hillside modern forest design

Located in the glorious natural environment of Cavado River, this house is an intelligent rebuilding of an existing ruined building on the basis of the minimalist architectural style , Krass modern in contrast to the forest and river that surround the house, it is a sure example of an extremely minimalist Waldhaus design.

minimalist Waldhaus – side view

minimalist forest house facade concrete façade terrace wood

In many ways, the exterior design of the house is not particularly noticeable – completely unadorned and shaped like an oblong box. The size and structure of the house were limited by the scheme of the existing destroyed building and strict building regulations. The most dramatic aspect of this building is the self-supporting construction. This allows the upper house floor to remain ‘weightless’ above the steep river.

minimalist architectural style of the Waldhaus

minimalist forest house -balcony-rock-house-modern

The simplicity of minimalist architectural style helped the architect to unite the architecture with the environment. The modest form of this Weekend retreat seems secondary to the magic of nature. So that the house does not dominate too much in this sheltered place of natural beauty, it was skillfully cultivated , The only, rather important aspect of this minimalist house design is the exposed floor. The architects have commented it like this:

“Since the first visit to the site, it has become clear to us that we have to deal with a very demanding project. When building the project, it was also essential that the environment was the most important foundation for the construction.

Distant view of the minimalist forest house


The minimalist architectural style was chosen for this project, as the main object for this project was made clear. The goal was to provide a wonderful location and convenient escape from the city to families who want to experience and enjoy nature closer. Because of the favorite water sports, the family wanted easy access to the river.

Breathtaking view from the house


The architects have understood quite well the importance of the intention to bring views from outside into the house. Therefore, it is built as a lookout platform or a bridge between the inhabitants and the spectacular panorama outside. The minimalist house design in this case becomes a conduit for the enjoyment of nature. The exterior design of the house therefore comes second behind this significant role.

Impression of weightlessness from the minimalist forest house

minimalist-waldhaus-land-nature-architectural style-architecture style

minimalist-waldhaus-floating effect-living room-panorama

minimalist-waldhaus-eingangsbereich-gartenweg-door gray

minimalist-waldhaus-concrete Optic-wall-design-kitchen-stainless steel

minimalist-waldhaus-dining room-living room-fensterfront-wood


minimalist-waldhaus-input-garden-pane-metal door

minimalist-waldhaus-corridor-wall tiling-wood-warm-ambiente

minimalist-waldhaus-project-floorplan-seitenansich-house construction-architects

From Jaz


Dreamhouses »A modern forest house near Potsdam in dialogue with nature

modern forest house potsdam south facade porch sliding doors

The project “Waldhaus am Königswald” was designed by the German architecture office claim realized in 2013. The property belongs to a married couple and is located in a wooded area near Potsdam, Germany. That’s why the design stops modern forest house which enters into a dialogue with its natural environment and is also shaped by it. The treetops conjure up a fantastic Play of light and shadow , which is projected onto the building and is also felt in the ambience of the interiors.

Modern forest house, which blends harmoniously into the landscape

modern forest house potsdam veranda glaze

The goal of the project was still to build a home for the couple and their guests, which despite the limited construction area acts generous. The architects played with volumes and surfaces, resulting in a compact, open-plan building of approximately 60 square meters, consisting of two cubes turned towards each other. Through this centrally arranged kink, the house is divided into two – living and sleeping area. The roof geometry sits asymmetrically above the floor plan, as a result of which dominate droops throughout the interior and make the rooms look spacious and open.

Modern forest house from Claim


Due to the sloping roof, a covered porch is created on the south side. On the north side are the entrance, the kitchen, the bathrooms and the study room. Large windows follow the longitudinal axis at the southern façade and direct the view into the forest. The square, precisely arranged panes on the east and west façades emphasize the transitions between the south-facing rooms and the north-facing areas.

Facade in black and white

modern forest house potsdam suedfassade glazing

The façade blends harmoniously into the surrounding forest landscape. While held in a dull black, the white of the interior creates a light and airy atmosphere. The rooms on the south facade open to the garden and the surrounding green of the trees. The interior design works with a limited range of materials such as light wood and neutral tones such as black and white.

modern-waldhaus-Potsdam-facade-matte black


modern-waldhaus-Potsdam-facade-matte black-input-small-window


modern-waldhaus-Potsdam-south facade-veranda-glass doors

waldhaus-inside-wooden floor-kaminofen-dachschraege

waldhaus-inside-dining area-wood-wall tile-flooring

waldhaus inner Kitchen range shelves African-fitted wardrobes

waldhaus-interior-white-kitchen-shelf American

waldhaus-inside-sleeping area-wood-wall tiling

waldhaus-interior-corridor-fitted wardrobes-wood-wall tiling

waldhaus-inside-bedroom-window-bench-laminate flooring


waldhaus-Potsdam-claim Architect grundriss-plan

waldhaus-Potsdam-claim-architecture-plan cross-sectional

waldhaus-Potsdam-claim-architect-cross section

waldhaus-Potsdam-claim Architect plot of land-plan

waldhaus-Potsdam-claim-architecture-facade render

waldhaus-Potsdam-claim-architectural-building render

Photos by: G.Jankowski, Claim

Architecture »Camouflage house-a wooden house in the middle of the forest

by architect Johnsen Schmaling

Interesting design idea - wooden house in the forest

This Woodhouse was designed by architect Johnsen Schmaling. Located in Wisconsin, USA, the house sits on a plateau surrounded by dense forest. The Tarnungshaus looks small and is barely visible from the narrow winding road. But that’s just the idea – to create a house close to nature.

Camouflage house-an exciting exterior design

exciting exterior design - wooden house terrace

That’s why it became that Tarnungshaus called. It resembles a hut in the middle of the forest. This effect was achieved by the design of the facade. Two different types of plates were installed. The first layer of the façade consists of untreated cedar, and the second – of reflective wood panels in natural colors that resemble tree trunks. Over time, cedar became gray, while the other wood panels preserved their original color.

a wooden house in the middle of the forest

Interesting design idea - minimalist exterior design

The Tarnungshaus consists of two floors. It has a simple L-shaped plan. All rooms are united by a glass corridor that starts from the entrance hall. The basement faces the lake and houses all the bedrooms. The rest of the living spaces are located on the upper floor.

The interior of the house has been decorated in warm colors with minimalist furniture. Wooden walls make the rooms look more inviting and create a cozy, pleasant atmosphere.

By K.H.Hristova

Interior design in the living room - black armchair

minimalist architecture - elegant kitchen design

modern house interior decoration - living area

modern design idea - accent on black chairs

Wooden decoration in the interior - living room