Natural materials in the interior – furnishing with light wood

Ceiling glass wall upholstered sofa home

Whether flooring, wall or ceiling trim, whether solid furniture or even as a decoration – the wood is an absolute classic among the Natural materials in the interior , Wood can spice up the decor, or bring out interesting details of the interior design better.

Natural materials in the interior – light wood in the trend

small apartment set up white ceiling

If you set up with light wood, is very trendy. The light wood is one of the Natural materials in the interior with versatile application. If you would like to enjoy floorboards in light beige shades, opt for oak or beech. The two types of wood are extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting. Wall or ceiling panels made of pine or cherry give the room a noble look. The larch is a very resistant wood and can almost last as a floor covering for the terrace or window frames. The beech is preferred by many designers for the production of stressed solid furniture.

Natural materials in the interior – light wood creates a cozy atmosphere

Wood counter birch boards modern glass wall

Light woods have one more advantage – their soft beige color makes the rooms spacious and comfortable. Due to their natural charisma even a minimalist decor can be refreshed. But for the wooden floor or the wooden furniture to last 20 years or more, they must be oiled every 4-5 months. Regular airing can extend this time span a bit. The good care for the wooden furniture ensures that they last a long time.

Wood is one of the most popular Natural materials in the interior Not without reason – its numerous uses and warm color create a feel-good ambience in every room. It’s an investment that’s definitely worth it.

Light wood as wall cladding and for the ceiling

Carpet reception room bench modern interior design

Solid wood floorboards in living room

Oak white upholstered furniture living room furnishings

One-room apartment benefits from the wooden floor

Attic leather furniture living area kitchen dining area

Staircase and room divider made of wood

Furnish natural materials wall modern living room corner sofa

The kitchen – with wooden counter

Birch wood kitchen cabinets modern look small apartment

Solid furniture – the coffee table made of oak

Wall Decoration Wooden Floor Sofa Set Two-Seater Coffee Table

Room divider made of wood contrasts with the cold white walls

Paneling living room set up black wall

Modern living area with light wooden floor

Dining area living room white walls

The wall paneling emphasizes important details of the interior design

Cherry red beige block kitchen two floors apartment

The ceiling with wood paneling looks luxurious

Wooden suspended ceiling living room upholstered furniture

pink sofa big window wall stickers

Design ideas furniture Scandinavian style

Furniture seat dining room furniture

Wooden furniture modern idea folding chair beige

Solid wood minimalist furniture cherry upholstery gray

Furnishing ideas in country style – combining furniture and lighting

Apartment country style wall panels leather sofa

We present you Set up ideas in the Country-style – and take you on a virtual journey through a beautiful house with a rustic look in Italy.

Furnishing ideas in country style – furniture

Dining room wall panels wood vase table decoration

If you want a cozy and comfortable interior, they will be yours Set up ideas certainly liked in the country house style. The interior designer Gianpaolo Zandegiacomo has made on customer request an interior made entirely of recycled wood. Wood was first used as a wall covering. The wooden panels are a connecting element in the whole apartment – theirs warm color is emphasized by matching paint. So that the one-room apartment looks optically larger, the architect has opted for white ceilings. Wooden bookcases – this time in black color provide ample storage space for books in the living room and cooking utensils in the kitchen. They also serve as room dividers and visually separate the living area into several functional rooms. Black sofa in the living room sets accents. The apartment has been decorated with old vases and statues. Golden accents add glamor to the interior. The acrylic chairs in the dining room make the decor look eclectic.

Furnishing ideas in country style – lighting

Bathroom shower cabin LED lighting blue color

The lighting plays a big role in the interior in the country house style. In the living area, sunlight comes through the windows, which protect with white curtains from the curious eyes of neighbors. Luminaires are mounted on the walls and create a combination with the fireplace romantic mood in the evening. The bathroom is integrated with LED lighting that sets accents. The blue light chain in the shower cubicle creates an oasis in the bathroom and contributes to relaxation and recovery of the senses.

Studio tastefully decorated – wood floor

Dining room kitchen country style decor ideas

Kitchen island with a rustic style

rustic kitchen interior furniture design

Acrylic chairs in the dining room

Wooden table cottage interior ideas

Shelves in the kitchen

multifunctional cooking island shelf vases metal

Small apartment with rustic interior

Country style furnishings recycled wood table

Bedroom with bed of recycled wood

House forest bedroom rustic bed design

Country-style bedroom

Bedroom country style ceiling lamps design ideas

Creative wall decoration – with old weapons

Wall deco idea country style design idea

Bathroom design ideas

Original chair rabbit ears wool upholstery

Bathroom design idea – white sink

Bathroom country style white washbasin design

Wooden panels in the toilet

Toilet bidet country style heating

Designer sofa – Royal furnishing ideas for living rooms from Italy

Living room royal style

We present you royal Furnishing ideas for living room – Designer sofas from one of the leading Italian furniture companies. Ville Venete is an Italian furniture manufacturer known for its high quality classic furniture. The company specializes in the design of sofas, armchairs and stools that will surely fascinate fans of traditional decor. The company has recently launched a large collection of classic furniture in the market. Of course, the focus is on the sofa designs.

Royal interior design ideas for living rooms – timeless elegance

modern white classic sofa

The Italian company has thematically divided the sofa designs into four categories – lifestyle, classic, luxury and leather. The style is similar, only with the difference that some sofas are better suited for everyday use while others are more luxurious Furnishing ideas for living room present that better match hotels and lobbies. The designs were inspired by the trends of the years 1900-1910 and are similar to the Art Deco style. They are upholstered in fine fabrics or high-quality leather.

Classic interior design ideas for living rooms – designer sofas from Italy

white armchair classic style floral pattern

The word classic is traditionally associated with timeless elegance and quality – and you can be assured that these fine pieces of furniture will never go out of fashion and that they will fit any interior. The Company Ville Venete For each model there are several options for padding so that everyone can choose their own Lielbingsdesign. The colors in these Furnishing ideas for living room are also traditional – white and beige with gold accents. Interesting floral patterns create contrasts. The sofas are skillfully combined with pillows, so that in the end a cozy piece of furniture is created, which will certainly give its owner pleasure for a long time.

From Jaz

Black armchair in combination with a small side table

modern armchair design classic furnishing ideas

White sofa design in a classic style

classic furniture home decor living room

Leather sofa and wallpaper with classic patterns

Leather sofa design brown classic decor

Gray armchair with plush upholstery

classic armchair-Italian furniture

Colorful pillows decorate the classic design

classic furniture sofa

Romantic floral design

classic decor

Golden color of the upholstery

golden sofa design

Photo wall in the living room

Photo wall sofa living room design idea

Interesting wall tattoo refreshes the traditional color scheme

classic elegance living room sofa

Living room design – blue sofa set

Living room design ideas

White sofa set

modern living room living ideas

Furnishing ideas for 2017 – the latest trends in living

Furnishing ideas for 2017-current-home-trends-carpet-blue-functional-elements

The newest Furnishing ideas for 2017 are more akin to the past – handmade, wood, nostalgia, but also the opulent Miami style. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, people appreciate more the cosiness and the feeling of life, want to retire to a world other than these outside. They put a lot of emphasis on the details – colors and fabrics that provide security, soft padding like knitwear and generous couches with more cushions. The most popular material remains Wood because of its warm look. Even the tiles no longer look hard and cold, but more like wood floors. The angular, angular forms diminish or are present only at the dining and coffee tables.

Furnishing ideas for 2017 – The latest trends in living

Furnishing ideas for 2017-current-home-trends-blue-turquoise-tulip-residential-landscape

The colors of the latest furnishing ideas for 2017 are blue, gray, coffee tones and black. Various shades of blue, such as indigo, jeans or petrol, are in great demand as accessories and details in home landscapes, for curtains, carpets, wallpaper and cuddly pillows. The long-standing white color of the upholstery of sofas and armchairs retreats, gray tones and black dominate. As a basic color for the walls and for straight surfaces, however, it still remains current. The natural colors coffee, khaki and taupé combine well with the natural materials.
The current materials in the furnishing ideas for 2017 remain natural. leather , Wool and felt dress the sofas. The wooden furniture is mainly made of oak and walnut. and are characterized by naturally faded, dull and velvety surfaces.

Furnishing ideas for 2017 – Living landscapes made of natural materials

Furnishing ideas for 2017-current-living-trends-shelf-solid-wood-living-landscape

According to the furnishing ideas for 2017, the forms are developing in two directions – discreet and rather puristic and over-decorated. The design classics from the 20th century and new pieces of furniture in the Bauhaus style meet the Miami style with lots of pink and flamingos – the new decoration trend. Another flow in the Living trends 2017 is the upcycling of items to entire homes from former factories known as Loft.

Latest Living Trends – Miami Style

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-miami-style

Clever functional solutions for the storage and organization of surfaces and rooms are reshaping tables and shelves, furniture accessories and boxes for laptops and tablets and their cables.

Writing and dressing table in one

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-desk-dressing table-sixayfurniture

Buffet made of solid wood with functional doors

device ideas-2015-current-living trends buffet-neus-solid-wood

Purist dining table gets longer by folding function on the sides

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-wood-table-functionally-gustave-plus mini form

Tetra modules made of solid wood form whole open wall shelves

device ideas-2015-current-living trends tetra-module-shelf-wood

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-module-tetra-shelf

Simple desk with background

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-prodotti

Purist walnut dining table

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-brick233-Gervason-square-dining table

Washbasin with base in solid wood

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-sink-bad-wood

Simply kept living landscape – natural materials and colors

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-wood-coffee table-ever wood

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-chair-wood-stockholm

furnishing ideas for 2015 -new-living-trends-lazy-chair-foot

Upcycling Design remains current according to the interior design ideas for 2017

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-recycled carpet silk-lane

Natural materials and natural colors

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-blue mosaic bathroom

Blue is the color of 2017

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-pattern-wallpaper-blue

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-classic Manhattan apartment-2

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-black-white-miami-style

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-residential landscape-BoConcept

device ideas-2015-current-living trends-opulent mirror-black

furnishing ideas for 2015-current-home-trends-plum-planet-lamp

furnishing ideas for 2015-current-home-trends-over-decorated-opulent-colorful

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – well-being in a natural ambience

Setting Designer Find dining table ash-Polsterstuehle

With wood, nature is brought into its own four walls – the material forms a homely ambience, gives the interior warmth and cosiness and ensures a healthy indoor climate. Perhaps that is why in recent years, the setting with solid wood furniture in the strong trend , But beware – not every wooden piece of furniture is considered massive. What is behind the term actually and what high-quality furniture without pollutants can be seen in the article.

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – what does the term “solid wood” actually stand for?

Setting Designer Find dining table ideas

The term “solid wood furniture” / still solid wood furniture called / is expressly regulated in the DIN standard 68871. Furniture items that are not veneered and except for drawer bottoms and back are made entirely of solid wood are considered solid wood furniture. Here, individual, non-visible construction parts may be made of softwood.
Solid wood / solid wood / itself is worked out of the cross-section of a tree trunk – the milled lamellas and bars are first stored and dried and then further processed into laminated wood panels. Both a chemical and a mechanical treatment are excluded. The most important advantage of this processing is that the natural material proves its properties.
In contrast, plywood, MDF boards and fibreboards are made from shredded pieces of wood. The natural material therefore changes its properties – therefore these are marked as wood-based materials and not as solid wood.

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – the advantages of solid wood at a glance:

Setting Designer Find-oak kitchen cabinets

– Solid wood breathes and regulates the humidity in the room;
– Solid wood contains no pollutants, repels dust and is therefore a good choice for allergy sufferers;
– Solid wood furniture is extremely robust and durable;
– Some solid woods such as pine have a very pleasant resin smell;

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – what should be considered when buying?

Setting Designer Find a wall shelf Living

Even if the furniture is manufactured in accordance with DIN standard 68871, this does not automatically mean that it complies with other quality standards and sustainability principles. These criteria should therefore play a role in the choice of furniture:
– Sustainability – does the wood come from certified forestry? At renowned dealers like Allnatura great emphasis is placed on it.
– Pollutant-free – are the furniture / including accessories such as mattresses and upholstery / really tested and without pollutants?
– How is the wood surface treated – Is it provided with a seal or advise the manufacturer to a treatment with wax and oil / the second variant is actually beneficial, because then the wood can breathe /

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – the right care

Setting Designer Find a bed-side tables

Solid wood furniture can serve lifelong care with proper care. And this should start from the first day – first the furniture must be placed in a dry, well ventilated room for 24 hours. Then arrange the furniture in the living area / sleeping area so that each piece of furniture is evenly exposed to the sun’s rays – so it can not come to irregular discoloration. Cleaning in everyday life is extremely easy – wipe the furniture with a dry cloth, remove stains with wood soap.

Furnishing tips – make cheap kitchens look more luxurious!

Cheap Kitchen remodel Decorate

Cheap kitchens can also look classy and luxurious – here we tell you how you can make your kitchen more luxurious and without much effort and expense! The renovation can be too expensive, time and nerves, which can save you in the end. We have collected and summarized some setup tips for you.

Cheap kitchens – save at the kitchen counter

White Flooring open-Küchensregale-storage space

Usually the kitchen counter is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the room. Granite, marble or quartz counters cost thousands of euros, and the installation is extra. Nevertheless, this counter is very popular and popular for its durability and beautiful appearance. Cheap kitchens have a great advantage – they usually come in simple colors and models, and you can then change and decorate them in different ways. But you can achieve the same effect with much less money – buy a decorative foil – granite and marble – and stick it on the kitchen counter. Or you can buy granite tiles that cost less than entire granite counter.

Cheap kitchens – save on flooring

modern-kitchen-dark laminate white furniture

Cheap kitchens have a simple design and can be combined with different floor coverings. Instead of using natural stone or wood flooring, you can opt for laminates. It is important to select the right color. Combination of white kitchen cabinets and dark flooring always looks classically elegant. If you’re not sure about colors, you can not go wrong with the absolute classic – black and white color scheme. Choose laminates that are dark and whose individual parts are bigger and longer. The same applies to floor tiles – monochrome, large and in a neutral color scheme.

Cheap kitchens – kitchen accessories

elegant white-kitchen-island cheap kitchen

Cheap kitchens can look luxurious and classy, ​​and to compliment the overall look, you can combine them with expensive crockery. If you want to save money on accessories, you can buy display units at a lower price. Organize the kitchen cabinets so that all accessories are hidden. Puristic shapes are totally in vogue. So keep the design as simple as possible, let the room look neat, for the first time skip decoration and choose a two-tone color scheme.

Cheap kitchens with pure luxury appearance

Modern-affordable-kitchen-blind design idea

We’ve come up with some great ideas for you, such as cheap kitchens Pure luxury can radiate – and that’s because of the lighting. The designers set accents by choosing a colored or elegant lighting. If you have large windows, you can decorate them with a Venetian blind – in this case, opt for a monochrome variant with a large figure in the middle instead of smaller flower patterns, for example. Save money on designers by remodeling your own kitchen – not just an inexpensive alternative, but a way to design your dream kitchen!

Simple kitchen with red chandelier

simple-kitchen-red chandelier accent

Gray color scheme for elegant kitchen

gray color scheme and elegant-budget Kitchen set

Elegant color scheme-brown-white color

elegant color scheme-brown and white color

Open kitchen shelf-great storage ideas

open-kitchen shelf-great-storage ideas

Decorative foil granite kitchen counter

Decorative film Granite kitchen counter

Marble decoration foil

Marble decorative foil kitchen table

Cupboard with a lot of storage space

black-white-storage ideas kitchen

Furnishing ideas for sitting area in the kitchen-space-saving and comfortable

sitting area in the kitchen comfort bench chairs tree trunk table round blue wall paint

The Sitting area in the kitchen is not only practical, but also really cozy alternative to dining room , Our interior design ideas will help you to create a sunny corner where the whole family can enjoy the food together, the children can tinker and you can read books or solve cross puzzles.

Sitting area in the kitchen – your new favorite place

sitting area in the kitchen rustic blackboard pizza oven wooden bench brick white

Even if your kitchen is big, it will only benefit from a sitting area. The Sitting area in the kitchen you should set up directly under the window so that the sunlight can be used completely. For more light on the table, you can opt for transparent curtains. The white color for small kitchens is recommended and can be refreshed by light green and light blue accents. Red and black are always included rustic style very much, while yellow fits the Scandinavian interior.

Sitting area in the kitchen – Bright, comfortable and homely

sitting area in the kitchen bright furnishing white gray marble table murals

The Sitting area in the kitchen consists of a corner seat – wood is the material that gives the kitchen a cozy look, and table. Take good care that there is enough room for free movement between the table and the bench. A good option is the table with a round shape that visually opens the corner. The bench should be upholstered with fabric / alternatively it can be leathered. Decoration can come in the form of curtains, colorful pillows or interesting chairs.

Sitting area in the kitchen for the whole family

sitting area in the kitchen modern round dining table stone wallpaper gray sofa

For smaller rooms you can use the Sitting area in the kitchen shape as follows – one Bench with storage space combine with a table with storage space. Above the bench, you can design a photo wall, or even hang your favorite pictures. Flowers at the table are a must and compliment the overall look. On further decoration you can do without. For more comfortable seating, you can put a rug under the table. Despite the sunlight, you need a pendant lamp above the table. We have collected some ideas for you as an incentive. Be creative – the work will pay off!

Warm colours

sitting area in the kitchen eckdesign red orange seat cushion country style

Sitting area with storage space

Seating Area Bin Kitchen yellow pillow

Green bench in the kitchen

green bench kitchen

Green kitchen in a classic style

green-kitchen-classical-style seating area

White-blue color scheme in the kitchen

White-kitchen-cozy sitting area- make blue

Leather beige seat

leathered-beige bench chairs kitchen

Yellow upholstered bench

yellow-padded bench kitchen

Small kitchen with sitting area

small-kitchen-sitting room

White kitchen with bench

white-kitchen-wooden table Stizecke

Cozy country kitchen

Country Kitchen Lanterne Tile sitting area

white-wood seating area table and blue cushion

Photo wall-sitting room-kitchen

rustic kitchen wood floor sitting area

orange sitting area- classic kitchen

Eclectic furnishing style does not mean chaos, but style mix

eclectic interior style mix living room white wall paint orange armchair

The decor in a particular style often becomes boring over time, especially if it does not fully match the character of the occupants. For some, it might seem too pompous, uncomfortable or outdated. To make everyone happy, the modern decor always tends more about the style mix , Eclectic furnishing style does not mean chaos or kitsch, but a balanced mix of furniture and elements in different styles. Classic and rustic furniture can be combined with objects of Japanese or Arabic style. The designers are convinced that this is possible without the decor seems too cheesy. The ideal combination of design elements gives the room a personality. Eclectic furnishing style does not mean chaos, but shows the aesthetic means with which it is possible to regulate the diversity and to exist the optically different elements in complete harmony.

Eclectic decorating style – tips and tricks

eclectic mix of styles bedroom living room baroque modern elements

Eclecticism allows expensive wooden furniture to be combined with patterned wallpaper, ceramics, laminate, stone, plastic, without disturbing each other. Here are some tips that can help you to mix different style elements harmoniously.

Eclectic decorating style – 1. Start with the background

eclectic style mix living room retro modern metal glass

It is better to paint the walls white, even if you like strong wall paints. Since you would add a variety of decorative elements, different in color and style, it is important to stay neutral on the background. If you do not like whitewashed walls, choose colorful patterned wallpaper as an accent, for example next to the fireplace.

2. For the device is the largest piece of furniture in the room of great importance – the sofa in the living room, the bed in the bedroom, the table in the kitchen. He often gives de sound to the other elements.

Eclectic decor style – Classic and Japanese elements

eclectic furnishing style style mix wallpaper japanese violet velvet corner sofa

3. Get in balance between the leading and the other elements. Material, shape and colors should be the same or similar.

4. Connecting elements

eclectic style of decoration style mix colorful plants statues living room

Carpet and sofa cushions with zigzag pattern, but in different colors. To a solid wooden chest fits a steel shell, because both express longevity. Statues from different cultures should at least be made of the same material.

5. Add beautiful home accessories

Eclectic home living room gas fireplace blue green metal elements

Paintings, pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths, curtains. Many details will force you to look long around the room instead of staring at an object. Pay attention to the details – edge of the upholstery as well as repeat the edge of the couch or the motive of the curtains “look around” in the fabric or texture of the silk wallpaper. As discrete multiplication as a common thread, various elements are sewn and placed an order in the eclectic chaos.

white furniture and industrial chic

eclectic arrangement living room metal glass elements white style mix

Zebra Pattern and Pink Coffee Table

eclectic living room white pink black zebra pattern plush armchair

white wallpaper with a subtle pattern

Eclectic furnishing living room zigzag pattern blue orange furniture

yellow wallpaper with delicate roses

bedroom eclectic pattern colors mix yellow gray black

Optically separate areas

hotel suite furnishing a style mix modern exotic

light blue wall paint and red splashes of color

eclectic mix of styles dining room blue green red muranoglas chandelier

eclectic mix in the living room

eclectic style mix furnishing living room materials elements colorful

bright orange sofa

eclectic furnishing style living room orange sofa ottomans

eclectic interior design style mix pink wood Marrickville House

Eclectic interior design armchair pattern colorful console table

eclectic living room red black kami pattern wallpaper wood coffee table

eclectic furnishing style modern color rennaissanse paintings

furnishings living room kitchen style mix cooking island

eclectic interior terrace armchair baroque symbols orange color

Decorating in Art Deco style – Living ideas for more luxury in the apartment
Furnishing in an industrial style – ideas for loft-like ambience
Interior design in modern apartment in urban style
Vintage-style décor inspired by the 1940s
What is typical for living and furnishing in traditional style
Decorate the house Mediterranean – bring the aroma of the south to the home
Victorian decor – opulent and luxurious decors
The shabby chic style in the decor – romance and delicate colors
Modern decor with a rustic living concept in the style of Tuscany
Rococo style design – reminiscent of the most magnificent art epochs
The main features of Art Nouveau – Art Nouveau furniture and decoration
The Moroccan style of living decor-like Thousand and One Nights
The neo-classical style of furnishing – elegance from the 18th century
Retro style furniture – the furniture and colors of the 60s
Modern interior design and exquisite decoration in the steampunk style
Decor in the style of Pop Art – expressive and artistic
Interior design in modern apartment in urban style
18 modern ideas for house with courtyard in the Spanish style

Wallpaper with pattern – a modern furnishing idea

modern facility idea-red wallpaper pattern-mix

If you want to give your interior a modern look without a great makeover, choose Wallpaper with pattern , Wallpapering has proven to be much easier than painting. What you can achieve with much effort through a new paint and wall tattoo, is much easier with wallpapers. You can wallpaper the whole room to hide any unevenness on the walls or an old paint. But you can also wallpaper only a wall and thus set interesting accents.

Wallpaper with pattern – stripes

gray-vertical-striped wallpaper

The stripes are absolutely classic, but instead of the traditional look – vertical, multi-colored stripes are currently the horizontal very wide stripes in the same color, but in different tone. You should especially with the Wallpaper with pattern stick the lighter shades on top, and downwards it goes darker and slower. This makes the room look more spacious. Another option is to select several rolls with vertical motifs in the same color schemes and then glue them together – creating an interesting effect.

Wallpaper with pattern – trendy designs

Fleece wallpaper design

trendy Wallpaper with pattern They are also large motifs such as circles – they can be placed on the walls throughout the room and are particularly good when the furniture is rather angular in shape – the contrast between wallpaper and furniture is exciting. Classic ornaments can even fit in a modern interior. Wallpapers with words and fonts are perfect for the modern minimalist dwelling, while plant ornaments are perfect for Feng Shui interiors. Flower patterns, hearts and animals usually belong in the nursery if they are colorful and multicolored.

Wallpaper with pattern – modern color schemes

Green Wallpaper ornaments living room

The trendy color schemes for the Wallpaper with pattern are gray, light blue, purple and red. But that does not mean that you should limit yourself – it is important what fits in your own room. Vote the wallpaper patterns with the carpet and furniture color. And most importantly – the colors and patterns should be beautiful for the eyes

Non-woven wallpaper words

Fleece wallpaper words partition

Red wallpaper in the living room

red wallpaper living room

Romantic bedroom with pink wallpaper

romantic bedroom dark-pink wallpaper

Plant wallpaper pattern

Plant wallpaper pattern Parlor

Floral wallpaper

Floral Pattern Wallpaper Wall Living Room

Modern vinyl wallpapers

modern vinyl wallpaper bedroom

Small living room skyline

Small Living Room Wall Murals City Skyline

Circular motifs in the dining room

Modern Wallpaper circles dining room

dark brown metal wallpaper dining room

dark-brown metal Wallpaper dining room

elegant stripes

elegant stripe pattern wallpaper

Wallpaper on the ceiling in the nursery

Wallpaper ceiling Nursery circle ornaments

pink stripe wallpaper baby room

pink stripes Wallpaper Baby Room

Nursery blue-red pattern

Nursery blue-red pattern wallpaper

blue wallpaper flower pattern

blue wallpaper flower pattern Nursery

beautiful heart pattern tree wallpaper baby room

beautiful heart pattern structure wallpaper Baby Room

colored wallpaper baby room

colored Wallpaper Nursery

Boys teen room wallpapers

Boy teens bedroom wallpaper

Bathroom furnishing program Libera 3D by Novello

Bathroom equipment bathroom furniture-set-wood look-black-front modern

Libera 3D is a comprehensive, multifunctional and state-of-the-art bathroom furnishing program from Novello that combines high functionality with elegant design language. Since its debut at CERSAIE 2011, the Bad series has inspired design lovers from around the world. But in addition, Libera 3D has been further developed, its versatility for the practical life improved and oriented to imaginative, unconventional people.

Bathroom furnishing program allows free combining of elements

modern high gloss white lacquered vanity base cabinet with Mirror LIBERATION 3D

Wall-hung and freestanding elements of different sizes allow great freedom of design and combination options in both larger and smaller bathrooms , Rich in forms and expressive, the Libera 3D bathroom range consists of the following basic elements: a vanity unit in matt white Teknorite, with a deep basin and raised rear edge, with any combination of base units in symmetrical or asymmetrical shapes.

Litera 3D is ideal for optimally using small areas

Lacquered vanity base cabinet with Mirror LIBERATION 3D elevated Rear edge

The base cabinets are available in gloss or matt lacquer and are available as HPL laminates. They have a 45 ° inclined edge, which gives the entire bathroom composition an elegant, harmonious frame. The cabinet fronts open gently with the push-pull system. For additional storage space provide open wall units. A series of mirrored cabinets and practical storage compartments complete the Libera 3D design.

Vanity with raised collar edge

Waschbeckentish-in-modern-style-lacquered drawers Mirror doors sink-elevated edge

The Teknorit washbasin is available with a deep basin and a characteristic raised rear edge and as an integrated vanity top or topped version.

Bathroom furnishing program functionally in use

Bathroom furniture range-libera-3d-Italian-design-novello

Free combination of furnishing elements

Single vanity unit HPL-Slat-Mirror-Gian-Vittorio-Plazzogna-design

Wall-hung washbasin cabinet in yolk

Bathroom equipment bathroom furniture washbasin cabinet-wall mounted

Lacquered washbasin with shelf

Bathroom facility program Vanity Units-wall mounted

Single sink in red

Bathroom furniture range single-sink table, red and mirror cabinet

Bathroom set with mirror cabinet

Bathroom furniture range sink Table with Mirror Collection-Liberation 3D

washbasin cabinet-mirror cabinet-bathroom-device program-blue

Painted Hanging basin base cabinet with Mirror LIBERATION 3D Novello

Bathroom facilities-LIBERATION-3D composition-of-storage units-establishment program

Oval bath-LIBERATION-3D design Gian-Vittorio-Plazzogna