Modern upholstered furniture by Alpa Salotti Sofa Designs with feel-good factor

modern sofa design white adjustable recline

If you have a spacious living room where the whole family gathers in the evening, then a large sofa is a must. Modern upholstered furniture like these from Alpa Salotti play a big role in the game living room , They should not only be large, but also provide the desired seating comfort. The sofa is perhaps the most important element in this living area, so you need to take your time to choose the perfect design.

Modern upholstered furniture for the living room

riviera sofa alpa salotti white adjustable corner sofa

Look no further than the Riviera Sofa of Alpa Salotti. The five backrests are adjustable and can take different positions. On one side the sofa is open, which creates additional seats. You can also comfortably put your legs up and relax.

Modern upholstered furniture with a timeless design

white sofa red carpet modern living room alpa salotti

The Riviera Sofa is a design by Habits Studio’s top designers. Its clean lines are accentuated by the pure white color and are particularly suitable for the contemporary style in the living room. The sofa has a high quality upholstery that enhances its elegance. The large cushions and the adjustable headrests provide total comfort and a unique modern look. The white upholstery allows you to combine the sofa with colorful pillows and a red carpet.

high quality materials and clean lines

vision sofa design straight lines black stool adjustable

All Upholstered furniture by Alpa Salotti are just as worth seeing as the Riviera sofa. Their deep, wide seats offer a new level of comfort. If you want to add a touch of sophistication at home, take a look at this beautiful collection. They are perfect for special occasions and casual gatherings with friends. You have everything you need – a lot of style and no lack of comfort.

adjustable backrests

sofa desire alpa salotti steel feet adjustable backrests

Corner sofa in cream raymond sofa modern upholstered furniture alpa salotti beige corner sofa

big pillows and soft padding

upholstered sofa alpa salotti white corner sofa cushions AYRTON

Nuvolari sofa

nuvolari modern upholstered furniture gray adjustable backrests

black leather sofa modern corner sofa black leather steel feet cushion

Sofa and armchair with modern design

modern design sofa armchair white steel feet shaggy carpet black

elegant steel frame

modern upholstered furniture leather gray shaggy carpet

modern upholstery alpa salotti sofa armchair black white

metropolis sofa corner sofa padded steel feet carpet

gaber sofa italien steel frame beige upholstery

freetime sofa white frame gray sofa cushion

clark sofa design upholstered steel lines accent taupe color

biplano sofa upholstered furniture alpa salotti italy

modern upholstery sofa backrest green

Fancy furniture looks like sketched out – a design by Jinil Park

furniture ideas-Drawing series-Jinil Park design chair-table design

Fancy furniture in the interior testify to their own style and a fine sense of design. Korean designer Jinil Park transformed these seemingly simple-looking rough drawings into pieces of furniture that look like a crazy sketch. The three-dimensional objects have the appearance of a two-dimensional sketch and exude an almost sculptural beauty. Even with two-dimensional sizzen on paper you think in 3 dimensions and imagine how they will look in real. The Drawing Series gives an impression that the boundaries between Reality and illusion merge.

Fancy furniture made of steel wire handmade

Linear wire furniture interresting structures-and-lines

The extraordinary figure set a new standard in terms of design. The illustration is executed in black, easily erasable and not sharply delineated lines. Rough to fine line drawings give the impression as if the designer had experimented with ideas. To achieve the desired optical effect, different lines were required – one line is a bit higher and the next one is slightly lower. In order to make the variations as authentic as hand-drawn sketches, Park wires hammered in different lengths and thicknesses.

Revolutionary furniture looks like drawn

chair modern design-like sketched-black jinil-park filigree-structure

Jinil Park put an unusual design idea into action. From steel wire he made 4 furniture designs – 2 chairs, 2 lights and a table. Defying its filigree structure, the furniture of the Drawing Series is sturdy enough to bear the weight of human beings. The focus is distorted, distorted and linked structures and lines. These speak for a special individual “handwriting” and express the emotions and inner world of the artist. A drawing is particularly good for showing simple forms and also emotional spontaneity. Linear wire furniture revolutionized the design world at the Gwangju Design Biennale in South Korea in autumn 2013.

Fancy Furniture of the Drawing Series by Jinil Park

Fancy objects furniture ideas Chair drawn-graphic drawing

The chair is a wireframe that looks like a line drawing

Drawn Sculptures Furniture Design Chair Jinil Park Drawn

Wire sculptures imitate two-dimensional line drawings

two-dimensional graphic design chair-transformed jinil park

Lamp design inspired by graphic line art

Table lamp Lampshade Drawing series red steel wire

Fancy furniture ideas for your home

South Korean design sketch table steel wire-drawn Jinil Park

Design »Glass furniture from Italy gives the room artistic touch

Glass legs leather sofa classic wall design

The power of glass has always charmed people. Recently, however, the tendency has been to use glass as the main material in architecture and interior. The play Glass furniture a special role – they are no longer just accents, but become an integral part of the institution.

Stylish glass furniture with an Italian flair

set up bright spacious ceilings design pillars

Founded by Vittorio Livi in ​​1973, the company FIAM is more glamorous at making Glass furniture specialized. The combination of hand-blown glass and high-tech processing has great appeal and gives the designs an artistic look. The material is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics and it is very hygienic. Do not be fooled – glass may look simple, but in fact the material is very complicated. The production of glass furniture and home accessories is a big challenge.

Glass furniture combines technological innovation and traditional manufacturing

Upholstered design mirror seat

The professionals of the Italian company have a great deal of experience in this field, which makes it much easier for designers to do their job. Even complicated furniture is decorated with engravings and various decorations. The pieces of furniture are characterized by their original shape and often have a minimalist look. They are perfect for modern, high-gloss facilities and can be combined with state-of-the-art leather furniture. Whether in the living room , in the bedroom or even in the office – The noble glass tables will quickly become the highlight in every room. Thanks to the high-tech manufacturing process, glass can be processed quickly. This allows the production of modern and ergonomic Glass furniture in different forms.

Glass wall-mounted TV with space for TV

Wall unit glass TV cabinet sofa concrete wall

Living room wall as a room divider

Living room set up ideas neutral color glass furniture floor lighting

Big mirror

Living room mirror white sofa colorful glasses deco

Living room with black side table

black glass side table sofa

Shelf made of glass and stainless steel

Furniture mirror shelf home accessories

Glass table with original design

Dining table glass glossy furniture chairs leather stainless steel

Office furnishings

Furnishing glass table stair railing concrete wall

Coffee table made of glass

Coffee table glass modern picture metal chair

Black side table

black frosted glass coffee table low

The same model made of highly polished glass

black armchair Wohnacessoires

Combination of two side tables

Living room set up beige sofa upholstery furniture

Side table with ornaments

Leather couch beige floor lamp industrial chic

Mirror with metal frame

Metal frame around stylish italian glass furniture

Stainless steel and glass table for the kitchen

Set up table kitchen dining area

Glass home accessories black vase bird figurine

set up pictures suggestions glass side tables beige carpet laminate floor

Picture wall black design ideas

Wardrobe Living room classic furnishings

Dining table bowl design ideas

modern glass table mirror metal hanging lamp

Dining table glass black chairs chandelier

Bench frosted glass video system

colored dining room furniture brown color

Wooden bedside table glass purple beige colors

Design glass furniture mirror

minimalist design modern stylish

Glass chair classic wall panels white sofa

Solid wood furniture completes the minimalist interior -22 wooden benches

Garden bench suite Solid wood side table Pedra model

A maximum of comfort and security for inside and outside, however, offer Solid wood furniture , Rustic wooden benches are not only up to date. They come into their own on a minimalistic background. Their specific coloring, grain and texture completes the overall picture. Wooden benches made of heavy high quality solid wood from Rotsen Furniture are available in a traditional design as well as in a modern design. With the bench, a coffee table, side table and a few stools you can quickly create a cozy sitting area in the garden, on the terrace or inside.

Solid wood furniture in exclusive look

Luxury Bank Brazilian-Itaúba Wooden Bench-Rotsen Furniture

Made by skilled craftsmen, provided with striking stainless steel inserts, the Rotsen Solid wood furniture are real eye-catchers in every living space. The seating material used is solid and textured old wood, Brazilian peroba, elm, mango, oak, cherry, black walnut and other woods that give a more natural look.

Rustic solid wood furniture for inside and outside

Solid Wood Walnut Bench Acrylic Frame Rotsen Furniture Furniture

After appropriate surface treatment with oil, the Solid wood furniture weather-resistant, easy-care and shiny. They are often combined with aluminum elements, powder-coated steel, glass or Plexiglas contemporary look.

Wooden garden bench with metal frame

Handmade wooden bench designer metal foot L Bench

The exclusive wooden benches blend harmoniously into the living landscape of leather furniture and metal chairs. These match equally well with seating areas in country house style. Rotsen Furniture produces furniture that can be compared to works of art and is distinguished by its specific, clear, modern aesthetics.

Benches made of different types of wood crafted by hand

Garden furniture Benches Tamburil-Mango Oak-Black Walnut steel construction

Multifunctional garden bench solid wood

Bank recycled solid wood multifunctional model modern

Salvaged from hardwood bench

Garden bench solid wood Pinus log model modern Cachepôt Bank with Opening for sexy flowerpots or magazines

Bench wood solid garden furniture Indoor cachepot

Solid wood bench for garden and terrace

Modern Benchdesign Macico-Bench Rotsen-Furniture- oiled surface easy to clean
Onda bench in recycled walnut and tamburil wood

Walnut wood garden furniture bench Onda grain

Onda in dark brown finish

Onda garden bench-modern elm walnut-wood texture

Wooden bench in reddish-brown color warms up the room

Rustic garden bench-Contemporary design-Massive wood oil Solid wood furniture creates modern material and color contrasts

Metal leg design garden bench Constellation solid wood furniture

Wooden garden bench with metal frame

Stainless Steel Metal Solid Wood Bench Garden Design Mango Wood Handmade

Retalho bench made of different types of wood

Rustic garden bench Retalho Rotsen-Furniture Design

Rustic garden bench “Bridge”

Rustic Garden Patio Furniture Bench Dark Solid Wood Bridge Model

“Fazenda” impresses with modern bench design

Rustic garden wooden bench fazenda oil treatment finish

Designer Bank “Pedra”

Designer solid wood seat Pedra seat Outdoor furniture

“Tanumbuca” bench in a rustic look

Bench rectangular Tanumbuca wood massive modern

“Tatajuba” old wood bench

Tatajuba wooden bench oil treatment-rustic design

Handmade rustic bench

Eco-furniture garden bench-Imbúia wood-metal frame

Recycled wood furniture by Rotsen Furniture

Indoor Bench Design Rustic-Durable Solid Wood Furniture

The sculptural furniture and objects of the German designer Dahm Lee

square project dahm lee wall shelf kitchen

Dahm Lee is a student of HfBk in Hamburg, whose designs have captivated our eye. Your sculptural furniture and objects have a simple design, but embody clever and practical ideas. The first project is called Quadrat. Its form and function are not easy to define, but the owner can decide for himself how to interact with it. She has gotten away from the ordinary things in her room inspired, which are square or rectangular. Because of this, she wanted to bend and twist the regular geometric shapes to design something different.

The sculptural furniture or the functional objects

sculptural graphic object dahm lee wall shelf hexagonal

With its colorful rubber bands wrapped around the main steel frames, the sculptural piece not only adds visual interest to its surroundings, but also gives the user the freedom to decide its function. The square project, for example, can be used as a modular shelf.

The sculptural furniture with no predetermined function

sculptural furniture objects lampshade bedroom

square shelf dahm lee unusual shape

to bend the ordinary forms

square multifunctional object dahm lee elastic bands

square object designer dahm lee steel construction

Steel construction and gimmibbons

kitchen shelf dahm lee steel colorful elastic bands

Each user decides for himself how he wants to interact with the object

square multifunctional object wine glasses holder

“Dami and Damaki”

sculptural furniture dahm lee dami and damaki barstool

The second project of the German designer is called “Dami and Damaki” – bar stool with storage space. She wanted to solve her own problem and not throw her jacket and bag in a bar on the floor. With this barstool you can easily stow it under the seat. The sculptural furniture consists of powder-coated steel rods and wound rubber bands. The choice of materials speaks for stability and comfort.

sculptural furniture dahm lee bar stool storage ideas gimmibänder

Do not throw the backpack on the floor in the bar

dami and damaki bar stools storage net

simple construction

bar stool storage net jacket dahm lee

bar stool storage seat rubber bands dahm lee

The designer Dahm Lee

Furniture dahm lee designer dami damaki barstool

Designer wooden furniture by Joyau enhance the interior

designer wooden furniture armchair cocoon raw upholstery white comfort

The Designer furniture made of wood by Andre Joyau are undoubtedly among those pieces of furniture that should not be missing in any institution. Even the first example, the Cocoon armchairs, impress with their design and transform every interior into a unique living area. The wood is unworked both on the outside and on the inside, which makes the armchair get their charm. For seat comfort again guarantee the seat cushions. The other designer wooden furniture is by no means less impressive. Take a closer look at this article!

Designer wooden furniture – Cocoon armchair

designer furniture made of wood andre joyau cocoon chair armrest

Designer wooden furniture – The Bascule chair

designer furniture wooden chair bascule angora fur sheep metal legs black

As impressive as Cocoon is the bascule chair. It is also made of wood while the chair legs are made of metal and represent two rings. The seat seems uncomfortable at first glance, which is not the case at all. Not only the shape of the seat contributes to this, but also the fur of Angora, which gives a feeling of luxury. Bascule is a dreamlike example of designer wooden furniture.

Wooden coffee tables

designer furniture wood lotus leaf imprint white table top

Everyone has their own charm under the coffee tables of designer wooden furniture by Andre Joyau. While the Lotus Leaf Table impresses with its simple, straight shapes and the tabletop with a leaf print, the Double Form Table shows how wonderfully two round wooden panels can be combined. In another coffee table, the cross section of the wood serves as a usable area and consists of several, juxtaposed blocks of wood.

Designer coffee table Double form

designer wooden furniture double shape wooden discs coffee table idea

End grain for furniture

designer furniture wood end grain tabletop sofatisch legs

Designer wooden furniture – benches

designer furniture wood bench kyukei blue color metal legs interior idea

If you like color accents in your interior, the Kyukei bench is the best choice for designer wooden furniture. It has an attractive, blue color and yet exudes naturalness thanks to the untreated wood. Likewise unprocessed is the Futatsu bench, which impresses with its shape, as it is slightly curved.

Designer bench Futatsu

designer furniture wood bench futatsu arch shape painted modern rustic

Design of Andre Joyau ,

minimalist designer furniture – the bookshelf by Renier de Jong

minimalist interior furniture design by renier de jong

The Designer furniture from the Dutch designer Renier de Jong embody the pure elegance and simplicity of minimalist furniture design. The designer has several projects in the field of product design, interior design and architecture. All designs are characterized by functionality and elegant lines. A particularly beautiful design is the REK bookshelf.

minimalist designer furniture by Renier de Jong – REK bookshelf

Rek bookcase designer furniture by Renier de Jong

The Designer furniture Renier de Jong opens up functional shelves, cabinets and tables. The REK bookshelf is a nice example of the functionality of the modular system. The shelf can be practically folded and then extended back to normal size. The design was designed in 2008 with the idea that the bookshelf should grow together with the book collection. Each shelf section can be customized according to the size of the book. For book fans, this shelf is a really useful piece of furniture.

The REK bookshelf as a modular system by Renier de Jong

quiet reading designer furniture by renier de jong

practical application furniture design by renier de jong

modular system furniture design by renier de jong

shelf extendable furniture design by renier de jong

modern design furniture design by renier de jong

bookcase wieß furniture design by renier de jong

shelves detail furniture design by renier de jong

minimalist designer furniture by Renier de Jong – the REK coffee table

Rek Interior Designer furniture by Renier de Jong

Along with the bookshelf, the Dutch designer has also created a matching coffee table. The REK coffee table is a beautiful, very practical piece of furniture. On the table, you can not only serve refreshing drinks, but also arrange magazines and newspapers underneath. The design is made of light wood and can be added matter folded together. Renier de Jong also has other very practical and elegant ones Designer furniture designed, such as the WTJES cabinet for the bedroom.

Designer coffee table with extendable wooden panels

Rek coffee table designer furniture by Renier de Jong

extendable table designer furniture by renier de jong

coffee table folded furniture design by renier de jong

The WTJES cabinet for bedrooms with various departments

witjes bedroom wardrobe designer furniture by renier de jong

various departments furniture design by renier de jong

cabinet system designer furniture by renier de jong built-in drawers furniture design by renier de jong

The Pitt-Pollaro collection features designer furniture by Brad Pitt

Cuddly baby furniture – seating and lying comfort for the little ones

Fluffy Baby Stuffed Animals Seating Modern Design

When setting up the baby room you should pay attention not only to safety but also to child-friendly design. The baby room must look cheerful and colorful from day one and be functionally furnished. Thanks to the optimal coordination between design and function, leading designers today achieve the attractive appearance and at the same time the desired high level of comfort with ergonomics tailored to the needs of children. The highest priority is the safety of Baby furniture granted.

Exclusive baby furniture radiate heat

Baby bean bag furniture-for baby room ideas furnishing

Children and Baby furniture are found in a variety of models and designs, which makes the nursery equipment for parents a breeze. But some models are distinguished by their special qualities, creative design or innovative choice of materials. Baby Beanbags and poufs offer high seating and lying comfort in an attractive and functional design. Your advantage: these furniture can be used for many years and you save money.

Comfortable baby furniture in a trendy look

Beanbag for Kids Pink Patterned Design furniture

The interior design world offers many ideas for small people – from stools, cushions, to bean bags. Plushy stuffed animals are modern quality toys. With them you can create a child-friendly environment in your home.

Tenderness and love for the children

Cuddly toy Baby furniture ideas Beanbags Floor cushions

The baby room is not only a place to sleep, but also additional space that turns into an adventurous world during the day and into a cozy corner in the evening. Playing helps with the development of the child. Every day your baby rediscovers the world. It is important to give the child the opportunity to use one’s senses. Cuddly toys are perfect for that. The selection is very big, as individual as your little darling.

Cuddly toy poufs arouse your baby’s interest and can help you fall asleep

Cuddly toy nursery design idea beanbag

Baby equipment – cute and unobtrusive

Nursery furniture Poufs Cuddly-soft

Plush toys for baby room

Child furniture pouf-for floor baby-furnishing ideas

Colorful kids bean bags with funny designs

Beanbag comfort for baby-children dog frog

Cuddly toys and poufs

Baby furniture Petite octopus beanbags

Children’s recliner in bold colors

Baby seat design ideas colorful armchair

Kids Furniture Design Toys Nursery Accessories Cushion

Baby furniture design pouf-dragon cuddly

Furnishing ideas in country style – combining furniture and lighting

Apartment country style wall panels leather sofa

We present you Set up ideas in the Country-style – and take you on a virtual journey through a beautiful house with a rustic look in Italy.

Furnishing ideas in country style – furniture

Dining room wall panels wood vase table decoration

If you want a cozy and comfortable interior, they will be yours Set up ideas certainly liked in the country house style. The interior designer Gianpaolo Zandegiacomo has made on customer request an interior made entirely of recycled wood. Wood was first used as a wall covering. The wooden panels are a connecting element in the whole apartment – theirs warm color is emphasized by matching paint. So that the one-room apartment looks optically larger, the architect has opted for white ceilings. Wooden bookcases – this time in black color provide ample storage space for books in the living room and cooking utensils in the kitchen. They also serve as room dividers and visually separate the living area into several functional rooms. Black sofa in the living room sets accents. The apartment has been decorated with old vases and statues. Golden accents add glamor to the interior. The acrylic chairs in the dining room make the decor look eclectic.

Furnishing ideas in country style – lighting

Bathroom shower cabin LED lighting blue color

The lighting plays a big role in the interior in the country house style. In the living area, sunlight comes through the windows, which protect with white curtains from the curious eyes of neighbors. Luminaires are mounted on the walls and create a combination with the fireplace romantic mood in the evening. The bathroom is integrated with LED lighting that sets accents. The blue light chain in the shower cubicle creates an oasis in the bathroom and contributes to relaxation and recovery of the senses.

Studio tastefully decorated – wood floor

Dining room kitchen country style decor ideas

Kitchen island with a rustic style

rustic kitchen interior furniture design

Acrylic chairs in the dining room

Wooden table cottage interior ideas

Shelves in the kitchen

multifunctional cooking island shelf vases metal

Small apartment with rustic interior

Country style furnishings recycled wood table

Bedroom with bed of recycled wood

House forest bedroom rustic bed design

Country-style bedroom

Bedroom country style ceiling lamps design ideas

Creative wall decoration – with old weapons

Wall deco idea country style design idea

Bathroom design ideas

Original chair rabbit ears wool upholstery

Bathroom design idea – white sink

Bathroom country style white washbasin design

Wooden panels in the toilet

Toilet bidet country style heating

Extraordinary table design by Zaha Hadid – furniture in ice optics

table design by zaha hadid two parts

This spectacular Table design will be the perfect piece of furniture for your modern living room. If you’re a fan of creative designer ideas, this cool coffee table is a truly innovative way to make interior design more interesting. The piece of furniture was designed by the designer Zaha Hadid created and is called Liquid Glasial Table.

The table design by Zaha Hadid – Liquid Glasial Table with dynamic shape

designer table by zaha hadid ice optics

This extraordinary Table design looks like it was made of ice. The liquid structure resembles running water or melting ice. The design looks extremely dynamic, as if the liquid is moving. The creator managed to catch the water in two states – liquid and frozen.

The table design is the perfect addition to a modern interior

designer table by zaha hadid interior coffee table

The Table design is transparent with gentle lines and round shapes. This piece of furniture has a relatively long design and can be separated in two parts. In this way, the long one transforms coffee table in two small coffee tables. This unique model suits a modern interior where glossy surfaces and artificial materials dominate.

table design by zaha hadid transparent model

table design by zaha hadid drops of water detail

table design by zaha hadid round lines

designer table by zaha hadid modern furniture design designer table by zaha hadid liquid optics

designer table by zaha hadid flowing forms designer table by zaha hadid dynamic form

Unique table design in wood with built-in birdcage