Architecture »Designer villa with a futuristic look – the house on the vineyard

House on vineyard UNStudio architecture

The innovative Designer Villa from UNStudio am Weinberg bei Stuttgart is an extremely interesting and charming project that represents the idea for a modern lifestyle and contemporary decor. The creative team of architects and professional designers shows a fine sense of harmony. Her impressive country house design is an excellent combination of technical knowledge and innovative thinking.

Designer Villa on the vineyard – a house that can turn

Country house design Stuttgart

Why is this Designer Villa actually so special? The secret lies in the unique arrangement of the rooms, which, following the sunflower principle, follow the course of the sun. During the construction purposeful minimum concrete and several glass walls were used. The choice of materials in the interior spaces – Jura marble and oak floor in light tones enhances the airy atmosphere. The striking in the interior are undoubtedly the unique winding stairs.

An enigmatic designer villa with huge additional facilities

modern architecture-UNStudio Hinterhoff

The Designer Villa The vineyard has a spacious courtyard and a huge pool. On the other side of the house there is a private forest and a playground for children and adults. The extraordinary glass facade and the many transparent glass walls, which make an ultra-modern impression, also let a lot of light in the three-story house. An innovative lighting system emphasizes the unique architecture from the inside.

Family residence – a true inspiration for home builders and designers.

white minimalist villa architecture

Assuming that you want to escape the hectic city life, you may well know the advantages of a country house. The Designer Villa from UNStudio is a creative alternative for a holiday or family home where a big, happy family can live together. The interior is in minimalist style – White walls, simple furniture and unusual decorations are chic and tastefully combined.

Modern architecture solutions for your villa – dining room Facility

Giant window plain interior design dining room

Staircase design – wooden floor

Stairs Design Light Wood Floor Oak Hallway

Country house – white walls

chic villa decor ideas

Family house – minimalist interior design

modern villa interior design white

Modern villa design – living spaces

Stylish interior-villa stairs

Plan for movement of modern construction

Stuttgart Sun-facing apartment

Innovation in architecture – the house at the vineyard – sun-oriented

Movement Plan - Innovative House Design

High gloss lacquered kitchens by A-Cero – Exciting futuristic design

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero mobalco metrica deisgn

A-Cero is a famous architecture firm from Spain designing amazing houses. The team amazes us every time with designs that stand out through modern lines, colors, shapes and a minimalist, even futurist Mark style. Present now A-Cero High gloss lacquered kitchens that really expresses her traditional minimalism in black and white.

High gloss lacquered kitchens from A-cero

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero metrica mobalco black-white

Metrica is a modern combination of neutral colors and clean shapes, giving the whole an elegant and timeless look. Metrica is sober but with character. The high-quality materials and the interesting lighting effects are fascinating. Metrica is also available in a wide range of oak and cherry wood.

High gloss lacquered kitchens in black and white

metrica kitchen a-cero design mobalco manufacturer

Mobalco began its story as a small carpentry workshop in 1959. Today, Mobalco specializes in the production of modern kitchens. Their philosophy comprises seven principles: careful selection of materials, interesting finishes, passion for design, excellent manufacturing handling, care for transport and packaging, energy efficiency and attention to customers.

LED recessed lights

High gloss kitchen black white underfitted a-cero

Corian® worktop

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero mobalpa black white

elegant lines

High gloss lacquered kitchens a-cero recessed corian countertop

Wave kitchen design by A-Cero

a-cero kitchens design white futuristic modern

Wave kitchen is something that can take your breath away. The modern design and the high quality materials used make it an amazing kitchen that would fit in the interior of a spaceship.

pure white and futuristic

High gloss lacquered kitchen white black tiled mirror

built-in appliances

white futuristic kitchen a-cero built-in appliances

black tile mirror

Wave kitchen pure white matt cabinets a-cero design

recessed lighting

Kitchen design a-cero architects spain pure white recessed lighting

The kitchens in some houses of A-Cero

modern house Somosaguas a-cero kitchen dining area

Apartment in Galicia

Glossy kitchens futuristic design a-cero architects

Concrete House II in Pozuelo de Alorcón

Kitchen a-cero glossy cabinet fronts gray white

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero black futuristic lines

High gloss lacquered kitchens a-cero architecture black white

interesting black lines as decoration

designer kitchen black white a-cero style futuristic

The new modular leather sofa with futuristic shape by Formenti

Modular sofa-leather upholstery Modern Shape Tiziano Formenti design

Produced from high-quality materials and upholstered in fine leather, the modular Leather Sofa Heart really is a special highlight in every modern apartment. In addition to its attractive aesthetics and pleasant feel, the model, designed by Tiziano Formenti, offers a variety of design options. In order to meet the various customer requirements, the renowned designer developed a product on a modular basis and with a distinctive character.

The modular leather sofa Heart – fully customizable according to the needs of customers

Leather sofa-Heart-modular-colorway leather cover-Italian-design

The design-oriented sofa set consists of 2 couches, complemented by sofa cushions that function like armrests, and a shapely upholstered stool. When arranged together, the elegantly curved shapes form modules a heart. Stable metal legs and plush upholstery guarantee a substantial comfort.

Leather sofa design “Made in Italy”

Design Furniture living room sofa modular element arranged molds Heart

Heart offers enough space for several people and guarantees a fun design. The novel piece of furniture from Formenti is available in leather and fabric and can be made in different colors – whether plain or patterned, the customer decides himself. The modules can also be individually configured.

Modern modular sofa in leather

Heart-Tiziano Formenti leather sofa wood look design made-in-italy
Formenti a leading company with an international reputation, exquisite design products , made of quality materials convinced. The varied product assortment of the brand also satisfies the demanding customer.

Heart Sectional can be adapted to your individual needs

Heart-Modular leather sofa heart-shaped modules-padded-metal legs

State of the art modular design

Leather sofa-set-for-living-room-corner modules-stool-padded-plain-white

Leather Sofa Heart by Tiziano Formenti

Furniture design modular sofa upholstered stool-metal legs-robust

The leather couch with cushions in pink available

Modern module sofa made of leather-red cushions and black upholstery design glass table

Upholstered leather sofa with patterned sofa cushions

Modular design sofa modern high-Heart-Sectional-black-white

White leather sofa living room furniture custom-design module parts

Living room leather sofa various color combinations-possible

Dynamic designer sofa “Cay” in a futuristic look

Sofa innovative Bed-indoor lounge furniture design

The Designer sofa “Cay” is extremely adaptable. The clear, strictly geometric concept consists of several “facets” that adapt to the movements of the body in various positions. The comfortable piece of furniture is ideal for relaxing after a hard day and is a real asset to the modern living environment.

Innovative designer sofa is a shapeshifter

Upholstery sofa modern couch Cay Rehn

The dynamic Designer sofa offers comfort when sitting, lying, sleeping, reading, chilling. Shapes and movement playfully transform the geometric structure. The ergonomically designed seat with dynamic modules responds to individual needs and requirements. Cay is the perfect piece of furniture for one urban lifestyle , The high quality upholstery complements the modern look.

Designer sofa for individual room design

Transformation sofa with upholstery-sleep function design

A sofa is the center of the living room. The exclusive piece of furniture by Alexander Rehn impresses not only with its exclusive look but also with its creative functions. Designer sofa Cay is a real one shapeshifter – body movements change the shape of the sofa.

Dynamic Relax couch for relaxation

Lounge Sofa Design-Flexibly project dynamically

The attention to detail and careful selection of materials make that Designer sofa to a modern valuable product. The 1983 born in Munich designer Alexander Rehn strives to find innovative solutions in the field of furniture design in order to increase living comfort and feel-good factor. Rehn completed the Bergische Kunstschule and in 2010 the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with a focus on furniture design. His professional career started with a job at the Greutmann Bolzern Design Studio in Zurich, where he gained valuable experience. In 2012, Alexander Rehr founded his design studio in Munich.

Cay Sofa always deforms properly to the position you take on it

Origami Inspired furniture innovative

Exceptional forms, g designed by Alexander Rehn

Relax couch for relaxation-Alexander Rehn

Lounge sofa design – clear design language

Sofa sleep function design innovative flexible

Creative piece of furniture with a flexible design

Corner sofa design with sleeping function-Rehn Cay

Design solutions by Alexander Rehn

Modern Designer Sofa Couch Upholstery Dynamic Design

Sofa Bed upholstery

Sofa Adaptable modern futuristic design

Cay Sofa – adaptable and dynamic

Transformation Sofa Design Alexander Rehn Studio Munich

Modern Transfiguration Sofa

Sofa two-seater Alexander Rehn design

Sofa with sleep function – sketch

Relax Sofa Project Sketch Rehn

Futuristic forms

Cay Sofa Designer Sketch Rehn

Rustic designer sofa with sheepskin cover by Sentient Furniture

The futuristic minimalist interior design – smart ologic

futuristic-minimalist interior

This futuristic minimalist interior design combines the demands for a high standard of living with sustainable, environmentally friendly design solutions that reduce the negative effect of humans on nature. This does not mean that you have to do without comfort or interesting design. On the contrary – romantic soft pink and purple colors dominate the elegant flowing shapes in the living area of ​​this futuristic home design.

Smart-ologic- the minimalist interior design can be eco-friendly

Eco-friendly-futuristic living room

The minimalist interior design Smart-ologic is a successful example of how modern technology and design together can shape the space so that we not only live better, but also have the opportunity to have green design solutions in-house. The interior design in the modular house shows that the future belongs to flowing shapes and flexible configurations.

The minimalist interior design – innovative and sustainable

built-in lighting bedroom

These panels can be recycled and reused. The minimalist interior design in the house is more energy efficient thanks to the recyling systems and the round shape. The Fotovoltage modules, which are installed on the ceiling, create an environmentally friendly energy. The lighting throughout the room is LED, so energy is saved. A built-in solar system uses the sunlight optimally.

minimalistic concept with big impact

futuristic wardrobe-purple

Behind the concept is the designer team of Karim Rashid from New York, who worked closely in partnership with other companies. Decisions were made about interior acoustics, lighting, the fireplace with bioethanol and all other effective elements of the interior design. Particularly striking is the color scheme, contrasting colors create a romantic, enigmatic and fascinating atmosphere. A nice addition to the design is the lighting that provokes and provides the right mood.

From B. Angelov

Pink colored living room

bright-pink lighting color

Plants as decoration

planted soil-house design

Futuristic purple living room furniture

futuristic purple Living Room Furniture

Funny decoration living room

funny Decoration Living

Designer Team – Karim Rashid, Mario Milana, Kamala Hutauruk, Camila Tariki

Photos by Leo Torri

Dreamhouses »Concrete family house fascinated with futuristic facade

Architecture concrete lighting facade two components

A new project for Family house made of concrete and glass fascinates with a futuristic facade design. The minimalist building delights with its original design and modern lighting system.

Detached house made of concrete and glass in a minimalist look

minimalist modern architecture new construction garden

The Family house made of concrete and glass was from the architect’s office Marcel Luchian Studio designed. The project is called House M and is being built in Singera. The architects were tasked with designing a modern house on a small terrain. The builders set the goal of a modern architecture in a minimalist style with a large garden. The futuristic facade is indeed very convenient – closed to the neighboring houses, the house opens to the beautiful landscape. Richly glazed south side lets the warm sunshine into the interior and offers beautiful views of the nearby forest, while the massive northern side offers protection from the wind in winter.

Concrete family home with minimalist decor

Fireplace kitchen living room set up black white

The interior of the Family house made of concrete Inspired by clever spatial planning and modern furnishing. The walls are clad in large stone tiles. The architects make sensible use of the living space – a well thought-out planning maximizes the available space. In the basement is a spacious living area in bright neutral colors. Two floor-to-ceiling high windows seamlessly connect the interior with the exterior. Cozy white upholstered furniture ensures comfort. A freestanding fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere and increases the feel-good factor.

A concrete staircase with glass railing leads to the second floor, where a bedroom and a bathroom are located. The bedroom also acts as a library – a high wall shelf provides ample storage space for the family’s book collection. A bed with headboard made of leather, comfortable seating area and large wardrobe complete the picture. A large painting refreshes the room atmosphere.

Modern decor in light colors

Stone Tiles Recessed Fireplace Upholstered furniture

Comfortable kitchen island with dining area

Project 3D illustration modern house interior

The small house thrilled with thoughtful spatial planning

Concrete walls Recessed ceiling beige color

Bedroom and Cabinet in one

Furniture painting wall shelf large double bed

TV in the bedroom offers entertainment in the evening

Glossy TV cabinet black bed leather headboard

Ideas wall shelf subtle lighting wardrobe

Floor tiles stones black white concrete walls

Wooden cabinet sink glass shower cubicle brown chocolate tones

House two floors black white facade

Concrete pool meadow modern garden design

House pool glass facade balcony railing

Moai Pension near Seoul – the ultimate vacation rental facility for purists

Landscaping »Futuristic house with garden in Singapore – green architecture

Singapore maximum garden house facade

This unusual House with garden is not an imaginative idea for the future architecture. The green house with roof gardens is one of Singapore’s several attractions. But how was such a great dreamlike project conceived and realized? We offer you a short summary that would interest those who would like to maintain a garden, but have no outside space. The following optimally adapted planting ideas could be adapted for several contemporary buildings.

House with garden – vertical planting

modern house-green architecture projects

The magnificent green project of Formwerkz Architects Studio was completed in 2010. Even his name is eloquent – the Maximum Garden House. It’s on a relatively small footprint, but that did not bother the designers arranging a little green paradise both inside and outside the house. The homeowners wanted a safe place where their children could play. The modern one House with garden unfortunately has only little space outside, which depends on the remaining buildings. However, these contemporary architectural structures successfully solve the problems of planting.

Picturesque urban landscape – green house with garden

Green houses Singapore

The whimsical House with garden offers enough peace and relaxation. In order to save resources and the environment, to provide additional space for the plants and the people a beautiful home, the architects have built a vertical forest instead of the traditional flat surfaces. Living in the countryside is the future of the big cities. The terrace becomes a private forest, which brings many benefits. A picturesque shade of plants was designed as part of the facade. Garden and house seem like an organic unity.

Green architecture projects

House roof garden

The basic idea for vertical planting is an evolution of the traditional flower box for windows. Here the boxes are just bigger and way too much. In the flower boxes you could cultivate several potted plants depending on the season. Not all are easy to maintain, but there is an irrigation system. The principle is very simple – the water pours from the top level to the bottom. The futuristic House with garden is a role model project for the clever integration of elements of nature into architecture. The daylight, fresh air and cleanliness so important for the children are enough here. The living spaces are comfortably furnished and have access to the outdoor areas. Typical are the green pitched roofs and the unusual shapes of the façade.

Unusual project of Formwerkz Architects Studio

Green house facade design

Modern living room – clear line and chic wooden furniture

Modern living room-purist style wooden furniture

Spaciousness and comfort in the interior

Wall tiles decorative living room house garden stairs

Large glass walls

Stairs Night Lighting Maximum Garden House

The Maximum Garden House

Stairs Maximum Garden House Inside

White walls – daylight

Stairs exterior wood floor exit

external stairs

Wood Path Maximum House

Wide outdoor areas – Aussisch on the city

modern architecture Singapore building

House with roof garden

Urban landscape building architecture

Bathroom – elegant and simple

Bathroom design design

The house in profile

Singapore Maximum Garden House Profile

Eco house plan drawing

Architecture »Futuristic leisure facility increases the feel-good factor

I-Way – a unique design by Cyrille Druart Architect in Paris

exciting modern architecture

Opened in 2008 in Lyon, France, ‘I-Way’ is a luxurious one Recreation with innovative design. The futuristic architecture was designed by Cyrille Druart. The innovative design surprises and contributes to a feel-good factor. Hidden in a windowless structure, the exclusive interior is simply unbelievably beautiful. It looks exciting, futuristic and you almost feel like you’re in a spaceship. I-WAY was specially designed for motorcycle fans – the guests have 18 motor racing simulators available. In addition, the bars, restaurants, gym, conference room and spa bath provide an ambience of pure luxury

Light creates tension – futuristic leisure facility

futuristic design - motor racing simulator

The interior in the Recreation surprised at each floor new. The living areas are angular and spacious, but the corridors are a complicated mix of curves and bends. The sculptural staircases look like they’re hanging in the air. The most exciting factor is the colored lighting combined with shiny, state-of-the-art surfaces. The light in the bars varies from dark to light and fresh. The lights in the room with the engine simulators resemble industrial light. Pools are converted to blue lagoons. Even while walking, the rapid change of interior design impresses. Modern materials such as metal, glass, polymers contribute to a unique atmosphere.

Modern and state-of-the-art design idea – luxurious leisure facility in France

futuristic pool

Built from two simple, rectangular volumes, the facade of the unique Recreation looks simple at first glance. The first impression can be deceptive – this is an award-winning project that creates a new reality for its guests. A spaceship that brings guests on a journey with thrilling motor races.

from Jaz

white modern furniture in the restaurant

white modern tables in the restaurant

futuristic interior – modern lighting

modern design - bar

modern spa bath

modern spa bath

futuristic design – bathroom – LED lighting

futuristic design - bathroom

modern minmalist bar

modern bar with minimalist design

Car racing simulator

modern interior - leisure facility

futuristic staircase

modern exciting stairs

futuristic architecture – blueprint

modern futuristic architecture - blueprint

Futuristic house interior – a loft apartment in LA

futuristishe loft apartment interiors

This modern one Loft apartment in LA will surely delight all fans of minimalism with its avant-garde interior and decoration. The loft is already several years old, but still impresses with its design. Designed by Patrick Tighe Architects, this extravagant luxury home will surely fascinate you.

Modern loft apartment with innovative interior

white-furniture-modern loft

The Loft apartment was completed as a project in 2006. Unusual shapes and LED lighting create a magical atmosphere. The glazed floor reflects the light in the room, a white staircase connects the comic rooms. The areas can hardly be visually separated – the helical shapes of the walls confuse and give the feeling that you are in a spaceship.

Loft apartment in LA with luxurious interior

futuristic apartment-interior built-belgium

The walls of the Loft apartment are typically minimalist white, the kitchen is completely made of stainless steel. The interesting color lighting and the fact that the windows are completely missing in the room contribute to the futuristic effect. You feel isolated and surrounded by hi-tech applications that are the only connection to the outside world. So please fasten the seat belt and take off with this fascinating dream ship!


modern loft interior white walls

Modern kitchen with minimalist design

modern-stainless steel kitchen

Table with built-in colored LED lighting

futuristic loft interior LED lighting

White walls – futuristic interior

dark flooring-white-chairs-dining loft

Ground lighting at the entrance

Floor lighting-modern loft apartment

Loft with futuristic design – blueprint

futuristic loft LA-Bauskizze

The white futuristic kitchen design by Gorenje


Gorenje are one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. The Italian studio specializes in the production of modern kitchen design projects, home appliances and high-tech furniture. The innovations and the new trends in technology are the most important factors for Gorenje in her work. This is easy to notice in your new innovative conception – the white futuristic kitchen design ,

the white futuristic kitchen design by Gorenje


This white futuristic kitchen design is a great example of the work of Gorenje , The project is dedicated to the idea of ​​simple and easy living, especially in the kitchen, because sometimes we spend quite a long time. This compact and extremely comfortable, white futuristic kitchen The housework will turn into a fun activity, such as driving a UFO. The white futuristic kitchen design by Gorenje More than traditional modern kitchens are preferred by every person who is looking for the unusual and the different.

white futuristic kitchen of Gorenje – Oraito


The white futuristic kitchen of Gorenje is made entirely from environmentally friendly materials. Previously it was only available in white, but now the black alternative is also produced. The compact futuristic kitchen gives the consumer the opportunity to furnish and furnish them to their own taste. The designers give people the zone, the main parameters and the model, but the customers create their own modern kitchens.

futuristic kitchen design Oraito


The w a version of the futuristic kitchen by Gorenje Brings a little more freshness and lightness to the world of gray, boring household. The atmosphere in this original and interesting kitchen is comparable to an enigmatic journey to your own dreams. The ordinary modern kitchens that we know from magazines and TV programs can not convey that. If you want to turn your everyday life into a happy ride in the future, you should this white futuristic kitchen by Gorenje choose.

futuristic appearance of the kitchen of Gorenje


futuristic idea for kitchen design


futuristic kitchen design Oraito


futuristic white countertops in the kitchen


füturistische-kitchen-kitchen ware

futuristic cuisine and innovative kitchen appliances