Design »Glass furniture from Italy gives the room artistic touch

Glass legs leather sofa classic wall design

The power of glass has always charmed people. Recently, however, the tendency has been to use glass as the main material in architecture and interior. The play Glass furniture a special role – they are no longer just accents, but become an integral part of the institution.

Stylish glass furniture with an Italian flair

set up bright spacious ceilings design pillars

Founded by Vittorio Livi in ​​1973, the company FIAM is more glamorous at making Glass furniture specialized. The combination of hand-blown glass and high-tech processing has great appeal and gives the designs an artistic look. The material is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics and it is very hygienic. Do not be fooled – glass may look simple, but in fact the material is very complicated. The production of glass furniture and home accessories is a big challenge.

Glass furniture combines technological innovation and traditional manufacturing

Upholstered design mirror seat

The professionals of the Italian company have a great deal of experience in this field, which makes it much easier for designers to do their job. Even complicated furniture is decorated with engravings and various decorations. The pieces of furniture are characterized by their original shape and often have a minimalist look. They are perfect for modern, high-gloss facilities and can be combined with state-of-the-art leather furniture. Whether in the living room , in the bedroom or even in the office – The noble glass tables will quickly become the highlight in every room. Thanks to the high-tech manufacturing process, glass can be processed quickly. This allows the production of modern and ergonomic Glass furniture in different forms.

Glass wall-mounted TV with space for TV

Wall unit glass TV cabinet sofa concrete wall

Living room wall as a room divider

Living room set up ideas neutral color glass furniture floor lighting

Big mirror

Living room mirror white sofa colorful glasses deco

Living room with black side table

black glass side table sofa

Shelf made of glass and stainless steel

Furniture mirror shelf home accessories

Glass table with original design

Dining table glass glossy furniture chairs leather stainless steel

Office furnishings

Furnishing glass table stair railing concrete wall

Coffee table made of glass

Coffee table glass modern picture metal chair

Black side table

black frosted glass coffee table low

The same model made of highly polished glass

black armchair Wohnacessoires

Combination of two side tables

Living room set up beige sofa upholstery furniture

Side table with ornaments

Leather couch beige floor lamp industrial chic

Mirror with metal frame

Metal frame around stylish italian glass furniture

Stainless steel and glass table for the kitchen

Set up table kitchen dining area

Glass home accessories black vase bird figurine

set up pictures suggestions glass side tables beige carpet laminate floor

Picture wall black design ideas

Wardrobe Living room classic furnishings

Dining table bowl design ideas

modern glass table mirror metal hanging lamp

Dining table glass black chairs chandelier

Bench frosted glass video system

colored dining room furniture brown color

Wooden bedside table glass purple beige colors

Design glass furniture mirror

minimalist design modern stylish

Glass chair classic wall panels white sofa

Painted furniture gives a new flair to your room

blue-painted nightstand Seascapes

Just renovate old furniture and create exciting decorations for your house, garden and even bathroom! Boring monochrome old furniture can simply look elegant through fun patterns or fresh modern color and set beautiful accents in the living room. The design is on the one hand unique, vintage and fitting to your decor, on the other hand actually very easy to carry out. You only need colors, imagination and a bit of skill to painted furniture to create.

Painted furniture – creative and unique

green-painted chair-old furniture renovation

The painted furniture can set accents with bold colors – so if the bedroom is white, why not combine a pink bedside table and matching pink bedspread? Choose the base color and a pattern matching the interior design style. Brown stripes and patterns are reminiscent of African motifs, while flowers and birds create a romantic Victorian mood. Do not forget that the design has to correspond with other elements in the room – monochrome furniture is refreshed by colorful decoration / flowers for example.

Painted furniture – renovation can be so easy

stylish-bemlates bed BEDROOM

Wandtatoos are a popular alternative, but try as much as possible to preserve the look of the old furniture. Painted furniture go well with the vintage, art deco or shabby chic style. Your apartment and garden will always look tasteful and cozy with renovated old furniture. Let your imagination run wild and design your own design!

Pink colored bedroom – bedside table

pink cabinet-old furniture

Children’s room – painted wardrobe

Idea-painted cabinet Baby Room

pink colored girl’s room

painted furniture Nursery

painted wardrobe with blue patterns

painted bedside table bedroom

restored piano

Restoration Piano Painted Furniture Ideas

Green cupboard with plants motifs

Flower motifs-green cabinet renovation

Cabinet with birds motifs

Birds motifs-old cabinet renovation

painted green chair in the bathroom

painted furniture bathroom

painted lounge furniture

painted-green-garden furniture

painted furniture – ideas

beautiful-painted furniture ideas

Designer wallpaper gives the apartment a masculine-like touch

Designer wallpaper-modern wood look shabby chic-interior design-piet hein eek

Piet Hein Eek presents new exclusive collection Designer wallpapers imitating wooden beams, lumps, planks, etc. “Scrapbook” gives every interior design a rustic, unique and masculine touch. These wallpapers are suitable for different purposes – whether for public spaces or at home. Your guests will never be sure that it is not real wood.

Designer wallpapers for Shabby Chic facilities

scrapbook wallpaper design masculine interior design shabby chic

As the name suggests, they see Designer wallpapers rustic, shabby, a bit worn out. For example, you can only dress one wall as an accent to accentuate the schabby-chic nature of the decor. If you want to set up your terrace comfortably and cheaply, the extraordinary wallpaper is used. Even your cabinet will give it an interesting look.

Wall design of Piet Hein Eek

piet hein eek wallpaper ideas-for interior design-masculine effects rustic

If you are interested in Shabby chic decor for the home or apartment, you could try the following: use unique pieces of wood foil as wallpaper for your walls. This gives you a masculine home with your own style.

Scrapbook collection

piet hein eek designer collection scrapbook shabby interior design ideas

Exfoliated color as a wall accent

Room design wall design with wallpaper in wood planks optic-dark brown

Wall design in shabby chic style

Wallpeten design flaked color wooden slats white-shabby bedroom ideas

Wall of “patinated wood”

shabby chic furnishing wallpaper with old optic wood

Rustic hardwood floors painted in black

wallpaper design rustic wood planks wall optic-black Piet Hein Eek

Lacquered wooden wall – designer wallpaper optics

Wood appearance wall design with wallpaper scrapbook collection

Worn look

wallpaper design interior piet hein eek scrapbook wallpaper collection

Designer wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek

Wooden floorboards wallpapers - vintage effect piet hein eek collection scrapbook

Love & Family »The 5-year-old Iris gives hope for autistic children

paints beautiful pictures 5 year old painter

Little Iris Halmshaw is only 5 years old – and like all 5-year-old girls, she loves painting. But iris is an extraordinary child – her paintings are reminiscent of Monet’s abstract and impressionistic artworks – no wonder they are currently being sold for thousands of euros. What makes her performance even more remarkable is the fact that the girl suffers from autism. But the way your parents deal with their illness also gives hope to others autistic children ,

Talented artist – little girl gives hope for autistic children

Painter world class painting Monet

Iris was only 6 months old when she was diagnosed with autism. Her parents tried different therapies back then – but they did not all give the desired results. Until a day ago 2 years ago – Her mother gave her a brush and paint in her hand, hoping to spend a pleasant hour together. And indeed – the little one seemed to like the painting especially well. Like an experienced artist, she first stood still for a few seconds, thoughtful, obviously planning her picture in details. And then, with a big smile, she created a painting that many painters could be jealous of. Because the little iris is very talented. The art had a healing effect on the child – she spent more and more time with her family, now trying to talk and even occasionally looking her mother in the eye. These little steps give hope to many others autistic children Perhaps art is the right way to get closer to the autistic. Her mother is convinced – she always tries to find new leisure activities for the girl. Because maybe one day Iris gets tired of painting – and then will like another hobby more. Only if the parents know the child really well, you can help him. And one thing Iris has already done – it gives courage to all families with this problem.

Iris gives courage and hope for other autistic children

Girl little artist 5 years old

Painter paints beautiful paintings blue pink green

The paintings are real art

Iris Hirshaw super talented girl

Pure talent – the paintings reflect nature

Autism children Iris talented painter

The talented little painter is a happy girl

Girl autism painter Art gives hope

Engraved wooden cutting board gives the kitchen a twist

Beech wood lemon onion engraved surface

Here comes a super cool gift idea – that engraved Wooden cutting board gives every kitchen a kick. The cutting board looks so original indeed, it can also be used as a serving table.

Cutting board made of wood – cool gift idea

Periodic table beautiful gift idea table plate kitchen

A gift of sentimental value that is practical at the same time is difficult to find. But this Wooden cutting board combines functionality and creativity in one design. Prepared by Elysium Woodworks , the cutting board can be engraved according to your own project. It can be made from maple, white oak, beech or walnut wood. Here are just a few of the ideas realized – the periodic table, the solar system, a map with exactly indicated coordinates. No matter which variant you choose, one thing is certain – the cutting board is a real eye-catcher!

Wooden chopping board – the periodic table

Periodic table beautiful engraving ideas gift Easter

The solar system engraved on the cutting board

Cutting board engraved personal gift idea beautifully original

Cool and funny gift idea – engraved cutting board after your project

label engrave beautiful gift oak wood

Kitchen accessories – Chopping board with sentimental value

Vegetable original idea engraved kitchen accessories

Cutting board made of wood – for all hobby quivers

Pumpkins onion cut gift idea table kitchen

Idea oak chopping board bacon onion pumpkins

Cutting board wood onion cut kitchen accessories original

Wall art from recycled wood gives your home a special flair

Wall art of recycled wood light-dark-asymmetrical

Are you looking for unique ideas that will help you to creatively shape and beautify your home? Here are some suggestions for you! Today, where one longs for a simple life in harmony with nature and makes his life recycling oriented, that finds valued wood More and more use as a design element of interior design. The wall decorations made of recycled wood come increasingly in the three-dimensional and give the device that certain something.

Wall art from recycled wood: this is how you bring nature into the house

Wall art of recycled wood behind sofa living room

The wallkust made of recycled wood brings a special flair to the modern apartment. Unusual forms combine to create an effective interaction. Some are based on the traditional ones wood carvings , others are made up of simple strips of wood – you decide what fits in with your lifestyle. No matter what you prefer, you are guaranteed to captivate the eyes of your guests.

Exclusive wall decoration made of recycled wood gives an outdoor feeling

wall-recycled-wood-living room-arrows-door

We celebrate the versatility of the wood in our homes. Whether painted, patinated or painted – wood brings nature into the house. If you like it more simple, can one abstract Set composition of wooden blocks as an accent. If you like it more opulent, you can spice up your room with a colorful play of colors.

Bring new life to recycled wood

wall-recycled-wood-writing-kitchen-dining area

The murals made of recycled wood give every room visual depth and create a sense of cosiness. These modern design objects present themselves in a variety of shapes and textures. The trend is asymmetric compositions with linear effect or gently rounded and oval wall decorations.

wall-recycled-wood-planks-writing-gas chimney

Oval shapes soothe the rough appearance of the wood

Luxury apartment decor works of art-recycled wood-circular with rays

Wood carvings on the dining room wall

Dining room design wall design ideas rustic wood-recycled

True works of art that give the room that certain something

living room with fireplace wall decorating wood picture with tree silhouette

Artfully decorating rustic walls

Flat decoration rustic wooden slats dark wood wall decoration

Wood carving adorns the simple wall

rustic decor wall decoration wood-visible ceiling joists

The wall decoration has a pronounced linear effect

Mural wood modern rustic-looking wall decoration modern home

Three-dimensional wall art

Recycled wood wall design dining room interior

Rustic wall with unique charm

Ladies room furniture bathroom ideas-Rustic wall-wood washbasin table

Asymmetric compositions

Wall art made of wood panels-various types of woodgrain colors
Abstract wall art of wood

Wall art recycled wood use-presentation city landscape

A highlight in the apartment

Wall design World Map designed-made from wood recycled

Decorating ideas for your home

modern art made of wooden blocks-to make your own wall decoration

Let wood shine in new splendor

decorative linear image-made of wood strip design wall adornment

Perfection of wood

decorative wandaccessories shelf system of rustic wood

An outdoor feeling

recycled wall decoration for inside and outside exfoliated wood-patinated

Wall art with recycled wood beautifies your home

wall decoration itself make recycled wood sunbeams

holzbild latten-bunt painted-deco ideas to make yourself

Tree trunk tree rings decorate wall decorations recycled wood

Eco-friendly decoration for modern apartment upcycling wooden beams

Nursery wall decoration pictures recycled wood scraps

classic wall design with wood paneling living room

wall art recycled wood deco ideas for your home

Luxury dining room furniture furniture decoration wall-out-of-wood

bedroom living-room design-with wooden floorboards-rustic charm

Wall art from recycled wood cube decoration for home

Color design in the hallway – ideas for lively decoration in the trend

Cot design gives the nursery individuality

baby bed design hot air balloon retro rustic style nursery

On Cot design , the bed and playhouse combined in one – this is how the following models can be presented. Comfortable and extremely imaginative – they will certainly please the little ones.

Cot design – Treehouse

cot design tree house wood adventure forest photo wallpaper boy's room

The Cot design has changed a lot in the last 20 years. The traditional models are replaced by new, modern and multi-functional variants. Anyone who decides on a bed with a tent roof is in line with the trend. Not without reason – im subjects bed the children feel comfortable. The roll-up cloth door gives the design an individual look and stimulates play. Downstairs the bed has storage space for the sheets. The biggest advantage of the design – it is space-saving and well suited even for smaller children’s rooms.

Fancy cot design – space-saving loft bed

cot design lock girl slide commode white

Whether in the form of a tree house or a caravan – who said that the bunk bed can not look imaginative? With a bunk bed, parents can not do anything wrong – it saves space and gives them extra space. Surprising visits from neighbors’ children are not a cause for concern – the loft bed usually offers the option of fitting a guest bed down if needed. The Cot design should provide the maximum comfort for the children. Sufficient sleeping space / at least 190cm long and 80-90cm wide / ensures good night sleep and the right sleeping position of the little ones. Children grow very fast – and larger beds with removable roofs and decorative elements can also be used in the teenage years. This is especially important in the choice of bed color and bed construction. Bed frame in neutral color can also be used later. Pink and blue look very cute, but the kids are quickly tired of it.

Design for the theme “space”

baby bed design spaceship idea boy carpet planet

Spaceship cot

cot design space theme foldout closet futuristic

Nursery and playground in one

Nursery wall shelves black taffeta

Make your own room imaginative – cot with shelves

Wall shelves colorful stool toys

The modern loft bed with storage space

Nursery bed tree house shape children's table

Bunk bed made of wood – when siblings share the nursery

Bed design mattress guest bed variant

Bed in the form of a tree house

Wooden mattress ladder loft bed lighting

Cot design – tent roof invites to adventure

Scandinavian furniture roll-up door

Loft bed storage storage shelves playhouse playground modern

Guest bed design idea original wood construction

Bunk bed brick wall small table storage space

Ceiling Wool Sleeping space design

set up wall shelves playhouse beige brown

Cot design idea girl room toys

Tent roof modern design beautiful children's room

Girl flowers wall decal white color

Wallpaper in turquoise gives the walls a great expressiveness

wallpaper-turquoise-decorative-Dusares-wall design-fleece wallpaper-bedroom

Are you looking for new color ideas for your own four walls? The trend is based on individuality, diversity and perfection down to the smallest detail. For special color accents in the trend is the brilliant color blend of blue and green. A wallpaper in turquoise It’s a good idea to enliven the room – the color beautifully sets the walls and gives them originality.

Wallpaper in turquoise sets the walls in scene

matt-wallpaper-turquoise-flower-pattern-bordeaux-red background color-zarya

The blue-green color matches the peace of the bedroom, the dynamic kitchen, the warmth of the living room and the cleanliness of the bathroom. Depending on your wishes, turquoise wallpaper is a subtle background or an eye-catcher. Color symbolizes openness, expressing individuality without fear of being different. Depending on the pattern, a wallpaper in turquoise can be romantic and cool, modern and luxurious or exotic and unusual. That makes the impression of space more exciting.

Eccentric wallpaper in turquoise with metallic effect

pattern wallpaper-floral-ornaments-shiny-indra-turquoise-background color

With turquoise boredom is a foreign word. The color underlines the individual fashion awareness in terms of decor and is very versatile. A wallpaper in turquoise can be with many others colors Combine- dark blue, white, beige, petrol, cream, gray, white. In addition, however, the contrast is always conceivable – with contrasting colors such as coral red or orange you can create special accents.

ornament rich-fleece wallpaper turquoise-colored modern-wall design-Rosemerta

Non-woven wallpaper with pearlescent

The turquoise background lets other objects come to the fore. The color matches perfectly with the wood and white, but also fine decorations get an additional context.

ideas-wallpaper-turquoise pearlescent-floral-pattern-abstract-pemba

Turquoise non-woven wallpapers

For a tasteful wall design, there are various non-woven wallpapers with imaginative patterns-matt or shiny. They have good light fastness, low flammability and washability.

Pictures via: Wallpaper from the 70s

pastel wallpaper turquoise-blue-orthos-vertical-wall stripe-thin beige

Color combination with cream color, brown

pastel-turquoise fleece wallpaper-patterned-metal-effect-ornaments-shiny Rosmerta

A metallic turquoise looks fresh with white

Textured wallpaper-decor-crocodile skin-Optic-failed-croco

Textured wallpaper in crocodile leather look

wallpaper-ideas-modern-pearlescent turquoise-pattern-perun-wall decoration

Turquoise wall design with wallpapers

wallpaper-turquoise-aramas-ornaments-wallpaper design-trends-color design


Textured wallpaper-matte turquoise-blue-hexagon-pattern 3d look-hirolanit

turquoise wallpaper-fleece-flower-motive-discreet Wall border-sanja

fleece-wallpaper-turquoise-colored-motive-flowers-zwegi-wall design-modern

wall-decors-matte turquoise fleece wallpaper-zelor-couch cushion-purple-blue

Textured wallpaper Colorful Flowers-pattern-fleece wallpaper-for-kitchen-living room-megara

wall design shiny-pattern-modern-fleece-wallpaper-turquoise-marduk

wall design-wallpaper fleece-turquoise-patterned-light-effects-modern-Dusares

Merry cut flowers decoration gives you smile and good mood

dahlia flowers decorate table-festively

Your home can be decorated with flowers every day, you do not necessarily need large and lush bouquets. The most important thing is to carefully select the vase for its shape, to prepare some cut flowers and the accompanying green and to determine the place where this composition should be placed. If you need inspiration for different occasions, take some time to look at ours Ideas for cut flowers decoration to look at.

Hanging green plants for the library, cut flowers. Deco on the desk

glass flower vase table decoration ideas for different occasions

Some compositions, especially in low vases, look very beautiful when viewed from above. If you want to decorate your bookshelf or a whole wall of books at home, then you can hang hanging green plants on the wall there. For the desk one should select a bouquet of flowers in a simple form that looks natural, austere and laconic. In your living room, a beautiful bouquet in an elegant vase in an asymmetrical arrangement would fit wonderfully. On a small table looks a low Cut flowers decoration in very good shape, best placed in a flat, oval position. The ambience in a large room can be further spice up with hanging flowerpots in interesting composition. To refresh the air in the room, you can light some scented candles in a glass vase or a glass container with dry plants and flowers are arranged.

Decorating ideas for your home: that’s how it gets really cozy

bouquet different cut flowers design ideas colorful ostrich

A flower composition, placed in a vase on the floor, harmonizes with the fireplace or with a large wall clock. A dark corner can be animated by a carefully selected and properly arranged bouquet. On your reading table, you can put a low composition of undemanding flowers.

Petals spread fresh aroma

Orchids ostrich-bedroom romantic atmosphere

The bedroom is usually the territory for bouquets of dry flowers whose scent relaxes, soothes and still helps us to sleep well. Their arrangement may include some lemon leaves, orange peel, a geranium or a softly scented rose. Its scent is light and gives you a feeling of coolness and freshness. Small bags filled with lavender refresh everyone wardrobe and very effective against moths. But maybe you need more color in your bedroom? Then add rose petals, white flowers of phlox and geranium. Mini bouquets have a spectacular effect, so you can decorate your make-up table outstanding. Always pay attention to what the background of the bouquet is. On a light background white or pale yellow flowers appear almost unnoticeable.

Children like creative activities

table decoration-with cut flowers lanterns tea candles

In the nursery you can arrange small items that have been made by your children themselves. These can be amusing toys, made from cones or corn on the cob, wall plates with dried plants, etc. If you want to place a large composition in the nursery, it is best to hang them up. But please do not near the window, the plants rarely look good in direct sunlight.

Matching cut flowers decoration for the kitchen

Hanging basket in the kitchen decoration with cut flowers

In the kitchen and dining room you should not overdo it with the flower decoration, this is actually a workplace, is not it? But a wreath of dry ornamental flowers looks good on the wall, maybe a few artificial fruits and some vegetables would round off the look. It is nice to hang grasses and flowers to dry, especially if they are selected and matched in the appropriate colors.

Spring floral arrangement

table decoration ideas spring pink flowers silver cutlery

On the dining table is usually a vase with a few cut flowers. In winter, this may be cyclamen or carnation, in spring – snowdrops, lilies of the valley and forget-me-nots. In summer you have a rich selection – from daisies to black peas (lazhyrus) – everything looks good in the kitchen. Small chrysanthemums will bring the variety of autumn mood to your kitchen. Arrange the flowers always with matching foliage – young asparagus, a bunch of wheat and in winter with small branches of fir, pine or spruce.

Festive table decoration

festive occasion chalkboard decor cut flowers basket arranging

You want to organize a family celebration at home? Or a friend meeting? Then you definitely need a festive touch in your ambience. You reach the festive flair by matching Cut flowers decoration , But please, do not forget the basic rule: You must not overload the banquet table with too many flowers, so that the interlocutors could not see over the table. A bouquet of flowers may not be higher than 20-30 cm. Very appropriate for ceremonial occasions are the cut flowers in bright shades. A beautiful table decoration can also be achieved by small flowering tree branches, chrysanthemums and cyclamen.

Fragrant beauty decorates the blackboard

table runner springy decoration with flower glass flower container

Every season inspires us to come up with new ideas for our home decoration. For example, at Easter, there are colorful eggs everywhere, little figures of rabbits, lots of green grass. The winter bouquets are simple, nude, prickly branches or dry fruits and few foliage, gilded or silvered. Around New Year, the arrangements are in warm colors that reflect the comfort and cosiness of home. The festive table can round off aromatic compositions with walnuts, cardamom and cinnamon sticks.
Well, what are you thinking about now? Do you already have new ideas for your next flower decoration at home? If so, we will be really happy.

Table decoration with tulips and eggshells

table decoration make cut flowers in egg shells

Springy cut flowers in bottles

cut flowers deco idea glass flower vase recycled bottles

Table arrangement with white roses

maritime decoration seashells vase festive-laid on the blackboard

deco cut flower tulip spring arrangement

cut flowers wedding tables decorating ideas

spring deco in country style white ceramic vases yellow ostrich

cut flower roses valerian-bedroom flowers ostrich deco ideas

table decoration fragrant pillar cut flower decoration

Wardrobes & hall furniture »The timeless wood wardrobe gives a noble flair – 48 ideas

Chic by Fernando Salas and Jordi Dedeu

Wooden cabinet with storage compartments White carre glossy lacquered surface

The classic Wooden wardrobe combines elegant straightforwardness with a rustic charm. Its timeless beauty makes it the preferred storage furniture for a variety of facilities. Here you will find 48 high-quality cabinets made of solid and fine veneer wood, which can enhance your living ambience with their elegant design.

The high-quality wooden wardrobe fits every style of furnishing

Modular AR18 from Carpanelli Contemporary

Wardrobe mirrored door high quality design carpanelli contemporary-

If you are looking for healthy living, the solid wood furniture is certainly the right choice. Of the Wooden wardrobe offers plenty of storage space for your clothes and is also very chic and can positively influence the indoor climate. Solid woods such as pine, maple, beech and alder are the most commonly used. You can also decide if you want a cabinet that is already oiled, varnished or painted.

Wooden wardrobe with mirrored door

Wooden cabinet revolving door mirror wavy edge stilema-ST TROPEZ St. Tropez von Stilema

The high-quality wardrobes made of wood are carefully tested for harmful substances and provided with a biological or oiled surface treatment. The cabinets, which remain untreated as desired, should improve your Wohnklimma significantly. You can get just about everything from simple to lavishly decorated wardrobe designs. Whether hinged doors and sliding doors, you decide depending on the living situation and available space.

Color and wood finishes

veneer wardrobe fronts modern sliding doors SPAZIO + 2- Ros Spazio + 2 from Ros

Natural wood furniture usually enjoy a high reputation. Thanks to the large selection of wood used for wardrobes, you can choose between a wide variety of wood colors.

Modern bedroom closet

Wooden cabinet oiled surface visible grain sliding door-PREGNO

Wooden wardrobe by Pregno

The colors in which the wardrobes are available can be combined with almost all other furniture colors.

Extravagant and stylish

wardrobe modern-feet designer chairs colorful coffee table roche bobois

Les contemporains Mangrove by M.Fumagalli, Roche Bobois

Walk-in wardrobe

Walk-in closet wood luxurious design FAOMA Royal luxury-Franco-Scalco Royal luxury by Franco Scalco for FAOMA

Walk-in closet with sliding doors

walk-in wardrobe with sliding doors dark wood tone Decoma design Porro shift by Decoma design

Bedroom wardrobe in a noble color

wood wardrobe idea-lacquered device shaper APP Pinuccio Borgonovo Shaper APP by Pinuccio Borgonovo

Wardrobe in solid wood

Domus solid wood storage furniture High quality wooden furniture-Irmaos Pereira-Pacheco Domus of Irmaos Pereira-Pacheco

Designer closet for bedroom

contemporary wardrobe-bedroom handleless wooden furniture storage Corazzin-Group Wooden wardrobe by Corazzin Group

Wooden cabinet in timeless design

solid wood wardrobe bedroom furniture color ideas lots of storage space Elegant by Fernando Salas and Jordi Dedeu for Carre

Closet hallway offers plenty of storage space

hallway storage wood-swing doors design-elegant Pescarollo-Industria-Mobili Wooden wardrobe by Pescarollo Industria Mobili

Wardrobe with integrated cabinet lighting

wardrobe white handle-free fronts wood-integrated lighting sliding doors oKultus-white Cabinet of oKultus

3 door wooden cabinet in honey brown

classic wardrobe fronts handles authentic-dyrlund frederiksborg-K7 Frederiksborg K7 of dyrlund

Oiled wardrobe

wardrobe wood bedroom three-door sliding wood grain wood trim stylish di Zen Adriano by Arte Antiqua

Walk-in closet with leather

walk-in closet in the bedroom-modern dark-wood Shelving systems-leather upholstered-emmebi industria-mobil Arkon by Pietro Arosio for Emmebi industria mobili

Simplicity in white

model cabinet white wood sliding doors design ideas zanette-ARAGONA Aragona by Zanette

Cabinet with fronts of solid wood

high quality wooden furniture hall cabinet SAND-Poliform furniture design Sand of Poliform

High-quality wardrobe with sliding trim by Marka

built-in cupboard storage furniture wood veneer doors schibaüren marka

Luxury closet walkable with glass doors

Luxury version walk-in wardrobe glass sliding wood shelves Essencial from Mobilfresno

6-door bedroom cabinet in wood veneer

wood wardrobe oiled surface four-door-offers plenty of storage space-olivieri SYSTEM-360 ° System 360 ° by Olivieri

Straight, white and modern

white wood wardrobe revolving doors demetra-FRATELLI PIETRELLI Demetra by Fratelli Pietrelli

Spacious wardrobe drawers

ideas design wardrobe drawers high quality wood hülsta-ACREA Acrea from hülsta

Cabinet with an oiled surface

traditional bedroom furniture cabinet mirror door storage storage furniture design bruno piombini- Opera by Piergiorgio Pradella for Bruno Piombini

Glossy honey brown cupboard oiled

three-door modern wood wardrobe-honey-brown oiled-la fablier-ELEGANT Elegant by la fablier

Luxurious design with ornaments

Shabby chic high quality solid wood bedroom closet Giusti Portos of liberty

Elegant and ecological solid wood furniture

wood wardrobe bedroom mirror door pollution free bedroom cabinet Passion Night by Bbelle

Solid wood cabinet with hinged doors

Solid wood cabinet with hinged doors visible grain ego-zeroventiquattro Marrakech Na102 by Ego Zeroventiquattro

Cabinet with foamed particleboard from Marka

Wardrobes in veneerhlz bedroom cabinet sliding doors marka

modern wardrobe sliding doors high quality wood NOLTE furniture RAVEO Raveo from Nolte Furniture

handleless wardrobe solid wood furniture Trunk Michael Schwebius-schönbuch Trunk by Michael Schwebius, Schönbuch

walk-in wardrobe-spacious mirrored doors NOVAMOBILI-ATI Ati from Novamobili

Furniture wooden cabinet walk-in-hallway design Italian by Glab von Grattarola

Wooden cabinet white lacquer-modern timeless design-without handles presotto-ALIBI Alibi by Presotto

Solid wood pine wood eco-friendly furniture wardrobe hallway revolving doors Soft by Karl Auer for Team7

Solid wood cabinets timeless design elegant high quality La Nuit of Mercantini

Wardrobe modern solid wood biological treatment Ethnicraft Wardrobe by Ethnicraft

Wood wardrobe-revolving doors Straight-line and modern-hatch Cliff-Young Luke from Cliff Young

wardrobe design with storage drawers lola glamor-DINASTÍA Dinastia by Lola Glamor

Wooden cabinet hallway furniture storage 8 doors dark shade SIltre-LIFE-139 Life 139 by Siltre

handleless cupboard doors sliding bedroom wood furniture-WU125 by H-modern WU125 from H

Wooden wardrobe bedroom furniture colors Alf-Uno-RAIN Rain by Alf Uno

fitted wardrobe sliding doors bedroom furniture design Wardrobe by Komandor

high quality wardrobe wood-8 door-mazzali-DAY Day of Mazzali

wood wardrobe high-gloss fronts high quality white handles-MARKA Wooden wardrobe by MARKA

honey brown high-quality wardrobe solid wood ecological furniture Ergo by Rossetto Armobil

contemporary two-door sliding door-plywood-walkable kallmar-LATVIA-LA1 Latvia La1 from Kallmar