Architecture »The modern flat roof house with reflecting glass front by Johan Selbing

the modern flat roof mirror Glasfront johan-selbing architecture

Mirror House is located in Almere, the Netherlands, and was designed by Johan Selbing and Anouk Vogel in 2013 as part of the De eenvoud (a kind of architectural and architectural competition) project. 12 winning teams were given the opportunity to prove their skills and to realize their design ideas. Between the experimental new housing estates in the forest of Noorderplassen-West, the Spiegel House stands out. Thanks to the use of reflective windows and glass panels, the modern flat roof house by Selbing is a highlight, although it is hardly noticeable – the facade merges with the surroundings.

Mirror House – the modern flat roof house merges with its surroundings

minimalist architecture glass facade reflecting-johan selbing-anouk bird

The Amsterdam-based Selbing has created a new architectural work of architecture, which takes in the surrounding landscape and contrasts between nature and contemporary architecture blurred. Only by a handle, the entrance to the house can be distinguished from the glass facade. The modern flat roof house offers a comfortably furnished living space of approx. 120 m2 on a living floor.

House with rectangular floor plan and reflecting glass facade

modern house in the sliding forest door plain minimalist

The material for the outer lining acts as a camouflage and offers the residents the feeling of privacy and security. The building’s body is compact and functional, allowing it to turn different living styles can adapt. The slightly raised ground allows fantastic views of the forest. Equipped with sliding glass doors, the modern flat roof house opens over the entire width of the house to the landscape.

The glass façade creates breathtaking light reflections

flat roof house in the forest single storey-reflective glass facade

Inside, the building looks simple and clean. The interior walls are clad with multiplex birch panels, giving the otherwise cool appearance a touch of warmth and coziness. The horizontally running linear structure of the walls makes the house seem a bit longer than it really is.

The window front of the house is a high-reflecting mirror

mirror house sliding doors modern architetkur holland

Flat roof house in the minimalist style of Johan Selbing Architecture

modern built-in kitchen birch multiplex panels light flooded

Built-in wardrobes save space

multiplex birch interior walls wood paneling mirror-house

Photos by: Jeroen Musch

Modern flat roof house built in the forest

Street facade floor elevation-Mirror House-Johan Selbing-architects

side view in the section Mirror-House holland Johan Selbing

Facade view mirroring House Mirror John Selbing

side view mirror house with flat roof Johan-Selbing architecture

johan-selbing mirror-house rectangular floor plan ground floor

mirror house neubausiedlingen project de eenvoud-Almere Johan-Selbing-Anouk bird

Design »Glass furniture from Italy gives the room artistic touch

Glass legs leather sofa classic wall design

The power of glass has always charmed people. Recently, however, the tendency has been to use glass as the main material in architecture and interior. The play Glass furniture a special role – they are no longer just accents, but become an integral part of the institution.

Stylish glass furniture with an Italian flair

set up bright spacious ceilings design pillars

Founded by Vittorio Livi in ​​1973, the company FIAM is more glamorous at making Glass furniture specialized. The combination of hand-blown glass and high-tech processing has great appeal and gives the designs an artistic look. The material is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics and it is very hygienic. Do not be fooled – glass may look simple, but in fact the material is very complicated. The production of glass furniture and home accessories is a big challenge.

Glass furniture combines technological innovation and traditional manufacturing

Upholstered design mirror seat

The professionals of the Italian company have a great deal of experience in this field, which makes it much easier for designers to do their job. Even complicated furniture is decorated with engravings and various decorations. The pieces of furniture are characterized by their original shape and often have a minimalist look. They are perfect for modern, high-gloss facilities and can be combined with state-of-the-art leather furniture. Whether in the living room , in the bedroom or even in the office – The noble glass tables will quickly become the highlight in every room. Thanks to the high-tech manufacturing process, glass can be processed quickly. This allows the production of modern and ergonomic Glass furniture in different forms.

Glass wall-mounted TV with space for TV

Wall unit glass TV cabinet sofa concrete wall

Living room wall as a room divider

Living room set up ideas neutral color glass furniture floor lighting

Big mirror

Living room mirror white sofa colorful glasses deco

Living room with black side table

black glass side table sofa

Shelf made of glass and stainless steel

Furniture mirror shelf home accessories

Glass table with original design

Dining table glass glossy furniture chairs leather stainless steel

Office furnishings

Furnishing glass table stair railing concrete wall

Coffee table made of glass

Coffee table glass modern picture metal chair

Black side table

black frosted glass coffee table low

The same model made of highly polished glass

black armchair Wohnacessoires

Combination of two side tables

Living room set up beige sofa upholstery furniture

Side table with ornaments

Leather couch beige floor lamp industrial chic

Mirror with metal frame

Metal frame around stylish italian glass furniture

Stainless steel and glass table for the kitchen

Set up table kitchen dining area

Glass home accessories black vase bird figurine

set up pictures suggestions glass side tables beige carpet laminate floor

Picture wall black design ideas

Wardrobe Living room classic furnishings

Dining table bowl design ideas

modern glass table mirror metal hanging lamp

Dining table glass black chairs chandelier

Bench frosted glass video system

colored dining room furniture brown color

Wooden bedside table glass purple beige colors

Design glass furniture mirror

minimalist design modern stylish

Glass chair classic wall panels white sofa

Architecture »Concrete house with glass facade by Una Arquitetos offers close to nature living

Concrete house Brazil flat roof Glass facade design

Glass walls are unique elements used in modern architecture. Many builders from all over the world deal with the idea of ​​conveying a unique feeling of living with light and transparency. We present you the exclusive Concrete house Bacopari – a light-flooded design by Una Arquitetos, realized in 2012 in São Paulo, Brazil. The residence offers close to nature living for highest demands.

Bacopari – an exclusive concrete house

Canopy Terrace Concrete House Architecture UNA Brazil Sao Paolo

For the contemporary architecture is the use of Glass , as well as the clear design language and consummate aesthetics a trademark. So the individuality is visible. The House is a result of high technical know-how and many years of experience. The architect team of Una Arquitetos has developed a very individual concept, which blends harmoniously into the environment and leaves enough room for personal taste. The house was built on a plot of 724.00 m², the living area is 504.00 m².

Concrete house with transparent surfaces

Transparent house Brazil modern living close to nature

A two-storey building was designed whose floor-to-ceiling glass façade combines with its transparency the designed exterior and the attractive interior. Thus, the architects achieved the popularization of a style of living in harmony with nature. The trees in the garden were grown at the beginning of the construction. Today they are already 8 meters high.

Exclusive transparent living space

Intermediate courtyard wooden decking-swimming pool patio

Bacopari House has a spacious transparent living space and high quality gardens. The architects have almost completely renounced sturdy, robust concrete walls, which makes the building extremely communicative. The border between inside and outside merges. In the garden is the private retreat where the homeowner can relax body and soul. The Concrete house acts unobtrusive and discreet.

Design living spaces with maximum transparency

Living Design Ideas Nature-inspired Living Interior Design

The living room has double height and gives a feeling of airiness. The dining area has been expanded on the terrace. Wooden staircase leads to the wine cellar in the basement. All rooms are located to the northeast and are perfectly air conditioned and isolated.

Photos by Leonardo Finotti

Residential house with flat roof

Badopari house night lighting concrete glass construction modern

Courtyard with spacious pool, wooden deck and patio

Bacopari House flat roof indoor garden swimming pool

Clean lines and perfect aesthetics

Residence Bauhaus style concrete construction glass facade design

Glass is the dominant architectural element

Bacopari residence glazed courtyard pool patio

Concrete building offers exclusive living in harmony with nature

Open living floor interior design Full-glazed concrete

Open house facade

Residential house with pool trees-grow in the garden

Architecture Sao Paolo Residential house residence BEton glass

Wood wall cladding-floor decking glass wall design

Wood Ceiling Paneling-Indoor Garden Pool-Build Design

Residential house modern architecture open plan blueprint mosaic floor stones

Indoor design double height library built-in wardrobes

Living room designer slats curtain library designer furniture

Glazed concrete wall interior design Loft style furnishings-dining area terrace

Double High-living room Ceiling Furniture Leather Upholstered White Black

Concrete house with flat roof of K2 – minimalist architecture in Japan

House Sao Paolo Una-Arquitetos design

Bacopari House Side View Sao Paolo

Concrete house with extensive green roofs in Alicante, Spain

Contemporary concrete house in Murcia, Spain from Xpiral Architecture

Concrete house with wood exterior paneling in Canada cubist architecture

Modern asymmetric concrete house with roof pool and great views

Windows & Doors »Interior doors in comparison – Sliding door made of glass or room door with frame?

Room divider sliding glass designer Casali

The inner doors divide the living space in different areas. But they are much more than practical room dividers – nowadays they have become a peculiar decoration. They compliment the interior and contribute to a feel-good atmosphere. When choosing the right door, several factors play a role – often the function determines the design. We take a closer look at the two most popular variants Sliding glass door and the room door with frame.

Is the sliding glass door an alternative to the room door with frame?

frosted flowers pattern Casali interior doors

The Sliding glass door has been gaining in popularity in recent years. The glass doors are space-saving and very practical. They let the summer light through and so you can enjoy a bright corridor during the day. The purist designs consist of a metal rail, to which a large glass element is attached. Often only small patterns on the glass are matted, creating an interesting play of light and shadow. These doors are certainly not suitable for families with small children or with pets – there is always a risk of injury. The glass doors are mainly used in the living room, dining room and in the kitchen. The bedroom can also be visually separated from the bathroom by a glass wall.

The wooden door with frame compared to the sliding glass door

Execution Bizotto beige color fine manufacturing

The wooden door with frame is one of the classic elements of the interior. Nowadays, many modern finishes with simple puristic forms are offered, but the classic version, decorated with wood carving, remains a popular choice. The wooden door is more stable, at least it takes more space.

In the end, it depends on the room conditions, the style of living and the personal advantages, which door / frame or sliding glass / you decide. Outstanding designs are offered in both variants – let yourself be convinced by these designer doors!

Classically elegant – the door of Bizotto

Door natural wood effect metal frame Bizotto

Classic wooden door from OTC Doors

classic elegant frame gilded frame Luxury

The glass door of Portarredo

Concept room divider Portarredo Italian manufacturer

Door in minimalist design of Ermetika

minimalist doors glass purple color Ermetika designs

The door in a different color – this time red

High gloss optics red color Ermetika design

The collection of Casali – Sliding glass doors

Stainless steel frame original pattern black wall

Geometric pattern and partially frosted glass

Inside stainless steel rail modern design rectangle motifs

Pattern inspired by nature

Door painted Italian manufacturer Casali Italian

The classic collection of glass doors from Cristal

beautiful manufacturing glass dyed design ideas Classic

Modern geometric figures or classic floral patterns?

original pattern wall make stylish interior

The glass door is attached to a stainless steel strip

Sliding doors design stainless steel frame yellow wall

Glass door with goat – classic and modern blend in the design the Italian brand

Decorated floral pattern nature ornaments frosted

For the office – glass door, transparent

modern office interior colored original pattern ideas

Classic elegance – stylish floral figures in purple

Door Satin Glass Ornate Purple Color Classic

The same door in three color variants

Pattern yellow blue color variants available

Flowers and stripes pattern

Door flowers purple yellow stripe pattern

Stylish and space-saving – sliding door

Pattern accent interior deco modern decor

Modern and original – the sliding door made of colored glass

geometric pattern stainless steel slide rail

Roof and floor with glass insert properties and advantages at a glance

walkable glass glass pedestal interior design floor with glass insert pendant lights

Townhouse Cessange, L uxembourg of Metaform

What would be only the contemporary architecture without the glass insert! Glass walls, glass floors and roof glazing are practical and stylish additions to the architectural appearance of a building. Glass gives every room exclusive lightness and transparency. The trademark of nightclubs, museums, panorama towers and concert halls is increasingly used in private homes. Glass gives the living and office space a deeper impression of space. What properties, advantages and disadvantages has a roof and Floor with glass insert , we tell you in this article.

Floor with glass insert gives a feeling of lightness

Glass floor glass roof advantages applications - interior design concept

Glass bottom of Glass Master

Experience the space three-dimensionally with a roof or Floor with glass insert ! Glass elements come in different designs. They are generally divided into 2 groups – laminated floors (laminated with covering or reflecting foil) and glass tile elements. Both options guarantee you a deeper spatial effect. Glass processing has been modernized in recent years. Glass plates are sandblasted and the colors for colored glass vary widely. The thickness of the bottom glass plates is calculated according to load and intended use. Individual light and color relationships are achieved through the use of colored glass. Slip-resistant coatings and excellent impact resistance are guaranteed. You can choose between transparent, translucent or matt glass. Likewise, the gluing the glass plate with a desired motif is possible.

Glass ensures individuality

Glass floor glazed roof slope walkable glass pane interior design Cetatuia Loft, Brasov, Romania by Ion Popusoi + Bogdan Preda

In architecture and interior design, laminated safety glass is used for roof glazing. It is offered in different configurations. VSG usually consists of two or more glass panes and an intermediate layer of PVB film. In special cases, plastic discs are used. When manufactured in an autoclave, the glass and foil merge under heat and high pressure to form a stable unit. If glass ceilings are effectively lit, the result is a artful architectural ensemble !

Insert glass shelves and glass ceiling – a step for more transparency

glass panel corridor design glass use railing roof openings glazing
Silk Hill House in Lafayette Hill from Metcalfe Architecture & Design

Glass floor tiles usually come with rectangular contours. They make the room appear larger and more spacious and look very decorative. The installation of glass plates and tiles is relatively simple – it just needs a hole to be cut at the desired location of the floor. Then the frame is adjusted with the glass plate. However, the use of a glass floor depends on the specific room situation. Glass can be used excellently as an element of the stairs. Glass stairs provides a high level of security and blend in perfectly with each modern buildings or institution. A glass floor can be a bit slippery when wet. Tiles are in contrast relatively non-slip. New non-slip surfaces are ideal for floors and stairs and create a great visual effect.

Walk-in transparent level with breathtaking panoramic views

Exotic building Panorama window Glass pane floor Roof glazing walk-in laminated safety glass

Justin Bieber’s new home, Mills studio

Glass bottom plates are popular for their excellent anti-slip and scratch-resistant properties. But they also have a high resistance to static and dynamic loads. Matte glass shelves provide the privacy you want and add a dramatic touch to the decor. If you want to set an accent that would captivate everyone, choose a filigree home accessory made of pure glass or colored glass – a floor vase, for example. In the market different acrylic furniture can be found, which has the futuristic look of the roof and Floor with glass insert stress.

Glass floor and ceiling

Walk-in glass tiles ideas living design modern non-slip-stable antibacterial

Of the Floor with glass insert Visually open the space and bring nature into it. This intensifies the communication between inside and outside. Another advantage is the fact that glass shelves can be recycled up to 100%.

Glass floors are considered practical, functional, unusual and very decorative

Double bottom made of glass non-slip resistant load roof-modern design-laminated glass pane insert The Lemperle Residence, California ,null, Jonathan Segal

Opaque glass creates privacy, pure glass can dazzle your eyes

Balcony ideas floor decking matte glass-transparency lightness modern appearance Project of Lucid Glass Studio

The glass bottom – waterproof, easy to clean and with antibacterial effect

Flooring ideas walk-in glass tiles allows -light transmission Glass bottom of Glass Master

Non-slippery surfaces are to be preferred

Advantages of glass Large-area use of transparent bottom Lay glass panels

Walk-in glass with depth effect, complemented by warm wood tones

Floating recyclable glass corridor design matt glass non-slip surface

Modern bathroom interior – ornamental glass panel with integrated light

Laminated glass floor-bathroom exquisite bathtub chandelier-integrated Led

Structural glass construction panel

Walk-in glass design living room light and glass ceiling architectural ideas Rue Vignon project of Michael Herrman

Sandblasted glass plates

Sandblasted glass panel balcony flooring Ideas Modern Aesthetics

Floor and roof glazing

outdoor kitchen terrace glass-bottomed glass railing canopy-wood recessed lighting

Accessible laminated safety glass – Apartment in Luxembourg from Metaform

Matt-glass surface treatment non-slip floor covering idea furnishing tendencies

Double floor made of glass in country house ambience

Wood gazebo-freestanding fireplace ethanol floor with glass insert lightness design ideas

Glass in combination with light has unique aesthetic qualities – Beck Within Interiors

Matt glass floor embellishments neon lighting-integrated

Glass tiles with texture

Matt Glass Floor Panel Furnishing Ideas Modern Apartment

Transparent stairs with glass steps House in Venice by Ehrlich

Built-in fireplace laminated glass intermediate layer glass stairs step-glass tile elements wall

Floor with Glaseinsazt – pebbles as a decorative glass Master

walkable transparent level texture stones decoration living room flooring ideas

Anti-slip float glass plate

Structural glass panel insert elements raised floor highlight

Glass floor allows daylight into the house

Living concept open-modern glass insert roof floor laminated safety glass

Glass insert allows light transmission from the bottom of MOOARC

Trends Design Transparent Floor-with-Glass-Modern Architecture Solutions

Bird silhouette on the window makes glass panes bird proof

Bird silhouette window-glass-bird-window-decoration-children

Birds perceive their environment and the world fundamentally differently than humans. Many manmade objects obstruct their way. Especially in the city, but not only there are various obstacles to the flying creatures: wires, wires, wind turbines, ropes and fences. Some of them can be detected immediately in flight. On the other hand, transparent and reflective glass panels are invisible to the birds, and it is not uncommon for them to bounce against them. This usually leads to serious injury or cervical fracture to death immediately. Bird silhouette or another pattern on the windowpane works as a simple measure that makes the glass sheets bird proof and anyone can implement it.

The glass panes and the birds

Bird silhouette window-glass-bird-making-ideas

Although people have always used glass for their windows, modern architecture in recent years has made the building almost entirely of glass. The so-called glass architecture and the large-format windows look very attractive for architects, builders and homeowners and represent a special highlight. However, their transparency and reflections can endanger the wild birds, because they hardly perceive the glass surface and therefore do not recognize it as an obstacle , Current studies show that the most common cause of death among birds in Europe is just a bird strike on glass surfaces.

Bird silhouette window glass bird safe glass pane decoration

Glass alone is not only invisible, it also reflects. Transparent, clean windows can even be an obstacle for people. For example, in many conservatories and balconies or in modern commercial buildings, the problem is known when the frameless glass doors are not recognized in time and you suddenly step against it. After their habitat destruction and still confused by the traffic, many flying birds often fall into this trap. In addition, windows reflect the environment in front of them, such as trees, shrubs and the sky in certain lighting conditions. Birds do not recognize the reflection as such and fly directly towards the bright light.

There are several ways to make the glass sheets bird proof

Bird silhouette window-glass-bird-making-window-decoration

  • Dirty Windows – Probably the easiest way to reduce bird strikes on glass surfaces is to clean them rarely. The dust on the windows reduces the reflections and makes them appear more than actual surfaces. Thus, they are also recognizable as obstacles for the birds.
  • Visibility and sun protection – awnings, parasols and all decorative elements that shade the reflecting surface reduce the risk of bird strike.
  • Curtains, curtains and blinds, etc. – They do not prevent the reflections, but make the glass sheets appear less transparent and can reduce the problems a bit.
  • Fly screens – External grilles provide effective bird strike protection.
  • Bird feeders, dumplings, feeding places and the like, which attracts the birds, should by no means be attached directly to the glass panes. Unknowingly, it can end up endangering the creatures that you really want to help.
  • Window decoration of every kind but on the outside of the window – decorative materials e.g. Adhesive films, adhesive strips, stained glass and children’s paints can be used by children creatively and the birds to good ones.

Bird silhouette

window-glass-bird safe-motive-ideas bird-silhouette-

Individually mounted birds of prey silhouette in the form of window decoration or stickers is a simple and very common measure against bird strike. However, only a sticker on the window is largely ineffective. A bird silhouette is often recognized as not an enemy in itself, but as a mere obstacle, since it actually does not move. The birds will just fly close to the single motive against the glass. If you want to make the glass bird proof, a bird silhouette itself does not use anything. You have to provide the window with patterns. For this measure to be really effective, the distance between the individual motifs, regardless of their design and shape should not exceed ten centimeters.

bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird safe-pattern-motif-diy

Silhouettes, which are stuck to the window pane from the inside, usually have a bad effect from the outside. Due to the reflections, the stickers are not perceived from the outside. If these are glued on the outer side of the disc, they are much more visible.

Bird silhouette with sunscreen

Make-bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird-safe stickers themselves

Often the fact is used that the birds (but not all bird species) can see in the UV range. There are commercially available special aids, as well as special glass, which reflect the short-wave sun rays and thereby make the glass surface very well recognizable to birds. Spraying with a water-insoluble sunscreen with high SPF should actually be enough. You can use a bird silhouette as a template and create a pattern invisible to humans on the glass. However, the effectiveness of this method is controversial, because not all birds can perceive the ultraviolet range.

Bird silhouette for DIY – Short instructions

bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird-safe window dressing-folie

Mostly, the glass sheets must be subsequently secured. Patterned adhesive films, which you can also design yourself, are perfect for this. The pattern or the motif is freely selectable. But it makes sense to decide on a bird silhouette and thus include the goal of window decoration. We will soon show you how to create a beautiful motif yourself.

template-print bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird-safe

For the bird silhouette you can use a template and print it out in any size. Optionally you multiply the same motive, but only different sizes. If you want, you can paint a bird yourself. Here it is important to represent it as simplified as possible, so that a clean and clearly recognizable bird silhouette ultimately results.

bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird-safe template-swallow

Now you cut with a pair of scissors, the selected motifs, namely, serve as templates later. The cut-out bird silhouettes are transferred to a thick paper or best to self-adhesive foil, if they are attached to the window glass from the outside afterwards. It certainly looks beautiful when the small and large bird silhouettes are combined with each other. The result is a nice composition and finally – a window picture, which not only ensures a good mood, but also makes the glass pane bird proof.

bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird-safe idea-dig

If you have made several birds, it will certainly be creative to put a leash on the window glass and stick it to it. Washi tape or a colored adhesive tape is gladly used for this purpose. If you choose differently colored adhesive film for the bird silhouettes, a cute, timeless window decoration is created, which is also made super fast and is also ideally suited as a creative DIY project for slightly older children.

With the right window decoration you can save birds

bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird safe-origami-paper

The well-known black bird of prey silhouettes have virtually no effect. But with very simple means you can protect the animals. A colored decoration that you made yourself and applied from the outside of the window usually works very well, so that the birds recognize the glass and avoid it.

bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird-safe origami template

Architecture »Ultra modern house made of glass and concrete shows innovative design

modern house made of glass concrete swimming pool

This chic Glass house and concrete is a beautiful example of modern and innovative architecture. The property is located in Perth, Australia. It was from the architecture studio juo designed and named Breust Residence. The house is spacious and airy high ceilings and the glass walls create a sense of freedom. It is recently for sale in the real estate market.

The glass house impresses with its modern design

modern house of glass and concrete living room

The modern one Glass house is located on a relatively narrow lot in Bicton. The innovative architecture is characterized by unusual combinations of materials, as well as minimalist design and geometric shapes. Still from entrance area you can see the concrete frame that defines the ground floor. A modern steel sun visor provides more comfort in the hot days.

The house of glass and concrete built on innovative principles

modern house glass concrete garden courtyard

The main part of the property was designed as a concrete rectangle. However, inside the house, the space is divided into two areas, which are connected by glass structures. The Glass house and concrete was built according to the passive solar principles. Of the outdoors was built in the northern part of the house and the building was well protected from the sun’s rays by west and east. The house has been of maximum benefit in terms of energy due to its innovative design.

Interior and interior in modern property

modern house glass and concrete wood

The entrance leads directly to the cozy living space between the two areas on the ground floor. The glass walls create an illusion that the interior and exterior merge into one another. The outdoor pool was also built as a glass construction one level higher. In this way you can enjoy an interesting water effect in the living room or in the kitchen. The house off Glass and concrete is a perfect example of modern design and innovative architecture.

Living room with high ceiling

modern house made of glass and concrete living area

Glass walls separate indoor and outdoor areas

modern house made of glass and concrete transparency

Staircase leads to the upper floor

modern house made of glass and concrete stairs

Kitchen island with modern design

modern house glass and concrete kitchen island

Modern minimalist kitchen

modern house glass and concrete kitchen

Comfortable living room interior

modern house glass and concrete glass wall

Glass walls create a sense of spaciousness

modern house glass and concrete glass ceiling

Interesting railing structure

modern house glass and concrete glass ceiling

Dining area overlooking the pool

modern house glass and concrete dining area

Cozy bedroom in white

modern house glass and concrete bedroom

Nursery with cute comforters

modern house glass and concrete children's room

modern house glass and concrete entrance area

modern house made of glass and concrete sink
modern house glass and concrete bathroom modern house glass and concrete workroom

modern house glass and concrete entrance

Dreamhouses »Modern luxury steel and glass villa with beautiful panoramic views

modern luxury stone house and glass facade

These modern luxury villa in Malibu was built in 1993 by Edward Niles and spreads to about 17 acres. The house is located on a hill and has a beautiful outlook on the Pacific Ocean. The property was still called the Henman House. This name comes from the two owners who wear the Henman family – director Graham Henman and fashion designer Paris Henman. The luxury villa has 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a large outdoor pool, a heliport and parking for 25 cars. The soil is made of petrified limestone.

The modern luxury villa in Malibu – furniture and design

modern luxury villa of stone and glass living room

The modern luxury villa It was built predominantly of glass and stainless steel and has breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean and mountain hills in the area. Panels off Glass and steel shape the whole structure of Malibu Villa. Part of the walls was covered with fossils of petrified limestone. All rooms are spacious with high Cover and enormous windows. The kitchen was also originally decorated with black diamond hearth and a lime bar counter. The kitchen also has a built-in barbecue.

The modern luxury villa with exclusive interior design

modern luxury stone house and glass lounge

The master suite has a surround sound system, private patio with panoramic views and a luxury bathroom. The modern luxury villa It also has two large bathrooms, an office room and a separate living room. The villa has been well lit both indoors and outdoors.

modern luxury villa in stone and glass swimming pool

The backyard looks gorgeous with the large outdoor pool. There are also closed bathroom areas with a new sauna nearby. Not far from here you can see the helipad. The house still has garage space for 25 cars, a separate guest house and enough space to build tennis courts and horse stable. These modern luxury villa has also been shown several times on television and in a few movies. The house is currently for sale and is offered on the real estate market for $ 7.95 million.

Living room with stunning design and high ceiling

modern luxury stone house and glass elegance

Dining room with modern furnishings and panoramic views

modern luxury stone house and glass dining area

Kitchen with built-in grill and bar of limestone

modern luxury stone house and glass kitchen

Bedroom with glass walls in bright colors

modern luxury stone house and glass bedroom

Modern bathroom with nice view to the outside

modern luxury stone house and glass bathroom

Access to the garden terrace with glass doors

modern luxury stone villa and glass access terrace

Patio area with modern patio furniture

modern luxury stone house and glass patio area

View of the villa from the outside

modern luxury stone house and glass backyard

The swimming pool in the evening

modern luxury stone and glass house in the evening

The garden of the modern luxury villa in Malibu

modern luxury stone house and glass garden

Windows & Doors »Glass folding doors for terrace and conservatory – 20 inspirations

Glass folding doors for terrace exterior gray window frame wood floor wood facade cladding

Terraces are a popular spot that connects the living area with the garden in summer and offers a view of the exterior. Glass folding doors for terrace and conservatory create one limitless sense of space while ensuring more safety at home. In the article you will find information about folding doors and folding walls made of glass, as well as the different optics and opening options. A glass folding door can be fully opened and pushed aside so that the boundary between the two areas disappears. When closed, the glass fronts offer a view to the outside and ensure a large amount of daylight in the interior.

Glass folding doors for terrace connect the living space with the outdoor area

Glass folding doors for patio folding-wall-partly-open-wood-frame-concrete-plate-gravel-joints

Folding glass doors for the terrace invite nature into your home, connecting the kitchen, living room or other space with the garden. Distinguished by an elegant design, they embody the idea of ​​the new modern building. Here, in particular, the concept of light is meant, since new buildings are bright and equipped with many windows and glazing. In addition, modern houses are designed with an open living concept that unites the individual areas in a common space.

The functioning of glass folding doors for terrace

Glass folding doors for patio folding wall opening-out-door-terrace-tile-planting

The Terraced folding doors can be pushed together like an accordion and provide a good alternative to the usual doors and windows, which need a lot of space when opening. In contrast, the folded door leaves form a package that can be pushed aside and thus does not prevent free access and view to the outside. Nevertheless, you should plan enough space for the stacked windows, because depending on the number of individual door leaves they can take up to one meter of floor space.

Glass folding doors for terrace and the different opening variants

Glass folding doors for terrace wood-frame-three-wing-single-opening-living-room

The variants for opening the glass folding doors for terrace are varied and depend on the number of desired door wings and the available space. A commonly used multi-wing opening variant is the mechanism for opening the first wings in one direction and pushing the entire wing pack in the opposite direction. Other variants are all folding doors to push together on the same page or to distribute them in two equal-sized packages. When selecting the opening direction, if possible, you should order the glass folding doors with opening towards an outside wall or wall. As a rule, folding doors for the terrace open outwards, so that the door leaves take up no space in the interior. Nevertheless, an opening inwards is also possible.

Terraces folding wooden doors

Glass folding doors for terrace closed-secure-lock-living-room-carpet-glass-side-table

Glass folding doors for terrace with wooden frame have a two-sided natural effect. On the one hand, the barrier-free access to the outdoor area is made possible, on the other hand, the wood conveys a sense of well-being that is reminiscent of nature. Wooden door frames combine beautifully with natural colors and interior elements. Wooden or wood-effect floor coverings, rustic wooden furniture and upholstery in beige or earth tones harmonize beautifully with wooden door and window frames. Often, however, no real wood is used for the frame, but a special foil that gives the popular wood look.

Glass folding doors for terrace with aluminum frame

glasfalttüren-terrace-to-in opening-black-frame-traffic light shade-garden furniture

Terrace folding doors with aluminum frames provide maximum functional reliability and still have a nice look. You can usually choose between white, black or gray as the color for the frame, which allows an adaptation to the interior and exterior. Anthracite is currently very much in vogue as a color for the aluminum door frames and combines perfectly with a modern interior design. Next you can decide for yourself whether the wings should be opened inwards or outwards. The decision usually depends on the available space in each area.

Glass folding doors for terrace – a real eye-catcher

glasfalttüren-terrace-interior-folding doors-wood-frame-partially-opened

Whether pushed together completely, partially open or completely closed, the glass folding doors for the terrace are a real eye-catcher on the facade of the house. At first glance, they look like many large windows side by side, which abolish the distinction between the interior and exterior after opening. If they are only partially open, they provide good ventilation of the interior and the accordion look creates a great visual effect.

Terraced folding doors with lock for more security

glasfalttüren-terrace-wood-closed multiple-wing Interior Living Room patio

Securing the house against thieves and criminals is an important task for every family. The first thing that comes to mind is the front door and windows, but you should not forget the terrace, even if it is at the back of the house. Thieves almost always tend to use the rear entrance to the house. If you want to completely guarantee the safety of your family and your home, then the glass folding doors for the terrace should definitely be provided with an integrated lock. Invest in high-quality locks that are unbreakable.

Glass folding walls for terrace – a flowing transition from inside to outside

glasfalttüren-terrace-patio-living room-interior-black-white-open-accordion doors

The hinged folding doors on the terrace can be adapted to any interior and decorating style. Modern apartments are usually minimalist in style and do not need superfluous elements such as large door frames or window sills. For this case, glass folding doors are suitable for terraces that move on a retractable flat floor rail. These are just as well suited for barrier-free apartments. Thus, the boundary between indoor and outdoor area is completely abolished and thus realized the open living concept.

Glass folding doors provide thermal insulation

glasfalttüren-terrace-heat-protection glass-thermal insulation-comfort-lock safety

Depending on the glass folding wall system, the patio glass folding doors can be thermally insulated and protect the apartment from bad weather conditions. For this purpose, heat protection glasses are used, which do not let the warmth and coziness even in winter. In addition, such windows and glass folding doors do not allow the hot air in the summer in the interior. Such an investment is worthwhile especially for northern areas, where the winter is much colder.

Custom made glass folding doors

glasfalttüren-terrace-wood-stage-lighting-evening-rattan table-pink pillows

Folding doors and folding walls can be custom-made, depending on the available space, the size and the number of door leaves. They are suitable for both front and side glazing and are perfect for quick ventilation of the house. For small terraces and balconies smaller glass folding doors are recommended, which have no more than three or four doors. The smaller the number of leaves, the less space they take.

Energy saving with glass folding doors for terrace

glasfalttüren-terrace-zussammenfaltend floor tiles-open-wohnzimmer

The glass folding doors with thermal insulation ensure energy savings, especially in winter. In summer, no air conditioning is usually required, as the opening allows a generous exchange of air. In this way you not only save money, but protect the environment as a whole. Furthermore, the heat-insulating glass doors do not allow hot air into the interiors when closed. Therefore, they bring benefits to residents both in winter and in summer.

Glass folding doors for conservatory provide a maximum opening to nature

glasfalttüren-conservatory-aluminum-frame lean-to roof-wood facade-brick wall

The winter garden at the house stands for a pleasant atmosphere and direct connection with the outdoor space in every season. Heavy rain, cold wind or even deep snow can not shake off the natural feeling. While the winter garden is mostly closed in winter and autumn, it would be nice to open it in summer and spring and unite with nature.

Functioning and advantages of the folding doors for the conservatory

glasfalttüren-conservatory-growing Roof glazing-modern-interior-living-room furniture

For conservatories, the same glass folding doors are used on terraces. The door panels are first turned over a roller bearing and then moved laterally. Advantages include the enlarged opening, the space-saving design and the easy-to-use mechanism. They are just as easy to use and allow a good exchange of air. Also in this case folding doors are recommended with an opening direction to the outside, so as not to reduce the space in the conservatory.

Folding doors for the modern conservatory

glasfalttüren-conservatory-modern-cultivation-aluminum folding doors Elegant-furniture-white

Like a terrace, the conservatory overlooks the garden or the surrounding area. When the weather is nice and the glass folding doors are pushed aside, the conservatory is transformed into a covered terrace. A threshold-free folding door can also contribute to this because it allows the two areas to merge completely into one another. Whether open or closed, the glass folding doors do not block the view to the outside and let in plenty of natural light in the conservatory.

Conservatory with complete glazing

glasfalttüren-conservatory-folding glass doors Roof glazing-sun-protection awning-red-wall

If you do not want to obstruct the view of the sky in the winter garden, then you can have the entire greenhouse vitrified. The large glass surface lets in the natural daylight and has a beneficial effect on your health. Since the sun is strong in summer, the roof can be protected against the sun by awnings. Bright colors are recommended for sun protection because they do not darken the room as much as the darker ones. If you have the whole conservatory glazed, you probably still need curtains or blinds for the glass walls, if they are lit directly from the sun.

Glass folding doors for terrace or conservatory mounted on corner

glasfalttüren-conservatory-clinker facade-sunlight-planting bucket-garden

To open a larger area of ​​the conservatory, the glass folding doors for terrace can be mounted on the corner. Thus, the entire front of the garden is placed outdoors and the living space becomes a part of the garden. In this way, the conservatory is considered a covered part of the terrace in summer when the doors are pushed aside. For folding doors that are mounted on a corner, an opening in the opposite directions is required.

Pleasant feelings in the conservatory

glasfalttüren-conservatory-house cultivation-living room-white-device-terrace tiles and natural stone

With an open conservatory you can enjoy the birdsong and the scent of blooming flowers and plants in spring and summer, without leaving the comfort of your own home. If you also have children, the glass folding doors for terrace or conservatory offer the possibility for monitoring their outdoor games.

Glass folding doors transform the conservatory into a covered terrace

glasfalttüren-conservatory-sunlight-complete glazing-rattan-wood table

Another advantage of the conservatory is that it offers a place where you can let the plants and flowers to overwinter. Thermal glass folding doors create suitable conditions for the plants to prevent them from entering. The green planters transform the conservatory into a green oasis in winter and create a natural atmosphere in this area.

Aluminum folding door for a small conservatory

glasfalttüren-conservatory-aluminum window frame-house-facade clinker-dining area

Whether large or small, the conservatory always looks good with glass folding doors for the terrace. For a beautiful facade design, we recommend to adapt the material and color of the frames to the other windows. This creates a harmonious overall picture both indoors and outdoors. The door frames should also be in line with the façade or, if desired, create a successful contrast.

Architecture »House made of glass, wood and concrete combines retro style with minimalism

Concrete House Flat Roof Gepo Belgium OYO Architecture Studio Overgrown Garden Effect

Gepo is one of the newest projects of the architecture office OYO. The two-storey cubic was built Glass house , Wood and concrete 2012 in Wijgmaal, Belgium. A linear minimalist concept expresses a retro aesthetic.

Modern house in glass and wood in a minimalist style

House concrete wood glazing water level pond garden

The real small building with steel structure of the family house was designed with maximum transparency and openness. Room-high glazing visually integrates the garden into the living space. The small garden pond reflects the glass facade and thus creates an optical connection to the house.

Flat roof house made of glass and concrete offers living in loft style

Two-storey house Gepo-Belgium concrete-wood glass facade

The glazing gave the ground floor lightness and airiness, while the concrete-clad upper floor looks rather massive and visually heavy. Seen from afar, this looks Glass house and concrete floating in the air.

The interior is visually enlarged by the glazing

House of glass-wood concrete-garden pond green area country house style

The minimalist style interior design was completed with fancy details, eliminating the need for additional ornaments and decorations. Retro furniture in a mid-century look gives the living space of 180 square meters a very special flair. An interesting combination is to combine retro with modernity. Warm autumn tones and lively play of colors soothe the linear geometric rigor of the right angle. Sliding doors provide direct access to the quiet garden.

Living room flooded with sunlight

Sliding door Glass wall Wood frame glazing Gepo house Belgium

The low budget Glass house from Open Y Office (OYO) fits perfectly with the basic idea of ​​the modern lifestyle, which enhances the creativity of the residents. Cozy furniture invites you to friendly conversations in good company.

Photos by: Tom Janssens

Naturalness of the wood and refined elegance of the glass

Glasshouse interior design cantilever retro style exterior design

Comfort and warmth convey through colors and fabrics

Retro Blue Rocking Chair Blanket Doormat

Tradition and modernity are combined in a particularly harmonious way

Living Room Open Loft Style Glass Walls Retro Furniture Designs Gepo House

Indoor stove forms the center of the living space

Close to nature-Low budget house-in Belgium interior design

Contemporary house boasts retro-inspired decor

Wood Metal Retro Furniture Fireplace Indoor Gepo House Large Glazing

Autumn tones dominate in the interior

Indoor Style Mix Retro Minimalism Wall Shelves Armchair-Relax Rocking Chair Indoor Fireplace

Gepo house from OYO location

Belgian architecture-Oyo gepo-house location

EC and OG floor plan

Room layout zweigeschössiges-Einfamilienhaus floor plan

Views from the front, back and west

Cubic House Gepo Facade Design Glass Concrete


House of glass wood concrete large-area glazing Gepo outline

Gepo house design outline oyo