High gloss lacquered kitchens by A-Cero – Exciting futuristic design

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero mobalco metrica deisgn

A-Cero is a famous architecture firm from Spain designing amazing houses. The team amazes us every time with designs that stand out through modern lines, colors, shapes and a minimalist, even futurist Mark style. Present now A-Cero High gloss lacquered kitchens that really expresses her traditional minimalism in black and white.

High gloss lacquered kitchens from A-cero

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero metrica mobalco black-white

Metrica is a modern combination of neutral colors and clean shapes, giving the whole an elegant and timeless look. Metrica is sober but with character. The high-quality materials and the interesting lighting effects are fascinating. Metrica is also available in a wide range of oak and cherry wood.

High gloss lacquered kitchens in black and white

metrica kitchen a-cero design mobalco manufacturer

Mobalco began its story as a small carpentry workshop in 1959. Today, Mobalco specializes in the production of modern kitchens. Their philosophy comprises seven principles: careful selection of materials, interesting finishes, passion for design, excellent manufacturing handling, care for transport and packaging, energy efficiency and attention to customers.

LED recessed lights

High gloss kitchen black white underfitted a-cero

Corian® worktop

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero mobalpa black white

elegant lines

High gloss lacquered kitchens a-cero recessed corian countertop

Wave kitchen design by A-Cero

a-cero kitchens design white futuristic modern

Wave kitchen is something that can take your breath away. The modern design and the high quality materials used make it an amazing kitchen that would fit in the interior of a spaceship.

pure white and futuristic

High gloss lacquered kitchen white black tiled mirror

built-in appliances

white futuristic kitchen a-cero built-in appliances

black tile mirror

Wave kitchen pure white matt cabinets a-cero design

recessed lighting

Kitchen design a-cero architects spain pure white recessed lighting

The kitchens in some houses of A-Cero

modern house Somosaguas a-cero kitchen dining area

Apartment in Galicia

Glossy kitchens futuristic design a-cero architects

Concrete House II in Pozuelo de Alorcón

Kitchen a-cero glossy cabinet fronts gray white

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero black futuristic lines

High gloss lacquered kitchens a-cero architecture black white

interesting black lines as decoration

designer kitchen black white a-cero style futuristic

Coffee table high gloss in white – 25 current ideas for the modern interior

Coffee table high gloss in white -black-white-fine-very-simple-eiffel-tower-edge-PAOLO-PIVA

The coffee table is a practical piece of furniture that should be present in every home and in every living room. It has to be adapted to the other furniture in the room and to harmonize creatively with the style of the house. On Coffee table high gloss in white is one with its filigree form and its practical use classic under the tables – a chic and functional small piece of furniture.

Coffee table high gloss in white – Functional and effective

Coffee table high gloss in white -lapiaz-black-white-gold-modern-noble-high quality

The coffee table is becoming more and more important because you can put different things on it and they always have it at hand. Over the years, the shape of such tables has varied and developed in many ways. The production processes and materials used are numerous, but the function has always remained the same. He should functionality offer and optimize the design.

Coffee table high gloss in white – A must with the modern design

Coffee table high gloss in white s-minimalist-organic-state-of-the-art-designer-tavolino-atollo-manufacturer-cattelan

A coffee table or side table is used in several areas, not just in the living room. Sofa and couch can also be used in offices, conference rooms and hallways. Since there is always something to park and the user sits a little deeper in the sofa, a small piece of furniture is needed, which can be used as a shelf. Whether square, square, oval or round – the coffee table must be suitable for its place.
The coffee table high gloss in white offers a perfect surface – purist, well-groomed and noble. He is a stylish way to bring a certain nobility in the room. White is considered a minimalist color and can be wonderfully combined with all other colors. High-gloss surfaces are also easy to clean and are successfully combined with metal, glass and even wood. Some designers of very high-quality furniture achieve the effect of a perfect surface through the glass-smooth polishing of marble.

Latest state of the art designer pieces

Coffee table high gloss in white -valley-organic-modern-griffon-black-minimalist

A functional art object by M. Demacker, Italy – Bonaldo coffee table with Good Design Award 2010

coffee table-mirror-white-Matthias-Demacker-pebble-bonaldo-italy-good-design-2010

Low coffee table, COEVO with small chromium feet by Giuseppe Viganò

coffee table-mirror-white-glass-chromium-fuesse-low-Giuseppe Viganò-COEVO

Design classic with aluminum base by Fritz Hansen

Coffee table high gloss in white-aluminum-foot-design-classic-Fritz-Hansen

Minimalist Italian design – coffee table with base in metal by Atlantis

coffee table-mirror-white-chromium-fuesse-square-modern-purist Atlantis Italia

Simple, oval coffee table by Giuseppe-Viganò

Coffee table high gloss in white-frame-chromium-playful-under-simple-porada-Giuseppe-Viganò

Eternally modern – side table with Chromium frame by Thonet

coffee table-mirror-white-thnonet-next table-chromium-fuesse-rack

Adjustable table with hidden compartments

coffee table-high-gloss white-adjustable storage-modern-chromium-frame

Small, round, practical

coffee table glossy white glass-state-adjustable-small-round-animal

Modern design with storage systems

coffee table-mirror-white-adjustable-storage-oval-round-shirts

Chic and practical – coffee table high gloss in white

coffee table-mirror-white-Range-low-side table-a-fuss

Coffee table with playful organic shapes

coffee table-mirror-white-modern-gerschwungen-form organisch.jpg

coffee table-mirror-white-round-simple, whole-form-small-spain
coffee table-mirror-white-spain-oval-whole-form simply

coffee table-mirror-white-modern-glass-organic-form brujo-La-malva.jpg

coffee table-mirror-white-oval-circle-simple-chromium-ARENA Yasuhiro Shito.jpg

coffee table-mirror-white-square-minimalist-just-plain-factory-fina

Very high quality coffee tables from couture collections – glass polished marble will be a high gloss surface

coffee table-mirror-white-glittering-marble-BOURBON-giuseppe-vigano

High-gloss support leg and highly polished marble top

coffee table-mirror-white-marble-infuence-classic Domingo Salotti-1769

coffee table-mirror-white-square-marble-design classics Roberto Lazzeroni

coffee table-mirror-white-Jonathan Adler Nixon nickel-marble

coffee table high gloss white marble shelf beige Casamilano Italy dupre

coffee table-mirror-white-plain-steel-fuesse three-assi

High gloss kitchen and bathroom furniture by Mobalpa

High-gloss kitchen Mobalpa-black-white

Mobalpa is one of the most respected French producers of high gloss kitchen and bathroom furniture. Because of its exceptional quality, perfect choice of materials and beautiful designs, this company has become one of the most renowned companies for bathroom and kitchen furniture. Each piece is beautifully designed and simply a remarkable piece of art.

High gloss kitchen and bathroom furniture by Mobalpa

High-gloss kitchen Mobalpa red steel

Mobalpa has the ability to capture the dynamics in space and fill it with wonders. With traditional and cultural elements that have been intrigued in a modern way, Mobalpa presents a creative collection of beautiful high gloss kitchen and bath furniture. This company is constantly surprising many experts around the world. The company is not only respected in France but also internationally and delivers its products worldwide. Even though its headquarters are mainly in France, there are many international talented designers working for the company today. With their innovative skills and cultural background, they contribute to the enrichment of Mobalpa collection.

High gloss kitchens from Mobalpa since the beginning

High-gloss kitchen Mobalpa-black-wall-wood board

The company itself was founded in 1907 and is more than a hundred years old. It all began with Eugene Fournier in a small workshop in the mountains. For his astonishing artistry, he was asked to join “Officier d’Academie”. In 1946, the two brothers Marcel and Paul took over the workshop and began to develop their father’s legacy. At that time, they decided to turn the company in another direction – kitchen furniture. Mobalpa was launched in 1949 and was the first kitchen design created. The name “Mobalpa” itself comes from “Mobilier des Alpes”.

black and white

Glossy bathroom furniture Mobalpa-black-white

In the 1970s, the company made an international hit with the “Galaxy” kitchens, with which it launched the first integrated custom kitchens. Since then, the company has been fascinated with innovation and new techniques – always evolving, always modernized, yet preserving the good traditions. Every piece of high-gloss kitchen and bathroom furniture by Mobalpa is designed with a view to the future.

Red and white

Glossy bathroom furniture Mobalpa-red-white

yellow kitchen cabinets and black walls

Glossy bathroom furniture Mobalpa-yellow-kitchen cabinets-black-walls

Wood and dark blue

Glossy bathroom furniture Mobalpa wood-dark blue

very blue bathroom

Glossy bathroom furniture Mobalpa blue

purple and white

Glossy bathroom furniture Mobalpa purple and white

light pink and brown

Glossy bathroom furniture Mobalpa light pink

High gloss bathroom in purple

Glossy bathroom furniture Mobalpa

white cabinets with decoration

Glossy bathroom furniture Mobalpa-white-cabinets

Glossy bathroom furniture Mobalpa-white-beige

Kitchen design

High-gloss kitchen Mobalpa-light blue-light beige

Luna Brown glossy kitchen Mobalpa

Kitchen Mobalpa light-wood High-gloss kitchen Mobalpa-white-kitchen cabinets

High-gloss kitchen Mobalpa-contrast dark brown and white

black and white Kitchen Mobalpa

High-gloss kitchen Mobalpa-beige-dark brown

Modern glossy kitchens in white – 25 dream kitchens with high-gloss fronts

modern-mirror-kitchen-white-gray and gas kitchen-kuecheninsel-minimalist chlicht

If you are looking for a truly modern kitchen design, you can create a dreamlike kitchen by opting for a glossy look. Modern glossy kitchens in white include a number of elements with shiny surfaces, such as cabinets with High-gloss fronts , Glass worktops or a lot of shiny metal parts. If you have small children, the high gloss kitchen could not be for you, as many items are easily scratched and fingerprinted.

High gloss kitchens in white with simple elegance

modern-mirror-kitchen-white-kuechenwand-wall color, red and accent-attractive-extravagant

Dark rooms with low ceilings or north-facing rooms need a light color kitchen unit, but if you choose a glossy kitchen, the effect will be greater. Paint the back wall in a deep, dramatic hue so your white kitchen can stand out. If the room is facing north, this should definitely be a warm color.

High gloss kitchens in white – Large modules with plenty of storage space

modern-mirror-kitchen-white-kuecheninsel-minimalist-raster graphic-gray flooring

A glossy kitchen is really radiant, though the appliances and fixtures have a little gloss. Stick to stainless steel or black shiny appliances. Most of the High gloss kitchens in white have handleless fronts, but if you insist, choose again stainless steel handles.

100 living ideas for the kitchen and the different kitchen styles

High gloss kitchens in white with space-saving dining area

modern-mirror-kitchen-white-kuecheninsel-minimalist dining table-pendelleuchte-metal

High gloss kitchens in white for the small apartment

modern-mirror-kitchen-white-small-wall color-black-dining-two

Accents with zebrano wood

High gloss kitchens in white zebra wood upper cabinets extractor fan

brighten up small kitchen

small white kitchen high gloss without handles glaspaneele wanddeko

Wood kitchen back wall

High gloss Kitchen White stainless steel handles wood kitchen back wall cooking island

large storage space

High gloss kitchens White tisan built-in sliding door storage bin

black back wall and glass tile mirror

Glossy kitchens white black back glass mirror cooking island

pure white kitchen

High gloss kitchens in white without handles kochinsel dining area

Marble tile mirror and countertop

High gloss kitchens in white without handles marble tile counter countertop

bright wood elements

Glossy kitchen in white design cooking island wood combination

Kitchen cabinets without handles

High gloss kitchens White gray back wall handleless fronts

green decorations

High gloss kitchens in white gray worktop green deco corner shelves

Orange bar stool as a splash of color

High gloss kitchens white granite orange kitchen stools glass cabinets

Combination purple and white in the kitchen

Glossy kitchens white built-in appliances purple wall paint

High gloss kitchens white dark gray tiles green bar stools

Glossy kitchens white beige elements shelves cream combination

High gloss kitchens in white curves stainless steel handles wooden floor

High gloss kitchen white black kitchen island front hood High gloss kitchens in white storage cabinet without handles kitchen island

Glossy Kitchens White black countertop glossy hood

white glossy kitchen black countertop big window

High gloss kitchen white without handles gray floor tiles

High gloss kitchen white curves glass window sliding doors

100 ideas for kitchen with cooking island in different furnishing styles

Shoe cabinet white in high gloss – optics for the modern hallway

Shoe cabinet white high gloss hallway design ideas designer furniture

Are you looking for ideas on how to make your hallway functional and stylish? We are happy to help and guess the trend – Shoe cabinet white in high gloss – optics. The furniture can be perfectly staged, makes the corridor appear optically larger and can be combined with virtually anything.

Shoe cabinet white in high gloss – optics – practical and stylish piece of furniture

Shoe cabinet white high gloss mirror wood designer furniture

A shoe cabinet knows in high gloss – optics is in the trend – the piece of furniture fits in each residential picture harmoniously and can be easily combined with other furniture. Here are the advantages of a white shoe cabinet at a glance:

– The white shoe cabinet creates optical illusion and makes the hall appear larger and brighter.

– It can be easily combined with other furniture – for example, with a wood hall mirror or with a mirror. White is a universal color and therefore many manufacturers offer plank furniture in white or in combination with white.

– The white fronts can be decorated later to your own taste – for example, with wall stickers or with a colored foil.

– On the white shoe cabinet provides the perfect background for imaginative decoration in the hallway – it can arrange various home accessories and glass vases.

So, if you’re considering buying a shoe cabinet, look at the suggestions from various online stores – you might find a design that you really like and fits in your hallway!

Shoe cabinet white in high gloss – optics

Shoe cabinet white high gloss integrated lighting modern furniture

Modern hallway furniture – shoe cabinet and bench

Shoe cabinet white high gloss wood details seat

Stylish hall design with white floor furniture in high-gloss look

Shoe cabinet white high gloss furniture glass fronts

Modern designer furniture – set of wardrobe, shoe cabinet and mirror

Shoe cabinet white high gloss furniture set mirror shoe cabinet

Hallway furniture set – high shoe cabinet and mirror

Shoe cabinet white high gloss modern designer hallway furniture

Timelessly elegant – plank furniture in natural wood / high gloss optics

Shoe cabinet white high gloss mirror wood details modern hall furniture

Modern hallway furniture – shoe rack, mirror, clothes rack, umbrella holder and chest of drawers

Shoe cabinet white high gloss hall furniture set modern

Stowage space for the shoes – the shoe cupboard is perfect for small and narrow hallways

Shoe cabinet storage space modern designer furniture

Stylish floorboard furniture for the hallway – Shoe cabinet in high-gloss look

Shoe cabinet white high gloss black fronts mirror

The collection above is included Furnituremind available

Shoe cabinet white high gloss mirror frame Vase hallway design

Shoe cabinet white glossy door handles wood plate

Shoe cabinet white glossy floorboard modern design hallway

Shoe cabinet white high gloss hallway furniture handleless fronts

Shoe cabinet white high gloss yellow original designer furniture

Shoe cabinet white high gloss green modern stylish

Shoe cabinet white high gloss red color hallway design ideas

The furniture above is included Trendy Products available

Shoe cabinet white high gloss tall narrow hallway

Shoe cabinet white high gloss modern hallway design ideas

Shoe cabinet white high gloss optics storage space hall furniture

Shoe cabinet white high gloss modern designer furniture

The three shoe cabinets above are included dwell available

Wall unit in white high gloss – the all-rounder in the living area

residential wall-design-and-white high-gloss fronts-metallic-hand grip-paris

For a stylishly furnished living room is a wall unit, which harmonizes with the existing seating optically and functionally, an absolute must. A wall unit in white glossy fits in every living room. It is not only an important part of the facility, but it can do that interior to enhance in a skilful way.

Wall unit in white glossy is a real eye-catcher

modern-MDF residential wall-and-white high-gloss paint-tv-under part-torino

As a rule, living-room walls are designed for the integration of a television set and possibly also stereo systems, but incidentally, there are also many storage space possibilities; the drawers and sideboard elements can be used to accommodate various private items, while on the top shelf decorative items such as picture frames or feats can be used.

If you are looking for the right model for your own home, just scroll down. We have put together 20 particularly elegant versions of this furnishing with white high gloss trim. Through their use, the living room gets a special look, bright and friendly appearance.

Modern and high quality wall unit in white high gloss

residential wall-modern-montreal-four-hanging cabinets-lit-sideboard

An extension wall, which consists of individual hanging elements, can be individually constructed and designed as desired and desired. If a Led lighting is integrated, a particularly decorative living environment can be enjoyed.

Perfect symbiosis between the living room wall and the rest of the interior

Living Wall in white glossy lacquer Finisch-storage-Carlisle

The wall unit convinces with its pure elegance

residential wall and white high gloss built-led lighting-Impressionism

An extension wall offers plenty of space

modern wall system-growing wall-living room-white-presto

Wall cabinets with blue spot lighting

Modern-growing wall-hanging display cases-led-light-integrated-seattle

White painted extension wall

MDF residential wall-system-modern high-gloss pvc hand grips-vesper

Hanging Showcases and Sideboard Element

modern-living wall-and-white high-gloss fronts-led-light-display cabinets-wardrobe-toledo

Wall unit in white high gloss with TV lower part

living room-living room wall-design-and-white high-gloss paint-led seattle

Modern designed high gloss furniture

Room wall-on-white glossy elements-MDF high-gloss white Malou

Noble high gloss surface

living room-furniture-MDF residential wall-white-fronts-gloss timore

Modern interior design

modern living wall-system-led lighting-mirror-white-seattle

Shelf used for decorative purposes

Room wall-on-white glossy symmetrically-mdf-lumia

Room wall-on-white glossy led light-seattle

Room wall-on-white high-gloss MDF material-mirror-design-vesper

Room wall-on-white glossy wall shelves-living room-modern-Idea

residential wall and white high-gloss vila-hanging cabinet-side board element

Room wall-on-white glossy TV-dividing-hang vitrine-paris-fresch

residential wall-white-modern-mirror-dior-sideboard-element-hanging-in closets

You can find the depicted living room walls in high-gloss white Idea for home

Stylish glass washbasin – high gloss look in the bathroom

Glass Sink Stylish Design Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucets

On Glass sink gives the bathroom a glamorous look. We present you the new collection of the brand Vitaform, which represents a successful combination of distinctive sense of style and modernity. The stylish designs are characterized by a simple construction and a high-gloss surface.

Glass sink gives the bathroom individuality

Glass Sink Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucets High Quality Designer Bathroom Furniture

The Glass sink from Vitra form gives the interior a noble look. The simple rectangular construction emphasizes the shiny surface. The sinks are made of two layers of 10mm thick glass, which guarantees their durability. Each design is available in different sizes – from 50cm to 123cm wide panels are available. A multi-faceted product range, as well as custom-made products ensure that everyone can find the right one. Wide color palette of over 12 colors reveals further design options. The highly polished surfaces and rounded edges make the designs appear noble. The sink can be combined with wooden cabinet – here you can choose between several models. No matter which combination you choose, every design is created with a sense of style and attention to detail.

Glass Sink – Stylish addition to the bathroom

Glass Sink Design Ideas Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucets

The Rectangular design was launched in 1989. It was very popular. Its popularity has only grown over the years – and nowadays that counts Glass sink Rectangular to the classics in bathroom design. The latest version of the model was recently presented – Vitraform’s unique sense of style has been combined with precise functionality and new manufacturing processes. The end result can be seen – the sink exudes timeless elegance and fits every style.

Founded in Colorado, USA, Vitraform has become a hallmark of high quality and luxurious washbasin designs for hotels, restaurants and homes.

Stained glass washbasin – golden shade

modern sink glass golden surface black vanity noble fittings

Beautiful imitation of metal washbasin with traces of processing

High gloss sink golden color glass Finnish bathroom furniture

Glass washbasin – 12 colors available

Glass sink high quality designer pieces golden Finnish

High quality washbasin designs by Vitraform

glazed glass sink stainless steel faucet modern design

White kitchen in high gloss – a charming eye-catcher

playful-lacquer kitchen-PAMELA High gloss white and Italian-designer kitchens-Lube

Modern kitchens are no longer just a combination of functional kitchen furniture, but are increasingly being individually designed and planned to become a vibrant focal point of the home. As design objects modern kitchens fuse high quality design with the best materials , Molding and processing.

They are looking for a new kitchen and want a modern one white kitchen in high gloss ? For those who want to indulge in Italian kitchen design, this selection of designer kitchens in glossy white by the Italian kitchen manufacturer Cucine Lube.

White kitchen in high gloss stands for order and lightness

White-kitchen-with-island cook-in-high-gloss lacquer FABIANA-Purple Front Cucine Lube

Cucine Lube is one of Italy’s top kitchen manufacturers, founded in 1967. The brand stands for high-quality, future-oriented products and ingenuity and offers an extraordinary variety of kitchens.

White as an all-rounder deserves a place in most kitchen collections of the brand. The kitchen front color, which has been in great demand in recent years, gives the kitchen a friendly look and looks very elegant.

White kitchen in high gloss and in a welcoming look

Kitchen appliances and white paint kitchen-from-wood NILDE-floral-decoration-fronts

White is a color that never goes out of fashion. Modern white kitchens from Cucine Lube impress not only with their innovative design, but above all with all sorts of technical refinements. High-quality equipment, ample storage space for all kitchen utensils and clever details complete the picture.

White kitchen in high gloss brings brightness into the rooms

Italian-design-white-kitchen-in-high-gloss wood cabinets-handle-LINDA

Although the color white is considered sensitive, white kitchen fronts are in no way inferior to the colored finishes. They look tidy, can be easily cleaned with standard household and water-soluble cleaning agents or kitchen cleaners and combined well with all other colors. For lovers of contrasts, the classic color combination black and white is the perfect choice. Those who do not like it so dramatically, prefer to choose a beige, blue or natural tone and thus get a stylish, restrained appearance.

Unique kitchen with white and purple lacquer fronts

white high-gloss designer kitchen-with-island-boiling ALESSIA-fancy-dust hoods

White kitchens are more lively with green and purple; Yellow, red, orange bring a little more heat into play. Also a colored background highlights your kitchen.

Playful elements brings a fresh breeze with it

lacquer kitchen BRAVA-integrated-hand grip-open-shelves-cooking island-cucine-lube

Timeless radiant white kitchen

White-kitchen-in-high-gloss wood veneer GAIA lacquer kitchen Cucine Lube

Clean lines give the modern kitchen its purist style

lacquer kitchen-white-fronts-without-handles-PAMELA Italian-design-Cucine Lube

White gloss kitchen in large kitchens

modern-wall-mounted-kitchen-ADELE PROJECT Cucine Italian-Lube

Color-coordinated accessories

Modern-white-kitchen-in-high-gloss kitchen island backplane board MARTINA

Color-highlighted wall in the kitchen room

White-kitchen-in-high-gloss handleless LINDA aquamarine-color-background

Modern kitchen with a shimmering high gloss front

Modern-white-kitchen-in-high-gloss lacquer kitchen-wood veneer-NOEMI Cucine Lube

The reflective white fronts make smaller rooms look bigger

Modern-white-kitchen-in-high-gloss for wall mounting MAURA-under cabinets-hand handles

White kitchen for fluent interlocking room concepts

White-kitchen-in-high-gloss NOEMI-metallic-hand grip-Cucine Lube design

Cabinet doors in a stylish color duo

White-kitchen-in-high-gloss glass-and-aluminum-LUCY-exclusive-design-made-in-italy

White-kitchen-in-high-gloss wood kitchen NILDE-with-island-modern equipment

White-kitchen-in-high-gloss modern PAMELA quality-equipment-cooking island

White-kitchen-in-high-gloss wall mounted cupboards-top-with-hand-attacked PAMELA

Purple-White-kitchen-in-high-gloss from wood MARTINA Italian-design kitchen

White sideboard in high gloss for a modern decor

White-sideboard in high-gloss lacquer metallic-legs-Santa-Lucia

Each apartment should be as practical as possible and so that you feel comfortable in it. The best way to achieve this is to set it up according to taste and style. If you are into modern facilities and like to follow the trend, the trend is for one white sideboard in high gloss something that should not be missing in your living room. They not only lend elegance to every room, they also automatically become the focal point. This is not just because of the great designs that are offered. The neutral color white is also noble and goes well with any combination of color. Do you, for example, have one colorful painted wall , a glossy white sideboard is the perfect piece of furniture you can put in front of it. The high gloss in turn is thanks to a layer of melamine resin.

White sideboard in high gloss with puristic appearance

A practical, white sideboard in high gloss, which looks not only modern and elegant, but also provides ample storage space, but is not only suitable for the living room. Likewise, it can decorate an otherwise so bare corridor or the bedroom. There you can easily use it as a dressing table. Thanks to the low height of the sideboard, a mirror can be placed above it.

White sideboard in high gloss versatile

wall-mounted-side board-design-modern-paint-execution-PRESOTTO

In today’s article, we would like to show you how effective a high-gloss white sideboard can look in the various rooms. Whether in front of a colored wall in red, berry, blue or green, in the living room as a decoration, in the bedroom as a dressing table or in the corridor as a useful storage space – it is practical, chic and modern and not without reason one of the most popular pieces of furniture.

Storage space used for home accessories

Sideboard high-gloss white modern rectangular-CULT-the-Collection

If you do not want a model that is too simple, you can also choose a variant with open compartments or glass doors, or sliding doors. The latter bring an advantage especially with a sideboard as hall furniture. Since the doors It will save space, which is low in most of the hallways anyway.

Wall-hung sideboard with curvy shape

white-sideboard-mirror-design-living room-furniture-modern

A glossy white sideboard does not necessarily have to be straight lines to be modern. There are also effective designs made of organic, rounded shapes. Now take a look at the impressive examples of a white sideboard in high gloss and find the perfect idea for your own home.

Floor standing model with grid grid front

black-white-sideboard in glossy Decorative-front living room furniture Porro

Puristic sideboard design for wall mounting

White-sideboard in glossy ANGOLO-Kazuhiro Yamanaka Pallucco-furniture Mr. Teller

White sideboards with texture

Sideboard-white-MAZE-Andrea Lucatello furniture design Cattelan Italia-

Puristic solution

White-sideboard in glossy classic rectangular design-nex-piure

White-sideboard in glossy DOT Terence Woodgate design Punt

modern-design-white-sideboard in high-gloss fronts-texture

White-sideboard in glossy hallway furniture design Conchiglia Studio charlie-LEMA

Furniture design contemporary cream and white sideboard in glossy MOS I-KO-004-al2

Sideboard and white modern-hall furniture storage facilities NEX-BOX Piure

White-sideboard in glossy modern facility-ALBA Pinch

White-sideboard in glossy purist Piero Lissoni-Porro design

White sideboard-in-glossy-Les-Contemporains-mangrove-M Fumagalli-roche-bobois

High gloss lacquer and pure white dominate in a modern apartment

Alexander Lysak apartment futuristic glossy white bed

This 3D visualization of the modern apartment with futuristic design was created by Alexander Lysak. The big attention to detail with a visible simplicity has been combined with the latest technologies to present this modern and predominantly white interior design.

Peace and relaxation in the modern apartment

Alexander Lysak modern apartment glossy white fireplace armchair

The apartment is usually designed with an open floor plan, but with clear boundaries and living areas developed. The design tries to combine two traditional elements, but in an unconventional way. The common wall between the two rooms resembles a frozen water wall, with the lighting from above creating a flickering light and doubling the effect. In this room are the dining area and the kitchen. The glass and metal surfaces make the entire room magical and futuristic and also provide a tranquil atmosphere and relaxation for all the senses.

Pur white color scheme in the modern apartment

Alexander Lysak apartment white glossy wardrobe armchair

The other living areas include various style elements such as the bathroom. It is an elegant contrast of the pure white color palette in the modern apartment. With a wealth of earth tones, this room seems much warmer than the rest. The bathroom also has a deep soaking tub and a flat screen TV so you can follow your favorite series.

white bedroom Alexander Lysak modern apartment glossy glass white bed

stunning water wall illusion

white apartment partition wall water wall built-in lighting

Water wall in the dining area

Alexander Lysak modern apartment dining area water wall

white kitchen and dining furniture

Alexander Lysak modern apartment glossy kitchen steel chandelier

Glass surfaces and metal chandeliers

Alexander Lysak 3d visualization kitchen dining area white chandelier

pure white interior design

Alexander Lysak apartment kitchen dining area fireplace white

Stainless steel kitchen counter

white kitchen row stainless steel countertop dining area

Alexander Lysak modern apartment hallway wall sconces mirror

alexander lysak modern apartment futuristic visualization

Alexander Lysak apartment recessed white armchair

Alexander Lysak 3d visualization white flat corridor design

Alexander Lysak modern apartment bathroom marble brown

Alexander Lysak apartment bathroom marble earth tones

Alexander Lysak apartment bathroom marble brown

modern apartment 3d visualization balcony armchair blue