The Google headquarters in Ireland – behind the scenes

Architecture design idea Cafe environmentally friendly design

We offer you a look behind the scenes of Google headquarters in Dublin. Four buildings form the campus. On more than 47,000 square meters of office space, all departments are located – marketing, finance and engineers. The employees come from over 65 countries and speak over 45 languages.

Google headquarters in Ireland – modern, innovative and inviting

modern Cafe Design ceiling hanging

The big project – the new one Google headquarters in Ireland was by the architect studio Camenzind Evolution in collaboration with the company Henry Lyons Architects designed and realized. The goal of the project was to create an inspiring and interactive environment for the employees. The architects tried to create a multifunctional space – 5 restaurants, 42 small kitchens, recreation areas, fitness, pool, wellness area, more than 400 formal and informal conference rooms, a research center are just the highlights in the interior. All areas have been designed according to the Google philosophy for interactive and communicative working atmosphere. The buildings are connected by a bridge.

Google Central provides a relaxed atmosphere for employees

Personnel room colored Google interior

The Google headquarters is thematically divided into different areas – each topic is presented on a stick. The search theme focuses on expanding search results, the Google Apps theme is limited to the innovative and popular Google Applications, the “green concepts” protect nature, and “Google Home” aims to provide a familiar environment for users “creativity, organization and innovation” are looking for new challenges and interesting applications. It has been scientifically proven that certain color combinations create the imagination and increase the performance possibilities – so it is no wonder that exactly red-green-yellow-blue were chosen as accents in the interior.

Google Setup – Idea

Establishment idea Google Central Europe

Large letters form the company logo in the foyer

Ireland big letters creative ambience

Colorful travel with billiards

Set up idea billiard computer games

Beanbag instead of chair at work

nice break beanbag green yellow

Cozy sitting area

Decor purple color room red sofa


Office interior idea swing

14 floors

futuristic room glass stair railing

Environmentally friendly design

green environmentally friendly design idea

Colorful interior – cafeteria

Interior Google Central Cafe yellow pink blue

The exchange of ideas between the employees is encouraged

Campus young people europe hippie style

Room Exchange Entertainment Workplace

For relaxation, the staff play mini-golf

Kitchen Travel Mini Golf Play

Staff awaken green blue design relaxation area

Coffee kitchen with beautiful panoramic views

Staffing room red cool office decor

Relaxation in the cafeteria

Atmosphere Google Office Interior Wall Decal Rug

Conference room in industrial chic

Conference room modern decor purple black white

Wallpaper office decor funny colors purple pink red

Google office decor design idea

Cozy sitting area for relaxation

Ireland Cafe decor cool seating wall sticker

Cafeteria Google Campus Ceiling Design

Office Interior Resting Room Music Playing

Purple ground

Headquarters Ireland Europe Africa Institution

Stylish workplace

yellow details office interior idea modern

The Google Building

Europe Ireland sights modern design

Building Ireland office beautiful decor idea

Photos by Peter Wurmli

Architecture »Google data centers – first photos were published

Network Space Data Center beautiful lighting

If you’ve ever wondered how Google actually operates – we’ll answer that question now – the Internet giant recently got some exciting pictures of his Google data centers released.

Google Rechenzetren – first exciting glimpses behind the scenes

Data center USA-modern architecture

The Google data centers are much more than storage rooms where cables, servers, routers and peepholes stand. It is a living space where technology and human experience come together so that users can fully enjoy the exciting benefits of the Internet. It is the room where the ‘physical internet’ is located. ‘Hidden’ behind a simple facade, mostly in a quiet place, are the Internet factories. They are highly effective and equipped with the latest energy-saving equipment. Design and energy-efficient solutions go hand in hand with Google. Their factories are among the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient in the world. Every day over 3 billion searches of users worldwide and every minute 72 hours of YouTube videos are processed there.

Google data centers – the sources of the Internet search engine

Google data centers-exciting Looks

At first glance, they see Google data centers super romantic and funny – in strong colors and almost like a children’s Lego. Behind it are the modern technology and the experienced employees who work there. For example, the tubes are painted in different colors, not because it looks funnier, but so that you can immediately recognize the function of each tube. The lighting is also a peculiar information system – different colors signal that the systems are in order and that everything works fine. The Google Center in Finland, for example, uses a special seawater cooling system. An ultra-modern system with high-pressure water has been integrated into the US – so in case fire breaks out, you can react in time. The modern factories are located throughout the world – USA, Belgium and Finland.

Photos – Google / Connie Zhou

Data center in Hamina

google-Hamina data center

Modern energy-efficient architecture

Modern-energy efficient architecture data center Google

Finland modern eco-friendly architecture

Finland-modern-eco-friendly architecture

Servers in Hamina data center

Servers Hamina data center

Colored peeps in the data center

color-data center Peipen

Wristwatch »The innovative Android Wear – A Google platform for watches

innovative android wear google watches

The innovative Android Wear is a modified version of the Android operating system that will be used for future portable devices. As portable devices continue to evolve, the popular search engine is making plans for the development of a watch operating system. Many devices and a wide range of apps are designed to provide users with helpful information by receiving the latest releases and updates from their favorite apps, such as social networking, chat programs, as well as news stories such as shopping, news, photo apps, and more. The innovative Android Wear Platform also gives you access to other devices for easy control from your wrist. Just say the words “OK Google” and start a playlist on your smartphone or choose your favorite movie on TV.

The innovative Android Wear Smartwatch

infos innovative android wear google watches

Say “Ok Google” to ask questions like “How many calories does an avocado have?” Or “When’s my flight?”. Say “OK Google” to order a taxi, post messages, reserve a table in the restaurant or set the alarm, and get answers to your questions. The innovative Android Wear has an interface that gives you the ability to monitor your health and fitness – reach your sports goals through reminders or a fitness overview. Other fitness apps provide you with information about speed, distance and time in real time while cycling, jogging or running.

The innovative Android Wear controlled from your wrist

Google Android Wear smartwatch features

innovative android wear google smart watches infos

android wear smartwatches google innovative

Interior design of the new super Google headquarters

Creativity has a new home


Can your workplace become your dream world? For some happy people, yes! Google’s new home is being developed by one of the top architecture and interior design studios in Europe – PENSON. The place sits on 160 000 sq. Ft. Of epic grandeur in Saint Giles, Covent Garden, London. In addition to the innovative reception, this wonderful office includes a high school, a town hall, a lala library, great restaurants and cafes, stunning views of amazing London and other whims and gadgets that can be described as simply “heavenly”. In other words, “It’s absolutely epic.”

Interior design in the new Google headquarters in London


This amazing interior design Designed specifically for the new Google headquarters, the company can bring its sales department and other departments closer to the customer, as well as providing its employees with a warm atmosphere and creative environment. PENSON has this Interior design designed to stand out completely from the Google Engineering Department headquarters. Although the two headquarters are designed by the same interior design studio, they are in absolute contrast. The Google Engineering department is captivating with its visual decors of “Starship Enterprise” and “Space Odyssey,” while the other looks more like a cozy, warm, traditional English-style townhouse, blending living room like grandma, gardens with a spirit of trade, and a sketchy workspace including, of course, “only” 1250 conference chairs and 1250 desks.

Attractive Interior Design – Lounge area in the new Google Central

lounge area-new-google-central-london

It’s no surprise that that Interior design the new headquarters fully designed taking into account the “Google’s Red List” – that means removing all non-environmentally friendly materials and hazardous ingredients. They are replaced with innovative eco and water based materials.

Some of the most amazing workplace corners and relaxation zones are the Grandma’s Apartment, The Secret Google Garden, Google Green and the Park.

Could it be even more incredible than that? Obviously, it can! Because of the clever and practical use of eco-friendly materials, this place is very economical.

epic lounge sofa in the new Google headquarters in London


Beautifully designed, creative and huge, Google’s new headquarters is an amazing combination of creativity and practicality. Maybe it’s high time to shake your head and say the old adage – “There is no other place like home” because we all know there is no other place like Google.

Blue conference room in the new Google Central

blue-conference hall-new-google-central

green interior design – new Google headquarters in London


Landscape Design – Roof Terrace by Google Headquarters in London

landscape-design-roof terrace-google-central-london

comfortable corner seat on the roof terrace

comfortable corner bench-roof terrace-google-central-london

Technology »Smart jeans jacket developed by Google and Levi’s

Jeans jacket smart technology design cyclist jacquard

Technology is getting closer to our bodies and has the goal of all useable ones equipment within reach, so to network. At the developer conference I / O, Google itself has its newest Project Jacquard presents. Together with clothing manufacturer Levi Strauss, the search engine company has a smart one Jeans jacket is designed to be networked with the smartphone via Bluetooth and therefore allows you to answer calls, play music and operate the navigation system.

Jeans jacket develop by Levi’s and Google

Jeans jacket -smart-technology-levis-cyclist-design

The jacquard project was launched last year and develops multi-touch sensors, which are incorporated into fibers and can therefore be networked with smart devices. At first glance, the jeans jacket looks like any other. However, numerous electrically conductive fibers are woven into their fabric at the end of the left sleeve. You recognize swiping gesture, the pressure and the position of the hand. These data are forwarded to the smartphone and thus can be with a swipe to adjust the volume of the music player or accept calls.

Smart jeans jacket for cyclists – The power is in the sleeve

Jeans jacket -smart-technology-levis-jacquard-google-a% cc% 88rmel

Despite the electrically conductive fibers, the jeans jacket can be washed like any conventional, of course, the Bluetooth transmitter should be removed beforehand. It can be removed at any time and recharge via USB. The smart function of the jacket does not only work with Google applications. Although Maps and Play Music are integrated, others could not be applied, such as Spotify.

Smart denim jacket connected to the smartphone

jeans-jacket-smart technology-levis jacquard google-cyclist

Since the fall, the smart jeans jacket is a test for the selected testers. According to current plans, it should appear on the market in 2017. Should the jacket work perfectly as planned in everyday life, the expansion to other business sports clothes is conceivable.

Play music, answer calls and navigate through a built-in sleeve operation

jeans-jacket-smart technology-functional-cyclist

Project Jacquard a cooperation of Google and Levis

jeans-jacket-smart technology-levis jacquard model

Smart jeans jacket presented by Levi’s and Google

jeans-jacket-smart technology-levis-button-a% cc% 88rmel

Clothes become networked smart devices

jeans-jacket-smart technology-levis jacquard google-material

Bluetooth transmitter is integrated in the left sleeve

jeans-jacket-smart technology-levis jacquard google-communication

Environmentally friendly »Innovative solar collectors test by google – is the solar system worthwhile?

Solar collectors test assessment-efficiency-new-project-google

You want to bring your house with you solar panels equip and are looking for helpful information about this? An initial assessment by the specialist would be difficult to do and might cost too much. Inspired by the goal to provide detailed information for the Internet users, the team of Google has a project for an innovative Solar collectors test created.

Solar collectors test by Google determines the efficiency of the solar system on the roof

Solar collectors test google-sunlight-savings-analysis

Google’s Sunroof Project is an online tool that helps users decide whether to invest in solar panels for their home or not. The program uses the data and info from Google Earth to analyze the characteristics of the respective place. So it provides helpful information on how efficient the solar panels will be for your own roof.

Legend for the solar collectors test by Google

Solar collectors test google-rooftop-sun-calculate

The tool takes into account features such as shadows, roof orientation, historical weather conditions on site, and all possible sun readings in the year to provide the most accurate analysis possible. The users look at the map, where different colors show the spread of the sunshine on the roof.

Analysis of sunlight, available space and future savings

solar collectors-test-idea-google-savings-estimation-vendor Searching

After the analysis, the solar panels test will make an estimate for the roof, which includes the annual hours of applicable sunlight and the exact area for solar panels. Furthermore, an estimate of the savings result is calculated and with one click you can contact manufacturers of solar systems, which are recommended by Google.

Solar collectors on the sunny roof are practical, economical and easy to install

solar collectors-test-google-assessment-innovative-project

The Project Sunroof program is still available only in the US, but Google hopes for worldwide distribution in the following years. But if you decide for the solar collectors, we strongly recommend to hire a specialist for an additional check.

* Find more info about Project Sunroof here ,

Technology »Expect the Google Nexus 6 in the near future

Google Nexus 6 smartphone-october-2014-market-imagined

The sixth version of Google’s Nexus is next to the Galaxy Note 4, the most-anticipated smartphone with Android. If you are already curious, you can get some information about the latest model here. The Google Nexus 6 should already be presented in October. This happens right after the new iPhone 6 is released in September. Another important event to be anticipated is the International Radio Exhibition in Berlin, where leading manufacturers from around the world will present their latest models.

Google Nexus 6 is scheduled to be launched in October

Google Nexus 6 mobile-concept-google-market-october-2014

So just before Christmas, users will have the opportunity to get to know the new model, which is being offered for around $ 400. The 16GB version of the Nexus 5 currently costs $ 350 and the 32GB version costs $ 400. Also, the new Nexus should be in a 32 GB version. That makes it a lot cheaper than most other makes and models. Thanks to its hardware features that will Google Nexus 6 also be very competitive.

About the external properties of the Google Nexus 6 There are different speculations. It receives an HD display with a Resulotion of 1080 x 1920 and 5.2 inches. This display is comparable to the highest class of the current Sony. It should also be slightly arched. The shell of the Nexus will probably be made of polycarbonate.

Google Nexus 6 with 5.7-inch display

Google Nexus-6-HTC-concept-2014-latest-model

Furthermore, there are various assumptions about the two cameras of the new smartphone. According to the front camera with 5 megapixels impress (the Sony has in comparison to 2.2 megapixels). The main camera of the Google Nexus 6 however, it is likely to get as much as 20 or 13 megapixels. However, the second variant seems more realistic.

Operating system Android

Nexus-6 operating system-Android-4-5-Lollipop

And also in terms of the hardware impressed the new Google Nexus 6 because it receives a Qualcomm quad-core processor and most likely the latest version of the Android operating system (“L”). The new Nexus is expected to have 3GB of RAM and the battery will most likely be a 3,100 mAh Li-Ion. As you may know, the Z2 also has 3GB of RAM compared to just 16GB of internal memory. The battery is a bit better with its 3,200 mAh.

It is further suspected that the Google Nexus 6 with 4G, as well as NFC and naturally Bluetooth is offered. All this is surpassed in the Z2 in that it is dust and waterproof and may already be presented at the exhibition in Berlin.