Wallpaper Design – great ideas for wall design by Piet Hein Eek

wall design wallpaper pattern design proposals trendy collection dutch

The latest project by the Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek presents interesting ideas for wall design with wallpaper. His collection contains models that give the apartment a natural look. The Wallpaper design makes the room look livelier and the textures in wood look set the visual highlight in the interior.

Are you looking for the right wallpaper design?

wall design wallpaper pattern proposals design modern wood look

Piet Hein Eeks collection offers comprehensive solutions for wall design at home. His original models are reconciled with the 2010 trends. The project includes realistic wallpaper that looks like real weathered wood. The Wallpaper design gives the room a rustic flair. If you have a model of these Murals and attach it to the wall in your living room, you will not need any accents in the decor or additional deco elements that will produce effective effects in your home. The wallpaper is a sufficient means not only for wall design, but also for decoration and originality.

Fascinating wallpaper design by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek

new wallpaper patterns trendy effective design variants collection

With the industrial production, the wallpaper became a reasonably priced mass-produced product. Today she experiences a decline to the wall decoration. In the Dutch designer’s collection you can find a fascinating and diverse selection of natural wallpapers. Let yourself be inspired and bring more comfort to your home by the newest Fashion at the Wallpaper design consequences.

Effective ideas for wall design with wallpaper in wood look

wallpaper collection dutch proposals design wall design trendy

Varied combination of colors

wood look wallpaper trendy series piet hein eek design wall design

Wallpaper design with realistic wood look

piet hein eek series wallpaper ideas design pattern realistic modern

Regal System Konnex by Florian Gross offers great design freedom

Florian Gross Furniture Design Wall Shelf System Basic Set of 3 Modules

We present you this Usually system in cubic form Konnex, designed by Florian Gross for Müller Möbelwerkstätten. The shelf cubes in elegant design can be arranged according to your mood. Anyone who wants to constantly redesign their environment is just right. In addition to great looks, the system provides fun and enjoyment in designing.

The shelf system Konnex – a piece of furniture with many faces

Shelf cube set-wall storage surface storage parallelepiped-Deko

With the Shelf system Konnex lets your imagination run wild. It’s all boring. There are many possible configurations. The basic set consists of 3 modules. The cube elements are for all areas of the flat suitable. The result is practical shelving walls in no time at all, helping you to organize your things better while having fun.

Modules that can be arranged individually to shelves

Konnex two-set wall shelf design modules Mueller-Moebelwerkstaetten florian-gross Design

The Shelf system Konnex offers great freedom in design. This is possible thanks to the innovative plug-in system – the modules are plugged into the comb-shaped cut-outs of the side walls of the cube. As a result, Konnex adapts to each room situation at. The open storage boxes provide convenient and easily accessible storage space for small items that you need every day.

Practical shelf with robust frame in cube shape

Shelf wall cube Florian-Gross easy-care finish order pattern

designer Florial Gross , born in Tübingen in 1982, completed his apprenticeship as a cabinet maker in 2001 and has been a qualified interior designer and designer since 2009.

For the storage of household goods and decoration Konnex is ideally suited

Module of three set cube Wall shelf design ideas Florian Gross

Application examples with Konnex boxes

Shelf cube system Storage space-small things Storage stowage-wall shelf

The basic set consisting of 3 modules

Wall Modules Wall Mount Cube Shelf Innovative plug-in system

Put the Kubuse together

Cube wall shelf system innovative-plug system three sets

Storage box

Grundsets-Three Modules original wall decoration-Dekoideen cube shelf

Put one cube in the other cube

Konnex plug-in system side walls put together comb-shaped milled grooves

Modular and individually expandable wall shelf system

Design furniture shelf cube cube-like design wall decoration ideas

Shelves with revolutionary plug-in system

Regal cubes provide innovative system-pinning-freedom of design

Module cube shelf with wall suspension

Modular Cube Shelf Ordering Pattern Konnex-Florian Gross-Gestaltung Wanddeko

Plug shelf cubes together

Practical box storage space storage space-cube-shaped robust-plate plug-in system

Different basic sets for an original wall design

Innovative Plug-in system set several modules-individual-to arrange shelves

Shelf cube with easy-care surface

Module Cube Shelf Design Trends Wall Shelf System Pattern Florian-Large

The shelf cube system provides great fun

Shelf system modern customizable individual Konnex furniture design with many faces

Halloween »Crafts with Pumpkins – Great ideas for autumn and Halloween decorations

Make-up with pumpkins -yellow-painted-smileys-different-emotions

Carved or decorated pumpkins provide the ideal autumn and Halloween mood on the coffee table or as a charming room decoration. Tinker with pumpkins always provides a lot of fun for young and old. Here you will find great ideas on how to create the perfect decoration for inside and outside.

Decorate table decorations with pumpkins

Crafts with pumpkins candlesticks vampire-teeth

When crafting with pumpkins you have to let your imagination run wild to achieve a worth seeing result. A hollowed out pumpkin serves as a tealight on the garden table. With filigree carvings can decorate a pumpkin bowl effectively.

Luminous lanterns with unusual carving patterns

Crafts with pumpkins - carvings-different-patterns

With a little imagination and skill manages to create an extraordinary fall and Halloween decoration. In addition to spooky Halloween grimaces, geometric carving patterns are particularly topical.

artificial vampire teeth

Crafting with pumpkins carving vampire teeth pin eyes

Creepy grimaces are supposed to be on Halloween ghosts and deter evil spirits. The perfect pumpkin for a lantern must be ripe and big. You must wash it well in advance, then record the grotesque or matching patterns with a felt-tip pen, remove a lid with a knife and hollow out the pumpkin with a spoon. But if you want a bigger effect with less carving, then artificial vampire teeth and paper eyes will help you to stick it on!

Create different patterns with stencils and color

Tinker-with-pumpkins color-zigzag-pattern-points

perfect for succulent arrangement

Tinker-with-pumpkins pflanzgefaess-succulent

Spooky face with artificial teeth

Pumpkin Grief Creepy-Craft Teeth-Vampire Halloween Ideas Table Decoration

To make a ghastly pumpkin lantern

Pumpkin Decoration Deco Craft-Spooky Halloween Party

Sexy decorations for the fall

Loving halloween decoration with pumpkins self-tinkering tricks and tips

Pumpkins are artful autumn decorations. Polka dots, stripes or a spiraling spiral over the pumpkin make it a great eye-catcher. In addition, they are made very quickly.

Decorate pumpkins with felt polka dots

Pumpkins white dyed spotted-with felt-decorate deco ideas

Decoration with lace gives a rural flair

Deco rustic autumn halloween pumpkin with lace decorate

When crafting with pumpkins, metal wire is good

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas with Wire Spiral Garden Halloween

Pumpkin decoration for a scary celebration

Pumpkin Decoration Craft Bats Paper Black Halloween Ideas

Autumn decoration ideas with pumpkins for the table

Chalkboard decoration in the fall-self-make-up pumpkin-with-brocade stripes

Mysterious glittering lanterns

Decoration For Pumpkins Ideas Wind Lanterns Craft Brocade Gold Effect

Decorating pumpkin with colorful brocade

Gitzer Brocade Colorful Gourds Sparkly Decorate Fall Decorations

Decorative pumpkins made from paper

Paper pumpkins make autumn decorate atmosphere for little money

Colorful painted pumpkins for a lively atmosphere

Craft Ideas Halloween Autumn pumpkins colorful paint-table decoration ideas to make yourself

Achieve autumn mood through a gold effect

Decorate Spray Color Gold Effect Black Mini Pumpkins Fall

Vintage decoration with pumpkins

Vintage decor Living room-Fall jewelry with pumpkin-silver-colored flower vases

Effective decoration in black and white

Stylish black white decoration with pumpkins-to-make-yourself candlestick decorate

Decorate white colored pumpkins with floral patterns

Mini pumpkins grace with floral pattern deco ideas Fall Halloween

To achieve a romantic effect with mini pumpkins

Mini pumpkins with paint decorating name tags

Beautiful paintings with natural motifs

Pumpkin peel as a canvas Decorative ideas for painting floral motifs

Tinker with black yarn

Halloween pumpkins decoration with yarn thread Black and white letter making

The creepy decoration belongs to Halloween – sticking pumpkins with photos

Pumpkin with photos-sticking decorate in autumn-ideas crafts

Autumn mood spread in the living room

Autumn decoration ideas halloween do it yourself pumpkin bowl

Fallparty Dekoideen – Tinker table name tags

Pumpkin Signs Table Decoration Party Decorations - Halloween Party

Festive table decoration with pumpkins

Autumn Festival Party Garden Table Decoration pumpkins painting

Mini pumpkin with sequins

Autumn jewelry made with pumpkin ideas with sequins

Filigree decoration with lace

Halloween crafts mini pumpkins lace filigree white-black

Pumpkins with yarn

Autumn craft ideas with pumpkins and yarn colorful halloween

Pretty garden decoration for hanging

Garden decoration for hanging-tinkering with pumpkins ideas

Autumn decoration with pumpkins painting flower vase pattern

Squirting Pumpkin Fall Decorating Garden Table Porch Ideas Halloween-2013

Pumpkin carving tips ideas untraditional-fall decoration jewelry making

Lamp design with great effect – Acryll pendant lamp

modern lamp acrylic material

We present you a modern idea for lighting that will certainly refresh your interior. The creative designer Joanas Loenborg has presented a series of feminine and original pendant lights.

Design lamps from Copenhagen – Arcyll pendant lamp

Wooden pendant light danish designer

The lamp is called pin and was inspired by nature. The interpretation of Jonas Loeborg creates exciting play of light and shadow in the interior and serves as a decoration for any interior. The Lamps design is offered in two variants – made entirely of acrylic or wood. The shape of the lamps resembles a cone and is available in two sizes. The size lamp consists of 272 parts bound together. The 65cm high and 45cm wide light can set accents in every room. The designer has experimented with materials and plans a wide range of colors so that everyone can find what they are looking for.

Lamps Design – game of light and shadow

modern lamp lighting below view

The studio in Denmark likes to experiment with colors, materials and is always looking for new ways to design a decorative lamp. The white color is perfect for minimalist decor, while the translucent pendant can be hung in many interiors – from purist, to Scandinavian, to eclectic. The Lamps design creates accents and can be combined with colorful furniture or walls.

Designer wooden lamp for the modern interior

modern pendant light wood Danish interior

Acrylic pendant light – modern lighting

modern original lamp design

Wooden hanging lamp in the living room

Wooden pendant light modern interior design

Acrylic pendant lamp in Scandinavian style

Suspension lamp acrylic body details

Modern suspension lamp made of acrylic for your interior

modern pendant light design idea elements

Acrylic lamp with glass surface in the living room -vintage decor

Acrylic lamp modern design Denmark

Chic lamp with metal construction and Arcyl body

Lamps design detail

Lamp design – inspired by nature

transparent pendant pine jaw

White color and over 250 individual parts give the lamp a unique look

white pendant light design

Vintage Interior – Lighting Ideas from Designer Studio in Copenhagen

modern lamps design idea Acryll

White pendant light – perfect for puristic interior

Pendant light tenon design

Great kitchen designs and furniture combinations from Russia

round-Kronleuhcter-simple-beige-kitchen designs

Amazing kitchen designs and furniture combinations are waiting for you. A rich and fascinating portfolio and numerous collections are at home in a furniture store. Russian professionals in the field of design and furniture production have come together to come up with a new concept for the modern kitchen. Kitchen furniture, decorations and ideas are presented on your website and in your showrooms in Moscow. The team of Kitchen Interiors from Russia will accompany you step by step in choosing your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Designs – a new furniture store in Russia – mission and main activity

white-minimalist-kitchen island

The Russian team behind the relatively new company in the big world of design and interior focuses on the customers. The company tries all the great ones kitchen designs from Europe and to present a wide range of concepts, ideas and products. Among the world-famous brands they are presenting are Mobalpa, Light, Ewe, Varenna / Polyform, Zeyko, Sachsenkuchen, Intuop / Ewe, Rimadesio, Einholtz, Kff, Duvivier and many others.

Kitchen designs from world famous brands

dark gray-brown walls-wood kitchen

The above furniture manufacturers offer high quality, elegant and innovative kitchen designs at. In cooperation with some furniture manufacturers special portfolios are being developed with great ideas and suggestions. How will present you some interesting suggestions for kitchen furniture. For example, a company specializes in retro-style French kitchen furniture. But they attach great importance to modern and innovative production techniques

Modern or eccentric – kitchen designs for every taste

strong color-kitchen-red

Other kitchen designs Attract attention through eccentric concepts and avant-garde style. Exceptional color combinations and models contrast with elegant chandeliers and gray flooring. For all fans of the traditional wooden kitchen, many models of kitchen furniture are also available for classic interior design.

Elegant kitchens – models and designs

elegant glass chimney Kitchen

Of course, if you are more into something special and inviting, you can opt for an Italian brand, for example. They offer interesting design solutions such as glass furniture – from tables to eccentric decorations. Your German colleagues, on the other hand, value a consistent kitchen and perfect production. From the minimalist kitchen designs and high-tech concepts, from classic and traditional designs to gothic kitchens – in these showrooms of Kitchen Interiors you can find everything.

From Abigail

Modern Stiz bank in the kitchen

Modern Leather Stizbank kitchen glass shelves

Modern large white kitchen with granite floor

Modern-large-white-kitchen-granite floor

Beige brown kitchen bar

beige-brown-kitchen bar

Dark blue elegant classic kitchen

strong color-kitchen-blue

Crafting with natural material – 29 great craft ideas for children and adults

crafting with natural material chestnut-lacquered-white-glitter-green-yellow-decoration-branch

Crafting with natural material is undoubtedly a favorite activity for young and old, which makes everyone happy. Nature offers natural materials in every season, with which you can realize creative craft projects. In this article we present interesting and creative craft ideas with walnuts, acorns and chestnuts, where children of kindergarten age can actively participate.

Crafting with natural material – endless design options

crafting with natural material walnut-needles-yarn-rolls-blue-snail-hand

Walnut shells or whole walnuts are a great natural material from which to make tiny and sweet objects. Gently crack the walnuts so that both halves remain undamaged and can be used. With the help of a knife, the walnuts can be halved easily.

Crafting with natural material – original gift idea

crafting with natural material walnut shells-gift-gold-lacquer-gift-wrap-glass

If you would like to surprise an important person for you with an extraordinary gift, perhaps this great packaging would be the right one for you. In the walnut you can hide a dear message or a small piece of jewelry. Presented in such a loving and creative way, the recipient will undoubtedly feel very special.

Walnut shell as a mini gift box

crafting with natural material yarn-walnut-shell-hot-glue-embassy-glitter-gold

Decorate the shells with gold lacquer or any other color and apply a loop to the inside of the bowl with the hot glue. Put the little gift in and glue the two halves together in two places.

Tinker with natural material for Easter

tinker with natural material easter-bunny-felt-nest-deco-walnut-shell-yarn

With natural materials you can also create charming decoration for Easter. The halves of the walnut shell can be padded with cotton wool or felt to create a warm nest for the rabbit. The cute bunny is also formed from the fluffy material. With this beautiful arrangement for Easter you will surely create a festive atmosphere.

Tinker with natural material in spring

tinker-natural material-bird nest-nuts-year-walnut shells-halves-deco-spring-pearl

Cute bird’s nest are a great idea for decoration in your garden. The tiny birds can be created from many different nuts. Almond, peanut or acorn birds sit in the middle of the net and bring spring mood with them. With moss you can fill the nest and attach natural paper or thread for hanging.

Spring decoration tinker with natural material

tinker-natural material-walnut-year-color-yellow-material-bird-wing-deco-spring

If you want to make an attractive and original decoration for your home, you can also make a bird out of whole nuts. After removing the nut, paint the bowl with color of your choice and paint small eyes. Made of fabric or paper you can attach glittering feather and beak. The little bird can also decorate your houseplants and welcome spring.

Owls make with natural materials

tinker-natural material-deco-owl and white felt-color, white and walnut year-fir

An owl is also a great, animal decoration motif. The natural shape of the walnut allows the owl to emerge without cracking the shell. All you have to do is pick the color and glue felt wings and ears to make the owl face.

Shape bee out of walnut

tinker-natural material-walnut-year-owl-bee-wing-stripes-yellow-black-cloth

You can create a bee as well. With the typical yellow-black coloring and sparkling wings made of foil, the bee brings a touch of spring to your apartment. The little head can be made of cotton wool or foam.

Crafting with natural materials for children – ladybugs made of walnut halves

tinker-natural material-ladybug-color-red-black-steady eye-paper-walnut shells

Another great crafting idea is to turn the halves of the walnuts into sweet ladybirds. Here, too, you can have your children join in and, depending on the age, have them created by yourself. Paint the halves, attach the wobbly eyes and the paper feelers, and the little creatures are done.

Design turtles

tinker-natural materials-tortoise-shells walnut-halves-carton-eyes-painted

Walnut shells can be transformed into mice, turtles and spiders as fast as lightning. The turtle gets a body of clay cardboard and the spider feet from pipe cleaners. The nutshell mouse gets a tail and whiskers from a wool thread and felt or paper are glued to the ears.

Make decorative flower baskets from walnuts

tinker-natural material-walnut shells-spring-deco-flower-basket-grind-deco

With these beautiful little baskets that you can make at home, you will summer bring to your table and create a charming and extraordinary mini table decoration that will draw everyone’s attention. With a little flair, thin, colorful bows and small flower petals, these miniature artworks will delight the eye.

Crafting with natural materials with children – boats made of walnut halves

tinker-natural material-boot-wax-cloth-toothpick-hand-walnut shell

Walnut shells can also turn into small boats. Glue or a small ball of putty printed in the middle of the shell will hold the mast. Match or toothpick are used for the mast and for the boat also has a sail, attach thick paper or cloth to it.

Tinker small pram made of walnuts

tinker-natural material-stroller-mini-buttons-handle-wired-walnut shells-ceiling white

Take a look at this cute pram. If you want to surprise your child with a homemade gift, you are on the right track with the mini-cart. Incidentally, this car is a creative gift for expectant or new parents.

Tiny doll weighing

tinker-natural material dolls weigh-cotton-doll-walnut halves-fabric-felt

Half of the walnut shell is laid out with cotton wool and with a small pompom you can tinker the baby’s head. A wooden bead is also excellent. The wheels are made of buttons and a piece of felt gives the tiny blanket. In the same way you can also create mini doll weighing.

Simple crafting idea for toddlers

tinker-natural material-walnut-year-colored red-felt-strawberry green strawberry-hay

Are you looking for a simple craft idea for a rainy Sunday? Then maybe you can make strawberries out of walnuts. The children can color the bowl in bright red and cut and attach the felt strawberry green. The strawberry seeds can be painted with black paint.

Make pincushion from walnut halves

tinker-natural material yarn-walnut shells-wool-soup company-needles-pincushion-color

Walnut halves can also be used to create useful items. A small handy helper would be a pincushion, for example, so you always have a needle handy without having to search for it. The small pillow can either be made from a pompom or made of fabric and cotton.

Decorative bowl made of walnut halves

tinker-natural material-shell-bowl-color-painted-pistachio shell walnut-shells

On a nicely set table, a beautiful shell of walnut halves or pistachio shells will give the table decoration that certain something. For this great project you need except the bowls, a paint or varnish and a hot glue gun. Glue the bowls alternately with the open side up and down, so that the bowl can also stand straight. Of course, if your chosen natural material is the pistachio shells, you will need to spend a little more time and patience.

Autumn tinkering with natural material – deco with chestnuts

tinker-natural materials-books-chestnut-dish-cloth napkin-name tag-color, white and glittering powder

Natural materials are available to us every season. The chestnuts are a great and versatile, autumnal crafting material. Take a look at this beautiful table decoration. These are chestnuts, which are colored in white and made to shine with silver and green glitter powder.

Tinker with natural material with children in autumn

tinker-natural material-ant-branches-thin-chestnut-acorn-tier sensor

With chestnuts and acorns you can make several figures from the animal world, where children can join in and are guaranteed to have a lot of fun. An ant, for example, can make two chestnuts, thin branches and an acorn for the head.

Giraffe or sheep made of chestnuts and acorns

tinker-natural material-chestnut-acorns-cotton-streichhölzer-giraffe-sheep-animals

Chestnuts and acorns can also be transformed into cute giraffes or sheep. All you need for these cute animal figures are wooden skewers, matches or toothpicks and some cotton wool. The giraffes can brighten you up with lighter spots and glue the sheep small balls of cotton wool for the coat.

Making cute owls with kids

tinker-natural material-chestnut-walnut-steady eye-felt-owl-stump candle-deco-teller

Small and sweet owls can not only be made from walnuts. Chestnuts and the caps of the acorns are a great crafting material for this. With the caps, in which you stick Wigg eyes, you can imitate the typical, big eyes of the owl.

Chestnuts made of chestnuts

tinker-natural material-birds-feather-colorful-chestnut-pistachio-shells-pompom-steady eye-felt

With colorful feathers, pompoms for the head, some felting material and empty pistachio shells, even small chestnut birds are made fast. If you want, you can color the pistachio shells from the inside and let the homemade little birds sing. Missing the spring, these cute birds will create a great spring mood.

Caterpillar and hedgehogs tinker with natural material

tinker-natural material-caterpillar-hedgehog-chestnut-toothpick-wckelaugen-animals

If you have collected chestnuts during an autumn walk, you can also make a small caterpillar or cute hedgehog. You can use such a quick decoration to decorate the windowsill with smiling animal figures and delight your children.

Create imaginative figures with natural materials

tinker-natural material-kind-punch-chestnut-acorns-toothpick-tier

Let your kids get creative and develop your own fantasy characters. There are really no limits to the imagination with the natural craft materials and the results are simply unique.

Dragonfly tinker with maple seeds

tinker-natural material-dragonfly maple seed-tree-glittery powder-natural-eye-resin-adhesive material

Do you know the maple seeds floating in the air? Maple seeds are also a nice craft material from which you can make beautiful, little dragonflies. First coat the maple seeds with adhesive tape, then tuen glitter powder on it and finished are the shimmering wings of the dragonfly. With a thin branch and two craft beads you have created a great creature.

Crafting with natural materials for adults

tinker-natural material-napkin ring-acorns-silver-gold-cloth napkin-cutlery-teller-tap-glasses

Not only children enjoy using natural materials to create different creatures. Made of natural materials, you can make a variety of decorative objects that represent great elements in the table decoration and give the decoration a natural touch.

Crafting with natural materials – napkin ring made of acorns

tinker-natural material-acorns-napkin ring-thread-thread-gold-silver-band elastic

This beautiful napkin ring can be copied from acorns. You need to pierce the individual acorns, color them in the desired color and thread an elastic band into the perforated acorns. This wonderful napkin ring looks very chic and noble in gold and silver and will fascinate your guests.

Cocktail stirrer with acorns

tinker-natural material-stirrer-cocktail-acorns-wood spit-tool-mint-ice-cube-tap-glasses

Another great crafting idea with acorns are these beautiful stirrers for cocktails. In a cocktail glass, they look great and fit perfectly with a rustic table decoration. For this creative idea you really only need to punch the acorns and put them on wooden skewers.

Decoration material for a nice autumn feeling

tinker-natural material-acorns-glittering-gold-red-deco-glittering powder

Acorns colored in different colors are a beautiful vase and table decoration. So that you can use them for a long time and do not mold them, it is advisable to heat the acorns in the oven so that the vermin are eliminated. Acrylic colors are best for dyeing and glitter makes the little nuts look very noble.

Paint stones as a craft idea – great examples of the motifs

Stones paint-craft-motive-colorful

Today we have a great idea for all creative minds among you and everyone who likes to make things and would like to try something new. It is that Paint stones , The stones can be designed in different ways and individually, so that they are suitable as decoration for every occasion. These craft idea You are also welcome to implement with your children, who will definitely enjoy painting the stone. You can also combine this with a walk in which you search together for suitable stones.

Painting stones-crafts-ideas-colorful-floral-motives

Are you looking for a refined one gift that has a personal touch? Then, in this case, the painted stones are a great idea. Label them, paint them or paint them colorful and make someone happy with them. Give away individual stones or create “groups” that represent the same theme.

stone-painting-craft-ideas-one color-black-white

We’d like to introduce some great ideas that you can use to paint the stone. All you need is all-over paint or emulsion paint, brushes, markers in different colors and of course pretty stones that you can either collect or buy yourself. You can also use additional accessories, such as stickers or stamps. Which of these materials you ultimately use is up to you. Finally, a transparent paint is a great idea to give the stones the finishing touch. But do not forget to put a newspaper under it to protect the table.

1. Paint stones with ladybirds

stones painted crafting ideas children's ladybug

A great figure that you can apply to the stone is the ladybug. On the one hand, it fits very well with the spring and on the other hand, it is very well suited as a gift, which should serve as a lucky charm. And recording is not difficult at all and requires no special artistic skills. You can also glue on your eyes using wiggle eyes rather than painting them. If you paint the stones with ladybugs, you can also choose different colors, instead of the classic variant.

2. Paint stones – monsters

stones painted crafts-ideas-flat-boulders-monster

A funny idea for kids are monsters. Again, Wigg eyes are very good. Draw funny faces and use to paint the stones best bright colors that you can paint at the end. The monsters can make you funny or angry by painting your mouth accordingly. The teeth also play a major role.

3. Different animals

stones painted tinkering-animal-motifs

The natural shape of stones often comes close to the body shapes of animals. You can use this for painting the stones to create different animals. Popular are motifs such as fish, turtles or insects such as bees, grasshoppers and Beetle , For a beautiful design you can first draw the contours of the coloring and then paint them with matching colors.

4. Paint stones with floral motifs


Flowers are also a great idea to paint stones. You can choose different designs and use both strong and delicate colors and nuances. Use it as decoration in the garden or in the house and you will not miss colorful flowers at any time of the year. For a beautiful effect, you can choose a neutral color as the background and paint contrasting flowers.

5th Halloween

stones paint-ideas-halloween-chewer-bite-garden

you have no time pumpkins to hollow out and carve? Then painted pebbles are a great variation, with which you can still get the scary atmosphere in the house or in the garden. Here, too, you can think of different faces and paint the stones. Plus, your kids can finally make their own pumpkin without worrying about your child using a knife.

6. Christmas and winter


Of course, if we are on certain occasions, we should not miss the winter motifs, which are also perfect for the winter season. Whether snowmen, Santa Claus, reindeer or fir trees – there are countless motifs with which you can paint the stones. Draw snowflakes or entire winter landscapes, depending on what you feel like. Then you can use the painted stones as part of the winter decoration and thereby raise the Christmas mood.

7. cartoon characters


Especially for your children, you can be very happy when you use motives of their favorite characters from the cartoons to paint the stones. This stone, which represents Spongebob, was really successful, do not you think? Even with the Disney movies, there are many characters that are very popular among the children and some of the adults. But we have to admit that you should have a slightly larger drawing talent for this. However, you can create the simpler cartoon characters with a matching template in any case.

8. Tortoise

stones paint tinker idea tortoise

Stones that are a bit flatter are perfect as cute turtles. However, you will never find a perfect shape. Nevertheless, with some creativity, you can turn any flat stone into a turtle. Just paint a large carapace, a head and the front legs and the turtle is ready.

9. Learn the alphabet with stones


If your child has already begun learning the alphabet, then you can paint stones with the letters and use them as a learning aid. Draw each letter on a single stone and decorate it with color and colorful motifs. The children can help as well. With self-made letters, the alphabet learning is certainly more fun and it can be learned faster and easier. Try it!

10. Paint stones with a favorite motif


If you have your own favorite motif, then you can paint it on the small stones. You can use either the whole area of ​​the stone, or just the middle. The decision depends on the chosen motif. At the collage you can look at a variety of ideas that are easy to copy and present beautiful motifs. For a detailed design, the motifs can be outlined with a fineliner and then painted with matching colors. With the Fineliner you can also draw the very small elements that are difficult to make with the brush.

11. Sea animals

stone-painting-marine motifs-wobbly eyes

Children simply love the sea animals and can therefore decorate the little stones as their favorite animal. Elongated stones can be transformed into beautiful seahorses, whereby the rounds are perfect for crabs and starfish. If you want to paint the whole stone, then you should first paint a background, let the paint dry and then paint the selected motif.

12. Cute owls


Owls are just as popular with children and can be made especially cute and cute. With different colors and lovely motifs, you can paint small stones with your child as owls and conjure a pretty decoration for the garden or for the nursery. Do not forget the big eyes, because they give the owl the cute look.

Tip: Made of painted stones you can make beautiful magnets for the fridge. This is best suited for a bit flatter pebbles that do not weigh too much. Just stick a small magnetic tile to the back of the painted stone and the pretty magnets are done. In this way, you can tinker your magnets with the kids and customize them individually.

13. Terrible eyes on Halloween

stone-painting-decoration idea-halloween-augenbaelle-preserving jar

If you are looking for last-minute ideas for the decoration of Halloween, then painted stones are perfect as a decoration. For a truly gruesome decor, you can paint the stones white and turn them into terrible eyes. Then fill the painted stones in a mason jar and decorate the table with them.

14. Bee making from pebbles

stone-painting-bee-children-craft idea

If you would like to make a bumblebee or a cute bee with the child, then you can simply paint a stone. With black and yellow color, the stripes can be made quickly and easily. The wings can either be painted with white paint or made from a different material. Examples of suitable materials are flower wire, tissue paper or a curved pipe cleaner.

Fashion »Modern with Ladies Poncho in Fall – 55 great outfits

Women's poncho-autumn-street-style-blue-leather-fringe-velor-sneakers

The weather is getting cooler and in the evening you would need a jacket or cardigan. a good alternative to yours look would definitely bring variety, is the Ladies poncho , There are all sorts of options: from fine knitwear to thick wool. Choosing the right one is not an easy task. Often the figure looks voluminous or misshapen if length or motives are inappropriate. Here you will find practical tips and stylish outfits, which may also be helpful in your choice of the right garment.

Stylish autumn outfit with ladies poncho

Women's poncho-autumn-pastel-ethno-pattern-violet-blue-black-elegant-stylish

the Ladies poncho is a particularly voluminous piece of clothing and does not make it easy for women to balance the big picture. That is why it is very important what you wear underneath. A successful combination would be to put on tight pants, jeans or leggings, or a figure-hugging skirt or choose a dress. Otherwise, the body parts will blur and the look will be disproportionate and visually unattractive. A practical tip would be to have a nice, wide belt around the waist. So the silhouette looks decidedly feminine and elegant.

Very current trend in autumn fashion – Ladies poncho with ethnic patterns

Women's poncho autumn beige ethnic pattern jeans denim blue blouse casual

The ladies poncho with interesting print is certainly a very topical choice. Incidentally, it was originally made from a patterned blanket or cloth with a hole in the middle and is a traditional garment in South America and Spain. That’s why ethnic patterns are typical of the poncho. This fits best a monochrome and simpler clothing.

For something feminine look – belt around the waist

Ladies poncho-autumn-ethno-pattern-black-white-pants-sunglasses-frill-fringes

Create a great boho outfit for fall with a fringed ladies poncho. For this purpose, a wide scarf with beautiful motifs and a belt is also wonderfully suitable. Wear the two ends of the scarf with the fringes on the front and cover your shoulders loosely. Buckle the belt only at the front of the waist and let the scarf fall off the back loosely.

Sporty jersey like Rihanna

Women's poncho-autumn-casual-casual-cotton-gray-outfit-rihanna

It offers imaginative variants for the ladies poncho and it is gaining more and more popularity. Sporty or elegant, he looks particularly appealing with other appropriately selected parts and is above all comfortable and practical. It is used in almost every season and especially in autumn and spring, but also during the cool summer evenings or in winter instead of a cardigan under the coat. Do not hide the proportions of your body and add accents in your outfit with interesting patterns or a belt. Then you will no doubt get many compliments for the style.

Combinations with jeans always go

Ladies poncho-autumn-everyday-blanket-fringed-beige-dark blue-jeans-casual

Extravagant and stylish look in dark color

Women's poncho-autumn-dark blue-hooded leggings-black-lipstick-blue

Casual elegance – Taylor Swift shows how

Women's poncho-autumn-checkered-classic-black-red-petrol-green-taylor-swift

Very interesting variant for a poncho made of leather and knitwear


Olivia Palermo with poncho in pastel colors from Burberry

poncho-ladies-autumn-elegant-over-knee boots-burberry-pastel-bordo-gray-black

Shawar-white patterns are timeless and timely

poncho-ladies-autumn-diamond-fringed black-and-white pattern-leggings-leatherette-casual

Elegant look in black


Very stylish and elegant variant for comfortable fashion

poncho-ladies-autumn-black-elegant-over-knee boots-pattern-black-white-zipper

Be careful with accents and bold colors

poncho-ladies-autumn-ultramarine blue-bag-sunglasses-white-ethnic-pattern-style

Casual look in delicate gray and pink

poncho-ladies-autumn-street-style jeans torn-light gray-ethno-pattern-pocket-fray

poncho-ladies-autumn-black-white-hooded-stripe bags Knitting

poncho-ladies-autumn-black-white-diamond-fine trick-laessig elegant

poncho-ladies-autumn-style-brown-beige-boots-black leggings sunglasses

poncho-ladies-autumn-everyday occurrences-jeans-cream white-blue-boots-brown


poncho-ladies-autumn-beige-fray-fedora-hat and black-leggings-heel shoes-paving

poncho-ladies-autumn-blue-green-elegant-checkered-fedora-black-over-knee boots

poncho-ladies-autumn-bnraun-black-over-knee boots-fedora-pocket-elegant style

poncho-ladies-autumn-brown-beige-pattern leather gloves-black elegant handbag

poncho-ladies-autumn-brown-scharz-stripe leggings-boots-velor

poncho-ladies-autumn-brown-boots-jeans-laessig-country outfit

poncho-ladies-autumn-brown-strick-fray-boho-chic sunglasses-chain-lang-schorts

poncho-ladies-autumn-elegant cream white and dark gray stripes-fray-flat-shoes-sunglasses-style

poncho-ladies-autumn-elegant-pattern-black-white-leggings-boots-absatzt-weihnschtsbaum sunglasses

poncho-ladies-autumn-elegant pastel-green petrol-rock-boot-bag

poncho-ladies-autumn-ethno-pattern-fringed denim-blouse-pants-black

poncho-ladies-autumn - fringe-black-white-blue-ethno-pattern-knitting-shirt dress

poncho-ladies-autumn-gray-black-zigzag-boot-leather high heel elegant

poncho-ladies-autumn-gray knit-boots-black-velor-socks-bordo

poncho-ladies-autumn-caramel color-black-black-leggings-pocket-pullover-street-style

poncho-ladies-autumn-checkered-cream white-black scarf-knitting-Deick-street-style-laessig

poncho-ladies-autumn-maxi-dress-black-fine trick-cream white-beige-striped-casual

poncho-ladies-autumn-pattern-scharz-turquoise-elegant-dress-airy pastel color handbag

poncho-ladies-autumn outfit elegant cream-white pocket-blouse-Sunglasses

poncho-ladies-autumn-black pullover frasen-sunglasses-casual-style-paint-boots

poncho-ladies-autumn-black-gray-elegant-fashion jeans outfit

poncho-ladies-autumn - black-gray-fedora-hat sunglasses-brick-strick-fray

poncho-ladies-autumn-black-gray-checkered-casual-Kate Beckinsale

poncho-ladies-autumn-black-green-rand-over-knee boots-high heel elegant

poncho-ladies-autumn-black-and-walk-zebra pattern handbag sunglasses

poncho-ladies-autumn - street-style glasses and black-hose-leatherette-checkered-red-white

poncho-ladies-autumn-street - style denim vluse-fray-bootees-velor-brown-red pattern-ethno

poncho-ladies-autumn-street-style-fray-ethno-motive-white-gray-black fedora

poncho-ladies-autumn-strick-sremeweiss-pattern-red coarse-knitted-fur boots

poncho-ladies-autumn-white-light gray-ethno-pattern-diamond-boots-schawrz scarf sunglasses handbag

poncho-ladies-autumn-white-stripes-black pompons-gray leggings-black shoes

poncho-ladies-autumn-wool-pattern-knitting-cream white-street-style-casual practically

poncho-ladies-autumn-zigzag-pattern-cream white-black-jeans-street-style-casual fray

modern-ladies-poncho-autumn-ceiling-stripe inianer-style-look




modern-ladies-poncho-autumn-black-white-shoes elegant

Bioethanol fireplace for wall installation – 50 great living ideas

Bioethanol Fireplace dining-table-chairs-modern-pendant-lamps-essn-popart

On Bioethanol fireplace for wall installation ensures a cozy home with a modern flair. Flickering flames in the living area are among the basic elements in the home since time immemorial. A fireplace, whether decorative or with a warming function, conveys safety, security and strength. On fireplace does not necessarily have to look rustic and be associated with a lot of dirt. The Bioethanol fireplace has an effective use and that without a chimney is necessary. The modern design offers visually appealing and stylish variants for every taste and for high standards.

Bioethanol fireplace for wall installation – How does it actually work?

Bioethanol fireplace -wall-modern-brick-wall-steel-led-open-design-idea

On Bio-fireplace Can be installed in the wall without first installing a chimney. The flames do not smoke, which is why the system can in principle be integrated anywhere in the room. For burning liquid alcohol is needed, which is made from cereals, potatoes, corn or sugar beet. The fireplace is a ceramic stone, which is doused with the liquid. When lit, a cozy Flammr without smoke and smell, which creates an atmospheric ambience, similar to the campfire r mood, create. The harmless gas that escapes when burning is completely environmentally friendly and produces no harmful substances. On the other hand, this flame does not generate any great heat, so the fireplace is not suitable for heating a room. One liter of bioethanol lasts for about 3-4 hours of burning time and generates about 3000 watts of heat. The Bio-Fireplace is a modern and environmentally friendly version for torch-lit fire, with no smoke, soot and ash disposal, perfect for creating a real fire in the house.

Bioethanol fireplace for wall installation with uncomplicated operation

Bioethanol fireplace -contemporary-open-hearth-double-sided-59112-1540643

The bioethanol fireplace can be designed according to personal taste. There are versions for wall installation made of wood, MDF, natural stone or glass offered. Different designs with a frame made of steel or other attractive materials meet all requirements and are suitable for a wide variety of living styles. In addition, the bio-fireplace is versatile and can even be installed in an existing wood-burning fireplace.

Wall installation without connection to a chimney or a gas pipe

Bioethanol fireplace-armchair-white-upholstery-side-table-wall-color-gray-brown

The bio fireplace is moving

Bioethanol fireplace -wall-modern-couches-upholstery-velvet-dark-gray-minimalist-picture-yellow-turquoise

Bio fireplace for wall installation without ash and soot

Bioethanol fireplace -wall-installation-modern-stainless-steel-brushed-living-room-couch-gray-plant-pillows

Bio fireplace can be placed freely in the room

Bioethanol fireplace -wall-installation-modern-roof-floor-white-wall-paint-anthracite-gray-fell-carpet-Scandinavian

A modern fireplace without chopping wood and smoke

Bioethanol fireplace -wall-installation-modern-form-circular-corten-steel-sculpture-concrete-floor-wall-color-white

Modern design for every taste and style of living

Bioethanol fireplace -wall-modern-futuristic-design-wall-shelves

Cozy flame without smoke and soot

Bioethanol fireplace -wall-installation-modern-ultra-futuristic-living-room-floor-carpet-high-gloss

The bio fireplace can even be integrated in the bathroom

Bioethanol fireplace -wall-modern-ultra-bathroom-glass-wall-white-minimalist

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-rock-wall-living room leather couches-beige-gray wooden floor-wall tiling-wooden fan

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-white-natural stone wall, rustic-bibliothkenewand-hallway floor-upholstered chairs

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-white-armchair-black-pad-deco-romantic-minimalist

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern white-wall shelves-edelstahö-wohnzimmmer-vintage-radio

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-white-living room-parquet floor-corner-cream white-coffee table-image-terrassentueren

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-living-brown-shelves-couch-armchair carpet-schalosien

Bioethanol-wall installation modern living room carpet-soft-couctisch-centered-natural stone wall Sculpture frauenkoerper

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-white-beige-wooden floor-chair-cushion-vase-deco-coffee

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-white-image-expressionist-couch-carpet-light gray

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern white-tv-wall-wall tiling and natural stone-orchid-chair-leather

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern wall tile and natural stone-gray-buddha-stair-glasgelaender-pouf-strick

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-white-minimalist-chair-round-image-orchids

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-white-green-chair-cushion-coffee table-pendant lights-plant-deco

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern stainless steel brushed-upholstered chairs-wall color-black-carpet-gray

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern stainless steel brushed-chair-beige wooden floor design

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern stainless steel brushed-wall covering concrete-tiles-wood-couch-vase

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-dining-Stiehle-table-black-and-white wall color

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-tv-couch-modular-side board-side table-window wall

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-tv-chair-cushion-green-dog-carpet-together

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern large-couches-pad-velvet black-gray-raumgestaltung-terrassentueren

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-wooden floor-living room-wall shelves-chesterfield-sofa-natural stone-table lamp

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-copper-high-gloss suspension lamp-dining table-wood chairs

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-laminate flooring-chair-shelves-living room-couch

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern leather couch-black-carpet-soft-light gray

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-minimalist-round-square-chair-white-

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-rock-wall-parquet floor leather couch-chair-beige-brown

Bioethanol-wall installation modern-black-white-window wall-terrassentueren coffee table-flat

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-spots-corner-natural stone wall pillows-terrace Tv-white-gray

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern wall color and gray-concrete Optic-couch-beige-minimalist

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern wall shelves-indirect-lighting-weinflaschen-chair-leather-black

Bioethanol-wall installation modern shelving wall-indirect-lighting-living room couch table surface-beige dark brown

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-living room-white-orange-pendeleluchten-couch-coffee table

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern living room-white-armchair-black-carpet-flooring-black-side table

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-tv-granite-wall tiling-wood-dark

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern wall covering-high-gloss tiles-gray-living-Polstermoebel

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-wall design-gray high-gloss coffee table-black-white-added-elements

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-outdoor gravel Chairs-metal-perforated plate-cortnestahl-wall tiling-wood slats

bioethanol-fireplace-wall recessed-modern-outdoor lounge-lighting-couches-cushion pillows

Finger Tattoo – fascinating ideas for popular motifs with great symbolism

finger tattoo man-body-tattoo-chain-of-things-characters-famous

Finger tattoo is a modern phenomenon that is becoming more and more popular. Tattoos on the finger are striking and underline the character of the wearer. If you have already decided to decorate your fingers with original and creative finger tattoos, you will find some selected ones in this article motives and their meaning for inspiration.

Finger Tattoo – art and individuality

finger tattoo ring finger feather hands french manicure

On the fingers both men and women can tattoo different motives, which are usually smaller than the other tattoos. Of course, Klein is by no means inconspicuous because the fingers are actually a very visible place. Before you bang your fingers, it is important that you visit a professional who can conjure up the fine details of the finger tattoo with precise accuracy on your hands. Because after all, should tattoos much more than just fashion accessories on the bare skin.

Finger Tattoo – body jewelry or intimate confession

finger tattoo women's hand-flake-line-middle-finger-nail-polish

Choosing the motive for your finger tattoo is certainly related to whether you see your tattoo as a beautiful piece of jewelry, or opt for specific motives that have special symbolism and meaning for you personally. Why and with which images people can be tattooed is as individual as man himself.

Finger Tattoo with Anchor – classic and timeless old school motif

finger tattoo middle finger-anchor-fingernails-round

One of the oldest tattoo motifs is undoubtedly the anchor. The anchor motif can be symbolic of safety, strength and durability. Another meaning of the anchor is that the wearer has found his port or his love, to which he will return again and again. Here the anchor is tattooed on the middle finger and combined with a boat. A modern interpretation and execution with black outlines and a few shades.

Nice finger tattoo with dots and lines

finger tattoo line-center-finger-finger-nail-black-black

Do you want a finger tattoo that makes a ring on your hand superfluous? These two circles, consisting of lines and points, make a nice figure on the middle finger and resemble a simple wedding ring. A circle icon is a popular subject. The circle represents perfection, deity, wholeness, no beginning and end, and harmony. The small dots can stand, for example, for the different stages of life.

Equal sign on the index finger – fine and simple

finger-tattoo forefinger strokes-side-equal-sign woman hand Ring Watch

You want to get a finger tattoo, but do not want to attract attention? The equal sign is barely visible on the index finger, but carries a great meaning. The two parallel lines stand for equality for all and equality. The lines can also be engraved vertically.

Minimalist tattoos of simple lines

finger-tattoo minimalist simple straight-line-transverse-middle finger ring finger little finger

With lines and different techniques you can create remarkable tattoos. A filigree and fine line that runs through middle, ring and small fingers, looks simple and cool. Multiple fine lines can produce incredibly accurate and detailed images.

Diamond on the palm in fineline style

finger tattoo diamond ring finger-inside-plain-line female hand

This diamond tattoo on the inside of the ring finger looks very elegant and looks absolutely realistic by working with fine lines. Tattoos on the inside of the finger have the advantage that they are only visible if you want that. Diamonds are not only the epitome of luxury and exclusivity, but also of purity, durability, strength and invincibility.

Finger tattoo with heart motif

finger-tattoo-side-middle finger-ring-steinchen-hand female Heart tiny

The motif heart is one of the most popular designs and its beautiful symbolism is not a secret for anyone. Heart Tottoos are available in every style, size and color. A small, cute and subtle heart tattoo on the inside of the ring finger clearly speaks for itself and is a great body jewelry.

Tattoo with motifs from outer space

finger-tattoo-girl hands-planet-rocket-middle finger-ring finger

If you are a curious, experimental and dynamic personality, maybe a rocket and a planet would be the right motives for you. A planet on the middle finger and a rocket on the other hand express your adventurous spirit and look pretty and playful.

White finger tattoo with swallow

finger-tattoo-white-plain-ring finger-side-bird-swallow-small

In its meaning, the swallow is a true all-rounder. It symbolizes true love and kinship, partnership and togetherness. Popularly known as the lucky charm, the swallow is widely used among sailors as a motive for hope and homecoming. On the inside of the finger, this white tattoo looks fleeting, gossamer and subtle. If you do not want to make a decision for eternity with your tattoo, the white finger tattoos are right for you, as they fade and disappear over time.

Finger tattoo with words – Infinity lettering

finger-tattoo-small finger-writing-side-limitless-girl hand-black

Whether as a symbol or advertised, the infinity or infinite tattoo is a popular tattoo design and meaningful jewelry on the skin. With an elegant and understated font, the positively charged word looks elegant and simple. Both the word and the infinity loop symbolize infinity and boundlessness, leaving much room for interpretation.

Finger tattoos with letters

finger-tattoo-letter-female hands-lines-thin-index finger-middle finger-ring finger little finger

You are also welcome to single letter or several letters one after the other, which give a word to the skin. The variations and finishes of the letters are almost infinite. The individual letters can be stung in hidden places and be inconspicuous, or at least so great that you can see them immediately.

Lettering as a finger tattoo

finger-tattoo-writing-middle finger-love-black-ornament-nail polish red ring

Initials, names of important people, initials symbolizing places or events are common finger tattoo designs. Tattoo writings can either depict individual words such as love, life or happiness or represent whole quotes, wisdom and sayings.

Choose the right message for the finger tattoo

finger-tattoo-girl hands-fonts-finger inner side-heart-swallow-smile

The tattoo sayings usually say something about the personality or reflect the life attitude of the wearer. Common phrases like “Carpe diem” or “Errare humanum es” are among the favorite lettering that actually sound great in any language.

Fancy tattoo sayings


Even spells in English are very popular and are usually shorter than the same tattoo lettering in German. Jokes and fancy sayings can be very individual and unique. It is important that you really like this lettering and identify with it, because your look will often fall on the chosen motif.

Glorious mandala tattoo

finger-tattoo-mandala-ornaments-middle finger-rings-nail polish gray handbag

If you want to have a magnificent tattoo with many wonderful ornaments that are not only spectacular jewelry, but are also charged with energy and spiritual power, the Mandala tattoos are the right subject for you. Each mandala has its own meaning and is therefore unique. Mandalas symbolize unity and harmony and demand creativity.

Buddhist symbols as motifs for finger tattoos

finger-tattoo-buddha-figure-girl hand-nagellalck-thumb

A wide tattoo motive, inspired by Buddhism and charged with a special energy, is the Buddha head. The Buddha figure stands for centering of one’s own powers, enlightenment and meditation, has a calming effect and radiates hope.

Egyptian inspired tattoos

finger-tattoo-girl hand-ring finger-pharaoh-manicure-black-white-red

If you are fascinated by the Egyptian culture, maybe a pharaoh tattoo would be for you. Pharaohs are a symbol of power and strength and look great as a motif for tattoo. Sphings, gods, the Horus eye or pyramids are also interesting symbols for body jewelry.

Blue seahorses on both hands

finger-tattoo-small finger-Outside-seahorses-blue female hands

A seahorse on the outside of the little finger stung in blue, is a slightly larger finger tattoo and just looks great. Every movement of the finger simulates movement of the animal. In many cultures, this attractive animal has certain attributes associated with the mystical. Seahorses symbolize patience, calm, balance and wisdom.

Moose tattoo for men

finger-tattoo-moose-tier men hand-middle finger-buchtsaben-thumb-small finger

The moose tattoo engraved on a man’s hand expresses strength, domination, power and masculinity. A finger tattoo of a moose whose antlers extend to the finger bones is a motif that exudes power and respect. In many places, the elk is worshiped as a symbol of justice and wisdom.

Elephant finger tattoo

finger-tattoo-elephant-trunk-tier index finger men's hand-large

If you want to have a remarkable animal tattooed on your index finger, you will not go wrong with the incredibly beautiful elephant motif. This huge animal is characterized by intelligence, strength and gentleness, symbolizing wisdom, strength, luck, longevity and patience.

Dog as a finger tattoo motif

finger tattoo men's hand-middle finger-dog-bulldog-tier black and white jacket

This miniature French Bulldog looks just great on the middle finger of a real dog lover. Dogs are known to be faithful companions who turn into real family members at lightning speed. In such a small tattoo on the finger are Friendship Honesty, loyalty and protection merged.

Outlines of animal figures

finger-tattoo-animals-outlines-forefinger-bulldog-wolf-girl hand-nail polish colorful-pattern

These little tattoos depict only the outline of the bulldog and a wolf. The tattoo is simple and subtle and every single figure consists only of an unbroken line, as if it was stung in one go. The wolf as a motive stands for strength and for the family.

Colored tiger tattoo on the index finger

finger-tattoo-forefinger-tiger-wildlife-colored-girl hand-fingernails-red

Another popular and beautiful animal motif for a tattoo on the finger is the tiger. The cat is considered wild, freedom-loving and dangerous. The tiger is often used as a symbol of security and family. If you want to immortalize this wildlife on your hand, you will definitely catch everyone’s attention.

Angel wings on both forefingers

finger-tattoo-angel wing black and forefinger-female hands Sideways

Angel wings symbolize the spiritual and divine, protection, peace, love and mortality. Wings also stand for freedom and are a fitting motif for finger tattooing for a dreamy, dynamic and free nature. This symbol also has a religious background and also stands for liberation.

The tattoo motive crown

finger-tattoo-girl hand-men hand-letter-crown-fingernails-pointed blue-middle finger

A crown is undoubtedly an expression of power and noble dignity. It is not only a shiny, diamond-covered head ornament, but a popular motif for tattoos on the finger. If you want to feel like a queen or king, you are on the right track with this motif.

Crowns with cross on female hands

finger-tattoo-middle finger-crown-cross Woman hands-fingernails-pink

And if you like to spend your life on behalf of your friends, just as a true crown bearer has done for his subjects, this great design is an expression of your positive qualities such as loyalty, dignity and true friendship.

Tattoo with floral motifs

finger-tattoo-middle finger-girl hand-rose-colored-red-yellow

If you want to get a floral motif tattooed, the rose as a symbol of love and perfection in life is perhaps the right thing for you. While the red rose stands for immortal love, the white rose symbolizes purity, loyalty and innocence. A yellow rose, on the other hand, stands for friendship in itself or between certain persons.

Affiliate Tattoos – Let the wedding ring be pierced

finger-tattoo-celtic-ring-chain men women-few-wedding ring-black-white

A creative, unusual and great idea are the pair tattoos that look identical or at least very similar and are stung on the skin of man and woman. What do you think of wearing such a tattoo as an expression of your love instead of wearing an engagement or wedding ring?